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sTo Be Held At Pickena Co' art Hous<
November 3 and 4.
The regular fall teacher's examina.
tion will b, held November 3rd and
4th at Pickens, S. C. The examina
tions will begin promptly at 9:00 o'
clock a. in.
Applicants may stand for a Pri
mary Certificate, first, second Or
third grade; a General Elementary
Certificate, first, second or third
grade; a High School Certificate,
first, second or third grade. It will
be impossible for any applicant ,to
tnke more than one examination
successfully. Any attempt to double
work and thereby cover two groups
of. questions is sure to result :n
The primary examination covers
twelve subjects:
Friday Forenoon-English Gram
mar and Language, 1 hr.; Arithmiecic,
1 hr.; Playground and Community
Activities, lhr.
Friday Afternoon-listory, South
Carolina, United States, and General,
1 hr.; Geography, I hr,; Civics and
Current Events, 1 hr.
Saturday FI'orenoon-Literature, 1
hr.; Pedagogy, 1 hr.; Health, 1 hr.
Saturday Afternoon-Nature Study
1 hr.; School Law, 1 hr.; Manual
Training and Writing, 1 hr.
Any primary certificate will en
title the heid tio teaclh in the first
five grades.
'I'h g(e ill ,i I lementa'y exai ai'-mia
tion cover5 tw lve subjects:
Fria y Focrrenoo lE. lish G1 am
mar: a(:,l :<mpstinA ithmletic.
Fridity : A terlnoon----l istory, lUnite(1
States and South Carolina; Geogra.
lhy, Civie., and Current Events
Satuarday Forent c on-Reading, in
eludinlg Litn'atumre. Pedagogy, Na
ture Study and IC ementary AgricouI
Saturday A fternoon-Physiorlog
anid lI Iygiene, School Iaw, Algebr
(Algebra required for first and see
tml grade certificates.)
Ay genueral . el('tentarv certifi
calc entitle tIhe holder to, teach it
the:: first, nine grades.
'The higi.h school examination cov
er"s tweVc'e :subjee'(.ts, '\tit~h optins i'
fcie:nce and 1T"oreign Lanttunge:
I'rida l'y Fo-'renoon--G ramatical Anal
ysis a11 (o position, Literatpir
'rinciples of 'leaching.
idray A Iternoon -Amer:can 'His
tor: and ivies, Science (Seven sut
eets uttered, two required) Generi
Science, I'hysiology, Biology, Ph3
sies, Chemistry, Agriculture, HIon
E'.c~floo ics.
Set urday I orebroon-Arithmet
Algebra, Geometry.
Futurday A fternioon--Foreig'n Lm4
guage (en ureloired),. l.atin, Frenel
Spanish, Ge.man, -Aient IIistor
imd M ldern:I !ir tory, Schonol I 4aw.
withI not !less than 60 in any on
subject eitis~ the al.elicanit to
first e-r:idleO' eeitientv; a generi('i
alver1'n of' 75 with not less than 5
in iany on sublj4e entolitles~ theo up
plicantI to a strando gr;ade( cer'iichatec
a g eneralI av'erage of (5 w.'ith no
less thain 50 1)in any' one& subjtect en
titles the applicant to a third grad
Aplican' mt s ar'e ex pec'ted to fun is
paper andi~ wr'it ig mater'ials.
-Rules and1( r'egulatioins of this exanm
ination lare preVscribedl by the Stat
Board of Educa'it ion. Results of tht
examination to be0 de(terined b~y th'
State Bui'eau oi' I
F. V. Clayton,
Co. Supt. of Ed.
You Will1 Finm
iness at the S
*And paying thE
for produce.
40c per doz fo
20c per lb. for
25c per lb. for
Hams 15 to 22
Hams over 25
to size and quality
.4 Your trade is
Yours i
J. W. HE(
FOR SALE-A 100 lb male and
one mich cow. H. Y. Lawrence, Jr.,
Calhoun, S. C., R1. 3t
NOTICE-We expect to have a
car of fine hogs for sale at right
price In Central, Saturday, Novem
ber 27th.
