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''III VE]iKLY EDITION.] T'TUN"] r ; S i'VI 1NSI36RO, 5 C..,, $A.'1'UHD.1 ,,.1IU1t 1NU,1 'I l3ItU llf 24,X877.
25 I11iNWY (;.A1IIES, 1i Styles withi
nameo, lOots. Ihost lpaid. J. 13.
''TRIFING --- _
With a Coll, is AlwaYsDrl u,
WV EJ,.L8' 1V4Jb.oucj ~i llets,
a Kure reinedy for Cou ghs, and till 1)i
Sold by all Druggists.
C. NJ. (JITTnSToN4. 7'Fixtl' veuo ~N.:1:
A L T Ug'I.f I "A .fV i
y r'- WVo wag; flOd #iQrp fIsttrtlecew
ing Machine Aoont6, and 5,1)() MPoz of
energy mtid 4611Irtyi .to learn the business
of selling .Seyiil}i, M ~aehjnca. Qoni tpeU5Ii
tion liberal, -bit. ,v*t 'tg i1('Oilig to
ability, clh.arcter and q'nalitieatioas of the!
Agent. J.''or p1I'id. r c 1dres 1'
827 & 4129 Broadway. Newu Yoik, or XLWy
Orleans, La.
It eelltlin% 3311 inc c"t;rtlnj: at a a
ingK and s.cenes in the Great I \iihlu I
and is the onily aii1theiiiie and (0119.1. to4
h~istory 1)libljslied. It treats oneC of the
gvaiid 1liildiligs, tva'nclerf~ul exhibhits,
curiosities, great. even1ts, eta. Very ('laIP
and sellk at sight.. ()n Agent soldl 48
copies ini 01ne day Send for' our extrai
toi ins to Agents and tiwfdl dirs'"rip~~t %4 1.
the~ wvork. Address National P111)1isije'
Co.. 1'hjla.,P or St Louis. It1o,
(Xiu). L'n relie tale and atwartl I c
books o1n the Exubit 11itii''r~ lijn ci ren
1 'ted. D~o not be dcieaived . See rt lolt thec
b3 ioksli you buyi~ continls 'K4 p%,,c and
:330, line engravings.
D108t1U)) AND ii.av LUMiWi,
Sioiri in t00 cays It being the only
.$2.- l,treatjng of tihe e -ire4~ hi.tory.j..ranal
l)uiliflg4, wonderful exhibitsnrclio)sities.
great days, etc,; illulstlruted, nv: d ;ehtt1;
er thnyi any othier; over 1)iofl%" 'MiitA ft1l
One new agent cle'ared .$T-10 in 4 we1s.
3,Ottt) agent. wanted . Send quicly for
proof of abov a 9)izion.sof bffidial3;qlorgy,
and pioss, a lo pafges, fuill desicription,
and our extra termsg.
11 DII Ai )1 eS., Puiis.. 73:1 Hinsnn St,
Phil. 1a CtGaution. Beware of falsel\'"
claimed ('111e~ 10 4 1ouiss. t.Sanu~
for 1-rdof '
thoICS. tWe hot
s~oilin~g SiaitioanIr
19l sheots.ot p)aper (B etoio1,es. 1ecil. jaoaaialalajr,
guaidona penati atan ai alao or i",aialalo a) avelry. Ceanaloto
.itampio pacrao.wi th legani iiaad~piaa..I ia'arc. jalogo
and ladle,' fuaaiaoaaantloi 7 1)y SaC i anad alanpi. poet1.
Pa'di 2vj Conia. (j licags .;llla v'airio J~ooh'y*
1.i Sau Miat a rat Idler wiale 7reaa toa nit ageats.
BRIDE t& CO., 700 Broadway, U. V.
grtllos Inl onel. ?iio ..YD L"O~l i1V ATiON. Cnti ho
tsaa(1 it~t a . VO uacI1 ldaalaaornn aua '.'at .laau~'mIakalI70.
Fmnvolop npuajaor.i'aa)rcutter lialnbor. Suwaaw .I lailao
,Thireadi Caytter. fad far ialal ing lannaaa. Caatlt' o47
Hionk'aa.10 :res, tlaaliaai.. Ernu.iag llaat~a. &c. Seeainia
aomauana aoliaciI, iaea'Oy maickol paittedi. aaa wl lba I
in Iirotiauo. Agonts aare coaining~ aaneaaa, foal waay It Ina 1110
host soiling arlle 0 aoat. S8t i l ao 'o5 ttals. Fix for
$1. xlr.orilnrvalaaeoo~tan ,Ogenie. Bu03id (ur
aaaa'O haialadzon anadc ejanvaaa aoaar 4,at.a.
