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It is doubtful if there has ever beet
a medicine endorsed by so many minis
ters of the Gospel as has Tanlae. in
deed,. there js scarcely a faith, creel
or denomination In all the land it
which one, or more, of the ciergymet
has not publicly expressed their in
debtedness to the Premier Preparatlor
for the benefits they have derived fron
its use.
One of the latest to speak out ir
this connection is Rev. B. M. Bridges
a .nown and beloved Baptisl
i's ' e rModresboro, N
-'. - aallows:
e at good appe
tx. in and renewer
my . gratifying war
m .; : iend it to any
"I- - down condition
kbor + "have had sue
a severe case ut ...Jigestion that
could not find anything to eat thal
agreed with inc. Finally I becamt
very nervous and could get but vera
little sleep or rest.
"It seens that I took nearly every
h' I ng to get myself right, bu
lpetd me until I ran acrosi
nerves are so much better
i y sleep is sound and re
n'-'f najoy my meals and haven
. weight. i can say fron
t, ~ t Tianine is a splendi(
tonic, for it has buill
up wonderfully."
Tanlac is sold 'by all good druggists
A Revealer of Undulation's.
"I thought you hotieved with Voliva
that the earth was flat."
"I did until I had gone riding in
Springnixe's second-hand car."
Your Child's Bowels Need
"California Fig Syrup"
er1 A teaspoonful of
Syrup" now will thor
little bowels and in f
m^ have a well, playful
ven a cross, feverish,
* d loves its "fruity"
...a., u~ aCIer can rest easy be.
cause it never falls to wvork all the
sour bile and poisons right out of the
stomach and bowels without griping or
upsetting the child.
Tell your druggist you want only the
gen uine "California Fig Syrup," which
hsdirections for habies and children
of all ages printed on bottle. Mother,
you must say "California." Refuse any
itnitation.-A dver t isement.
Where Marks Are Easy.
DepartIng New Yorker-I'll be glad
to get out of thl's topsy-turvy hind.
One of my chauffeurs lhas bought a
Germatn eatle.--Simplicissimu~s (Mu
illy feel secure when you
Smedicine you pre about to
itely pure and con'tains nc
spit prodlucing drugs.
eine is D~r. Kihner's Swamp
liver and bladder remedy.
tandard of purity, .strcngth,
is maintainced in every bot.
tifically complounldedl from
Tt is not a stimulant andl is taken in
easpoonful doses.
It is not recommended for everything.
it is nature's great helper in relie.ving
ud overcoming kidney, liver' and bladder
A sworn statement of purity is witle
every bottle of D~r. Kihner's Swamp
If you need a medicine, -you shouldl
have the best. On sale at all drug stores
in bottles of two si-nes, medium and large.
However, if you wish first to try this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for r.
samiple bottle. When writing be sur2
nd mention thmis paper.-Advertisemnent.
Talking, Not Entertaining.
Mother's Voice-Are you entertain
ng Ha'roldl?
Daughter--No, we'ire just talking.
At Last.
le was always waiting--did anyv
ne lipaily turn uip for him?"
"h. yes-his toes did(."
,gg,,g~ NIjh ad Mornid
;4 ffI~IIV~..Have Strong, Heakts
b - hey Tire, Itch
Durn, if Sore
~ ' Inflamed 01
~ *. .ted,useMurinm
The Danger of
Director Practical Work Coure.
bloody Bible Institute, Chicago.
TIDXT-Not every' one that saith unto
Ime, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the king.
dom of heaven; but lie that doeth the will
of my Father who is in heaven.-Matt.
Many will say to me in that day,
Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy by
thy name, and by
g thy name cast
' Mout demons, and
,,i by thy name do
many m igh ty
And then will I
VM~g N c o n te.s s u nt o
| i them, 1 never
knew you ; depart
from me, ye that
w o r k Iniquity.
AMatt. 7 :21.43.
