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TRI-W +'LKLY EDITION.] i1'INNSBORO, S. C., -wxJVSAA'Y r OIi NI1iG,1+ 1;;B1tU11IiY 20, ] b i 7. - ' [1
25 FA N1 JV CA ItDS, 15 styles with
name, 10cts. post paid. J. 13.
HOsTEn, Nassau, Rens. Co., N. Y.
With a Cold is Always Dangerous.
V ELLS' ('arbolic T;bleis,
a sure remedy for Coughs, and all Dis
etses of the 'T'hroat, Lungs, (lbst and
Mueous .\lemnbrante.
Sold by all Druggists.
C. N. CIUTTrNTON, 7 Sixth Avenue, N. Y.
A We want 500 more first-class Sew
ing Machine Agents, and 500 loon of
energy and- ability to lemti n the business
of selling Sewing AIac' ines. Cotpensa
tion liberal, but vary ng according to
ability, chnarcter and q utlilleitior, of the
Agent. For particulars, Adiress
Wilsoni Sewing 1acli ne Co.
827 & 829 Broadway, New York, or New
Orleans, La.
It contains 330ine engravinogs o. tld
ings and seet'ns ip the (eat Exhibition
and is the only authentle and complete
history published. It treats one of the
grand buildings, wonderful exhibits,
curiosities, grant events, etc. Very cheap
and sells at sight. One Agent sold 48
coples in one day Send for our extra
terns to Agents and a full des'rittion of
the work. Address National Pul)1ishiiig
Co.. Phila., Pa., or St Louis, Mo,
CAUTION. Unreliable and werthless
hooks on the Exhibition are being circu
lated. )o not ho deceived. Sen that the
books you buy contains 874 pages and
330 line engravings.
Woncter'fut ,Success ! 25,000
Soll. in 60 ,days. It being the only
complete low.priee work (770 pages only
$2.'A01.treating of the e..tire lis~tory,grand
butildingsi, wouderful exhibit: enrio-titios,
great (lays, etc.: illustrated, )ld .$ l oheaip
er than (ny other; overt bo lv wants it.
One new agent 'cleared $3..0 in 4 weeks.
3,000 agents wanted, Send qui kly for
proof of abov 1, opinions of officials clergy,
and press, sa pie pages, full description,
and our extra torns.
Hu1nann fl *I, s., Puna.. 7331 Sansom St.,
Phil., Pa. Caution, Beware of falsely
claimed fli less books. Send
for roof
K E NOTICE. We have
A . the iarget.t a e,
OeIC iu ai Utlone
Package in the
world. It contains
I9sheets of plper. 18 en ctolpe. 11end. peniduler.
sample 'J' "alid at
pnd tat is' tashothlumo ( 'try St. pin ii tmt dtrops. piost
pae, ! cent+. d package= with aetorigt Jowelry,
$I, haUZ !lol Pet r,,L It' is etch frooi toc ag'ent.
ORIQE A CO., 709 roadway, N. Y.
articles nt en. 'h? {LQYJ CtOMINATION. Canl bO
t*StOt es a~rene)) lPbniaoidr amnd Pon, Firaetr. Penaknie.
Inveloopo ugen Paper-tuber Ittubter, 5ewi, Machine
'Thread Otilor. ppnil Air 1(cuppintg oamts. Cutt~ar off
loosm anmal Eyes, iuttons, Krautint, ttan. Ac S e of a
cormnt pencil, it y iteke i'iednnd wI I art
a i*t*te . algntsrs oco a ing nonce an any la isthe
boat steiling itlo a out. Ba,,,p:u 25 tent., Si*e frl
Si*Extr~trdinrpv naiic,,en s to gents. Scud fur
a np'o isaI rozn dnct rinva a your twn.
BRIDE 00. 'O9 Broadway, N. V.
r4C~tthe I.AIIYCp iJA
t ft wLL ARS.
i ~ I ,, 1
709 Brotuiway, N. V.
spring ?.rints, WVamsutta, IPruit of the
Loom, J.. 'Y. Mills Long Ol1othsi
Bleached and Unbleaiched flrj,1,
inem,.Soa Island H'emespunp,
Qassimeiot, Jeans, etts
.bmen(I Collars apx d Unni's,
Qents' black and
eol~ored Necke.
g4ea, Boqwr
All of wlui~oh we wilbeell ohetp for Cash
Give us a call before purchasing elsewhere,
N. B.-We have on, hand a full stock ot
Thinift's Garden Seeds, whicb we guaregtet
to bn fresh.
febI1 .
HS. uncderst sea would Isnform hil
num~Qrenefrient S av.d patrons that h,
can *t,ll- beo found at the old stand with
am annisaah laresekofG d.
