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At the re-organization mee o
Pthe, alrenen C'unty Teachers' as
ha i' a the high ,schoo
t : mrence last Saturday
perintendent of th<
- - ools, was re-elected
association for the
'e )aily Times says:
"The meeting was begun with prayer
by Rev. W. S. Poyner, after which
Mrs. Wysong sang a solo which was
much enjoyed. Next came the princi.
- lial business of the lay, the election
ofofficers for the year.
J. J. Mc.Fall who gave such emi
nently satisfactory service as- presi
dent of the association for the past
-nanimously re-elected to
Other offigers elected
ws: Vice president, Miss
mzie. secretarytrdasir
lyn Lea; corresponding
orge Briggs.
'e, state superintendent
-clect, gave the teachers
a very interesting and helpful talk.
In his address Mr. Hope urged1 the
teachers to take an active interest :n
the affairs of the communities in
which they work. In doing this they
would serve the children and
tl 'es. He expressed 'th-s
'ic present disturbed
ices of schools was
ary. The address was
.nd helpful and made a:favor
a impression on the teachers pres
ent.--Timmonsville Enterprise.
Mr. McFall is a son of Mrs. Vesta
McFall of Pickens. His many friends
here are always glad to hear good
things about him, and expect to hear
more and more as the years go by.
First Grade.-Cora Lc Crumpton,
Sara Ligon, D ss.- McNeely, Janet
Davis, Oscar Reeves, Angie Pace.
Second Grade.-Lce Chastain,
Courtney McKinney, Laura Turner,
Clarence Parker, Grace Revis.
Third Grade.-Zelda Rampey, Stella
Lowe, Lois' Davis, Milton Pace, Maisi
Gantt, Dora Noble, Teddie Thomas
Fourth Grade.-Vivian Spearman.
Gladys Thomas, Mary Medlin. ethel
Aiken, Nellie Paruo.
Fifth Grade.-Theodore Srpearman,
Loc Pace, Tot Cannon.
Sixth Grade.--Broadus Holder,
Shirley McNeely. Lis Stewart.
On last W
but now we h&
We are to b
sure and- get yoLe
(bn Thursday
9 'c for eachf
>ugh our bi
)nr Men's i
-Heavy weight, good quali
ing. All colors, sellig eve
14 1-2c
For severa years the orphanage
- in this state, and in other Souther:
i states, have observed. a. custom tha
, now be'come welt establishes
among our Sunday schools. Join
request is made by Thornwell. Or
phanage, the Church some Orphan
age, Epworth Orphanage and Connie
Maxwell Orphanage that all peopl
who love God and little children wil
contribute the income or the wage
of at least one day to the orphanag
of his choice. It is suggested tha
the plan be handled in everySunda:
School in South Carolina by announ
cements made well in advance ant
that a Saturdy be selected on whicl
everybody -including the childre.
shall devote himself to a task 0o
special job if necessary, and cont:
bute the income of the day at hi
church on the following fundav
Perhaps in some places it may pr :vc
more acceptable to have eve'sthin,
brought in on Thank;.giving :1y,
Each community may work out its
own plan for the obscrvanc- of 'he
day but it is hoped that man' thous
ands of our people will adept ahe
scheme. If the friends of the orphan
should with any sort of unanimity
"nter into the prof;'sed obk~ervr nee
of the day there is little doubt that
cach of our four church orphanages
would receive enough to supply the
current needs for some time to come.
Notice is hereby given that I wll
make application to N. A. Christopher
Esq., Judge of Probate for Pickens
ecunty, in the State of South Caro
lina, on the 16th Clay of December,
1922, at 11 o'cloc.k in the forenoon.
or as soon thereafter as said appli
cation can be heard, for leave to
make final settlement of the personal
estate of John W. Thomas, deceased,
and obtain discharge as administra
trix of said estate.
Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas,
My wife., Missouri Turner, having
left my hemc and board without my
.knowledge or consent and without
cause, this is to notify all persons
not to hire or harbor her, under full
penalty of tine law. R. W., Turner
This. stor
aturday we gave
ave decided to gi
egin giving this money
r part.
t, Friday and Saturday
$1.00 you spend with
g stock and then your
ud boys suits. Overco:
ity Out- Good quality Campi
rywhere hams in various cheecks.
and 20c value
1and 14
Ta.wor-Giquiqu Tie and -Pole Co.
offer at both Piektns and Seneca to
the person hauling the most ties by
s Xmas Day $50.00, to the person haul
3 ing the second 'greatest number
c 425.00; to the person haulig the
I third greatest number $15.00; to the
t person hauling the fourth greatest
- number $10.00. This offer has. only
- been running a short while and
a counts until December 23rd.' Few
3 ties have been hauled the last few
I weeks on account of th. people being
Lusy with their crops but they are
beginning now. u get busy.
We, the undersigned hereby prohi
bit all persons from hunting, fishing,
cutting timber or trespassing in any
manner upon our lands, under full
penalty of the law.
B. E. Porter, E. F. Collins.
E. D. Childress, T. H. Holliday,
L. P. Stephens, S. S. Childs,
J. D. Stancell, Hovey Murphree,
J. A. Hunnicutt, J. D. Davis
S. E. Mauldin, B. H. Powert,
R. B. Iunnic utt, J. E. Gillespie,
Mack Durham, J. B. Powers
W. L. Pressley, J. C. Stewart,
J. J. Lee, J. L. Murphree
T. R. Merck, J. H. Powers
S. W. Williams, B. R. Parrott.
J. M. Gillespie, J. T. Dillard,
J. M. Brazeai, J. F. Lewis,
S R Ellenburg Toni Childs
Sam Griffin J. B. McKee
N S Stewart W. P. McKee
G W Brazeale I M Durham
L Copel B 'B Crenshaw
J E Allgood G W Durham
S P Marchbanks N B Roe
John A Durhpm W B Nations
J L McKee J E Stewart
Tulley H. Holliday.
Mrs. Elizabeth Murphee.
Arthur W Stephcns
The Taylor-Colquitt Tie and Pole
CO. are going to give on Xmas Day
$100.00 in cash prizes at both Pick
c.ns afd Seneca. These pu izes are
leing given to the persons hauling
the mest ties. Think of it. Some
mans little family will he made'hap
py Xma.s day. Why not yours? If
;"ou begin to haul now you will stand
' good chance as few ties were hauled
l&:st month on account of gather'-ng
$10.00 per cord for dogwood at West
minster. I Carolina hardwood Com
pany. See J. S. Price, for specifi
cations etc. 4t
must be emptied
one customer $20~
re away $500.00 fn4
away Thursday mornii
we are going to give 3
us. Our sale prices re
share of the $500.00 1
its, Raincoats, Ladies C
3rdown ging
Regular 15e. Iay weight at
Regular 50c value
1-2c .10
We will make attractive prices on buggies, farm wa
gons, laprobes, harness, team collars and bridles. Sev
eral nice carriages at a sacrifice.
21416-18 Brown Street GREENVILLE, S. C
Friday and Saturday, November 24 and 25
The Screen Classic of the Year
to the wall---A mighty torrent of bargains
00 free. In this only one customer got free money,
e and let each customer get his or her share.
g and will canitinue to give it a way till Saturday night, so be
ou in money free $1.00 for each $10.00, 50c for each $5.00
main, marked in plain figures, and you will find bargains galore
oats, Coat suits and skirts going below cost.
my wool gloves. Men's socks in white, black and Men's, Ladies and Children's shoes,
blue. 15c to 25c value - - going in sale at ,
cl 1c 98c to'$.48
Thi EY ee ClPsi ensh Ya

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