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W INNSBlOI(), ;,. C.
Thursday, Febmuary L22, ; 1877.
JNO. S. REYNOLDS, Associato Editor.
Thq )gprp ts wer determined to
exprgss their opinion of_ the scandal
of the Electond Cominission. Sena
tors Bogy, Bayardi Thurman and
othkd ,bt avo dole sonmo plain talkin~g,
while tIX6 I~aaieals aro0 making a
If'soimo pious' Itadiciil, ;Parson
Newman, for instance, would only
offer up t hong of thanksgiving for
the 'divino inspiration vouchsafod
to Judgo ;Bradley in refusing to go
behiusl the bQard, it would be in ac
cordanco with tho eternal fitness of
Ir, WVhceler soated twonty
Democrats in tho Louisiaina Legis
latu6o that had been counted out in
1874 by the Returning Board. Does.
his conscienco prick him when ho
accepts'a position emife rred upon
him 'by the same iboard through the
rejoection of ten thousand votes cast
for Mr. 1eydricks ? eI went be.
hind the board iii 1874. Yet., know
ing the tiue 1. ir.wrdreii; of that
board; he thinks it perfectly proper
that. Mr. IlIedrieks should be
denied tOim lriviff;e in 1877.
It, is stated that Guoernor Ilayes,
in his annual message to tho Ohio
Legislatu e In. 1872, recommended
that all elecion boards should con
tai nie ber's of the different partics,
in order that the popular will might
not be subverted by a partisan
board. Does his conscience troublo
him in acceptiig an oflico given him
by an illegally composed board
which threw out ton thousand votes
cast fc his opponent 7
The average Radical leader cares
little for throats of violence. He
locks himself securely within doors,
skulks behind a regiment of Federal
troops, and laughs at the outraged
taxpayers. But a Radical must eat;
and he .dearly loves tho crisp green
backs or the shining silver dollars.
Withhold thesq from him, and politi
cal power is a matter of no conme
quenco. : He would much prefor to
Aee away on the wings of the morn
ing and be at rest.
It is stated, upon what is said to
be the very highest oflicial authori-'
ty, that 1fresidenmt Grant has deter
mined to prosecute "Don Piatt,"
' editor of the Wa4shington) Capitol
for libel, and for seditious writing
indctable under both common and
statute law. District Attorney
Wells ~.as been directed to take the
necessary steps. Don has always
been v'ery sovere in his comments
upon draint, aind his fine sarcasm
has donbtless stung the Presidential
scusibilities. It will be0 a lively
fight, if te matter get into the
courts'. And Don will doubtless
President Grant thinks that Mr.
Chambelain mu~lst collect his taxes
or abdicito. That the former will b)e
impossible-must be fully understood
by Mr Ch aberlasin. As the retir,.
ing President hasm long bo'on Mr.
Chamberlain's best friend, his advico
should be heeded. .Let the ex-Gdvern-.
or issuo an addrers to the peoplo of
South Carolina, bidding the~m fare
well, and ann ounvcing his ote rmina
tion of r.eturing to Massachuscit s
on thle 4th of March ; and, our word
for it, he Would regain all his lost
popularidy. Iis final levee would
be universally attended ;for all the
citizens of the ttet wonki assemle
to bid him God -speedi. And a safo
conduct wqyld-bo guarantfeed to him
through the~ confmues of South (Caro
lina to the hohpitable regions of
Georgia ot the Old Wrth State
The Doom f Chataberlain.
Pres 4nt Grantym s como out in
plain toi'rsabdnt' the Obamberlain
concer Jp this Shte,. In a vecent
in tervi6Av wit ti9,ori'espondcnt of
the Noew1m T.'rib.p,4, he said:::
"In South Carolina the .c'ontenst
has assyumed e aoh lia6 o thu
whole 4sn; pf ;iJ1)jted Sttes
would baj4eqduateX wenforce the
auth orifofW Go6verri'rr"Coinborlaii
The 1)001)10 of that "Stato resolves
not to resort to vioienoe, but adopt
od a mode of proeelure nic'h iior<
formidablo and cfibotivo thaI . m
armed demonstration. They hav
refused to pay their State taxes to
Governor Chamberlain, and it would
be useless to Toll out their property,
as no on would buy it.