W. T. Earle,
W. E. Finson.
FOR RENT-One two-horse Tarm,
five miles above Pickens, or wfil- s..l1
the farm of 87 acres. H. A. Townes.
FOUND-In Pickens a week or so
ago, some money. Owner may get
same by describing it and paying for
this ad. E. E. Lusk, Pickens.
$16.00 per cord for dogwood at West
ininter. Carolina Hardwood Com
pany. See J. S. Price, for specifi
cations etc. 4t
Reece's Gin will swap pound of
meal for pound of seed. Also buy
your remnant cotton at best market
priee. A. G. Reece, Manager.
One 1921, model Ford Touring car
with starter, almost new. Will ex
cbange fo'r 1500 lbs of good middling
(ctti n. A real bargain if you want
a go(d car and get 25 cts pcr lb. for
your eetton. see J. W. Stewart at
c'ourt holl e Pickens, S. C.
I.OST.---Be tweenl Seneca and Ceni_
. a11 on tot) soil road $85.O0 in bills.
'inder pl:ase return to Frank Tay
er, Cal1houn, S. C., 1, and get re
WVithin the Pickens School Dhstrict
itid( not within reach of the town
taxxes lies an eleven acre tract. of land
with a good five room house that has
three fire places and a well on porch.
.'he house is in good condit:on having
rIeceently heen covered. This place
has running water on it and a pas
tyre. 'The ret cultivated. '1'his is to
1et" sold first Mioiday in Noveime)Qr in
the settlement of F. E. Alexander es
- tale(.
On th21e roadi to Recco's mill lIes
foui r acres of vacant land joining
She'n El'vet'5s ph1ee. this will he
si( first. Monday in November. F. E.
Alexander's estate.
To he sold the first Monday in Nov
. en'her i": a pe rfe.tly grand little farm
f thirty acres situated C a good
rI hli ;i e(d within view (of the top
:( r 'ndle g frem l'ichen5 to
- 'letu ille. On it there is a well
e lt.i:i el six-r(oom0 house, two wvells,
I e I ri's, pastlure, good orchard
l'm1( a I( nnuat henuse.
All of these breib.lin 1 are nevly
(o vee:i and1( the huse paiinted.
STh:. so oes u nder ti'he se ttIlemien
, of . E. Alexander's estate.
C 1:: N. A. Christopher Esquire. Pro
haiite Judge.
~1 Whereas, G. C. Bolding made suit
to me14 'to granat him Lc t is of Ad
i:inistratin of the Estate of and Ef
feets of' .foanes R. Ross.
IThiese are therefore, to cite anxd ad
tn. nis all and singular andl kindred
andiit (Ceditor5 .f the sa1idl Jamies R.
Reis dycetased, that they be and Aip
pear' before me, in the Court of' Pro
bete, to he held at Pickens Court
llue .C., on the 3r'd day of' Nov
I1!22. next, after publication hereof.
-Iat 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to showv
cause. if anv' thty have, why thie said
e Adlministrat.ion shouldi not be granted.
G-:ven under my H-and 'fnd Seal.
e this 23rd dlay of October. 1922, in the
1 -17th year of our Indlependenice.
I N. A. Christopher.
.Judtge of Probate, Pickens County.
I Me Doing Bus
ame Old Place
Greenville market
r eggs at present.
fryers up to 75c.
lbs. 25c,
lbs priced according
or trade,
Notice is hereby given that I will,
cake application to N. A. Christo
pher Esq., Judge of Probate for Pick
ens county, in the State of South
Carolina, on the 24th day of Novem
ber, 1922, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon
or as soon thereafter as said appli
cation can be heard for leave to make
final settlement of the personal es
tate of Lydia Gossess et al, Minors,
deceased, and obtain ~ discharge as
Guardian of said estate.