MARk ''~'
rie following. lget iic oints'b p
I -Great AimjIicliy in Cona
2 -Eustallity.
- -E ececdlIagly Liglat. Run
4 -SICI Itlnuuning. NoiseIles..
5-Per''ormsi al11 Var'itcs of'
6---leauty or Finl361 and
' V 41-1i1'k IL-a11A I)s .
7Y--GdEA1 I 3)EUC'DI)N I N
pit IC'.
Single Machines sent on orders direct
from the I aetory, writtin guarntee with
each N.achine.
.0-'Send for circulars and particulars.
Tmell lait ney Ii'!g. Co.,
feb 17 Paterson, N. J.
All parties indebted to
IR. J. McCAltLEY begs once more nnd
for the last time to in ite ail parties who
have not yet stiuared upLtaeir accounts to
do to at once. in order to avoid legal
P. 8.- le nels begs to inform everybody
thait lie now intends doing a easuih Iuini's
and that no orders on and after Ist Janx.
1877 xunaccompjanied by the cash will
be tilled.
jaun "1
In Bankruptcy.
In the Matter of J. A. CALDWELL,Bank
r p3 wIOM I MAY CONCExN: --The under
.1. signed hereby gives notice of his al
poin ment as Assigaceo of the estate of
Jacoi, A. Caldwell, of Fairtield county,
and State of Sduth. Carolina, wlho hts
been a'judge:' q Bahkrupt ulPubis qgn'
pet itian, by W. I. Claw oux, Register. All
iersons indebted to the sail lankrupt
Will malt e immxirediate payment to the
feb 13-tx3w Assignee.
I AVING taken charge of the Gro
cery Store formerly occupied by R,.
L. Dannenberg, I desire to inform
the public that I keep cornstantly on
hand a freshi apa choico digo
I ans,
Yourti Iespectfuilly,
Winnsboro, S. C.~ Dec. 14th, 1876.
Located next to Doty & Co.'s stpre,
1+1AS reo atly be enftted, an f .
aished wItth 4 fu siipply ofchoko
Liquors, Wines, Ci.pra etes, etc.
A RESTrAUXLANT has~ beati~og, 1n,
the rear of th'e budiding, when may he
had at 4b bines, everything.usualy kept
ab airat.6lAss ' establshinent'4sboh -t
most fjastdious can dprf., L
GIVE E A)AM ; ni
Publishers and Pria'et s
Can buy direct of the Mntufaeturer on
favorable terms.
"Tuk AssoN HARDY CuTriso MA'TINis
a the heon and chOapo.t lov pricedL
nachine inade, and have a tna:iounal rerpu
taition for utility anil.ydetr.ab.lity." -Je
AEccrol1per, Ubicvo.
TnI'l: AsoS J(AlUrY PAzrn CTrsn ints by
far the best na: hine whiOlt cant he oih.
tained for it l1st prieo than one hun lee.1
dollars. It is if great. strength. ''!hos,
inachines have always tat. it the hight-'t
stand. It is the onIy niitchine to whibc
is aplplired the Patent Mvvalo ;11 tiig
Board. This devioe has a repttation of
itself: by it, the cutting hoard can be in
stantly ant aeerately tovo', Sa) that ti
perfect out. (sin 'ured. . This is a very inu
portant. point) in th1,1 thiohine, and one
that is po5se.ssed by no other. It greatlV
reduces the labor of prOtlmration in work
me the. paper . hackwgtrd amid f orward.
Wo.gituinot too Atrontgly recornnienl the
advan'tages of this patent inovable hoar.
It is worth the price of this mtatclhite, and141
pulrehtasers should fully underItand how
highly it. is to be valued,'' Geo. I', towell
& c o.'s Ae:osjmjtper Reporter and Printer's
TIt is pronounced the Iost desir;tble
Card Cutter in the market, for the general
11545 of a printing oflleo.
''he well known RuuoL.se CARn CUrrytI,
with my latest it)rovittents is still pre.
ferred by mn)lt.' printers, nn.d holds its
invoril ism over othr machines.
None gonuine but those having ily fall
address lettered in the eastin.
f1 Newspapers fi \vant% of advertising
frou first partied sltoll enl for my
Fe. A.1AIt Y,
A lhurndale, Mass.
I will buy of those that buy of me.
del 14
WE have now completed one of
the best stocks of
We will not be undersold. Let us
say, however, that our best
Calicoes are t cents a
yard. We cannot
sell them lower
and have a
uniform profit on all Goods.
As you have alwayR put confi.
deuce in ue, we will state that you
may dlepend~ on getting goods at a
regular even price.
No baits liold out to an~y one.
