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RoosevIt Ii USEllU l. '2-Soli of thei
Ferd(inantld oft Btui ania, hlaself jus-t
Fascisti in Complete Control of
Italian Government With
Mussolini as Premier.
America Declines to Participate Ir
Near East Conference but Names
Her interests --Turkish Na.
tionalists Dethrone Sul
tan - Marriage of
Former Kaiser
H United States hs de.
cTine the Invitation to par.
ticipate In the Near East peace
Iconference at Lausanne, Switz
erland, but will be represented
by observers who will keep *-ab
on "certain subjects of particu
lar American concern." Do you
think the United States could or
should do anything more than
this in the settling of the tan
gled affairs of the Near East?
O0 ...... ,.......,.... .,.,,-...
JOT - SVI iltY .uIl le iOe Woe
N le t than that wen by tahes -
eIStI in thee'r Neeful revolution
Italy. Thev are now Mar ia solte o ee
trol of the ;:vernmenit l thhlm
chhf, -.-t, . ~lu..ss.lini, is prmh.....
1and 1r.itr of reig affaIrs and
th e terier. Geinlitati de lied th
peremile r~.ship. so lu sso linIi at thIe lanv
tation of the kng teak tw pleace an
orfermpty uedet Lie w cibte
Moet of Its members he-ng to th
basistI, but serverasi I pwlles are gIv
to the Nationalists Onw to the Iemir
crats uad one tee th Caotholle par
Fromn all ovUnr the cury the lo
ShIrts locked to Ithie wiere 1h.
of then path- ld iefe o the king an
premier, anrid t , at the order <
their leaders, they d Isperse to th'
hoesti treirsite liii r veoeta tiIofns.
ltaily seemts to have supemIe coni
dence In 31 ussol lni, b el i eving thait I:
will put ain endt to the (ontilts of p,
lItlcaI failonis ha t have sadl
hIndered Its developneit duir ring ti
last thre years and that under h
rule ecotinmc ireesperlty3 will he r
stored, Ice 1s y(iting, igorous a11n u
pretentious andfl al read.ly liats huleiek
down to haird wvork. Once lie wats
revolusltinary Sewisllst aind was e
pellted from SwItzerland and fro
wohat wats thIen the Austrian T1yrt
whien Ire hs palper, Popolo0 Italia, I
"urged Itaily to enter the war onti
side (if t het alles. To the world
Ia rge the vtor e of e Mussolinl i andl h
Fascisti IIs mlost Imaport an Ihe-a use
I* ~ Vwas a1 victor eeoever. the Connnun ilst
rad(Ienl Seicial ists and "lleds" gteur
ally. These forces eof di srulpltoen as
disord(er wvere seeos bdly3 whip pede th
thte (Consuunst pairty In Itasly hias a
nounifcedl Its owni dlissoltilonl, whth
tst deputIes wIll . resIgn from 1i
* ~MussolIni, denyIig tha t hIs lit
graim hrs any chnuvInIstlec plai
Bald: "It aly nseeds peace att homie
wecll as abroad. I never hellieved In
bellIcose attItude, and( therefore
clash Ia possIble between Italy is
Jugo-SlavIa or ainy other power.
Want to prove ' 1int our sole atmbiti
1s to mak1.;e thle -otunt ry a triue fr-I1
toward frIends nrnd of a peolet stros
fair andl lnhorIous. a p~eole wor-t
to live alongsIde thre greatest nations
Nevertheless Jurgo-Slavlia was gret
1 I exelted by Mussellnl's triurmphl ni
talked wIldly of miliz7atlion and1( we
Her frontIer guards were re-en fore
, and some ighting was reported.
Rlotne It was sald the alarm of tI
Serbs was groulndless.
WHEN -mvoys of the natIons ma
coner~ned gather In Lauisann
SwItzerland, on Novemaber 13, for tI
.ar East peace conference, tI
United States will be represented nn
i1 tie suu '"
crowedphringhe row -n the
by "obrvrs" Weweenied
lluhe delndrsaig
pose(It( 2of West uTawentet stret, oea
wist. Turyilg t heir rtandirls,
eal' Iwdi, the. r bieg t rse c uni on the
fhe Wt ofte ilgency beete
alled powi' te s jiite , stating
"'lt' i illt'i'('('0c Propol~sed for tile 1)1
Tise f' dtrawing u a a w reaty of pe a
with Turkeyn will have primarily
deal w1 ithi th pr )1411 llS resulting fro
lie slate1 of l illligerency between tl
:t liet li powerzs, 't'uirk ey, and( Greet
The I Iit ni Sta1tes5 was neither at wi
w-it Turkey nor a party to thie armt
ti(e of 1:118, and does not desire
participate in the final peace negot
tions or to assume responsibility 1
the pollttleIl and territorial adjui
inents which inay be effected."
