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1--ilot WatlswourthU, aIsstsinat Sty
ference' n all nto11 n of erinan rep:
of sipeed(I1ing up the (C risti n I'd i ls
buy, t1uha.
Greeks Execute Six Alleged
Traitors and Britain Severs
Mosul Oil Fields Subject of Much Dis
pute-Franco Reported Ready to
Occupy the Ruhr - House
Passes Ship Subsidy Bill.
HE revolutionary government
of Greece has tried, convicted
j and executed three former pre
j miers, two former cabinet officern
and a general for conspiring to
commit high treason, in connec
tion with the Greek debacle in
Asia Minor. Great Britain pro
tested against the executions and 4
has broken off diplomatic rela
tions with Greece. Do you think
this is Justified, or do you believe
the affair is no busines of Brit- i
ain's any more than was the ex.
ecutioa of Erskine Childers by
the Irish Free State?
*N~ st ui nibtll th ir 4~i
('It:li: In .\l h ?'l:i 1'na. l uiliy 1 It nI -
hr:la of il:s . n; e C o f'i 'aln pir~- '
thrutnit hlih tr n on 0. I roi ,-it
wjil t1 tin111 h e t ' t e I 11: ;rek 11'r:t 1h
byl t ha I 1lie I' IIt '.ns, If t l w 'er
(Io''.L h -zined t I ieath :The w ere i a fer
Itor Prnirs (;ie tXmre i , tid Stra114 1t.sa~
(l'roxl't ninas for n 'r i t ' n a int Witem
heors ( lini.tz ii i i et C 'eis t li Ib..
e4rn. II.l tist'til ~i who i c ent hIt ther
vAi tin thinor ur ixpt. (isn1r111 Sri g 1s
giueis hati:: Gths Wee coaitenmed111
thron:.;h 11 1141 tlinist er SI Lin iy as
qh'k tot lrtst h4cngia exti enying'
Gretelis1( Ignlred t 11his n wihn a fewtt
hors th)1e ts i IwI ere e ut ai gstore.
Mf inistr 1,lindleys4 at,1 onc t il ''.hl ied fthe
Greekt govrm n 1hen 11 thatr n tlsiln
h aintrykend itf rel a tinwt it fllrl the
cloemrd frsp Lausane 11Vto infe with''
-pLrdc ls ('uzon.4 he'd Bri tifreg ~tulis.
ter .ltust whyfi th 1111 tis f4)' elt Ite th:er
dtn toa turhe i coursei was11 e.no tre
vndinte sPlttehesi but a~e.'i goo
ofuths Greeuk he g wee It111' ~to~ fin
thi opotunityBfo tp see ilation- *
2 esnp 'r thatln eoe Aneeuediny e1rk-'
acont ad ithaglils bruit te
lingeobtrbue aind o aidpole. NO the
arecultios11 riui Gree eihii gstureII
oflev tihecntr. lltheiresults fr
Geecrkl tineorc be very rious foril
*GreACt LYi whats gong hr finntine
c-.lsanredhp conerence In hestlf
ncrer natoneld h ffel the le
oBinine bin iewf sthintiit Wfrhng
towhia the inortant mittct are thei
tedfinte porstpoement tof rcelcni tn
of hen ande thvernen by oo teUnito
beresonCf thee Arlen baedhn
d'affaites ctin thsto istw er-m
Knfe ian eorge didunot ippons of the
rnteutis and an ed posmssion t
leavhe theu coilry fie ste n lit-a
i'rtal palae ju osd ofArtthens.
Lausaneclne tocepteree blbing'
forefully costce aiteofinga cin-e
troocs the Cmorstant inctse. allc somet
ed~....Th..correspond..nts, reuedt
~~ ii
t rat i'll (riviuot '''I vj ic 2'- ' 22'llSt' 121
~tartIs. :,-- I !aiti' I 2aV.y., tile Iiidejp'tioz'
ht 41'2'l nI total of 1half it
:ll'l 11 ' -'s ofI tilt' !l.2ui~l il2 1&'t'i
Ior 11~'111111:114-d to I riiii. Th'i~s till
4I214'et 922 is 111111!1.2' fllt' 22222 I '11211'
2.22 11'2'on the r4411'2i':I't' 1122y to Ile .11
inly4.'2 2,'I n fi 1:r24I\ 2Ive'tl' I '.si:iI
and21 his !i2liI2222l) o Iraq 1 :tal 1i1 't 'I'22'
I' liaiv"' t Ia' tI 'ri oa', ll2'42Vi2Is'iI t11'\
1211 :1s aSSIl2 '1 ' (&881112son"1,1 2.2 ' Il42
\'t'41I1222t ofillsI' fill tit'ltls. 82've''12
Ill t' 12' 'l:I2~1 I.22222, 1:2I mnl ('1,1 III :1 'hal'1 t',
221111~ and ariIt' I 1yinl2. 24o 2.;:I'
121; llv It' 1s1ill t2n ltl' op!)2'2 111"'i'.
