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45 $6 $7 & $8 SHOES LoUB
W. L. Douglas 8hes are actually de.
anamdett year after year by aide plo
thpn any other shoe in the world.
lenforty years hs b to
make the best shoes possible
for the price. Proteotlot
against unroasonable profits
is guaranteed by the price
stamped on every pair.
and finest Ieathers,by skilled
shoemakers, all working to
take the best shoes for the
*rio that money can bu .
Te quality is unsurpassed.,
The stuar styles are the
leaders In the fashion cen
tere of America.
W.L.DOUGLASetioo a1. a. 11.
110 of'o ar own stores in the Wr. I,. souplas name
largeolties antd by shoo deal. and portrait is the
ers everywhero. Ask your boat sno" shoe
shoe dealor tipshow vou X.1. 'world. /tstands for
louglas shoes. they by ex- the A phest standard
ainuing them cat you ap- of quality at the tore.
preciato their value. Itefuo est possible cost. The
substitutes. Istsit upron 14v- "lone and price IS
lug V.I..1)oug lastshon itlh iesPorstamped On
the retail price and thr- name !
stampod on the suimo. The It I fao sett h yes kly,
retail priceos are the same sile for twil.
everyw 1whero.
TO)}F hr" fA 'l.t' TS' : , no
d in yur town handlesi
W'. I.f nuplas shots, ritr to- 1'resident
day for e-relnsmr, rgh to 15'.L. lipt . CAo.ce.
handle this quirk setting. 10 S park Steet
Quick turn-orer knt. Irvckon. Mass.
Pat Process LOQOM
J Of Products
Baby Can iages &Ih rniture
Ask Your Local Dealer
for 32-Page
Tihe Lloyd Matnubeturine Company
Ileyrood. It I MeJield CO. )
lUrt t'
Menomninece, Michigan (16
Now smoked
by a million
men who love
a superior
15 frIOc
- Uh
S. 0 5
New York Pays Top Notch Prices .
90 tier cet o(?our t urir uilain New York
Cot (Out the Middilemani--(-t All Your Money
TuI W wiltn Ii i otin Olli~TI-AKE IT YOURS
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trat' ixig .t ei erytbansaction. Traps an
FREEiravt renor, o-..(1smn4.edea e tee.
"D".e.te. NEW ORK, N. Y.
It pays to watchd the. adts. Our couipon in Ianl
wee'k's papert~t Is tworth 3t5e to you. We want t
find out wnhat .su thinik of youir home pnaper
so be sure to trae our coupon in the purchas9
of a bottle or our
L.ivos' and Bloodt Tonfo
I t'l guaraniutec-i- Askt your deaier.
Hudson Medicino Co., Ine., Dept. l, Hopewell,Vs
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Do .F-.811 Adrian, Mich.
Fancy Assorted Boxes, contaIning 12 grapi
fruit, 40 ornf'gos. 20 tanhgerinos, 100l kumquat
exp. p , $3. . Grow rs' rt Co.. Tampa, Pj
Florida 0 ngss-oxes 48 oranges. 10 grap<
fruit, 20 agOrines, 100 kcumquatn, exprea
paid. $3.60 United FrUit& Pro. Co., TamproFl
W. N. (f\CH ARLOT TE, NO. 45--192j
wA a/R J1AAL J l/A
Iilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllilllllllllllllilllilllllllllllllilllillliilllllli '
H ATS for children-"much could be have to concede that they o know
said on this subject"-mouch more how to choose sweaters.
than was required a few seasons ago. fact, our eagerness
A sizeable group in those days might genuin article, we are going so far
havO contained all the styles in as to patronize men's clothing houses.
trimmed hats considered necessary According to their report, their sales
for the eqlpment of little girls, but or sport sweaters to girls anl women
itimes have changed, and now pages have been almost as large as to their
could be illJed with the variety of de- male customers. However, It Is not
sig- displayed for the benefit of little necessary to do this, for these sub
0one14 Designers appear to be expert- stantiai sweaters so purposefully do
icnt lag along ia new path-they are sIgned for wear in the great outdoors,
geuie rtcl, e regongsofa
f spr swntr to girls awoe
have bee alos as ag astoth3
me t ng a on ew p th t e are si ne frv/ wr in th.-rar/t oo s
Iaking styles for grown-ups a1nil Niv-ae tilfl rlrlne ndcn
Ing thll-In de-li ht ful tInd1 aluu1sing traens-s* c uu l t:t r"; ttoth u o t
Intions-inn:king thern tal huhy 1:,' tailk. ens nitd:1Iir"scio .