At the same time Mr. Hughes st
his oblser'vers wouild keep) watch or
iolthe disposition of "certain subjects
particular Amerlean concern,"
Soviet Russia was invited to to
part In that portion of the conferer
which has to do with the Dardanell
and while she is indignant at the 1i
?tation, she probably will accept.
Ill- Angora national assembly h
declared the sultan of Turkey
th4rionel 11141 also has condemnedi
death the Turkish signatories of 1
1ri'iIt, of Si'vres and the iCilllnmhers
the cahinet if forner l'remier ian
I''erl I'asi:t. Thime sovereignty ot'
nat tion is declared to rest in the hit
of the imeoile, aend th' nanme Otton
1l'1npire Is changed to the State
'T'urkey. 'T'his is virtually the I1
lathutilon of a republic, but anot
sultan i1ny he elected later.
rN \('ITi' ainong the (;erran n
( archists. the rnarrIagre of the
imer atiser and 'rincess llerinionI
It'iss min Nive'inbter 5 has caused <'(
aitiselrierit, Iteally It Is entirely
hutiipmrtant, but \tilhelia spread it
self so far as he could. with aluder
1 pomp and procla mations in which
r his lost titles appear. The cerem
was performed at Doorn and was
tendled by ai 'onisiderable numiber
theO faithful, including George Syt
teir Viereek, the notorious tpro-Gern
AImerlean puht)11eist. Wilhelm Uwrl
to take( his bride for a hlOnetvml
t rip outside of I Iilland, but tihe al
ana aid tile Du teh government wouli
'permJlit that. 'rie "queen of I'russ
as5 Lrlione no0w styles herself, se
to b1le ai (1k-trIm)ne 11 lad zty and she
announceed thal~t sheC Will spend sevy
mIlonthus each year aiway from D )
iw~mlhlh wouild be h too dull1 for cont
ir u1s1 resIdence'. But hubbliy mtat
min! there.
IiTY, who has1 been attacked
penO~tedly becau 11se of hiIs alleged s
0ness in prosecutinog thle "war 5
id(ie'rs," has Iiannounced that pre
Lin ary Invest igatlonl into 425
1timie conitralcts has) di1sclosed evidt
(Ion wichL1 tile governmlent wIll take
a) ttion. In every 0110 of these ('ases
K- says, either eivil or criminal suit;
m) both1 11nust he broughlt by thle-gov
1-)ment. "Legal ('lvii actIon will
's taken In every ease In whieh It
0ile bee (discovered thatI fraud1(, cllo11
Itlit attorney generlal. "Wilie great r
i hers of casest' indicate14 on the1ir1
it the wvor'st kin 1( of fraudI~ andl tiei
8. Ih go' ivernmenlilt canno lit, of cou1rse
T- 11nto ('our t unlt iI it has1 establ)1 ihed1
1(1 sotlit ely o n tile face of re(olrds It
it liossession thait its ('ase' will stand)(
'h) fair to lseif, and fir evenl to I
14 i)rofl teer1s, yet, every' sIngle 11nd
11111, tirm;~l (1r corporat1(11io invmol ve
0' the eases now in thle possession of
1s, depa)1lrtment11, mu~st satisfy the got
as5 ilment's c'))lls to tihe Iast Penny)."
11PhIs tifty-seventhi birthday
~ Thlur'sday by going through with
usual r'ounid of ofil(iial (1ut1ies.
1( h(11y wats nomt forgotten, howev'er,
tg IeinlraphIe gree(tin1gs ('nme11 freml nI
ru2lers1' and1( headers of gther' coun
and1( from innumierabile friends
i- Airel. Tile I'r4esident spenlt
evening quietly wIth Mi's. liarE
''who, thou~gh recoverIng from iiei
'1 Cnt severe illn~ess, is still confine
. iNAL, ballyhoolng for the elect
F tIls week dlemar.dhed muitcha
st lion from Amnerleans dutrin~gth
e, just ciostng. To predict results wa
0e he foolIsh. Eown In Texas there
ie a seemlir~giy InextrIcable tanglei
Lv It was believed, would lenve
ork, which is to be preserved its a,
ho have won control of Italy. 3-King
heard of Queen Marie.
