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Rev. W. B. Ju i t14 famil havo
arrived in our 3 y to take up his
new work at the Grace M thodist
church. He held Wos" first ervices
Sunday. morning and the lar e numn
ber that were present wen away
well pleased and giiatly benefited.
-Rev. Mr. Justis is really no a-:rang
er in ,oqr midst. A number 'of years
ago Mr. Justis lived in Pickens hav
ing charge 'of the Pickens High
school. It was then that he first me:
as a
- - cher. t
r ';ul as]
i1. wel
'.;l to
The farmers of this section are the
nearest out of jobs than they have
been for sometime. The crops are
about all gathered, a very large grain
crop has been sown, and a lot of fall
plowing has T'een done, but a good
rain is badly needed as the ground is
very lard and dry.
Rev. B. G. Fields preached a most
able and instructive sermon on the
present day evils, on last' Sunday
morning. A' apecial offering was tak
en for the Connie Maxwell orphanage
amounting to about seventy-five dol
lars. The Sunday' sch'ol and the B.
Y P. U. are in a Flourishing condi
tion. Pastor fields has again accept
ed this work for next year.
The school at this place is doing
nicely with Mrs. Morehead as princi
Mr. Andy Heaton is very sick at
Mir. and Mirs. B D. Lathem an
nounce the birth of a daughter on
November 19th.'
Taylor-Colquitt Ti. ,and Pole Co.
offer at both Pikc'ns and Seneca to
the person hauling the most ties by
X mas Day $50.00, to the person haul
irg the second greatest number
$25.00; to the person hauli'ng the
third greatest number $15.00; to the
1,erson hauling the fourth greatest
number $10.00. This offer has only
been running a short while and
counts until December 23rd. Few
a hon hauled the last. few
of the people being
irops."bot they are
30 get busy.
S. ; ..... this community is
very good at present.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Maw spent
Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs.
R. L. Green.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. -Nix spent'
Thursday night with Mr. and Mrs. B.
S. Scruggs.
Mrs. Bettie Nix is visiting her son
Mr. J. H. Nix.
Miss Grace Yates wvas the visitor
of Misses Minnie and Mattie Jewel
on last Sunday afternoon.
Miss Bessie Nix spent Sunday
night with her friend Miss Rassie
Nix of Lathem..
Mul'iins Enterprise.
Last Saturday Tranton Gerald, col
ered, was out hurnting. His dog
treed and when lhe went to "the dog
he found a big rattle snak'e "coiled"
and ready for action. Tranten.did
not shoot the reptile, as most people
would have (lone, but saw his chance
ot "commercialize," and: iiediately
put his wit to work tt' take the rat
tier alive. This was done by use of
a snare, which he droppd 'over' the
snake's thead, and tighteued upon. it,
lifting hihn into a box ' and closing
the lid. The snake 'had 30 'raiEles,
though It was only libout eight feet
Iong and four inches thick, arg~und
tt~e body.
Tranton will grive exhIbW'oit. on
.the street next Saturday, and any
one wanting to see a thirty-year-old
If as
The Taylor-Colqitiltt ('Tie and Pole
Co. are going to give oen. Xmas Day
$100.00 in cash prizes at both Pick
ens anil Seneca. These'"pizeu 'are
being given to the perbonwi hubulng
the most ties. Think of it. Some
mans litte family will be made lipp
py Xmas day. Wfly notr yo'ird' If
you begin to haul now you 4IBfled
&a good chance as felw..Mos wAhluted'
kMs month on aceduat of gather'ag
erops. I
Spartanburg Journal.
According. to the Horry Herald
tome tobacco farmers in that county
have cleared this year over onu
housand dollars on their tobacco
rops grown on farms ranging from
wo to four acres. In addition, the
lame farmers have made good fool
rops, have money in the banks and
nough besides to keep them going
omfortably without drawing on
heir reserve. Commenting on this
statement of The Herald, the Pich
ns Sentinel says:
"There are many small pa.cne. ot
obacco grown throughout , Pickens
ounty for home use. County Agent
3owon says It could be profitably
,rown in this county on a commer
ial scale."