Thle (cheapest Daily Paper'
* Of the Uay Corna eo,
Xtubscriptlin, $250-- Montlhs
* pfr- Pronounced the beat Deinoorgtl
Daily at the Capital. Address
JUJLI AN A 51?E j1Y, abrr
M CHIA$'TS are requested to com..
pare eftr pricesB for Paper and 1 apor
Bags, ith tho aidps
On. Grant oin the Ftturo.
It'asiwjlon 7'-?,v Yto the N.o York T'r mne.
Thu P'residcnt whilo convensingv
o0n the Eletond1 bill hinehd oil
Upon a dis8ussion of what ho con
sidors the prc:;ent tenden(ll iy of po,
litical piaties inl this countev towar 1
a complete reor~maiiz. ioi 'Ie said
hl ihs 11 obVserv(. dlt >vemilCnt in this;
direction for seveal ye.ars, alt tht,
he accepts the reaction of 1874,
known as the tidal Wove, ats an1i il
disputable evid Inee of it. ile then
tzaidiI he think-' the i mepublicau part y
wvill be able, inl at gre-it nwa~sure, to>
recover its ls gnmnu :1, an po.;ii)l
to imaint.ain it, thrIOlgh anoi he'
Presiden tia l termi ; bit the a:xperi
01oe of 1876, though favorablo to
the 1Ropubhlins in the loc.il elec
tions and t a gre:at degree in tho
(J ngressional districts. nroves to
himt that, On Nttion:il qusttions, the
time for it rec'onstr uctiuu of political
parties hats ('m111'. 1io does not
m1ean by this that he beieves. tlh'at
the )emnocratic )arty will certaiinly
.Crlio )alnlkenlkllt col trol of thgov
ernment, but simply that the Re
Ipuhli(canl party, shattered a1s it its by
internal dissension, v.ill only be
able to ral1ly its forces and h:umOnl
ize its diverso eleiients 1uon s111e
n1ew qulestion. lie said that., of
Couise, nu one ann kniow, nltil the
result of the electioin is oflicially
deciar1ed, which party will secr'>
control of the Exceut.ive buneh Of
the gover nlent, with its extensive
aend poteltil patronage. iiut wat
ever the result of the preset 1 con
test it will only l)ostpono the ro.'
orgalization of which he spoke.
The President recognizes the fai't
that the South nw(11' )reseIlt.; e
united front whin pe''riitted to :lei,
unrostrained by tie int$erposit.ion of
local cunHtitutod antiority to pre
vent the white peopo fromt resort
ing to illegal lieanis of c:rrying the
elections in these States. In those
sectiOns of the North wiero the
Democratic victories wore gained
contrary to formor results the
ie:ns by wihich they wore obtained
may 1)0 considered exceptional. Ie
thinks that before the Ocut of the
next Presidential terme anl entire re
orgnlliz tion of p..rities 'will tiuke
place ill the South at least, tnid that
inl the contest of 1881) that section
of tho country will not lgain vote
ilny more solidly for the )mocratie
candidates than the North for the
Republicans. It thel; South, as po
litical contests are now Crriied on,
there is ill his estimaiztionl( neither at.
Democratie nor at lepublican party.
Tihe struggle is simiiply for poi ia1
power between the whito pe)ple on
the one hand, who desiro to ignore
the blacks entirely, and the colored
people on the other. The loss to
the Republican party of all the
Southern States, under thoso eir -
eumlstance(', 1he thought the natural
outgrowth of the opposition of the
party inl poweor beofore the war to
tha t which !'rew out of that, great,
strng'ge. If M'r. Tilden wCt) dcehired
elected, the PI resideilt tainks that
the two Staltes ntomuinlly yet held(
by the ljlpulicans woulsl probablyv
ml~ity is estalihe~ld, ho believes that
the-'pooplo of the South will begju
to dliscuss measi~ues of State policy,
and, that the result will be a division
of political opinion wichl will
criystalize inito pol1iticall or'ganliza.
tions. Thlis conditioni of a1Tairs xvill
be more whiolesomo If nothing else
caused ai division, the jealonisy of
p)olitical loaders1' alnd the dosiro~ to
contr'ol Ofliciail patronage wvil-'1ause
a division whoe one party has entire
control. Then he thinks both po
li tical organizations will piut forth
thir~l best4 efforts to securei' the
negio0 vote, as the Demnocrat8 of the
Noi to haive cajolod tile .ish and1 the
Republicans eitiated the Gernmns
and1( the ScanldinaJviansl.
tSpeaking of Floii~t, North Carlo
lina anid Weost Virginia, the Presi
dont said that he believes the intro
duction of Northern cap)ital and thec
emigration of Northern men wvill
soon1 depirivo themi of their dis
tinctivo Southern p~eculiar'ities, an ad
cause an or'ganization of parties on
thle sameo princeiplos as obtain in the
The Cincinnati Ji4nguirer taikes a1
bold stanid editorially against the
eletoral tribunal. It denounces it
as a packed jury, and declares thlat
the Democrats have no hope of jus
tice or fairness at 'its hnnds. ' It
.urges the D~emooti, members of
the Commnission to irfiin from
further pr'tiipation ill its proceed
inlgs, and calls upop the House t~o
lade every obstacle in its power in
the way of thecount4 anfd to repudi4
ate the deeision when~ isade,
A Now Motor.
