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appetite and digestion, helps
to keep teeth clean and
breath sweet.
of flavor that won't chew out.
cent package provides a
treat for the whole family.
* 860
QULosed has hien beastil furthe imred byi moe
artistic design and added improvements.
ECONOMY has been still further increased by engi
neering refinements and greatly broadened produ'tion
and distribution facilities.
SERVICE is now offered on a flat rate basis by 0,000
dealers and service stations.
PRICE remains the same, in spite of added equipment
and more expensive construction, which have greatly
increased value.
Some distinctive features of the newv line are: stream
line body design with high hood and crowned, paneled
fenders; vacuum feed and rear gasoline tank on all
models; drum type head lamps with legal lenses. Cur
tains open with doors of open models,
Closed models have Fisher Bodies with plate glass
Ternstedt regulated windows, straight side cord tires,
sun visor, windshield wiper and dash light. The
Sedagette is equipped with auto trunk on rear.
See these remarkable cars. Study the specifications.
Prices F. 0. B. Flint, Michigan
SUPERIOR Two Passenger Roadster--- - --- ---$51(,
SUPERIOR Five Passenger Touring----- -- -----525
SUPER IOR Two Passenger Utilit y Coupe - - * 680
SUPERIOR Four Passenger Sedanette - - 850
$UPER fOR Five Passenger Sedan---- -- -----860
SUPERIOR Light Delivery ----- -- -- ----510
Nothing Compares With
forrle Ecnmia''ransportaiti
CheroetMotor. Company, Detroit, Michlgau.
World's Largest Manufacturer of Low-Priced QUALITY
Autonmobiles. There ard 10,000 Chevrolet Dealers and Serv
*roughguthe World. Dealers and Parts
Lunday School
L eAsson i
Teacher of English Bible in the Moody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
Copyright. 1922. Western Newspaper Unon.
LESSON TEXT-Luke 4:31.441 6:12-26.
GOLDEN TEXT-Himnself tok our ine
firmitles, and bare our slckneas.--Matt
38: Mark 1:21-45.
PItIMAtY TOPIC--How. a Sick Mau
Was Brought to Jesus.
JUNIOR TOPIC-Jesus Healing the
-Jesus' Power to Forgive Sin.
-Jesus' Ministry to Human Need.
Sincer the topic sets forth Jesus an
the Great Physician, it will be better
for adult ciassgs, especially, to take
the larger text chosen by the commit,
tee and note the several outstanding
cases of Ills healing. For some classes
it will be better to study the one cast
of healing, namely, the healing of tht
I. Jesus Healing a Demoniac (4
While engaged in teaching in th(
synagogue le was interrupted by t
man who had an unclean spirit. Jesus
rebuked the demon and compelled hin
to come out of the man. This lealiff
shows Jesus not only gracious, bul
powerful to set free the whole broot
of diabolical passions, such as lust
envy, anger and jealousy which rult
ii. Jesus Heals a Woman of a Greal
Fever (vv. 38:39).
Peter's mother-in-law was prostrat
with 'a great fever. They of Peter's
household besought Jesus for her
Jesus rebuked the fever and it left
her so that she immediately rose an(
ministered unto them. No earthly phy
sician had ever been known to hen
An that way. Divine healing is m
mediate and complete. We shoult
distinguish between divine healing an(
faith healing. Faith healing is the re
suit of the action of the mind upon th
body and is measured by the degree o1
the faith, while divine healing is the ac
tion of the power of God upon th<
diseased one, and is always completl
and immiedliate, because it Is ieasu ret
by the power of the Healer, God. Him
fame spread abroad and many sick al
divers diseases were brought unto 11in
and He healed them' all, even easting
out demons and forbidding them t
testify of i1m.
HI. Jesus Heals a Leper (5:12-10).
Leprosy was a most loathsome ant
terriblo disease. Because of its foul
ness one afilicted therewith was an
outcast. The disease was incurable b3
man, therefore the leper was regarded
as hopeless and/dergl. In response to
the leper's earnest request Jesus
touched hint and bade the leprosy to
depart, and immediately he was healed
andI cleaned. Leprosy is a type of sin.
