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t PERIOD, 1922.
For several years the orphanages
in this state, and in other Southern
states, havn observed a custom that
A4 now boile well 99taPAili94
amtneg our Sundry schools. Joint'
requests are made by Thornwell Or.1
phanage, the Church Home Orphan-,
age, Epworth Orphanage and Con-i
itie Maxwell Orphanage that all peo
ple who love God and little children
will contribute the income or the
wages of at least one day to the or
phanage of his choice. It is sug
gested that the plan be handled in
every Sunday school in South Caro
lina by announcements made well in
advance and that a Saturday be so
lected on which everybody including
the children shall devote himself to
a task or special job if necessary,
and contribute the income of the
day at his church on the following
Sunday. Perhaps in some places it
may prove more acceptable to have
everything brought in on Thanksgiv
ing day. Each community may work
out its own plan for the observance
of the day but it is hoped that many
thousands of our people will adopt
the scheme. If the friends of the
- - ;: The atti
made o
than nything else, and
pends almost wholly up
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work, floors or furniture. You ca
feet success. And no expenditure l
as the few cents spent in "touching
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any-the rusty looking porch roel
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your taste with -r,
Tbe flnlshj
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one application and works equally w
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juvenating until you get a can of FI
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United States than all
bined, because
Columibjas have been mu
scale considerably longe
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turing skill and improv
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developed in the Colurr
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cessful assembly of dry <
And again Columbia
leadership through the
new Steel Case "Hot S11
Wherever a dry batter'
will alviays'give the bes
For sale v~ght n
Look for the nan
orphan should with any sort of on
amimity enter into the -proposed ob.
servance of the day, there is little
doubt that each of our four churgh
orphanages would receive enough to
supply the current needs for some
time to come. *
4 -."
It is not always easy
To apologize.
To begin over. f
To take advice.
To admit error. , ; 't,,
To face a sneer.
To be considerate.
To keep on trying.
To forgive and forget. I
To profit by mistakes.
To think and then act.
To recognize the silver lining.
But it always pays.-Rough Notes.
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f your home is
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z and furniture, more
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Prices to stut everybody.
T. A. GA RY.
7. Hendricks, all of Pickens county, erdt h ulctruhtei-wa-hr~hw mc.
iso a niumber of other relatives and ssee n essec fyu n paig o odwl~
host of friends. She was convert- u pi a tisig, he said t ox
i in early girlhood days and united AcodntoM.Weoteum onefrhse wo oms hul
ith the Methodist church at Zion, ttlo ucsflcp rtn shtb
ve miles south of Easley. Funeral "epalavrieet ipe"ipsdo ecads d
as held at the home Nov. 5th, con- ! v5rtising.
icted by Rev. T. C. Harvey of the A detsn a edntb
sleyan Methodist church, Centrali
er body as laid to rest in thes ai
-metery at Mt. Zion, Central, S. C'
BELIEVES ADVERTISING IN l awitas vert exper ado
nePPR o S BesT.in god. aertise asotdlors, a expens bupnnesten that
terred The public wnthro the knw:hel arn- a ne.
A rte y, .Jct.r -__- ____ __________________________________4____
New fo orsne o is tec adi p ince of you an
Acioerdi toto sur.it Weeeofo
Hendick, alofPicenscou t otaerrdo sucessfuli .c oy h writ in is t -wh r--ow m c.
"kene llaetis emns ipl.
"Anlic advertising, man need not bel
brilliant," he aid.d"Allhhe ne dsir
.l) ui odwl, a h dgoo Aos sense, whc has intale-i
i n e r y i rlh o o 'ays A a nd u i e d a w o r k in g a t fu ll o f s po r e t e d o
,iinformation.nSeemingintelever head
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,NCE PAny of BES. gos advertisements uarn e s f
"Nespaerspae houd e uedc Al knd oftoletaricls.In s en ora goodl d
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veiigatviispoueony L rUTOREn .
stishow ataitlemphasixpsnaifuithfin
~uthe adverthatniseeventually trans
ATlaninty CarJ, Sefct.a2.--e------------------490
oriof archnd, SareradDutbs is------450
R euabuto, ratitut for *esmmomomomwweonomy-mo-om-oe336.00
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- eOdEoia-CLd MOTORCO.
AND 1921.
The Department of Commered,
through the Bureau of the Census,
announces the 'reliminary report on
cotton ginned by counties, in South
Carolina, for hte crops of 1922 and
1921, The total for the state was
made public at 10 a. m. Wednesday,
October. 25.