Pl'ies nini eloch~les o in-ar toI be th1e I eus th t w h in hse a -
shape s be'st suited to) little girls. It ltl w"1e~ pe l to t t h
is iore cditlicutl1 t 10 I dap olfthe-fa1e lil eli1'nl utv~~t il h
ba:1s to It r, but1 it is ii'ne succ"ISess- " orve n oituo h rsd r
fully. Ins unituerialis einvetine app 1ears i1 h itmn nut~. 11we eI
to, he IItin a o i left velvets andl 11g :el ll re tt- ei( "r n e i
silks, are we-ll repures "ntil. Amng, I ~,IntelL' ne t n ld se cl
the~~~~~ ~~~ seeinsle 11:itt white inu1i thove. ath-als1:11s
*el wnesapasnott h
hig shol lu uivrstygilswh
expet toreve in utelor sortsdur
ing he cmingmonts. lowevr,/
hiI tlitrsig c lr rn e i
ith. ipla ys andiIi fi s hat( s "'il-t ' I*uit-" uh SIj trui~ly sinnt t e ,b sure a o t ha
lit ade of -the ali iei tur- as iiats iare. ,iveryi deal oflinnis perectio h
I notkeworthyi atureli'- ofai,-l thi lsen' m le -otnmpro t~msingly ii repo ed' ithe
shityles.l- -tai nltl r~ tltI taineyo buyl.5 In te(fist ththe,
laTheIi bat Iph Iaret may b e d-evelope to;ea top-netel model lut yort knitte
finl- liany aiim of the it fari amentioned. r i-ot o slie -onijt milus he liifeired
Nearlly ll Iofii ten hav'it rowns, ofii thae veryi i;;esti grade, mO-mite-cent
atils ther sor vii cru~t:aait . Anulteiiml worst e yar reTus i ra~hile celor
thbythe hot laiphs.lt veAnar aming anlendur szigleargaat.d et
-imt'ra miiiat-th ttop mkes uste bf atin ht ev nt ~eac~ ie
time ilsa wide ialk ba l.i ~The upiturne'dul zty tiitstl.b ut'mi
brunia ow s i mflat secltlis ofx brmahl mal-r ltl o a~aail Ief'toa
atoseiatti thaate lef fti '. Duvtinemiaiaaioillalyr-aolaelI l.
gt ivesm a good account iy.of itseelf-stinlmthe
'rett hat just bielo a ti i cl'ted igh t. mtiaaae niae oa tl
It mism afd i' flbs outte uturnedl ttsliO~iIittle aulita(tiat
briem whar aifI ay eimb~,s (rered orna- ey ihas. rmlI ~area
mentl y lai laced '.rm Ein l t, a preili~ig tt tat ~g~e guammteu et
h un oft he told adutfed msik mus iies msmaelb or aeptnta
the samewut silk formcollar and lasht reds. o laallasatctekn ta 1 o
Fr~aie maks lmthsecht ats the braigt ~ ec a~ htteehcw r
twi ries w ahnii-d putY absout t iup- ocel
turne bi-m.k Tuwi toloo invevt are to erI u h~tyeo wae
comine at te lht fmamt th bta-tom,'bigotiiial a it~' il~e,
givs m oo aceota o i sl t i tIt' hesasrep by laoutat ron taiht
prety hant ust elowiiithe -gt shle Inhue are the ind sthat. do not
ItIslad tt1(1014aloiatI to midmite mmste an thcact tte elsare which
Inen is imied. ameiag t, aprety oTher it-aeam: s o. tm of ree
limt o' smlaaedtimd pt~e Sik en in al y aOic man' moe-detaso.