to major Parties without any candidate
-y for the United States senate on the
b allot. The I~emnocrats had G. E. B.
r- P'eddy, fusion candidate, barred from
ethe ticket because he participated In
to the Deinocratic primary. Th'is af
ml fectedl the 150,000 Texans who voted
le for Harding. Then charges were
-e. brought against E. B. Maytled, Dem
ar oeratic candidate, because he was aid
Is- to have bpeen at member of t.he Ku
to Klux Klan. This has resulted in a
h- legal complication whh at this writ
or Ing seems likely to kseep Miayfleld's
it- name off the ballot. The fight may be
carried to the senate.
or mU ICIPALi elections in England,
o fl which were taken as indication
of the results in the coming general
ke elections, turned oua very badly for
ce the laborites, usually classed there is
Socialists. They lost 14 seats whifh
they had held in London and about
100 seats they had held in 80 boroughs
outside tee capeital.
as Cuba also had elections and the
ie- Liberal party scored a sweeping vie
to tory, Increasing their representtion In
or the lower house of congress so much
t' that the teaiistration tiajority is
ad Imperiled. It is worthy of note that
th no disturhances were reported,
11 ' ( UIIENT lctitEGON of Mexico
oc- got rid of one of his nost danger
hier oux1 enemies last week. Geoneral Mur
guot, leader of the latest revolt, was
caught asleep in a church at Tee
-huanites unit within at few hours had
on- theen ourt-,a rtial condemned and
r e:Scuted by a oiri st1ud. The haste
ofwas explained by the fact that he was
nItly seekin le il restraints to prevent an
t 0 limediate trial. It was felt In Mexg
!!-fo City that A urgult's death brought
an tppreciably nearer the general paci
tid tnrlon of the country.
herf eHeies lstbl m~en del week,
es- ,lFater' o thear aughanrvo, famos
('-Jeugt praleri a brthe at Card
tedinal~te agln within awayw hn' Eng
ion- land.I Tout-mia zts Nelsondemne, andl
ei s known Aedleaniii'i autorl andi harmer
wssvani a Itanrd compte any aind hawa
haseingo the Resain Executvent asn
Il natin, twat fnd dead~zt f in Mprvat
or lcarli atPhladelphiasdah ruh
re- ~THEl' moiil e led la omstsweek
betwee the Uenitd Sates iand fGer
teH- may Vis gnw hussewy in ntng
re-n theinst eshos, welso JusteeDay
ow- presdng as umrire, ather wn ormer ys
Iln'- tmied. ot ThelAmr lian commissgonria
var- Judgeiiit Ewitt C. Parer and the en
nee sylani Hamilsrondr coman aWihl Khair
hao ano tCeL theroa xerutries' a
~i hitin a ournd(erd na majrite
has thury atPadned y poisenfo
the nin ixeoud cim comm issiaoner
um a inemum wagii ea at. wi2 cntsa
hietwr. the asaite toaerd hirth
[-manytinaneo bwy n Wasinton At8
~e-tenft min ions, ''htbhr Jboard, in
ow- resin thi reang gslmii h rking sent
vihe tretu 25oi o presentsnthe ur.aim wast
he in- id Tonetio weicanhi domisione iha
'ace theu cliinswanerD. piilhwas given,
and te boadasetn fedea railwagen
i tnoralvy uons.bo If given appilet pin
I i in "a o twould kve coadn aersx
aniinimperi, Edsael of rdu7 entsWllam
iIadolph :tnd ar aste aloardstiied thes
1ted vlite. Thceir ack rolased ae W.
goast'ioper chaliman ofn labe oard, in
his he rl-.ate lt a minimumgngingt
The ment Iie3 aent Mnlinr. wapes ei
rbes at y-oungec iond. le ctis(e'otinued
in1 "Onie liin gt oxprtneonomiss whoen
2111the liesnd atherntr tg thtle oagefo
ng.id theor eloye tabdithate tisllwtol
the-tne 'th o monkywc uther lll~ -e,'vi car
ul(ioto dustht, machielry'd and thlatmh
theticail levrng wall asauld nthis
ten- houri. Thir attack ileds creat a
lastk doer.ailt of seerhhude mhond
wa The wligte r. roperity ini
hisat, yu ounr cannot. e ontned b
re-h m'thowda onkn wrni ino, h n
e c
Gathered Prom All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short
oreign-- .I
The Philibpine house of 'representa- fi
Ives recently resoluted to Uncle Sam
or permission to construct 'warships. a
Francisco Nitti, ex-premier of Italy, h
s reported in Rome to have asked for
b passport to the United Statees. a
Dispatches from various parts of It
.ly express the view that all Italians
re pleased with Mussolini's efforts to
estore disclpline in all the ranks. His
rogram is "Liberty is not only a right, 1
ut a duty."