Jesus has pow~er to heal and cleanse
and restore.
IV. Jesus Heals a Paralytic (5:
1. WVatchedl by the Pharisees and
Doctors (v. 1). Jesus' fame spreafi
abroad, andl this only incited jealousy
on the part of these meni.
2. rTe Paralytie Brought (vv. 18,
19). This is a fine lesson in Christian
service. They3 could not heal the man,
but could bring huim to Jesus, who
could heal and restore. They had
faith in Jesus to heal himi. No effort
which is retiuiired to bring a sinner to
Jesus should be regarded as too great.
3. The Man's Sins F'orgiven (v. 20).
Jesus looked back of (lie palsy to its
cause-sin. All disease and deathi is
the resualt of sin. Jesus saw thE!
faith of those not only who brought
lhim, but of the man himself.
4. The P'urpose of Miracles (vv. 21,
22). The P'harisees accused Christ of
blasphuemy whten lie declared the man's
sins forgiven. Jesus showed them
that back of the b~enefleent deed to the
man was the demonstration of Isl
deIty. The main purpose in the work
ing of mtiraceles is the authentication
of the divine mission of the one pier
forming them. The working of the
miracle wats to dlemonst rate Ulls nau
thority to atone for sin aind to grant
forgiveness. WVhile the divine powier
andI authority are thtus shown, the wils
dhomt and love of Goad are shown in
that In all cases the super'natural work
is for the good of th~e individual. A
true miracle is never spectacular. It
is not merely a demonstration of
power, but the working of power for
benefleent ends, the good of some one
in need.
5. Relative Value of Physical Ills
andi Moral and Spiritual Maladies
(v. 23). P'hysical ills ai'e less serious
thtan the sins whleh cause themi. In
dealing wvith' thenm we should follow
the example of (Christ and first deal
with the cause.
Self-love Ia a cup withouit any hbot
tomn; you might pour all the greal
lakes into it and never fill it up.
0. W. Holmes.
'A Thought for Today.
WVho art thou (lhat judgest anothera
man's servanit? To his own master he
Btandetha or falleth.-Romians 14 :4.
The Lord Knoweth.
The Lord knoweth our frame an
remiembereth that we are at.-Ps
Each package of "Diamond Dyes" con.
cains directions so silple that any woman
can dye or tint faded, shabby skirts,
dresses, waists, coats, sweaters, stock
id , hangings draperies everything like
new. Buy ")Diamond byes"-no other
kind-then perfect home dyeing is guaran
teed, even if you have never dyed before.
Tell your druggist whether the material
you wish to dye is wool or silk,. or whether
it is linen, cotton, or mixed goods. Dia
mond Dyes never streak, spot, fade, or
run. So easy to use.-Advertisement.
Waterworks Near Completion.
The London waterworks system will
shortly possess the largest reservoir in
the world. It has been under con
structon for ten years, and when
completed will have a capatelty of
0,500,000,000 gallons.
A Lady of Distinction -!W
Is recognized by the delicate fascinat.
ing Influence of the perfume she uses.
A bath with Cutlcura Soap and hot
water to thoroughly cleanse the pores
followed by a dusting with Cuticura
Talcum powder usually means a clear,
sweet, healthy skin.--Advertisement.
Not the influence.
"Is that man who puts on so many
airs under the Influence of il(iuor?"
"No," replied Miss Cayenne. "l&e's
a bootlegger. HIS proud ostentation
Is due to the aflluence of liquor.
Mother Says
Babies Never
Get Real Sick
That Teethina, the famous baby
laxative and stomach corrective, is
the greatest medlicine on earth for
keeping little children well and happy
all the time is conclusively proven by
the statement of Mrs. It. B. Bogart,
of 80 Lindsey Street, Atlanta, GIa., who
"I have three boys, the oldest five,
the next will soon be four and the
baby is eighteen months old. I have
given them all ''eQ(thina whenever
they showed the slightest sigi of feel
ing bad, and not only have the results
beetn Wonderful, but none of them
have ever been really sick in their
lives. I belleve' their good health Is
due entirely to TeetIi nt."
Te(thina is sol d by all (1 rug1gists, or
,you cant send to0e to the M'of'ett ILab.
