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@The fjhuus and ienitd
Saturday, March 3, 1877.
It. MEANS DAVJS, Editor,
JNO. 8. REYNOLDS, Associate Editor.
A, Walhngton telegran says,
"Cbamberlain 'will be adlvised to
'coignpl e )fogylature, have the
vote canvassed, and Hampton do
elaied. governor. This is thought
to be the 'moat 'agreeable settlement
of the dilfculty."
Tihe inMug'ira'ti'o' of Hayes in the
city which bears the name of Wash
ington, and the fact that L owes
his position to the frauds of Madi
Pon Wells, place in strong contrast
the early and the latter days of the
The bulldozing of Justice Wright
will not help the Chamberlain crew.
The failure of the two Justices to
agree dbes'not in ary way affect the
fact that Hamptou roecived a majori
ty of the votta cast at the Nov i')er
oledtion, iand is therefore the legally
chosen governor of South Carolina.
Ibde New York herald does not
think that any member of the Ele:
toral Commission will accept a Cabi
not p )sition from H tyos, ns this
would not lio in 'accordance with
propriety. None of the immortal
Eight have at yet evinced the slight
est regard for propriety, or even
Three Radiral newspapers have
given up the, ghost in Florida since
the inaugurtion of Drew. The New
Orleans Republican appears semi.
occaIiOnally'oily ; while the Union -
ferald is reported to he in. articuo
molts. The "starve 'em out policy"
is working well, Coning events cast
their ahadows before. The Radical
leaders w' Boon follow their organw.
The ReM 'Phoebe Hanaford has
been dejlied from, the pulpit of
the f!irst Universa id4 Cliiire in
Jerey City after having beeipastor
for oventwo 'ears. The fact that all
}tn l mr1 Ic'y'.r1I" 1:e,'Yvl(Ytl~ei8''Aales "1ere udnit'
moius for her expJiemn, creates a
iurilsa that she might have been
too'successful an evangelist of the
r,orpel of k-ve. P1 ceho holds the
fortihowever, and will form a second
chuich in the same city.
'A Bulldozed yudge.
The long-expected decision of the
Supreme Cour t on the gubernatori..
al question has not yet been made
We extract from the Columbia
Regier df the 2nd inst. the follow
ing W&couibt of thie action of the
Co ui:-.
The air wns full of tuimors last
DigbI4about the anticillated decision
of tlog Supremie Court in the Tilda
Nor3xs 4ab'eas corpus case, which is
looked for to-day. One rumor was
to the ee'ect that Wright had con
curred with Justice Willard. and
tha*.a decision would be reached
to--day, declaring Governor Hamp-.
ton, the lawful govem nor of the
State. , AnoTher and later one was,
that alter Wright had concurred inl
the denision,uirrived at by Justice
Willard, he hadh filed a dlissenting
opunn und left the city immediately
thelleater. We give those rumno;
only *eowe heard themny and do not
vough for any of them. The matter
wil31Je deeled in some way to-day
in the Siipreme Court after which
we W4igiveiour coimments and a
histiory of what we know of the ras.
cality which has been practised to
corspel Justice Wright to violate
his toathi Qofelece and render a decis
ion-econtrary to his coknvictions and
Ius~.co teio of the law.
Slhie *rfting the above, we have
obtehed 'Pogeession. of the docui
moenltdhh we amppenmd below. The
presence of Bowen, Worthington
and Gileav s. i the city, and their
const~iitiisociat ion with Wright,
an~4hn generally known character
of Aeime, as iwell as the notoridue
ly MhhIetfMt that they have bull'.
dozed Wright into submission .to
their will-by wine, by threats, and
by1 %deial m i -leaves
n d t Wbijth~ fisite of the
peole ha they ha4e accomplished
the ,boior-which they camne to
Coum i. This base. trio have,
alonga wtb the Associate Justice,
oft the city. .
At a l1 hourlaat zTight, it was
Willard w Mel'ft'tte "storf
from,tlW bebeh--to day at noon-the
hour at'whi3h the or im s to 4seni
tle. The following documents,
however, will do th't without the
aid of the sterling Willard's words,
which will be listened to by so many
people to-day :
Supreme Court-exe parte Tilda Ste
phens, alias Tilda Norris.
It is ordered .hat the relator be
discharged from the custody of the
superintendent of the pe.nitentiary.