An honor guard of ten men from the 0
lghth infantry on duty in the Rhine- ti
nd, will go to Cheppy Armistice Day a
o attend the unveiling of a monu
ment which the state of Missouri has
rected in memory of its eons who 0
ll in the Argonne Meuse offensive.
lugh M. Pinkerton of Blackburn, Mis
ouri, has ben selected to lead the
card of honor. t
It is believed at Santago, Chile, that
he legislative branch of the govern- t]
nent has found a way out of the cliffs- a
ulty of ratifying the Tacna Arica pro- r
ocol with Peru with reservations.
The prince of Wales received an in
ury to his ankle when his horse slip- 11
)ed while he was hudting at Wiltshore,. N
,t became known when his engage- r
neat to unveil a memorial tablet in c
Westminster abbey was cancelled. . t
Official reports indicate that thou
cands of Russian refugees from Vladi
ostok are at Hunchin, Manchuria, in
L deplorable state. Supplies are ex
iausted. Some of the exiles are re
,orted selling their children into Chi
iese slavery.
The first general order of the Red
overnment at Vladivostok prohibits t
;ambling and the use of cocaine or h
The Angora (Turkish) government h
ins deciled that it is invested with
sovereign rights and the Turkish na
;ionalist government is the keystone
)f the caliphate. Constantinople pa- s
pers announce that the sultanate has
been abolished.
Belgian government has sent notes
to France, Great Britain and Italy ask
lug that Belgium be represented in
the Near East conference, so that Bel
gian financial and other interests may
be protected.
Junau Sarratea, an aged recluse,
committed suicide at Bahia Blanca,
Argentina, by burning herself to death
en a funeral pyre which she had con
structed herself. According to the po
lice, the aged woman piled a quantity
of wood shavings in the center of the
stone floor of her kitchen, poured oil
over the wood and after saturating
her own clothes, declined upon the
pile and touched a match to it.
There are no newv developments in
the quarrel betrwen Lloyd George andl
Sir George Younger, and political cir
cles in England are agog to learn the
upshot of the strange situation. Curl
osity is increased by the fact that
Lloyd George alone of all the party
leader-s, has not yet issued any election
address. In the meantime he is con
fined to his house with a cold. This
prevents him from delivering two of
his speeches. His condition is im
proved and he appears confident. that
he will make his scheduled speech in
Important data relative to new au-1
pets of coast defent-e problems due
to the development of airplanes is ex
pepted to be obtained from a series ofa
joint air servIce-coast artillery train
ing maneuvers now in progrese at. For- t
tress Monroe. Provision has been (
made to simulate actual battle condi
tions as far as possible in order that
information as to the effectiveness of
air cr-aft may be obtained.
Indications of rapidly improving con-E
ditions in the countr-y's general busi
ness life were given in reports to the a
car service section of the American
Railway association, which. among oth- a
er thin~gs. shows the gr-eatest weekly t
loadings of freight from wvhich then
railroads derived revenue in two year-s. a
The Geor-gia, Florida and Alabama d
railroad has been authorized to abcan
dIon a steamboat line which it has, it
hitherto operatedl betwen Carrabello o
and Apalachicola, Fila
Final settlements between the gov. c
emrnment and two Southern railroads 1'
arising out of the war timo federal y
control were recently completed when g
the government paid the Charleston A
and Western Carolina $1.-450,000 and
the Georgia Southern and Florida $60,- t<
The Arctic ocean is warming up, ice
bergs are growing scarcer and in seome ki
places seals are finding the waters tc
too hot, according to a report to the pi
commerce department from the consul
at Bergen, Norway.
A w~arrant charging Mrs. Hazel ri
Gnash with the murder of her 15- u
month-old baby, has been issued by ni
Washington police. The mother who a
gave the child 14 grains of bichloride tl
of mercury and then took 42 graina P
herself is hovering between life and o:
death in a hospitaL. The warrant will tI
be served it she recovers
Any charges of discrimination against
romar; in admission to examinations
nd in rating of examination papers
Pere declared unfounded in a statement
ecently issued by the civil service
onmission. The statement expressed
lie opinion that a change in the civil
orvice rule which authorizes appoint
ig officers to specify the sex, desired
then requesting certification of eli
'ibles would be detrihental to the
fterests of women. because of the
,orking of the veterans pension law.
