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k Lydia E.Pinkham'sVeg
stable Compound and
is riow Well
ICago, Illinois.-'You surely gave
n one pood medicine who
~i. I St 'aai," i
pound with his med.
a and I an. now a now woman.!
ve had three children and they are all
dia E. Pinkham babies. I have rec
s mended your medicine to several
' fends and they speak highly of it. You
certainly doing good work in this
World. "-Mrs.ADRITii ToMSHECK,10657
' abash Ave., Chicago, Illinois;
There is nothing very strange about
e doctor directing Mrs. Tomsheck to
ke Lydia E. Pmkham's Vegetable
Compound. There are many physicians
who do recommend it and highly appreci
ute its value.
Women who ate nervous, run down,
,rnd suffering from women's ailments
should give this well-known root and
h: 'lierb medicine a trial. Mrs. Tomsheck'a
'r.o.experience should guide you towards
Vagaries of a Traveler.
Old Lady (to Major 'Trotter- lolunt,
. 13. E., 1). S. U., F'. It. G. S., who has
1, Indll consented to give a little talk
in the Episcopal church on "Village
'S. ..u .aaaat la aa I., la 1., 11110 j"1 thalit It
Bears the
Iignature of
n Use for Over 30 Years.
Chillren Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
How, wrt 's i petleIxel young col
ege man. 01nn 1 have faithil it a die
lonary that lists i saxopione as a
ausical instrument?
a a*
arms and eases
Starts blood coursing through
the congested spot. This relieves,
pressure and soreness. The pain
vamshe~as. In its place is warm,
glowmng comfort.
TIr y Sloa,'n's on strninecd and bruaise.d
l)Ic. I t reIs naorati ;nkck
It thandy.
Sloani's Liniment-4ills pain/
Ceep the vital organs healthy by
'egularly taking the world's
- tandardremedy for kidney, liver,
iladder and uric acid troubles
rhe National Raneaady o1 Holland for
*deaturies. At all 51ruggists in three
duans. Guaranteed as represented.
lAek for the name Cold Medal on overm
box .and accept no im tation
cenecke colds before they de
velop into serious ailments. It
soothes tired, scratchy throats,
loosens disagreeable phlegm
and sqpn breaks up the cold.
Now- onI'clet your cold linger
on--ak your druggist for
-a syrup for coughs&colds
.e m.-...m. mm.. ......m.........mm...mmmm ma mbmm m.a
THEI14 have been times when to. gown tuned to the demands of club
wear a cloth coat was almost a affairs, receptions and smart rcstau
frank cr'at! , of not being able to rant after-theater parties, velvet an.
1 -: t r I t f. Not so this season! ewers In responsive chord.
t: which is the more Soft,, supple chiffon velvet "costly as
i .t e r. 1i now, the all-fur coat thy purse can buy, rich not gaudy,"
be n (d of luxurious deep. of such is the fashioable diner gowI
r - e never has been a of today. Simplicity characterizes
- ! the memory of this these semi-formal frocks.
-"r + 1' . o many magnificent This trend of fashion is admirably
have been shown. demonstrated In the russet-colored
ilre very names of these marvelous velvet dinner gown here portrayed.
~4* 1
Two Models In ther Prevainrpg Style.
wveav'es are suggestive of elegance, Of course. creative genius must bave
such, for instance, as veldyne, sinc point of expression, and this sea
fashona, Inarvelia, lanveliine, luxurt. son, it Is the girdle which boasts of dy,
bt.:ioa, such so the list Wsigtht ee con- orative features.
tinued. Coats maisterfully developed "And it was trinmned in fur," applies
of the soft rich cloths are furred In to the majority of hnndscte dressy
handsome pelts. gowns. In tfis instance the fur Is
The greatest suiccess is registering genutne ,anrte, which bands the flow
for brown. Dark brown, with marched in sleeves twice around, s if to call
furs, leads all else in reigning. attention to the ebroidery between
re vella, that triuph of deep-ile exquisitely done in dull gold nu sil
weaves an which il wear a life- ver threads.
time, was selected for the patrician it Is a matter of fashion, that in
coat to the left. It is in that wonder- place of the beaded crepe dinner fro s
ful new Motawk shade, wie Is a the beaded velvet gon is preferred.
