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Tuesday, February 27, ; :: 1877.
JNO. S. REYNOLDS, Asschiate; ditor.
The New York Sun thinks that
R. Bin W ilFbl ie owa hence
fortlet ORtlirnin' oloard Hayes ;
whiloie-eolulia---Rayfr aThbs
Thily'o -yiis i Ofhlrlueson have
subse blAitho,$ 000, necessary to
complete the 'Lauroni Railroad.
This ij'a r piece of Windom ; for
Lauroih ogo of the mpst prospor.
ons counties in the State, while
close coinynication ebould be es
tablisied -' between. Chrarleston -and'
the interi r of'ilie'S!tate. .The pros
p~erity- if'South~l Ciu'olina wvill not be
airsun; ,'until her citizens find their
besr.t uwa~ket in CharLoston.
After' the Ides of March,
V;hiIe Ill the )mnocrtie im
1 d(.M eiteusely dir
l 1 1 t: :I r',i.m cuuro;e <i
* ~the ,e~to~am on mbsion, they arc
io n L lu pofn tio coum'so to be
punmodldiu 3(.r1nc'o to coiplehn g
the codt.' A lage majority favor
an necttiescencee ini .thre declaration of
the eloetidut of Hayes, while bitter
ly pinceting against thlo manner
in whicl'it was done. About sixty
five mncmiber's of tfl'ohouse, however;
express at exed 'dotorinaition to op
pose the completion of the count by
every naooinn i}7 their power ; hud by
dilatoryatactios to'Iprevent a final
declaratiotit of* tho result previous to
the 4th Vfitrol. Appoarancos are
that thepq irreconcilablos will fail
from want of co-operation in the
Should. they stceool, however, in
their object, now an.1 still gravel
comtplicationh ivill arise. The con
Ltitution is ;ugciently aubiguous
now to perplex any codistitutional
lawyer ; but if no result lid'doclared
by Saturdaf Wh,t; "thr "matter will
have passo 4t inytfla4troly beyond
constitutiyl 1 iujts. . Very 'taga
provision is lade, for a presid ni
pro tempore, ad ..Still: miog
elCtion. For this reason- it is by
the majoriby feromed best to ac
quiosco in to finding of the Coninis.
Bt assuming that somo way o
ifatily drangesl, it would be oi
immense gdYsmtage t.) the Demo
crats to fillibuster -throngh the she i
period intoi'veni4 before inaugu
game all their own 'way now ;but
onc crsstho' Rubicon, and ti
1a >crats ilbeomplete mnastore
'Iof the situa ja iidn. would bt
seated in the White House by a fai
greator mna ojity, even; than ho re
coived in Ngvon'bor: oea;ls
R apablicin Sgi'es, woul stmm
their disapirobaition of - Bradleys
eight conspirators, by the broal' seal
tiicates of 1 ortocleos
Maailte~nm tavo Rrepu1bli
can Con:-('ascimcm);,cey and'Pearce,
wi hu pneeiric' ! ind bold eog
wuld mot r ably wePhee itln
unrthe Dah hs N~m bir haner Can--,
alonien Noiimijd Yukip o he. ad
hedina f h I irUattehm
ofi Hendritks a1d, d l4"iuos Jans
ywoudriy b-vriie teygof at~
tooy wou b4%N1 Sout rol na
she faive or -a ithuriah o i~oi
Sam, and wouldIhaVo'fi 'aW66'
* ,~ anvassing l1 .to 9M~
decision of p lIple- i'~ .tbo
most that th .mlEialsi claim he're,
nlow is thart Ohadrlain holde'oyeo.
This, by .tho Ves6 ~thb dnste .
24 , tion, vacates t e
til a flew governor qualinies. Soh
Carolina wolpgbeeutd dor
Tilden, or 4.iga '-"'t/Hr
Florida has passed into Democratic
hands.- heK-neRetttrning-Bard
is Democratic, and here too the poo
ple will b ppamitted to express
their will at thel alot-box. No now
Electpyal Commission will be needed.
Louisiana,. unless Providenceo be
merciful, will still bo cursed with her
Returning- Board, which is a perpe.
tuity. But Tilden wiillhave obtained:
s1itg 3 _a. ajority.of votes in the
Electoral ;:College froi the other
States, that even J. Madison Wells,
the chief of scoundrels, would be too
much disgusted to bulldoze a single
pacinct or parish. The defeat of
tl0 Radical would be overwhelming.