I i iy Self-exit t 1 in a
tion in the light
of eternity is a very wholesome and
safe thing to do, even though to many
it is a forgotten art these days. The
real test of a thing, after all, Is not
how it will look before men, but how
it will appear in the hour of death,
the morning of the resurrection, the
(lay of judgment, the light of eternity,
and the presence of the Lord Every
thing therefore should be tested in the
light of that (lay, even our religious
professions; for "except the Lord
build the house they labor in vain tlmt
build it." In the all important con
cerns of the soul no one should take
anything for granted ; certainly no one
should let the question of his soul's
salvation hang on a peradventure
when there are so many "thus saith
the Lord's" to anchor to.
The people of the text. were stir
prised, then startled, then dumfound
ed. First it is "not everyone"-there
may be profession without salvation.
Then the "not-every-one" becomes the
"many-will-say-to-me in that day," so
there may be great works without sal
vation. Then both classes are dis
owned and summarily dismissed from
the presence of the Lord and the very
works they were trusting in I.beled
Isn't the whole . thing startling !
Here they had gne a long way in
religion, and had kept it up a long
while without the deadly mistake
coining to light until they were ush
ered into tI.e presence of the Lord,
and made the awful discovery of their
false position from the lips of the very
One they had been so freely calling
Lore. -I say, isn't the whole thing
The question naturally arises, What
was the matter with them, wherein
was their error? Did they not make
an open profession? Did they not
undertake Christian service of a high
class? Did they ntli from all appear
ance obtain remarkable success? Did
they not do aIl their many wonderful
works in a thoroughly orthodox man
ner-in the name of the Lord? And
did they not cling to the hope of en
tering heaven to the very last? Most
certainly they did, and herein hangs
the tale of their terror andl crushing
disappointment. For some reason the
Lordl tells them, "I never knew you."
Not that I once knewv you and cannot
own you now, but I never knew you
as real pentitents, humble believers,
true followers.
Their trouble was an old1 one, as 01(1
as the sacriflee of Cain. Their w~or
ship was mere wvill worship, which is
as truly idolatrous as heathen idol
worship. It consists in substituting
something to take the place of obedi
ence to the known will of God. That
is, they made a practice of doing wvhat
they wantedl to (10 instead of what
they ought to do. Like the Samaritans
of old they fearedl the Lord but served
their owvn gods. They were great
er- at doing than living. They were
industrious, indefatigable wvorkers, but
not humble, obedient worshipers.
They wvere working wonders but not
making the name of Jesus wondeorful.
To all such the sentence goes out,
"I never knew you," and all their
work is dleclaredi iniquitous by the
Lord himself. Hie knows us only by
what He has (lone in us, not by what
we (10 for the church or society in
Is name. Trhe mark is not outwardl,
it ia inward. "My sheep hear my
v'oice, and I know 'them, andl they fol
low me and I give unto them eternal
life." To the rich young ruler the
crueulal test wvas, "Taike up your- cross
andl follow mue" lie becomes the
source of eternal salvation to thosqe
only who obey Him. "Ye are my dis
ciples if' ye (10 whatsoever I command
you.V Thle heart of the whole nat
*ter, then, is a norsonalt ob~edience to a
personal Christ. D~oes your profession,
deari reader, mneasur-e up to this stand
'The story is toldl of a certain cap.
fain who, essaying to enter the haribor
of' Liverpiool with a storm threatening,
and Ignorant of the dlanger involved,
was allowing his vessel to drift into
the tiats w~here It would bie imnpossible
to hanidle the b)olt when the 850rm
br'oke. TIhe iIlot, who was assig'dedl to
bring it to pcort, remomnstrated with the
captain, and pointed out thait lie wvas
endiangering his vessel and the hives
of all on heard and coammndned him
to call all of thme sailors forward. As
soon as they were gathered together
he saidl, "Men, it is either deep wvater
or dleath."
I would leave the pilot's sharp epi
gram with you. If you have not al
reandy (done so wviii you now launch out
into the deep cff persoiial, consel'ons
and complete obed enee to the wilU of
God, th rough ne eptamnce of Jesue
Chrint na you.. a..i.- an T.a
?naay School
(By REV. P. B. FITZWATElt. D. D.,
Teacher of English Bible in the AMoody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
Copyright. 1922. Western Newspaper Unon.
