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Ca untold misery and uffering,
which is needle-s. Poru-na
tar ofteonmach and bowels
an in cases of
T form, nasala
Fmcerclses a sooth
ghealing effectup.
on all mucous linings.
Belching gas, sour stoem.
sch, nausea, vomiting,
cranps pains in the abdo.
men, diarrhoea, constipa
tion are all symptoms of a
" scatarrhal condition in the
organs of digestion,
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ous. Two gonorations have
found Fe-ru-na just the
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One Lung Lizzie
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Y Ilainls () lis girl)-A's gwline
do(wnl to dati newV st ' io gel somie
eitndy. Dety's g(ot enndfi it'led lierries.
strnw~herries an' I di 't knowv what a mll.
II ll Grl---1anmi, b ring tie mi tihocoilte
cnut edl~llIm w inhmelon n' Ahl's yo's fo:
li fe.--liost on E'venming Transcript.
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kinud-t hen perfect hiome dyeing is gnar.
nnteed. *inta'i teli yonr drnggist whether
the mtntertial yon wi'h io dyie is wool or
silk, or whethleri it is linten, cottion, or
imxed goids. Diamini D~yes never streak,
spot. fade er mmnni .\dvertisemtentl.
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uakinag the aft'ernuoout fi. --ision E've.
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Simplicity of
Christian Faith
Tencher of nlible Doctrum4.. Moody
liable Institute.Chie,,o.
TEXT-But I fear lest by any mnoano.
na the serpent beguiled l'Eve through his
suhlety, so your minds should be cor
rupted from the sinplicity that is in
Christ.-11 Cor. 11:3.
In the heart of the greitt apostle
there wits a -certain unid well (lefine(d
AM" lA.4 fear which finis
expression in this
txt. lie Was not
afraid that his
c(onlverts woul he
rnnback to
wo'Iill ietss, s '
perstit, fir (ldl
utry, no'r da tl h'
ene lst under
persecutioil tlhey
tight deny the
mimte of Christ. -
Know ing th1at
t hey wereu sub
ject to iu i:ng teninpations he feared
Inost of all that which Is always the
grave possibility IChrit lit a expert- 1i
cet, the subtletyV of 81atan1 in corut- 3
(In, the iindls of Christitan believers tt
ft on the siplicity that Is In Christ.
The a(post le kirew tilt through C
"seience, falsely so-calledi," or "philos
011hy 111(1 Vall i decelt," tlhe mind of the -
Christian night lie corrupt (1 an the t
joy of 2alvt ion, wad the power for
.test imony he ilst.
This fear waits ('ieted by the pre
ence of those to whomi the apostle
refers in the 13th Verse of this chill)
ter. as "false prophets; deelitful
workers, transformting tetuselives into
ite apostles of Christ, Mand 110 2trvel,
for Sitan1 himuself Is transfornmed Into
an angel of light."' Therefore It is no
great thliig if hIs ministers also be
tI'ln lsformaed as the nimisters of right
There was Ili l'iaI's (ay an(1 there Is
Ii our (aly, it righteousntes Iproclhtimed,
which Is not "the righteousness of
God," but a poor, eep, Ilellielent
sulst itute. The first peril of I he
Chiristian lies In the possibility of his
mind being corrupted from the siiii- e
plicily that is in Christ 111 reference to
this matter of righteousness. God I
provides i righteousniess for the .
Christian helever in Ills Son, '.vho is I
tllde unto us rigIlteousless. This I
righteou'sness alone Is vi lid before
God(. It was this that the .)postt
had in ind1 when lie mald, "Nut hlav
ing iinie iown righteouSn(eIs bult thn1t
which is or the faith of ChrLst, thi'
righteusness which I' of God by
t'iithi." (.oncerning this samve intter
John Bunyan wrote: "'he 'eliever
In Christ is now, h, g 'ace, shrouded
under ' so complete autl blessed a
righteousness that the la w from .lt.
Sluiatl cnn Id no fault nor dilinution
therein." This righteousness in Its
scope and operatlom iay be regarded t
as the suml total of all that Goal
ectunmnds, reqluires, approttves 1111( pro
vides. No wotnder the al oste feared
that h('1ristian hellevers igh he cor
rulplelil Iro (lite 3' inlilcty anid still.
eiiency that Is in Christ, hen- 'e the (
warning lest their ndl~ls he: 1(1 ustray,
1The miind of thle Chr istlunl helIleveri
tust he 21arefully3 gua rded aga inst
error24n f..ISlty. lIn other wor'ils, thei
udadi( mlust lit rene~twed( (day by1 (1ay3.