('rantoties, Coilumbui 'its, Gi., and r(('iv'
a regula1' Size package 111a nd also t coi
of the valuable Baby booklet.--Adver
t isencCt.
California Roadrunner Famous for its
Custom of Sprinting in Front of
Trotting Horses.
A bird known as Vthe California road
rutlner has earned ils cotloln name11t41
from his delight in sprinting along
roadways, especially when pursued by
horsemen or moderately slow-going
vehicles. In the picturesque old days
of California it wa no ttotnmton
sight to see this bird running a hatlf
mile or so In front of fast-trotting
Another common name, chapar'ral
cock, Is givent in taliusion to his livitng
In the chaparrtl of the semti-dleserts.
The bird belongs wholly to thme
We'st. F~ormuerly he ranigedl fromt t'he
lains of Kansas to the chapparal
covered hlh' of thme Pae!Ifle coast andi
fromt centrail Califortia to Mexico, but
he Is rapidly becoming rare, Hie Is
b'uilt like a hteroni, except for his short
legs, but, unlike thait water-lovIng
bird, chooses dleser-ts for his homte. He
hats wings, but scarcely htas the p)ower
to thy, thbough he is one of thle fleetest
of runnetrs.
Sumnlight Is a good gernmilde.
Its a mnai
Postum eomes In two
forma: Instant Postumn (in
tins) prepared instantly In .
the cup by the addition of.
boiling water. Postum
Cereal (in packages), for ]
those who prefer to make -
the drink while tihe meal
is being prepared; made
by boiling fully 20 minutes.
The two forms are equally
delicious; and the cost is
only about yc per cup.
Made by Postnm eral Co
When a *oman finds marriage is
failure she wants a divorce so that
she can try again.
Important to Mothers
10xamine carefully every bottle o
CASTORIA, that famous old remed;
for infants and children, and see that I
Bears the -
Signature of 4 5A7A. j
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castori
Beware of little expenses. A smial
leak will sink a great hll).
Practical Suggestions Gi'
Phila., Pa.-"When I was going
through the Change of Life I was
weak, nervous, dizzy and had head
aches. I was troubled in this way fd'
two years and was hardly able to do
my work. My friends advised me to
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, and I am very sorry that
I did not take it sooner. But I have
got good results from it and am now
able to do my housework most of the
time. I recommend your medicine
to those who have similar troubles.
I do not like publicity, but if it will
help other women I will be glad for
you to use my letter."--Mrs. FAN
NIE ROSENSTEIN, 882 N. Holly St.,
Phila., Pa.
Detroit, Michigan-"During the
Change of Life I had a lot of stomach
trouble and was bothered a great deal
with hot flashes. Sometimes I was
notable to do any work at all. I read
about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound in your little books and
took it with very good results. I keep
house and am able now to do all my
own work. I recommend your medi
cine and am willing for you to pub
lish my testimonial."-Mrs. J. S.
LIVERNoIS, 2051 Junction Avenue,
Detroit, Mich.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Priv
Peculiar to Women" will be sei
to the Lydia E. Pinkham Med
This book contains valuable in]
o 0 will kuock it In I
or cobd in your ho
tIh tr tructit
sandadita< ren ty I
CA TA It n1. b l''\
Sof a e-nturr. so I
c0P0lIN 3\11MIC AL
The Observant Newsdealer.
Of course ite WVoinan kn owvs he
Iews(lealer well. lie is 1 r frieidly
The other lbiy shie stoppied( Il I(11r somis
asilitional miagazrines and toapers 11
take with her fori a day's outing sl
was to live. She tho nugh t she wa":
look lng Guile well-tlat Is, she ifaneie
she had izlmaaged to make lerself 1((1o
smart wilthbout putting on her les
The newsdeale' seeletld quite (I
lighted to think sihe was going to Lily(
a (ily in w .'hkh to rest anu.d Idle.
"It's fine," lie .saidi. "'And you ear
haive a real goodl time with y'our (,h
clothes and al1."
Impressive Income.
"Dubw~aite was always hard't uii whei
he wsas imaking $2,00 a year. Nou'
lie's making $20,000 a year andtt be:
st ill h ard Up."
