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25 FAIV NV O A t S, 15 styles with
nanmo, 1Octs. post paid. J. 13.
HUsTn, Nassau, Rens. Co., N. Y.
With a Cold is Always :Dangorous,
WELLS' (Carbolle Ta'blts,
a auro remedy for Coughs, anti all )is,
(ases of the Throat, Lungs, Chest andi
Mucous M bapratne.
Sold by all Druggists.
C. N. CRITTENoN, 7 Sixth A'elnuo, N. Y.
We want 5l0 more first-class Sew
ing Machine Agents, and 500 men of
energy and ability to learn the business
of selling Sowing Machines. Compensa
tion liberal, but varying needrling to
ability, chaarcter and ll Iit1enttions of the
Agent, For particulars, Address
Wilsoii 8Sinilig Miclliri Co.
827 & 829 Broadway, Now 'York, or New
Orleans, La.
It contains 330 fine engravings of tU..ild
ings and scenes in the Groat Exhibition
and is the only ntthentiC and complete
history piblished. It treats one of the
grand buildings, wonderful exhibits,
curiosities, great events, etc. Very oheaip
and sell ;it sight, Ono Agent sold 48
cop.teN $1i 0110 day Send for our extra
terms to Agents ad a full des'ription of
the work, Address National Publishing
Co.. Phila.,Pa., or St Louis, M .
CATrION. Unrelil4e anti werthless
bo.9ks on the Exhibition are being circu
lated. Do not be deceived. See that the
books; you buy contains 874 pges unit
3.:0 fine engravings.
i onderfuc( Succes.. 25,000
Sold in 60 .days It being the only
.complete low-price work (770 pages only
$2.. 0), treatig .of the e'tire history,grand
buildings, wonderfui exhibits,curiositie9,
great d.ys, etc. ; illustrated, attl $1 cheap
er than any otiher; ever' body wannts it.
On? now agent cleared $3 0 in 4 weeks.
.3,000 agenlts anted . Send qui kly for
proof of a1>ov t, .orinine or an i. 21.,
and pless, sa pie pages, full description,
and our extra terms.
HunnIIiaIn B os., Puns.. 733 Sansom St.,
Phil., Pa. Caution. Beware of falsely
.claimed <.fli less books. Send
for y roof
11113NOTIC.. NCO tmarQ
e31rg Statioery
-c g asgto I t e
world. It contains
L0 g iaeotso i';or i a nolopoo. 1 1end). nhorlder,
g*osn 110 ania i s atno, of v.nuuanblt Jowuiry. Cati,1oto
smn lo ,aacka'o~twh r logant 5..id.pinlae Ilcovo buttonsu
pa 'i, QS cent+. e epdkngo. wi !I. nrtci .eoir
$( oltl' id 'ett Ufcr I1'aia-h ro ly tl agents.
RtI ES A CO. 09 roadway' N. Y.
TWELis 1yE
}lend ama ouci.Po n ldor n i,,,n, ntr or.rP,,,flo
Env oprhpone .l'a 11r~cutter Itaubbr, Sowing
1r n gd Cutter . nr tppluff osins. Cutiii~. IT
hok and Nycs, int mum. 7Eroadj llnwa, c. Y o .f
como~n1 penul, Is lio ovllyy lickol piated nd. arts310 ti m
n 1ifltoima. Agents lare do plug gmiey amnul may It Is tho
best selling nrtic 0 put. Sandi o *5 cents. Rix for
.I ExtraiorinavInyhdsacirnto,,s to Agonts. ipd (.r
V ul ).lalr-ti pt andi eanva-m touar town.'
BR IQ3& CO. 76Q Broadway, M. Y.
* srATIoN.vny PAcKAOS. mind
TON rr ( OLLARg.
. OQ rondway, 4, V
Spring Printa, Wainautta, *Frtii of -thcu
Loom, N. Y, Mills Lonig C loths,
Blleached and Unbieachbed Dri ll..
ings, Sea Island H-mnespuns,
Cassimele:, Jeans, etc.,
1jinen Collars an d1 Cuffs,
Gent' big anl
ties, Bows
All of which wo will soll oheap for Cash.,
Give us a call before litn-casing elsewhere,
N. B.-W~e havn on hanV i full stock of
)luist's Garden Seeds, Whiphliv gOuarantee
to be fresh.