Thet Wo(rd of God Is the ilt'eans or tis Iu
a hetart experIence oif Godi~'s savingi'g
grace, 1s a1 imnd well luformed1'( in
Bile trtn1. There Is al meuatsure of
jieil InI beinig sp i itual2ly muul2(edl wIth-i
(2ut beIng scriptural211ly inteolligen1t. Not
wi'thout12 sigillenn11 does(120 thle 21postle
use the tlgoire of ai hetlmet 122 speak214Ing
of' salvat lol, and1( not without grealt
('au12e an11 hd lbig aniet 10n3 (ou ir lirt
dIoes he bId 21 1)ut Oil ''the behneitt or
sal vatin 112'If we wold~ lie st ronig to
stan1d algnislt the foe.
The s111 milty oif the ChrIstlanI faIth
our Lor's wor'k at C'iah 2 ary. Th'sin- 512
le'" bnt 81Is 1a cr'uIlied Savlir. f
E'vei'rytuly sa ved sInner knows this. 111
Chri ist cru--lflted Is te t'he heieover tihe
w181iso 11w1 poiwer of Godtn. It is tile u
grea2 t ilnd ,2'(itaning aa('ti3 peculiarity 2f1
2hr1Itn'wit r. s t isii the~ Ine greatt slU
or'0 oter to Ilih' pirole'. f1 811n, the sinl v
houst8, 1inis gloing l In2 th l Cro(Itss Is j
of tochlty3, and( heein lies t he 2 tdan'e' 0
of t he hiellever's nilind b eIn~g led astray2i3.
Fr2omi ml'2( h that Is writteon anid saId
02e woldi~ thin1k thailIt ilun(1 little it' n
01' ti. Somei spea2k iilitly'21( amieni1
slight Igly of ItI'( 11 ind22dul slvaio )2
throuilghi tatIa 1cru22cI(''illed0 SaIvior, l
Ot1 r seem8 0tii to 1think1122 that.humanity d1
(errIng to Itie sa21 I'hm o iuif one0's Owl).
souil a1 le'et' wr'liter, spein'hlg oft S
Chri ist, 521ysS: "CIn h Is vhdoni of thev
lIingdomi 'f God tilt petty,' sefIh 1182on-t) n
cepion, oft 1iIv'(iul 822 2hnt d~win- 0
lIhe tint1t seeiks thus2 t'' savt' hIs sonli Jg
her'e'or hereafit'er h'all lote i," Sue'j v
n28 ttmenit1 iisltbsurd2 inte light of
('i st's I I'n word'(s. For Iln Ils est I.
valu te over aais t h r211Ile worith oi(f thle It
wlet wo~'bl mand said : "Whait shalil v
h potit 22( tunnt 121 heI' gain2 the whlly 1
sitividuaii 8savt (Ion must1 fl'il.i As Inn
(itherl ha~s well Sul: "Ou r own soulsi C
mulst Ihe in'ed, 1not In ordIer to hatve r1
a good thne Inl the ne(xt world, 1)2t be
cauise It's lihe tusk that first of mill con
fronts Its and1( hie(au1se WE) helpI or
neIghbors by what we are mutchi more a
than by whntU we rio." j'
By RICV. P. B. l/''%WAT1.1 . D..
Teacher of Enugli Iihle in the Moody
Bible Institute of Cbicngo.)
opyright, 19:22. 'istern Newspaper Union
LESSON ''I-:X '-Luk{ e 7:37--S.
(O IJ)I;N TiXT-''his is a faithful say
ng, arid worthy of all acceptation, that
:'brist Jesus tne into the world to save
inners."-I 'iu. 1:16.
ltI'IEL1tl'NC10 MATI.:tlAL-Luke 15:1
PiltIMAltlY TOPIC-Jesus Loves Every
JUNIR)lt TOPIC-Jesus the Friend of
-The Symathy of Jesus.
-Jesus 1-Ip111s thIe Sinful and Sorrowful.
I. A Penitent Woman's Act of Love
vv. 37, 4S).
