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uuunfl *ONl~~*~ I; r% %iIN 7
$1.60 a Year Invariably Ia Advance
utered at Pickens, S. 0. Poetoflce aS
Second Class Mail Matter.
GARY HIOTT, Editor and Mgr.
- -------------------
Some. people are unreasonable
er.ough to expect a Jackass to have
borse sense.
Bootleggers should get the boot.
Common sense is not so common
Vi one might think.
But not many peo:le are loved for
the mistakes they make.
"Time will tell." They say ~1
same thing about women.
One time when kickers are boosted
i. (luring the college football season.
Will somebody please explain to
1.s just what this autosuggestion is?
There are more independent can
d'idates than ':lcpcnilcnt office 110(1
Well, we see that. our Senator Ed
Smith has put cettetn bac: up to 25c
ti pound.
A news item says a California mar
spanked his w'fe (on her fifty-eightl
It. would he quite cw ect to iefei
in one in favor of thec return of sa
lcons as a saloonatie.
If all these stories of progress ar
true, North Carolina is showing it
tar heels to its sister states.
The ex-kaiser was married agar
Sundlay. Well, here's hiop ng ~h
lives scrappily ever afterward.
The Southern Railway is putting o
si me add itiona l trains. 'T'raining fo
the big game of business. so to spenll
We are glad the time has passe
when the Georgia' Tech football tean
lbogs all the pigskin notice aroun1
Dav'd Lawrence, noted politic
writer, says the R epublicans has
lost faith in Harding. That niake
it unanimous.
A Spartanburg -negro got a huntin:
license insteadl of a marriage licens<
Black boy, yen better tak(e your gui
aind go onl hunting.
Attorney General WVolfe is suin1g
Rig Cheese Brown(' of the Andersor
Daily Mail for $50.000. A swell com.
rpliment we calls it Onwalh!
Col. Cooper, wvho killed Editor Car
irack in Tennessee fourteen year:
ago, dliedl last week. If you kill al
edlitor you are sure to d:e soonerm o
Judging by the large almount 0
army goods Fill on the market wv
wouldl say the U. S. government ex
pected the wvar to last alt least a wee
Grenoo hunters report findlin:
fish in a tree and ralbbits in a creel
Te'eevidently putting somethin
werse thani lye and~ manure ini
d<,wn Greenwood way.
Gorges Clemenceau is to lecturei
~his country on 'the subject. "Thm
~ase of France." It is reported- tha
loyd George, another member of thm
ilg Four, will follow ^-with a lecturc
~ossibly, on "The Case of England.
-The State. We imagine a bigge
flrawin1g cardl would be a lecture o1
'A Case of Scotch."'
The followang splendid and1( truath
tul verse was written by "Colonel
Lewis Burnett, wvho was formierl:
erriployed on The Sentinel and wvh
Sisi now a writer on a Peterburg, Va
There's lots of weekly papers
Published in the U. S. A.
That should be branded "weakly,"
I am promptedl here to say.
On the other hand, there's nmany
Weekly journals in this land,
That are up anil coming strongly
Flourishing to ben't the band;
3ut, of all the wveekly strong ones
The Piekens Sentinel is the best,
't's the one that caps the climax
And smiles downm upn the rest.
FEOR SALE-On Florence street, in
Pickens, just below Dr. Valley's, a
nice, fresh, young Jersey cow, third
calf. She is a beauty. B. P. Mit
chell, it
FOR SALE-November 29 at J.
M. Christopher's, on Mat Stewarts
farm, two mules, one buggy, one
wpgon, one turner, distributor, and
other plows, one cultivator, also corn
and fod'dcr. Remember' the date, No
vember 29, 1922. 2t
FOR SALE-One cow, one sewing
m achine, one organ, one Cole cotton
lanter. All first class, sewing ma
chine new. Will sell cheap for cash.
L D. Gravley, Pickens R3.
CARBIDE for sale at A. A. Moon's
store cheaper than you can order it.
Sept. 23.