A. J. WLLARuD, A. J. Presid ibg.
I concur in the above.
3. J. WaronT, A. J.
This order was mado 27th Febru
ary, 1877.
Wright yesterday filed with Mr.
Boozer the following memorandum,
together with his last opinion
"Having attached my name to an
order discharging the petitioner in
this case on the 27th day of February,
1877, after more mature deliberation,
believing that the order should
not have been made, I now
ereby revoke, recall and can
cel said ord r, so I tr as my
signature may have given it eanetion
and suIi.lstitnto the foregoing opin-.
ion in its stead.
J. J. Wiour."
Gen. Kerslia-.v's Position.
1iditore Columii a Register .
The purport of a few remarks ad
dressed by m to the people of Lan
caster, at i meeting of the citizens as
sembled there on the 11th February,
has been misrepresented in a re
ported interview between Judge
Mackey and a correspondent of
the New York herald, and as it
has appeared in your columns, I beg
the privilege of making the correc
Thme meeting was called to heir
Judge Mackey's account of his visit
to Mr. Hayes, and after hearing
from him assurimeos of the most
positive charateor that Mr. Hayes
would be declared elected, and that
the Domnocratts of the South might
assure themselves that his adminis
tration would be just and kindly to
the South, I was called out by the
meeting and addressed them briefly.
I expressed my pleasure at hear
ing the cheering assurances so sol
e:nnly given by Judge Mackey
of the kindly purposes of Mr. Hayes,
and expressed my confidence in
those assurances. That as an
Amorican citizen, I felt humiliated
and abamsedthat the American Con,
gress, tho great Legislative Council
of the country, should have felt
itself compelled to confess before
time world that it was too partisan
and corrupt to ascertain fairly the
required by the constitution, but
having so confessed, they had per
h1ps done the next best thing when
they constituted a Commission that
h'ad received the confidence of the
country. That I did not doubt that it
would fai- ly decide the question,
and that it must. therefore, declare
Mr. T'dden elected. I begged to
assure the Republicans predsent that
in that event thme rights and interests
of all honest citizens wvould be main -
tained, and the glory and honor, the
peae, ropertyand happiness of
th onry prooted by his wise,
just and benelicent administration.
That if, after a fair hearing and in
ves tigaitioni, the Comanmission should
decide in favor of Mr. H-ayes, I for
one wvould acquiesce in the decision.
That peace wvas of all things moss
necessary to our plell, and war
most 'to be deprecated, and I believ
ed civil war was the only alternative.
This is the very substance and sense
of my remarks upon the subject on
the occasion referred to. My hopes
ap)pear* now to have been disappoint
ed,.and I tind myself, wvith the ma
jority of the American people, a
victim of nslalced confidence, as I
have often been. The Commiission
has not determined fairly and justly,
judleirdly, as I expected.
A Negro Watch Meeting
The New York Sun has a long ac.,
count of a negro watch meeting some
wvhere in the South, and it contains
a most extraordinary sermon, from
which the following extracts are
I'll tell you a little allegoric or
speech by do figger'. Truth and
Lie started ou t for to trabble. They
stopped to drink at de ribber ob
Jordan. r.uth wos thinking no
svil, b)ut Lie pushed him, and he fell
in andl was drowned. Lie got .out,
stole Truth's boots, 'and, meetin' a
cullud pusson who was rootin'
round whar he had no business, en
tered into him and sot up his habita
tion. So Lie has lowed to dwell
along wid cnllud folks ever since.
It's my bisness, to pint out dlese
thiings to Sense you of de tricks
of do debble. Lie den sowed his
seeds among us cullud folks. I
axes you, ain't dis a Iaei Don't de
produce corresp~ond wid de seed ?
.No matter howv hongry you gits,
if you has faith, do Lord s gwine to
feed you. Dere wos Dannel, a man
who wvas sot agin circus shows. De
clown kotch him prayin' ont df
lion'a den, De angel one dav mel
Belzebub carrying sommt is Ex' e
who wos a 'hoein' his crap. Ebene
zer come a ridin' alone on a mule.
le had been to town to buy soee
whiskey. Do mule h( seed do angel,
and he kicked up andknocked Ebe
nozer Heels over head, and he diapt
his whiskey bottle. Belzebub )he
seed do bottle, and pijked it up, and
put it in his coat tail pocket- -Yor
see, lie found it, and dat iiaktjiit
hissen. Do angel ko:cheld Belzebub
by his wool on his hid, toted him
off, jist as lie was, wil his tin bucket
of soup and do botile of whisky,
and drappod him it do don where
Daunel, wos.