Leonard B. Williams, Guardlian.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Notice is hereby given that the
General Election for State and Coun
ty cfficers will be held at the voting
precincts prescribed by law in said
county, on Tuesday, November 7,
1922, said day being Tuesday follow
ing the first Monday in November,
as prescribed by the State Constitu
The qualification for suffrage:
Managers of election require of
every elector offering to vote at any
election, before allowing him to vote,
the production of his registration
ceiti licate and proof of $he payment
of all taxes. including poll tax, as
sessed against him and coillect-ble
during the previous year. The pro
duction of a certificate or of the re
ceipt of the officer authorized to
cellect such taxes, shall be conclu
sive proof of the payment thereof.
Section 237, Code of 1912, as
amended by Act. No. 6, special ses
sin of 1914.
Sectica 237. There shall be three
sepalrate and distinct ballets, as fol
lows: One ballot for Representatives
in Congres ; and one ballot for Gov
ernor. Lieutenant Governor, State
officers, Circuit Solicitors, members
of the -Icuse of Representatives.
State Senator, county officers, and
one ballot for all Constitutional
amendlmients and special questions.
coch of three said boxes to- be alp
propriately labelled; wh ballots
shall be of plain whfte pu and of
such width aiid length as to contain
the names of the officer or officer:
and question or questions to be vo
ted for or upon, clear and even cut,
without ernament, designation, muti
lation. symbol or mark of any kind
what:.oevcr. excer t the names or
namous o! the person (' persons vo
ted for and the cfice to whikh such
l'ersen cr persons are intended to be
chosen, and all special question.S
which names or names, office or of
fiees. question or questions shall be
written or printed, c partly written
er partly prinmed thereon in black
ink; and such ballot rhall be folded
as to (onceal the name or nam s.
(luestion 1'or (uiestiOnls thereon), and
so folded. shall be deposited in
a box to be constructed, kept
and ([sposed of as herein prp
:,1by low, and no ballot of any
othe d(esci i ptin a fun1d in either of
aid bilexei shall be counted.
On all special questions the
ballot shall state the question,
Si c('slion:;, and shall thereafter
hao''e the words "Ye s" and "No" in
s(:rted so that. the vter may ind:
(nte hi.s vote by striking out one or
the ether of such wordls on said
batllot, the~ werd not so stricken out
to be erunted.
.IBeforer th.. hour' fixed for openin'z
the IolIs, Managers and Clerks must
take anel subscribe the Constitutional
enth. The Chairman of the Board of
Managers can adnminister the oath
to ihe other membcrs and to the
Clerk; a Notary Public must admiin
i (erth icth to the Chairman. The
Mr anagers elct their Chairman and
Pells~ at each voting place must
be ho ened at 7 'c lock a. mn. and clos
cd at 41 o'clock p. m. cxcept in the
city of Charleston, wrhere they shall
be opened ,t 7 a. im. and close at 6
The Managers have the power to
fill. a vacnancy, andl if none of the
Managers attend, the citizens can
aplpoint from among the qualified vo
ters. the Managers, who, after being
swvorn, can conduct the election.
At the close of the election, the
Managcre and Clerk must p~roceedl
publlicly to open the ballot boxes and
count the ballots therein, and con
tirouc withou~t adjournment until the
same is completed, and make a state
ment of the result for each offie
and sign the same. Within three
(lays thereafter, the Chairman of the
Board, or some one designated by
the Board, must deliver to the Com
missioners of Election the poll list,
the boxes containing the ballots and
written statements of the rfesults of
the election.
At ,the saidl election qualified elec
tors will vote upon the 'adloption or
rejection of amendments to the State
Constitution, as providled in the fol
lowving joint resolutions:
A Joint Resolution to Amend Ar
ticle X of the Constitution so as to
Authorize the Town of Greer to As
sess Abutting Property for Perma
nent Imgirovements.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Sec
tion 5 of Article XVII of the Consti
tution Empowering the General As
sembly to Regulate the Printing for
the State.
