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desert. "Cameron," solitary pros
pector, forms a partnership with
an unknown man whom he later
learns is Jonas Warren, father of
a girl whom Cameron wronged,
but later married, back in Illinois.
Cameron's explanations appease
Warren, and the two proceed to
gether. Taking refuge from a
sandstorm In a cave. Cameron
discovers gold, but too late; both
men are (lying. Cameron leaves
evidence, in the cave, of their dis
covery of gold, and personal docu
ments. Richard Gale, adventurer,
in Casita, Mexican border town,
meets George Thorne, lieutenant
itt the Ninth cavalry, cold college
friend. Thorrie tells .Gale he Is
thern to save Mercedes Castadena,
Spani i girl, his afilanced1 wife,
from ttoJas. Mexican bandit.
CHAPTER I.-Continued.
"Dick, think, think ! With Mercedes
also it wais love at first sight. My
1)11111 Is to iaarry her and get her far
ther to the interior, away from the
border. It mray not he easy. She's
watched. So ume I. Rojas romst have
got word to his friends here; yester
dny his ganig of cutthroat rebels ar
rived, and today he canme. Wh'lien I
learn('tl that, I took my chance and
left entap; I hunte l up a priest. lie
promised to colie here. It's tlime he's
due. lut I':n afraid he'll he stopped.
You see, we're over tl. line-"
"Are wv lin Aexicai territory now?"
-querled t Gal , sharply.
"I guess yes, old boy. That's what
-coilplicates it. Itojas and his rebels
have aasilta in their hands. If Mer
cedes is reaTly watched-if her iden
tity is known; which I am sure is the
eaise-we couldn't get far from this
house before I'd be knifed and she
"Good heavens! Thorne, can that
sort of thin;g happen lt'ss than a
stone's throw from the United States
' inicre(uloil sly.
a, and don't you forget
seeni to realize the
uerr'lla lenders, these
, and particularly these
else over the mass of
've seei Itojas. lie's a
ld, sneering ldevil, vainer
than ty peacock. le (leeks himself
in gold lade and silver trappings, in
all the finery he cn steal. le spends
gold like lie spills bilood. But he is
'-hielly faiious for ahducting women'i.
The peon girls conilder it an honor
to be rldtd&'n oft with. Riojas has
salown i pecllhant for girls of the het
ter c-lass."
'l'horne wiped the petrspiration from
is pa21le fiace andh benti n aihlark ga ze
out oaf the winudow before lhe res-uined
his talk.
"C'oaisder what tthe posItiotn of Mier
eetle's really Is. .ltoja.senn turatn aill the
hi ideni uindler);rounad tniluetnce's to hiis
endts. Uniless I thlwar at hlim hte'll get
Mercedes as eaisily as lhe enn i light a
cigaret te. Ilut I'll kill himii or somew
oft his gang or bet- hefore I het him
get hter. . .'.Tis Is the situatilon,
01(d frienid. I've little I hue to sparie.
I faee arrest tot' desert 1on. llojas is
in towvn. I think I was followed to
thuis hol el. 'rhe pt-lest hats hotrayed
tme or hats beeni sitopped'. Mlerc''(ee Is
here alone, waIting, absdtehly de0
ia'aenet upon01 mei to) save her Irojni
ftromi. . . She's the swveetest, love
Iliest glirl! . . .Itn a few~ tiotients
soonaer oar a tea' theare'll he hell here!
D ick, are you wvith mne?"
DIck Ga le drew a long, dleep br-eathI.
A coldhness. a lethar-gy, and indiff'er
-enlce tha2t h d wvelghed upon hima for
mioths had passed out of hiis bieIng.
On thei inisitnt he could 1not spealk,
lbut hiis hiami closed piowerfually upon01
his fr-iendo's. Tihornie's face chaniged
wondherful ly, thle (listrtess, thle fear, the
apjpeail all v-aishing hia a smile of
iassionaht e gtraItutlne'ss.
