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e; Nng TI. I TAY 2 a.
NE W A DV El"ITI8 E31E T8.
FA III O P A D,1 styles with
25 naine, 10ets. post parid. J. B.
IIUTED, Nassau, Hens. Co., N. Y.
With a Cold is Always Dangerous.
WELLS' Carbolic Tablets,
a sure remedy fo-.' Coughs, and all I)ip.
cases of the Throat, Lungs, Chest at:d
Mucous Meubrane.
Sold by all Druggists.
C. N. CaU.-rENTON, 7 Sixth Avenue, N. Y.
A [ U C [ A ' V EiT
.f- We want iOi iloro first-elaiss Sew
ing Machine Agents, and 50) men of
energy and ability to learn the businoss
of selling Sewing \lach ines. Competi-sa
tion liberal, but varying . according' to
ability, claaretor and <[ualiftiations of the
Agent. For partioular., Alliress
Wilson Si'wing 1acl11ii Co.
Cii cAoo.
827 & 829 Broadway, New Yo:k, or New
Orleans, LIa.
It contains 33J ine cnii e l i 1 -
ings anld scenes in te (reat Exhilltion
an d Is the only bif htoi andttu corni pl. to
history pmtblished. It treats one of the
gr~and buildings, Wonderful exhibits,
< nriosities, great events, etc. Very cheap
and sells at sight. (u1ne .Agent- sol 148
copies in one day Send for our extra
te ls to Agents and a full dew-ript on of
the work. Address Nationat Ptublishing
Co.. Plila.,la,, or St Luiis, Mo.
CAUTION. Ulnrelinble and( wVorthless
books on the Exhibi: ion aur beinri cireu
latcd. Do not be decived. See that t!he
)ooks you buy contains 874 pages and
,33(i fine e1gravings.
Wonderful Success f 2', 000
Sold in K0 days 7t being the on1ly
comi plete low-ptice work (771) page; onv
69,1,trealing of he e lire bistory .re
building;, woniderftl exhibits.ourio:iti's,
great days, etc.; illuistrat e(1. and :$eh-p..
er than any other: ever body wants it.
One new agent cleared $3.0 'i 4 weoeks.
3, III( agent, wanted . Send <q1ickly for
proor1"t~ u asotv I, oplinn... .+ a..msl."i,., s.i " ,
and press, sa pie pagths, full description,
.and1 our extra terms.
IlunnAnD 13 Os., Pu1s., 733 Sansom St.,
Phil., ll. Caution. iewore of f.dsely
claimed oi 11.31 boo ss. )ed
for } roo
tho largoat nnel be,i
solling Statnery
l1ac. o In tho
10 .heh~ta of puaper (a envointus. peonil, toeeteete0o,
guio n pan ri ii llo f e .ne leo Jowolry. (eenuloto
saaenleioraecaeo~twiuh eJoue t ,1d olieo vebwtt,,v
piuW, 2'3 oilt.. l3 Imfekntgeu. with g1,eer~ol Jowecu,r'
nI. I Paen eIcr i'at"k t iee .a H. 1u1ttn.
BRIDE to CO., 709 Broadway, N. Y.
lar In ono. Tio'l.I.OYD (0.I!i NAT.O. Cnn bo
usod alin Ptcil.'enhnhtera nid 1, i, Erta.rr. renku Ite.
Enve o a poey,'a erlcuttr itnbber, Suinlce I; hino
qh~eroIC (teri, fno [,fr ilteipnr t, ,..Cj~~. Cult:,,a f
ssa cue nnI tini, utt l a. trni ag ileet. d:e Ka o1 a
constuon pouei, fa hevi:y n!etol plted. wrd wt I bit
Sltetthno. Agonts nrocoining nenneSay unnd ,e.y it i thro
heatl(lolling cue oaflt. Scaciat 0 ?I3 r, fill 5 forc
$1.* Extr,tnrcllnecrote,wnomeiteltg ActoDea. Rueut fur
aap'e Iaec 1:tlzrm Had r ea a*s our toiwn.
BRIDE 4 CO. 709 Broadway, t3. Y.
St TONI flY PACKAors. and
n (rf tre 1J. 1 CotPIte
t)'f TW LLAR.