BRIDE &r R0. O Broadway, N. Y.
STTOf I:n t1'ACl: OI:so. aAd
a> 1o~s " .TWODOLLARS.
-Mawr ]GOODS
Spring I'rirtb , ?',tntsutta,. 1'rn t of Vie
Loom, N..:Y. Mills Long, U loths, .
131ef i'h6l 1111,41 UaLleteht 1 Drill
In;;li,Sro hlltnd I-T.ntesl)uuns,
.Ujtssinurea, -Rums, etc.,
Linen 0111nrs and Cnfl l,
( el ts' " lluck . and
colored Kccic
"ti ., 13otrs
All of which we ill .roll cl pj pfot Cnalt,
(live ue:t call l rforo lnjr httfiing else t here. d
N. 13.=-1b' lilive ou' ljrtnll a fall t;ttich" of
[In is L's 1artlch geecls, wllicli wvc.f;uurjwtee
to be frrsli.
I T. F. AIci\IASTLIt & CO.
fob 1
sto! top! t1op!
tot) S }
-AN IC?!pz
IV''t"li well f'tiri{islie 1 Dry Goritis' RIO
Giocory Stores-t"to justly so-culldil
---OF--: . .
. - AQViri. M J.:i1Y'GSi!k7Y<7fl i!itK"LIt3 i!S :St'.R";gliCCi
Sue1ifflor &Co.
DEY GC"ft? :: GrOCRRII :S,
Pub!khers and Printers
Cain buy dirett of the M1aiafaiotur'er on
falvondulv termsk.
"'1'aI: ANsoN I[.niwr CurraINO MICIIINLt
are tlhe lIn-':, aul chaeap' 4 low p~ri~ced
aitach iant 111)81 t, iand ct ve a n:H1 ojia 1ejpil
'flit; AthoN lE.ia:oy P,1rEU Cu-riu JA by
fur the lCst maichine' whic jobvil be oIh,
twined for at 1:.'ea priaco than one hIanured
,bolI:ars. It is of gratt ltth. 't~lc
aoavhinlex lILvo iilwayi taken thec bigt..~
s~ttad. :1t is thea only mnachaine to ,which
in applied the Pa1ttent ; Iovablo 4tia ttiiip
Board. 'this devtice hiaw a rcIpittiino
isolf: bjy it, the cvetting board can a1h in
stantly 811(1l aciarilately uivedof, so ithat nt
p)Er~cvt vit is in ured, 'ThiS is at very 1111
1p)iitltlt Po~int in the nlaoi ixaC, and one
that iR pIHlstaCoS~d by no other. It gicat1'
ra-duv e: thu Ilabor of prepiariatian ijay worlk'
ing bili pajerI l~aav!cwiard and~ 1o ward.
We cilillait t"+' stran gly reconiaatii.i :the
Sdtdal'.'4n "H o this- paltent 11 itJall ntir.l.
It it: nvoa't~a tha+ price of'thlis toa1claitte, end~
pjtiai'liers slotaldt fully tunierstatad .hoti
highly it is to be valued:"#4-G o. 11, *.&aotdG
(f' (A. 's .\e'soaper J?eporh'i' (1,8 1Priade,
Tuil:: LATEST I?4i'001:3.) 1fA1.I)Y dtnn CuT'
'r1:n is proa iireerl. the luoaL (lesi-a h
('aral Cuotter. in the~ m-irket, J~r othe gouoral
11isvs of at l"' l i tin ofalce.
'.[ho wvelI khlot la 1dutit:H C~lan tCrTa:l
wiVth Illay !ata'3t. ian prn't~osn ts is twil lo tre:
f-irdc by mtieay pr~it t1r, naa.. holds it,
flvorit isna ((er etai I r~i aaati lao..
I'{eiae genainvc 11:t t'aes' la:tv:ing ay fill
addl lr hrtterr-j III the (:ii: in;.
l" -t Nat' spap. a-s in wcan1t of 8(tadisin,'
froxu irst- paii Sltaoual tietli for 'ay
F.1AIF Ibrt 0 V, M.
I *i1l1. buy of those (l11t. buy of m.
dccli. . '
Sawinag-uaehi o,
' -- ARC
- 1 ATD. JULY lb 1a1.
