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it Incena,"sthteacher.~m
Use %11'1'("111{ i, hYH :
8 AI.PI", ft tl e, 41l- ~Replying to ole of tit' (1u'tiOls, a
t wrote: "Tie (ireek
calse was I ineter."
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Globe And Told In Short
Final settlement of the government's
suit against the Derby Manufacturing
Company, of Derby, Conn., growing, out
of war contracts, was announced by
the Department of Justice. Under the
terms of the settlement the company
will pay the government $670,000.
A necklace made of 209 pearls and
weighing slightly less than 400 karats,
which was sequestered from an enemy
citizen, was sold at auction at Paris
for 1,900,000 francs.
Baron Sonnino, twice prime minister
of Italy and also foreign minister dur
Ing the great war, passed away. Re
cently Baron Sonnino attended a ses
sion of the senate as usual and appear
ed in good health despite his advanced
British and French officers of the
inter-allied control commission, who
announced their intention to inspect a
munitions depot at Ingolstadt, Bavarta,
were attacked on their arrival at the
depot by a band ,of civilians, armed
with clubs. A British officer was
Turkey found the great powers of
Europ' arrayed against her on the
question of Western Thrace, on which
she demands a plebiscite, and Greece,
he~lpless and beaten by the armies of
the Ottoman state, left a rather heat
ed session of the Near Eastern con
ference with the feeling that she is
no so abandoned as she feared.
A preliminary agreement for laying
(lown a direct cable from Italy to
America was signed at London recently
in the presence of Dr. Francisco Gian
nini, Italian commercial attache. The
new cable will run from Fiumicine,
near Rome, to New York.
Both Mary and Annie MacSwinney,
sisters of the late Lord Mayor Terence
MacSweney, of Cork, who went on hun
ger strike in protest against the Free
State government, are in 'grave con
dition. Following her physical col
lapse, Annie grew so weak that women
friends removed her to a private hos
pital. Although so helpless that she
could hardly raise a hand, the starva
tion rebel stubbornly refused to take
the warm broth that was prepared for
Federal inland revenue officers have
attIac htd Galii-teurci's share of the re
ceipts of a copeert given at Ottawa,
Canada, recent!:, in an effort to obtain
payment of income taxes of $2,000 al
le ed to he due for concert:.
'The sultan's wives and ladies of the
harem arc overwh Iled with grief -Ind
- disnay over the flight of the sultan
from ('onsitantinople. The eunnnc and
the ladies of thb palace, numbering 300,
wej I bitterly whien the sultan dhepart
oil, and -ooni the Palac, was in ai
st a c of commiot ien.
O)ver fou years after the Germans
ranl upl t he white flag on the wo-sterni
-rout in ilIurol-4. (diplonmat stood0( up
i'('Ire the plena~iry session of the near
"astelrn ialrley at _ Luanne, Switzer
land and pilediged thiemiselves to miark
"ni"on thle worfd1 war'. Delegates
are said to 1)0 in accord that the near
Castcrr liiadd(111. which reached a climiaN
when the Greek armies wecre driven
inito the seai by tile legions of Mustapha
Kemnal. 'Itirkish Nationalist, w~as the
"lasi: pl'asne" of the conflict whic1
started in 1914'.
Governor Gr'oesbeek, of MicliganI,
w~a~s urged bty the Ilouse approp()iriations..
comit tee in a tele'gramlf sent bty Chair
mant Madden to select rep~resentativeo
P at Kllly to fill thle unexpi red term of
8enator Newb~erry, who has resigned.
The telegram staled there was no0 at
Ilmpt on the part of the commliittee
to interfer-e In the seiect ion by Gover
nor Groesbeck, but the committee was
actunated( by a desi4re to "use~ its in
fluence in the pliic goodi."
Enaet ment of the adlministratio)n muer
chant marine bill1 was urged ulpon con
gress iby President Harding as neces
sary to relieve the government of thme
present 'stageming losses" in operation
of the wvar-butilt merchant fleet andi to
estabtlish a prlogrami of assurot hp
ping to serve the nation in war and
give a guaranty of comimercial inde.
itendence in tinme of pea0ce.
