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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, November 16, 1922, Image 8

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Lift Off with Fingers
.w I
t t.. t ', I :ilt 1t'tit
..I, 2 1lt . ;:" . ... .1 :, I,~ a t ; t lie a l.t
I t h at- ' , 3't { ~ 1' ., t t U!lh l.
It '' a3 .2t I :t Vit t~ g's
:1'..At th
t Slur " 1 t ris: ! .tt It
t " 1 t.': ,' .., :1 ! the .:tt
ii. . t a\ af in 1 ritio t p tt
Al h1., ftti o r dte 13.te1(\y. i
i'"' '' 3,' " '1 7 1 11 I '
W .' L. *333 tg it .334' .'':' .aggitl) i M
\%I :a 1 . t . . . * 3t'.u" v3:. i.3 .e
!l't: t't:t :, gi .:. t :'1 (j UICIU3WI, Idt I
v'33.33 t
-l ,' . . t . l3?.7 It'. .j.i t3 1. t
4 "! toiJ 8r 'd'r.
.. :t : P? } .. c 'it "1". '. . 1 ,3 'it 1!
l it .. %: .: .t 1
10 It 1 *11 e 1 ut 33 )
t . ;.. . . .. . .. t en3 fi ca taog
Pa B
111 of the Fair Sex Combined Paid
Taxes to the Government in 192-0
on Net Incomes Aggregating
$2.1SS,1 60,6632.
\':c'Iiill.---t~rc' la~n halif 11 lnli1
ttll '.:it' \t'mt'n 1 11n tilt' Unllit'tl stales
aid' :St lt I!i l l e tt tl ,11 11;tii.'il s ofr
''t'i ll v wi it, i .lll't' of ~ cia'tllt i t'.
'l'i L~ttit 111e r~ is ill tis. tt tlt
, I l'l I o' l t llt'' ir I ll 'cl t' sti:ll t'
alt' ;tl ttln l' I e' jtt ll tc t ''i. ..2l c
'1jt'WSt' :1t'e'tilt' In li ' silt . w h icht
of sit'ZI !21 i t''t\ wolt' 1 : s ,)r-'l
tI:1 l\ "tt'iI' 0 'I i e' i ll Sl ti l fecll
I t t lit' ji'Il For tt (i' futl lo'itll tof
t ~ t tt'Iit \ tlt!aS. It'nle' i S ~l l l i ' ('flat.)
'it' t ' l\ .11t'l~Iltl' 1 ' WI: tt sn l 'r.
11 el),, l'ltt 1: t2. 1, ;11e:11 110 1 L Whi ' 2t'l Silt'
Illi \ ' 's~ It 1:11'!' 11: ttt
t .'! i v.'; r ': tIit i tt': i l t c ' t '2 et e'11
EPtl ILT IC HAS'.lt"t\ A1;it FiI1:1:Tt
'1 1 i '' ' t tll , 11 tl I t i
'ti'l t.. ' t t'il :t Z' ' C' i
" i:l ' x:,: { I t r. cwLt ' it ' : L lc1't "t
ig Friendship Statue
n ~ ,e ,it
lilt y.d
44 - -4
ig s xe
" It ~ t 1; Il 'I 111 %1I, !1 1~ ' r '
'll $1.I 11111 ; \' ' ' . 11 lt Sllt
clss is : It ' a It'i . \t 11.~. h ih ~ 'i
'1t a~hs t'para a- trii u';rn !iisiiitl.
er!. I'tzitrl ort tho'l 'i the~s ''heise
\\" 1'11'5 ggi'll ile''l't'ivt'en~i Of rom).
,l:i,:f t :'~ ta of uit n ,ilo l it.'h
I:11- ;1 h yeair.
Who Are They?
\t'\\ ("'IiCis it faiat ing group
'li''r Iir 1.1 a ! tUIt' ti'Otii en in one
t'its-itigtitiu entI: 1't \vtit'ti hits~ trin
l.it' itr'ittit' .1 .t':1' %%-t i lu no tilt' fto Stll.u
11''Pt :till :l'lizaleltl.\' lit t ai rare. Ini t.e
t''11222:t oif statlhst its P''t' is loiu tlr.
