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Z 4 1iC~in 8 S IIUI
PIpKENS, 8. C.
0t.0 a Year invariably in Advane
entered at I ickena, S. C. Postoffce i
iecond Clnss Mai' Matter
GARY HIOTT, Editor and Mgr.
I lovo some people for what the
stand for, and I love others for whn
they won't stand for.
It takes hard cash to get soft coal
The state' fair wa, more than fair
No doubt Mr. Lloyd-George think:
England also has too much Law.
Ycu may hiave nt.ticed that it
the little fellow who has ihe big head,
We suorse (' m n's left tackle
was the t; ize Bull at thc st.ate fair.
We vt ry 1 sectfulIy refer Mr.
1.loyd-(eorg to the Salvati.n Army's
W'hen a man heyin. to think he is
-wise it is time to hl: a d.otor ex
Omline his head.
We hope the fellow who paid Si 50
for half inteir t in a qveen h Mey
lce didn't tret stun-.
One Cf lie'; g.reateSt pl measures i
that =atisfc ti< n which enmes from a
.o'.d days w.rk wel: (one.
Good roa Is cm.: noethi ng. Proof:
There are no 'axe .' heaven. yet the
ztrets are r-avt i with v Il.
Pc=. Tc e r." woub r1:wlh around
arth 1 t0. a: h--: 'il:. . And
"t : ... - . .. .. ,t a i "
- . , n th- .
-. wil thin
Ar we will back Pick
.7 We hay
Frar.- - and Florida back
V.w. k:. boards.
- E . ays he dosen't se.
e f'.:yr~e aato thatwi
E *a. 7.'o faster than 25 mile
Mcins i:.t has arrived at the homn
E-dI~tr Gary iott of the Pceker
tAir.e:. ara'i what we can't unde:
and a how Gary manaize- to %z
is she' cf the press at all aft<
ach a g'lorious affair had comei t
uss. Here's wirhing, the young lad
long and happy life.--Cherokt
A lady arrived at the home
ditor and Mrs. Gary HIIott, of Pie
ns, a few dlays ago. Editor io
ays the subscribus were lucky
et their Sentinel last wveek. V
resume, however, the reason the
id get the paper was, Editor Hio
yas afraid to stay round the hou:
she might get "balled" out.-Tu,
.oo Tribune.
G, reenville Piedmont.
Editor Gary Hiatt of the Pickei
"Seven citizens of South Carolim
a'. tax on incomes of more the
100000 last year. but t.the gover
nent says it cannot make the nami
fnzblic. St far as we are personal
$oncerned, they need not keep 01
ame secret."
Our favorite author of snake fi
ion is commendably frank. It mu
Sesaid, however, thaf'n'ie continu<
flence of Editor Gus G;ossett of ti
'a'galoo Tribune of Westm'nster ar
t .apt. Jun Bell, the Lord Northclifl
fthe Cherokee Times. is both su:
efdcous and significant.
If The Sentinel has a s-ubscrib<
othinks this paper is not wort
0a year,.qr that he cannot affor
S py- that price with cotton sellin
~. ~28paj .. let him conme in. pa
f~pand let t11 his name froi
i pst, If ther, '"jch a perso
dsntneed a new -o .
NO'Ai1 O.I kROi?.UR B.i
Greenville, S. C., Office of the F
cral Prohibition Director. October
1922. The following described pr
crty: , One Ford Touring -Car, Mo
No. 4020364, Model 1921. State
conse S. C. No. 33963., Seized
General Prohibition Agents. Jake a
- Reuben Gosnell and E. N. Aust
from Dewey Masters, R. F. D. Pi<
ens. S. C., on October 20, 1922, 1
violation of the National Prohibiti
Act, will be declared forfeited to i
United States if no valid claim I
owns:-ship is filed with the Fede
Frchibition Director, Greenville, S.
within two weeks from the date
this notice. and sold at public aucti
as required by law. Geo. C. Bowe
Federal Prohibition Director, Gree
ville, S. C.