7rpqjway, N. Y,
Tble Spoons, E t ':
T]~ea Spoons,
8uptr Spoons, , ie
T4able Forks,
Vtip Spoon s
ee'cVokle Foisks,
Ldics tator Latoha.
Spring Print,. Wimsutta, Fru t of t'
Loom, N. Y. Mills Long C loths,
Bleache and Unbl)eched Drill
ing',Sea Island IImeslimus.9,
Cassim1eres, Jeans, etc.,
Linen Collars n-d Cih,
Gents' black and
colored Neck
ties, Bows
All of which we will sell chetp for Cash.
Give us a call before purchasing elsewhere.
N. 13.----We have on hanid a full stock of
Buist's Garden Seeds, which we guarantee
to be fresh.
fob. 1
ree FaiyGoey
-.. IIE undersigned desires to inform his
friene an- the puLlic that. he can he
found o tie east side of Congrss street
with a fce:;h 'took of
Viz : Meal, (rit, Flour. IWcu, Sugare,,
Colfor(s, Ts. tOr.iekers, Oinger)
Uread.Sahi, ices,
Oranges, Alp1 les,"Ci nmhici, &c., all fresh
and lcap,
'OR. .UAS11 umAt.
Opposite J. 11. Cat hcart's ol 'tand.
Daily, Tri-Weekly and Weakly
l)n.r, six months - - - - - - $3 50
I.'a-W EI:iiY. six o hloo -tlis - -- 2 .0
WEIGi y, Sil aonths - - - 1 U0
I3nofts IndIt .o1b '51iig omncc
'gm Addressq all commnunications, ofl
whatver character, to
* ~CorstaIA, S. (1
O ry 13
Dr. W.E. Aiken,
Fkesh suppl)y ofGarden Seedls
jusnt received,.
T1lhe cliecapest Daily Paper
~N SoUTit CUnd14NA,
Of thne Daya Condensed.
Subscriptliur $250-~-6 Monthsq
*pD- Pronounced thm best Deteooratl
Diiy t V5Capital. Address
*WLI4N- A'SErBY, Mutaget.,
W HI~Ta ite oaiqw 8et8, alito,
. if~A)I badt~on iq 4 inugreat variety,
UHerb airld FIqpr, w..:
feb e MoMASTE~ k BRIOM.
Publishers and Printers
Can buy direct of the Muuntfact irer or
favorable termis.
"Tin; Alsos 1I.uumy Cu~tri o DMAc)IIulR"J
are the Ni,. iii. (ut l~fj hap- low priuced
manchitl nc made, and( have it n'ioniil 1.0jpu
l; if"hpr,(/hTETE ANSON liilI)n~y 1APi~Il CUTnrES is by~
far te hec1,st iniacli 11 which can be oh.
Iniuneil for it 1054 price than (one hunilred
,lollirs. It is of grat strength. These
11111(Iltes have always taken theo highe'st.
standl. It ;~ the only lmlaClin%, to which
is atpllil the LPatent M1ovt'lhe (Thtting
Board. 'Pis dlevice 11115 at repultatio)n of
itsel 1I by it, ( lie cutting' board call be in.
Htr~thtl anId It('ciiatehy usivoe, so that. it
perfevt ctri is~ Insured. Tlhin is a very im
porti t.t point ini the ataclli mc, 11(1 one(
O lit i:; jausnosedZ by no other. It. greatly
r-.diieoS P.mo:hn fpeaaini ok
ing th ptper baol(nvardl anti rIIorwitrel.
W v c.oni'it too, 51 ronigly roeomumxendl theo
rid valit ag'"s of this paten~t tov'ale hlardl.
It is w 011.11 Pu'' p~rice ofthPin m aciie, and
Piiulhnirx i!oiulul filly utiilerst:uiiil how
Iki,hly it. 14 to b)e vajittorI.'-G/e. 1', Jnvnrcll
t' (s; ':; 1.uwsjiqe, Retqer and J'ri'ider's
(Jo tle.
Frur in p~ronoxunedn t.ho most tcsinrnh,le
Luur".I ('olt r in the markhet, for' the g~enerIal
110 " o" at p'int i lg od ices
Tihe welt linew 1Wit u~ Carte CUTTER,
with Iiiy 'a1 ist iii pretmex) Is. i.; still pro'
t'errl 'by ninny priunters, lid holds i ts
1.1vortiu verother .iilini('.