I neber. beard dit Dannel et
drunk, but Scriptor tells us Noah
was shy of water, kept a bottle of
Loosianner ruin under his bed. Some
colored proachers say Noah woe de
'casion of we black filks in dies wise:
Noah had one gal clild named Cane
Anny, a sassy dissipated gal, wlid
would steal her daddv's bottle wheni
lie won asleep and drink his rum.
He kotch her one day tipsy and
makin' a spectacle of herself. Do
ole man cussed her good fashion till
she turned right black in do face. I
don't pend much on dat, kate it
can't be proved Cane Ann's head got
kinky. No, my 'pinion is colored
folks is do most wonderful produo
tion of nature--dey growed jis so.
I axes, who made dew ? When ivas
dey made, and wh ir ? Nobod
answers. Dese p'ints .cap't le
proved by de Bible ; dai''s nufli' ii
do Holy Writ about negroes ; and
dat circumstance shows dey is a
nation 'culiar to dere own notions,
an' Tse :iebber seed one dat wasn't
proud of his color. Do 'postles see
to do 'pistle, "Know thyself." ]
'terprets dat, "Be ye seekers ob d(
kno ledge how you'se comically
make in do flesh."
You have all seed do blisters or
do sycamore ; dat circumstance is a
bery interesin' fack in do Bible
Dere was a small colored man namn
Nigger Demos. Ho kept publi(
hicuso, and done his own cooking.
He heard one of do 'ciples done bo.
rowed a jinney and was comm' it
great glory to preach. Nigger
Demos thot if lie could only gel
to see dat good man de 'lumbeggel
lie carried in do small of his bac
would cease. Hearin' folks a shout
in' lie flung down his dish cloff and
went out to see do 'cigle, but by d(
'casion of his stumpy legs lie could'ni
see nuffin. A big sycamore was
growin' right before his cabin, so h<
shined up dar and looked down al
de 'ciple, who went by and nebbei
seed Nigger Demos. Poor Nigge
Demos did cry ! He was so hurted
bark wharever dey touched. Ono o:
demn tears hit do jinney on her bac
and hurt her so bad she kicked up
Dat 'ciple den looked up and see:
Nigger Demos and said : "Come
down, poor fellow ! I'll stop at you]
hotel and take a glass of your 'aim
mon beer." Nigger Demos wa:
pr'oud of do honor. iSycamorem
been blistered ever sonce. Now, wt
must bury our heads in do dlurt and
and pray long and fervently.]
hope) my endeavors to give you d<
true light to carry you frooc
de ncxt yeamr will bring forth fruits,
with insects. Tfhe Lord be wvid you
Little Things, by Josh Billings.
A kross word iz a little thing, but
it iz what stirz up the elephant.
. A kind word iz a little thing, but
it iz just what soothed the sorrows
ov the setting lien.
An orange peel1 on the sidewalk iz
a little thing, but it haz upset many
a giant.
An oath iz a little thing, but it iz
recorded in the great ledger in
A serpent's fang iz a little thing,
b~ut deth is its victory.
A baby is a wee little thing, but a
constable waz once a baby.
A hornet's sting iz a1 little, thing,
but it sends the solioolboy home
A star iz a little thing, but it kan
bold this grate world in itsar.
A titng iz a little thinf12 iditills
the universe with trubblo.
An egg is little thing. But the
buge krokerdilo kreeps into life out
av it.
A kiss iz a very little thing, 'but it
betrayed the Son ov God. into tllQ
hands ov liiz enemy.
A spark iz a little thing~, but it
3an light the poor ma~n's pibe, gg 4i
bhe world to burning.
The acorn iz a little thing, buntil
black bear and his family live in the
yak that springs from i).
A word iz a littl'e thing, but one
word has been menny a pa'4gj.
my, for good or for evil. -
A penny iz a very little thing, if
the interest on it from the daiys of
Daim and Abell would buy out ~the
A minute iz a little thing, but it is
ong enough to hare a dlozen isking
beeth, or to get married and have
rurerowau mothaer-in'Iaw., . 'e .
