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boa upon us," 14.
! UW~g bt annual Tek~~
f ing pro tion, calls upon .;e
Amer h _ ople to olsete 'T
day, ltrmber 80, "as a day of
t kaasu ving, supplication and devo.
e teat .of the proclamation tol
"By the President of the United
-r States of Anaericad
"A Proclamation:
"In the beginning of our country
the custom 'was established by the
devout fathers of observing annually
a day of thanksgiving for the boun
' !es and protection which Divine
** Yrovidence had extended throughout
the year It has come to be perhaps
the most characteristic of our na
tional observance, land as the season
- approaches for its annual recur
rence, it is fitting formally to direct
attention to this ancient institution
of our people and to call upon them
again to unite in its appropriate
"The year which- now approaches
its end has been marked, in the ex
perience of our nation, by a com
plexity of trials and triumphs, of dif
ficulties and of achievements, which
we must regard- as our inevitable
portion in such an eioch as that
through which all mankind is mov
ing. As we survey the experience
of the passing 12 months, we shall
find that our estate presents very
much to justify a nation-wide and
most sincere testimony of gratitude
for the bounty which has been be
stowed upon us. Though we have
lived in the shadow of the hard coh
sequences of great conflict our coun
try has been at peace and has been
able to contribute toward the main
tenance and perpetuation of peace
in the world. We have seen the
race of mankind make gratifying
progress on the way to permanent
peace, toward order and restored
confidence in its high destiny.
"For the divine guidance which
has enabled us, in growing fraternity
with other peoples, to attain so much
of progress; for the bounteous -yield
which has come to us from the re
sources of our soil and our indus
try, we owe our tribute of gratitude,
and with it our acknowledgement of
the duty and obligation to our peo
ple and to the unfortunate, the suf
fering, the distracted of other lands.
Let us, in all humility, ackn:. wledge
how great is our debt to the Provi
dence which has generously dealt
with us, and give devout assurance
of unselfish purpose to play a help
ful and ennobling part in human ad
vancement. It is much to be de
S sired that, in rendering homage for
the blessings which have come to us,
we should earnestly testify our con
tinued and increasing aim to make
our great fortunes a means of help
ing and serving, as best we can, the
cause of all humanity.
"Now, therefore, I, Warren G.
Harding, president of the United
W State8 of America, do designate
Thursday, the 80th day of Novem
ber, as a day of thanksgiving, sup
plication and devotion. I recom
mend that the people gather at their
family altars and in their houses of
worship to render thanks to God for
the bounties they have enjoyed and
to petition that these may !,e con
S inued in the year before us.
"In witness whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and caused the
seal of the United States to be af
"Done at the city of Washington
this 2nd day of November, in the
year of our Lord, one thousand nine
* hundred and twenty-two, and of the
-dependence of the United States
-of America, the one hundred and
"Warren G. Harding."
If you want the best
bread you've eaten in
years, try a sack of our;
Melrose and Pointe,
flour in the plain or
Fay-Oma in self-rising.
That delightfully dif-'
ferent flour. We guar
antee thi. flour to meet
,the most exacting test.
+ 'A trial will convince
* you. Cet it at ODOMS,
* next door to Bolts.
dan, in good condition.
'Apply to The Progress
Fruit cake material. See us forf
your fruit cake ingredients. Ben
nett Mercantile Co.,
CIuthbia, Oct. 81.- Ahounkig
t-" $14,000,000 worth of cotton
"d been added to the stock in State
warehouse in Ogtober, gbih 4*,.
olated an indictioa that fa of
this-state are #t aeling thet pro
duct now. ' Olifton ivers, tate
warehouse coamnissioner, today issu
ed a statement in which he made
plans for extending the operations
of the state warehouse to receiving
all non-perishable farm products,
and products that are nmade so by
canning or other process.
The state warehouses are now re
ceiving for storage grain, peas, vel
vet beans and other products, which
according to Mr. Rivers' statement,
can be stored and receipted for as
effectually as cotton.
"In the near future," the state
ment goes on, "the commissioner ex
pects to put on a special inspector
for this work, who will be able to
develop plans to carry out the law
as recently enacted, enlarging the
scope of the state warehouse activi
ties so as to include any farm pro
duct which by its niature is nun per
ishable. This plan will wo.k in con
nection with agencies now institut
ed in this state for diversified agri
culture and be a part in the plan for
improving the marketing organiza
tions of the state. The system is
working together with the Cotton
Growers' Co-operative Association
in this state in the storing of cot
ton at their assembling points and.
properly receiving and caring for it
until needed for concentration and
gale. This gives the association the
benefit of the state receipts which
enables them to properly finance
their organization and also gives
them the benefit of the state system
of inspecting, counting and report
ing on their cotton."