"Unless Governor Chamberlain
can compOl the collection of taxes,
it will be utterly useless for him to
oxpoet to maintain hij. author ity for
any Jolngth of time. This state of
afiairs must inevitably result in the
abaudo31Inmeut of Ill efforts by rov
ernor Chamberlain to unxintairn him
self in the exercisoof the gjuborna
toaril functions of the State of
South Carolina."
The view thus expressed by Pr'es'
dent Grant is a strong one, and it
must bo the view of every sensible
man who looks with an impartial eye
oi the coudition of affairs in South
Carolina. No government, or ie
tended governm ent, can succeed
when the groat body of the people
refuse either to re'ognize its .ogality
or to oir'y its mandates. Stuch is
the position of the Chanberlaini
governinenlt in this State. Foisted,
or a.Ited (ijil t, be fisd (31, upon the
pooplo by a I. "rmnl of Can zIv:ist ras
acting ot si!c or the law, a i by a
preei'Cndfed liislature in positiye
dCeianco of tho judgment of tle
Supreine Court. this govern ment
if it mna:v be so toilod--has no
stre ngth1 whatever. Take away the
Federal bayonet and its la:st and
only stay is gone. These must be
taken aw:y before many day:, and
then the ilthy concern will b; num1
bered with the things that were.
Dr. W. E. Aiken,
&c &.
Fresh supply of G.irdce seeds
ju ;t received
feb 22
To the ( itizens of l'airfie'd.
1IF yvou w'.nnti a pure nnid un[adlxterated
- artiele ( 1 Liquorsi for no.-dicinal or
fannily jurposes callI at the' Centennial
I'F you want any Liqjuors for' your ia..
1 bOrers or' i n..tion purpo'34sesX, call at
the) C3'ntenn1i IsarIi, w.'here' you can buy at.
bottom prices for
F'. W. IIAmENI('l'T,
feb 22 Pr >prietor.
issolut ion of Copar'tnershiip.
tblEWi tis day~~ diss(Io(e by nun11 nal
aulthized/C~ to set tle the Lusxiness~ of thjis
T1 enn1 illH be( f''od at.th( o1' iad:n
to3 'enna. Up noi 33 tti-- , or' they' will in {
1i.-1r 33e'ounts' in 1 the handIs (31'un1 at torney('
for1 c ollectioni.
fe'b 20- 1m RonLiRT' PE~TTPICxlw.
Orrier- r:rmE oF PxOnATE,
(1 U!ARDII.\NS. .Xlthuor' Admuinistra'd
X. tors andx T 'rust es inl arr3'iars in thleir
annualun return II33 hld3'L11 aconing to3 thiis
(3tiiee 3.r'e reg' n1 e '-d to (10 .o a1s requ13ired by
law. Fa'iin ug to d isch arge 1 his dut y, theiy
will be r'ulot.
feb 20 tflk d.P.F.C.
All pari es Iidebted to
11I. J. McCARLEY begs once" mor'o and
for' the last tm to invita r11 pneti(-u who
have not yet egnuarod up their aunifts to
d10 ao3 alL on3ce. 3 i rder to as.1id1 hgal
P. H.- -l1130 ldls t o'ir.formf everyvodn
that h un3 31w init nds doini' a ctqlh tij41j
an d that.no ct lors oux nnd aftei et Jali.
be fillod: ., 3
I-)~. ltb( ; daf jofiilW4l I. ~ t ie 03)t is 1( 4
'ThQ ahboy?: bliiiejis will be o C'elkitod
.firHN' D. r/cCARLEY,
Loci ted next to Doti &C Co. 's store,
..iAS r'ececntly been1 refitted, and ;fur
nishic d with a fall suplly of choice
A 1IESTAl3 liAN'T Ivir been opened in
thertvrulthebuil'lin4, there mayi b
h~t1 t t' tier, t'ryhin; v'sn Oly kept
lit a lialita crt al djli me(nt L-such lit
Oyr;st r.. L"inrh, I 'art 'idl';s, busit, del iea
I (' e., --iiiiltdc ('Virvi Iilig that the
imost fanstidiotus can dec:ire.
