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Erskine Dal
By John Fox, Jr.
Copyrgigh by Chaul"s Serbner'e Boo
CHAPTER XViI-Continued.
Grey was cautious at first, trying
out his opponent's increase in skill:
"Youi have made marked improve
"Thank oIu," smiled Erskine.
"Your wrist is much stronger."
"Naturally." Grey leaped backward
1111(1 parried just in time i vicilous
thrust thmt was like a dart of light
"Ah ! A Frenehman tallght you
"A Irt'ne'hmni taught 1me all the
little I k niow."
"1 wonder if he taught you how to
mueet thlis."
"Il'e dil," oinswelred I'irskIne, parry
ing 'a sily adit! with an answering
thrust ithat .urned (rey suddently
anxious". C'onstantbly rey inaneuvered
to keep his hck to tlle 1oon, 1111(1
Just as runs-antly 1'i'rs5kine easily kept
biu wuim-rvle the light 5shnn0e fairly on
both. l ;r.' began to brenthe heavily.
"I 1tinik. lunt," sahid Erskine, "that
iny witil is a little better thuat yours
--- wodl you lile a short resting
I roni tI Ih' :haoilow liphrlin chuclcled,
an t (till' i snaipped:
\Make thaIt blac~k dlevil--"
"l eiietp'k tuill i. 10hraim !" blokeI gin
1':rsk:n,. st1 rnly. Again (,r( y matneul
vereit'' f'1or Iit InWIn, (l no avlil, aud
E'rskill' vi e w11 i l i t:
"Try that gIain and I will put that
intai1n inl youll"reyes andi keep it there."
(;re'y \\as ;otl litig anlgry nowe and wars
beg;inn1ing t I pl111 t.
"Yourt. wintl is short," S:11( Esrskine
wIth inoek t u'passion. "I will give
yu a t lile breathiing-spell presently."
I'ey was not wasting Is precous
bre'athI now\ mnd he mwade no answer.
"Now:" saiti l':rskine sharply, andi
Iri-ty's blii Illew t fro i his btain ant!
lay lie it sreaki o: silver on thi lew
r . i i'rt y ru shedtl for it.
"hI. u:tl'l " hei' rag i'd, aIndl whee'led
I'l ritusly--patt' i en , bi mm r, a1a gn oafu.
tli'iiiitln uneI it'tanl the sii'it'y ttw
lit'inoly si he i. niaim slaw the
1.ri0i-h alli4'ert appeair in the haul and
w\alk uns.itnlily dlown the steps ats
thoug:h ht' werre r in downl):41'\ thie path,.
but hi' ! 1101 opt'n his lips. There
it' SIonne of vol e s. 11nd(1 It was
e\ ie'-n' 1ha'1t 1' sti!he am slt l' tl' i o in al
niiarra ;!tuli the frlayers weere coming -
ti i te river ta imnk toward l the. 1r
skin' h'ard, hut If Grey i ith at
first glat' no sion-ht' was too mu'ch
la'lntnrnd w lit the alrath iat face
hin , ulllnly, linrt lskint knew that
Grey h:atl heart!, for thet Coar, In his
fie t ag, n 've way to a diabolie grill of
triim ph and ht lashed suIh-ly int
d(i'nlt --it h(ro b th 1 'Iet Ihilself
anly a li ier : I l -:rstl we hln d'
layitiu til wtiitnlin::: stroke too lon;' ta
he rtoust 1in;1;w if now. (Grvy gatve
way -tel by ste, i'rryigii only.
The blades1( liashed1;' like tinly hitls ofl
li:;b~ilt,. l-:rsktine''s farte, --rim :111(
lie , hbrohti the si k tfur lhtork
into 'nt i l1 rskline saw his (' ie
in 's .'s olien. !1'ie l ;uti thin, heis
h nae weint iru. : tsik to the hilt, atnd
(irey's warl he l .4u1i st rtIi'l on its way
wI hl ai ornili'i lcy fore . 1-:rskine1
spran ba(ck i~ Vint the rstel tlws t and'vi
f~athched s . 1 hefvenly ldlrainlm'is
Ilisitl ot of s therwy now.i liel he g
wOnceli a he r 'ke 'dback, iu sher
hiiarn lrt th i a doo iwlits olit mamm
baeilni ht'ith anue- runilep h'1e11
vAund thei' hedge, andeI hldenr inuthe
b uhes 0hamia heard t Fuogirlly hoostl
bhotigi s ever moe '~'i f ilite fatr
C1111 H AP iigTER i olir o 1
Yorksclton~p bro the BthIsh hieart,
and01yf0~' ao General Dile, stl wa dfo
woundsilc oen homiie' tled, Oaks V'lIt
was not5 1( long baiefore, wih. henll in-e
qulittl e had pieeou the s lf uhlciior
ofsh thirar and thrie alwnde Dwny
Grey anod its el he wahe isll chance
Fran knoh trohlii oher fistofGry'
dark t reahery, a e ond lhen: gir gisen-l
It loorrih'p 1 ilence, find isiehe oubl
Wlas i li'oon ui hvdIthstedha belved
father Ils nuteraelyFteri
pralei. Se lfthdn when he
fIished. the story and~i hwith hr go
witauht tnohte rord.t 10' Alld shl
wa ini h 'er-oot n at lunseti she
g avie jhiihe aser tor Is he fnme
ci, ean ofmt al.her ye in'his(a.