Ave t 1it'\' ac I PC st's A re 1111 t' r of : S
I the tIltio it c? Ai' Iiit.y only dlttilist i-P
.f It .11t1. Itt'Ct':iScg1 pa I'tilt 5? TlIh 'Pt' nit'
.Zi of thta is. lass~r 'it (theltt ~Vli.'e
T t'it 4114) t0 1'C 0 110 I it' of2~t I I
t:at ~'i :ti; nex1,tilit'y na ohllt.' 11.i
fa" Ii', tl hiui i ; ('hi t'f fVl1I' Wit
l 't' al10 tt'the
hin:l t'P t'$ a i n't 1rilt t I i i t li -
I''V t it' i 'l : illy St ti t ' i i l''1i l of iir
"f t1 t h es is t'i \ i'at1'1 h ott ihi' av 1ti
th\ I It' ta:,l I l i tti hs ticir tlt' 2'
11t1t;atg 1t7 i flt ;i.. 2 nut tit i I
in JBrazil
Woman McvelI 63 Times
S In Two Years; Bankrupt
9r 0
~ %I Il ~it fIits ItItyl lug of r
r scribedt 1esl sa elett
r agenut in . 1 l.1ti liannkrutcy
r j1 tt~oII. rt'uenttly 1tat1 (1ihr first
htl ~r~ in \t ", l tvet. It W:Ia
0 shown*J that she~ ol'QI':ited tlart
m tilU Iitt'l-e in New York t'ts. 9
9 tsti:.'Iy lt a loiss. :5111 that she
r hail moved 63 tinges ini a t~to- r
stltg hit " ti ould t'thItll 01' tit hernw1i*
I II- fo r the.e' ~tllitp.or other "tl}. {
'liu'~v tiat th l 5' 1itter stetnigrldiher
:mit1 es 111111't' I1u'III'V t lltit tiny otlher
t ast'f w.omen'i. Ir. 1512O. 342.00,IS of
Ie. tax. fTheir attgi:le Intet I
it bilin i'.llars or e~net im to pad' thme
ihtttres I til lit, allitil r.
'FIhat a ''tt(I mlanly of thes e a gslst in
the stpptt it* of fi mlies teo the~ extenlt
ii dtht' are t1:isetI WA Ii(1t of fall
*~tis S.ihiiw htte a'thtle"ar
turins us hearts ofiC aniilles: d''uhtless
"lt i ''nt inz Parents or youn tr.er turothi
t'rs and 5.ters. 'lhe' i.o' thhat :tmlng
Ite\ie Ina~ ill-' si'a~te returns
tll's tilst is t(lit' 1:ti'.est j ncl'tt e.''1:ss i
t:mke'n as anl In1'iati'an if the' lair..e'
ee'ittlutit' r unmi :hi t'IuVim tiiit o''it-I a C
t'ztt's. 'Il'ie were 't..17in this t 1:1s"
anti1 Ih ta li;i ' alt :t . 'i'. te Pr.t iie oft
It Is Mercury, Quicksilver, Shocks
' Liver and Attacks Your
Calomel snaivation is horrible. It
swells the tongue, loosens the teeth
and starts rheumiaism. There's no rea
son why a person should take sicken.
ing, salivating calonel when a few
cents buys a large bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone--a pertect substitute for
catlomnel. It is a pleasant vegetable
liquid which will start your liver just
as surely as calomel, but it doesn't
make you sick and can not salivate.
Calomel is a dangerous drug; be.
sides, it may make you feel weak, sick
and nauseated tomorrow. Don't lose a
(lay's work. Take a spoonful of Dod
son's Liver Tone instead and you will
wake up feeling great. No salts neces
sary. Your druggist says if you don't
find Dodson's Liver Tone acts better
than treacherous calomel your money
is waiting for you.--Advertisernent.
Not for biscussion.
"T unde'standl your amupaign fund
Is quit(e large."