1. I'lnce of (v. 37). It wits in the
ile of Smon the. 'harisee while
ests was silting at mont. 'The r'einst
lust have been Jpilblic, else she
chuld not have so readily gained nc
2. The Act of (v. 3S). She washed
esus' feet with her tears and wiped
hemt with her hair. Thromth' sonic
l'tns she had henrdl of .Je(us' pardon.
rig grace, aind (old had openel tier
ea rt to receive Hiim as her Saviour.
)it of a heart of gratituidle she kissed
Its feet and nnointed therln with pre
lous ointment.
3. Who She Was (v. 37). IIcr name
s not mentioned. She was of a
otoriously had charneter. Though
nowvn to tl'e iblie as a had woman,
onetliing had hapnened wi icli trans
o~rmed her. he was now a saved
inner, because she fielleved on .Iesus
II. The Pharisea's Displeasure (v.
Simon felt senndalized by such a
alippening at his table. IIe was a re
pectable man. lFor Jesus to tolernte
tch funilliarity on the Iart of, a
roman of such evil repute greatly
erpilexed him. IIe re(asolied t.hat if
(-sits were i prophet lie woulhi have
nown the chniineter ofi this wVomiiana
nld would ha1ve either withtrtn
]is feet from her or iii rust her back
rich them, or If lie knew her ehnrnc
er Ills tolerance of such faimiliarity
)woved that lie was not a goold man.
Simon's r'ghtceousness was of that
;ort vIleth gathers up Its skirts and
dves the sinner a hackward push Into
its filth.
Ill. Jesus Teaches the Pharisee (vv.
lie taught him by means of a par
thle of it creditor 1i1nd two d'btors.
)hserve that Jesus innde it very Icanr
hat lie not only knew the wiVmlin.
lut knew Sinmon n'so.
1. The Comnnon Debt (v. 41). The
toillal wias i sinner, so was Simion,
hough lie Wias not the saine kind of a
inner that she was. 'T'here were two
ehtorS, though the one owted ten
1mes as. mu)ch 11a I Ie .othlier. ilsl Is
'('prt'een ttive of all sininers still. Thel
tible' declaires all to bie slnners, yet
'eognize's degree'(s of gu!)t. faull I reid
t ought to lbe gIvecn to1 the mian who
34 honest, vi rtuous11, generous andii
ind. Yet such a life willI not secure
ntr111nce int o lhenvenl. The Sai or's
Pords arle a severe rebuike to the re
liedtale' lm 'harsQ( who aire sittIng
ni judgimeiit ingnintt thle sinniers of ai
2. The C'ommon Insolvency (v. 42),
Andulwhen they haIlt lthng to ipny"'
'suis freely grnimted the dliff~eence in
lie de(greIe oif tihe wVomanui's sinis andHi
hose of thle I lharisee, hur1 drIo'(ve home
fl himi the falct that they werei' both1
0 lpay (Iltoii. 3 :23). Therefore aill
nyve need! of a Saviour. As sinners
'e may qutit (iur! slnting iand hate our'
('(d(1, but thaii tioes not maiike siatls
niettion for the sIns of the~ past5. Whalit
'e hav"e donie Islaireve'nble--it hais
aissed from our reachi. Ev'ery traons
rioni~1 shall1 receive ai just recolln
ease of rewardi (I ich. 2 :2). We must3(
cinte to our ('red ior. (0~ Al**mighty,
ndia innowled(ge ouri insilvenecy anad
crep( I he k imliess of .1esuis Chirist
hoii tire our sins in Ills oIwn body on
bie I iee (I I 'et. 2 :24f), We arie all
nupers'i', and(1 istead of ju idging 'elch
her us to re'lat ive guIlt. we shoul!
Oline to G od anit sue for paiirdoii.
3. 'IThe t lion of i"Iorgiveness'53 and
n35wer to1 Jesus1' queion111 shOWS thati
e got thle pin t of .Tesuis' teach'in 1g,
ri order 1to maike ill teach'1(1ing eon.
rete lie turned to Ithe w~oman, ('nlt.
ig StimiOln's at tnloll to whauit sthe had1(
(one ill (cotntrsf to whalit he hadi d1ione.
tiIm 11n hid neIglected to 'xI (li to
('Sis thle enon0 courtIiesles of n re
jietal I iluest, b ut thiis foirgiven'l
'01m1an hlad Ini,!shned upon11 IlIlm her
ffe(ctlion 11nd gifts5. 'lThe men11sure of
nie's love Is idtermlineid by the amns
re of thle atppriehen'istion of 511ns for
ien. TiheI 11ne1 wh'o is forgliven most
Virtue and Vice.