J. F. A~ltg g & 00,
feb 1
HE undersigned would inform his
numerous niendts adperos4iat-he
ean st*l be found at Th% orn 'stahd with
-mit stg naanjr a- stoak af Goodi.,
Publishers and Printers
Can buy direct of the Manufacturer on
favorable terns.
are the bear and elseapest low priced
inwahilne made, and have a-national repu
tation for utility til d durability."-The
1 eclrolliper, Chicago.
''ni-: ANSON lIAltDY VAIER CurrTn is b y
far the best machine which can be ob
tained for a less price than one hun-tred
dollars. It is of great strength. These
nuiuchines have always taken the highest
stiand. It is the only machine to which
is applied the Patent Movable cutting
Board. This davieo has a reputation of
itself: by it, the cutting boarl cal be in
stantly anid acourately ulove:, so that a
perfect cut is insured. Thia is a very im
,portant point in the machire, and one
that. is possessel by no other. It greatly
reduces the labor of preparation in work
ing the paper backward and forward.
We cannot too strongly recommend the
advantages of this p)tent movable board.
It is worth the price of this machine, and
)irehasers should fully understand how
highly it is to bo valued."--Gco. P, Rowell
& C>.'s Aewospaper Rm'eporter an(L Printer's
TEnl is pronounced the most, desirable
Card Cutter in the market, for the general
uses of a,. printing oflie.
The well known Rouauis (tan CI1TTi;ni,
with iny' atest imllprovemnents. is still pre
ferred 'by many printers, an.1 holds its
fitvoril ism over other machines.
None gon nine but those having may full
address lettered in the csting.
Newspapers in want of advertising
from first parties should sund for my
A llbhlrlldhlie, Mass.
I will buy of those that buy of mc.
'(deo 14
T.D _ ( Qo:Ds,
Window Shades,
at the
G'an(d central DRY 0 ODS
Sc7rreely & Brollior
II AVING bought out the interest of
- 1 . ). L0"E, we will make positive
sale of our enmtire stock for cash at prices
far belov cost, to make room for 4 choico
stnd elegant stock of
The following to sonc of the loading
Tapestry Brussels Carpets, best. nak
at 4l.00 a yard.
Extra Super and Ingrain and All Wool,
50, 75 aMi V1.00.
Window Slimido nrin Rugs below cost.
Dress Gools, at 10, l2' and 25, rolmiced
froii 6 it0 and 75.
hosiery and (Gloven at half their -al e.
Best htandaird Prints, at 6.. and 81.
4.4 Wamusutta Bleach, at i2..
1-4 Androscoggin and Fruit of Loomn
]lQots and Rhoes at half irico,
Big b~argaiins ipay be expecmted, aun i
lit tle money wvill buy a good many goods,
We intend to do a hive b~usiness, and~ will
iawaya have bargain~s to offer our custo
;.ii- Samples sent on application anid
expressamge paid on hills over $10.
Grandi (Central Dry Goods Estabhlihment.
T. A'.iSer;y V.. hjMcuax ,
Winnsboio Hotel.
IHE undersigned takes. plt'psuro in
informing his ,frjends and t1to publio
that lin huts removed to that large mand
commdiflouls Briek Ilotel, located in th'e
contre of buslindsk, wherm he is'p'rdplared
to accommipdato' tl publice withclekii rind
well furnished rooips, and a table sup
plied with the best .that the 'zhai-ket
lie intends to) evoa mind: 1 ~e td
receive the pu'bdic patror age.
The Cheapest' Daily Paper'
Ofi ~iasje frnyOQ0d~iensed )
ription---O0 Months
g Wdronanag e est DomoeraW
Daily at the Capital. Address
.fdil AW AISItLDR, Ma-nase.
Evidocos of Somotling More ThbMi
Instinct in the Lower Orders.
I4om the Chicajo Times.
Dr. Jewell, of Evanston, delivered
a lecture on "Mind in the Lower
Animals" in the Church of the Ro
deemer, corner of Washington and
Sangaion streets, last evening.
le entered into a long and learned
disquisitioin on the difference exist,
ing betwen mind and body. The
former was ininaterial, the latter
niateritil What in moan was called
intellect, in tho insect or the brute
is called instinct. The doctor comn,
pared the two and could see no
great difference, except as regarded
the physical formation and the mode
of action or expression. Had the
lower animals mind ? If they had
not they possessed something so near
akin to the quality that it might be
easily mistaken for it. In the task
of proving mind in the lower ani
nals, the difficulty would not bo in
finding examples by which to illus -
trate, but in making a selection from
a mass of testimony, showing intel- I
lect in the insect and brute creation,
absolutely unwieldly. He related
instances of this nature in his own
experience and that of others.