LESSON TEXT-Luke 6::O-49,
* GOLDEON '1IXT-As ye Would that men
should do to you, do ye also to them
likewise..--.uo 6:31.
itl10EI:RI;NC10 MATIJAL--Matt. &:1
18; John 3:2; 6:68; 7:46; Col. 2:3.
PRIMAtY TOl'IC-Jesus Teaching Us
to Love 1Everybody.
JUNIOR TOPIC--Living by the Golden
-The Golden Mtule In E0veryday Idle.
-Jesus Teaching Us How to Live To
1. Characteristics of the Subjects
of the Kingdom (vv. 20.20).
Only those who are subjects of the
Kingdom know what blessedness is.
The spiritual experience of the sub
jects of the Kingdom are marked by
the following steps:
1. 'overty of Spirit (v. 20). This
means consciousness of one's lost con
dition and worthlestness. It is spir
itual bankruptcy. It means to come
to the end of self and to show sorrow
for sins.
2. Hunger for Righteousness (v. 21).
The one who has come to know his
poverty desires the true righteousness
of Christ.
8. Weeping Because of His Lack (v.
21). This is the godly sorrow which
worketh repentance (II Cor. 7:10).
Those who thus sorrow are assured
that they shall laugh.
4. Treatment Which the Subjects
of the Kingdom May Expect (vv. 22,
23). When the subjects of the King
dom become like the King they incite
the hatred, contempt and persecution
of the world. Those who pass through
this for Christ's sake should rejoice,
for there is great reward laid up for
II. The Governing Principles of the
Kingdom (vv. 27-38).
1. Love Your Enemies (v. 27). To
love friends Is easy, but to love en
emies is only possible to those who
have been mate partakers of tihe di
vine nature.
2. Do Good to Those Who Hate
You (v. 27). Love acts according to
its own nature. Enmity only stimu,
lates love to act in harmony with its
own laws.
3. 'Bless Them That Curse You (v.
2S). Injury by words is hard to let
go unchallenged.
4. Pray for Them Which Despite
fully Use You (v. 28). Christ's own
example is the best commentary on
this precept (Luke 23:24; cf. Acts
5. Patiently Endure Wrong and In
jury (v. 29). The Christian is not to
bristle up in defense of his rights, but
rather to suffer insult, Injury and even
loss. This should not be pressed so
far that evildtoers cain go unchlecked.
It expresses the law whieh should gov
ern indlividual action.
6. Give to E0very One That Asketh
(v. 80). This (does not necessarily
mean thlat tile tiling asked for should
be given. WVe should give to every
one that askethi, but not necessarily
tile thling asked for.
7. Do as You Wish to Be Done By
(v. 31). This is called the "Golden
Rule." If men were to live by this
rule the lablor probleml would be
solved. An end would lbe plut to wvar.
Inlternational relations wvold~ be peace
fully ad~juisted andi all lprofiteerinlg IrL
business wouldl end.
8. Be Merciful (v. 36). The mercy
of the Heavenly Father is thle grandi
examipl e,
9. Censorlous Judgment Condemned
(v.. 37). We should note seek out the
evil in others for our satisfaction.
10. D~anger of Following False Teach
ers (v. 39). The oneC whlo does0. not
know God and( the way to hleaven will
lead others to ruin. Happily, we have
the ScrIptures, aind tile Holy SpIrit is
readly to mlake thei~r melanling known,
so there is 1no excuse.
11. Those Who Reprove Othlers
Should Strive to Live Blameless Lives
(vv. 31-46). it is easy to see others'
faults, but hiardl to se'e our own.
12. The Sin of P'rofession Without
Fruits (v. 46). 'Te one whlo professes
a life' anid fellowship with God shouid
priactice tile principleis wvhich reveai
tihe nature of God.
iii. The Judgment to Be Applied
to the Subjects of the Kingdom (vv.
1. The one wvho hiear s and dloes the
sayings of Christ thei King shall he as
secure as the house built upon tile
solidi rock. The storms of the judig
mlent cannot dlestroy htiim, for the Rlock
of Ages is immnovablle.