NOTICE-Gin days Tuesday and
1 ridays. Will buy scrap cotton and
.in quilt cotton fir anyone. Arthur I
W. Stephens. '- t
FOR RENT-One small two-horse
crop or heavy one horse crop, tour
n-ilcs northwest of Pickens. Apply
to J. Mlattic Stewart, Pickens R3, or
W. H. Stewart, Pickens R1. 3t
NOTICE-We expect to have a
car of fine hogs for sale at right
price in Central, Saturday, Novem
ber 27th.
W. T. Earle,
W. E. Pinson.
FOR RENT-One two-horse Farm,
five miles above Pickens, or will sell
the farm of 87 acres. H. A. Townes.
$16 00 per cord for dogwood at West
minster. Carolina hardwood Com
pany. See J. S. Price, for speciifi
s cations etc. 4t
Reece's Gin will swap pound of
meal for pound of sced. Also buy
your remnant cotton at best market
price. A. G. Reece, Manager.
r We are now erting; cur saw mill
.'nd will be ready Lo furnish lumber
to the public by November 15. Let
. Ls knew yeur wants. We solict your
orders. Would like to make arrange
ments immeditely with somebody to
haul poplar logs for us. Can also
furnish sap or heart shingles in any
cuantit% at market price. Robt.
e Stewart & W. Ed. Stephens, Pickens.
Notice is hereby given that I will
cr~ke [application to N. A.' Christo
pher Esq., Judge of Probate for Pick
ens county, in the State of South
r'ar 'inn,. on the 24th day of Novem
ber, 1922, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon
or as sooni thereafter as said appli
cation can be heard for leave to miake
- fina~l settlement of the personal es
tate of Lydia Gossess et al, Minors,
deceased, an obtain dlischarge as
-Guardian of said estate.
Leonard B. Williamis, Guardian.1
All persons holding claims against
fthe estate of the late Andy Bowen,
must present the same, (duly proven,
on or before the 10th day of Novem
-ber. 1922, or be dlebarred payment;
k and all persons indebted to said es
,tate must make payment on or be
fore the above (late to Will M. Fergu
sen. WIll -M. Ferguson. Executor.
We, the undersignedl hereby prohi
bit all persons from hunting, fishing,
a cutting timber or trespassing in any
a manner upon our lands, undler full
t penalty of the law.
e S. S. Childs,
S. W. Williams,
J. M. Gillespie,
1J. E. Gillespie,
1 ~ J. 4. Hlunnicutt,
J. D. Stancell,
L. P. Stephens,
E. D. Childress,
B. E. Porter,
J. F. Lewis,
- J. M. BrazealL,
'J. T, Dillard,
B. R. Parrott.
I ~ T. HI. Holliday,
E. F. Collins.
T. R. Merck,
J,. J. Lee,
W. L. Pressley,
Mack Durham,
R. B. Hlunnicutt.
Tulley HI. Hlolliday.
J. HI. Powers
J. L. Murphree.
J. C. Stewart,
,J. B. Powvers
B. H. Powers,
..J. D. Davis
Office of County Supt. of Education
of Pickens County.
Whereas a petition from the free
holders and electors of Long Branch
School District No. 23 has been filed
with the County'Board of Education
Pickens county, asking said board
permission to hold an election in said
school district to determine whether
or not fout millsetra levy shall be
lovied in said school district for
school purposes, or whether the pre
sent levy for school .purposes shall
be reduced five mills;
It appearing to the County Board
of Education that the petition meets
the requirements of the law, there
fore, it is ordered that the trustees
of the above named school district
do hold an election November 18, 1922
at the school house for the above
stated purpose. The trustees are to
be managers and shall conduct the
election as all general elections are
conducted, and in accordance with
Section 1208 of the school law. The
polls will be open from 9 a. m. to 4
p. m.
By order of the County Board of
Education for Pickens county.
F. V. Clayton,
Sec. and Chairman.
(Complaint not served.)
Henry E. Maw, individually and as
executor of the last wffl and testa
ment of Rosa Maw, deceased,
John Maw, Olive Maw, Annie Wil
lams. Walter Maw, Joe H. Maw,
Lorette Maw, Connette Maw. Min
nie Williams, Bessie Martin, Rich
ard Maw, Whitner Maw, Alonzo
Maw, Julius Maw, Will Maw, Mary
Stcvens. Martha Jewcll, John Maw,
Rd)ert Maw, Mary Ga:saway.