For example, a black beetle on
the highway, rolling its ball along,
and finding it too heavy, going for a
brother beetle to help it on with its
load in which it was successful.
Ants moving out to raid on other
ants and reduce them to slavery, on
the human principle, fighting bat
tlos, stealing eggs, and doing other
things of a naughty but highly intel
lectual character. Bees were an
other smart race of insects. They
sometimes went so far as to buil
fortilications of wax to protect the
hiyes from invasion, rendering the
entrance a kind of Pass of Thor
mopylin which could be defended by
half a dozen good stingers against
hundreds of "proud invad
ers." He had road of an instance
where a naturalist transported bees
to o, tropical island, where flowers
bloomed all the year round, hoping
that they would work without
intermission. Instead of doing so,
discovering after a year's residence;
honey for winter use, they gave
themselves up to idleness and luxury,
ceasing to be profitable. How could
that be accounted for if bees had no
mind ? Moro blind "instinct" could
never have taught them so much
Dogs, too, were wonderfully
smart in their way. He told some
high-spiced anecdotes of canine
courage and sagacity. Cats had
been known to do very bright things
and other beasts, horses, mulos,
cows, sheep, goats, etc., were more
or less given to thinking for them
selves. Another belief lie had was
that insects and animals had t ape
cies of language well understood by
them. Whether it was oral or pan
tomimic madeno difference; they had
a i)et hod of signaling each other and
making their wants known, From
all this, the Dootor argued, Insects
and bruites are possesased of -minds
of no common order.
6o0mo of Dr, Jewell's anecdotes
were so comical anid so spicily told
that the audience wore in constant
good humor, although it mnust be
confessed a look of skepticism per
vadod the faces of matny of theolisten..
ers. H-owever, Dr. Jewell made
himself interesting if lho did noth
ing more.
A young lady bet a young man a
kiss that Tilden would be elected-..
he to pay if Tilden won, and she to
pay if Hayes wvas elected, On the
morning of the 8th of November he
called and paid the debt ; on the 9th
he called and took it bacit. That
evening she paid the debt, Next
morning sihe took it back and he
paidI ; then she paid and he paid,
anid so they hayo leen kept busy
by the contradictoxry dispatches
ever' since, and bo0th declare their
willingnosa and ability to hold out
uintil Congress decidos the question.
Tboy do'V like the new compro,
miso hill
A bill has been introduced ii the
Dlaware Logialature proposing 'a
restriction on marriages. ,It enacts
that' where both partiesr-or the
bridQ only, are residents of that
State ,they shil be guilty of a misde..
meanor' if they leave the State for
io putypose of being married beyon4.
its litnits.
ei jaragraphist of the futurQ winh
write such-stepis as LhI~ rong'
windnihrdig a win, oy and
opvi~rnrred eVperaddi'adren1iato
ry jar yesterday forenoon,. and her
husband's urnings were swept away
an atwmnkla.
A Waddling Match.
From the New York World.
The "Equostrain C nes and:Field
Sports" at tle Hippodrome were en
livened last evening by a fat men'a
foot race, open tq anybody capable
of turning 200 pounds, and merci
fully-or unmeoreifully---separated
ito th Vo ioats. 'T'lie heavy-footed
having been weighed, aid having
stripped down close tq their pillowy
pro portions, ambled forth ponder
ously upon the track. First came
Joseph Dearsloy, who had no belly
to speak of, but who made up 224
poundls by flabbiness disposed over
a considerable ongtI and breadth;
lie had the pole, James Iuber
cane next-if anything may be
intimated of James Huber. Esti
mating from his front extremity he
had ia start of one quarter of the
track, but his baok was plumb with
the igeraitch, and he promised he
youhl start from that side. - He
weighed 310 pounds, and if lie had
lain down would have been a tall
man. : atrick Tansey, facetiously
called Gin-and-Bitters by the starter
followed with 263 poutnds, and after
him John Hoff, with 229 pounds,
of stomiiach rolled up liko a suet
pudding in a strained and distended
undershirt. There were several
others also, among them Dan
IReagan, who was not fat at all, but
who had bono and muscle enough to
turn the scale at 215 pounds. Sev,
oral who did not wigh 200 pounds
with their ypreoats were ignomini
ously dismissed.