Netice is hereby givcn that we w
make application to N. A. Christ
hefEsq.. Judge of Probate for Pic
ens county, in the State of Sou
atr(lina, on the 25th day of Nover
her, 1922, at 11 o'clock in the for
noon. or as soon thereafter as sa
application can be heard, for tea'
to nake final settlement of the p~e
sonal estate of M. F. Williams, d
ceased, and obtain discharge as c:
euutors (s said estate.
Marvin Williams,
John M. Williams.
"c.iee is hereby given that I wi
make application to N. A. Christ
.ther Esq.. Judge of Probate for Pic
(ns cunty. in the State of South Ca
*elina. on the 25th day of Novremb
1922. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
as seen thereafter as said applicati<
can be heard. fcr leave to make fin
- ttdemen: of the personal estate
J. T. Wade. demeased, and obta
(., :hargc as administrator of sa
estate. "
J. M. Wade. Administrator.
by 3 . A. Christopher Esquire, Pr
bate Judge.
Whereas. A. C. Bowen made s
to me to g-rant him Letters of Adm
istration of the Estate of and Effe<
of T. Frank Bowen deceased.
These are therefore. to cite and r
monish all and singular the kindi
and Creditors of the said T. Fra
Bowen deceas:ed, that they be-and
ear before me. in the Court of P
bat, to be held at Pickens Co
House, S. C.. on the 4th day of N
1922. next, after publication her<
a'. 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to sh
cause. if any they have, why the s
Administration should not be gram
Given under my Hand and S(
this 23rd day of October, 1922, in
-147th year of our Independence.
N. A. Christophei
Judce of Probat:-, Pickens Cor
Ail persons holding claims agai
'the estate of the late Andy Bow~
must present the same, duly pros
Cn or before the 10th (lay of Novi
her. 1922, or be debarred paymt
C and all persons indebted to said
State must make payment on or
-.fore the above dlate to Will M. Fer
sen. W1ll 4M. Ferguson. Executo
We, the ur.dersigned hereby pr
bit all persons from hunting, fish
cutting timber or trespassing in
Imanner upon our lands, under
penalty of the law.
S. S. Childs,
tt S. W. Williams,
J. M. Gillespie,
re J. E. Gillespie,
y J. A. Hunnicutt,
tt * J. D. Stancell,
L. P. Stephens,
- E. D. Childress,
B. E. Porter,
J. F. Lewis,
J. M. Brazeaa.,
J. T. Dillard.
- . B. R. Parrott.
T.JH. Holliday,
E. F. Collins.
* T. R. Merck,
in J' J. Lee,
W. L. Pressley,
Mack Durham,
RI. B. Hunnicutt.
rS- E. Mauldin,
- ~ Tulley H. HIolliday
.- J. P. Ables, Plaintiff,
W. N. Jones, Dora Jones. J.
I a~ngford, W; E. Rush, Defenda
hIn pursuance of a Decretal 01
d maide in the above stated ease
c his Honor Judlge T. S. Sease, di
October 6th, 1922. I w'll sell to
Shigher bidder for cash on
the; same boing Novorber .6th, 1922,
during the legal, hours for sales at
ed- Pickens Court House, S. C.,
31, All that certain piece, parcel ;or
>p, lot of land in Dacusville Township,
for Pickens County, State of South Caro
Li- olina, adjolning lands of H. T. 'ace,
by Mac Fowler and lands formerly own
nd ed by Elisha M. Freeman, containing
in, one hundred fifty and one-fourth
k- - (150 1.4) acrees, more or less, and
or 1 being the same tract of land con
veyed to W. N. Jones by the said
he J. P. Ables, which deed is unrecord
TERMS: Cash on day of sale. Un
'al der the terms of said Decree the pur
C., chaser will be required to deposit
of with the Clerk of Court three hun
On dred (300.00) dollars in cash, or by
mn, check, satisfactory to the Clerk of
n- Court to insure good faith in said
bid, and in case said purchaser shall
fail to comply with his or her bid
'I in a reasonable time the same will
be resold on some convenient sale
day there-after on the same terms,
;1 at the risk and expense of the for
- mer purchaser or purchasers. Pur
th chaser to pay for all papers, revenue
n- . stamps and record'ng the same.
e- 0.;S. Stewart,
id Clerk of Court,
Pickens County, S. C.