Noneo gaftnl r)itebt. Uuon( lhaving Illy full
tuldl"'ssi lotter'mh ili-tle c istinlg.
T:('" Nem~sta rlmrs iln Wfant of aduvertisinig
ro)ui first p.irtius .should "send for my
,e ala r.
F. A. IIAR.f)Y,
A ubultrdle, Mass.
I will buy of those that buy of 1)10.
MARK 'oCI~lS'e
PAID. Juir 25, 1611.
[13 W E CLAIM itC 1'l j ., i M JI'li)V ELD
T1hie following :l)eci tic p)ointsi of 5111)
jojit :"
I- Ei's1 %1I1hiiu!icif3' fit Conl
t au:c'f lou [.
*iii d
tingle ?linchines sent on ordiors direct
ii flu I~ t ctors', wl'itt ;. guaranltev with
VSefl d for ci reulars iad par'tictlars'..
vise %11 uircy M>t"g,. co.,
fob 17 Paterson. N. J.
A Grand Ohorus of Condemnation.
'.'he decision will be as legally
bnding and as morally worthless as
in the case of Florida.--Boston
ost, Dem.
This vile decision of the for
sworn Coriunission ought not to
stand. It muit not stand.-Pitts
burg Post, Dem.
Words can-but imperfectly char,
actoiizo the scoundrelisin of this
decision. It is simply d anable.
Chicago Timos,
The Electoral Commission has dis
appoiinted all otir hopes. We have
no heart to pursue the subject.
Richmond Dispatch, Dom.
Let Democrats submit to the
theft of the Presidency, but organ
ize for an eterndl warfare against the
thieves.--R.iciimond Whig, Dein,
The assassination of liberty will
soon be over. If Rutherford B.
Hayes enters the White House, it
will be over a prostrate republic.
Albany Argus, Dem.
The case was perfectly clear, and
the only stubbornness and partisan
ship displayed was on the part of
the seven Democrats.-Pittsburg
Gazette-Commercial, Rep.
The verdict of the Electoral Com
mission will be regarded as a blow
aimed at the liberties of the people,
and a triumph of the few over the
many.-Reading Eagle, Dem.
The decision will prove a rock of
defence against the encroachments
of the Federal power upon the clear
ly defined constitutional rights of
the States.-.-Washington iRepubli.
can, Rep.
Of all the frauds resorte(d to for
the purpose of installing Hayes in
the seat of Washington and of
Jefferson, the biggest of all is the
so-called "Electoral Tribunal. "
Washington Union, Dem.
We do not believe the process by
which the will of the people of Lou
The returning board and its acts
will be infamous in the history of
the State,-Boston Globe, Ind.
The highest prize in the gift of
the people has been offered as a
premium for the violation of the
ballot, the abolition of State rights
and consummation of successful
villainy. -Baltimore Bulletin, Dem.
R. B. Hayes, who wtill hereafter
known in this country as Returning
Board Hayes, is to be declared
elected President by one of the
greatest lies ever known in all the
records of dishonest politics.--New
York Sun, Ind.
Had the Commission gone into
the cases under review on their re
spective merits, that of itself would
have tended, in a large degree, to
roli< -e the piublici mind of the die
agreeable impression that must now
rest upon it.-Baltimnore Sun, Ind.
This practically ends the work of
tihe trib~unal. It is incapable of
decency or honesty. It will be
worse than useless to argue any
further questions before it for any
purp~loso save delay. It has no
longer a title to respect or a right
to exist. It is a mockery.-.Cincin
natl En quirer.