If he0 doe31s ireinty thikt that there
I no ditstinct 11 ion between v'irtuie and
lee, whlen he lenvecs our hlouses let
A COunt) ou ( spo'on')'s.--,Johnson01.
Women and Men.
A lhundre meni maE'lluly inakce an en
17mpmen1t, bult it taikes a wonmnII to
ike a home--Chinese IProverb.
Blessed Are They.
fliessed are they wihlehi do hunger
n~d thirst wrfter righteousness, for
ev shalt be filled..f n t tbews 5 :.
Tanlac Put Him
Back on Job,
Says Davis
T?'ve never been much of a hand at
praising luelliin(s, but I enIn certlinly
say solentlhing good for ''aani'," si1d
Geo. Iavis, 110 Naglee St., San Fran
CIsco, ('tliif.
"I had a iall (ase of i)toainnie iol.
soiling 111(1 it eame pretty near htyiig
Ile out altogelber. For three u11nths
I was IIn an awful condilion a1l( suf
fering constantly from diarrhea. I II'~
Came week all over and1 was going
from ha to worse. I tried everytiig
I knew of', ht It was hegiliinj.g to took
like nothing woul eer reach iny en se.
"'Then, a fri''ild of mine reeInm
mnentlecl 'ITatnu to mie. Anl( it's at fact,
four bottle h;ve in;11(' a lean sweep:
of my troibles ;1111 built te tip to
where I feel like at new m1n1. I aim
working every ilay n(%- al when It
enones to recornnetuing Tl'ae1 Ii n't
put it too sitr ng.
'I'Tnlte 1.s so111 by ill good (I'llrggists.
-AIvert Isernlelt.
Ice Boats Haul Twenty.
\Iet wa2Iter-ways are 1roznin I. i'in.
ind 2 llt ssengers 1 h11 e Icarrii' ;11 a
timne in IIn invlosed ice b(4mi thatl is
drawn1 Iby 2111 nerial 11rop 2ll1r.
Baby Can Sleep
For First Time
In Two Weeks
"I will never he Witotit T''eetlin
again," writes a dlelightei mother of
Grand P'rairie, TIexats. Mirs. W\. 1E. Nei
sll. "Why, tihe very lirsi dose re
lieved Frances whent site vas Ieething
lull she Slept easy for the first ine
In two weeks."
Te'ethina has been at hous/-hol
(worl wvilli mothers everywhere for
forty years. It is absolutely Imrinless
11n(l has brought wveleome relilf to
ounItless IIthousalms of little sufferers
f'rom Colds an1d howel troubles and "
untold joy to their Illothers.
If .vour" <lruggist can1not supplily you
w-Ith 'eethinau so1id 8th to Alof
fett Laborato111ries, Co1Ilumblus, (;a.. ma
get i ima(ialge 1111(1 at valuabllIe booklet
on the care of ItIly.-Advertisemient.
Wording of Advertisements Calcu
lated to Bring Smile to the Face
of the Reader.
lore aire sotle cho le Iles iziatIt
ereod 11rn11 IIltIgs Subi 2ltions ;11. over
SIlse votin r'y:
hlt-lx~re1e~ l 1I($ ooks 11)1 indnbalgs; steady work-1.
'allit '4l---MAldt for geilera1l hous(.
work In f'amnily of Iwo adudl(s. .Must
know how to coo,
I-'or iten ---In api0atments it lar1g1
nelwly finished 0)nd furnnished1 ruoom,
with w ilows on 1our siles.
Silk socks. -I:1 ('ee(nsl. 2,00043 Imlirs laur
ehulsedl for this slle. You never sat w
11h111 va11s. ''iley w\1.1i.'1 11ast 1n111g.
Wanted('4 by II wblower 23 respectable4
wo4llnIIn Iil itnus.' a little gill at least1
IseI'gi-pivai utedh elt ligt. ''15hl
Wanted:1 '-Thirty ('r foty gooId yg
iinit Iin. lienson4a f'or sellinig, hah~y
raigrlown1 it 111m4 no1 1mo re expIIteled'I.
lIve(rylandy('s .\l a z inei.
In All Humility.
l(j1 l d o hik tefna ca e
kainh ;ohewriogh ob
it r
Y ALt has
* OSTUM ...
5".E.. jpre
Trhe two forms of
Postum are equally do. .
hicious; and the coat is
only abone ic .:cp
ra .