Chandler, Morton, Sherman and the
threo indecent old judges on the
Ei r'toral Commirision, would never
smile again; while their party would
be numbered with the things that
were. Such is the outlook, if the
Democratie irt'econcilables prolong
the count beyond the ides of March.
[How to Troat Immigrants.
The Abbeville Medium, . a well
iitorime(l ati admirably conducted
pper, aniiiiuces that the Germans
vre leaving. Long (Jano and hunting
hoines among the mountains,
"On last Saturday," says the Me.
dium, "severail families loft for
Greenville county, where they have
the promiso of higher wages and
more profitable and pleasant em
piloyment. During the past year
they became very much lissatished
at the rato paid thon for their work,
and now they are on the move.
They say that this is no country for
Gortans; that we think more of
the negroes and will always give
them the preference. There is no
triuti i4 such an assertion, of
course. The trouble with these fel
lows is that when they come to
America they think it is a free man's
< o-mti y and that everybody is to live
alike. They must take the country
as they find it. If they can't get
cake they must content themselves
with coin-bread until they have
saved enough from their earnings to
indulge in luxuies. A negro will live
on a peck of meal, three pounds of
nott and a quart of molasses a week
and think he is living in clover, but
tie Go:man must have the beat or
or ' ho bcconoas diestSfied and
We would call the attention of the
.Medium to the fact that it is just
this system of treating immigrants
that is calculated to keep them from
our State. No State in the Union
stain . . ia tC'e t ^the' down
trod.ten Palmetto State. Br:t if
farmers expect to get white men
and women to work farms, and live
on "a peck of meal, three pounds of
meat and a quart of molasses a
week," they may as well at onco re
sumie the unvam ied employment of
negroes, doing hatlf wvork, anid,
unless converted, voting yeoar i and
year out to rob themz of their s.~
tenianoo. Until the farm owners in
South Carolina leamrn that educated
and enlightened whito labor from
Europe must be trealted with con
sidertion, they cannot expect to
induce iammigrants to come here.
An inferior laborer, who dloes half
work relimetantly, may subsist on a
.peck of .meal andl a quart of molas
ses a week, but intehigent, energetic
and superior white labor can do0
better aund will not be satisfied.
Pickings sand stealings the honest
energetic Gepmn immigrant is not
educatedl to practice, and conse
quently be fiadsa it a little difficult,
with a faniily to support, to live on
a peckc of meal, three pounds of
mea nt and a quart of molasses. Bo,
sidles, Europ)ens all are accustomed
to bettor hmouses and more space
than labor at the South is usually
p~rovid.ed with. -And- wo may as
weoll unidersfmid and recognizci theso
facts. If the peoplo of Oarolina
want to induce intelligent, educated
workmen to settle here, let them
establish a thrifty peasantry by
diiding their lands into small
far'ms and ront them to competent
anid safe tenants, or sell alternate
tract~ to settlers on' time at low
pricea. Bly filling up the country
they will create a demand for hand
and a imrket fom' ifs produce. We
have ai remarkably fine climate and a
soil, that wsth proper preparation is
very productive. Pop~ulationl will
now benefit all land owners.
Jzaqd gf Commerce.
A ~UNTo Bus H IEIF. .
's t. 'Rtuhifelt, h o yies
ieai; aomtly Point, Gaston county,
-T g,,a .1R who'tas tbught to 44
crayy st ire to his house and
bura ,J '.tpself in~ it,'oni last Mon'.
M tI. His wife, who was the
I otbe person. in the h ouse,
~ai 4Jeto. sd Ethe roomn, in which
ben ~ai sleeping.- almo~st
escaped With her life. 'Wj .is ai1
t ar'quarsofshishok'rible Aeed
.h Pd9ul.yerbee able to nacer-.
Two negroos wero under arrest at
Timmonsville, charged with com
plicity in the murder of W: T. Hill.
On Monday afternoon, at 2 ocloclkd
one of them broke from the guard
and escaped, although fired at by
a dozen persons. The other was
rescued at night by armed men who
beat the guard. The one who was
rescued, named Manly Scarboro,
afterwards went to Darlington and
said white mid rescued him to kill
him, and in fact did beat him and
leave hime for dead, but he recovered
and escaped, As Manly was very
slightly hurt his story is evidently
The hair is a beautiful ornament
of women, but it has always been a
disputed point which color most be
comes it. We account red hair as
by no means the most preferable ;
but in the time of Elizabeth it found
ardent admirers, and was hi fashion.