County 1922 1921
Abbeville . . 4,991 10,854
Aiken-.-.....-. 11,489 11,202
Allendale . 5,281 3,879
Anderson . . . . 24,622 43,815
Bamberg- . . . 4,995 3,807
Barnwell- ..-.-.- 7,265 7,286
Berkeley . . . . 262 506
Calhoun-....-.-.. 2,804 3,852
Cherokee- ..-..-7,786 8,581
Chester . . . . . 12,251 15,706
Chesterfield . . 11,543 14,836
Clarendon - . . - 3,016 6,698
Colleton ..-...-2,283 1,521
Darlington - - . . 8,415 15,183
Dillon-- -- -- -- -- -- 11,748 23,456
Dorchester . . . . 1,489 1,126
Edgefield , - . . 3,762 5,325
Fairfield - 3,975 6,222
Florence - ------ 4,112 14,995
Greenville - -- . 19,555 24,542
Greenwood - . . 3,049 8,707
Hampton-.. . . .. 4,002 2,371
Horry - - . - . - 242 1,709
Jasper -- . . . . 1,326 555
Kershaw 8,363 8,481
Lancaster 6,785 8,710
Laurens 11,409 23,401
Lee.--------10,665 14,366
Lexington 3,727 5,958
McCormick 704 3,155
Marion 2,462 8,155
Marlboro _ _ 26,584 31,949
Newberry 6,105 11,678
Oconee 8,805 12,759
Orangeburg 10,231 14,111
Pickens-8,834 12,814
Richland 4,518 6,146
Saluda----------3,392 6,178
Spartanburg - 33,607 38,747
Sumter----------6,984 14,098
Union 6,279 9,615
Williamsburg. - - 1,734 4,958
York 15,265 21,746
All other - 600 473
The state ..336,261 493,206
The people of North Carolina will
vote this month as to whether or not
the pay of members of the legisla
ture shall be raised to $10 per day or -
continued at $4 per day, as at pres
ent. This seems to be the only re- a
spect in wvhich the Old North State a
is seeking to imitate South Carolina, Ci
for our legislator2 used to be paid $4 9
per day until in 1920 they were 6i
raised to $10.1,
In omprion.it other stt,59
SouthCarolna .i well3 c 14,111
in is egsltrs a . llb 8,83s12,1
cereclfro th 4,llwi8 6,146a (
tionof hepy .o lawmke2 in,176
varius tats, a.. 33,60 th 8,747
Arka~a~ . ( . 15 ~i,265 a1,746
sir. (wcrai4S.. 600 473ic
ah st-ate ..336,261 493js,00
Th.. e pol of North Caoln will
voetismnhas to whehe or-(~ no
ture-* shal berised or $10 per ayo
cotnue0dai4ledy, Nrasat0 prs
tet This seemsa to0 be h onayr- v
spect Yink which5th aOll Northet
Carolein $24 foiat GOut da, lina, c
fot $ur 00gslaors sedo tof 60 ay4,
$p4ero dayuntlays, Orego $120 fer
theisesono $10. dyPnslai
$2n0 coprio totheseiord saned
SuCarolina is0 o 60l compsaoth
ingkita $300slaors,0 aswl Tei'see
$erner diem, Thexa $5,llowing ora
60o (lfs thepa $240 Vermonters irh
ginia pa 00 for the ession.hig
tn $- per distrirginiafo $500
tannal$ aly, icninaskao80 forh
sherm o200 ew yersey $5nd Wymn-g
$12ly pew iMexicoh $5Perdiem,.
NeMrk, 1,500 ndannaly Hnrcks
Carottrnassed40 er r60 ds fomt
herotome300 forhouniSn C.,6Nov.y4,
$5402fo bein aoutOeeny$120fors
nie mesonth an40da, twnsylana
oldfo actua al stricendance, pauta
warlnabu nine onths dag, North
shDatak0 or 40t other Teolise
tion and fte Teabou te, Uays$ f
sueinag,0 God saw setion taherg..
tonelf he die Wth Viga ful00s
sanualoy restcondi pe500 withed
termsth ote of tworyare ch Woil
$12ope dys.-The surivimnt.lde
reMrs. T. H. TRopERo DEAD.y
adMrs. Elzr dan la oCHunck
Baasis hichileft he leabee to
wakabu nine month agte

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