F'al maks te ht lt te rght caeiter keyepe tsen the hight
wit m'ahlesmin ItlICabut he ap-tye ofn true masclne satye gher
ttaaie bian Tw cilua-sinvelet reImusft. hae pefec fittaingr coat fhich
coaablod n tme iat lt te htto a will,ei wthn upany andk tc waro.
Thihsahad itbehwfo-th-be enotes ao g-l ortraedar
- J~aaticaresand theybrtepra-entma-heshttingt
Vie fatypelofmmforfashlaonkdittedtcoata.
ments.o The one aeinota sportngctnti fuli
Ofim "surio riteo nn u will o admitUTA NZIZAUN
?UA4115ajLJ A OANJI~ lag C70%
'v' TME
We should praise our friends, our
near and dear ones; we should look on
and think of their virtuos 'till their
faults fade away; and when we love
most, and see most to love, then only
is the wise time wisely to speak of
what should still be' altered.-Mar
riot Beecher Stowe.
This is the season of the year when(
egg plant abounds. There are vari
ous 'ways of pre
paring this tasty
vegetable, the fol
lowing are a few:
Fried Egg
Pant.--Pare and
cut in thin slices.
Pile the slices on
a large plate and
sprinklle each with salt. Cover with
Inother plate and put a heavy weight
)it top. Let stand for an hour or two.
lteIoIve the weight, rinse each slice
n cold weater, wipe dry, dlip in beaten
'gg, then in seasoned crumbs and fry
intil brown. For fritters dip the
dlices in a fritter hatter and fry in
leep fat.
Cornish 'Pasty.-Mulke a rich his
:ult dough and line a 'leep pie tin. Add
t layer of ronmd steak with plenty of
suet, all cut into half-inch cubes; a
ayer of sliietd potatoes, with a slice or
:wo of yelhw turnip, i layer of shred
led onions all uncooked, as well as the
neit. Cover with a top crust, leaving
I vent and bake in aa moderate oven
mill the vegetables are well done. Be
lure to season well with salt and pep
)er before athiling the1 top crust. The
noistulire in (Iii' fresh meat and vege
tleis is isu;illy enoughl. Vlhu -.ell
frowned. wrap in ia cloth to steam for
eln thintes heifore serving. This scems
u bring the ibzisorA all through the
-rust. ulkinRg :a dish that will serve
or the whole lieal.
Stuffed Egg Plant.-('it ia large egg
ilait in iwo d1111 scoop out the pulp,
en ving the shell half' an inch thick.
'it lie pulp fline and111 ach tin equal
lt ity of crutiis. Season with salt,
ielper and a very lit tle sugar. Cook
11 a firyin patn, using enough butter
o kee-p in ii hul-ig for about ten
ninutes. F ill the Shell with the
'ookhed rlnixtture, diot with butter,
Prinlke with crulbs and hake brown.
Escalloped Corn and Tomatoes.
'lit a layer of ('corn, then a layer of
om1atoies, buttered cruIns and sea
1nig in layers in i haking dish.
-'dish with buttered crumbs, rising an
qlml amount of corn and tomatoes.
lake until the e'rtumbs are brown.
Salsify. - Scrape, cut into Inch
engths al! throw lito cold water
1vith t tlblesioonful of loen juice or
'inegar' al1ldeel. Doll until tendler,
lraiill and serve in i ic'h crean sauce.
Cucumbers With Sour Cream.
4tice vu cillnhet-s a ft'r in ie ling and1(1 let
hetl st:sal tuntil well wilted in salted
vater. Then (train. wile n411 a cloth
liid serve w.ah soulr cretin, salt and
)epper'i to sealson.
Rd Splriis thet rye,
AJSatt1n1 d:1ys dh-chnre, .
l uss tlorid~ splndors shinie.
Its airy, lustmous line
The! g''ss:itner di Splaysi,
AralI talitl bre'atheus the pine
itn tt an: days.
Slus ar IIl' ou11r1iisli ug, aiptizing
night. icIere is
01n4 wh'lichl will
~ 11111ppeal to most
J Dutch Soup.
