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Sure Relief
25 ce
Hot water
Sure Relief
D ) .u' fel run di.n and half
D K: ai the uno-? Are -ou t hin,
pan., enl i uJe-.n ene 2arg:,. nO
ambl:tion:, no "i:J,"?
Now ik the tirne to tal:e Gude's
Pept,-\ N Ii:in. It ib!Ira you up,
give y('1 a delgii htful fPt'inv -,f vigor
and i n, enrich your hA Aibuild
firm, ii :eh, and br:: h healthy
co.r ha )to your kLr:.
5 or rugist hat' G' :-!'s--Liq~ud
or solid, as you prefer.
Tonic and Blood Enricher
8 ' ITroubl
Lift Off with Fingers
floe(snr'I Burrt : hit' D rop a imic
"I-'ree~tzone"' (' n1 a nhing r crn, inls- an
ly that (crnt sluipse hurt ig, then sh'ori
ly ou lift it right iff with fin; r:
"'Fltire'n fir nfew 'P re i,eihr
to rernovt' every heard en rn. Fio*ft vcr
or corn betwveen the tios, aniti tl. e e
I1I1('8, withouit e4Irrei.: * irritat~ ini
8ven a little
help. to free you from that cold
* and eases the coughing. See
directions on bottle for relieving
congestion, soothing inflamed,
scratchy throats. Banish that
cold. Now -don't risk your
health through sheer neglect
ask your druggist for
Dit.KING'S Mi.
~a syrup for coughs &colds
rt( AT THlE JOp ir ty g~'
Lumbago or Gout?
'*e it IUeACI.B toeme --u~
"B35U.ACWDU 05 TE3 1581D3
At All Druggista
las. Dally & Son, Thieale Distriutor.
Balthnere. Md.
Reduces Bursal Enlarge
eya 19lcazed Swofleg
Tissues, Curbs, Filled
,Tendons Soreness from
3rutsea or Strais; stope
Spavin Lameness, allays pain.
Does not b~ater, remove the
hair or lay up the horse. Only
,a few drops required at each
application. $2.50 a bottle at
g taor delivered. Book 1 A free.
W.F.70OUNG.,13e.,510 Tamila SL., sSpinssud Mas..
~bage Plants, All Leading Vrirettes, growl
mboat seeds. 1,000 81.40. 600 31 postpaid
sattsfaction guar. J. H. Scott, Franklin, Vs
W. N. U.t CHARLOTTEr. NO. 50r-192
l- ee ;UA n re n itls i
e ntt t: t'i'ntral .\iln-rienni replublie-s I
our. of the- Jail lit. Los Anlgeles amt~i ers
Allies Propose Plan for the Free
dom and Control of the
France Perfects Program for Occupa
tien of the Ruhr-Irish Free State
Formally Established-Daugh
erty and Mellon Hit Back
at Critics.
CHARGES against Attorney
General Daugherty have
been filed with the house com
rnittee on judiciary, and his im
t peachment is asked. What is
your opinion of the attorney gen
eral and his official actsh
" i
yet concerit' 110.1 .\oslil lt-l
it ilt) ! Asirneinrs o. f Turkeg
tilt- il"1It : - t o ti :i I,:I:H i one c n t..
rli-e Pierfeis inrot o f tilir icc u a
Eto f to Rt r rbb h Frhec cntal
tFo rma- s. Ih-ri the Itauh. :
rty-in :;ndt - n it aw th:
H: ARGtEr! ajait An-s. .ttrney
1rh te-a d u . l of tlt ! 'i- .c v i t ..:I
C n.'4 t .-orai r ia iiro : 'ty hbe1;i
n;f the! sti ' : !at.iti~l. Ita 1 -''1n t l'
l fI d w i th hou:e ct or
urzonwbitte cirly, ran isul. Th
Syuran oh-pinion c the atrunyg-uto
to eriy ~ and i..- ace- n
lil'h'sh t il;.t i~e Ij liie \lf a'.sh ' . i i
any t!8 iine.\' Th pim il.1 maith .
* -he lihikla lis an \l'a e, ir a
inttli the- provisin thit Tu:zrk'
vwirshipjs except under- e.xitlitil eII
cii nhiXallees.
1''or several idays ri-hIter the nIlle
nor the Turks~h cotul:] het petr olded t,
lng lihi other shold~i ima2 lirst. lsineo
took wh-lat seernedr lilhe the conistenI
jtisitioni that, as the strits~t are real!