glowing red brown. Dyed wolf, col- These charming resses re designed
cottotelet I sinta wonder
Ofcure retv gnu muthv
Simp~cit in emi-ora ineres.cks
lav~hed n cohi nd ibout the are rihimaritohnso ene tess
youw~l ot( ter I aninerforar jlgowns. n1( rthi lutne. tefri
'i'hermur:emurteer whttinbandsitteeftor
vnt frocks, gorge aound caloIf toell
toisebucke whch lds he tttio theei pthmbrldly t en
style drauesIneiyodone'[ilidunil-overalins c
griturs of mattelo fashwen, tat the
placne sye.e ofcaeionde rp ine r.
glsowong redii brown.c Dyed wof, win- Ths4hrigdessaedsge
tSimptltee city an SeiFralDnntFrcs
focd ilng relatvtedd brow, our
faclee, frre suy aout the prsto
tu nthe etr brwaedn ott the. wwtNonWs
The Very Next Dose of This
Treacherous Drug May
Start Trouble.
You know what calomel is. It's mer
cury; quicksilver. Canlomel Is danger.
ous. It crashes into sour blie like
dynamite, cramping and sickening you,
Calomel attacks the bones and abould
never be put into your system.
If you feel hillious, headachy, consti
pated and all knocked out, just go to
your druggist and get a bottle of Dod
son's Liver Tone for a few cents which
is a harmless vegetable substitute for
dangerous calomel. Take a spoonful
and if it doesn't start your liver and
straighten you up better and quicker
than nasty calomel and without making
you sick, you just go back and get your
Don't take canlomel ! It makes you
sick tfie next day; it loses you a (lay's
work. 'Dodson's Liver Tone straightens
you. right up mi d you feel great. No
salts necessary. CIve it to the children
because it is perfectly harmless and
canl not sallvate.-Advertement.
Indication of Guilt.
"Did you get any evidence on thuat
soft drik dealer?"
"I did as you old mue," suld the dry
aJg(ent. "I :sked lim for ging,'i' ule urad
wVina-~d lay left y.
"And then?"
"ie hit me over tihe head withn an
entty luop hottle."
'"'That's pretty strong evidence t hat
hc. iad souetlilng on his conse'.ene,
but l'Ill afraid it. wvon''t he haccepteud
in a eoaurt of law."--iriningian Age
Say "Bayer" and Insistl
Unless you see the name "Bayer" or
package or on tablets you are not get.
ting the genuine Bayer product pre.
scribed by physicians over twenty-twc
years and proved safo by millions for
Colds H~eadlache
Toothache Lumbago
Earache Rhleumuatismn
Neuralgin Pain, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirlin
only. IEach unmbroken psackage con1ta ini
paropler dlirction)s. liiand(y b)oxes of
twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug.
gists also sell bottles of 21 and 100,
Asperin is thne t rade mark of IUnyei
A\lau~nucture of Aliononeet ieucidester of
Not by Name.
StyernP iaet'itI ta lapper' paayi ng tin
hal est Juzz~' ''n Sanmhy-l )a ja't you
know~ the Ten Cjommuanu.ents?
Ibiugtr-b1' you .just whlisth-v then
Iirast fharsl~iIi. maiybet 1- e'nn folowv youa
-A Xi nt a C'otitt lean.
If You Need a Medicino
You Should Have the Besl
IHave you ever stoppedl to reasou whba
it is that so many products that ae ei
tenisively adverti~sed, all at once drop outl
of nsight. and are soon forgotten? Th'le
reason is plainf-t he article did not ful il
the promoises of the muanufactuirer. Thium
apl))ies mnore part icularlv to a medicine
A mnedlicinal preparation that has rea
curat ive value amnost sells itself, ais like
an eandless ehn in system tine remnedy is
recommennnded by thnose who have beer
benefited to those who are in needl of it
A prominent dlruaggist says, "Take foi
example Dr. Kilmer's Swamnp-Ronot,
prep~araition I have sold for manny vearm
andl never hesitate to recommrnend.' for ir
almnost every ease it shows excellent re
sults asm many of my cusmtomers testify
No other kidney remedy has so large
According to sworn statements am
verified testimony of thousands wvho have
used the preparation. the sunccess of Dr
Kilmer's Swvamnp-Roots is dume to the fact
so many people claim, thlat, it funltillsm al
most every wvish in ove'rconming kidney
liver and bladder aihnnentse, corrects uri
nmiry trounbl's and neutralizes the uric aci<
which c'ausaes rhieunmatism.
You may receive a sample bnottle o
Sw1anmp-Rfoot by parcel post. Address Dr
Kilmner &. Co., flinghiatnton. N. Y., an<
enclose ten cents; also mention this paper
Large and medium size hnot tes for sale a
all dlrug stores.-Advertisement.
