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P1CKENS, 8. C.
U a Year Invariably in Advance.
ered at 1 ickens, S.. C. PostofBice as
See ond Class Mai Matter.
ARY HIOTT, Editor and Mgr.
have sold my stock in The Pick
Sentin-l Co. to MDr. F. V. Clay
and after this issue of The Sen
Mr. Clayton will be cditor and
ager of the paper.
" r. Clayton is superintcndcnt of
ation of 'ickens county and
s no introductic n to readers of
paper. le is one of our best
most pronin-nt young men.
1 his native ability, splendid
sng and zeal for better things he
no doubt give The S. utinel read
a better paper than i have been
to give thcm. I ask for him the
e fine suppert you have giveni me.
am not going to write a regular
edictory," because I do not like
e things. I must say. however,
I am not leaving Pickens with
regret. I like this place and
the peoplc h. re. No one except
elf knows how good the people
have hee, to me.
have heard if stated that there
not much religion in Pickens,
I want to record it as my opinion
th re will be more people from
vicinity in 'ieaven than from
other section of the same size
zlation. The people may not put
r rclIgion on parade, but most
hem have it in their hearts.
believe it was Sheriff Roark who
sid he ecculd not understand
anybody could live more than
' miles from l'ickens and be sat
d. But since the advent of good
:ls and quick transportation an'l
imunicatin I believe we would
fairly safe in making it twe'
es. So I am going to Greer
y twenty miles away.
After this wee k I w
eenville )aily N
make ge(;d
Id tha"
.is county
.t like home
we will keep in
n other.
quit I must say that the
siders of The Sentinel Co. are
:finest people I have ever done
.d;ness with, and it is a satifactiov
-me to knew that I leave both the
ineOss and printing plant inl bet
shape than I found it.
could write a lot more. but it is
use to (10 it.
I leave Pickens wvith ill will to
~d. none, but with love for all.
The bird wvhy plays
A s:c;(yihone
By all means ought
To live alone.
..-Cincinnati Enquirer
Hie wvhc toots upon
A flute
Should be beaten
Wicked Brute!
-"Topces of the Day'' Films
He ought to be
Towed out to sea
Who plays a/
-Houston Chronicle.
She who drums .on
A pianner
Should surely Blip
On a banaria.
"Topics of the Day' 'Films.
The one who plays
The flageolet
Deserves the kicks
~-He's sure to get.
-Hasting (Neb.) Tribune.
A 'trombonist
*Folks will agree
Should practice on
The deep blue sea.
-Canton Daily News.
The luke who tweeks
A mandolin
Had best be out
* When I come 'In.
Arkon Thes..
*' The duck who plays
A violin
Adeep, deep well
He should fall in.
-.Topics of the Day" Fflms.
IThe bird who twhngs
ObheWd be spanked
J~ I ' About twfoe daily.
Hamiltop GantU,. John Gantt, Henry
Gantt, Ben Gantt, Frank Gantt and
Phillis Jenkins, Plaintiffs, ., .
Sallie Washington, Defendant.
In pursuance of a decretal order
made 'n the above stated case by his
Honor T. S. Sease, Presiding Judge,
dated Octob r 3rd, 1922, and to me
directed, I will scll to the highest
bidder on
during the legal hours for public
sales before the Court IHouse door at
Pickens. S. C., the following two
tracts or lots of land, to-wit.
All that piece, parcel or lot of
land ly'ng and being in the county
and state aforesaid on waters of
Twelve Mile river, bounded by lands
on the south of R. J. Phiipt'6, on the
east by J. H. Rowland, and on the
north by the estate of E. H. Law
rence. and containing six acres, more
or less, as shown by a deed made to
Ridge Gantt by R. G. Gaines, .et al,
dated Jan. 3, 1906, anid recorded in
Pickens county in Book C. C.. page
Also all that piece, parcel or lot
of land lying and being in the State
and county aforesaid in the town of
Calhoun, bounded on the north by
Henry Gantt, on the West by Dani..l
English, South by Nellie Wilson, and
East by colored church lot, and con
tai.ing one-half acre, more or less.