The now i'doa that IHayes is elect
ed, and1 so declared by a tribunal
constitutedl by tile votes of their own
representatives, goes throughl tile
Democracy with an amount of dis
turbance that is unknown in the
effects of tihe most plowerful coin
pound eathartic pill.-Cincinnati
Our country is too great, its
destiny is too well assured, toj
justify tile despondency on the
ground of a transient personal or
p~olitical disappointment. It will
continue to grow and prosper under
President Hayes as it would baye
prospered under Mr, Tildon had he'
been eleted liew York Herald,
Though the Democrats have been
deceijved and tricked they will not
violate tile honor 'they pledged -to
the country when they agreed to
arbitration. But while thley honest.
ly anbmit they can~ with dignity wash'
their hand ockha dirty proeeding,
1and not give that deceoe to it that
heprrticipaftion of lionest mesi
70%ital. -' ,
Mr. Hayes will become the next
President of the United States
under oircrnmatancan of tha. grmvq
embarrassment, and the nation il
compelled to face the unpleasant
fact that, no matter whit frauds
may be committed in connection
with a Presidential election, there is
absoltqly no tribunal to which an
appeal can be made to redress the
wrong or even to make inquiry with
regard to it,=-Phila4elpbia Tele
graph, Rep.
While it would be comparatively
easy work to defeat the finality of
the Electoral law, we are nit pre.,
pared to recommend any such con
clusion. In the first plneo, two
wrongs never made the second
wrong the right act. In the second
place, the remedy is full of danger
to the country and of no correspond
ing benefit to the Democrats. In
the third place, there was a moral
agreemont to abide by the decision.
--New York Express, Dem.
We trust the representatives . of
the Democratic party at Washing.,
ton will unitedly bow with loyal
obedience to what lies been deter-,
mined for them as the law by a body
they aided in creating The snaps
and tricks and frauds which
they are unable now to guard against
will be universally referred to in the
years that are to come with the con
tempt to-day felt for them by every
honest American and by every believ,
er in popular rule the world over.
Brooklyn Eagle, Dem,
As for the Demoeratie party since
it in good faith accepted this
tribunal we do not see how any bad
faith or incompetency on the part
of its accepted agents can release it
from its obligations. We have
little doubt that no calamity could
befall a free country worse than the
inauguration of a President under a
vitiated title. We have not the
slightest doubt that thre is one
thing much worse for any political
party than an honorable defeat,,,
and that is a dishonorable victory.-.
New York World, Dem.
False, Unfounded 844 j,,hons.
The grand jury of Anderson coun,
ty in their late presentment make
Lho following complimentary allu..
dions to ex-Governor Chamberlain :
to report that froth nelt ownbuabr.
vations in various portions of Ander
ion county, as well as from all the
reports they have heard from other
persons, the election held on the 7th
)f last November was perfectly fair
md peaceable. No information con
rning violence and fraud line reach
ed the grand jury, and we congratu.
late the whole people of our county
upon the general disposition mai,
rested by both political parties to ap,
peal to a free ballot for the expres4
sion of the will of the people of this
And in this connection the grand
jury beg leave to present ex-Govern,
or Daniel H. Chamberlain for slan,
Bering the good name and reputa
tion of Anderson county in the prow,
lamation issued by him pending the
late election, in which he proclaimed
that lawlessneiss and violencezisted
throughout the entire Stato, for the
L1Ipurose of intimoidating our people
with a 'view to enable him to secure
his own re-election. We pronounce
his statements in that proclamation
as false, unfounded and libo lions so
far as it relates to the people of An.
derson county. We beg leave to
present further thr.t we are informed
as a matter of public notoriety that
the said Daniel KL Chamberlain is
and has been exercising and pretend-,
ing to exercise the powers of govA
ernor in opposition to General Wade
Hampton, the candidate who was
elected and installed l.y the legal
House of Representatives, and is to.
lay the rightful governor of Southa
Oarolina .and that the said Chamn
berlain's claim to the offie is found
ad on fraud and force.
We beg leave further to p resent to
your Honor tho faet that the offces
of county treasurer and auditor for
this county are vacant by virtue of
the late incumbents, B. D. D~ean and
l' .J. Webb, having been removed
biyhis Excellency, Governor Wada
Hamptoki, and that no appointmenta
for said of~cets havo.yeh been madea
*berefore w'4 respeetfully suggest
that yodyr Rotor direct the said sta
incumibents forthtith to turn over
all moneys, books, records and fura
niture belonging to either of- their
of tl.I ar of Cont Cjq~
era Af ero
ItV., aa. Wilias 'of ttih
before last, at 11 o'Nok TRo
man.reine.4,. gt

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