Glad to See HIm.
uinin is goig to 'ii soon,.
I iuha--lInhopr- in: g'odniess his comn
IiiM w orried.-sosteni Transcript.
10 Cents !
Contractor Has
Gained 30 Lbs.
on Tanlac
"Tanlac fixed me up so I gainet
thirty pounds. I have never seen or
heard of such a wonderful medicine
in all the sixty-six years of my life,"
declared William Magee, well-known
retired contractor, 8840 Lafayette
Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
"About two years ago I had a severe
bladder trouble that left me in an
awfully run-down condition. MIy ap
petite went back on me and my stom
ach got so weak I could not eat and
digest enough to give me any strength.
I also had the worst sort of pains
across the small of my back, and could
not sleep.
"I began Plicking up soon after I
started taking '1anlac, and now I have
a fine appetite, sleep like a log and
that tired, worn-out feeling has all
left me. I could not do otherwise than
recommend Tanlue."
Tant is sold by all good druggists.
--Advert 'isenent
Must Be Neat Nowadays.
"Who's your lawyer"
"I-awyer Gihwritz."
"aie's good, all right. Iitt 1.awyer
P'utnlphasn's 41o the oter shle. Il- acsi
po'wert'ul 1um with a juy.
"I'nt not worrying any. There are
four, won'ein oni h11r j'ury anl i'ucung
I uIm's 1)a enreless f'tiedter. 'hey're nlot
loing to imly nocuh attention to ;1 ma~n
Who ims st t1111s 41n his Vest."
Freshen a Heavy Skin
With the antiseptic, fascinating Cuti
cura Ta lcunm 'owtder, Ill exquisitely
scented, economlical face, skinl, baby
and dust ig powder and perfume.
ltenders tither perfumes superiluous.
One of the Cuticura Toilet Trio (Soap,
Olntment, Talcum) .-Advertisement.
%irs. ;oodchtly :clwaiys spoke l(o Iir
men in the streets anti did her besi t to
help the)i .
"Aii howt long," she said to one of
them, "were you a prisoner?"
'S'ven yeairs, heh'liI,' hl Oiswerel,
"loiut Ite : ar didni't hast seven
years," s:lu .the o'ld idy in :str'nish
"A\h !" sidl the 1tamp. "iint w ho
was talking about the war 't"
Fr spe'edy nite effective cteion rr. l'eery'a
"1)c d shut" nottH i (thual. lar do . only
will clean out Wor "tu or itpetourn. Adv.
Mlost men who go to ''hurch liko a
finlished discour~se.
MOTHER! Move Child's I
I .axative-Childn
If' your clildc is c' 'ns tpatet full of
cold, has; colic, or if I the sictmatch is
sipoonfut of "Californha lFig b'yrup" wi!ll
over fail to Open'i thii howe'lx. lIn a
few~ hours' you enin sec. for- yoiurisel f
ho thlorouigly It workis thle const Ipac
lion hlcisonl, sour i bile a ml wast ( rIght
hout and( you have a well. pilayful chld
ives Charming New ob~
Sure Rellet
6 Bcu -ANS
Ho ter
-= Sure Relief
"Vaseline" Petroleum Jelly bene
fits all bumps, sores, bruises sun
burn, blisters, cuts and chafed skin.
Never be without a bottle of it in
the house. It's safe, always effec
tive and costs but a trifle.
State street (Conswidated) New York
Rtcg. U.S. Pat. Off.
Petroleum Jelly
' FORiTW O ''. , WEEAt4$ 0N
Cabbage I-tas, All .enig tairetlen, &iuwta
frn ait Mt'114 1.0t' $1.4Ui. 6in0 $1 pustlpaid.
S.atInftetl(JI r; n r. .1. It. Sott. li .nnkiln, V.
Igit treat d r b c in
Fi Ils"61rting eye.,
W. N. U.,CH RLOTTE .1 49--1922
ds with c~dus d Itn biy bendi,
A soothing. tethis Hr es
I remecdy Iibest. , '
m Loveits Tat
l loents f- all k
F u p a ndy. The kn w at a
moir H v need not e tvi
aos Akur drgs for goenuwine
qttick y rfvivo i and l, chn taild t o gInal)
color and luxu nbiaetce. AL Ml gooddrnoel'.! ,1th s , ou
direct from HESSIG ELLIS. Cheist. MEMPHIS, TENN.
1 W. N. U., CHARLOTTE, NO. 49--1922.
ir Love t Ta steaer
-dcs s or drun t , for ga.. mins

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