'I'l' :\it::.'a ::/)V''1t11121t4 "'''In-~ 1':11 11'1"
i II :l I I t iIIlt' "\ il1'i2'22 l i ll t2 is 2ll:,I
i" s'2l1l. *!s Ha2ll1 l4l114'.Z2'$ 511:111 ('1111i22111'
in14't:l121 21V il 'I'2'22 ll' lllIr 11
24221I''a2 'l2rlt11111 2l.,Il, 1112' ('' 4'tM
'.\rl lt-1 '111 1 ''' tll f'ill'. r s A t
I1'201212 t~l~ ift 111' I;Irit21 : I WIa'ii iItt~t'
t1'':1121' 2 i I . till' 1' '2l l Ill ' 1 11 1' fil.( -
''118 1''1:11 1 ii. t:lllll-2 1(11 21 '.l (a282'21s
I.i , \ ' I 1 1t: ' '1+: 1 1 211!1 1 , ill "( ' .
\\'2111 122 !'lic of'. I.2l(' ii 14' 8i1l1
1'Il:2l'11222' ('2:Iri2 has)l 22222I (fl'utl'l r11
111'; 2li2t (Ill tl\2 2)'211t'112t 2 III'y t21
iI,2', 1 114-4II's ' a'111 P 211'12122211 2I Il )les
1V r 211' 22 : lul'+ Ili '1 2212 .!1f 11'2'' (:1
111c.1 11 -i it:ii ' i nt 4s 01: 2 1411 1 41222 ll'riili
'111:" It: 21 fly d ll l t ,11 1 Iy til) l'&I'11(its
21222 '' 21121'1 11 1112~I'' al'11y 1' V(i'i
:~11:1 22i. Q I tesl I ' 111'4 22 t'''Il '' 102 )2 i:'
'",'1 14)1 , f :, l t ' :tli ::- s ! 1 21 1 tat2 11
0w:"(- l t-sr 11 1 1 2'1 ' . 11' 1 21\ I',:"it-f~h
;till, fil22S12i:(:lt14(112C l''t1'l'
112' ills tisis ill r12 12'22V11' foilgi o
I1'": 22 i' l 'Itiole'
t it, "! liei ali'a,zi. Voul " cy
.r li '', I "I igyVifhil~ it Cn
I ,11l'iitt Iii! :111 (( Sttes I lui t ilt- lniniti
'iti ha t or satilIs lui'sei cti he lil'or
ce destroyedn by lire inoerta isa'd
I her "'' itle I le hos. Swoldao~ Utitler
fromU Ihu tl lueling i,.s governm in l .Con
j Al'lt:M Oprain h~i p 110W their~ owno
I t'iiI, ex'o~ here tey ts'lnstr fro
ill ii4.(I'O(I fl other si'ioii et' 'i r ,c '.ver
t(il irei gore saiin vessetls 'IIiiigii fo
ciiy ti h"it dater.ippt' wii'il take
pis 'lt of a sooii s hnis for'ti'he afi'ls
tiori li i('i'aof ~1. ooUoinveror(11 n vessels.k
N'l1"; rnat the1'i. elome~is staedo
:1t tile ''i Il' 'ii!' a I( op' .' lilulylir O
it'ut 't lie l i'i'l t" lt tit 11g slie e ofar~
1 lu' li stii hitser warnedl thl.'iilely I
l d'' 3ir Il'ootli1 I gl ilt', i evenli th Ie C o
tit i(l tf pit' ii('v was IlItl~(11lt Now
the'i(lh Io' I'(': (((nt lif t mc11'1 eto lrdas
tl; niem 11g4I e a ndoedf.ruiatt
- 11S i'(11(1 \\ toyo of151 til De~1gh
iIlrtxs lil(' In len prop\\, S'1to farg
I i'Ihlie Ilo~l f lehuilst Pemit
t'wrI le was c :m1'lci. I b"fy (.;Vernie
li slt e t n e f o m N w f r , h r h 4e 1 b i ;' o at' t o s p' e n tt d T t o i l s rc n
(ldtlO lii lhgs (lai't'51t11 t lie iii 1take
his slit is siioon as) lis 1Der afeait
(.'llity ('111 tge 1'ti Govirorlow Url>thn(!