2. Thell one who h~ar and do(1tles nlot
the sayings of Christ shall he over
whelmied in thle judgmnicit antd go down
to utter rulin andi (dest ructlti.
The Dangerous Lie.
T~very lie, great or small, Is the
brink of a preciple (e, the depth of
whlich nothing but oimniiscience canl
fathoni,-C. Rteade.
A timid1( person is frightened before
a danger ; a coward duilng thle time;
and( a courageous pe'rson atterward.
The Christian.
A Chrlstian is God Almighty's gen
tleman.-J. C. Hare.
Some of the Remarks That Would Be
Made About That Proudly Dis
played Photograph.
"This isn't o very good picture of
you, Helen. You don't usually look
so wide-anwake."
"My, how this flatters you t A per.
son might be led to think you're real.
ly good-looking, to Judge from this."
"If you had helpi that pose much
longer you'd have had a nervous break
down. That photographer should have
known better."
"The man who took this picture
ought to build up a heavy business.
He certainly knows hvw to make age
disappear, doesn't he?"
"\Vhy do you always have your plc.
ture taken in profile? You've got a
very ordinary nose, to say the least."
"Too bad you don't smile like this
"Take it away !"-New York Sun.
Energetic Reform.
"Are you a reformer?"
"Of course 1 ait," answerel Senator
"What are you trying to refortn?"
"The opposition. I'im doing my
best to give therm the benefit of a
long term of retirement and medi
Bobby's Wish.
"Oh dear !" grumbled Hobby when or
[er'ed to get busy with the soaip. "I
just wish I was a clock."
"Why do you wish that?" his mother
"'Cause I wouldn't have to wash my
race, and hands then," explained the
roungster.-Boston Evening Tran
Bit by Bit.
"Tie regimental riding school isn't
proving much of a success."
"Not horses enough ?"
"Oh, yes, but the pupils are falling
iff every day."--American Legion
You can't be too particular in choos
Ing your particular friends.
The secret of success Is constancy
of purpose.-Beaconsfield.
10 Cents G
Authority Makes Plea for Games That
Are Characterized by Energy
and Vim.
"Jellyfish gymnastics, or stupid, silly
games, played half-lieartedly, have lit
tle place in the proper physical devel
opment of the growing child," dechitre
Dr. E. Blanche Sterling, acting assist
ant surgeon, United States publik
health service, in commenting oi 11m
health of school children. In planning
exercise with a view to the promo
tion of good posture, she suggests
they should be simple and vigorous
and full of energy and vim.
The posture of school children can
dot, however, be said to depend chieily
oni any one condition, she hold(s. De'
fective vision, adenoils and bad tonsils
tend to have a b)ad effect on (lie child's
posture. W~here hygienic coniditions
n a school are not the best there is
in incrase of poor posture. Good
sutrition is a contribuitinig facetor to
good p~ostur'e, but by no mneanis an in
:l.spensable condition. Condition of the,
teeth, she claims, has no effect. D~oc
Lor Sterling's findings are batsed ont a
studly of three elemenitary schools at
Bedford, Indl.
New Book Ends invented.
Because book ends relying on their
weight have ai tenidency to slide apiart
an smooth tables an nv'enitor haus sut
satedi a pair mounted on r'ollers and
)eld1 together wvithi a sprinig to keep
them against hooks betw~eenm them.
7 Arc
trying, year aftei
health from food that
of certain elements r<
fect nutrition.
If your food does
mineral properties the
nerve, tooth and bone
is no other means by te
these vital elementis.