'Tho bumreau of labor stattistics has re
ported~ to the dlepartmnent of Iabor01 that
there is an indicated increase of -y
in tihe retail cost of food to the a ver
age family in tihe United Stales dluring
the momnth endiing October1 15.
President H-arding, in a proclamation
made puliic at the white house, sets
aside the week of December ti to 9
as Amierican Education week,
The government's policy with regardh
to the cotton industry was outlined b)y
members of the department of agricuj.
ture's cotton council to the cotton con
ference, heht ini connecion with thet
annual conivtintion of th'' Association
of land-Grant colleges.
The tinmination of Pierce Duter, of
Mimnes-ota, to 1)0 associate justice of
the supreme court of thly United
Sttes, to succeed Wihli RI. D~ay, of
Ohio, resigned, was ser~t by Pres~~idet
ilardling to the senate. Mr. Butler is
an attorney of St. Paul, 56 years old
and n. Democrat
Former Premier Clemenceau, of
France, and his mission to Anericit as
well as the policies of the present
French government were subjected to
a bi-partisan fire in the senate in, a
frank discussion of Franco-American
An invitation to participate with the
International Federation of trades
Unions in a general labor anti-war con
ference at The Hogue December 10
was rejected by President Gompers
and the executive council of the Ameri
can Federation (if Labor.
Mrs. William H. Felton has been
formally inducted into office as the
successor of Hon. Thomas E. Watson.
She is 87 years old, and lives in tur
tersville, Ga. Her husband, Dr. Felton,
was a member of congress in recon
struction days, and she is a woman
of wide experience and knowledge.
President Harding, it is said by those
in the know, will ask congress to pass
legislation making it easier for the
farmers to obtain credit. The presi
dent has announced his intention e.o
push this measure with every intensity
at his command.
Men riding in elevators in buildings
operated by the city of Cleveland are
requested by Mayor Fred Kohler not
to remove their hats.
For the seventeenth consecutive timo
Charles S. Barrett, of Union City, Ga.,
was elected president of the National
Farmers' union in a recent convention
held at Lynchburg, Va.
Ton Dickson who ran away from
the Maryville jail when his keeper
was not lookeing, turned 'lp at the
state penitientiary, Nashville, Tenn.,
four (lays later and announced that he
was ready to begin serving his term
of one to three years.
Days of the James and Younger
boys in Missouri, were recalled at
Gallatin, Mo., when six bandits robbed
the First National bank of -$4,000 in
gold and currency.
Oliver )imitt; Ottuma, Iowa, me.
chanie, is in a critica! condition from
a bullet wound, which probably will
prove fatal, inflicted by a stranger
after i)imitt had remarked that the
stranger looked like Tommy O'Connor,
noted Chicago bandit.
W. C. Marion, formerly cashier of
the Jefferson County bank, which col
lapsed a year ago, and in connection
with which he was accused of a short
age of $27,000, was found guilty of the
first count of the indictment under
which he was tried recently at Louis
ville, Ga.
Harry Orchard, convicted slayer of
former Governor Frank Steunenbergg,
was denied a pardon by the Idaho
board of pardons, which met in special
session. Commutation of sentence was
also denied.
Rev. )avid G. Wills, president of the
Presbyterian Synod of America and
pastor of a church in Astoria, died at
a Long Island City hospital recently of
injuries sustained when he was struck!
by a taxicab in New York. He was
62 years old.
L. P. Lewis appeared before United
Stales.Commioner- \V. C. Carter at
Atlanita. Ga., to answer- chatrgeos of vio
lating the pirohihition laws. lie was
arrest (d by federal agents, who 0 sa id
he ha~d four- pints of whisky withI hint.
Later a r'aidl was dlircetedl at his apat
mont, it was said, eleven pints being
found there.
The town of Fiont Hoyai, Va., was
almost (lest royedl by fire thle othier af
tmnoon, because the water su pply was
not adequate to suppllly the tir-emtan
with enough prtess-ure to euccessfully
cope with the flanmes.
