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~oc s uuu Persona1s
Mr. Sydney Bruce spentI Thanks
giving in Atlanta, Ga.
Mrs. P. E. Woodruff spent last
Tuesday in, Greenvi le.
Mrs. Ora Mauldin is spending sev
eral weeks with Mrs. D. F. Hendricks,
Miss Ellen Freeman spent the past
)olilays at Winthrop College.
Mr. Mauidin Lesesne of Rock dill,
S. C. spent the week end with his
Messrs. B. E. Allen, F. B. Morgan
and J. L. Ca on of Central were in
Pickens Monday on business.
Mr. and MrF. O. E. Nally spent
Thanksgiving in Pickens with Mr.
aad Mrs. C. N. Durham.
Dr. J. T. Moore. Mr. R. M. Breen,
and Dr. R. E. Lewis spent Thanks
giving in GI 'enville.
Mr. Leon Robinson of Greenvi le,
spent 'T'hanksgiving with h-s parents.
M1r. and Mrs. C. E. Robinson.
Mr. Ail\ n livens of B. M. 1. spent
last week-end wish his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. T. L. Bivens.
Miss Grace Math( ws visited Mrs.
A. D. Attaway in Liberty last weok
Mrs. T. J. Mauldin is in Greenwood
this week attending the State Con
vention of the U. 1). C.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones Fuller of
Greenwood were in Pickens last week
on business.
Mrs. Ben Griffin and (laughter Hel
'n Griffin spent last Tuesday in Eas
Icy.. wa , . t
Dr. John T. King (.f Brooklyn,
N. Y., v'sited his rinter here last
week end.
Messrs Don and Robert Ro:ar:, andi
DeWitt Mathews. students of C em
icn Cc liege, spent Thanksgiving with
their parents.
11liss Lulu King one (.t the teat hers
in the P'ekens High ' .hool. spen
Thanksgiving: in Enait y with rela
The Woman's Auxiliary of till
Prerhyzerian chur<.h held its regulai
meeting at the chuicli on lsst Mon
day afternloon.
TIhe manyl frieds of MIrs-. Jf. Me
D. Bruce wvill be glad to hlear that
she 's improving a fteri an attack of
SI i is, a nd MI rs. G. R. II endricks.
laist week.
MIiss lFlorence St ewarit, teacher' at
Fer~ik Shoalis, s petai Thanlllk sp' ving
wvith her~ parentlls. MIr. and Mr s. .
MI Stewart.
Mr'. B. Lewvis of Pickeins, whose
busins headquarl~~li~ iters are at Char
lotte. N. C. 1penit the week enld here
withl his fanmily.
You Will Find
iness at the S
And paying the
for produce.
48c per doz fo
Hams 15 to 2!
Hams over 25
to size and quality
Your trade is
dW. H E4
Mr; Ernest. Christopher- o or b
Carolina, spent Thanksgivin - with
his parents, Judge and Mrs. N. A.
Mr. Ruben Sitton, a student o' the
Pickcns High school, spent Thanks
giving in Easley with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. \V. D. Sitton.
The very n-cest Christmas gift to
give or receive is a magazine-sub
scription. See Mrs. R. W. Christo
pher for attractive rates. Phone 58.
The regular monthly meeting of
the U. D. C. will be posponed from
the second Friday to the third Fri
(lay and held at the home of Mrs. J.
II. Bruce.
- Miss Mary Morris, teacher of Eng
lish and History in the Pickens High
schcol, ,pent the week end at Con
versc College, Spartanburg, with her
sister Miss Nancy Morris.
The Y. P. S. of the Presbyterian
church was entertained on Thanks
giving evening by Mrs. W. F. Maul.
dim The young people enjoyed
many games, among them being up
.I'nks, rook, touring and initiation
of the masons.. After engaging in
these games for a while, the hostess
nerved the guests with Ambrosia anl
Nabisco crackers. There were about
thirty--five young people present.
I low close to danger are you ? Is :t
sa'e to go? Is the world growing
bctt'. r or worse ? Say, my friend,
have you seen second Timothy two
fifteen? First Thessalonians, five,
twenty two, tells you exactly what
to do. Everybody young and old
come to the B. Y. P. U. Wednesday
night at 7:15 and let's talk it over.
We can do it and we will.
Bible Thoughts foT
This, Week
'11 I(l$V t1tlCTIO)N: - Jesus
said unto her. I am the reaurree
tion asul the life: he that helleveth
in me, though he were dead, yet
shall he live; and whoesnever liveth
and helleveth in te shall never (lie.
-.lohn 11: 25.
1)NA'i'4 Ott IA1D:--Te he ear
natly tioIded Is dnth;; but te he
spuirituaily miludedi 's life and peaie.
intonis 8: ti.
Tuer ay,
.IOY i-(I' W'WEI NQ4r-His anger
endul reth bu it a no at:' in his
tnvow is Iii'e: we. )i may endure
for a ni;. bitt .1 y coeti in the
f ~ Wed n .daly,
Gi VI a )l N 1 T 11.'g :Mnr
lb he .*rd witl hi t hgbstiinee, and
withi the first fri its) of all thine
IIn .1re'.ss'.--Proved' 8 : 0.
I .~ Thurs lays
I.\VE~i Al.!. Ginal):---The young
lio'ns do luck. antui s uffer hunger:
lbut oey thot seek thle' Lordi~ sluhl
. Friday.
A \N t'NI.\Il'i) SUrIPPLY :-IV
y ,e abile in mie. aund my ivrdrs ahide
in yo'u. y shali iiask what ye' wilt,
a indl it shluiilii b dioe nnto yomu.
-Jiut 5 Saturday.
