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Ma IIs Du To Catanb
The mus membranes through.
-ut the body are subject to catarrhal
o enultlng many Serious
Welt aiow. and Reliable
Coughs colds, nasal catarrh, atom,.
-ach and bowel troubles among the
aost commoandeases due to catarrh.
-t condlitlons.
A v de dable remedy after '
apess, he grip or Span.
P&'RU-NA Is a good medicine to
haveoon hand for ernergencies.
li stset Ks DerOthywhls
"Land of El Dorado."
The word is Spanish and means
"the glided one," because the early
explorers thought there was an In
dian chief somewhere in south Amer
ica who used to cover himself all
over with gold dust at a religious fes
tival once a fear. Now the name is
'applied to any country where there
is supposed to be an abundance of
-valuable natural products.
' ext- Dose May Salivate You,
Loosen Teeth or Start
Calomel is mercury; quicksilver. It
'crashes into sour bile like dynamite,
-cranpirjg and sickening you. Calomel
-attacks the bones and should never be
put Into your system.
If you feel bilious, headachy, consti
pated and all knocked out, just go to
your druggist and get a bottle of Dod
son's Liver Tone for a few cents which
Is a harmless vegetable substitute for
dangerous calomel. Take a spoonful
and if it doesn't start your liver and
straighten you up better and squicker
than nasty calomel and without making
you sick, you just go back and get your
Don't take calomel I It makes you
sick the next day; It loses you a day's
work. 'Dodson's Liver Tone straightens
you right up and you feel great. No
salts necessary. Give it to the children
because it is perfectly harmless and
-can not salivate.-Advertisement.
Didn't Have That Twin.
Two Irishmen who were old friends
met In the street one day.
"Sure, I met a man last week, and,
heii, I'd havt' Sworn it was yourself,"
s8aid1 one.
"And wasn't it?" replied the other.
"I)ivlI a bit," replied the first. "But
he was your very image, barrin' he
was a trifle gray. I suppose, now, ye
haven't a twin brother a few years
older than yourself -'
Constipation gene'rally incicgaton dhsor,1orod
At ,,nnch, liver andi, bowel,.. WVright's Indlianlf
Vegetale iliu re.tore regularity without
griping. AdIvertisemeont.
The Aisle Revise.
"'Chorus girls in t he aisles, hey?
"DI on't he' foolish. Many of our' socd
* ty pe'ople comte late to the theater."
$5$6$7 & $8 SHOES i
are actually demandecd year after
year by more people th an any othier
shoo in the world
BECAUSE : mul :'a-' '
work: anship they are un.
Protection against unreason
ble profits is guaranteed by -
theprice stamped on every
Years of satisfactory ser vie
* ave given them confidence
Ite shoes and hInthe pro. .~~
Douglas Trade Mark.
W.L.DOUGLAS sh oes
Io all of our 110 stores a
ttory cost, w~ (do not make l*
- worth dollars for yoou to W.. Ioug nam
* y shoes at our stores rde a$
YOU PAYTONLY ONE PROFIT. world. It standsfor
1o matterwvheroyou liveoshoe I ehe esstandard
W.LDoglas o oc Tyot nam anprceI
San they do in Now England. th sore.
COMPARE one $ andl$ af un'~
- 10 or $12 sh oea m -any
-Wr. shoes, errifte to- p
1 evor eclas'ek rigt tO WLIowlg, A e
quok turn-over unafrektn.Ma
The name. "een on as range signifles
25 ar f range mkng experience,
Buaccu Ct hitently gtood ranges,
popularity of AlleaRang c iasng
Bakers Bake It For You
---no need to bake at home
H ERE'S your old-time fa- bread. You've never tasted
vorite-full-fruited rai- finer food. Order a loaf now
sin bread with at least eight and count the raisins.
tempting raisins to the slice Rai bread is a rare com
--already baked for you by bination of nutritious cereal and
master bakers in your city. fruit-both good and good fr
Simply 'phone your grocer you. Serve at least twice weekly
or a neighborhood bake shop to get the benefits.
and havet a fresh loaf for Use Sun-Maid for hore cook
lunch or dinner to delight mg of puddings, cakes, cookies,
your folks. etc.
We've arranged with bak-may be offered other
e 'vei a r s rged wit ak- brands that you know less well
ers in almost every town andthan Sun-Maids, but the kind
city to bake this full-fruited you want is the kind you know
raisin bread. is good. Insist, therefore, on
Made wth biSun-Maid brand. They cost no
Made with big, plump, more than ordinary raisins.
tender seeded raisins. The Mail coupon for free book of
raisin flavor permeates the tested "Sun-Maid Recipest"
The Supreme Bread Raisin
Your retailer should sell you Sun
Maid RaiRins for not more than the
following prices:
Seeded (in IS oz. blue p'Ig.)-20o
Seedless (in IS a:. rnd pkg.) -18c
Seeded and Seedless ti oz.)wlyc
.I Sun-Maid Raisin Growers,
Dept. N-540-4, Fresno, California
Please send me copy of your free book,
"Recipes with Raisins."