October 12th, 1922.
By virtue of authority vested in
me by a trust deed given me by R.
H. Iolcomb, of PickenssCounty, S.
C., I will sell to the highest bidder
in front of the Court House at Pick
ens, S. C., on sales day in November,
1922. during the usual hour of sales
the following described real estate,
All that certain piece, parcel or
>r tract of land situate, lying and, being
I ir. Central Township, Pickens county
and in the State of south Carolina,
containing fifty-seven and one..half
(57 1-2) acres more or less, adjoining
d lands of 0. D. Epps on the east, of J.
J. Fretwell on the north, south and
- west, and is known as a part of the
W. V. Clayton lands. The deed to
me, the said R. L. Griffin, Trustee.
was given on the 14th day of August.
1922, and is recorded in the office of
o- the clerk of court for Pickens Coun
ty, S. C., in book C.C.C. at pages
,it 703-705, to which further reference
n- may be had.
ts Terms of sale: One-third to he pad
_d- cash, the balance payable in three
-ed annual equal instalments to be re
nk cured by note and mortgage of the
ip- premiscs with interest at the rate of
ro- even per cent per annum until paid
ey. in full. Purchaser to pay extra for
of. papers and revenue stamps.
OW R. L. Griffin,
aid Trustee for R. H. Holcombe.
ty. By virture of Act No. 38, section
- 27, paksed by the General Assembly
D- of the State of South Carolina, and
approvedl on Feb. 24, 1917, I wvill sell
to the highest bidlder, in front of the
nst Court House dloor, at Pickens, S. C.,
m- during the legal hours for public
*nt; sales, one Ford Touring Automobule,
e-said automobile having been used on
b-July 1,1920. by Mich Rankin and
gu- .Thomnas Patterson in the illegal
'-transportation of alcoholic liquorQ ir
violation of said act.
TERMS: Cash.
r~hi- R. R. ROARK,
ing, Sherilf Pickens Connty.
By virture of Act No. 38, sectiot
27. passed by the General Assembll
of the State of South Carolina, an<
approv'ed on Feb. 24, 1917, I will sel
to the highest bidder, in front of the
Court House door, at Pickens, S. C.
during the legal hours for publi<
sales, one Ford Touring Automobile
said Automobile having been used oi
,November 24, 1921. by Lee McKe'
and Alfred McKee in the Illega
transportation of alcoholic liquors ii
violation of the said act.
TERMS: Cash.
Sheriff Pickens County.
By virture of 'Act No. 38, sectioi
27. passed by the General Assembl:
of the State of South Carolina, ant
. pproved( on Feb. 24, 1917, I will sel
...to the highest bidder, in front of the
!Court 'House (<00or, at Pickens, S. C.
durIing the legal hours for publii
,sales, dne Stoddard Runabout Auto
Smobile, said Automobile having heet
usedl on August 9I, 1922, by Rhet Rid,
dIle andi Frank Hlaskins in the illega
treanrporation of alcoholic liquors ir
WV. violation of sai'l aet.
nts. TERMS: Cash,
-decr R. R. ROARK,
by i Sheriff Pickens County.
ted ,
FOR SALE.-A nice bath tub'. Can
The "Som
A joy bringing lot. The new Gril
good-to-look upon fabrics. All wool
Price tags, too, that greet you ple
Cheaper clothing for men at $15.00
The home of * Walk-Ovel
Stetson hats, Inter-woven
Home Sewing Machines, ]
Lady Corsets.
Clothing, Shoes, ia
The books for the collection of'
State and County taxes will be open
from October 15, 1922, to Decembe'
31st, 1922.
These who prefer to can pay in
January, 1923 with 1 per cent addi
tional. Those who prefer paying in
February, 19223, may do so with 2
per cent additional. Those who pre
fer paying in March 1923, to the 15th
of said month, may do so by an ad
dition of 7 per cent. After said date
the books will close.
Those who do not wish to come to
the office can write me and I will
furnish them with the amount due
and they can remit me by check,
money order or registered mail.
Please do not send money without
registering same, as it is liable to
get lost and it is at senders risk.