TERMS: Cash on day of sale; pur
clhaser to pay for all papers, revenue
stamps and for recording the same.
If purchaser fails to comply with the
terms of the sale within a reasonabi'
time the land will be resold r'
risk of the former purcl'
R. P
Nov. 14, 192''
,->mith trading
.lame and style of
y and Company, Plai-n
A. Wilson Lesley, C. M. Folger,
cashier, and J. P. Carey, Defen
In pursuance of a decretal ordei
made in the above stated case anc
signcd by his Honor T. J. Mauldin
Judgeof the 13th Judicial circuit, al
clambers on the 10th .day of Noveip
her, A. D., 1922. I 'will sell to th<
highest bidder on
(luring the legal hours for pulblic
sales before the Court House (1o0
at Pickens, S. C., the following des
crtibeCd real estate to-wvit:
IAll that certain' piece. parcel o
tract of land, lying in Easley an<
Liberty Townships, Pickens county
containing thirty-one acres, mlore on
less, adljoining lands of J M. Lesley
V~ F. Le'sley, Frank Lesley an<
others. This being part of my fathel
IW. II. J. Leoley's estate, and wa:
convoyed to me by A. J. Boggs, cler
of Court for Pickens County, S. C
See dleedl book L L, page 8, Clerk':
office for Pickens county, to whici
deedl reference is hereby made.
TERMS: Cash on day of sale, pur
chaser to pay for 'all papers, revenui
stamps andl for recording the same
If purchaser fails to compllly wvitl
the terms of sale within one homi
after the sale the land will be re
si~ld at the risk of' th'e former pur
Shl'riff Pickens County.
Nov. 4, 1922.
Ex'parte, Ada C. Alexander, Admin
Estate of F. E. Alexander, deceased.
'Persuant to an order~ signed in the
above entitled miatte'r', November 14,
1922, by N. A. Christopher, Judge
of Probate for Pickens County, South
Carolina, I will sell to the highest
bildder, for cash. Saturday, December
2nd, 1922, at 10:30 a. mr. all the per..
sonal property owned by F. E. Alex
ander, deceased, ,nowv stored in the
Old Hickory Inn. Pickens, S. C., con
sting of bed stea4g, springs, mat
tresses, bureads, I'dr'essers, tables.
Walstands, rocking chairs, straight
chairs. ,bowls, pitchiera and various
other pieces of household furniture.
Sale to be. hld in front of Old Hick
ory Inn in he town of' Pickens.
Ad O. Al der A Jistratix
W. W, Ford, Plaintiff,
L. K. Couch, R. F. Lenhardt, J. W
Marshal, T D.. Bates, American
Slicing Machine Co., W. H. Ballen
tine, Remington Machine Co., Mc
Cray Refrigerator Co., abid R. E.
Bruce, Trustee of L. K. Couch.
Bankrupt, Defendants.
In pursuance of a decretal order
made in the above stated case by his
Honor T. J. Mauldin, Judge of the
13th Judicial Circuit, at chambers.
Pickens. S. C., dated the 11th day of
November, 1922, I will sell to the
highest bidder on
during the legal hours for public sjples
before the court House door at Pick
ens, S. C., the following described
real estate ami personal Droperty, to
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land lying and being situate
in Easley Township, State and Coun
ty aboved named, adjoining lands of
Jasper Oats, C. M. Smith, W. M. Bal
lentine, Sam Bowen and Mrs. W. W.
Ford, and containing 135.4 acres,.
more or less, and being the same
tract of land this diy conveyed to
me by W. W. Ford.
All those two certain lots 1:
on North Main street in r'
Easley, County and St
and known as lots -
the plat of s&,l
said lots b- -
Main stri c;A
der of .
- : A . t eet,
* ch Main
View Hotel
of W. L. and F.
cast, Ellison-MulUigan
..d being the same lots con
to L. K. Couch by Mrs. L. J.
.ekens and others by deed dated the
day of June, 1920, to which deed
reference is hereto made.