A jioint Resolution to Amend Sec
tion 5, Article X, of the Constitution
Relating to the Limit of the Bonded
Debt of School Districts, by Adding
a Proviso Thereto as to.- the Due
West School District No. 38, Abbe
ville County.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Sec
tion 7, of Article VIII and Section
5, of Artcle X of the Constitption,
so as to Exemnpt the City of Beaufort
from the Provisions Thereof.
A ,Toint Resolution to Amend Par
aceraph 5, Article X of the Constitu
tion Relating to Bonded Indebted
ness of Counties, Townships. School
Districts, Etc., by Adding a Proviso
as to the county of Beaufort.
A ,Jaint Reselution to Proplose ar
Amendment to Article X of the
Constitution by Adding Thereto a
Section to be Known as Section 18-A
Empowering County Authorities ,to
Assess Abutting Property for Per
nianent Impi-ovement of Highways.
The provisions of said Section shall
apply only 'to Beaufort county.
A 'Joint Resolution to Amend
Section 5 and 6, Article X, of the
Constitution, Relting to the Ltinit
of the Bonded Debt of Townships,
by Adding' a Proviso Thereto as to
the Township of Christ Church Par
ish, Charleston county, S. C., as
now Constituted Embracing in Area
of Said Tiownship the Town of
M unt Pleasant, S. C.
Joint Resolution to Amend Sec
tion 5, Artiele 10, of the Constitution
Relating to Limit of the Bonded
Debt of School Districts by Adding
a Prov?'so Thereto, as to School Dis
trict No. .10, Cherokee county.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Sec
tion 7, Article VIII of the Constitu
lion, Relating to Municipal Bonded
indebtedness, by Adding a' Proviso
Thereto as to the City of George
A Joint Resolution to Amend See
tion 5, Article X of the 'Constitution
Relating to the Limit of the Bonded
Debt of School Districts .by Adding
a Proviso Thereto as to the School
District of the City of Florence in
Florence County, South Caroli-na. 1
A Joint Resolutien to Amend Sec
Lion 5 of Article XI of the Constitu
tio-n Relating to the Formation of
School Districts, Etc., by adding a
Proviso as to Certain School Dis
tricts, in Pickens County.
A Joint Resolution to Amend See- I
tion VII o" Art'cle VIII, and Sec
tion V of Article X of the Consticu
tion so as to Execmpt the City of
Spartanburg' from the Provis:or.,is
A Joint Rcsoution to Amend See
tion 7, Article VIII. and Section 5,
Article X. a tihe Ccnatituton, so
as to Exctmpt the City of Union
from the Provisic-as Thereof.
Election Managers
The following Managers of Elec
tion have been appointed to hold
the electi;n at the various precincts
in the said County of Pickens:
Alice Mill-A. B. Stokes, L. J.
Connelly, Roy R. Smith.
Antioch-E. C. Bowie, A. T. Win
chester, E. M. Gilstrap.
Calhoun-C. W. Boggs, J. I.
Crowther, Jr., J. C. Goodman.
Catec"hee-W. W. Cobb, L. L.
Leopai d, J. C. Davis.
Central.-R. G. Gaines, Jr.. J. II.
R 'msvur. E. L. Icnderson.
Croswell--J. O. Hughey, W. C.
Kay, Frank Garrison.
Cross Plains-S. M. Hester, B. D.
Lathem. W. A. Looper.
Cross Roads-A. T. Simmons, J.
N. Ligor C. A. Julian.
Daeusville.-J. A. Robinson, L. P.
Thomas, N. B. Williams.
Easley.-R. G. Wyatt, J. M. Smith.
W. D). Grar'in.
Easley Cotton Mill No. 1.-W. R.
Oats, F. F. Williams. W. F. Evatt.
Ealey Cotton Mill No. 2-L. L.
Lackey, 1H. A. Kennemore, J. M1.
Flat Rock.-M. J. Boggs. H.' G.
Fowler, W. F. Young.
. Glenwoed Cotton Mill-Sam D.
Freeman, Sam T. Smith, D. 'T. Go
HIlly Springs.-John. A. Cha stain,
T. WV. Townes. R. Leo Cantrell.
Isooucenia Cctten Mill.-J. WV.