Pliladolpians are to be given a
sight of a neW machine, invented
by a cler'gynan in Miaryland, which
is (alled thie Bradley promIethor, and
it is descrihod at length by a corres
pOnlont of the ,Pliladelphia Iulle
tin. The writer claihns that 'etho.
motor Cemlv)!oyod in this invention is
ia well kinLowi agent, and one that is
beyond comparison powerful in
action and U.Ly of managemqnt.
second, that tle m1od1 of utilizing
it is irtrve!lously simple, original
and perfect. Third, that itS econo
n' is iiirked, being as one to five
if not six or eight in conparison
withi ste tuu. Fourth, tht it is'
m:nmagod so as to ho positively non
eXplosivo an l without danger at
any stage. Fifth, that the imachiino
is suitable for all ineohianioal pur-.
poses ; aid finally, it is unlike any
thmli. eh-o im thu world of mechanics
and will excito an i nterest in econo
imiCs aid revolut ionize the present
mode of prop1Hlsiou in every
department of niclanical motion.
The mai.ichiin anid its capacities
are not simply Ia great invention
they are an insxpiration. utilizing the
fo (.es of na ture by the principles of
natural laws, and confirming to the
ConmCeptiols of lan the perfections
of the Divina intelligence in his
works. In a few tweeks the public
will have an opportunity of seeing
in operation in Philadelphia a pro
mother of the power of fifty horses,
which is now nearly ready for oxhibi
A Noiwrn (1ao.INA TRAGEDY.--In
WVat:lugi cauity, N. C., on Friday
1nst, a crowd collected at the house
of Elany South, for the purpose of
having at frolic. Mrs. South Object
ed, but her wishes were about to be
set aside when Smith Tyro, a mem
her of the party, took her part.
This brought about still harder
words, and a free fight grew out of
the disensaion. In this fight
Abe Stout and John Stoub
were both killed, and some others
of the participants woro in.
jured. An attempt was made also
to kill Mrs. South, but she escaped
with her life. Frank Osborne, one
the rioters, fled and concealed him
self, and a few days later an officer,
arinmed with'a proceos, went in search
of and found him. Osborne :rosisted
arrest. was alot and instantly
A LAwYEIs' SruiIE.-There h:cg
been a lawyers' strike at Carlisle,
Eng'and- The Clok of the Peace
alnononeed tiat the treasury would
in future alloir only one guinea, .in
Stead of two, for a brief. The law
yers orgtnized a most RuccAsfil
strike. They would have nothing t>
do with cleap-labor briefs. When,
the Deputy Recorder coicluded his
chatrf;e to the grand jury a bairistor
handed in ia brief marked do'jguinea
ait the smirie time saving that there
was a st, iko among the lawyers, who
would not a(cce)t the briefs and the
fee allowed. 'Ihe clrk said tihe
matter ha~md beeni brought before the
Deputy Recorder, who had arranged
to pay thme two gnnas on this oc
caioni. So the strike ended in a
coumpleto victory for the lawyers.
A RD. A~n attempt was made on Thurg
day to assassinate Packard. .A4
young man namledl Woldon called
with an associate at the State house
in New Orleans anid asked for Pack4
ard. Being ushered into the 'rbom
whe Packard and others wore
sitting lie presented a pistol at Packs
aid's head and said "When can I see
yon ?" Packard knocked the pistol
up and was slightly grazed im the
arm by the ball. Otherg fired 'on
Weldon and1( wounrdedl him severely.
Weldon is from Philadelphia, .was
until recently clerking in M1obile
and is supposed to be insane. He
says hie was animated by motives of ' T
patriotismn. -*
A few days ago, as the President
was walking with his son Ulysses,
Jr.,. near the White Houdse, a pas
ser-by accosted him and begged a
light. The President handed his
cigar to the stranger, who, between
the whiff's, remarked :."That seems.
a 'very pleasant house to live in," to
which was made the quiet rejoinder,
"Well, it is p~retty comfortable,"
and wvith a mutual salute they sepa
rated. It is supposed that the
stranger know whom he was ad
dressing~, anid made the experimogt
to see wvhat would come of it..
The Democrats Onj the Granu
SComnmission may- well exclaim, in the
latiguage of the li'tle Mrphan girl
in ono- of Wordsworth's pbews :-'
"Kind sir, we srel~nt eeye

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