Thten Dick's gaz' attracted biy some1
slight sountd, shot oave. hiIs fiend's
shiouilder to see a facue at the window
--nili hndlsomie, hold. sneer ig face,
withI gIlitterin~g dark-I ey(es thaot Ilishled
in sinister intenitnetss.
Dick st iffetned in is sent. Thlorne,
with sueldon 2 -' -- - -'s
spurs. Hie strode to the indo~(w, andi~
wans in time to see a Mexl(enn swag
ger into the front dloor" of the sahooni.
There were mein pasising in the strieel.
.nlso severa M iexicans lounging
ngainst the hitchIng rail at the curh.
"Did you see himli? Where (d1d1 he
.go?'" whisper'ed Tlhorne, as lie j1oined'
Onae. "Those Gr-enser-s out there with
the Cfartr'idge belts crossed1 over- their
hrensts--they arte rebels. I'm afraid
R~ojas has1 the house spot ted."
"If we could onily he sure."
-"I'm sure, DicIt. ILet's cross the
hiall ; I wvalit to see how It looks from
the othera side of the h'ouse.."
Onale followed 'Thor'ne 0111 of the res
t11aat itt the hiigh-celledh colrridor
whlleh evidlently dlivided the liotel
openhinir into the street aind rulnninfg
back to a natio. .A jnw dim, yenoi,
Author of
Riders of
flickered. Thorne entered a
hamber which was even more
lighted than tlte hall. It con
i tah'e littered with papers, i
acked chairs, a couple pf
couches, and was evidently a parlor.
"Mercedes has been meeting mte
here," said Thorne. "At this hour she
comes every moment or so to the head
of the stairs there, amd if I am here
she coies down. Mostly there are
people in this room a little later. We
go out into the plaza. It faces the
dark side of the house, and that's the
place I must slip out ,vith her if
there's any chance at all to get away."
t'hey peered out of the open win
dow. In i moment, however, Gale
iade onut a slow-pacing dark form on
the path. Iarther down there was
another. No particular keenness was
reaulred to see in these forms a sen
tinel-like stealthiness.
Gripping Gale's armi, Thorne pulled
back from the window.
"You saw them)," he whispered. "It's
Just as I feared. RIojas has the place
surrounded. I should have taken Mer
Cedes away. But I had no time-no
chnne ! I'm hound! . .'here's
Mercedes now ! My G_-d
Dick, think, think-think if there's a
way to get her out of this trap !"
Gale turned as his friend went down
the room. In the dim light at the head
of the stairs stood' the sImha, muffled
figure of i womnan. When she saw
Thorne she flew noiselessly down the
stairway to him. ie caught her In
his arms. Then she spoke softly, bro.
keniy. in a low, swift voice. It was a
mingling of incoherent Spanish and
English; but to GIle it was mellow,
deep, unutterably tender, a voice full
of joy, fear, passion, hope and love.
Upon Gale it lad anl ilnaccountable
effect. ie found himself thrilling,
Thorne led the girl to the center of
thei room, under the light where Gale
"Mercedes-Diek Gale. an old friend
-the best friend I ever had."
She swept the mantilla back over
her head, dlselosing Ia lovely face,
strange and striking t(. Gale in Its
pride and fire, its Intensity.
"Senor Gale-ah ! I cannot speak
my happiness. Ills friend !"
"Yes, Mercedes; Iny friend tid
yours." said Thorne, speaking rapidly.
"We'll have need of himi. Dear.
there's had news and no time to break
it gently. The priest did not come.
lie must have been detained. And
listen--lie brave, dear Mercedes
litjis Is here!"
She utiere( a an naltleaulutea cry, the
poignant terror of whlici shook ( l:i I's
nerve', Iad swayed as if she would
ifaini. Thoiurni eniught her anid in
huisky voJi(e impilortuniled her to hbar
"Ml arigiFrGd')ae o'
fa int-dlon't go to pieces!I We'dl he
last ! We've got au chanice. We'll
Ithiink of somneting. 1k' strong!