P:ooL and'. Shop, M1tllillfllai lrer'.
\ViNN BunnO, 5. ('.
,rimT undeuli~ne.1 i'C
',-' icn o.t,(IEf F il&itiltl thatthe
has itm'.'lItis Boot indl
S1hee 'Eanux 'u'!(o'y to on:tOtt doorblo\1 'Mr.
(.:iit . ail, I';'j..: .l 14) rtiiit11 1.0ur
.t rypes ot wiork. iin a slibtlnt idl rind
~vi'r': ianik' ianni'o'. ofa t'.e vqi'y besit
rn;.t''i :iahra.:l aiii t prices file) 14 low as the
ri nu pcoor ,;'nl he iia'nuflr' Lllrrtl tol att thre
'. r rc::t',1 Fkep conistanitly on
Lent h'^r, 4Oou Fin tini:; re., wlitii.i u-i 111be
r;old iatr te-oiiarldo lure,. J~repaiiii
I ~"Dried Hides bort'iit.
Oct, 12 .. L DIN.
W in rsbwz o [Hotel,
if nlcrl~iglned tlb i I.Ie6Fre i
iintormiing. his friends and tho. piiblid
that hao nits' remove:,Iy to that largo and
(conimiildio1tlt Bric'k hlotel, located in the
centre of ii' incIsS, whore lie is p)repared
to acc,-ooiodatc tlie puiu( .with clean And
well furished rooms, and at table slur
p)lit with thec best that the mukarlmet
an y, , 16 7 tf--o --cor
."; h \ r . ,C ,~ 1.'~ ., 1
K EEPS constantly or handc a til up.
ply of Choice FAMILY GROCERIES and
recently been replenished, andt. ho is stow
ready to supply the wants of all.
State of South Cu'olinn,
13y Jno. J. Veil, 1'juire, J'robak Judige
ll EREAS. Mary Jane Lucas bath
Y V made suit to mie to grant her
letters of'dministrdtiton of the estate and
o(ftcts of William Lucas,deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite antd adinonL
ish all and singular tir '.indrel and p-redi
tors of the daild Williaiu. i~ienes' ,de
ceensaed; tha t4' be anpponi' before me
in the Court of Probato, to be he'd -at
Fairfield Court lonue, S. C., on the 24th
day of Ielruary next, after limblicatioi
ereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to
rhow cause, il any they have, why the said
adminiistrattion should not be granted.
('riven under my aund, this fifth day of
February, Anno Domuini 1877.
feb8-tx2 J .P.F.C;
In the Court of Probate.
To Judy Ford, Reuben Ford, Jesse Ford.
Dennis Ford, Prestrti ' 'ore, Oarolinc
- gleston, Elizabeth Richardson, Rihina
'a;on, Rhody Ford and Pheny Ford,
p,1 heirs of Sanders ford!, who died
- htestate :
S7OU are hereby required to appear at
the C'ourt of Probate( to be holden at
Fairfield Court. !louse at eleven o'clock,
g, mn., on the twelfth day of April, A. ).
18'-7, to show caus(, if ally you can, why the
real estate of SnudermFord, deceased, do.
;rihed in the petition of Louisa Dennis,
tiled in my fijee, should Not. be divided
or sold, nllotting to the said' Judy Ford
one-third tlereof, and to the said Reuben
Foid. ,Jsse Ford, I) nnis Ford, Preston
Ford, Carolinc Eggleston, Elizabeth Rich
ardson,, Rhina I ason, Rhmody Ford, Pheny
Ford1 and1 Lou isa Dennis each one-fit
teenth thereof; and( also. .whmy the said
.Jily~ Ford, Reuben ForAk J#se Ford,
Carloline Eggleston, Elizaheth Richardson,
ithitia Casonl, Rhody Fordl and Phenv'
Ford should nmot, aecount for tho rents and
profits ot Sid reaO~l estaite since the tenth
Jay of August,. A. . 1jp;.apa prvso
1)0 maide for the pall menrt to the other par
rents and( profits. -
Given undecr lmy band and seal this the
twelfth (lay of February, A. D. 1877.
feb 14-1awv. - J. P.r C.