If ii ( f grated
c hi 0 e .9 e into at
sa~ deopain wv it h
ltree jplis of miilk. SImmer genltly
lfo' tenl miinutes. Wheiin thle cheese Is
diss''lv-d 54easonf with stalLtandi Pep'
iiinuch of' sugar . Add14 onec-half cupfujl
theee.2J2s well, miix ithl a little of
lit the. soup~i h''ii ter d'dll'ing t he eggs.
Servie withI d1iend( tote~d bretatd.
Sardlines on Toast.-Tr-im the cruist
from1 I slice of4 I brnend 21111 cut Iito
ilnger'-sized'l ieces(' aIntli 'os t. Draln
thle sainesili froml thle (lii 1and ity 0110
1ep11 ' and' 11( ilmon ju I tli i ('ook ten
Spiced Apples With Cider.--Takle
''2neli iuful ('ach of' briown' sugr and114
cilr LII.one-fourt o-ll(f ai'i 'ufiji of1 inel
gar', two bay leavlies. twentIly wihole
t'l()ves, six whole a1llsplee, two inches
of stIck Cinnam~lonl and1 n blade1 of
ma11Ce. Pu't into a saucpani~ and1ut brlng
to a boll. Piare', enre0144 (nld-qater eight
tart aplels; adid to thle sirump and5
sinuner01 gently tuntil tender. Skim
out 1the fruit, hoil dIown th1e slrup tin'
till 11hck as honey. pourli Over- the
friit. Serve crl wIth enke.
Quick Beet Stew.-Cut cold roast
h)(eef into smalfll pie"Ies, dredge with
seaisoned flour and1 fry b~rown In but
ter. Addi choppeid onulon o 1 si, a
ittle currant joliy arnd beef extrnet
dissolved In a little wter. llerat thor
oughly and14 serve4.
Green Peppers Stuffed --ut 011' tihe
tops, remove the seedsq and whlte
menmbrane ft 01m the penliuers. Parhoil
them unstil tenderci, th1en stuff with a
mIxture of ci'alh men~t and1( brend
riumibs. Blake unotil wvell browned
tunl1 hot all thrtough.
Say "Bayer" and Insist!
-" n
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on s4
package or on tablets you are not get- It
ting the genuine Bayer product pre- d
scribed by physicians over twenty-two a
years and proved safe by millions for si
Colds Headache t
Toothache Lumbago Y
Earache Rheumatism n
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" s
only. Each unbroken package contains
proper directions. Handy boxes of y
twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug- S
gists also sell bottles of 24 and 100. 1
Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer C
Manufacture of Monoaceticacidester of
Rabbit Cannery May Solve Problem.
In Argentinat a rabbit cannery has It
heen established in the hope of rid- 1
ding some sections of the country of a
pest in a tproflitahle way.
Teethina Ends
Babies' Colds
In a Twinkling '
Mothers all over the South are fast
learning that Teethina, the wonderful
prescription of a famous physician. is
the best remedy on earth for breaking
up a baby's cold almost overnight.
Thousands are testifying that Teeth
Ina stopped their children's colds ti
while they slept and scores of others (I
say whenever their baby starts sneez
Ing or the nose begins running, they e
just give them Teethina and that's the!
end of the cold. P
Too much stress cannot be laid
upon the necessity of breaking up ai
child's cold before It gets a hold and
thereby preventing serious troubles,
such as bronchitis, tonsilitis, the ter
rible mastoilitis and many other dan
gerous troubles of children. Wise
mothers know this and always keep
Teethina on hand.
Your druggist sells it or the Mof
fett Laboratories. Columbus, (a., will
send you a regular size package and a
valuable booklet on the eare of the
Baby, if you will send themit 30c.
The Dealer.
in" ..:...." ..- . 1,s ,kirt11Then you aipprove of women wear
'"W hy no -ifI I can! sell othIt?"'
Shave With Cuticura Soap
And double your razor etliciency as
w~ell as promote skin purIty, skin coml
fort and~ skin health. No mug, non
slimy soap, no germs, no waste, no Irri
tation even when shaved twice daily.