Senator N. 13. Dial of South Carolina,
specaking before the Southern Gommier
cial Congress, in session in Chicago,
the othi~-r day, said tihe pr-esent cot toln
ftu res law did not protect the rights
of time seller. U'nder the prsent sys
teti, lie sa id, the growers stufers h~e
cause puritchasers sell out iheir hsdges
rathber than accept delivery of inferior
(lemneneceau. TigLer of France, was
persua::ded to perminit Iwo New Yoirk
ph ysicis to ma k ant exainta tlon) of
im t, who repaoile thait thbough he is
SI lie has all thle v igor' of a man of 60.
Two da ugh trs of .\otrgani Ptumil-i
who dlied kseently at Sedalia. M~o.,
fotund $7,000 in pennits, niickels, dimes
an s11 ilv~er' doliars their fa ther hiadi bur.
led in a kog undler the smnokehouise.
Fouirt eon liersotns werie injurtedl, one
)erhaipx serioudsly. whlen Missour-i Pa
r'ifiE' pass tiger train No. 103 fromi Kan
s~is City to Little ltock., left the track
six milecs east of Rtus'sellv'lhle, Atrk.
I ishop h~dgar lilake (Methodist) of
P a ris. spoke ini Mountt Vernon Place
Methoditist clhurch neatr Ialtimnore the
othier dlay, the gist of which speech
was: Gierumny is otn the verge of col
lapse tromt the faIlure of her post-war
itimIient, and the !olilapse of Germany
inevitably wotuldl entail thie doewnfaih of
F~ranice, Italy ando the Balkan states
andm p)ossibly the nations of northernt
E'urop2. Eveni more sintister, lie [tinks,
is the menace of the victorious Turkst
in Asia Minor.
The nmanagetment of the Reilley Col.
trles company infe No. 1 at Spang.
or, Pa., wvas held responsible for the
ans exploslin in tho utndergro1md I
~vorkings on November 6, last, wvhen I:
17 men met death, in the coroner's vor
lict returtned at 11arnesboro, Pa.
Seventy minors were killed and sixty ~
njuredl, someo of them seriousl~y, in a
lust exlosiont ini Dolomite in~e No.-'
of the \Voodward Iron conmpany,
ine miles from Birmingham, Ala., ~
vhich trapphed 480 wvorkers beneath the
urtace, accordling to an official state
nent issued by a mine afttatai
SLUMP OF $1,401,000,000, OR THIRTY,
Shrinkage in Business and Repealing
of Laws Responsible, According
to Blair.
Washington--Federal tax collections
-Auring the fiscal year ended Juno 30,
1922, fell off almost $1,400,000,000 or
30 per cent as compared with the
previous year, according to the annual
roport of the internal revenue bureau
issued by Commissioner Blair. In
come and profits taxes collected dur
ing the year showed a decrease of $1,
1-11,000,000, or 35 per cont.
Total tax collections for the year
aggregated $3,297,451,083 compared
with $4,595,357,061 for 1921, while in
come and profits taxes for 1922
:mounted to $2,086,918,464 against $3,
228,137,673 the previous year.
Miscellaneous collections arising
from taxation other than that on in
comes and profits amounted to $1,110.
532.618 for 1922, a decrease of $256,.
686,770, or 19 per cent. This slum;)
Mr. Blair declared. was accounted for
mostly by the repeal or reduction in
rates of various taxes provided for in
the revenue act of 1921, effective Jan
uary 1, 1922.
The net expenditure for collecting
taxes for 1922 we.s $34,286,651,. which
was equivalent $1.07 for each $100,
collected as red with 72 cents
for cacl' revious year ,
the relative cost
of 'seal years 1921
to V ..i. "is (ue main
ly to .eduction in the reve
nues .. incident to the shrinkage
in husiness and incomes, the repeal of
certain nitellaneous war taxes and
various provisions of the law such as
the amortization of war time facill
ties and the increase in individual ex
emptions contained in the revenue act
of 1921, with the consequent reduc
tion in the income tax linility of cor
porations and individuals.