With the word "Go" each lifted
up his stomach with both hands and
moved. Jans Huber was by all
odds the most attractive pedestrian,
and was encouraged and hounded
by the entire Hippodrome, He
made m re exertion than afl the
othors combined, but, owing to the
cua~ntity of him, he had~ only
chievcd a few feet when Regal}
passed the scratch on the third
round, and the gong rang declatiti
Lite heat finished. Huber came back
in state, and they put lamona in hi
mouth, just as they do in a uarket
But John Hoff kopt on, and after lie
[izd made the third round hp plaimed
th heat, because, he said, the
.thlreNIhdu(,?I YJyPAo9o ,romuil twice.
row as violent as possible without
.)reath and with so much stbmaeh.
But the lean umpire was frm, and
lie fat men were gathorod again,
md pretty soon the cry went up,
'They move, they movel"
Hoff had made up his mind to run
fast this time and get around three
Aimes before there should be any
shanco of closing the heat. Accord
ngly he started off like a pumpkin
,oing down a ecliar hatch; but he
mad scarcely bounded and bumped
)ver seventy-five feet of space when
ic sat down in the track and threw
11p his arms wildly. He was car
ied off murmuring that he had won
Shat heat also, James Huber did
mot take part in the second heat, not
raving had time to return from the
point which he had reached in hia
lirst, Bony Dan Regan won t, and
got $25, and closed the rae
-The Aiken Cour'ier.-Journal1 says
AL negro by the name of Frank
Stallings was arrested in Augusta
on Tuesday last. fox atealing a valu
ible horse frm Thomas Wethersbo
mt Ronae's Bridge. Stalling was
brought to Aiken the same day amd
lodged in jaui to awvait his trial at the
coing term of court. The follow
ing leter wvas found in the pocket
af Stallings
"Mr. Corbin dear Sir the Demo..
erats at Rouses bridge is througiing
us out of Doores all of we Witness
and what shall we do We ?oal to
you for some Help for They hav
taukeni our houses,
Mr. Corbin we wud liko vary much
to no insnt we title to a home sorn
wears in the state of South Caroli,'
nier Mr. Corbin do help us for god sake
you do not no our Complaints we all
renmanB truly yo frens sgni
George W aalngton
Frank Stallings
John Hankersop.
B Riley,
Henry Wauhington
Israel Stallings'
Neckelson Wetheraba
-Shielly Washington
Luther A Chavoub
Abramx Overstreet
Mr. Corbiii we etd ted a 0das.
il 'diedl in .Englanc SFI w~a
bouglit by Lord Beotive at New
Yor Mils.N. Y.,. in 1878. for over
Dry Goods,
Boots, shoes,
Trunks, &c.
E. F. Lootch& Co's.
13EST line of Notions in the Qounty.
3ents' Furnisbing Goods 'of jest 9 ;aitxy:
Blankets, Shaw ls and Boulevard Skirts,
at the lowest prices.
Special attention called to the largant and
best selected Stock of Kentucky
Jeans ever before offered
to the Fairti od
,a4ies' trimmed liats in great variety
Mhe above goods will be sold either at
Wholesale or Retail,
All goods offeied low for r!ATr
R. F, Leetch & Co.
ot ? dj.iniung F f 'sterk
I AVING taken charge of tho Gro
3ery Store formerly occupied by.
L. Dannenberg, I desire 'to inforni
she public that I keep constantly on
liand a fre~sia and choice atock of
Yours Rcgieectfully,
N. LEVIt Jr.
Winnsboro, S. C.,' De'e. 14th1 h0,
L4oc~od next to Doty m& Co.'s store,
T-AS recently been refitted, and fur
nished wvith a full supply of choice
Liqtcnra, Winos, Cigars eto., eto.
A RESTAjURANT hais b e gg B n.
the rear of tdie Suif di w org , 3
had at I1~1nds, N n" p
at a first-dlad 4,4 bislin -
Oyster8, Fish, Partridges, bed, Id
cies, et.-ne epyMgtuh
Ipost fastidious can desire.
ant 6

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