One Refrigerator Counter No. 1236
as shown on page 22 of catalogue 72.
One Cooler 10 ft. wide and 14 ft.
deep and 12 ft. high. Freezer in
rear 4 ft. deep, 10 ft. wide. Three
retail windows in front, one entrance
door R. H. end, one door in partition
between cooler and Freezer, front
finished same as No.88, unvarnished.
remainder pine painted. Five inch
l walls in cooler, six inch walls in
freezer. For a fuller description of
these fixtures reference is hereby
- made to contracts entered into by
the McCray Refrigerator Company
andl L. K. Couch, dated June 29th
and Septemiber 'ith, 1920, and record
ed in office of Clerk of Court for
Pickens county in chattel mortgage
-look C. C., pages 50 to 52 and. 95.
One No. 5-13. Remington Refrig..
o ration Machine complete, having'fly
I wheel 41 I'nches in diameter, 11 inch
,fare for belt powver. Two six inch
Amonia gages mounted on orna
,mental gage board, one double pipe
I Amionia Condenser, 1 stand 12 pipes
high 19 ft. long, oyer all. Oil Sep
arator, one steel ice tank 23x 12
3x40 of 3-16 steel, and all other
items as shown by specification No.
6689 from Remington Machine Co.
t~o L. K. Couch, re'cordedl in Clerk's
office for Pickens County, Volume C.
C. C., pages 457 to 462.
One American Slicing Machine and
one Pedestal.
TERMS: Cash on day of sale. pur
chaser to pay for all papers, revenue
stamp~s and for recording the same.
If the purchaser fails to comply with
the terms of the sale within one
hour after said sale, the property
herein described will be resold at 'the
risk of the former purchaser.
Sheriff Pickens County.
.Nov 14, 1922.
Money to Loan
We can loan you any amount of
money from $1,000 to $25,000 for a
period of 33 years, giving you the
privi-lege of repaying I at the end
of five years if you want to.
It is not required that the borrow
31 live on the farm In order to borrow
from u,.
No red tape.
OAice Over Keowee' Pharmacy
Phone 89 Plckenis, 8. C.
There's nothing like it. And y ou generally find it here. We are c onsta y fill ng -in our stock. As
fast as it is broken we reorder, buyin g itramall quanities late in the fall,' thereb giving yd' fresh clean mpr
chandise at right prices.
Our third shipment of mens, wo mens, misses, boys, and childrens shoes. A ! ,"t w(
wonder, and at prices that cannot b e duplicated. Ask the people who w ear the. . I t
three months shoe you can find it m ost any old place. But if you are lo oking for a twelve months shoe this
is the place you are lookink for. -
Another 'shipment of cotton an d all wool sweaters for boys, girls, m en and women,-.,at even lower prices
than our first shipments. Get your 'n before cold weather.
Goods are not going any highe r, for the next six months anyway. Coats spool thread 150 yds to the
spool 5c. Plenty of it and more to f ollow. All other goods in proportio n.
Carhart overalls, Griffon Clothe s, Stetson Hats, and many other w ell known lines of quality, at same
price as early in the fall.
We are not running Auction S ales, Closing Out Sales, and Guessin g Contests.,,,ur one and only in
cement for you to trade with u a is a Square Deal, and the Best goo ds for the Letist Mbney.
Olotllin,, Shoes, hats and tents' Furnishing foods a Specialty
Call for Pictorial Review Patterns
The books for the collection of .F o rd s o
State and County taxes will be open
1rom October 15, 1922, to December THE UNIVERSAL TRACTOR
31st, 1922..
Those who prefer to can pay in . /.
Ianuary, 1923 with 1 per cent aldi
,ional. Those who prefer paying in - -
Febrtary, 19223, may do so with 2 y
')er cent additional. Those who pre- ~' s
er paying in March 1923, to the 15th .
>f saki month, may do so by an ad
lition of 7 per cent. After said date .
;he books will close.
Those who do not wish to come to -
he office can write me and I will
furnish them with the amount due -
and they can remit me by check,
money order or registered mail. --
Please do not send money without
registering same, as it is liable to --
get" lost and it is at senders risk.