"But h le hats one advantage."
"11111 collectors wi'll stand foi' a gren
(dhaiU~' mor eck talk fromn a $20,000-a
ye'ar mani than from a $2,000.a-yea:
mian."-Birmiiinghtam Age-IIer'ald.
During Hot Weather.
It ' old w'.orld."
"h'sa dlead~ issue, ait prIesent ."
a highway
HE wa to stsato
thogh Postum, has bec
['his famous table beverage w)
wenty-five years, fills every r
iot and invigorating mealtime
tea, Postumn contains nothing 1
listurb digestion. Even the chi
..Wouldn't it be well for you
io many have found in coff<
bealth while pleasing taste, wi
Order from your grocer toda
Postum F
.Inc.. Battle Creek. Mich.
.Sure Rei4
t I
Hot water
Sure Relief
254 and 75$ Packages.E
Trough Which Every
Must Pass
ren by the Women Whose
i Follow
The critical time of a woman's life
usually comes between the years of
45 and 60, and is often beset with an
noying symptoms such as nervous
ness, irritability, melancholia. Heat
flashes or waves of heat appear to
pass over the body cause the face to
be very red and often bring on head
ache, dizziness and a sense of suffo
Another annoying symptom which
comes at this time is an inability to
recall names, dates or other small
facts. This is liable tomakea woman
lose confidence in herself. She be
comes nervous avoids meeting
strangers and dreads to go out alone.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound is especially adapted to
help women at this time. It exer
cises a restorative influence, tones
and strengthens the system, and as
sists nature in the -long weeks and
months covering this period. Let it
help carry you through this time of
life. It is a splendid medicine for the
middle-aged woman. It is prepared
from medicinal roots and herbs and
contains no harmful drugs or nar
ate Text-Book upon "Ailments
at you free upon request. Write
icine Co., Lynn, Massaclusetts.
Distemper Compound
pry short time. At the first sign of a cough
rxe, give it few closes of "SP[J lN'S." It will
eli nil noto tihi! (iciiwno acrnt (i l3'eveaat fur
biidv by 41 lornpce. "X11 III N'S'' hits livetn the
oer 198Til.;l itt, INFI (I1NNZA, PINKC E'Y1D,
:ut. e'tl 11.9 atiil r f.Ii.9 for over a quater
I In tweei f,/*fef at a~ll lirua ftoreR.
Radio Equipment of Airplane.
r The're Ibis b een installed on one of
.IIhenge hlinth iIlinllles engaged in
Sii' l'i ris- I.oInion i ue'rial service a comn
SIi('I riuluo tiIlhoine and telegrIpit
+ eqilnI1nent1 elf :I. watt~s antelnlm output,
%O wit seraling; ran1ge of abhout 180
I miles at t4tk IDet'rs' wave length. The
SentIaplete+ rodho equlIlnuent, accordi:ng to
I lttlitielt'irieilte, weighs only 125
lutlnnls. An ir-iiroplellRr-iriven gen
- erato r for six volts anud a six-volt stor
age la ttery suIpIily lhe necessatitry cur.
rent. A thiree-hlbl inmpllifier Is used
for reteiving on allI wave lengths be
I twen :10 met e'rs anid 1 ,000) meters.
Se'l(ntt ie Amaeriean.
A Return Desired.
"I1lotir was the jiilitieal speakinag last
nuighi, stiulre?" asked old Riley Rlezzi
iltw of P~eItuina. "My rhieumatiz was
heel oriung mei so that I dIidn't feel like
ia ttnding."'
"Thle lin. Th'lomas ltott plead~ed
with th le voters for a return to the
-iprinciples~ oft the glorious oldt Party,
- ami-" repli Squire ltamshttomn.
"'lie did, hey? That reminds me: if
le is in t owni vet I am~ going around
aond pleadt with him for the return of
t hem t en dhollarns he horrowed f.romi me
sIx years atgo, wheni he statied for the
conrventlionl."--Kansafls City Star.
equiemen ofE~ tat o
:bat can.iritat rve or
to aomfrad thrhalh
oe adta wordd protec
t~ih whasestode, atsying
"eaTea,' an Reon

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