A blanket of human hair, woven
rom the shorn tresses of a Polish
'oman has been received by Secretary
[ouver as an expression of gratitude
)r his efforts towards famine relief
Poland. The blanket, which is about
ye feet in length by four in width,
light brown in color and consists of
loose mesh of coarse woolen fiber
losely interwoven with strands of
uman hair, in the center of which is
design resembling a shamrock.
While less than one-half of the candi
Ates for the senate have filed cam
ilgn expense statements, candidates
r the house are still sending their
sports at the rate of almost 200 a
Ay. In the midst of the confusion
3 to the provisions of the law, the
no fact that stands out clearly is
int house candidates must file now
nd after the election.
A cathedral window in honor of
tc South in the Civil War, the gift
f the United Daughters of the Con
?deracy, was dedicated with impres
lve ceremonies at national headquar
3rs of the American Red Cross, the
ther day. Regarded as one of the
inest pieces of stained glass art in
tio country, the window is the last of
series of three dedicated as memo
lals to the women of the North and
outh during the war.
Negotiations are said at the white
ouse to be in progress looking to
vard United States government rep
esentation on the international court
f justice, which was created under
hie treaty of Versailles.
Mrs. Bridget Mary Convey, 102 years
ld, who recently attended at prize
Ight at Sioux City, is dead.
Chicago and Alton railroad has pe
loned the rail board to abolish the
ight-hour day. Interest centers in
he action of the big four brother
Mrs. Jane Gibson, the pig raiser, who
as been prominent in the Rev. Hall
irs. Eleanor Mills case at New Bruns
rick, N. J., says Mrs. Hall lied when
he recently issued a statement that
he had not seen deponent.
Miss Ruth Spangler, a New York
oung woman, 21, who was recently
eft $25,000 on condition that she
narry, declined the bequest on the
;round that when she married she
could marry a man she loved and not
or money.
"Big Floyd" Hopkins, who worked
ut of Johnson City, Tenn., as a pro
iibition officer, has turned moonshiner,
nd, bocause he knows all the tricks
f the trade, he is giving the revenue
>fficers a "merry chase."
Three dead, four seriously injured
fnd two slightly hurt, is the toll of a
vreck near Adeline, La., when the
southeorn Pacific Sunset Express crash
d into the rear end of the Wortham
shows train.
Women leaped from flaming win
lowvs into life nets and scores of spec
aeular, escapes were made when fire
ttackedl a row of buildings in Chicago
mn the site of the old world fair
Mayor Hylan of Newv York City re
sently sent out a letter to the wvomen
roters of that little city ending with
'Sincerely Yours." Herbert Drescher,
in attorney, wrote the mayor that, in
ils opinion, even the mayor of a great
3ity had no right to address a married
woman as "Sincerely Yours."
The railway labor board, in an opin
on, recently enunciated, says that if the
lying wage theory were carried to its
egitimate conclusion it would bank
-upt every industry in the country.
Joe Weller, New York east sidler,
vas recently found guilty in Nashville,
['enn.. of conspiracy in connection with
he $250,000 platinum theft from the
)ld Hickory powder plant in 1920.
H-ope of an early solution of the
roblem of railroadi conditions wvas ex
resrd by James J. Davis, secretary
'f labor, in a statement made public at
battle. Wash., recently.
Ruling that a chess game was not
theatrical exhibition within the
leaning of the law Magistrate Marsh
t Chicago dlismuissed charges against
he parents of a ten year- 01(1 cheess
uarvel who were summlonedi to court
ftor a nexhibition at which the boy
isp~layedl his ability at he game.
Six hundred farmers in the conmmun
,y around New England, N. D.-Cath
lics, Congregationalists and Luther
nis-held a thanksgIving service re
ently, giving thanks to Divine Favor
ho had granted them a bountiful har
ost, which they conceded had been
lyon In answer to prayers made to
hlghty God in the springtime.
Acyork, Tenn., is the new Tennessee
>wn, namedl so in honor of Alvin C.
ork, Tennessee war hero.
The Wisconsin deopartment of iar
3ts says that if the big crop of po
toes this year is to be consumed, each
urson must eat forty-eight pounds.
The California court of appeals re
mntly dlecided that the Bible is secta
an and for that reason could not be
10(d in the public schools of Califor
a. "While Protestantism may not be
'sect' in the strict interpretation~ of,
ic term," the opinion ,states, "the
rotestant Bible contains the precepts,
many Protestant denominations and
ie 'denomination' is merely another
ord for sect
suffered se t 1li' l"
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