Contest Conducted at the Fair
Grounds Tuesday Afternoon.
Anderson Daily Mail.
The Chevrolet car offered free at
the Anderson county fair to the
holder of the ticket corresponding
to the number drawn was won by W.
H. Fullbright, a farmer living in
Pickens county.
The contest was conducted by
Mayor Fant, assisted by Attorney
Leon Rice, and the numbers filled a
big dry goods box. A boy of ten
was selected from the audience and
began drawing numbers. Ten were
to be drawn n day till the lucky one
vas reached. The condition was
that the holder of the duplicate to
the one dirawn should be present and
respond. Up to about six no claims
wvere made, then 329448 wvas called
and bulletined, and Miss Euphemia
Young announced she held the cor
respondnig number. Miss Young
was brought to the stand and exhib
ited a typewritten list which showed
the number, but in some unaccount
able wvay she could not show the
ticket. After the five minutes had
elapsed and she had stated she was
satisfied for the drawing to proceed,
other numbers were drawn till the
tenth which was 183672, and W. -H.
Fullbright came forward with the
It was rumored that he had picked
up tickets which had been thrown
down by some when the -first Winner
seemed to be found, but this- rumor
was not confirmed. Any way, after
three witnesses had endorsed the
decision he was awarded the car, and
drove it away.
Fairfield Votes Half Million Bond
Winnsboro, Nov. 8.--There was a
regular liandslide in Fairfield county
yesterday in favor of the issuing of
$500,000 worth of bonds for perma
nent roads. The vote stood about
four to one in favor of the issue.
rhere has been a most vigorous and
enthusiastic campaign carried on all
mummer to get this measure favor
ably voted upon.
Most any man can be an editor.
All he has to do is to sit at a desk
six days a week, four weeks a month
and 12 months a year and edit such
stuff as this:
"Mr. Jones, of Cactus Creek, let
a can opener slip last week sand cut
herself in the pantry. While Har
old Green was escorting Miss Viola
Wise from the church social last Sat
urday night a savage dog attacked
them and bit Mr. Green on the pub.
lic square. Mr. Fang, while har
nessing a, bronco last Saturday, was,
kicked just south of his oorn clip."
larges single ..day' busainess last
Saturday since the financial depres.
sion two years ago. For the month
of November Mr. Solt is conducting
a "Harvest- Safe" at his stote and is
dffering some unusual: bargains.
The high price of cotton for the
past week has helped business con.
ditions wonderfully in Mr. Bolt's
opinion. This fact coupled with the
fact that he is going after business
in no small way, having a double
page ad in this issue of The Progress
for the third consecutive week, is
setting a new record in Easley for
volume of business. Mr. Bolt ex
pects business to continue good from
now until Christmas.
The business that this store has
been doing has necessitated a second
trip to the northern markets to re
plenish the stock, and Mr. Bolt left
Tuesday night for the North where
he will buy special values to be of
fered during the sale.
Ten Thou;
We Iealize th4
limit. We have a
merchandise is ad
In order to IT
lutely Free, durin
brooms every day
giving Day, the 3(
largest cash purcl
Cotton is stil
ton has advanced
follow. I believe
We will have thes
that time. - Do not
have a big stock e
heavy of these go,
lar guarantee of
We have jusi
tary heel oxfords:
large stock of wi:
coats and men's o
price, come in and
merchandise here
buy, as we are so 1
No. 3 can Tomatoes, 20e size,
No. 2 can Pork and Beans, 15
No. 2 can Blackberries, 15c s
No. 2 can Tomatoes, 15e size
No. 2 can Asparagus, 25c siz
Army Beef Hash, 1 lb., 10c si
No. 8 White Lily Dessert Pei
No. 3 Pie Peaches, 15c size, I
No. 2 can Pineapple, 65. size
C. D. Kinney's Mammy's Fav
Wilder's pure Honey in jars,
Hipolite's maishmallow Cream
French Prepared Mustard, 15
Lemon Slice Jelly, 15c size, f
Post Toasties, 10c size, for .
Corn Flakes, 10c size, for ..
Cream of Wheat, 25c size, f<
ShreddedWheat, 15. site, for
Quaker Oats, 16e size, for..
No. 2 can Okra and Tomato.
