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Lingering Cough
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Time for One, Then.
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EG:INA gazed despondently
out of the window.
A light snow was fall
ing like millions of spark
ling diamonds and pearls,
yet Regina saw nothing.
Her Christmas tree had
not come!
It mattered not that the
day was a wonder day
and that the eye of
Christmans was close at
hand. Nothing mattered
to Regina save the fact
that she had promised her
Sunday school class a glorious tree,
and that now there was no tree for
She argued with herself that she
might have known that the New York
shops could not be relied upon to send
a tree to the suburbs at so short a
notice, but that did not help the
Regina shrank from facing those 12
little girls whose smiles would varnish
in childish lisappointment when they
learned that the tree they had been
prorhised was not to be theirs.
The tears brimmed over and feW.
Regina's vision was cleared and In
the clearing she gazed directly at the
minhauire fir tree in the vacant lot
next door. A sense of keen delight
Swept over Regina. After all, her chil
dren would have a tree l
Some 15 minutes later Regina ap
peared in outdoor costume. She had
put on her gymnasium suit, high rub
ber boots and her father's great top
coat. Over a riot of curls her snug
fur cap fitted closely.
"You look for all the world as if
you des(ervel 'our nlicknale," expostu
hted Regina's mother. 'JRegina, I do
hope no one will see you."
Now, this nicknate to which Re
gina's mother alluded with distress
had been bestowed upon the girl by
her father. It wais Tommy-no more
and .no less--Tommy! 'And Tonnay
stood for tomnhoy. You see, the girl
was no hothouse (lower, even if she
d1( (idtech aI Sundaduy school class an31(
wee'(p with (lisappiinment. Int facet,
ihar father inisisted t hat thle nickname
fitted-atnd secret'ily lie was lproutd that
it (did. For Regina was dustinctlhy able
biodied. She ('ould( r'ide andl swim.
She cold hanltdle a1 20-gautge shtotgun
atnd a casting trod. She waus a notable
miolmtainieer. She could1( paddle a canoe
and sail a boht. And she cnred a lot
mioreO for out-of-dloors things than she
did( for (lanceS and1( for social functions.
Her't Idea of hatppinesa was a catmp
in the woods.
"Thlere's no0 one for miles around,"
Regina laughed, andi shouldered an ax.
"Unless people wvho live in the bunga
iow~ turn up--I ill have the world to
myself." She pieked up a big tub
withl her ft'e lhandi and trudlged off
tow~ard the fir tree in tihe vacant lot.
Regina's eyes were too intent on her
mlissionl to see thatt a thlin curl of
smoke was twistinlg from the chinmney
of the bungalow thlat ramlbled in the
lot beyond thte vacant one.
Rlegina (irew near theo coveted tree
tand her heart expanded lovingly.
"What a1 little beauty !" she ox
chtitmed half11 aloud.
'fie little tree stood1 not nmuch high
er than Regina. Over its branches a
veil of smoke seetmed to linger. After
at m~omlent sipent in admtliration the girl
puit dOWn bet' big I tb and beCgan to
clear' awvay the light fall of snlow from
abloutt, tile' toots of the tree. IHert
cheeks were gloriously redl alnd the
spartkle in her eyes rivaled the (lay it
When the snow was cleared Rlegina
sw~ung thle great aIx into the frozen
eartht. PTe ground scarcely respond
edI to her strengthl. She swung
"Hley i What are you dloing to that
llegina dr'opped. her ax and gazed
in the dit'etion of tile deep, gruft
voice. A man11 wats standinlg on the
v'erainda of the bungalow.
Children Gather Around Last Resting
Place of Writer of "Night
-Before Christmas."
r HI thteir lIttle feet crineh
itng in thle sn1ow, hulndreds
of childreOn gathler On
Christmas E~ve aroundl the
last r'estiny place of Cie
mfenit C. Moore, LLI.D., who for nearly
a century has been credited with the
dienuted authorship of "'Twas the
Regina picked up her as and with
much dignity swung it agalin.
"I saay, there, you-that tree belongs
to mec l" The man was coming toward
Regina stopped and( turnedl. "Th'1is Is
a vacant lot," she called out with as
The approaching manl whistled. Ils
speed quickened. H-e made anl invol
untary movement to raise a cap that
in his haste h1e had forgotten to put
"I beg your pardon," his voice itd
lost the gruff quality. "I thought you
were a man-but--that tree Is mine. I
brought it up from my father's garden
in the South."
, David Langhorn Spoke rapdly. Re
gina's face was rather startling in its
beauty, and he had a desire to cover
her e mbarrassmot. "I have taken
very special care of that tree."
"Very special," Itegina sa d coldly.
"I have lived here a whole summer
and no (niae-"
"I have bMen away-lately."
"I don't see why you tlenve poor lit
tie tre a''' roundit ini vacant lots," lle
gi na 1)ut in hu rriedly, bieeause shet
felt like crying now that heri irl\3'ous
t r(e wats takeni fromi her.
"This is my lot," hlanghiorn told her.
"1If you hadti chopped it down-"'
"I wasn~f't cholpiug it downi!'' 1egina
cried indligniantly. "I was going to
put it very carefully into tils tubl."
She stumbledl over ther wvordis, but de
ter'mined to tell tis v'ery good lookiug
man with t ho red hair that she was
not a female George Washington.
"I ordered a Christmas tree by ex
press, and1( it dlidn't conme. Mly Sun
day school class--12 little girls--are
expecting a tree tonight in my house,
aind now-" Words failed Regina.
She hit her lip and looked applealingly
up at Larnghorn.
'The mtan laughed because it was
the safest tihing to do for the present.