Fight !"'
It was piin to Gaile thint Thior~ne
was dlist ria(ted. 110 seatr(ely knewv
what he was sayIng. Pale and1( Khak
lag, lie clasped Mer'cedes to himii.
She eried ouit i Spaniush, bieseec'h
lng himi; and as lie shiook his head.
she chanliged I a English :
"'Senor, my lover, I will he strona
I will fight--I will obey. Bult swear
\ AT/MniH//HIt
"Bt wer y y irin \f ee\ B
toSv 4,Fo RjaYuWl
"Bteby My Virgin, if Need bete m
fromu Ilojas-youi will kill me!I"
".\ercedes ! .Yes, I'll swear," lie re
piled, hoarsely. "1 know-I'd rather
have you dead titan- Iit dlon't give
lup. 1tojias enni't he sure of you, or
he woulhi't witlt. Hie's in there. Hie's
got his men~i there-all arontd us. But
he hiatesic. A beast like Itojas
dloesni't stand idle for not~hinig. I tell
you we've' it chalnce. Dick, her', will
think of somiething. WVel slit) away
TIhen he'll take youi somwhtere. Only.
-speak to him--show hIm you won't
weaken. Mercedes, this is more than
the Pudple Sage,
Wildfire, Etc.
love and lltppliness for us. It's life or
She becnme quiet, and slowly recov
ered control of herself. She wheeled
to face Gale with proud dark eyes,
tragic sweetness of appenl, an exqul
sile grace.
"Senor, you are an American. You
cannot know the Spanish blood-the
peon bandit's hate tand cruelty. I
wish to (10 before IRojas' hand touches
me. If he takes me allve, then the
hour, the little (lay that. my life hats
afterward will be torture-torture of
hell. If I live two days lis brutal men
will have me. If I live three, the dogs
of his cap . . . Senor, have you
a sister whoan you love'. Help Senor
Thorne to save me. Ile is a sonller.
le is bound. Ile must not betray his
honor, his duty, for me. . Now,
let me waste no more precious time.
I am ready. I will he brave."
She came close to Gale, holding out
her white hands, a wonian all fire and
soul and passion. To Gale she was
wonderful. Ills heart leaped. As he
bent over her hands o kissed thena
he seemed to feel himself renewed,
"Senorita," he said, "1 am happy to
be your servant. I can conceive of no
greater pleasure than giving the serv
ice you retuire."
"And what Is that?" inquired
'Thorne hurriedly.
"That of incapaitating Senor Iojas
for tonight, 8an1d perhaps several
nights to cone," replied Gale. "I'll
inake a row in that saloon. I'll start
something. I'll rush Iojas and his
crowd. I'll-"
"Lord, no; you mustn't. Dick
you'll he knifed !" cried Thorne.
"I'll take a chance. Miaybe I Can
surprise that slow Greaser hunch and
get away before they know witat's
happened. . . . You he ready
watching at the window. When the
row starts those fellows out there in
the plaza will run into the sable'n.
Then you sipi out, go straight through
the plaza down the street. It's a dark
street, I reiaenher. I'll catch up with
you before you get far."
Thorne gasped, but ded n''t say a
word. Mercedes lennaed against hian.
her white hands now at her breast,
her great eyes watching Gale as he
went out.
Iii the corridor Gale stopped long
enough to pull on it pali of heavy
gloves, to miuss his hair, and( disar
range hiis collar. Then le stepe I
into the restautratnt, went tIrAugh, and
halted in tie door leading Into tli
saloon. No one :aplpeared to nolice
hin. Gale's roving glance soon flxed
upon the ian he look to he Rtojas.
The aIexicni t( face was tlurn led asle.