State Levy, 7 1-2 mills.
Ord -Co., 10 mills.
Const. Schools, 3 mills.
Road Bond, 3 1-22 mills.
Special Roads, 5 mills.
Total, 31 mills.
Road1 Tax, $3.00.
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R.
Bonds, Hurricanie township. 2 mills.
Lev'y for interest on Picke~ns R. R.
Bonds, Eastatoe township, 2 1-2 mil l-.
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R.
Bonds, Pickens township, 2 mills.
Poll tax $1.00 . (One Dollar.)
Every male person between the ages
of 21 to 60 years is iable except those
excused by law.
Commutation Road Tax, $3.00. All
persons owing (logs are required to
pay a tax of $1.25 on each dog. Dog
tax must be paid by February 1, 1923.
. .Special School tax by Districts
District No. 1, 7 mills.
District No. 2, 11 mills.
District No. 3, 8 mills.
District No. 4, 8 mills.
District No. 5, 12 mills.
District No. 6, 8 mills.
Distict No. 7, 8 mills.
District No. 8, 20 mills.
District No. 9, 20 mills.
District No. 10, 16 mills.
District No. 11, 24 mills.
District No. 12, 10 mills..
District No. 13, 15 mills.
District No. 16, 8 mills.
District No. 17, 20 mills.
District No. 18, 14 mills.
District No. 19, 8 mills.
District No. 20, 11 mills.
District No. 21, 8 mills.
District No. 22, 8-mills.
District No. 23, 10 mills. 1
District No. 24, 10 mills.
District No. 25, 14 mills.
District No. 26, 14 mills.
District No. 27. 12 mills.
District No. 28, 8 mills.
District No. 29, 10 mills.
DWstrict No. 30, 8 mills.
District No. 31, 20 mills.
District No. 32, 8 iiflls.
District No. 33, 11 mills.
District No. 35, 8 mills.
DistictNo.36,11 mills.
District No. 37, 8 mills.
District No. 38, 16 mills.
District No. 39, 13 mills.
District No. 40, 8 mils.
District No. 41, 8 mills.
District No. 42, 21 mills.
District No. 441, 13 mills
District No. 45, 8 mills.
.District No. 46, 15 mills.
District No. 47, 14 mills.
District No. 48, 15 mills.
Di.trict No. 49, 15 mills.
District No. 50, 8 mills.
District No. 51, 8 mills.
District No. 52, 8 mills.
Distric.t No. 53, 16 mills.
District No. 56, 8 mills.
0. T. Hinton,
County Treaurer.
.thig New"Is Ihre
.~W~UP.m*uand - everything
runhing to e w"Chs CIbgs, Aere.a
ts nd ents unsigGod pcat
Csal for PictoritRe a tern 2.0 3 .an $3..
sr' GyIp -Co t .hs,. Prhrter, N
ou ring Strte- --h... ..--.... buggies.Ameri00
Touigstre and Dem.FRn is -...--. 393.00Spcilt
Ca ssi. S R vter n s-. 365.0
TyeF.0B rie Delivered Price e
Touring, Plefavrin--------------$2.00 $36'6.00 +
$2Touind . S.439.00
TouRedRiding, Sta d nd Rim-39.0 ohnsons465.00
~ odtr li-----------6.0336.00.
h Roadstery, Strriffo33 Clohes, verals,409.00 S
~' RadserStaterandDem.Rim - - 36.00435.00
r Cis, Stove----------------------23e.a297.00
~ Chssi. Sartr---------------30.00367.,00
~ Sean----------------------59.00675.00.I
~ rc---------------8.0445 0
STractor---- -- --- -- ---- -------- -....395.00 .4350 0
s Fcr the next six months our aaletment ef FOID Cars has been
doubled. If our order is placed now we can give reafsonably prompt.
delivery on any type of car.
H. P. SH1TON, Jr.
Authoriized Ford and Fordson Dealer
Pickens, S. C.
Wednesday, November 11, 1922
I will sell at my residence to the highest bidder the folloning goods
Mules, Cowvs, Hogs, Corn, Fodder- JI ay, Farm Tools, Shop Tools1' etc.

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