Iel aihnd-am ha hi, she saidsol,"htI
e - Pioneer
dian girl-Early Morn-is his halt
sister. Oh, oh !" A great pity dioo1tl
her heart and eyes. "Why didn't Ers
kine take themn away from the In
"His mother wouldn't leave them."
And Barbara understood.
"Poor Erakine !" she whispered, and
her tears ca'le. Her father leaned
baek and for a monent closed his
"There is more," lie said finally.
"Irskine's father was the eldest
brot her-and Ited Oaks-"
The girl sprang to her feet, startled.
agonized, shlimed: "Belongs to Ers
kine," she finished with her face in
her hands. "God pity ile," she whis
pered, "I drpve him from his own
"No," said the old general with a
gentle smile. lie was driving the barb
<leep, hut sooner or later it had to be
"Look here !" 1le pulled an old
piece of paper from his pocket and
hancded it to her. Iet' wide eyes fell
upon i rudhe hoyish sprawl and a rude
drawing of a buffalo pierced by an
"It mualke mle laugh. I have no use.
I give hole da1) i plantashun liarhara."
"Olt !" gasped the girl aid then
"where Is he?"
"Waitlng at W1illiansburg to get his
discha'rge." She rushed swiftly down
the sleps, calling:
''Ej hraim ! Ephralim !"
And teni, miniites later the happy,
grinning Ephraiim, mounted on the
IhoroughbIred, was speeding at head of
a whirlwind of dlust with at little
sounted note !in his battered slouch
"You said you would collie when
ever I wiited you. I want you to
cenlue nowv. IBAltlIAltA."
'Tlie girl would not go to hel, and
the old general from his window saw
her like sonme white spirit of the night
motionless on the porch. And there
through the iong hours sht' sat. Once
shel' ro11s11 and started dowll tle great
lmth towardi the sundiatl, movin g
slowly through the flowers and moon
light until she was opposite a giant
Iiingnolia. Where the shadow of it
touchei the light on the grass, she
hal last seen Grey's white face and
scarlet b;reast. With i shudlder she
tu'nedt itck. The night wvhitened.
A enthird started the niorning chorus.
The clawn (111n0 11nd11 with it -'phrilin.
'The girl waited where she wis. lI-ph
rahnll took off his hattered hat.
"Manrse Esrskine done gone, Miss
Iari'bary," he saihl hrokeinly. "1le
d1on1t' gone two (ays."
'Th di' said nothing, and there the
oldi ;'eerli folund her still mlotin
less -the torn hits of 1-:rskiie's scrawl
iig (eed scatterei t he10r1 il feet.
tin the sImlimit of Cumbel-lant gip
E~r'kine lHale fa('cd l-'iretly to the rust
dli lotlot-tl his last on the forests that
sweptt unbroken . ba1r'ck to the river
.huniles. It wis all over for him hack
ithere and( lie tinte( to the wilder
detilts, thos- 1ndless leagutes of shiad
owy wotditilnds, that lie would never
leadve again. *
At I lit-nsllor'ough hie it-ar'ned fromi
the oldi terrymuan that, whilte the wair
nlihtoh crtinig to ani 4)nd( in Vir'
gliia, it wvas raging wvorse thian er'
in l Kentuckcy. 'iTere had bee'n bloody
ilit')' vae Il' 'lI'wairs, and( ev'en t hen the
wmho(le bor'idt-r wuas 1n at iane. l''rts
had b1 eel) lpushed wuestward even he
3'(nd Lexington, and 178'2 had hi-en
Kenttucky's year i' blood)00. IErskine
plushe(d on, and ev'ei' grewu his hopeless
Savaiges of the Northwuuest Into the wiar.