IM. ways in tarnest, excited collonpty
withI a doza7ena or nuore' comradtes, tos I
'f whaoni weg sitting roitnd a ible.
lThey were l isteninitg. tilkin1g, drtin k ing.
'Te faiet I tat t they wore cart ridge belts
eiro sse'd over thieir brenisis Si salsI ed
Gntile that Itese were tile r'ebetls. lie
hlanane c'onlselous of anl inwardi't fir'e
that threatenoted to overratn hiis (cool
ness. Other' etnot Ions htarried his self-*
cot cal. It S00lned( aas ii sigh t of thle
111n11n liherated tar ~'eietee l a (levilI ini
Gale. And at the bot tn (if his feel
ings thfere seemed to lie a wvondaer at
hti nselfC, p strange stat isfiaet on for thea
some0 ting that hadu comte to hahn.
Ie stepped'( oait of thle doorwn'~'ty.
down the couple1 of Steps to thle float'
of thle staioon, andt he stagger'ed a
littlea, simituat ig dirunkenniess. Ie fell
over' thle 1)ool tables, lost led Mex ien'ans
at the bilr, iaughted like ta ma 11iniin
fool, tatnd, witi'e his h1at sloauched dlown.
(!rowde(id here itad thtee, 't'esettly
his eye catight sight of tile gr'ouip oIf
cowbtoys whom lhe htad before tnot 1(ed
with suchi'l initeres5t.
PTey were still Inl a c'1orne somle
whiat lsited'(. With fetle mindat
working, (hatle ilrchled (aver to tiem.
If he wet'e to get tauny ihelp fromtt thiese
silent aIt'ot'a' rngeris it ntwist lie byc
strikinug t'r' fromi them11 ini (ine swift
striok e. I'1 antin g hhn iseif qu ar el y be
fore the two tiall ('owbloys who wer'
Staninig, Ito looked stratightt into
thleir lt'ann, br'on'zed fatce~. i le spar ted
gaze/4 bef'tore lit sp)oke.
"'mn nt druni'itk. I'na, thlroiwintg it
hht'f, ando I imenan to sltnri a roughi
hoause. I'int going to i'ishi that di-d
bandit itojias. it's to sav'e a gir'l-tto
give hei' itaver,' who isa my frIend. a
('htance tot ese'ntpt with her. She's ini
thie htotuse. itoijat s la hereC to ge't her;.
Whe(n I start n row mny friendi waill t ry
to sI ha oatt wIh lberca. Eve'ry doorl and
window is wvatched, I've got fta rai
h-I to dIraw thle gatrds int....
WVell, yout're imy count rymiena. W~e're
andl~ life aire at sttake. Now.' genatlt
muen, waa ('tc m!"'
One 'aowh< y's eyes'$ nnltrrow~ed, liak
Ing a lit le. an11( his leain jlaw~ drto(pped;
the ofter's htartd fact,' rlipled'( withl a
fleetinig siie.
Gale hacked away, and~ hiis lil se
leaped whaen Ite sanw the two ('owbtoys
asB if w~ith one (1purtpose, slowly strti'h
itfter hi n. Tihten (bile swer'vted, sItag
gerinig itltng, bru'ashed tagaInst thli
tabiles, kic'ked over't thle emptily (chaiirs
Tihe bnil of the miatty votlca's gr(ew
battler, and1( whten Diek I urheletd
taga inist a tale, tiverturnning it and1(
spillinig gl'asses5 lntto th~ laps of sev.
eral Mexicaas, thaere aroseo a shrill cry.
lie had ainecnded in attrnteting at
tention; almost every face turned his
way. One of the Insulted men, a
little tawny fellow, leaped to confront
Gale, and in a frenzy screamed a vol.
ley of Spanish, of which Gate distin
guished "Gringo !" Dick swung his
leg and with a swift side kick knocked
the fellow's feet from under him,
whirling him down with a thud.