Charlie Ga.ssaway, Elizer Gassa
way, Paul Gassaway. Traywick
G saway anl Martha A. Arnold,
To the Defendants aboved named:
Yei are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the conplaint in
this action, which is filed in the of
fice of the Clerk of 'the Court of
Common Pleas for said County, ail
te serve a copy of your answer to the
sidd complaint on the subscriber at
his office at Pickens. S. C., within
twenty days after the service hereof,
exclu:ive of the day of such service;
end if you fail to answer the com
plaint with'n the time aforesaid,
the plaintiff in this action will apply
to the Court for the relief demanded
in the complint.
C. E. Rob'inson,
Pla'ntiff's Attorney.
0. S. Stewvart,
Clerk of Court.
Dated Nov. J, 1922.
Greenville, S. C., Office of the Fed
eral Prohibition Director. October 31,
1922. The following describeds pr'op
erty: One Ford Touring~Car, Motor
No. 4020364, Modlel 1921, State Li
cense S. C. No. 33963. Seized by
General Prohibition Agents, Jake and
Reuben Gosnell and E. N. Austin,
from Dewey Masters, R. F. D. Pick
ens. S. C., on October 20. 1922, for
violation of the National Prohibition
Act, wvill be deeclared forfeited to the
United States if no valid claim for
ownership is filed with the Federal
Prohibtion Director, Greenville, S. C.,
within two weeks from the date of
this notice, anid sold at public auction
as required by law. Geo. C. Bowven,
Federal Prohibition Director, Green
ville, S. C.
Notice is hereby given that we will
make application to N. A. Christo
pher Esq., .Judge of Probate for Pick
ens county, in the State of South
Carolina, on the 25th (lay of Novem
beor, 1922, at 11 o'clock in the fore
noon, or as soon thereafter as said
application can be heard, for leave
to make final settlement of the p~er
sonal estate of M. F. Williams, de
ceased, and obtain dlischarge as ex
ecutors os saidl estate.
9 Maymie Williams,
.John M. Williams.
.olice is hereby given that I will
make al'plication to N. A. Christo
I her isq., Judige of Probate for Pick
ens county, ini the State of South Car
olinai, on the 25th dlay of November
1922, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, or,
as sean thereafter as said application
een be heard, for leave to make final
sattlement (of the personal estate of
J. T. Wade, deceased, and obtaiin
dlischarge as admninistrator of said
J. M. Wade, Administrator.
Notwithstanding the fact that co
pr ices on merchandise has advanced ye
ctu a basis of 15c cotton, and will be so
tions, Ladies' Ready To Wear, Men's
Buggies and Wagons, Furniture and
Goods bought right sell themselve:
Griffon Clothes, Stetson Hats, Co
Food Shoes. Interwoven hosiery, Bust
King stoves, New Home Sewing Ma cl
Red Cross Felt Mattresses.
The home of Walk-Ove
Stetson hats, Inter-woven
Home Sewing Machines,
Lady Corsets.
Clothing, S hoes, III
The books for the collection of
State and County taxes will be open
from October 15, 1922, to December
31st, 1922.
Those who prefer to can pay in
January, 1923 with 1 per cent addi
tional. Those who prefer paying in
February, 19223, may (1o so with 2
per cent additional. Those who pre
fer paying in March 1923, to the 15th
of said month, may do so by an ad- -
dition of 7 per cent. After said date
the books will close. -
Those who do not wish to come to
the office can write me and I will
furnish them with the amount due
and they can remit me by check,
money order or registered mail.
Please do not send money without
registering same, as it is liable to
get lost and it is at senders risk.
State Levy, 7 1-2 mills.
Ord Co., 10 mills.
Const. Schools, 3 mills.
Road Bond, 3 1-22 mills.
Special Roads, 5 mills.
Total, 31 mills.
Road ,Tax, $3.00.
Levy for interest on Pickens Ri. R.
Bonds, Hurricane towvnship, 2 mills.
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R.
Bonds, Eastatoe towvnship, 2 1-2 mills.
Lev'y for interest on Pickens R. R.
Bonds, Pickens towvnship, 2 mills.
Poll tax $1.00 . (One Dollar.)
Every male person between the ages
of 21 to 60 years is iable except those
excused by lawv.