tith lit it1 sing10 stri1g hOttclhllO ali en
poi(' noii lie ll i vl 1111 Ixat ' nioit4111'
Mr.IlS1111 (.'iz'I's Clio west 1)"'(el y. Ontaria
l(w I y let 4 helt' w.Tti 101 iai nd'jll' iNll to le
:1 1111)1 Ic e.t 1::'llbe I'(' te thogh aso
~''1h1l El.ih alan('ll Ford ll (h"teS bynu
-~(tti've f 275'J1''fis to 91), gave tofo
lill'i' usit he lieii fa wll i~ i' Ity iills
Co u (' 1 3' :\1is k r'till oii ex e i'3. rn
ul-tl d by theic I liui mnyiiit (!or
I '('ll('lt (Ions have ofe'ea to work one
"'('l' hour a aye for ther heeis oflthe
At the Bar of uo.d's
By REV. H. OSTROM, ). D.
Extension) t'mtiartmnt, moody 13116e
Institute, Chicago. z
'iXT--'rho Word of God Is a discorne
of the thoughts and intontN of tho heart
-IHob. 4-12.
If men who spend so much lint
judging the Bible would reinember that
the Bible is a
Judge of them
the result would
be good. For, the
word 1i our text
-traunslatedI "a dis.
:g ' . ltunny insttances
transi ted "a1
jde" Indeed,
the selection rep)
resents a coulrt
__ rootn in Which
Goil's Word Is
judge and the
thoughts n id intents of the hearts of
mhen ar iie tih' appr ehn(Ild prisoners on
trii. As fioir lit' prisoners, they are
very sI IIiiant ones, The name of one
is Thought, and his given name Heart,
and the iaine of tht' second is (liter
ally) Outhollings; his given namne is
Heart, too. There they stand, Heart
Thoughlts and 1(eart Outoillings on
trial. A lnd there is the Juidge, the
Word of (lodI.
To say that these two live behind
closed d1)r)s or to pronoulnce themtu her
m'its is to speak 4oo mildly. Doors?
They certainly live within the within.
Looks, gestures, gaits, words, these aFe
:ill further out than)11 the'y. These are
expotsed to view. 1But llenrt Thoughts
:d I leaIrt n-oligs, who can see
thein? We know Vhat results from
them when it all appears In the life
one lives, but to seIe back and in we
It is there that God sees, hetce Ills
W':ord senres like a11 sharp sword
there. What folly to try to persuadie
iuir'"eves thIat be'tise mien 191 i oiln
its we mnust ther'fore he happy. And
what elaoi rate folly for us to think
11,t hat herause 1111n ('nnn]It i4'& our' secret
i'ins Itin-refoire wi' iay cover thetn vith
our thoutsantls of tillvOing- !
h'le iihle Truth Inot only declares
that all1 is soon and known by Hilm
w.ho gave it, but tl, Bilble will ask us
iennerning our doings - why? " It will
say, "WhVat was in your thought and
lhe't ?" If we say, "Let tie dleedi pass
ait fneI Vaihit',"' thel libhle answers that
thert is nito face vale established un
Ill the deed has been it'nisured by the
miotive. The Iliele stands us in the
Courtrooitn laid judges hint tuiotive.
Jilen's neelnitius melt away in the' air
nd nwl'S ships 51 on te blc fal' Into
pal.:y while this c"ontinues in full
st rtnt h and vigi 'r. "'hy W" Why dlid
you dii it ? Oin :i t hei (1( lrs, ex posed
Is the seir'i'ecy uand stripped is Ilie forni
lhel the fingetrs of t hilt word 'why
proceed to wo~rk.
