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The news and herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1877-1900, February 13, 1877, Image 1

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LDI''TIUN.-I\ rS13U11US. U, 1'[Tl+,' ])1.Y DUI ;NINr, FE n
LWEEIKLY r ; , 131tUAl1Y 13, 1877.
* :i I)V'11( It'I (;ISIME i";;,
,, ?> Ir Di'A'IVV 4'A IUS.13, stiIs Wit I
fU'rLI), Al' 'tL,. l :h. (Co N. Y.
Vith it Cold is Ahluays Dtuigorous.
' S. iure :.'n1 '(1y for (bo1u;hx, and al11 J)is
enic'i of ile. 'i'1i'o)lt. Lim;x.;, C(.'L t:,t a
Sold1 by all Druggists.
C. N. ('..rrIx \ ?4, 7 tx~ :11 cone, N. Y.
A e L 1 (+ (R A T T: V
"rir we fli) 1 5!) iii ( '14' :!: -CL Sew -
en" ;Y nd~ ab litly .: r ije
Oi 'llin ;'~S~ii* .I~' n* ('cmoil)Llil2
r. I I V, ('1 iiiret .1112141 t 01 , il, .1 iil.'4 4)1 LIoo
A 4111 . For IL I ilculiu'4, A'Iilvo:,s
1'j180:1 8nw1iug311( lwhim CO.
827 A- f ) Ilkroadv4'%, New furl(. or Kew
Oil. .is. 1, .
1 i eonttimi. ,1) Ill "rI"; Vin 'S of1 di1(j
ia 'is :111 s,"ld w-, -I) 'j in 4' In u2 111
tea~ (I 1' u~ilti.' t (1 1 t:ll'".( m* o; )1(
".l : 1It.:i c, ) !;'ill(' It evets . Nei) vI'll e'oi
nu(! 11144l n, i ;1til ~f P. (IcA;an.:o' 'li)
( Id1e i ) o 1 jj i t 'i~4 I )"4~ 4. (r 11 ; .0
I.' (iuI. Do ot 1)' ('.' ',(' I I IO
01" T111
Bolt! in 1,0 s, Pi T. 1)r121 alto (l'li'
t:'2 2(.'. ji!!1.2':'te i. and y' (,) 1
1,'tI:i n2~4 V4) (lt'.'; (".4la' bodyi Weil:
I *fQ 3C~Vp * 21. ee.iod u:J':.111 '1 V 4' (
' o4 .4'. t +;
, . '')::C 4 1111 1 ,ii l):)) -,. Send
!'1 41).,.11"
1 ?40?CR. Wo hav'e
50 ~.heoor p~i4r. I 8 1"''CI:Pe. I)$On111 1 I1.440
* 111 , jacia 6o,w111ii 142,2i midd~~ 4114. tI l 4've 11421441
?an1 ladle,' fa'.ImtomhiD'.4 r.41y 5 .1. Al1i1 ,n.1 drops44. (.4:.t.
* Pid.1 291 -4-~ I 4.lile4C .4.111i)'414444JI.l cci' .4y
* I Sol. ; Odd4. Pei " , lctrr I4'.,frh free4 1., n'1 ir~o1.
13tID3 1x CO., 700 Broadway, N~. V.
ln lin T101I.0f)(4)11INAId)2.. Can ho
Usd4 U4it Pl r44r1.'(44401dr r11 Penr. h"rasiir. PeiikiIfi.
3 lVIi)1 n ivllopo pn r.1'n I 14'rt4 'r iiumlx~utii'r 144W14i )iitIioi
Ihrca41 Cutter. Alsm fir 1(lilplng P4244444. Cuatn"' otr
!nooksam EviiIes4, 114i44ions. Eiri)-ring 11 .1. &c S 2.)o n
*E41it14ii4 J10iiL', hi IiOlii.y' 4414k04 IiI.4t'iIilii i41.I HA
a Ilfo(4 444. Agilnll4 41r4. (44411i44 44iii44' ,1111 Mayi It 144 4140
bes oil 4in1g iirtl, a4 o444. SWiilo 2511144t. Ri2 frr
SI* x'r.nrdii;fl ,idconmoti44t(41) pOiil. Sumil filr
.al4)i il141(')Iid l4444 f4. l I ;
URIo1&c,.:7). 7030 Eiroadwaiy, N. Y.