Wallace, Thurston Kinsler, WV. P.
Liberty.-J. Li. Hunter, H'. M.
Chapman, J. L. Reeves.,
Lcoperts Gin.-Joe L. Looper, B.
L. Hendr'icks, R. M1. Hill.
Mile Creek-J. L. Miurphee, T. A.
Stewart. -J. E. Nix.
Norris.-D. C. Garrett, C. C. Bor
oughs, E. WV. Tate.
IPeters Creek.-J. E. Singleton, J.
E. Foster, Li. S. Edens.
Piecns-B3. F. Freeman, J. A. H-.
To~wnes. J. C. .Jennin~gs.
Cold We
Good warm cl4
tor bills and leaves
your head and bod
need anything in o
rain or shine.
Men's and young men's suits fro
Boys suits $3.50 to $12.50 in blu
Rain coats and Overcoats in all s:
Ladies coat and coat suits in ni
Shoes for the entire family, heav a
Our line of all wvool sweaters is
prices that will please.
Make our store your headquarter s
Pickens Mill.-J. S. Bagwell; A. J.
;lark, H. E. Jones.
Pleasant Grove.-D. A. Talley, H.
3. Cisson, J. S. White.
Praters Creek.-W. W. Seaborn,
r. M. Entrekin, M. F. Bolding.
Pumpkintown.-J. D. Simmons, S.
3. Edens, J. R. Keith.
Six Mile.-W. B. Mann, R. P.
Prince, John A. Roper.
The Managers - at each precinct
1amed above are requested to dele
-ate one of their number to secure
)oxes and blanks for the election on
biovember 4th, 1922, at Auditon
>ffice in Court House.
A. J. Boggs,
H. A. Townes,
W. T. Bates,
Commissioners of State and Coun
;y Elections for Pickens County, S. C.
)ctober 23rd, 1922.
3tatp of South Carolina,
Jounty of Pickens.
Notice is hereby given that the
general Election for Representatives
n Congress will be held at the vo
;ing precincts fixed by law in the
lounty of Pickens on Tuesday, Nov
mber 7, 1922, said day being Tues
lay following the first Monday, as
)rescribed by the State Constitution,
The qualifications for suffe rage
tre as'. follows:
Residence in State for two years
11 the Copnty one year, in the poll
ng precinct in which the elector of.
'ers to vote, four months, and the
)ayment six months before any
:lection of any poll tax then due
mld payable. Provided, That minis
:crs in charge of an organized church
iid teachers of public schools shall
)e entitled to vote after six months
residence in the -State, otherwise
;Registration.-Payment of all tax
es. including poll tax, assessed and
aollectible during the previous year
The pro(lucticn of a certificate or th(
receipt cf the officer authorized t(
collect such taxes shall ~ be conclu.
sive preuf of the payment thereof.
Before the hour fixed for openin
the polls Managers and Clerks musi
take and subscribe to the Constitu
tional oath. The Chairman of th<
Board of Managers can administer
the oath to the other Managers an:
to the Clerk. a Notary Public mlus
adininistcr the oath to Chairman
The Managers elct their Chairma
and Clerk.
Folls at each voting place inns
be olened at 7 o'clock a. in., an<
closed at 4 o'clock p. in., except ii
the City of Charleston, where the.
si'all be openen at 7 a. im. and close(
at ( p. im.
The Managers have the power t<
fill a vacancy; and if none of th<
Managers attend, the citizens cal
appoint, from among the qual fie<
v.ters., the Managers, who, after be
ing sworn, can conduct the election
At the close cf the election the
Managers and Clerk mt a l' procee
publicly to open the ballot box any
count the ballots therein, and con
tin~ue without adjournment until th
some is complete. and make a state
nient of the result for each offic
and sign the same. Within thre
lays thereafter, the Chairman of th
-eard, or so.ne one designated b;
the Board, must deliver to the Comn
mi sioners of Electi'on the pol11 list
the box containing the ballots an<
written statements of he result o
the election.