A'i1 ve tony rkihtly as!:, "Why
should I have to ai p'.Vi'r why ci(ncer:i
ing Iuy lnslnt 'I'e ausne or is r'
penitedly given in Glod's \\'ord. Sun.
tomin u II' the 'eitied ainswvers; you gel
this: Ilan's lisiess is to live to the
:doriy it' ( hidl or this he was c'reatet
anld gatheiar to ouirseltves simne .listifica
tion oh ouar idir~gs Iirioin naturie. Nieith~e
hierl Siongs nor)1 hern sighs ('nl .lust If:
11s. Wte e'i.lui siirpass thle 'ft orts o
thlose uabouut us u.nd thenii hoe'.ise o)
thlat, he just Illed. I Tow do we. kinov
how harid Itey strive? Weo canno
:inke monliey 0and give It and4 'Iihereby
be .1list Illed. TIlte very ma~kIng of I
andl~ tile result o)f thle givl ig is too oh'
!tculre for us h)to trace It. We ent:niot ai
Isembllle Our rQcordls for cheer ani
hiuoyan "y and thereby he just Ilged. W<
Iknhow t hat thlere Is a mirlthI of n'aidnesi
''Why?"' says the WVord. Whbat di yo
Iitendt? 111ad you1 "set the L ordh al
wvays before youv face?" I hlnd I T, S
of ten 'rowdedI 01ut, been neeoi ded th
p~ince' olf , idge thr11ough ITlIs Word?
%Tt'n iiiny palin~t the (1hl enar nnl
miake it Ilook nieweri; thymygroot
theC(1( oldlorse and1 make h im loo
Iyoulnger; hut the JBibhe is "6.t'n yen
and( "nay unay."' Even the reason fo
one's nelits 1uus t' e u to fr. ce vlu
there. This enni he whbile men1 condem!
you 4r this 0enn he If me(11 n palseyor
but If this is wanitinig God ennuoEt ai:
pr'ove of1 you. it was hleart-hairdnies
hamdeit Inpossible for those mei
wholi had1 50een the mult Itude fed to es
enpe~ conifuslen wh'Ien theuy saw Jv.esiu
matst er. thle st orm; waves. 'I he "isingl,
eye," t he e'4len-cuit (10etle11mlnt Ion no
to try to "serves two mlasterI'.,'" thet wii
nes.s st 'rhih .from tile ~sho-.ider t ha
men~1 wh lerebOy we- Can he4 saved,'' an
the "ptiire' hea'lrt''--Such, and ite
Only,:consIst wvith rIght thliking. Ani
these thrive whben tile outholhings o
the henrllt ac(cord( with Gtl's Word
Jesus Christ cnme not only to miaki
the fontain cleani with Hi1s Cclnsing
blood(, but to deal1 effec'tuailly with thi
very'3 spinIigling of its traters.,
The Truth In Muan.
The uihltute truth ini inan ilaflot ii
his lIntellect, or' In Is possess5ionis; it lI
in his iluumination of ml~ind, ini his radi
ition oIf symfa1thy, in is recognlitlo,
of this world, not ierely a * n.sore
house15 of plower', but ais a halbitation o:
manu's spirit, with its eternal musIc og
henutty tand inner light of the Divini
Christianity and Business.
The nverage man and womnan i
tIred of. the heroic, and sighs for th(
possIble. hi'ulI wvelT.' know thiat Chris
t1ian11ty adalpted to' busliness todal
wouIld revolutionize the wor)lld andl
leave nto social sores to aippall us,
Lesson "
'Teacher of English Bible in the Moody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
Copyright, 1922. IVestern Newnpaper Union.
LESSON TEXT-Luke 10:25-37.
GOLDI.:N T.:NT-Thou shalt love thy
neighbor an thys lf.-l.ev. 19:18.
PRAIAlY TOPIC-eShowing Kindness
to a Stranger.
JUNIOt TOPIC-The Story of the Gbod
-Being a Good Neighbor.
-Who Is fly Neighbor?
1. How to inherit Eternal Life (vv.
1. The Lawyer's Question (v. 20).
"Lawyer"' here means one versed In
religious law-the Scriptures. This
does not mean lawyer in our modern
sense of that term. It would more
nearly correspomd to a theological
pirofessor. Ple lawyer's object was
to trap Jesus-to iluce Ilim to take
such a Stand as would weaken ills in
ltuence as a teacher. 1ie expected
Jesus to set forth some new cer'e
imo1nies whleh voild conflilct with or
dispara~tge the law.