g t P.1T14~2:l2Y rP.:A1:h., rind4
IIIX oil1'.l T.IAP.'i ('.flI442NA. 2a m tttNO9LAS
Publishers and Printers,
( ;In luiv (1' it ('1'10 M utl w u~ac IL' ('u
'I"'ll , AS;-'ON hI.l )Y Cui r"NO MI.cli N1 9
it.( 111 Lo "; 1(:(1 ciloip c.':t hlow p-led"(
iiach 111 !)to I: (c, 1(1Ii h ve itIi ~n ::1w rli
..ttj ..
Tu" - IN IIA1) P.'av)it Cu :u is by
1'11 ie ItII. i Ci i)2 d haj x";1101 c litib 1)1)
t)in t or . it 19 t pie ~t.l i4 l' 11111 1-4-4
nciii~ehi i l al 4 iwaiys tikcu the ili .u.
Stiiiid1. It i i t. le O411I nlich(liilo to vC . !t 1,'
.his h u1 lii IS tlCl Pidt 11:9 JIi\111 'i i t~i (
1ulti. 'eiiIS IiVi c :. It..;ii it n iio , I
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Cio ii h t lilti i t~ie ;IV ll (. ill ' 11( 1 n
t(' . j* t *)s 1O r . t (, 1v tt { (. It I;'. .
i, the I 1);.wr It 'i';1v:: r.5 ':1 o vi. ..!.
,\'(' q ,(111 111' too 1 us viiin;i to ytlu l ollt
id r . O lls~ t iii itl'l (liii ;On O''.
It141 i1s Wt)'l a !l:i"' o 111 :'1 .i..
1'-t 11 I i!'..' cI tl ' 1'1\ . II:"I . ii' i (
thea i- .1o lc"l (l kin I (1';' .c
f'MTt: r Aiii Ow I'I"; o : 't , Ni
10(' n' )I'U l in Nfice.SI1C
;.:4~i'ii.?11 \"(1' I,'( ; - I 'ilt: i es
i~ol( }(111111 b t t ;(s '! 1'.clo 111 i' t'1
i'i(I'. elt"1(. i11' A t.ND 11"
,:1;\ ! !i il '11 ? ; i. t i l.
w m l-t )t'l-:a~ . Ltto
r- alGr
r T11E411 NDW I~'C F
B A R GAG ; II NS'"11'1..I:
DRY1111 Spoon
I,:, ie' WINESrLa ,lc.
T(Etc., I'::
~~indor * :hades,
at the
Urzaiidt C entral D)RYI UOODS
IIjCiaf68I1Y & Blt~ii
,\V1\(.~ 1i4)n ll.1 . out.I th 11in t. t" f
_. \\.).LO\ 1; we n"' slmlA~c lonsiti"e
In bi.% l" , t, 14) lil.4.i.C 1"00.L, for a elioice
itlild (Iu..j:liit k20c!(k of
TheI'll' 111 will; ar nc e of tI Io, lu'd ing"
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ist 1111. l" .1.I
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('OUN'r oar.tus )Ii' 11" ". :((l.
'i'li, C 111~1"' ml lo. o lP;,: 'n -
W itii I it , ,!f) I ' t l.i(, I .." t bel 11. \i .1
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llt.ii l' C ourt0 S o 50(1 S. ( ' itl 7 k '"11
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'(I'yte El G1!to ,. \:,( 1ik atv deided.
11"01 t te d'l C ill , u: ]kot . toilki
'%': to buy i: li ,cu Cig'i. It. th I Ce ne
i."01 ur diere rk et '11y ~OIt) lof you
lil1 1,)ty . ( i)tI t.1r 1. ., .:.
Its Cause ans an Englishmai) Under
stansd It.