The action was performed so sud
denly, so adroitly, it made the Mexi
can such a weakling, so like n tuinbled
tenpin, that the shrill jabbering
hushed. Gale knew this to be the
significant moment.
Wheeling, he rushed at Itojas. It
was his old line-breaking plunge. Nei.
ther Rojie nor his men had time to
move. The blaclc-skinuned bandit's
*r >
y M M I -.
The Black-Skinned Bandit's Face
Turned a Dirty White.
face turned a dirty white; his jaw
dropped ; he woul d have shrieked if
Gale -had not lilt him. The blow
swept i hm ack ward against his men.
Then (ale's. heavy bod1, swiftly fol
lowing with the Inomentuin of that
rush, struck the little group of rebels.
They went down with the tole and
chairs in a sliding crnsh.
Gale, carried by his plunge, went
wvith then. Like it cat he landed on
top. As he rose his powerful hanils
fasteneol on Rojns. lie jerked the
little bandit off tle tangled plie of
struggilug, yelling men, nil, swinging
him with terrinle force, let go his hold.
Robis slid along the floor, knocking
over tables and chairs. chile houded
back, d ragged IRojas up. handling hiin
as if he Were a iinp sack.
A shot rang out ahove the yells.
Gale heird the jingle of brelking
glnss. The room daiirkened percep
ibly. Hie fiashed a gIniace backward.
The two cowboys iwere between him
and the crowd of fr-antie rebels. One
cowboy held two guns low down, level
in irolt of hiin. The athri li hai iis
gun raised andc aimted. On the loinint
it spoutedl red and white. With the
erck raine the crhin:.lili of glass. an
olire darikening shade over the roomlii.
With ini cry 1 . slung thb.leeliin.
a t able, to1ppled oveir It, fell, andic laiy
A aolher shot lilande tIll- mom i (gI of
iivinig shaidows, wvih iiIliht only bu:i k
of lihe lhari. A whiite-eilid ihaire rushwd
at Gahile. lie t rippedl the mian, buii hadl
to kick ha11rd to disenigage himisel f
lrorn grasing hiantds. Anotilher lliiure
('liosed ini (in Gale. This one was dartik,
swift. A tinulh'l glin t('l-deilscribed a
cirele alurg Xi. iiultaneously with nii
close, red IlashI the kil 4 wavered ; thle'
mani wldinl lg It siurmbled bac ikwarid.
Th'len 1panf~ileoniu i b roke loose. The
(din h~eaninc a roa r. (GaIcle rd shot s
that soundl~ed like chill spunts in thie
dlistanlce. Th'ie big Iamtp behind1( lie
har- Seemingly spl1it, thlen siii ttered
aind went ou t, Ieav Iing t he room ini
cthirk ness.
hiale leapeicl toward i li the restauran lt
(loor, whlehl wals oiiliined fainatly bcy
the yellqw lighi withuii. Itightg and
left lie pushed the groi pinig men'l w *'4
.lostledo with himn. lihe vulled ai pll
I table, se'nt talles and1( (ladirs 11lying,
andl galined the door, Ico Ie Ihe firsi
of at wedging mob01 to sqiuee,i tiroiighi.
One sweep(h oif his armnil knle okl- thei re's
A\ fewv bounds tooks hlii iito thie liar
bir. It wats deserteid. Thiuni'e ha
gotten away withI '11er3'edeis!
It wasthe 11111 iea slowed iul. F'or
thle stii ci of perhapls siixly siecondi s
lie hail heaen mov Iiig wigth stal in g
veloolty. 11' 1pe3'red eiiutioiusly oiii
into4 the plaza. Unider a strel liampi
lat the far- (eid of the3 1(athI he4 thlought
lie saw~~ tw darIciiik iigiires. lie rn
fast er, uand sonlil reahe the( 11( street.