This is one reasor
well-'informed people
Get a package of G
today, and give th
. Postum Cereal Co.,
ettContents i Flulxonl
JAW1 For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
a Genuie Castoria
.Aw~l~ewCtablep ta Aways
ngtheStoasaBo Bears the
"Tiiereby'romnt tesiG"
~ I. The tS Signature
-1 CheefulnessanRf eoni
neither itim,Morpinetl
. inera1. TNAusafcdf10
AIhet fulRemedYfor
Constipaonand Da a Use
and Fcverishness anS
....For Over
r ac sit
Thirty Years
If ~Mohr Know Tliat aw~r ..t
iies Charming New Shade to Old Lingerie
JTNAM FADELESS DYES-dyes or tints as you wish
Rlare Find in En'glish Church. PROBABLY DIDN'T GET LOAN
Ate tea ceurie o onAceal- _way
ite beindii lsBter ears rish, the Would-Be Borro er Freed His Mn
retaitc-l of iiaaPowreul centur but Remark *Poured No Oil
Coitercd-gtat Chlow avebe (I t " on Troubled Waters.
eichurc. Thie ol(d iss, wvhich Is of TIhie story is told ofat4e te" h
Iimense value, waas founad etween Illy. uicvltn tiie
ers of soft plast er biehiaid it as of tgs s afeedIi lss o ont cy at ad. Tnd hiads
old biricks, Ini (oe wIindowv onily at fraig. it. g as swotattief i l'. Tuahe la ss
tact oif it I toadfer. Vats found1, bil t th t 't WIL atiateliul 1astond, s
other ia jittci two fee b two wit W nch th Ihi the wetarer" Vii, sai -8
liwiottglat to li ght. Phie jinel Is tiarly ei 110dai one coud 1 i t from ia t real
eoi)iiict (, tii ea d ): of' thle Ilgatre-ir- rgai * A tny or so a a i l ieh lnga
pa trenit y malit of St. Lu Wapiicc or Si. Weti iri g it it culst omer ofthIle ihttnik
Stejitaen-s mxissig. Thle gills sem sougti i lau~, tut th I fl " k er w s
to lie of at daite not Iait er thatit tuiiii- 1144 (111110 xIii islied ttl i t i c ot tit
(litt of tic i'oairteet i t aintry. withi ern I. Afteri imaicli tiersitilt front the
tie exeeit Ion oif WVest iitnsl r iii i)'y' WIuutilj~e boirrow~er', thie 1iatt Lr 8111(
thiere Is no0 Lontdoni chaach with iIts "I tell) make yout It 81111: aug prop.
own glass of so nitty i (al ostit 11,a If yoU) cal tell wit Ihafot' 1ily
On heAnxou Set. igture
1li~ oo-rfl~tfg ~nest For'eerObverer
r~ti hi enbok l~O~atytTh- eirtynu Year
cEi act opy ofWrppt
ive es haurmcing ed d titi(hbNo Mariad Bons. i
JTNA.su M rki.I ee atrLSSDES-diy les or intso Apas you rwish
areFIn i n glish Cws.urch- t PRiOABLY DliDN'T lET tu tLeg.
Afe he etre f cne l iittr. I ilinttttcfii iitn
in Nt e d fostr andy rubbish, th ol-e Br ow'e r~ a Frae His Ind
sniled-hnts wo h a vtc ex b eek I is- ki tn o iexiiecast
church.I sThtpe her ihs, whaeh a of , _______
n i eng vaue wtasi on btwe y-'he stt m. I oul ryml it th ro hak rowho
ild rk. - Indi one i ndwony.rg li lfss subs12titut m de . Th gls
eleto kee bodn -th fod ht enihe 7 s werfbl ah nds
yther ta bild wofe byuidasiuc soudely boimtes. ae asss
hqurldh fo perht The pcmNt s isrl tednoe outlitfrom rea
comleethehed fwhet floure-ad ma. h ay-b ae ebea
n'trcntyn tat of .Ltneor o Ss, waich d tvelopstoro the bnk
gotohen-ld mupsing. rheglss se o gtalni u the graikerndmwas
tostrecoure dtee nor etadn detheiniltqity nifedwt e it
'Iio th y our eth cAntura.Wt fe uhpe-Nuts ilperferlymdthi
theexeptionos-servbey, whe korrwer, thou-rsad
o whylss so ay mad nto a spptizing pfyuding forhchofm
e failyt hnelpte to the exten
-thte Bo uld ke tefrto
rnd thDtn oksneesay o-e
"' dIhn t's e si e lid te ohr
"It' yor lf ey .

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