Writing from New Orleans the
correspondent of the London Times
Half the t lie troubles at the South,
or, at any rate, that half which
might be most easily remedied, are
duo to the interference of profes
sional politicians from the North,
Democrats and iepublicans alike,
some of the::: the miost mischievous,
corrupt men whom America pro
duces, and who really care little or
nothing about the South's troulHes,
though always weeping and wailing
and gua'ting their teeth over them;
hut, on the contrary, by their
violent dist ortions and exaggerations,
for party purposes, of the smallest
facts keep Open the festering sore
they pretended to be so anxious to
The busy and benevolent inter
ferenco of these gentlemen is, I need
scarcely say, due to the fact that they
want the Southern vote for the
Presider.tial candidate of their
choice, and if party feeling is more
than usually bit ter and venomous
this yearu, it is because, as your
readers already know, the fate of
the whole American administration
for four years hangs upon the loss
of a single Southern vote If the
South Carolina Board of Canvass
ers haid been different, or if it could
be now, as illegial, reversed, all the
long sushtained and herculean labors
of whole Republican larty to retain
their "place and pelf" would be at
once made fruitles.s by Mr. Tilden's
appointment as .President. This
would be in any case a great evil for
South Carolin.i, though perhaps, an
liunaivoidable evil so long as the
present system of electing a Presis
dent remains unchanged.
But still the evil would he verb
slight compared with what it now is
if the voting for President, in which
the whole country is concerned,
wore kept separate from the voting
for Governor and other local oflicers,
in which the State alone is concern
ed. The Northern wire pullers and
agitators on both sides, though
tocy carp everything about
the first, care comparatively
little about the last, anid
would be most of them quite willing
to exhaust their 1be nevolent energies
in looking after the Presidential
Electors, and leave the State to look
after its own domestic concerns.
Federal and State interests would,
in fact, be kept, is they ought to
be, in great ne::sure apart : now
they are, by the system of voting,
so inextricihly mixed upl) that do
politician ('ai meddle with one with.
out mcddling with both.
Wells as a Witiese.
According to all accounts tile
Grand Cyclops of the Loiisio'aa
Returning hoard con spiraltor,,
must hlave cuit a sorry figure befor'e
thle Cong~ressional investigatin~g
comn~fimttee while under cro'ss-ex'ami 1
nation by Mr. Field. A correslpon.
dent of tile Richmond ]/ispatcht
threa~tening, obstinate and d iscur
sive. Yet at timies lhe was very
meek, after anl outburst of no'ger st
Mfr. Fiel, wh~ose mnnerHO waIs 51me.
aml01 someime11s peremnpt ory. To
fully appi eciate Wells as a witness
lhe must have been seen and heard.
Hie told Mr. Field lhe meanit to
answer questions iln his~ own way or
notV at all iand told the chairmian if
heo(1id1 not. protect himf from Mr.
Field. he'd protect hlimllOf, and1
looked threateningly at Mr. Field,
andl added, 'And that very qu~ick,
too.' The whole story of Wolls
cerrie~d with it the conviction of its
own untruthfulness, and his manner
wvas that of a man under the
influence of liquor and sulfferingi
from great nervous cycitement. it
was pa1inful even to his political
opponlents to observe his writhing
and1( lying under the cross-firing of
"It lhas einee been discovered by
an officer of the House that Wells
was armed with two revolvers and
a loaded cane. t. womid not have
surprised~ gpy person present had
he gone over the table at Mr. Field
at any mxoment."
Children must have love j~ngidoQ
the house, and froesh air,. and good
play and song. good comnpanjonship
outside-otherwise young life rnns
the greatest danger in tile wvorld of
withorir g or growing stunted, or
at best prematurely old. and turned
inward oni.iate1.
A Windfall for a Savannah Family--A
$15,000,000 Legpcy.
Legacies and fortunes are ac
c(ptable to every one at all tiues,
ht at this particular juncture the
nws of anl unlexpected1 bonanza inl
this lino woald be received with
greater satisfaction than1 o~ver by the
average citizen, (spoeially one who
hasR sutlered fromt war and p~esti
lence. 'ho HIazuard family in
avllnall. Ga., arc, therefore, to be
col ' iatilated, as recent information
hias been received by one of the
memuibors that there is now within
their reuel a handlsolllo estate valued
at. 815,000,000, in Brisol, England,
'his infoi unation comies through
leg1 genl tlemen--Colonel W. 0,
1 L:Atoo, of Milledgeville, and Colo
nel W. Robert (Gignillat, Darien.