1.* CLAI raon 'filea aaIa jyi~:o
Thea followng spod tic p1oants of supe
rior: [v:
11--Ri':'at tAIMIr1ICIty I)1 Coll
N t 'lut1 iOL/:
.1 C'xcpdimagily Light 68Lgun
0/-!lllE I~' Ii ol'n3i; [' hGNI ztait
a I (Al--P i't kfIII) iilis0
S- I~i. C3 of) UXai~a 81(
Single~ ?i1al(~ines an id en oirers directI
I ( lao thae I (actory, tcriitte u gnaterc With
ccat -:~biu
di 1 -auai circalaarsn and particuliar;.
feb 17 troN. T.
The Comfortable Winter Quarters of a
Gres Collection of Wild Animals
Half an Hour with a Lion Tamor.
eorrepondence Phladelphila Tnti4
GEIMANTOwN4, Feb. 7, 1871.
Forepaugh, the menagerio man,
winters his animals in a big barn on
the township line, by the side of a
street for which I could learn and
can suggest no name but mud alloy.
Horo ho keeps all the wild beasts
that excite the countrymon to wide
mouthed wonder in the sum ;er
niontlhs.- He .slas elephants and
(camlels. tigers, loop~ards3, bears, mon
keys, lions and all the rest of those
four- foited villains that challenge
the admiration of Toung Ameiigg.
He his Clo1)h:mitS that mre .uomo than
Ia lnndred years old, -bears that sit
on thef' hind legs, 'a tiger that
stiimids on his head and winks; and
1ipns that would eat a man 'ithout
waiting to say gra'e. fe has a sea
lion that eats a pock of fish in.l thou
swims-around his tank looking for
more ; .i hyena thatignaws his wavy
out of everything that-ho can be in,
and has to bo chaiued ; a whit3
voolod scolmdrel, whose name I
have forgotten, who will look lov
ingly at you and lick youmr hand, and
suddenly run his big horn out of
the cage, and try to unfiaten your
r ibs, a cageful of commonplace b irds!
thiit bpilg of no account whatever,
imiake m1iore noise that all the others
put together y i beautiful zebra
thmt will bite your fingers ifhe gets
a chanceol an:1, failing in that, will
bite the iron bars of -his cage ; a
hpvo of camels shtnding behind the
- leplian-s, that look like their
:uaids.-ini'wailing ; mid (a groat (li
osity) onebof those foolish. follows
who go into the lion's cage and per
forn w ith them.
!' A LION T n~:.
. This man performed with the
animals this afternoon. Iei whipped
the lions 'with a horse-whip, 'oundt
od them with poles and punched
them with iron rods. Ie called
them hard names and sneered at
them anti got them terribly excited.
They plunged about the cage and
over eacli other's back, till the box
shook and rocked and the bars
trembled. As soon as I had a plan I
for rapid retreat mapped out I be- 1
gan to inquire about the man's his.,
tory, with a view to writing a little t
obituary for him ; but singularly
enough he succeeded in dodging the,
hons and escaped without a scratch. i
You sit on a cireus seat (may be
you (o) land see this mnu go into the I
lions' cage., o is dres ed in spangles f
and gilt and silk ; he bows, and I
kisses hisi hand, and opens the door; f
the big lions look frightened ; he t
goes in ; he displays every muscle ; I
every posture is her.>ic ; he flour- t
ishies his rod, anid the lions~ crouch I
b)ack iii terror. What a bravo manl i
What a hero! .But comoe out heroe
and see him in his shirt sleeves.
The lions are sitting quiet in their
cage ; savage enough, no doubt, b)ut
looking very demulhro and very wise
The tamer facesi tho handsomest of
them and gives him a wicked cut<
agiross the face with his whip ; then
ho hits another and another (therei
are four in the cage) till lbe gets]
them all wild, taking care to keept
out of reach. Th~ie's nothing a
courageous about this.]
Blut about goilig into the cage.
When ho-.goqs in for .exhibition lie
carries an iron bar. This iren barI.
ho has previously heated as nearly I
rod hot as hQ dares, without its heat
showing to the audience..: The lions ~
are Afraidot it, It :is. hot ibravery,
but logordemain~ that clrries-him
safely .thrpugh tile lions eago. This
is -one of thbe secrets of the trado,
and 'I tell it to.you in connde~luco. If
you. have any ambition to Lryr it,
take-a cage wihtwo lions, hieat the
iron svery, very hot, brace tip Tour
nerves,plt on your sternest look-.
then go homne. .t- -th
Frozi tlie siblime' ro.tg i<ou-.
lousi. Exit theb IibA-trmiir ; 'enter
th~e baby elephatnt. Iast Wednda:
ditynight the stable-bov (how they
do bustle.thee p oor f lIo sproud
-gdvgi the efep'htth ' a. T
werg five of the-fve adc e .