IJ~ING taken charge of the Gro
cery Store forrnorlyooupied by R.
L. Dannenberg, I desire to inf rp
the publi Xk 1eep Mt~a1
hland a---fresh and . choice stock of
-Yours Respectin11
Winnsborge Br Qr-. 1Dee. LMtb'18 8
Ettenger & ,Edmond,"
. .. i /. .I 1 :.. -
~NUFAOT~Ili,?fl~ oiabllgtrk
rStationary Eng nsmn nPnohIrs of
l -kinds, Circular Su~i Mills' (fi'slills,
Alill Gearing, Shafting, Pulleys &c.
MamatWh 4*nin4i9 -r h l.71
Ofnni's Snecial Steoam--Pirunpe
To tieiSchool Trustees of I air
field Couinty.
r it'II1itro no fuind11 t present availa.
bleofor 8ol1ol p j1osoi in Fai field
ty.. Nor otyt rau tcertained when
ti-ere vll tie. As ticienics which
hatve yearly accrued an uid( certi ficates
have iatorially ail eted the welfare-ot-the
educational s stemn we h vg c c' d
after matu rMillbbratIOU hit t
add to this enmbarrassment. It therefore
you to Jq ay ; pklglio; - ag 5itf whi
invo ben opened, until you receivi
further notice from us. We rveomipppd
the estbilisliment of pay schools vvherevel
practicable. So soon as aifi funds ar
received for the tise of the scliools -they
will be re-opened.
Sr. MEAN 'DAYiS,.1 '
juni Cpiuntr Bogrd .of Ia
In Bankruptcy.
In the Matter of J. A. CALDWELL, Bnnk
. rupL.
r-10 noM Ir MAY coNcERN-The under
.1.. sigiled hereby gives notice of his ap
pointmnent as Assignee of the estate of
Jacob A. Caldwell, of Fairfield county,
and State ' of South (Qarotina, (who ha
been adjudgel a Binkhi1upt uponhiA o\wn
petition, by W. I. Clawsou,.j,,ej'.ter. All
persons indebted to the AMid Bankrupt
will make inpniediate payment to the
T . W. Cl;Afi80 ,
feb 13-tx3w Assignoe.
A full stock of Plain and F.inny Cro,
coes, which will be sol i at 11w. It price
for the Cash.
A fine stock of liquors, such as
WINES in great variety,
The patronage of the publio
fib 10-tf
Notice to Taxpayers.
T willi viit the following-namnl1 places,
Winnsboro, uutil . C or -6
Fas3tervillo, ' 7
.Jonkinsvill, * 9.
h d, .16.
Rinnebway, til
WmnsorotilFebruary, 25
jan 31--x2f 2 Special Agent.
$3,250.4O worth of' space in various
newspatpers distributed through thirty
States will bo sold for $700 cash. Accurate
nysertions. .guaranteedl. A list of the
fapers, giving daily and weekly circula
~on an dprinted schedule of rates, Bent
free on application to oE0o. r 1CWELL
& CO., Newspaper Advrtising Agenteb
No. 41 2?ark Robw, Newv York.
deceased, that ap~pliention will be made
to the Judge of Probate for Fairfield
County, in Winnsboro at 10 o'clock in
.he forenoon on the 7th of March next, for
a~ final discharge and letters dismissory.
All persons concerned must shew CauSe, if
any, on or beforothat day..
feb 3-txh1 / 11 Il O *gigogg t
)j~J OFFICE. P108 O
Tp HE undersigned takes this method of
I. Informin gthe public That hep has
pened a Sh'aving *ndt loiir-outting
Sin the room two dooers west of the
pdofilee, where he will take llasure in
'brving nll those who may favor him
with a al.Everyt I p.gn
the laesUad U!n

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