"And I h ave brought down 12 little
settlement boys with the samiie pr'om
iso-and flarry a tree have I got. I
reckoned on getting one in tihe vil
Regina laughed, and the whole
world seenmed to echo with the laugh.
"I have tried even t he depart ment
store !" She gaz'ed into D~avid Lang.
horn1's eyes. "I am sorry f'or the Iloor
little souls~ whom we are4 dIlsappointinag
--my class worked so faithfuliy afl
last summer.
"By Jove," David Saud, "I readt onye
of' some people who had a Chirist imas
tree Out oif doo0rs ! They had greui bon
fires and the tree was lit by a thou
sand candles as well as the stars, andir
a Santa Claus dtrove up over t he real
snow 1 Couldn't we (10 something like
"WVith this t ree ! Ilow perfect ly
glorious I" Rlegina, beside herself with
.joy, begani to shovel away a greater
clearing. David took the shovel from
"My kiddies wvill do that--it will be0
the treat of their lives." David
looked seriously at Regina. "Now go
home and get warn'md upi. "This aift
Night Before Christmas." 'The children
march in processioni from the hafnd
some stone edifiee of the C'hurch of
the Intercession on1 upper Ilrtoadcway,
New York cIty, and ini the cemletery
whieh lies between tha t thorough fare
and the Ihudson riv~er, gat her' airound
the grave. If the weather lie not too
witry, Christmas hiymns are sung and
the poem is recited, bieginninag:
'Twas the night before Christmas, when
all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not oven a
r '
ernoon I viI call properly and in the
evening-Christmas e*e-" he did not
finish with words, for the hearts of both
Diavid and tegin: were overilowing
with tidings of great joiy.
ThIat evening Sant a Claus drove up
Ihrough the crisp snow ind opened
his great bags before the little tree.
It was a wondler tree there in the va
(nit lot, and it was hung with a hun
drel electric bulbs. Six honlhVs
rea red their finles skyward and
around and about danced and capered
21 joyous children.
And when the moon was high in the
heavens and the spirit of Christmas
had entered into each heart, I)vid
and Reginn drew the band of children
about theta and led the young voices
in the singing of joyous Christmuas
carols. And esperitaly did this one,
which Regina sang, please the chil
It came upon the midnight clear.
That glorious son : of old,
From angels hending near the earth,
To touch their harps of gold:
"1'ecee on earth, good-will to men,"
F''r 'i herven's all-;raiciouis King;
Tim world in solemn stillness lay
To hear the angels sing.
Still through the cloven skies they como,
W ih peaceful wings unfurled.
Anad stiil their lieavenly music flonts
O'Ver all the wearmy world;
Above its sad and lowly plains
They banmd on hovering wing,
And1 even oe'r its flabel-sounxds
The blessed angels sing.
Yes, with the woe of sin and strife,
The world hans su ffered long;
iteeath the angel-sitrain have rolled
Two thousand yearms of wrong;
And mirn, at war with man, hxears not
The love song which they bring:
OTh, hush the noise, ye meon of strife,
And hear the a ':els sing!
And ye, beneath life's crushing load,
Whose forms are bending low,
Who loll along the climbing way,
With painful steps and slow
ILook now, for glad and golden hours
Come swiftly on the wing:
Oh rest beside tho weary road
And hear the angels sing!
And this one:
liark, the glad souand! The Savior comes,
The Savior pron4lsed long;
Laet every heart prepare a throno
And every voice a song!
ie conmes, the prisoners to release,
In Satan's bondage held;
'rho gates of brass before hhn burst,
The iron fetters yield.
11e comes, the brokenx heart to find
The bleeding soul to cure,
And with the treasures of ils grace
To enrich the hummle poor.
Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace,
Tlhy welcome shall proclaim
And hxeaven's eterunal arches ring
W ithm Thy beloved name.
Iluxt even a Chr isi imas I ree ('(1lehrnx.
tion luist comie to( an end; Jly andl by
thle cildri men were suing out aind 'hli
tires bxegani to get low ani llthe voi -eM
of liegina and Da:vid trailedt off at
silence', anti the two juist lookcedt
eachl oilier.
"D~oi't you thxinkc we'd helter takle
the chlildr'en ini now?'i" said Ilegino
atl laist. '"The fires are gettinag low."
D~avid was silent for ia lon~g mlo.
ment. Then he said slowly aind r'ev
"Th'le fires will never buhrn low--Rb.
gina. Thiis is the night whien the
Great Sii't of Love wals bornl iinto
our woirld.''
This qula it and pretty eremony,
originated by Ilev'. Miilo II. Gates, not
only keeps alive the Chr iistmnia spirit
in thle heartis of the children, bult is a
deserved tibu~lte to t he b~est-knowin
Christmans poem in thle 1English Ia.
gunage. Its history is lnot only rom~an
tie, bult as I here Is question r' to Its
iauthiorship it has biecoime the subject
of serious literary Iiiqu iry,
Vanil extract canx be0 madet art!.
ficinlly in the laboratory from oil of
cloves. eugenol or othe 5Usan. .
Why.Bake At Home
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ready baked?
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least eight big, plump, city. And it's made with
tender fruit-meats to the Sun-Maid Raisins.
slice. That's another reason for its
Taste it--see how the rai- superiority. A rare combination
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sin flavor permeates the both good and good for you, so
bread. you should serve it at least twice
No need to bake at home a week.
whenUe Sun-Maid Raisins also in
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and city to bake this full- you know less vell than Sun
fruited raisin bread. Maids, but the kind you want is
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Just 'phone and they'll de- sist, therefore, on Sun-Maid
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prise the family tonight. ordinary raisins.
Maiil coupnn for free book of
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orust-resting Cop
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