'a kdeper. 31 t4 h~i ij os o
the' night,"dli af"h ure was
'hdsfied, afia th~ s'ea-lion made un
ed1dhious ripples in hisrerystal- tfake
'Aid ' Germantmrn 1nvhiaa.I
elophantino : dreiam. The biggos6'
alophant of thorn all, #an od girl with
big ears and a long trunk, toged
rostlossly 'in her sloop. she 'turnred,
she cdughed, she -hwoke. She
rubbed her oyes with the end of her
trunk, and awoko her sleeping sis
ter.' She ' bispored something in
ber .Qar.
"No !" said the sister.
"Fact," said the old girl.
"Why, how--who--.woll, I never !"
The child was born,
A jolly, frisking, romping, bright.
dyed, gray-backed little elephant, no
bigger than a dog, with a wagging
Lail, a velvety trunk, two big ears
tied four of the nicest little ole.
phiant paws in the world.
I had a little talk with the baby,
For she can talk as well as anybody
not with her mouth exactly, but in
Lther ways just as plain. When I
went up to hor sho greeted me with:
"good afternoon."
Shey said this by lifting her little
brunk and taking hold of my hand
is gently as could be. Then she
"Have you anything in your pock.
ets to eat ?"
This by 'sticking the- end df .he.
triuik in miy two overcoat pookot -
LUd finding upthing there, but ;a
long article on the relation of wind
to matter. Then sh said .
"I like potatoes' and went to
Bating at a little heap of them that
lay at her foot. She s .as gpntle.a r
i lamb, as as graceful and playfl as
n ki I ten. She han very litQle 'to do
ith her mother, but her violent
ittachmont to one of the gentleman
Bleplants has. given rise to some
bold scanidal in the elephantine cir
lea. She is about throe feet high,
"cry little larger than when she was
born, and will be a week old to
"I - *ouldn't," 'said Foi'enaugh,
'take twenty thoustand dollairs for.;
that elephant. She's tho first .ohe
that ever vas born in Amnerica, and,
tle's a healthy asany of them. 46i
fofther's name is Basil,. but I ha' en't
atamed the baby yet."
As olophants live to the respecta
blo ago of a hundred and fifty to
two hundred years, and the baby is
Still very young, she has a.very good
chance of living to see our next
A Juvenile Tight.
A lad, narrating a fight which he
tad been engaged in, said : "I'll
:ell you how it was. You see, Bill
d me went down to the wharf to
ish ; and I felt into my pocket and
ound my knife, and it was gone
mnd I said, "Bill, you stole my knife,"
md he said I was another ; and- I
;aid, "Go there yourself," and be
said it was no such thing ; and I
;aid you are a liar, and I could whip
iim if I was biggor'n him ; and b
;aid he'd rock mre to sloop mother.;
mnd I said he was a bigger one ; ana
to said I never had the measles;
end I said for him to fork over that
miife, or I'd fix himm for a tomibsone
ht (DypressHills ; and he said my
grandinother wvas no gentlematn;
and I said ho deranm't take it up ; blit
me did yon bet ; you never-well,
rott never did ; then I got up again;
.nd he tried to, but lie didn't ; and I
~rabbod him and throwed hinm down
mn the top of me like several bricks,
nd I toll you it beat all-and so
lid lie; and my little dog got behind
sill and bit him ; and Bill kicked at
he dog, and the dog ran and I ran
fter the dog to fetch him back, and
didn't catch him till I got clear
ome, and I'll whip him more yet.
s my eye black ?"
ournalist, formerly of Ohicago, but.
ow omployed ip, Now York,' .i
rithi the .ambition tq excl i's a
Il'ntatic .writer." A New York
rnnager recentif consented. to hor'.
aim read a short far'ce, 4hempole:pone
lition being, that the reading sihnuld
Lot occupy more timo than the rnhn
fer did in 'st~king shem~igar 'he -had!I
ustlighted, . Away, they stairthq,
he qne in no loss hurry than the.
dhe~ir, anid the readig and' s smokin'g
udconoluded together. 0
iot a bad ides ~1ath,'iritwit '
byer, dagWhter, all stuttezningp iin :"
mve a pov e$ n~
it all, ~onyi 5pgpe '4 Juo~da
--t r ~ vle orf ,nirI m',

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