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4,' li~ UILkfls S~inhIIIll'
$1.50 a Year Invariably in Advan<
Entered at Pickens, S. C., Postoffk
as Second Class Mail Matter.
F V. CLAYTON, Editor and Mgr.
Due to a typographical.errcr, th
last issue of e S 'c ei wits dates
December 0, it should hav
been Decemb h. Those thai
I reserve picies of lc paper are no.
tified of this error in order that they
righ' keep thicir files straight.
For the 1ast few weks the papers
(:f the- !tet . have betn full of articles
en the cLain 'angs of South Carolina,
contir.winev on a report made by a
< c rtain cn.mJflitt( e, t, th e cfeet that
<ir eain gang's were unsanitary,
ljrutal in treatmenT if convicts, etc.
It is a tenuire pleasure to note that
this is not the case in the P'ckens
County chain gang. From the re
port (if the Staite Board of Public
Wielfare hvli,,h appears in this issue
of the paper it is clearly seen that
t.he things that havebeen charged are
not true.
Our Supervior and Foreman of the
chain sganc' are to be congratulate.l
or, the splendid showing they have
mrade. While there was a possible
score of 1000 that' could have been
made, yet w" f((l that as we are all
human h! inrts. and subjects to mis
takes, that the score of 754 is as
i.(ar i rfect as could be fmle.
Our SI eriff as w( l as the Supervi
sor of the Alms. Home are al.,o to bc
c igratulat'-d (n the good recor.
Iney have 'haste.
We feel that the offiaers in charge
of the:-e in titutii'ns are d anc the
very herb that they ran and we ar,
proud of them.
If brutali~v and unsanitary enw'
tions exist in the chain ga ns o
South Carolina. Pir-k;en ; .ur.tv i
one except in, and we feel like say
ing when we read o f the'se thin:
"Let the }leathern Rage."
hlear Dr. Lyell M. Rader at Fir.
Baptist chui ch Sunday at 11 a. m
and 7 p. m., the 17th of )et*ildcbr.
Bracelet Watches
* Pearl Necklaces
Pen and Pencil Sets
La alliers
14 Broocheg
Vanities .
Mesh Baggj~
Leather Bags
Smith's Sudio
Before the days of the Civil War
the slogan of the Southland, accord,
ir-g to some writers was "Here w(
Rest," but today it' Is "Ile We
Strive." Such is the case of ckena
For many years it seemed e stood
e still, only marking time, b t today
we are rap.dly making yrides of
Our city government is in the
hands of a live and pro essive set of
men, and they have m e a splendid
record during the past year. Several
of the most noticeabl things accom
plisl-ed are as follov -:
Every street and idewalk in town
has been worked.
Liberty street ha been re-surfaced.
Cedar Rock str 't has been graded
and surfaced to 1 he cemetery.
Ann street his had about $2000
wurrth of work d'ne on it in the form
c f top.sod. with; a cost of only $300
to the tcwn.
Main strce. has been graded and
a considerablejamount of sand placed
on it.
Wat r and sewerage system has
been installed.
The town debt of $4000 has been
reduced half, and $800 has been
plceed in the Sinking Fund for the
retirement of bonds.
The water pant is being kept in
good condition and is meeting is ex
pen-es. This is made possible ,
having 70 connections, and more in
the proeces of being connected.
Everything in (
Oranges - Appl
Raisins both eat
Full line Fad
Meals a
Water Sets
Bud Vase5 '
Nut Rowls
765 Ch.
. MARCi V, Je
It is understood'that these are of
- the only improvements to be ade.
Rumor now has it that the yor is
in touch with Federal au orities
which will result in possibjy a harl
surf seed street through town, coP
n-ecting the Easley ro with the
Pickens-North Carolin road. This
would izdeed be one f the greats'
improver\ients possib e. Let us hope
and help \our city athers in bring
i'ng about his th' g.
Still oth im ovement; -ouvld be
made to ma e ur town better and
more beautif , and wi submit the
1. Day C9 en .
2. Courthbuse uare bcat'tifi !d.
3. Tour it camp. '
Dr. Riggs in an ad ess made the
night before the Fu an-Clemson
game, made the statem nt that to
much time was being devo to foot
ball in the different colleges: At any
rate it does not seem to be \he case
at Clemson.
Industrious men and women want
cd to retail the genuine Watkins
Products in city territories. Except
ional opportunity to tie up with the
oldest and largest company of its
kind. Our hustlers average income
is $1.10 an hour. Are you doing as
well? If not, write today for free
samples and particulars. The J. R.
Watkins Co.. Qept. 82, New York, N.
I Y.
hristmas Goods
es - Grapefruit
ing and cooking
icy Groceries
t all hours
Y Links
rf Pins
t Buckles and Belts
rin and Knife
nb Sets ' c
mntain Pens -
rsharp Pencils
Ealey . C.!