"I .et's lchange the sulijeet," Inter
ruited i Senam tor Sor irghu. "It Isn't
h:r' illougig to he worth flit nuin
35c "Danderine" Saves Your
Hair-Ends Dandruff I
Delightful Tonic
c r
85 cents buys a bottle of "Danderine"
.t any drug store. After one aililica
thin of thli delightful tonic yotu cannot
finid a particle of dandruff or a faullinr
hair. Besides, every hair shows new
life. vigo~r, brightness, more color and
abundanec - m-w Mmnt
I'l'il-e'ppr, salt. vinegar and
nit!ardI. --Ilillywooid 11iigh Sch~ool
Thousands of wtome n have kidney and
b'.adder t reuble and never suspect it.
Women's compia:nts often prove to be
nothmg~ e'se but k:dney troub'.e. or the
re'uh ci kidney o:- biadder duae
i the *idnevs ire nect in a healhyv con
d:in tey may cause the other organs
to bee, 're diseased.
Pam :n :he bacek. headac'he. loss of am
1i:on ner vousne-s. are often times symp.
to: e iney troule.
Ilon: .'ay starting treatm.er.t. Dr.
:ime' e Swamp-Rl'. a phyK. ian's ptre
sec"ion.iained ait any dru; s:c re. may
b.athe remedy nee-led to overeone
Get a mxedi or large size bottle im
trd ct'y rm any drue s:ore.
lIo wever. if you wi -h :i.rst to test this
great preparattion send ten cents Dr13.
Krmer & Co.. B:n.:'n. N. Y.. f r
sa~rrie 17:t tie. When wr:::. " sure ar.2
mention this pa.per.-Adver::sen'.nt.
uir ' u'e for a phb'negrap?
Hurry! Move Little Bowels wit
"California Fig Syrup "
Whatever else you g~ve your child e
) relieve a bad cold, sore throat or g
congestion. be sure to first of~en the 1
little one's bowels with "Californks
Fig Syrup" to get rid of the poisor~s d
and waste which are causing the cld
and congestion. In a few hours you ii
can see for yourself how thoroughly it r
works the conatipation poison, sour a
bile and waste right out,
Even if you ell your famitl. pimy.. ,
Harrison Shepard.
Elgin, Tenn.-"I can say that Dr..
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and
the Pleasant Pellets have been the means
of restoring my health. -I was weak and
run-down, such headaches, and my
-kidneys were out of order. It was a mis- 4e
cry for me to walk around. I began tak
ing the 'Golden Medical Discovery' and 1 4
the 'Pleasant Pellets' and they put me on
the road to good health right away. I
want to speak a good word for Dr.
Pierce's remedies to all sufferero."
Harrison Shepard, It. F. D. 1, Box 18.
Start right b obtaining this 'Discov
ery' at once from your neighborhood
druggist in tablets or liquid or write to
Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo
N. Y., for free medical advice.
YOU never heal:d a doctor say,
"He is all run down, but his blood
is pure and rich."
The best thing-the biggest thing
that Gude's Pepto-Mangan does is to
purify and enrich your blood. Then
those weary, run down, dragged out
feelings will disappear, and the oldtime
vim and "pep" come back again. Get
Gude's Pepto-Mangan today.
At yotur druggists-liquid or tablets,
as you prefer.
Pepto Mangan
Tonic and Blood Enricher
p'13 F
rR c Are your horses cough
ing or running at the
nose? If so, give them "SPOHN'S."
A valuable remedy for Coughs,
Colts, Distemper, Influenza, Pink
Eye and Worms among horses and
mules. An occasional dose "tones"
them up. Sold at all drug stores.
H to repisee old,
rnYc-Dont get tald, get Q-Ba toay '
.i 'L r 'nte i l~~gr o.I tee se l'ampa .a
I t.IN I. TOt.\t TO .\ Nia STOCK( F.4RMS.
kan he will praise you for having
Iven "California Fig Syrup" as the
ixative because it never fails, never
ramps or overacts, and even sick chil
ren love its pleasant taste,
Ask your druggist for genuine
California Pig 8yrupw which has dl
ections for babies and children of all *
gee printed on bottle. -Motebe!i You
mat say "CalifornIa" or you may get
n Imitation erg arrn.

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