NAME . ....... ................?.. .........._
BlePakge jSTREET......................................
CIT.... ....................STATE'.............
MailSchool Deskc f
Opera Chairs,
Folding ChairsS
Yesndergarten Chaor us, r s
Sehooo Supplies,p
SOUTHERN DESK CO., WEST HICKORY, N. C. ,~irlt n r tuhl t Orasmg.-li x,; -is Itut; :,
Seed (i 15 o . blute 100 lcuit.)u-t2 .
S Aemilon ( m 1 . re n it. -18c
hav tunedRsn towes
aDirep.N5-Fresno, Cifor
"R cipe gitasins."
ASichoodlshol Desfnkhs I dar Voal A nyt n
Munyndergartenr Chatir'ii I,,imBAKtrnrin . ii attE s i
IhaGvesl turnedlw oNw
OUPunFae El Dee rtnasouw
Clash Precipitated When Mitchell
County Ocicers Invade Strong.
hold of Family.
Asheville, N. C. - Out of Bakers.
ville, Mitchell county, at a section in
the wilder part of the Blue Ridge, cut
off entirely from the outside world
through lack of telephone, telegraph
or railroad conection, comes a story
of a mountain feud which, long smoul.
dering, reached a climax, when .coun.
ty officers, headed by Sheriff Clydd
Pritchard invaded the stronghold of
one family in search of blockade stills,
at the instigation and under the direc.
tion of a member of the rival clan.
As a result, two are dead and two
others seriously wounded, while four
men wanted on charges ranging from
simple assault to murder are at large
in the wilds along the upper reaches of
Big 'Rock creek.
Sheriff Pritchard, with a deputy,
Lewis, Blevins, left Bakersville for
the Big Rock creek section, where in
formants had told the sheriff several
stills were in operation. Arriving at
the home of the Hughes, two brothers,
Garfield and Arthur, told Sheriff
Pritchard they could bring him three
stills within an hour. The sheriff
agreed to wait, and a few minutes af.
ter the departure of the two Hughes,
he heard shots from the direction
where Deputy Sheriff Lewis Blevina
had been waiting on his horse for the
return of the sheriff. Hurrying to the
scene, Pritchard found Blevins dead,
and the two Hughes with a man nam
ed Henry Troutman, in an automobile.
Garfield Hughes, according to the sher.
iff handed over his pistol and said he
had killed Blevins.
As the sheriff was in the act of dis.
arming the two other occupants o1
the automobile, Deputy Sheriff Wheel
er Melton, a relation of Blevens, in
company with Will Byrd, rode up on
horses. Arthur Hughes, in the act of
handing his pistol to the sheriff, in
stead turned the gun on Melton, and
shot him three times through the right
side before thg Sheriff could interfere.
Pritchard said Melton and Byrd fled,
and in the excitement Troutman es.
caped. Garfield and Arthur Hughes
were taken to their home and placed
under guard.
Navy Requirements Under Discussion.
Wash ington.--Reql1 uirements of the
navy for the coinig fiscal year were
discussed with President Harding by
Secretary )enhy and D)iretor Lord of
the budget bureau. Comment as to
conclusions reac(hedl at thle conlference,
however, was withheld.
On his return to the navy dlepart
ment Mr. Denhy imme'diately went into
conference with ils departmental ald
visers and representiatives of the bud
get bureau, who hav~e been handling
naval. estimlates. Nothling definite
could be learned as to thle specifle
points of discussion, although it is unl
derstood that estimates for certain
typos of construction, particularly for
submarines and1( sub-chasers n coil.
formity with agreemednts reached at
the Washington arms limitation con
ference, whlich have gone over'. The
item involving funds for the naval re..
serve also is said( to have been a sub.
ject of discussion.
Navy departmlent and budget bureau
officials, it applear-ed, are dleadloc-ked
over certain items in the depar-tmlental
estimates, whlich ar-e subject to revis
ion b~y the bureau before they are
transmitted to congress, and it was
naid Secr-etary Denby intendled to re
sumle discussion during the next few
Transmission Line Over States.
Chlarlotte, N. C. - Unofficially esti
matedl to cost more than $2,000,000 anld
to hlave a total lengthl of more than
200 miles, completion of a new hligh
tension transmission line in North
Carolina and South Carolina is being
rapidly pushled, and thle inlstallation
of two new hydro-electric planlts are
under contemplati~on by the Southern
Po~wer company, according to an an
nouncement of -officials.
Running from Lookout generating
statloi, west of $tatesville, a new
line under construction, officials said,
is regarded to be theo most important.