Trhe uprar baii in thfle ho~tel beigana
to dimInIsh, or else lie was gettInlg out
of hearing. The fe'w people he4 saiw
close at hiiand were ahi comIng his
way, and only thel foremost showeid
any exeitementii. (ble walked swiftly.
peering ahend for two figures. P'res
ontly3 he, saw thlema-oiio iali, wea ring
a enapm; I le oftier sl ighit; inan ntled.
Cole dlrew3 ai sha rt breathI of relief.
Tho~nel 111m4 Mert-cdes were not for
Ile begain 1o overhau il tihem; and
sooni, wh len the hust lamp had heen
lpassed( and1( the st reel wais dlarik, lie
ventured a whlistle. Thlorne heard
it, for thc lurnedl, wist lcd ii tow reply,
and went oni. Not for some4 dliance
'eiind, whei4re the 51treet i'nded in
.oen enunlltry, dlid the~y halt to wvalt.
Theni he (iiiun( up with thec fuinltive..
"Diclk ! ire you- -nll rIght?"' ii panted
'l'horne, grasinig (Gale.
"'I'm-out of' bren th-buit-0. K.,"
"Good h Good I" choked Thorne. "I
was scared-helpless. . . . bick.
it worked splendidly. We had no
trouble. What on earth did you do?"
"I made the row, all right," said
Dick. "While I was rushing Rojas
a couple of cowboys shot out the
lamplights. A Mexican who pulled a
knife on me got hurt, I guess. Then
I think there was some shooting from
the rebels after the room was dark."
Mercedes pressed close to him,
touched his hands, looked up into his
face with wonderful eyes. He th'ught
he would not soon forget their beauty
-the shadow of pain that had been,
the hope dawning so fugitively.
"Dear lady," said Gale, with voice
not wholly Steady, "Rojas himself
will hound you no more tonight, nor
for mnny nights."
She seemed to shake, to thrill, to
rise with the intelligence. She pressed
his hald close over her heaving breast.
(.ale felt the quick throb of her heart.
"Senor ! Senor Dick 1" she cried.
Then her volee f'iled. But her
hanls flew up1); snick is a 1ash she
raised her face-kissed him. Then
she itirn'l ainid with a sob fell into
Thorne'N n1r11s.
'There ensled a silence broken only
by Alerei'ies' sobbiig. (;ale walked
soel( paes away. If lie were not
stunned, he cerlaitnly was agitated.
The strange, sweet fire of that girl's
ilps rentiitned with 111111. On the spur
of the uiiolient he imaginedl he hadt a
JIeaitsy of ''horne. Biut presently
this passetl. W'hat reuinedl wit h hin
was the splendid glow of gladness
that he hadl been of service to Th.rne.
"Diek, Dick, enone here !'" called
'Thorne softly. "Let's pull ourselves
together now. We've got a problem
yet. What to do? WVhere to go? flow
to get any place? We're on good cli
I. S. ground thiis ninute, but we're
not out of <Linger."
As he paused, evidently hoping for
a suggest ion froni (;ile, the slience
wails brolen by the clent, iagintg peal
of a bugle. 'Thorne gave a1 violent
"It's i enll, Dick ! It's a cnll !" he
(;ale had no :answer to ninke. Mer
cedes stood as if stricken. The bugle
'nll endler. l'rotn a1 distani'e another
faintly penlel. 'T'here were other
soun111s too reinote to recognize. Then1
scnttering shots ratft tl'd out.
"'letk, the rebels are fighiI tg some
holy," Iut'st out 'Thorne excitetly.
"The little felern: g:irrison still hohl s
its stand. I'erh s it is attack[i
again. Anywny, there's sieiltthing do.
big over the lint'. 3iaybe the crazy
Grtensers are firing (1n our ('nmp.1)
\\'t've fenreil it-I the ceik. .
AntI here I amt, away wvit hut leave
i)rallenit-ily 11 desert[r!"
"(o back '. o h111(ok, heforte yol're
too Into!" criedl Alercedles.