As soon2 as5 tile s'now wasl. oftf theL
werei 51toleni, enh1ins1 bur'ned, and1( w1om
enI andit children were carriied otf caip
tiv'e. Thle p ionieers had bieeni confined(
to t heli- stockaded11-4 forts, and1( only
small11 lumds1(1 of ilemien saillied( out te
)m1triol tte cutryt . Old .Jer'omle San
deris' ftort waIs dese4rt ed. Ohi! Jer'omei
wer'ie ait HarrodEl(shur-g illing the claimiis
wei'e l'olly CJoand andl Ilonor' San
dlers. T.he people were e-xpectinag ai
ii atack ini greait 'force fr'om the In
dlianis led biy the i'itishi. At thle BIIlu
Licks there had bei-n a succe-ssfuil anm
hush51 1by thle Indianbs andl thte wh'ite~s
hadi lost half thir~i numbier, am~iong
t hem maniuy bravi mt n 1 and2 n(11latural
leadeirs oIf thle Set tlemienits. Caplt a i
Ciiarik wals ait thle )ioithl of Lickingl
riv'eir and1 about to sot out on ani ex
ped ition and1 1Q4( neddien.
lirskinie, sur1e oif a we'lcome,0 joinle(
limand01( algatin rod(e forth with Cia rl
through tihe norithern wiiklerniess, an<l
this time a thlous-and mlounted rifle
mien followed themi. Clar ik had1( beer
stirr'ied at la-st fr'om his Iethiai'gy bi
the tragedy of thie Bllue Licks an<1
this expetditionl was on1e of r'eprisal
and4 r'evenge ; anid It wuas to be tho
Ist. Tihie time wasL% au)tumiin and tho
coi'n was ripe. The ti'iumaphant say
ages rested in their v'illages jnsus
lectinag and1( unaifrld, and1( Clark feli
upon thiem lIke a whirtlwlnd. Taker
by surpis1e, and star'tled anld dis
may13edl 1)y such) evidenlce of thd qil
rebirth of power in thle beaten whites
the Indins of evecry village fled al
thiei' ailpproafch, andl Clark put thi
torch not (only to cabin ando wigwan
but to Ithe fields (If standing corn. Aa
winteir was coinig on, tIs would 1)4
a sad21( low, aIs Clark initended, to tht
Er'sklne had told the big chief o:
lisa mot0her, and every man knew thu
story and( was on ' g~uard thait she
should1( come to no hiartn. 'A capturet
Shawnee told themi that the Shaw
nees had got word that the whites
were coining, and their women and
old -mnen had lied or were fleeing, all,
except in a village he had just left
lie paused anti pointed toward the
east where a few wisps of smoke were
rising. Erskine turned: "Do you
know Kahtoo?"
"He is in' that village."
Erskine hesitated: "And the white
woman-Gray Dove?"
"She, too, is there."
"And Early Morn?"
"Yes," grunted the savage.
"What does he say?" asked Clark.
"There is a white woman and her
daughter in a village, there," said
Erskine, pointing in the direction of
the smool.
Clark's voice was announcing the
fact to his men. Hastily he selected
twenty. "See that no harm comes to
thea." he cried, and dashed forward.
Erskine in advance saw Black Wolf
and a few bucks covering the retreat
of sonie fleeing women. They made a
feeble resistance of a volley and they
too turned to flee. A white woman
emerged fromh a tent and vith great
dignity stood, peering with (11111 eyes.
To Clark's amiazement lErskine rushed
forward and took her in his arms. A
nomIent later Erskine rled:
"My sister, where is she?"
The white woman's trembling lips
opened, but before she coul( answer,
it harsh, amgry voice broke in haught
ily, and IErskine turned to see Black
Wolf stalking in, a prisoner between
two' stalwart woodsmen. .
"Early , Morn is Black Wolf's
snuaw. She is gone-" lie waved
one hand foward the forest.
The iisoleince of the savage angered
Clark, and not understanding what he
5111(1, he asked angrily:
"Who is'this fellow?"
"lie is the husband of my half-sis
ter," answevred Erskine gravely.
C'lark looked dazed and uncompre
"And that woman?"
"My mother," said Erskine gently.