2. Jesus' Question (v. 2(). Though
Jesus knew the mtiolve of the lawyer
Ile did not evade his question. hie
sent him lo the law-the field which
was faniliar to him. lie thus was
roblltl of Ills oVn weapon.
3. The Lawyer's Reply (v. 27). lIle
imade an ilttelligenit answer det'laring
that tile entire conztent of the law
',vns einbract(edl In love to Godt and mant.
This exi'esses the w1'hole of human
4. Jesus Rii)ly (v. 2S.) This
straightforward atrfwer went to the
heart of the lawyer. I'erfe't love to
God and nan is truily the way of iIfe.
No plan has yet hail or ran have such
love. I 11 si'nful en'i lition precludes
Its possibility. Maan's falure to ineas
are up to tils requirement is hils con
demn:itiin. 'he lawyer keenly felt
this thrust. 1ie was defe'ateil on his
o\wn grounds.' an't Vti Ionicted of
If. Who Is My Neighbor (vv. 2)
1. 'T'he I.awiyer's Quet ion (v. 29).
This cluest ion reveals the Insincerity
of the lawyer. Christ's aunsver had
realihed his Conlselence and now l1e
seeks to escape the (IifliculIy by ask
lng a1 4:apltiliis .pe'sti)n. Lawvyer-like
le soiughit to get off by raising a <ques
tion is to the iteaninag of words.
2. .Ii.sus' .\nswer (vv. gtll',7). Christ's
relIly 1iiiire than answereil the law
yer's que-:tion . in tllw pa rable of the
(oil Samatitan iIe tmakes clear who
i1 :1 ieiglihb r, a1id also wihit it means
to he a negighbor, or what loving a
neightbor incans. ('hist's answer hinad
a doleli mieaing. Hie nt only madtel
('lear1 wVho is iniy neighbori, h)111 mndeb
It clear that the lawyer wazs not play
Sig the tieighbilor. lie I hus wa s -on.
Y'leted (of not. thaving been a neigh.
(1) Who Is miy neighbor? Trhis de.
t Itute and)1 wounatled iiin lefti lii the
t hIihway Ihy thie irbbers Is ilin- mn
. who nieeds' a neighbior. Mly mieighbor,
tteref'ore, is jte one whio nhet~ it
.hellp, whethter he lives next door oi
.on the out side of the wrbrl. Th'iose
who have1 the Spirit of ('hrist can see
I belt- ne'ihibors oni every hand.
(2) WVhat heling a neighbiir menans.
Our upreme tdhnee(rni shioid not he
"WVho Is.u egbr"bt"hs
negho iam 11?" T~lor" bea neibo s
ia) to see I hose abiout us who need
hi~t I (v. 33). Love' Is keen to dIlicern
need. We should he on the lookout
for those in n~eed1 of our hel*
(b) Tiave comipuetsioni on thle ne0t1
r ilouisedl alS lI enme11 into ('0onat ~ wi
hsewho were suiffern g and in need
All those who h; ve Ills nuture w~itl
b e likewvise moved. (e) (3 ie to thlose
IIin(need (v. 341). anny are witting tc
1iv1 aoey toielti the lpoor and needy-,
but ae unilig to persona Ihy minhis-.
ter to the.I ay'ie heproa
touc lamor impowrtanit than the 'ta
I trhu alit. We should give oir setlves
as~ela u iot y- (d) HInd up
woms v 341). (e) Set the helptles
tsonour- beasts whle- we wal
(i-. 341). ThIs Is pi-oti that love is
se es In order to havi e somethling to
v~ e to thiose' who thave need' This
ind of symp' ihy is grecatty needed0(
today. (f?) Tiring tIhe Inn and take
care of the unifortuinnie (v. 3-I). (len
- inme love does not lenve its service ini
complte. Au (h Cristian servic(e is
- .pnsmiode. thelIps and thten l'avon a
man to take enre of himself. (g) (itvn
money (v. 35). It costs a goodl ineal
to he a neihbor. Love Is the most
expensive thing tn the world. It cost
(iGod Ilts only Son. It cost Chirtst Ills
lIfe. any we go and (10 likewIse!
When the Last Trump Sounds.