I KlNi le:-T''h~e Lord Is
thy keeer 4)the~ I I'ord1( is thy shade
ulponi by riht luml~ad.--P'sahni 121 : 5.
I Me Doing Bus
ame Old Place
Greenville market
r eggs at present.
ilbs. 25c,
lbs priced according
for trade,
FOR RENT-One 2-horse ' crop
also one.horse crop to rent on halves
Good cre'ek, bottom land for corn,
See O. L. Morgan, R2 Pickens. 3t
FOR SALE-Pure O. I. C. pigs. Il
pays to buy the best. Price $10.0(
each. L. H. & O. L. Craig, Central
S. C., R2. 3t
CARBIDE for sale at A. A. Moon's
store cheaper than you can order it
Sept. 23.
We are In the market for twenty
thousand cross ties. Call at our office
for specifications. We pay cash a
office. J. D. Ho'lder and son.
FOR RENT-One small two-hors<
crop or heavy one-horse crop, foui
miles northwest of Pickens. Apply
to J. Mattie Stewart, Pickens R3, oi
W. If. Stewart, Pickens R1.
LOST-One white and red spotted
hound log. - Finder return to Pickens
Oil 'Mill and get reward. 3t
Thcaioughbred White Leghorns
Ceekerls for sale at $2.00 a piece. See
S. C. Boggs, Calhoun, R1. 3t.
These who wish a fancy box of
fruit. for Christmas send money order
or check and I will send the follow
ing: Oranges $3.50 plus express. Or
anges and Grape Fruit mixed $3.50.
'1'angerines, Oranges and Grape Fruit
$4.25. Grape Fruit straight $3.00.
Dan Adams, Eustis, Fla. 3t
If you want a good Scofield Bible,
Bible story bocks 'or other good books,
S o Mrs. B. S. Johnson at Johnson's
five and ten cent store.
FOR RENT-One small one-horse
crop six miles from Pickens near
Cross Roads church. Apply to W. P.
Baker, Pickens, S. C. :1
For Christmas toys, dolls, station
ery and variety goods. See Johnson'
5 and 10c store.
Nowhere else can Pickens count3
citizens get as much reading of in
terest to them as they can get fron
The Pickens Sentinel
County News
The Sentinel prints more Picken
county news of general county ir
flerest than, any othdr paper. I
gives the county seat and other new
from all sections of the county. Thi
local news alone is worth the pric
of the papler to any good ecitizen.
General News
Each wveek The Sentinel prints
news rcview of diomestic and foreig
happenings wvhich Is the bast featui
of its kind p)ublishedI in any pape
It is prepared by an expei:encedl Was
ington :cerrespondent and~ onle ma
keep in telligently informedl on w~orl
affairs simply by rea~dise this aloi
It comnpris5es three columnn s spa
each weck and' nowhere else can
much reliale information be foun
in the saire amount of space. B'
sides this f.'ature Thie Sentinel pnl
lishes short items about the mios
important happenings the wvorld ove
Religious Reading
We dto not knowv of another weel
ly paper anywhere that publishc
as much religious newvs and readlin
as (does The Sentinel. We publir
a sermon every wveek by one of ti
best ministers in America. We piui
lish every wecek a Sunday scho<
lesson. We occasionally publish r<
1ie'ious articles - by local peop)10. B<
sidles this we publish religious ne.
of different kinds of meetings a
feetime~ m'ore chureches end comumun
tics than any other piaper in ti
county. This is another featmi
which alone is wvorth more than tii
subscription to any church worker,
For Tihe Womuen
Each week The Sentinel p~ublishe
much readling of especial i'nteres
to the women. We print illustre
tedl fashion articles, household hints
cooking receipes, etc.
Other Features
Besides the features mentionea
above The Sentinel publishes in ser
ial form books of the best and high
est type and which, if bought at
book store, would cost from $1.50 t
$2.50 each. Occasionally we print
shiort story.
The Sentinel a'lso publishes th
legal adlvertising of Pickens coun
ty, which is of interest to ever'
tax payer.
The Sentinel also tries to publisi
enough humor each ' week to driv
the blues away.
There are other' lesser feature
which readers will notice in Th
Senltinel from time to time.
And tihe entire family can get th'
benefit of the paper, wvhich cost
only $1.50 a year, less than 3c
wveek. "Can you beat it?"
The Sentinel is not published en
tirely for the benefit of any one comn
,fmunlity, but strives to serve the en
1 u
First prize a handsome never wind clock guaranteed 50 years.
Second prize latge Mama Doll. Will be given away at 9 o'clock Sat
first and second numbers drawn, res pectiv4ly. With evey 50 cents in t
an abundant supply pf the best in A utomatic or Magazine Pencils in all'
taint pens, Stationery and Jewelry.
Norris Variety Boxes4Liggett's, Assorted Chocolates, all sizes. Se
at economical prices. '
Hundreds of Items are on dis play now in our store.
"The Rexall Store"
The Best In Drug Store
4? p
4 4
+ We'now have on hand a car-'
+ load of Hogs for butchering, brood $
sows shoats.
4 O
Can be seen at our barn at "
4 anytime.
D. +
D. G. & Thomas R. O'Dell
1eX4teX444e4 4 * 44 44a4
hi--. - ---..-..
Wewllmk atatiepicso
gons larobe, hrnes, tam ollrs
erlme araesa aciie
x' a
irday night, Dec. 23, 1922 to the
ade you get a' number.
cr, old gold, nd gcen gold; Foun
us to get your pleasing confections
4 .
See u. too your FOil Fertilizer.
S.f Acid Phosphate
Fertilizer for Small Grain
Libcrty, S. C.*
bugi1 fam a

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