Another- important line will extendl
from Great Falls, S. C., where another
hydro-electric plant is und(er construec
tion, to Nowberry, S. C., covering a
dlistanlce of 50 miles.g
DeBustillo Detles New York Police.
New York. - Three patrolmen and
four civilians wvere required to re
nmove (Guilliano Debustillo, who claims
to 1be the chancellor to the consul of
Tlondur'as, from a seat in an automo-.
bile, whlen he was arrestedl on a chlarge
of failing to halt upon the signal
of a traffic policemnan.
"I am~ tile r~lersentative of a foreign
countr-y,"~ Debustillo is alleged to have
said, "'andl I do not have to put up
with traffic policemen. I defy you to
arrest me."
Bank of Hodges, laim,
John Dill, et al, Defendants.
In pursuance to a-decretal order
made in the above stated case by his
Honor Judge T. J. Mauildin, June 7th,
1922, I will sell to the highest bidder
on the terms hereinafter named,
the same being November 6th, 1922,
(luring the legal hours for sales at
P ckens Court House, St C., the fol
lowing described tracts of land, to
No. 1. All that certain piece, par
cel or tract of land lying and being
situate in the State and county
aboved named, and being oetter
known as part of the Silas Williams
place, containing one hundred and
thirty (130) acres and for a more
complete description of the said tract
of land reference is craved to deeds
made by John Dill to Clara Belle
Payne, dated Feby, 9th, 1921, and re
corded in Vol. K.K.K., page 172,
which will describe the metes and
beunds of the above tract of land.
Tract No. 2. All that certain piece,
parcel or lot of land lying and being
situate in the aboved State and Coun
ty, containing ninety-five (95) acres,
as shown by deed recorded in Vol.
K.K.K., page 174, reference to said
deed for fill description as to metes
and bounds.
Tract No. 3. All that certain piece,
parcel or lot of land lying and being
ituate in the above State and Coun
ty, and being part of the Silas Wil
liams tract of land, containing one
muadred (100) acres; reference is
made to deed of John Dill' to A. G.
Morris, dated Oct. 8th, 1921, recorded
ii Vol. K. K. K., page 173, reference
Lc (;aid deed for complete description
)f metes and bounds.
TERMS: One-third cash on the clay
f sale, and the balance in two equal
mnnual instialncnts secured by the
Jond of the purchaser and mortgage
of the premises sold, the credit por
Lion to bear iiterest from day of sale
at the rate of seven (7) per annum,
And the purchaser shall be required
o insure the buildings on said premi
ies, and to keep the same insured
against loss by lire (luring the life
)f said amo' tgage in a sum not %qss
hanl three thousand dollars and as
siegn the policy to the said Clerk of
Lourt as additional security.
I'u rch:asetr to pay for all papers,
reventue stainps and recording the
411. Shol Id the purchaser fail to
rcni dy with the terms of sale in
re a:oab:ahle t ime the same will be re
o:ld at the risk and expense of the
l rmr iurchaser.
O. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Court,
l'ickens County, S. C.
tobe 1))I~2t~h 1922.
[SlIb New ton, P'laintiff,
I. I.. Iurnes, Defendant.
In pursuance to a Decretal Order
niade in the above stated 'case by His
lonor .Judge T. J. Mauldin, Septemi
3er ltth, 1922,
he same being November 6th, 1922,
uring the legal ho-urac for sales at
eckens Court 'louse, S. S.
All those two peices, parcels or
raets of land lying and being sit
'ate inl the State and County afore
aid on waters of Rices Preek,
T ract No. 1 conta ining thi'i'ty acres
imd adljoining lands of Elbel-t Wel
iOrn!, M:'ss Sula IHall, W. T. Bowen,
ait a;
Tract No. 2 containing Five and
;eventy-nine (5 79..106) acs, and
1(djoining ,landls of Miss Sula Hall,~
\bis. Lida Hlendlrickcs, Mack D). Farm
3r,. et al; both tracts being the same
land conveyedl by WV. C. andl Ella
Newvton, to J. L. Burnes. Ref'erence
to said deeds for full dlesciion of
saidl lands.
TERMS: Cas;h en day of sale, pur'
chaser to pay' for~ all papers, revenue
stamps and recording the samie; if'
punrchaser fails to c~Omply with the
termas (of the sale in reasonable time
the samre w'lll be resold at the risk
and1( expenIse of the former piurchaser.
0. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Court,
Pickens County. S. C.
October 11, 1922.
N-omne 01 Ouilding and Lc~ V:.
The~ firs;t building endi' iam inultu
31 was) orgainized in I'hI~klap.a In
-:'G, and1( l'l!h!velphi~a is IIulay the
'.eu 1 1t and wealt hist hu:ihun~ig as
i'Ee are 2,'.)00 In Ilhildelphuia, ith
5 C or resourc i"es iupwad of $:50
T'heso assoebithm w41) ere hielpiful Ia
mnlsul(Inig Ite pur '(11Chs of close to
Tf,000) prope(rt Ies in 1,bhladelphIa Iast
fear alIone.--Tharift Manl1~e.