State Levy, 7 1-2 mills. -
Ord Co., 10 mills.
Co.Sch ools, 3 mills.
Road Bond, 3 1-22 mills.
Special Roads, 6 mills.
Total, 31 mills.
Road Tax, $3.00.4
'Levy for interest on Pickens R. R. 4~rOB.E R
Bonds, Hurricane towvnship, 2 mills. FOB ER I
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R.
Bonds, Eastatoe towvnship, 2 1-2 mills.' ,'
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R.
Bonds, Pickens towvnship, 2 mills.
Poll tax $1.00 . (One Dollar.)
Evecry male person between the ages
of 21 to 60 years is iable except those R d~
xeusedi by lawv.
Commutation Road Tax, $3.00. All ( iO I
persons owing (logs are required to\/
pay a tax of $1.25 on each (log. Dog\f
tax must be paid by February 1, 1923. du t n
.Special School tax by Districts
District No. 1, 7 mills. O S -
District No. 2, 11 mill:.
Distriet No. 3, 8 mills.
District No. 4, 8 mills. Farming, like every other business, must cut
District No. 5, 12 mills, down the overhead.
District No. 6, 8 mills.
Ditrit No. 7,0 mlls. .It is not a question of being able to afford a
D istrict N o. , 20 m ills. F r ~ n t 1 u ~ i n o e n 'd l o n
District No. 1, 20 mills. Fo d o ;its a q e t on o e n b e t o
District No. 1, 16 mills. tinue farming on the old too-COStly basis.
District No. 12, 24 mills.
District No. 13, 15 mills. Thefarmer's problem sSDtala aes prowem'
Ditric"t No. 6,80 mills. .it is also a produCtion problem.. lie: mUSt Cut
District No. 18, 14 mills, down the Cost of produCtion. *....
District No. 19, 8 mills.
Dsct No. 20,8 11mlls. The Fordson does more work at .lower cost
District No. 22, 8 mills. and in less time than the old hand methods.
District No. 23, 10 mIlls. e syutepof ,poeo
District No. 24, 10 mills. I~ sgive 70 hepO~. ritephn
District No. 25, 14 mills. - call today.
District No. 20, 14 mills.
District No. 27, 12 mills.
District No. 28, 8 mills.
District No. 29, 10 mIlls. -. P.S TT N,*
District No. 3, 20 mills. Authorized Ford and Lincoln Dealer.
District No. 3, 20 mills.
District- No. 3, 11 mills. iCkens, S. C.
District No. 35, 11 mills.
District No. 35, 11 mills.
District No. 37, 8 mills. --.-.......____*
District No. 38, 16 mills. ., ..
Dstrict No. 40, 8 mils. .====
D strec No. 1 8 ills. The Taylor-Colquitt Tie and Pole
Distrvict No. 42, 1 mills. Co. are going to give on Xnmas Day My wife, miobuuri Turner, having
District No. 44, 18 mills. 100 ahpie tbt ik
District No. 4, 15 mIlls. $10.0 an Snca piaT b Pick eft my home..and board without my
District No. 47, 15 mills. bens an-ea Tese przes are knowledge: ort - onsent and without
Distric~t No. 4, 14 mills, beng given to the persons haul''ng cause, this istto notify all persons
District No. 48, 15 mills. tems is hn fi.Sm
District No. 0, 15 mills, tms titts fam i ofl it. Sme' not to hre or:.harbor her, under full
District No. 5, 8 mills, man litef ml il b ae hP- penalty of .thelaw e R. W. Turner.
District No. 52, 8 mills. py Xmas day. Why not yoars? If *
District No. 55, 16 mIlls. y'ou begin to haul now you will stand.; ,', ,
District No. 56, 8 mills. ~ a good chance as fow ties wore hauled' Bald Inb, i~aley and other Ped- 4
0. T. Eitn last month on accognt of gather'ng ens couasJan1emtaiuis .were covered
* . F County Treasurer. Cr'ops.-. / , ." with an#,w' Tdesday 'aerning.

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