These gentlemen state that all that
is requisite to establish a claim to
this property is tle proof of descent
of the Almerican Hazzard family
from the family in Bristol, England,
This .UJnC /uq Ju j is not diflienit,
and it is, therefore, most probable
tha.t the few surviving direct heirs,
if the matter be properly nianaged,
wil s8oin be enabled to enjoy this
go odly windfall, The legal heirs of
this estate, as far as we are enabled
to learn, are Mrs. Isabtella Floyd,
now deceasedl, who has two children
residing inl Savannah, Mrs. Mary
Hazzard Hamilton, mother of
1iarmaduiihke Hanilton, Esq., and
Mrs. Dr. Laltoebe, and other sons
:nud daughters living at various
plae(s in Georgia and Florida,
ls. Mary J. Bacon, sister of Mrs.
Floyd, also deceased, whose only
living child is Mrs. S. A. Fraser,
residing at Hinesvillo, Liberty
county, Georgia.
Wmiu. H. Hazzard, Sr., brother of
Mrs. Floyd anti 1"rs. 13acon, was
the third of the direct heirs. Sur
viving him are only two children,
A-len B. Hazzard, Esc., and Mrs,
Louisa 'White, of thin city,
These constitute the su-viving
mimlers if the Anericain branch of
the Hazzard famnily, and their
descent from the Bristol family to
whom this imnense estate belonged
is clear, it will be seen that they
have a fine prospect of becoming
millionaires. The claims is now inl
the hands (,f lawyers, and at member
of the family, Captain Floyd, who
is now in Iurope, is looking afto'
the interest.
Hardy Solomon's Trials.
From the New York Worbl,
1. K. Scott and Hardy Solomon
both reside in Columbia, S. C. In
June, 1875, Scott loaned Solomon
$5,000 and bonds worth $10,000.
Solomon was at the time prosiden1 t
of the South Carolina Bank and
Trust Company, and it is claimed
owned nearly all the stock. Scott,
in a suit brought in this city last
Se)tenber ag inst Solomon, says
the latter gave him a certificate of
deposit on this bank as security for
the the $5,000, fraudulently intend
ing at the time to so manage the
affairs of the~ banlk as to recnder' the
certificate worth less, and thus de.
fraud Scott of tihe money ; and that
then Solomon fraudulently disposed
of his property, andl on the 2d of
July, 1875, having sole control of
the nmanagmecnt of thme bank, closed
its doorR, Thle bonds, though given
to Solomon for the pmlpose Of
having him effect a loan on them na
uecur'ity, were, Scot~t says, by hjum
conlverted to his own use. B~oth
jc'ott and( Solomon came Nor'th last
smmer, and while on their rectur'n
from a sojour'n at Saratoga Scott
brought this action and cauIsed
Solomon's arrest in this city.
Solomon, on) a motion before Judge
Lawrence to vacate thme arrest,
(denied thmat thme bonds or the money
were loanled to him indlividulally, but
wecre loaned to the bank, and that
such was the understanding between
them, and attention was called to
the fact that, though the bank had
gone into bankruptcy nearly two
years ago, Scott waited till Solomon
had conme North hefore making any
claim against him. Judge Lawrence
yesterday yacated the order of
arrest, holding plaintiff had not,
ma ut~ his case beyond a doubt.
AMr's. Henry,' said John to0i
wife just before Christmase, 'if you
give me a ChristmDas p~resent this.
year, please arrange it so, that the,
bill won't come in till tihe nexk.
month. It's just as well to keep up
the illusion for a short time.'
The j'ewel. imn Qpeen Vioetiria'a
crown wore esti.,ated at ?11 1,000
forty years ago--at the time of her
coronation. Since then they hr ve
much inereased in' value ; four dia-.
monds at the top of th8e cown are
worth ?10,000 -nach,

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