J. C. Redmond, Plaintiff,
J. P. Ballenger, et al, Defendants.
Pursuant to an Decretal Order
made in the above stated case by
his Honor Judge T. S. Sease, dated
October 6th, 1922, to mc directing, I
will sell to the highest bidder for
the same being November 0th, 1922,
during the legal hours for sales at
Pickens Court House, S. C.,
All that certain piece, parcel or
lot of land lying and being in the
above named state and County, on
both sides of Garrette's Creek, wa
ters' of Oolenoy river, and containing
three hundred nine and half (309 1-2)
acres, more or less. adjoining lands
of Tempy Chastain, James Keith ep
tate. and others and more particu
larly described in Deed from David
Lawson Benjman Alasters and Re
beca Masters by I. A. Richey, Sheriff
of Pickens County, South Carolina.
on 4th day of November, 1885. This
l'eing part of the land conveyed to
inc by O. S. Stewart-, Clerk of Court
of Pikens county, South Carolina, in
Vol. L.l. at pages :159. and by Mrs.
Margaret Elmyra Masters by her
deed dated May 11th, 1921, aind re
corded in office of Clerk of Court
for 'ickcnss County, South Carolina,
in Vol. 1.1.1. at page 320.
TERMS. Cash on day of sale. pur
chaser to pay for all papers, ievenue
stamps and recorling the same; if
the purchaser fails to comply in one
hour the sae w:ll be resold the
same day or some other convenient
sale' day af thee risk and expense of
tIhe former purchaser.
O. S. Stewart,
Clerk of Court,
'ickens County, S. C.
J3tober 12th. 1922.
ruest F'olger, Plaint; ii.
aga ist
. . Looper, A. J. Loope'r, andi Smi e
11. C:raig, rihendiants.
1in pllrsalisce of at D)ec'etal Order
nace in the above case by his 111onor
1'. .1. Mlauttin, the ' th day of June.
11x22. I will sell to the highest bidder
t ilt ttris lre. Ia tter nsamuse'I on
I.,AS )AY IN NU\ M11BiU. 1e22,
tle same being N ovembs er (th, 11922,
auin ig the l'gai hours f or sales at
'iensi(' (: r I I House, S. C., thit fol -
lowinJg described tract of land to
All that, certain piece, piaircel or
.ract of a1.nd11, lying and being situaite
is the State and County a oresad,
ns I acusv illet towsip , Culnta:sin isg
orty (-116) six, acres, msoreC or es
emig knownt as tract, No. I in the
I vision of the lamas of B. HI. and
tuberta Wh litmire, bounded by lands
it J. L. Looper, TIruect No). 2 andl ;
I 1,he Wh itnuriI e lamis, andlC beinig thes'
amise tract ol. lansd conveyed to Rt. F.
-0Olper by 13. 11. and Roberta Whit
sire, Dec. 31, '11). Rulierensce be
nig madl~e to sasid deed for a comleilte
T1FiUS: Onse- third cash on day
>f sale, wvith purChaser to have the
ight of paling all or any greater
iortion5 on5 day~ of sale, and the re(
nahlinder payable in three equal ans
mual instalmnits, of oine, two and~
liree years, said credit portioni to
lar ~iter'est at eight per ceist, per
mnumll~ fromlf daite oft safe and( to be
(eured by fir'st mortgage of the
remisses. P urchaser to paly for
lhe saime. If purenCiaser fails to comt
ly ini reasonsable time the same will
e reCsoldl at, the risk and'. 1'exese of
he fosrmer putrchaser.
0. S. Stewasrt,
Clerk of Court,,
Pickens County, S. C.
)etobeir 1 ths, 1 922.
'he Bansk of Comsmerce, a1 cor'pora,
tion, P'lainatiY,
3W. T1ate, D~efendlant.
By virtue of an execution to me
irectedl in the above entitled case,
will sell at public auction, for cash,
a or in front of the Court H-ouse at
"ickens, S. C., on Monday, the 2nd(
ay 'of November, 1922, between the
ours,of 11 o'e~lock and 4 p. mn. ninety
ix shares of the Capital Stock of
he Bank of Norris, situate at. Norris,
I. C., represented by certificates Nos.
4, 35, 40, 52, 58 and59, or so much
hereot' as shall be necessariy to sat
sly the judlgemenit, interest and~ costs
nI51 aid Case.
T1hiis pr'oper'ty having been levied
mn and to be soldl as the pirop~erty of
G. W. Tfate to rat isfy the above stat
d execution and costs.
Sheriff Pickens County.

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