Do Your CI
You will find many useful gifts,
heart. -
Look through our furniture roo
Parlor Suite, a Wardrobe, a Librar
What could be more useful than a nic
In Mens' An
You will find everything needed.
shoes, Raincoat, Underwear, Silk Sh
Sweaters, Silk and Wool, Mnfilers, I
With a nice Art Square. A f
We have just received another shin
We wish you all a merr Christn
Clothitig, Shoes, I
The books for the collection of
State and County taxes will be open
from October 15, 1922, to December
31st, 1922.
Those who prefer to can pay in
January, 1923 with 1 per cent addi
tional. Those who prefer paying in
February, 19223, may do so with 2
per cent additional. Those who pre
fer paying in March 1923, to the 15th
of said month, may do so by an ad
dition of 7 per cent. After said date
the books will close.
Those who do not wish to come to
the office can write me and I will
furnish them with the amount due
1 and they can remit me by check,
money order or reeistered mail.
Please do rct :;end money without
reg'stering sane, as it is liable to
g et los:t and it is at senders risk.
State Levy. 7 1-2 mills.
Ord Co.. 10 mills.
C'onst. Schools, 3 mills.
Road Bond, 3 1-22 mills.
S p-cial Roads, 5 mills.
Total, 31 mills.
Road Tax, $3.00.
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R.
Bonds, Hurricane towvnsh-p, 2 mills.
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R.
Bonds, Eastatoe township, 2 1-2 mills.
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R.
Bonds, Pickens township, 2 mills.
Poll tax $1.00 . (One Dollar.)
Every male person betwcen the ages
of 21 to '30 years is iable except those
excused by law.
Commutation Road Tax, $3.00. All
Sperso~ne Owing dlogs are required to
pay a tax of $1.25 on each dog. Do:
< tax must be pa'dl by February 1, 1923.
.Special School tax by Districts
Distic t No. 1, 7 mills.
District No. 2, 11 mills.
District No. .3, 8 mills.
District No. 4, 8 mills.
~' District No. 5, 12 mills.
District No. 6, 8 mills.
District No. 7, 8 mills.
District No. 8, 20 mills.
District No. 9, 20 mills.
District No. 10, 16 mills.
District No. 11, 24 mills.
District No. 12, 10 mills,
District No. 13, 15 mills.
District No. 16, 8 mills.
Ditie No. 17, 20 mills.
Ditit No. 18, 14 mills.
District No. 19, 8 mills. -
S District No. 20, 11 mills.
District No. 21, 8 mills.
District No. 22, 8 mills.
District No. 23, 10 mills.
District No. 24, 10 mills.
S District No. 25, 14 mills.
District No. 26, 14 mills.
h District No. 27, 12 mills.
District No. 28, 8 mills.
District No. 29, 10 mills.
District No. 30, 8 mills.
~District No. 31, 20 mills.
District No. .32, 8 mills.
District No. 33, 11 mills.
District No. 35, 8 mills.
District No. 36, 11 mills.
District No. 37, 8 mills.
District No. 38, 16 mills.
District No. 39, 13 mills.
District No. 40, 8 mils.
Distric t No. 41, 8 mills.
District No. 42, 21 mills.
District No. 44, 13 mills
District No. 45, 8 mIlls.
District No. 46, 15 mills. '
District No. 47, 14 mills.
District No. 48, 15 mifls.
District No. 49, 15 mills.
District N.. 50, 8 mIlls.
District No. 51, P mIlls.
District 1N.. 52, 8 mIlls.
I DisIkiet No. 55, 18 mills.
Dilitrict No. 58, 8 mMl.
0.~emt T. Ninte
here, for. your Father, Mother, Wif e, Husband, Brother, Sister or Sweet.
the Gift Everlasting
ms. Give a Red Cross Felt Mattres s, a Buffet, a 'Bed Room Suite,
y Table, a Dining Table, a Kitchen Cabinet, or a few nlce ocking Chair,.
e Trunk, Suit case or Hand Bag.
i Boys' Wear And Furr
A nice Griffon suit or overcoat, S tetson Hat, . 0 r ,, -
irts, Neckwear, Ivory Suspenders an d Garters, Umbrellas, Kid Gloves,
nterwoven Silk and Wool Hosiery, B ed Room Slippers.
prise Vour Wife
e w nice Rugs. Some wool Blankets, o r a new Home Sewing Machine.
I ment of Coat Suits, and childrens an d Misses Coats.
as - - _- ."
AtS and Gents' Furnishimg Goods a Specialty
Call for Pictorial Review Patterns
New Price
F. O. B.
Think ofeit! For only $235
you can now buy this efficient,
economical and reliable Ford
With a body to suit your
needs, it enables you to imme
diately increase your trade).
zone, satisfy more customers,'
- reduce your delivery costs
and make more money.
Buy Now. Terms if desired.
Authorized Ford and Linebln Dealer
Pickens, S. C.'
privilege c
Ioney to Loa o"'"" yer*fYUwn o
.Iisnot r41uired that the borrow
ON IMPROVED FARM LAND ,,atriom er n re to borrow.
We caup ;o04: 'yoti. ay amount of CRtAIG &KEITH
none? frt~a 1,000'te^ $25,OS0 for a' ' '. Ofover ,Egwee Pharmiacy
>erlod of 33 years, -giving -yeu the Phone P ickens, S. C

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