Managers of Election
The following Managers ot Elee
tion have been appointedl to hold th<
clcction at the various precincts ii
the said Cotnnty.
*Alice Mill-A. D). Atkins. J.' A
Mar'rell, J. King Massengale.'
Xntioch-W. Henry G;rant, A. F
WVright. C. Rhett ThomaM.
Calhoun-Carlisle Newton, J. H!
Lawiencwe, S. C. Boggs.
ather Si]
)thing and shoes is
a better taste in ~
y warm, your feet
ur line we will.be
$18.00 to $32.50 'n serge, wvorste
$18 to $32.50
e, brown or grey.
$3.50 to $12.50
zes andl colors from $4.50 to $35.00.
$4.50 to $35
'w styles andl colors from $10.00 to $
$10 to $30
Sor light, work or dIress, from $2.001
$2 to 9.50
the best we ever bought and our di
nnl you will be glad.
C teechee.- Fd
G. Burgles, W.. ..Godi;.
Central-Thos. A b1knW
Earle, V B.t X6org.T
' Croswell-M; L
Robinson, L. R. ayg
Cross Plains.-John P arr
W. Lathem, Ernest P. dcAdam
Cross Roads.-W. L. Capps, R. p
Looper, J. B. Findley.
Dacusvile-Jas J. Ponder, J. p.
Jones, K. M. Williams.
Easley--W. C. Sntch, C. T. Mar.
tin, L. B. Freeman.
Easley Mill No. 1..--O. M .Page,
J. S. King, R. L. Harris.
Easley Mill No. 2.-Ebb Smith,
Claud Gilstrap, A. A. Pressley.
Flat Rock-O. M. McKinney, C. L.
McWhorter, C. H. Kelley.
.Glenwood.-J. L, Davis, W. E.
Mayes, E. 'C. Martin.
Holly Springs-Elijah Chastain,
.f. C. Gravley, J. N. Jewell.
Issaqueena-J. C. Tarrant, C. C.
Bowling, Claud Flrod.
Liberty-Basil -A. Chapman, W. T..
O'Dell, A. D. Attaway.
Loopers Gin-E. L. J.ones, J, I.
Williams, S. W. Hinton.
Mile Creek.--W. :R'.Cutls, W. ,.
Dalton, E. C. Galloway.
Norris-R. A. Johnson, Ralph W.
Borroughs, T. M. Garrett.
Peters Creek.-J. Earle Foster,
Jr.. Thomas Sammons, W. E. Hunt.
Pickens-Byrd Carey, M. F. Hes
ter, Joel I. Allgood.
Pickens Mill-Eva G. Holder, A.
J. Jewell, Sam L. Adams.
Pleasant Grove. -F. L. Burgiss, L.
A. Whitmire, J. S. Fortner.
Preters Creek.-G. C. Bolding, J.
.JI. Riggins, C. C. Gillespie.
Pumpkintown-E. F. Keith, A. L.
Edens, H. E. Hamilton.
Six Mile.-A. D. Mann, O. L.
Craig, G. N. Garrett.
The Managers of each precinct
named above are requested to de
legate one of their 'number to se
cure the box and ;blanks for the
election. The bbxcs can be had~ at
G. G. Christopher's office, over the
Postoffice, on and after November
G. G. Christopher.
C. L. Cureton,
A. C. Gravley.
Commissioners of Federal Elec
ton for Pickens County, S. C.
Money to Loan
We can loan you any amount of
money frem $1.000 to $25,000 for a
period of 83 'ars, giving you tho
- privilege of renaying i at the end
of live years if you want' to.
It is not required that the borrow
3 live on the farm in ctrder to borrow
from us.
No red tap<'.
CIiice Ovecr Keowee Pharmacy
IPhone 39 Pickens, S. C.
Burns and se alds !
cools the pain and '
heals the blisters.
; cheaper than doc
rour mouth., 'Keep
dry,. and if you*
d1ad to serve y ou~
d andl cassimere.
80.00. *
:o $9.50.
ress goods are new patterns and at

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