Why not? If tobacco can be
,rown in Pickens county and in
ther counties in this great Pied
nont Belt "for home use," and a
uperior quality of we d at that,
here is no reason why, as Mr.
3owen has said, tobacco could not
e cultivated here as a commercial
rep . It was said yesterday by two
List of claims against Picken
and Comnissioners and paid in
J. W. Julian, rural police... . .
W L Dickson, magistrate.... ..
Peoples Oil Co., gasoline.._. ..
P. E. Woodruff, county physician
J. B. Anthony, county hand.
L. T. Jones, county hand
Freight and Express.....
Chas. Herd, aid to poor.
W. B. Gaillard, county hand
D. L. Hudson, county hand...
D. W. Bryant, road work
M. R. White, county hand, etc. __
Jim Poole, janitor....
O. S. Stewart, clerk -of court,
Ellis Campbell, surveyor's asst.
J. L. Hunter, county hand._ __
W. J. Lewis, cook and cash pain
W. A. Grant, cook and cash pa
R. T. Chapman, rural police.._.. -
B. G. Nealy, road foreman, Au
Cliff Adams, county hand.......
Guy Nealy. foreman, July, Aug.
T. A. Bowen, county agent... -
Sam Hill, work at poor farm... ..
Mrs. M. J. Cauley, aid to poor -
Standard Oil Co., oil and gas....
Pay Roll Guy Nealy camp... -
A. G. Morr 's, bridge work . ..
W. H. Orr, road work---- ---
J. C. Chappil, road work_.. __ .
W. J. B. Chapman, read work..
J. G. Banks, aid to cid soldier.,.
A. 1111, work at poor farm.... ..
'T. M. Jamirofh, bridge work -
J. W. Garrett. blacksmith wor<
Jake Nabors, bridge work-- .
B. P. Ellcnburg, road work-. -
J. I. Williams, lumber and brad;
W. M. Gravley, road work... --
W. A. Bryson. road work.. . _
John L. Burgess, bridge and lui
John F. Lesley, co. bcommnissione
Charles Lesley, road andl bridg<
W. R. Me.Kinney, bridge work...
0. B. Clark, roadl work_...
Bivens & Co., supplies....
T. E. Oliver, road wvork..-- .
0. D. Epps, lumber-..
S. C. Kelley, constable....
J. A. Finley, co. commiissconer..
Kcowec Pharmacy, supplies.....
T. E. Martin, lumber... ....
F. H. Stansell, covuty hand.. .
.L. S. Galloway. magistrate.
Sam Hill, 3 days work at poor
Ivan, Allen, Marshall & Co., su
United Army Stores, supplies...
Freight & Express......-__......
State Highwvay Dept., rent on tr
Morris & Co., supplies.......
W. H. Orr, 2'days road wvork ...
A. G. Mords, bridge wvork ... ....
Water at court house and jail _
Texas Co., gas, oil, etc.. .... .
Wm Ferguson, supplies---...-...
Finley & Whitmire, supplies.. ....
Peoples Oil Co., supplies ... ....
Freight and Express.........
W. C. Dobson, road work.. ... .
Ezekil Madden, bridge work.... .
'E. F. Kei'th, hauling and bridge
Demps McJunkin, road and shop
A E. Davis, trac'tor engineer...
D. L. Hudson, county hand... ....
J. B Anthony, county hand-.. ...
C. L.,Adams, road work .. ....
W A. Neal & Son, supplies........
Pay Roll Guy Nealy camp c....
Telephone rent and toll..-...
Coal for court house and jaiL..
Dr. W. M. Ponder, autopsy.....
A. Hill, work at poor farm... ..
WV. A. Grant, salary and cash p
C. B. Grant, lumber.......... ..
J. T. McKinney, conveying luna
Finley & Whitmire, supplies....
Dillie Roper, aid to poor, Aug.,
H-. P. Sitton, Jr., supplies and r
W. R. Edens, constable work...
WV. B: Gaillard, county hand.....
Dr. P. E. IWoodruff, county physi
A. G. Morrig, lumber..........
Homer Jones, tractor engineer.