Commutation Road Tax, $3.00. All
persons owing cdogs are required to
pay a tax of $1.25 on each dlog. Dog
tax must be paid by February 1, 1923.
. Special School tax by Districts
District No. 1, 7 mills.
District No. 2, 11 mills.
District No. 3, 8 mills.
District No. 4, 8 mills.
District No. 5, 12 mills.
District No. 6, 8 mills.
District No. 7, 8 mills.
District No. 8, 20 mills.
District No. 9, 20 mills.
District No. 10, 16 mills.
District No. 11, 24 mills.
District No. 12, 10 mills.
District No. 13, 15 mills.
District No. 16, 8 mills.
District No. 17, 20 mills.
District No. 18, 14 mills.
District No. 19, 8 mills.,
District No. 20, 11 mills.
District No. 21, 8 mills. Y
District No. 22, 8 mills.
District No. 23, 10 mills.
District No. 24, 10 mills.
District No. 25, 14 mills. 3
District No. 26, 14 mills.
District No. 27, 12 mills.
District No. 28, 8 mills.
District No. 29, 10 mills.
District No. 30, 8 mills.
District No. 31, 20 mills.
District No. 32, 8 mills.
Disttict No. 33, 11 mills.
Distr ict No. 35, 8 mills.
Distict No. 36, 11 mills.
District No. 37, 8 mills.
Ditict No. 38, 16 mills.
District No. .49), 13 mills.
District No. 40, 8 mils.
PIltrict No. 41, 8 mills.
District No. 42, 21 mills.
District No. 44,. 13 mills
District No. 45, 8 mills.
District No. 46, 15 mills.
District No. 47, 14 mill..
District No. 48, 15 mills.
District No. 49, 15 mills.
,District No. 50, 8 mills.
District No. 51, 8 mills.
DWstrict No. 52, 8 mills.
District No. 55, 16 mills.
District No. 53, 8 mills.
0. T. Hnton.
Comntyeasu r
ND WINTER 1922-2A4
tton has advanced to much higher prices than most People expecte'
ry little. All our fall and winter goods were bought at the lowest polnft
Id accordingly. This applies to our entire stock of Dry Goods and No
and Boys' Clothing, Hats, Underwear, Shoes, Hardware and Groceries,.
House Furnishings.
It doesn't take a Special Sale w ith a brass band along to sell the
-hart Overalls, Walk-Over shoes, E ndicott-Johnson shoes, Red Riding
cr Brown hosiery. (Good since T ige was a pup) Ivory garters, Iron
Knes, Chase City buggies, Blue Ribbon spring, (Guaranteed 25 years).
r, Red Ridiiig Hood and Endicott Johnson shoes,
i hosiery, Griffon Clothes, Carhart overalls, New
Iron King Stoves, Chase City buggies, American
its and Gents' Furnishinig Goods a Specialty
Call for Pictorial Review Patterns
0 W
Typ F._OB._ricDeieredPric 4
T o r i g , P l i n .. .. - . s - . .. . - - - . - $ 2 8 . 0 3 6 .0
T o ri g , S t rt r - - . - -- - _ .- _ .. . 6 8 004 3 .0 *
Tour ngSta ter and Dem Ri s- ....... 3 3.0 46 .00 4
R o a st r, P l in - - - - . .. -. . -. .. 2 6 .0 3 6 . 0 *
Rodser STEr- . ...-.... UNIV.00L-CA.00
R oad terSta ter nd em. ims .......36400 4 5.0
C h s s s , P l i- - - - - - - - - - - - - - .. - .. . . 2 5 . 0 9 7 0
C h a s is . S t a r e r - - - - _ - .. ... _ .. _ _ 3 5 .0 ' 3 7 .0
FtORe D i mnh PuRalteto ODCEr ha2be
H.F. ICT OTON1, Jr2.+
A ThoedF Fordan Fordson DelerPie4
Pickig tatr n enRis,---S9.0 46.0.
I wRladsePamein dence-to-- the-hi--2hest 336.00eolown good
\fls Rosoo, Starterr-H- y,-Farm-Too.00 409.0 Tol,c
M RoaeState Bne. RC5-- .00 A35.0

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