Mary of Scotland, though she had
exquisite hair of her own, wore red
fronts. Cleopatra was red-haired
a-id the Venetian ladies to this dirty
counterfeit yellow hair.
One night last week a small wood.
en building near the cemetery, in
Chester, belonging to Malchi Gray,
son, was sot on fire by an incendiary
and destroyed. Several attempts
had previouly been made to burn
the house. A dog and a gun were
burned in the house. Malachi is a
thorough Democrat: hence this
spite against him.
hAnUIED, on the 22nd February, at the
residence of the bride's father, near Doko,
by the Rev. T. W. Mellichamp, Ma. WK.
11. JoNEs, to Mise. CILAnA M., daughter
of Dr. Joseph Quattlebaum. All of
Extra Double Brown liBeer,
B RtVED expressly for bottling. It
. exerls imported Porter or Ale. It is
pure; contains no drugs.
Columbia, Feb 27. JOHN C. SEEGERS.
Seegers' .. Ciacinuat i Beer.
f 3HE Cinciinnati "Gazette" makes the
astonishing announoew ent that Cin
cinnati Beor is no longer pure, but adul
terated with molosses, sugar of starch,
fusil oil and the ptisonous colchicum.
J. C. SEEGERS guarantees his Beer to
be pure and reliable. He does not adul
terate it, but br6wa from the best barley,
malt and hops.
Columbia; Feb 27, tf
T HE Commissioner of Agriculture, in
his report for the fiscal year 1875,
speaks as follows:
"There can be no doubt of tho general
,adulteration of all malt liquors. JJgpg
ia-iltids are impos;ed. nnl an increasing
vigilance practiced to detect and punish
such frauds, by a system of inspection of
all malt liquors mfaiufactured beforo ex
)ose(l to sale, the practice is very com
mon. How much more in this country,
shere there are no liws on the subject,
and no oflieer to carefully analyze the
prodntls of the brewey? Some years ago,
Professor Nlapes, of Naw York, analezed
the beer fromi a dozen dir'oront brewerie,,
en-l all were fouind adulterated with niox
ions sub~stancees, It is said that the salie
of drugs to brew---rs is a proitable p~art of
the traelo. Th'iis is perfectly infamous.
Coeciulus indicius, tishi-b'erry) nlux
vomnica (dog-button ' from w hichi strych
-nine is obtained, areosomec of ther deecota
bles substancea foundi in beer! These are
poteit p)oi--ons, and the brewer found
using them should be drowned at once
in one of his ow-n vats, The Uiritish Par
Iliament paissed a law to prevent this
nefariious business. Tihec following1 is an
extract: 'No dru'gist, rendor of or d' a!
crin drugs, or cheist, or any other pin
son, shall sell or deliver to any licensed
bsrewer. dealer in or retailer of beer,
knowing themu to be suoi, or shall sell or
deliver to any person on account of, or in
trust for, any such brewer dealer or re
tailer, any liquor called byv the nameo of or
sold for coloring, from whatever material
the samne mayv be made; or any material
or preparation -thier than ungroundl
brown malt, for the darkening the color
of worts beer, or any molasses, vitriol,
honAy, qulasma. cocculbis indieus, grains
of para1dise, Guinea prupper, or o -hun, or
any extract or preparaitIion of molasses, or
any articlo or preparation to be used iu
worts beer for or as a substitute for malt
or hopa; and if any druggist shall offejnd
in any of these particulars, such prep~ara
tion, &c., shall be forfeited, and may be
seized by any othie~r of excise, andl the
person so oflhnd ing shall forfeit five hun
d red poundls.'
"Under this law, very many druggists
and brewers were brought to grief, and
yet the' practice continues. Unless the
American public are reaidy to admxit the
-imnacu late purity and innoc~ nee of
American brewers, they musst ho content
while drinking their beer to cherish the
belief that they are at the same time
guzzhing seome narcotic poison or damnag
ing medicine. In view of the unproce
dented growth of the barley crop; of the
great increase of the numnber of mahters
and brewers; of the vast unlanown guali
ties of beer that arp drunk in every city
and almost every town ,in the continent,
It isabe dictatn of sound wisdom that the
attention of legislators should be called to
the subject of the adulteration our malt
liqniors, and severe wpnalties should be
nfitdas a. preventivo."