One soap for all uses-savintg bathing
and shamtpoolng.-Advertise'ment.
Camel's Peculiarity.
The c'amel canntlot swimi. Thue mtotment
it loses Its foot ing In running waiter
It turns (on its sidle and mtakes no elfort
to save it self front drownaing.
There is always a fool at one end
of a lhatterling tongune-andt somctimues
at both etnds.
Perhaps a woman wvants to chteat
the cuastomi house because it mtightt get
a head start iad chent her'.
- t
easily, qulckly, without
3 Strlai wit
Lightest, sImplest, rmoot powerful
eA quicker than horse machinA. V'
I -can pull 20 000 pounds. LOVI E~S
guaraunteed. Write for freo ci
ext Dose May Salivate, Shook
Ljver or Attack Your
You know what calomel is. It's mer.
ary; quicksilver. Calomel is danger.
us. It crashes Into sour btle like
ynamite, cramping and sickening you.
alonel attacks the bones and shopld
ever be put into your system.
If you feel bilious, headachy, consti.
ated and all locked out, just go to
our druggist and.get a bottle of Dod
an's Liver Tone for a few cents which-%.
a harmless vegetable substitute for
angerous calomel. Take a spoonful
nd if it doesn't start your liver and
iaighten you up better and quicker
inn nasty calomel and without making
on sick, you Just go back and get your
Don't take calomel ! It makes you
ek the next (lay; it loses you a day's
ork. Dodson's Liver Tone straightens
rilu right up and you feel great. No
1lts necessary. Give, it to the children
ocause it is perfectly harmless and
an not salivate.-Advertisement.
American Miners Out,9g Russians.
Ameriean coal miners, thrown out
l' work by the flve uoltits' strike in
1e United States, have been drifting
Ito tle pits of the Donetz basin in
'I'll(' Bolshevik government at Mos
L)W annlounced the other day that 32
.inerienans in the Yusowiki mine had
stablishel a record by (iggilng in one
n3y two and one-half tunes as much
Ni as did the .amIIe numlber of Rus
Iln miners. It is understood that
tore American miners are on their
-11y to lui8ia1.
Each package of "Diamond Dyes" con
tins directions so simple any woman can
ye or tint her worn, shahby dreses,
arts, waists, coats, stockings, sweaters,
Werings, draperies, hangings, everything,
'en if she has never dyed before. liuy
liamond Dyes"-no other kind-then
erfect. home dyeing is sure because Dia
ond Dyes are guaranteed not to spot,
ile, rtreak, or run. Tell your druggist
het'her the material you wish to lve is
ool or silk, or whether it is linen, cotton
r mixed good.-Advertisement.
Religious Exercise.
Two shipwrecked sailors were on a
('sort isinid. They were utterly mis
rabite, pinched with hunger and cold.
he onle more wretehied than the
ther said to his co'nipunion: "Can you
rnfy, fill ?"
"Can you sing a hymn?" *
"Wel''l," sald the lrst, "let's have
rInlet hinlg relighons; let's have a cul
'e t i on.'- l oos ton TI' ru sei t-.
Dr. Peery's "Dead shot" not only expels 9
armsfl or Tapewor ~fWbu t 'clen Il ~u~t the
( digestio. eoelt s sutllclent. Adv.
J(,ne's-Andl hoiw dtid you get. your
I u181ea1 t e'tinpernlmen t ?
WIllihs-I wa s born in a flat.
Sure Relief
-, 6 BEttLANS
e ' Hot water
.. ?e Sure Relief
254 n 75$ Packages, Everywhere
~AMOUS for its
. perfect baking
ven - tested by
wenty-five years of
onstant service.
frite for our ilustrated cata
g and name ofdealerinear you.
more than
ta a doubles its
SON can pufl
4CH INE 2,0 b. -
made. One man can takeanywhere. IDetter,
till ipC over big trqe . Tov MA R ol$'I'
reular and testImonials from satisfied
8303 DIlI Ave., Pnchmond, V.

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