SAY "BAYER" when you buy. Insist!
Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets, you are
not getting the genuine Bayer product prescribed by
physicians over 23 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache
Toothache Rheumatism
Neuritis Lumbago
eT Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions.
handy "lkayer" boxes of 12 table'ts-Also bottles of 24 and 100-Druggists.
Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer nanufacture of Monoacetleacidester of Salleslicacid
if owt sold by youtr druistt. r W tuoeremit Uhemseal Co., LouevWle Ky.
"1 i oid noriting. Ar'. ltlhn1t, how's
According to This German Physician, Y""' 111':"
It Is Easy to Add to One's Years "I (l't li y it. If you've gut any
of Usefulness. thin;g I soll. otart your di1'ltlPouse."
lantilsville I l'otrier-.lotirnal.
Thel. g21 heli ng' of enil'l teIl'narinn hl i
roo pine- th alo- cl reetl e theg rhl< -, -tna 'm y t :t
"ast' of lite e'liin nt thl'rtnan11 pilvhysli , One trliti pro"ves Its tiner t. AIVetisemeutnt,
j'r l 's'i schneslll' e r, wvi' ho u b l rct lyutv
It lm age11.' '' of (tf iinirt'd 1110 nine. ANYTHING TO BE OBLIGING
ln int 1ifiill'b ibt.li' ror setiuriilg tlonge1v- Little Thing Like That Mentioned
Ity. whict le wtouhi reveail to hlie Was Nothing to This Applicant for
woirlbi hi his will. 1'4n his leaith. American Citizenship.
th u, this fortiiilui was eiis'1o'si'':
"1'I t yourl helI, urientin1g it by n1112n. S 1 I A ea h in 'ring w-inir' niJplIl'tions
"f i*''ti 1 ':15s" Sa li l o that yiu ill hrboli' I ''t'i'gta 1i'rn in-rsonls seekilg clti
youlr bi1:1l 11pi14r1 nirth. n111 lit' in it .tlsIiil' in tile I 'itciil SlaleI s 1re con0
horizontil l i t ion;l. S 'le'i solhily witi si ll'' ed n11111 i:nseil )If., ingiIlle'l engt e
elIsw'! lisI s.1 i) % hi;h it1 huior to tlie otherwise
This Is I te wlhule s'eret. 'This poissi. :,eriolus p'rocetoss. At :1 r'ee'nt henuing
tHiln. it Is atssi'trll, brings til' h4111\ Ill I'for('e .*ltige \\'. W11'. 'T'lri-ltofin of the
24'conii itii t Ili t[Ii I he gr.e't I Ie'IllurIJn S riloll'ir (oilrt. Ion111 1. ( beorge
llurrent's i i n i 'E11g f1 y ii tilte '1r11'h1 iinl ' .uin rk<:1y, l'nilula 8 ini'< 111121 I(alization
insu1res lin e'xtr'iunely happ 1y bloodl Or- ol1Ilive'r. wa":s yplzzil i l Il an im p n e -
ttuationi. garlin, g his .-.g. of t.l-. ..i..
- w-_______-- ~ I~orkinigs of1 thle goiverinn~tE and. re
Red H as-Becns. garuding thi history olf lthe Utnitedi
telresenativ I',i uk of Texai';s said! at Staite's.
'' htntue In~stt W lash ig t: 'i'' ls ili.IS~t'~' i'lse
"tnu 15slista Ie''ir ucs tle ers ~ l~iigtit i 4','ljasl h
1nl42' 1ess syIll helle -ts l htssiniltilers
"A 14ied wats orati ng in ai song j-hox '1ls Iei v t tie ).(.'ft1( Mr
lie .ther riy. Mi'lV
AII yout giet' to0 InS iste hulsks the g'tl' l'Il ln.-Willgo
swini' wonl't Ii21uchi. Ill ipret ty siiion i'le '
lusks will all ibe g< 111. Whlt'il yiut do
"'hy otthen.' ocksrik
theo wight hhours 7ehet ff
l'elndeS; ha?"he ykou?
f ou rea cffe dinkr ad ailtoWatshioun resfu sle" ep id h
nen htyu'nexe r Oe-tius aintha. eat
Sfundwh hae urnd fomco useto Ponveumf thas a) ."si r
ght\I cffe-lkeflvo, ad s re fomhaanly, elmeth at opayn
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