"lBetIer tuanke I itks, Tho'1ne,'"
lihei d G ale. "It en't i't-ll our pre
tilenment for yiou to beo arresteil. I'll
take enre of Alerel [es.''
"No, Ito, 111," re pileet Thorne"Ii,. "I
caln get awlay--vold afrrest."
Aler(eties e1nbrati:tt le'r boert,
ieggeri hint to go. ''htrne wve[reI.
"I l-k. l'in up tgjinsr it.," he s;iti.
"Y iou're right. If only I (.:It) run I-ti-k
iln t inge. (tut, oh, I hate t lsne her!
(111 'felrlw, you're sav1eti ';1r1! I al
Srel'!y w you evterhti v tist- ii t lien rde.
Keep n t 'l1' ('asilta. l illk. The iU. S
'Phi' nsiotat o h sf, bullft I' f ru giitlto
(rust le ini night. (; b ut ws i' the Oet
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Hot water
SSure Relief
Long Words.
In respect to legitimate words most
authorities agree that first in rank
comes "lltidIsestablishuamelltinnim"
(28) letters, followed by "honorifi.
cabilitudinity" ((22 letters).
Important to All Women
Readers of This Paper
Thousands upon thousands of women
have kidney or bladder trouble and never
suspect it.
Women's. complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the
result of kidney or bladder disease.
if the kidneys are not in a healthy con
dition, they may cause the other organs
to become diseased.
You may suffer pain in the back, head.
ache and loss of ambition.
Poor health makes you nervous, irri
table and maybe despondent; it makes
any one so.
But hundreds of women claim that Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, by restoring health
to the kidneys, proved to be just the
remedy needed to overcome such condi
Many send for a sample bottle to see
what Svamp-Root, the great kidney, liver
and bladder medicine, will do for them. By
eneinsinag ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Ilinghamton, N. Y., you may receive sam
;ile size bottle by parcel post. You can
purchase medium and large size bottles at
all drug stores.-Advertisement.
It(ing good is the oniy certain
happy nti ioi ofa u man's life.-Sir
I'hlilp Sidlney.
Of two e'vils sote pltt'IMPe choosO
both as1 am: es
There Was Nothing So Good
for Congestion and Colds
as Mustard
But the old-fashioned mustard
plaster burned and blistered while it
acted. Get the relief and help that
mustard plasters gave, without the
plaster and without the blister.
Musterole does it. It is a clean,
white ointment, nade with oil of mus
tard. It is scientifically prepared, so
that it works wonders.
Gently massage Musterolein with the
finger-tips. Sec how quickly itbrings re
lief-how speedily the pain disappears.
Try Musterole for sore throat, bron,
chitis, tonsilitis, croup, stiff neck,
asthma, neuralgia, headache, conges,
tion, pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago,
pains and aches of the back or joints,
sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chil
blains, frosted feet, colds of the chest
(it may prevent pneumonia). 35c and
65c, jars and tubes, hospitail size, $3.00.
Better tihan a mustard plaeter
B EAR'S Emulsion is the
accep~ted remedy for
coughs, colds, bronchi
is and weak lungs. Years
of uso have proved -it to be
invaluable for tho quick re
Jief of bronchial and lung
diisases. It is easy and
pleasanit to take. Unequalled
as a general toanie for build
ing up the system and re
storing health and vigor.
On sale at, loading drug stores.
May ho ordered direct, from .
Clearbrook, Ya,
Free to All Sufferers Box
of Dro Nardine's Specific
Ti nat'on's~ eateM reneu1 r (tairr .Ash,
..t~ ins n ilk ralicalod r I.etarad al i rlOr
of Sk n orupuuons. riait n~t l& div CI. I fwrap
Ulty, N b. nlion your nulwt, i-A'' wanted.
in. 24/oure *t4, n 3 AgeD
Standard cold remiedy world over. Demandi
boyt bearing Mr. Hill's portrait and signatur.
LIm At All DruggIts3 --0onts J

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