One-half pound Brer Rabbit
Baby size evaporated milk, 8(
Tall Milk, 15ec size, for ... ..
G.eri 0mesate Appaud .ias
Macon, Ga., Oct. 28..--A demon.
stration for Woodrow Wilson that
rocked the Macon auditorium. for
ten minute was= easily the outeteiad
ing featura'of the state Democrtic
conventien, which held its second
and Insa) session here today.
James A. Holleman, one of the
Fulton county delegates, in a speech
seconding the nomination of Judge
Walter F. G4rge, of Vienna, as
United States senator, paid a tribute
to the leadership of the "peerless
Wilson." A woman in the gallery
cheered and nearly everybody joined
in. Handkerchiefs were .waved wild
ly, and in a moment pandemonium
was reigning in the big auditorium,
with the whole audience on its feet
joining in the demonstration. Vet
eran political leaders unite in de
claring it to have been the greatest
demonstration of its kind in Georgia
in ten years.
sand Dollars
in the Next I
it in order to do this we
big stock of good groceri
'vancing, we are going ah
ake things still more attr
this sale, SIXTY-FIVE
beginning Thursday, the
Ith. The brooms will be i
lases on each day of the sJ
i King of all marketable
6 cents per pound in the 1
you will see flour sell for
e bargains on sale every d
fail to come and get wha
f fine groceries and it wil
ds at these prices. Ever:
money back if not satisfi
:received twelve pair of
For ladies and a few doze:
riter und'erwear, sweateri
veralls. If you are wanti
look these over. We wa:
in the next fifteen days.
usy on Saturdays, and ia
for~ ...-.....-.---- -----17c
e siz., fow--....--...---12e
ze, for ....---... ----i
3, for ....------~ 9
ze, for--... ----....c
ches, 85c size, for -- ---25c
or-........-...--- - 13
, for----- -- - ---25c
orite Coffee, $1.10 size for 95c
25c size, for---... --19
%, 85 se, for ,..-----25c
e size, for---.. ---...i
or -...l.... - 1c
-- -- ---- -- -- -S
sy, 50o ise, fo ..
Byru, 50 4Oect .
..-.. -..---- l i. . 1 c
, ' / '' l ' , ti l
For i Rd, Wtches, Jelry
or Silvei Wa- ht Good.
at the Most Reasonable Prices.
Jeweler and Optometrist
Worth of Merchandise
ifteen Days
maust cut the price, and we have gone the
es, and although the prices on all lines of
ead cutting the price, deeper and deeper.
active we are going to give away, Abso
75c Brooms. We will give away five
16th, and continuing through Thanks
riven to the customers making the five
products in old South Carolina, and cot
'st 45 days, and other goods are sure to
ten dollars per barrel bey ore Christmas.
.ay this month if we do no tsell out before
t you want in our line at these prices. We
I be to our mutual interest for you to buy
vthing we sell will be sold under our regu
the Lion Brand boots, a few dozen mil-.
ri pair of men's dress shoes. We have a
, raincoats, ladies and children's long
ng to buy good quality goods at a low
mit to sell ten thousand dollars worth of
Do not wait until Saturday to come and
'e can give you better service on other
'all Pink Salmon, 15e size, for-----------I 3
lean Easy Soap, Be size, for-------.-----4
lemon Extract, 15ec size, for . -- - -
anilla Extract, 15e size, for------------12
~an Cocoanut, 20e size, for----...-------I 7
~ne-half pound box Runkles Cocoa, 25c size, fox , - - 8
~ulk Cocoa, 215c per pound, and we will give one pound o1 pow
dered sugar with every two pounds of coooa.
aby Elite Black Shoe Polish, 15e size, for-----.-1 O
We will sell good plain flour as long as it lasts, 24 lbs.,
Bc; 48 lbs., $1.65; per barrel, $6.50.
,$.Self Rising Flour, 24 lbs., O0e; 48 lb8., $1.75; per bar
Sugar, $7.65 per 100 lbs.; 25 lbs. for $1.95.
Irish Potatoes 80e per peck; 55c for onehalf bushel;
1.00 per bushel; per bag of ten pecks, $2.50.
Sweet Potatoes 20c per peck; 75e per buahAl,
White beans are very scarce, We have five bags we will
Bll at $11.00 per 100 pounds.
l e have about one hundred head of frylig chickens we
W. il gve 25 per cent of on all drugs bought here
Come one and all. We are liere from
even in the morning until seven in the
Y &acon
S. C. PHONE 84

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