Turihiteritatry, the aiiltle i'ught t
preseth thir plan hirs2t. AXt last th
lI ri ti, 1'Jrent:hi andi it atlianfs reaiche
an agr-e. een fitmong~ tlu-elves anS i
sutalatedi their ptroipoiSi~. IlePly
t hese9 provide Ii'ir free'Ic passage' thron~ig
the strnaitst for bollh tuereitni Ia sh ipin
andir wa~rsihips, both In peacei' nal I
warI* e'xcepjt 2int only whien Tiurkey Is
hl lgerenta. They protivble alsoi foer
demiilta~izaition of the strait s. cont
IprisIng the I )ardanelles and~ Gallipol
oft certai ifiiIslands in hi' Aegt'ian sea
of' all islandits ini thle Sea oif .Ma rmor
tiu of both1 Iides of the ltosp~oruis wit
thii exepjlton of CZoastatiiiple, 4|
wlehci the TurknIs are to be allowed I
hol 10).000~ Iropis. No firtillenl titn
wvill be hieritfed inI te air(eas affet'(
andii no hhatteryI (bmp~llem~iets allowN.(
It is silaltedl tiat the t otal tonnag
ot' war vessel -s of anty onle foreign tow.'
in thle I in ek sua must not t exce'ed thi
alI st renigthi of thle mollst piowerfu1
1th:aek seni Iower', and if Ithle liliack se'
Tpiwetrs shoul i a1rry tiut nav11al d isarm11
hilnent ptlians thec aillies woul haive th
right to keepi t here three waiirshly
- itiece. It ia Provided tha21t Cont!rot o
the straits shall he vested in ia till
tar and211( naval corn Inissionh represent
ing the p)owers interested andI inivited
Ambahissaidor C2hild no came for
waitrdtII wi ai detahliltattnIlent of thi
views of the United States government
Ie made12(1 It plain11 thaiit Ai1nrle's chie
purlpose Is to pirotect Ameriean (it!
senis and( Iisistedl that Amnerlean w~-ar
shlps9 tuust have the right to foltlv
Apierh-:n mifierchan ltmilen anid cittzen1
anih'her-e. On the matter of keepj
Ing the 4th'alits open Chld'ei statemfen
thus ~pp'rted th~e posItion of thie a:
.ies, t hit tthougtt the freedomo
thio wate'rs shiouldl rest upion aigret
-m~et athaer Itihan fore,'
ey's ptlan was presentedI Friday
.,,\; " "Pb.. ow
t'ttjet i.th ru'.lu ep:;o I i.
Illy ;1111 s, Oxc''jt t hat It provided for
the u' a 4;t ae tit toui ithe straits of war
.'i,., sinigly att Intervals of not less
Itatfet P'asha, mnilitatry govvrinor of
i,:e wit thi i e IBri t ih ltst week. 111:
1j ("il 11 1S'att'tl te pt'iasslsir1"s of it
:(iHitt to i)401'4I it sip, o)1i the ground~
thai~t t h ey wer'e Tuaark is cit tizens andit
'luirk sit paspts. IBritisha troop)is
tIll *l 13441 took ptoss4' 8814n of the etns
tti lhous(e. postedn iia''iiine gunts and(
g4't-s. I kif't htas refused to ('orod!
t irill; Vessels'i to taike any moreII I* t'('flI
t'4'8" from Asi a ~i tort, and gave nlot 1 r'
thtat wihin t f ewv days alt (Chritian 's
'.i4411i41 1he 1'0int4'44 to till; ifl''r14r.
Iib r'! insts lthei alles re w'it in11 1(:-4
r i s~Yhlol of t4'l rta sfotir 1eadhae
lit i-: t i11 fiire t t ': sit t 'n h 'Llitra antf
the NT (.14 oaitny tuhe' Sun'l~tuy in s Iport
(14ort 1ttirs it I iln, OittQ byas foar
the '4 11-1 "nu o Of~rtt l trom (,("tir"
111:,, :ni!!'-Mle t''inatr'. was to
In Itt 1fir ti444ll, O 441'etn (Counl f'
iv( a tii ' Saiicl ttil Su'n if Luli
S nu--t rich 'aIie ofil te enfre
It1iIi ( i1 by11 Fren4c1 t1 441 111411 .11
It ~11115 4414J0(tlt)Itie t till, plan as-a
- to:,. afl(t ;11 (;e nsI n stuld s,) i ltt((
110'il gooiistid nien.1 11 ilr'ils
'al.l :1111b Cuio,11t~ *i;1t lwiii Ic hasf tilt
I1.: Sell f1"11te' 81:1 lii I i )1fLd(1I181) IllOPU ray
'4 y - f;i i i - _ ",
-' --Opening; session of the confer
linter inurderer, who sawed hier way
inittere the President said this provision
would jeopardize the entire prograin
f'or aiding the mert-hant mnarine b~catuse
huking Interests would not finnre
shipping companies under such conidi
tionNi. Hie dechtred he wouldi rathetr
have the neatsurr fail entirely than
for congress to pass at hill "which will
bring us to extreine disal~liointment be
eriulse we have enteredc upoin a p~rogramn
In at half-hearted and rather indiffer
ent way."