"Good God!" breathed Clark. He
turned luickly and waved the open
mout held woo(dsmiien away, and IErskine
and his mother were left alone. A
feeble voice called from a tent near
"Old Kahtoo !" said Erskine's moth
e'. '"He is dying and he talks of
nothing but you-go to himt !" And
Erskine went. The old inan lay
tremubing with palsy on a buffalo
robe, but: til incredible spirit in his
wasted body was still burning in his
q ves.
"My son," said he, "I knew youtr
voice. I sal I should not (lie until
I had seen you again. It Is well .
It is well," he repeated, and wearily
his eyes -closed. And thus Erskine
knew it would he.
a -
That winter l'rskine mad(' his (,leair
ing on Ile lau Illthat Dave Yandell
ha(1 pieked o t for lai, and in the
(enter of it threw ul a ranle lo hIt
in whlh to house his mother, f,. his
remuainbratnce of h1er made thim h~elleve
that slae would prefer to live alone,
hi', ohl his plans to none.
In the early spring, wlaen lae brought
h)is anotin-r houne, she saitd tinat Black
WVolf had esca pedi and gone farther
into the wi1'lerness-tlat: It aa'ly Morn
h id gone wvilth himt. llis iaothaer
saemedl ill atnd unhia ppy. IErskine, not1
knowving that lairhatrn wais on hier way
.to 11f4 inltatu, starlted on a hunaiting-trip.
In a fewv datys il'iaa aarrivedi and
found his mo(t her uable to leave bet
beal, urata Lydita No' sittIng beside her
Ii arry lhad Jlast been ther'e to say good
by beofore' goinig to Virginia.
Ilarharta was dhismauayedl by IErskinea
tabsetnce andh his mtot her's Ilok of sut
feintg and( extremue weaknessC5~, and thn
touch'I of her cold lingers. T1here wvaa
not way oft r'eacin~g her' son, she sai
-lie did not kniow of lier ilitness. Bar
laura told her of IErskine's giving het
his inhet'itance, and tha lit she bad cot
to aeturn it. Metanwhile IErskinec
hute~td by his imothier's sad~ fiace, hat
.turnied hom'newaard. TJo lils bewvilder
mtent, lie found1 Bairbara at his mtoth
er's bedlside. A glance at thbeir fsace
told hinm thait death was near'. Ui
muothier he4ldl (lit her hiand to him whihi
still ho11lig Baribaira's. As ini a dream a
lie hent Over toi kiss lier, and1( witl
a last effor't she joinedthIbela irhuts
clasjdtng 1bothI. A great Ileace I tas
formied her face as shte slowvly lookeq
at Barhiara 11nd4 thlen up at Ei'skinc
Witha a sigh her' hiead sank lower', ami
her invejly dhinilig eyes ilassedh nta
the final thirk.
rTwo days later' they we're marr1ied
The oodismeni, old fr'iends 'of Ea'a
,kine's, wvere aiwetd by Ibtilratn's daitii
ness5, anll there were none of thle ri'(
jests they usuailly llung back an
for'th. WtVith hear'ty handshakes the;
said good-bly anud disatppearedl into thb
mighty forest. In the allenice that fell
Er'skiine spokec oIf the life before then
of its hardhshlips antd dangers, and the1
of the safety and comfort Qf Vir'ginlr
Barblara smilled:
"You choose the wilderness, ani
your chaolte is minie. We will leav
the same choice . . .'' She flushei
suddl~enly' sand bent her head.
"To those who comie after us," fln
ishied Er'skine.
Greatly interested.
"The milhkgmids of JTamailca are on<
of the wontiers of the islaund," report
edl a prominent Ulrndfordl (Pa.) bust
ness main, aifter a stay in Montego Bay
JTamaica, B. W. I. "They can carr;
large cans t mil1k from moumtaa
ranges to muarkets on th'eir heads, an
never even mubve the calns as they eel
and Pouar out the milk. TIhey go iup
stairs andh down, tand ar'e so aidept tha
'wlhen they star't up a liit they cai
hleginl to till their pitchet's, measurig
the amnount by the numtlber of step:
Itaken. I watched thema many timel
with grent Interent nnd deligt."
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Your Beauty Doctor
Soap 2c, Ointment 25 and 5e, Talcum 25.
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The National Remedy of Holland for Over
200 years; it is an enemy of all pains re
a suiting from kidney, liver and uric acid
.troubles. All druggists, three sizes,
, L.ook for the name Gold Mdalo vr o
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aat h n a ri tigon,) y.6 gron
Sa2-i- neh strn: ai or a 30-Inch, or $ 6.80 fg
shudi' .."O _tv ont to san Isacton

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