JOHN.C, SEGERtW BEER Is pure and
Colunabia, Feb 27. tf
Ihave this day purobasma the entire
.1stock of yohnston & Pettiorew.
F eb,15, 1877. ' p. KDR
Thse 4bovq bueine,,s will bie COutdweted
.fel.410idgtn bymt
0 N
The Cheap Cash Store
B,. Silgllim81'&Co.
...... Y C 0 .....
'Boots and Shoes.
feb 27
Dissolution of'Copartnership
1Wi l tt1s'a (A (is o ved by llitil
consent. Robert "Petticrew is hereby
authorized to settle the business of this
enn still be found at the old stand,and
- ll peorsons indebted n. toa1, th a late - fir o
JONT N&PETCR rorqu0e
Bn taeheiurro Proat.
DennsFr, CsOFord, Crln
CABBAGEo,Eizbt CH aTEo, hn
BaoROdy FAOR nG EX-Fod
legooets oSand FodShoodie
Y~ OU~ are~ hereb reuie by ape
conthet ort Pirew b hlden a
a t.,one toetethe ay of ApiliAsD
Fob.7,187sho RausE, T anyTyoucanw.h
rea estile ond Ford thecea(sed ade
scaribns udbelt the ptioofLsat Dennis,
or cold, anttle, o theyidlldyFor
nthirdcuni the hand o ad arey
Ford Coltin. glsoFazbt h
fedon Rh-inam an RhOdyR FordPen.
tent theof;r alo Probatesi
TJudy Ford, Reuben Ford, Jesse Ford.
CaoeEgglston, Elizabeth iehardon an
CRh a, Rhody Fornd Phany Phorny
lprofirs of sranestordinc ho ded
dayof gstatD87,adprvso
b 11 made heb payeqnirto toeppherar
t 1e0o thetr rse to bre hofe atc
rents ald port os teeenocok
an. ntetwelfth day of pr , A. D.
real 14.1tat. ofJ.sos od deeaed de
nepapr thtributd tough ai thirey
Fotd.tessl e Ford, fo~ 700rash Acrtn
inserine grand A zath ofithe
pars, giving ai aondweey orula
tion~ and pris Dhedusea on e-fl fer
tflereof; paind ao wEO. PthOELL(
Caroinformig'est' Eliube.t he hars
orou l a(hno an o th (ren~t n
Prosofid whre heswtasc the nh
berting afor thoe pae atoohr him
tieftheir Eeytive -shahs lin such
rn etst and os ahoabea1
.A,. 0
HAVING taken charge of the Gro
cery Store formerly occupied by U.
L. Dannenberg, I desire to inform
the public that I keep constantly on
hand a fresh acid choice stock of
I am,
Yours Respectfully,
Winnsboro, S. C., Dec. 14th, 1876.
D. R. Fle-ite
I EEPS constantly or hand a full sup.
ply of Choice FAMILY GROCERIES and
recently been replenished, and he is now
ready to supply the wants of all.
i~.full stock of Plain and Panoy Gro,
eeries, which will be sold at Ioa,. it prieq
A ine atock of liguors, sweb~ a
WINES in great variety,
etc.,, etc.
The patro1nage of .the public is sojlioi
feb 10-tf
~'NAm mInuinAE.
NTOTICE is hereby ginen sto aill and sin.
L gular the creditors4 of Thomas Stitt,
deceased, that applicntion will .be mad4$
to 4the -Judge of 1Srobate :for Fairfield
4Cottnty, in Winnsboro .at 10 o'elcl n
the forenoon on the 7th of'Marehnext, foy
a fnaal discharge and letter, dismuissory.
any, on or befre that d say, e' ase
fob ~ .A T, W. STITT,,
E:tteuger.& Edmont,
M4ANUFA0TUBBBS8 of P'ortableene
all kinds, iron tarJ w ZIPIAd a l a .I
JfIill Gearing, Shafting, Pulleys &e
.Camueroai's Speelsl Steam Ppp
P0*4d 1ar C log...

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