Sorne~ membhers cof the cornmittee sup -
p~orteill the Mladtlkn amnncnnt, so at
compiroilulse was Suggested eligglgit.
Ing the aunnl appropriation retiuire
mient but pirovliing that no Increase-s
in the speclfied r-ste of compensation
Shall he moade without the authorizra
tin~ of congress.
A T/"""'" '"" "' "^G"
IliiTY i~s ;acting "'In'l up" with
the <- ntinil attacks o l e on br
:t14 his olliejtal n ts alir t In his ans-. er
to the fourlteenl sle-titienlt~tns filed(
with the horsiclattt eeithis juleiairy
for l iiittee in spirehtt t' thile re'ttl u
tilii irtopoit iestn his uteil nnent Le
usenirs. ie deal a r h 14- li lt's
eriatine every oneo of atit elurgtes of
filuor crltgr e tfu sal to ifor anti-trust
andi other laws, of unw :.arranted exer
Ilse of cleniero:y in the :assi s of influ
ential o endters, of neglect to prose
cute war proltteer f and of unconstitu
tional anti tiitlust procedlurt in the
r"ailroad injebi:tionl case.
tir. ' Inht'igI rty says in his relly:
"T atti stteilrlny t eeral l"n!omlt isIcen
thll con a usion t tli he s e h .-thr and
uro'istt of th.s proceeding Is not to re
n1ove himn from oilie., but is In the na
ture tif an attentuit . . . to coinpel
the iulentiniti andtl the disclosure in
ts' luse of the1! ' ieltneI iplon: which
the gove~lrtlent re~ibn. arl must rely,
in the in' tigatinI andMill prlsecutioln
ii -'* yj dininj~ itrti n i s out I i n! te
.c it n t oi ev ightul thvera it ri s th
progirai atedrlas by nthe. rente exer
rasci ous Ce. elor intae, resfidentu
(.tiain oto etrs it hegnown toa he is
cppteda toitesested nlofconstitoa
(iiitnenthu provulidigifor((lP4 the rc
letion. ofi' glreident sasn vls re i
"'riessa iinehty:.caftelr:elec'ton H5:te
tink thei': Costi tution shou cclent uuie
coinuallye i Ii:.s tampe wlith.sllAt e
tprogsve meeftingalu, thait ies pr tm o
Cti:e t ige corprati turplst es-ic
lie eitaain.~ir Denounc ing titist as "n
cinYort lt otain om- piie.'np
Iitl," teitgu sertary decldtha in
come 5ctaxest are bng assessedii toii Slthe
flltiitentix ermItedb I aw, ad that oi
1f thet ItietrmenItg to fther irec
itat attnet cnettnmust tnact ntw
Necetayo annulreor Sretry Mel
walotecomtnetds, amongges ter
irigteuv ItctinmaxIumh surtx rt-s
tne lt h t25 rorget' i i ~rn
tPlaingo ci'natiimta51Fisstonuo te
inc)omextii in com ut-n ax is is"i
tLiitaton ofts caestd c in wha sefur
CitIes tyf tbe echng se f~lor other
fueritit witottey reawzatin ofii
taxaile girinomett to o fnet here
thet tons, olt Ittion t eerct two
Tr more copatitiro-s. crtt- !
As Ior g-ctenlsontosthe ser
cltarsy:h oueofbsns a
beenlt i t motming to highert vls nrCs
wtroughout4 the~ coutr cItaai tfuloy
tgIctue haslen2 beenl olledBnk
inch~ ofndtion generait are Io suoutd the
ttny, moey rtes are resesonale, ad
there ph sfie nt credientlt infroabl t
meett at logtima ct es imnds. cior
tiCOAL~t opetr fxrom f ort-e otter
aelri n witprsentativesrfitto of mn
jurnedIl'o t o 'r ti.s cahey where
quIite nablhtne t com ctt a n eeett
As aorage sneandwkn conditionsscc
tand3 many o them oidml Oitdtat 11nly
gvietnmtui tinstee~nn willpeventk
atheri stikelenth crinutine et
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blu. . :.- ra, hand ':o powl..r eon
S A R T:-r, : , r. r<--- r("-I fi1t. N ATHA NIl: . PIL
.,-1 . .75 (re-:w:ch Str-.t. Ntw YORK.
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with much interest the remarkable record r .,itu.s. s: cr:cfrsltt. i 4.i.O cash
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ee. CO.. Iroadway, Wlinter iaven, Fla.
cine. -- _ - --- - - M
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____________ngpa eroxysms. Used for
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hlgbgrae seool(Patent, A pplied For)4
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Putnam Fadolass ny. dygort.t s o.ws

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