Summary of the income and profits
tax rceipts during the year by stat .s
shew'ed New Ynrk far in the lead in
mtmnoult, witlh $:27 695,268.75. Penn.
sylvania second with $2415.7P8 087i.82
nd illinois third with $170,613.973.91.
evade was low with $561.02'3.45 and
\cw Mexico next to low with $511,
Other states included:
A Ia''amna. $ 00) 980.66; Florida. $8.
133. 2. 21 ; (eo'g1 a. $14 17(1 19 .x2;
Louisia na, $15,477 6.58; \l iss -mippi,
1.405 262.518 11:M is .;i pp1?1 1i ' .a,'A2.
:1; North ('aro!'na.i .2 .17h 559.81;
%iouth (Carolir~ Sn'9 IAll 0-17': ani Tell
~essee. $14!, I74.9:'.5 1; Viri;;inia, $18,
Charged with the Mur':!ar of Five.
I rlisto(l, Va. ---iT'sn Hrchifld, a gedl
withl thle murlider' of tiv'e persons11 whlose
'hiarr'ed bcd ies werel' loun ld in the
Iuinls of a small1 frame buildinig on
W\est State street.
Th'le dead are:
Mr'. and Mr's. .Jlmes WV. Smiithl. hoth1
.hout 50 yea rs o1ld; thir~l dau~lghter'.
Ruby, two years ol; .\lr s. Benl flurch
'ield1, 39 y'ear Is oldl. and h(er01 son, Char
it's Bur'chfield, aged 13 years.
'Thte crime was disenvered whenQ~ the
fire deparltment w~as- called to the ('01m
blinationl residene anud !ro"n-- .
"f Smith on State street. When thle
flames had bleenl extinlgu.olh( d
charred bod ics of tile five wer'e founld
'n the r'uins of the stru'lcture. They
"evidently 11ad beenl hea ten to dealth
withi aln axe or somne other heavy im
'dement anid t he lhouse set nlli're to
hide anly t race of thle ('rime.
llurc'hfiel anld his w :fe hlad been
separated, and he is said to hu,;e.m-d''
Lhreats against lher. The poliledy
he (cam~e to thlefni and s'aidl his wife
was contemplating aI di''or''' and he
'.VOuld( i0 rath' 10? her' d ead t han to
have anlyone else 11ave 11er.
British Embas Issues Sutement.
aking formal n1otie n ofpublished re
)or't s thait thle BI't'shi gover'nment
w~as attempttig to infinance Congress
ar' the Amer'ican nioonII regarding the
'cdminist ra t'ind shipng bill, issued a
Itatemnent dc(larlig n10 such1 attempt
iad taken place,
"The emibassy."~ said the statement,
'denies emphatically that there is
'nly trulth In the allegation."
A similar assurance 's un~derstood
o have been given Secretary Hulghes
nformally by Sir Ancklandl Geddes,
he Biritish amblassadlor.
"Take DoVal-ra" is lrish Order.
Dublin.---Eamon dr'Valera 'may face
firing sqluad1 if he is apprehlended b)y
're State Troops with armis in his5
The order' to "capture' DeValera"
ient out as Free Stnate patrols paced
ho streets alert forl anf uprising to
vonge Ersine Childers. executed a
ow days ago.
The sporadic character of the rebel
ttacks to (late indicates they have
10 leader, and have been disorganized
y the arrests of many of their
strong ' men."
ases throats
y it
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The Intents' and Children's Regulator
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time. Complete formula
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teed free from narcotics,
opiates, alcohol and all
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At all Druggist.
Write for free booklet of
lettersfro-igratefulinothers. ,
215.217 Frlton St. New York l $
General Felling Agenets: (i
Harold F. lietie & Go., Inc.
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G ud'
Pepto-a {
Tonic and Blood Enricher
Ba caches!
*estion Sl's dosths
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Suced thse ( nsstae, tche
pai reievge inu Cn
gstion' reloans e nchi
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ulain hemiuatiit and nuaxa
Brak upj I t congds in ise-t
pains r eling-whedve
congestion rouses pacin.
Sloan's Linimnt-ilspan!
e r ruC JOImrs FDO 'hn mNsID
I~.j ~ e.'.Have yo

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