L. T. Jones, county hand ......
A. E. Davis, tractor engineer...
J. B. Anthony, county hand.... ...
M. R; White, county. hand.... --.
Lewis Holeombe.ncountf~ hand,....
F. HI. Stansell, county hand.... ...
.W. A. Grant, cook and cash pall
W. J. Lewis, cook and..cash pa
W. J. stewart. bridge work...
cotton plariter . of this: caunty- that
the late Colonel ,T. 3. Moore experi
monted with growing tobacco as a
commercial crop about thirty years
ggo but without encouraging results
and that sinc . his experinent little,
or no interest had been taken in
growing the weed in Spartanburg
county as a money-crop. But that
is not like Spartanburg. There are
men still living in this county, who
will recollect when the cultivation of
cotton was not particularly promis
ing in Spartanburg.
The United States Census of 18i0
showed that in the Piedrmont Region
of South Carolina, embracing thQ
I eleven counties as they were then
known of Abbeville, Anderson,
Chester, Edgefield, Fairfield, Green
ville, Lancaster, Laurens, Newberry
Spartanburg and York--'748,510
acres of land were planted in cotton
on which only 274,318 bales were
'produced. It would not be regarded
nowadays, even with the bdll Weevil
at his worst, as very good farming
for the farmer of usual intelligence
and industry in this part of the Pied
mont Region to make only about
one-third of a bale to the are. The
s county approved by Supervisor
September, 1922:
-- -- ---- ---------- $150.50
-- -- -- -- --.. .. .. 62.50
-- -- -- ---- - --- -- 115.84
-- -- ---- ------ ---.. 50.00
-- ----- ---- -------. 30.00
-- -- -- ------ ------ 41.88
- --- - -- --- -------- 3.70
--- -- -- -- ..---.-- 6.00
- -- -- -- ------ ---- 50.00
-- -- -- ---------- 40.00
-- -- ---- -- -..- ... 1.50
-- -- --- -- ---- --. .-- 61.00
---- ---- - --.--.-- 30.00
te.-- ------- ---- ----z 304.00
-- -- -- -- -- ------- 2.50
--- -- .. 24.00
out -- -- ------ ------ 61.45
id out -- .- -- -------- 59.35
- -- -- - --- -- --- 150.50
. - -85.00
- -- - -- - ---- - -- 30.00
-- - -- - -- --- --- 150.00
. .- -- - - - - ------ 25.00
; work- ----------9.90
- -- ---- --- --- --- 3.00
------------- -- 168.10
- -- -- - - - ---- --- 5.10
-- - --- --- ----1.00
- -- -.--- . . - 82.45
- -- --- -- -- --- 9.35
-- - -- - -- - -- --- 3.00
- -- - -- -- - -- 10.00
far-- - - - - -- - 12.50
-- - -- ------ 68.35
-- -- - -- - - -- - - 3.00
---- --- -- - - -- 134.90
,e work-- -- -- ------30.68
-or-- .. . .-----------1 .30
aid o.--.--- ----------1.73
apar work 1 - -
1 2.48
work------------- 4.00
15u----------3 .45
-- - - - - 14.00
low production, the lack of market.
iisg facilities, the uneettled labor
conditions of the period when these
figures were assembled, the newness
of the crop in this part of the State
did not deter the farmers from per
severrng in their mastery of the
art of 'growing cotton as a commer
cial crop, until last year, Spartan
burg ranking as the second largest
cotton-growing county in the United
States. It might be, we think it
would be, practicable for Spartan
"burg to be one of the largest to
bacco-growing counties in the United
States. Why not?
In its last number the Mullins En
terprise printed a very interesting
story about growing tobacco as a
commercial crop in this State. "Up
to September 1, the auction tobacco
warehouses of South Carolna an:l,
the markets of Fairmnot, Whiteville
and Fair Bluff, avhich are in what
is known as the South Carow,
bacco Belt, had sold 26,555,628
pounds of tobacco." "McFarland,"
a. person evidently of note in tobacco
circles, predicted early in August
that the auction houses would sell
this season in the South Carolina
Belt forty-two million pounds of the
finest tobacco in the world if the
farmers would go about the busi
ness in earnest, and any crop that
would 1Ti four milion dollars in I
cash to the men who made it would
be worth while as "a commercial
Any one owing The Sentinel any
account prior to Dezember 1, 1922,
will please see me about it this week.