The Lord himsiielf shall. dlescend
from heaven wtth a shout, with the
voice of the archangel, and with the
trumip of God ; and the dead1( In Christ
shall rise first.-- Thessalonlaans 4 :10.
Such as r' Love.
,Such as I love, I rebuke aund ehns,
tise. lie zealous, therefore, mid do
penance.--Aolenpe 8 :10.
Doing NothIng.
DoIng nothing with a deat of skill,-e
MotAer Tells
How to Make
A Baby Bright
"I>; your baby is bad and cross it's
a sure sign ,ie needs Teethin," says
Mrs. Clair McConnell, of Norman
Park, Ga. "That's the way it always
was with my little boy. When lie was
fretting and cross I "would give him
Teethina and then ,he was br'ghut and
laughing aLraIrtI , .
"Teeth' is wonderful ,r them
wheg th ' .older, too. 1 give ' it
to nmy s ,! .ar-old boy and you
never' saw anything do so much good."
The most frequent cause of fret
ting, cross babies is Painful disorders
in their little tender bowels. Give
them 'T'cethina. Your mogier used it.
It s perfectly harmless.
Sold by all druggists, or send 30e
to Moffett Laboratories, Columbus,
Ga., and get a )aakage of Teethina
and a wonderful booklet about--Baby.
Amounted to Same Thing.
Two childreIn were playliig in a gar
den, and has just started a new gaine.
"I know a line game." sald Halirold,
suddenly. "Let's be admirals and coi
lnand all the ships in the navy."
111 plalniaut e, a little girl, at once
began imip-osing cond(itiolns.
"All right," sh.. said. "Only I inust
he the highest admilratI and give comix
ntlinds t o youl."
Harold didn't like the i(deI, and said
SO. The little girl thought for a mo..
"Then,", she said, "let's play that I'm
tie admiral's wt'ife. That will do Just
as well."
The occaslonal uso of lioiuxn .ye IintIam
at night wil jrevent and replive tired eyes,
watery eyes., and "ye strain. Advertsenent.
The Tonic.
Mr. Snith (t houight 'ully) -Pill
afirIaiid I shall have to sil'lp gi%' T''-e.
muy that Ionic the liioetor lft f'or him.,
.lr. Smith talixiously)-\vhy, isn't
lie aniy lolher?
.\rs. Smaith---ah. y s. !ihlt he has
slid do'win he ii' banlt.;'s six I mies this
ii'rning, aro4keii lit' hall blituij, two
vases. a pitcher am11 :1 looking glass,
anud I dini't feel a: If I cold stand
nionli inore.
you are "getting along in years"
you don't need to sit in a chimney
corner and dream of the days when
you were full of life and vitality.
Keep your blood rich and pure a" I
your system built up with Gude'a
Pepto-Mangan, and you .will feel
stronger, younger and livelier than you
have for years. Get it today and
watch the result.
Your druggist has Gudc's-liquid or
tablets, as you prefer.
Tone and Blood Enricher
Mr. .Iihln 1) i 'a ' erhpook, Va.*
bear Sir':--I on writing you In re
gard'i to a biottl of0 your Emulsion.
As I cannot get it here in i'enn'syl.
yo0u please send 111 a bottl1 e andt bill
for' samte andI I will send you a check
by rteturnmil.
C'ertainly will alppreiaite it If you
will do t his a-a I have hai this dlread.l
Cul cough now for over' a week,
L.plng to hear' fromu you hy return
'nail, I amn, a well-satisiedt user of
yourim Emnusin.
Mrs.4 K. L. M[essriek, Har'risbur'g, Pa.
C'oughs, ('oldhs, lilng tr'oublue and gen
t'ral r'tin-dow,~n ''4ndi1tiono yilid to the
wonhderftti ul 11 helig powers of Iler's
Emutlsl on. 10 you~t feel ittn (down or'
haea cough, get a bottle of thfr
Slenitd tonic, f'or sale by leading
dru'tggists, .31.25 a bottle.
Reatores Color and
1)1 Beaut toS Gr an rne i
HUN DIERCORNS Remov.r, e al
acIeto c 0wok, *aeogf v*n
Miove boegip
..,fo constip
SNo Soap Better
-For Your Skin--,~
Than Cu ticura
Seap 25e, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcum 25e.
4 E1

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