Any one having an account against
The Sentinel or me personally will
please give mc a statement of it this
week. Gary Iott.
Pickens is fortunate, in having a
cash market for cross tics. Not only
do Taylor-Colquitt Tie and Pole Co.
buy. white oak but they also buy red
oak ties. They have a. tie inspector
at Seneca as well as at Marietta.
A. S. Porter, Esq., who has served
as clerk of the l6cal W. 0. W. camp
for many years, resigned at the last
meeting. A. J. Boggs. Jr., was elect
ed clerk and dues will be payable
first of each month at the Kcowee
Cottofl crop is light and corn is
cheap; cross ties is your money crop.
Get busy they are bringing a good
price and the season :s now at hand.
Why be idle fror. now on; make your
time count like others who are haul
Our sale has be
we appreciate the
bought. We are dc
that- you want at th
New Goods
We are glad to
give you real bargai
Come and see fi
We appreciate
that you will find or
Everything in c
We, the uidorsigned hereby prohi
bit all, persons from hunting, fishing,
mtting timber or trespassing in any
manner upon our lands, under full
penalty of the law.
B. E. Porter, E. F. Collins,
E. D. Childress, T. H. Holliday,
L. P. Stephens, 8. S. Childs,
J. D. Stancell, Hovey Murphree;
T. A. Hunnicutt, J. D. Davis
S. E. Mauldin, B. H. Powors,
Rt., B. Hunnicutt, J. E. Gillespie,
Mack Durham, J. B. Powers
W. L. Pressley, J. C. Stewart,
J. J. Lee, J. L. Murphree
['. R. Merck, J. H. Powers
S. W. Williams, B. R. Parrott.
J. M. Gillespie, J. T. Dillard,
J. M. Brazea%,, J. F. Lewis,
R R Ellenburg Tom Childs
Sam Griffin J. B. McKee
S Stewart W. P. McKee
W Brazenle I M Durham
Copel B'B Crenshaw
E Allgood G W Durham
a P Marchbanks N B Roe
Fohn A Durham W B Nations
f L McKee J E Stewart
Tulley H. Holliday.
Mrs. Elizabeth Murphee.
Arthur W Stephens
Jack Frost has come at last, and
le is quite welcome.
Does Wonder.
Boneilla Beautifie
Boncilla Van-shit
Boncilla Cold Cr<
Boncilla Face P4
size of ech Bone
Boncilla Ideal Se
Give her Nunnally's candy for '
Southern made for Southern Man
Keowee 1
R. E. Lewis, Prop.
en a success from
way our custome:
>ing our best to ke
is time, and we art
Ila the Sale at
say that we are
ns throughout our
or yourself and tel
your business ai
Lr goods and prices
ur store selling clh
Notice is hereby given that I .w1l
make application to N. A. Christoyher
''sq., Judge of Probate for Pickens
county, in the State of South Caro
lina, on the 16th day of December,
1922, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
or as soon thereafter as said appli
cation can be heard, for leave to
make final settlement of the personal
estate of John W. Thomas, deceased,
and obtain discharge as' administra
trix of said estate.
Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas,
Taylor-Colquitt Tie and Pole Co.
offer at both Pick hs and Seneca to
the person hapling the most ties by
Xmas Day $50.00, to the person haul
i"g the second greatest number
;'25.00; to the person hauling the
I hird greatest number $15.00; to the
l'rson hauling the fourth greatest
number $10.00. This offer has' only
bec-in running a short while and
counts until December 23rd. Few
ties have been hauled the last few'
weeks on account of th, people being
Lusy with their crops but they are
beginning now. S get busy.
5 for the Face
r_... --75c & $1.00
ig Cream.-..75 O
ami.-----.-- 75e
y containing small
illa Preperation 50c
r hanksgiving and Christm..
Phone No. 24
the first dayT and
es have come and
ep goods in7itock
a putting all
Cut Prices
still in position to
I others.
id can assure you
eaper than cottop

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