Life iz'mad/p' 1vre (
Cife itself iz but a little thing ;
"On wbtaut,horit emanded a .
lawyer, "cdo yo2 so o', his mare's
age'?" 'he t githority possi
blo," repliod td wikLe s".41hI had it
from the maro's own mouti, !"
There is an old Goidtii proverb~
to th'e'offect that a great war leaves
the country with -hr ar ia-an.
ri a d ht eili'ttO 3
Railroad ties-i rge on a train.
'(, F A NV V C A R 1S,15 styles with
With a Cold i Al -ays Danger 1s.
A sure remedy for Coulhs, and all Dis
eases of the hropit,1 1 e and
Miucous M oinbafd .
Sold'byalilDruggists. : i ts I. -
G. N. On ui' oN1 7 SixbhiAvenue'N Y.
, i, i -p Wiar j>
hy . ,
Rosst , a fntlu eco . , .1 .J reat nys,
tery written by his Father, beath Ilobin
son Crusoon in' thrIl1ii iVttWlt. ' The
Illustaged Iia)gnp;ol to tIll..,pIIQ.r ,a
complete account of all denominations
apid sects. 100 Illustrations. Aiso the
(ldies' mledicRT4Uiti, 41b'f IW'lPancoast,
sillt ht ll 1it i yets n
money on thea l 4rca1A Tub copies
by mail $2 ealbh. J D. OTTER Co.
Ah [epjJ yrAg V'I
. 1r. Wo ;wan640 k more irstbaba-ScW
ing Machine Agents, and. fI50. ntor of
en'rgy and -abilitvyto lairn :tlia: lusiness
of solling Swingz .\laohinmai Comnpenha
tion liieral, ..but, varyin;, aceoQrdlng ; to
abilily, cliaira.t4' an quaha icationy1 f Qho
Agent. For particu lars, Address
WiI n0,1 il g Mnchi a ?p.. .
827 & 829 Broadway, New York, or New
Orleans, La.
On the line of a great railroad with good
markets both East West.
Now Is tho 'TIinetb - cure it.
Mild 'limaite, Fertile Soil, best Country
for Stock Raising in the United States.
Books1 Maps, full information, also,
t free t a l >arts of the world.
WPoIdeI'ful ,Succes ! 25,000
Sold in 60 days It being the only
comlelte low-prIIice work (770 pages only
$2.5I)),tr'eating of the ei'tiro histor,grand~
buildings, wond grfuil exhibits, curiosities
great days, etc.; illustratced. and1( $a chleap'
er than any other; ever body wan ts it.
Ono new agent cleared $3.0 in 4 weeks.
3,0(0 agents wanted. Send quie ly for
proof of ahov 1, opinions of otlicials,elergsy
an d press, sa -I priges, .lull-desicrifl
and our ex t-a tems: - - ' --
Ii1 H Pnn Enrca., Prs., 733 Sansomi St,
Caution. Bloware of falsely claimed
offleial and worthless lgooks. Sendl for
ton Gold Jcwol
clry combllina
han da omen
drops, p)air elegant go!ld iel t
tons, set sp)iral stads collar button,
heavy plain wedding ng'du gents'
Parisian diamond pin. The :.bove articles
se'nt, post-pai<Ufot @&~ ets, have been re
tailed for $6. Bankrupt stock and mu ast
bbi sold. ShIi1A.' ilton Gold Watchos,
$1 g for gj speculative pur'
pnsek god timers, equnl in appearance
.to a $2010 genuine gold . "Jl is reputatioin
for honesty, fair dealing and liberality is
".nequaled by any adveatiser in t his
city. '-e Wa York Day Bfook, Dee. 16,1876
Established lE BS,
Has removed to the Rt are next to Francis
~ATCHIES, Clookavi ir ) welry re
pai red, and satisfactionl guaran teedI
to everybody.
Thossn4l bbtott 't4 of fmT Nor
jee jM a t pce, -for1W
1.astonishing announcew ent that -
enati Ie~ is 'no longer. put~e,a6~'Adti
fusil oil ~ ~~ il~h oil coehlnar
4 J CRI~uF78J~~iranteos his Boor
mepuu~46b a u m g
terato it, but brows fromn the best r
taafltsaai he p. arley
Em p4 Mf 1m gN~
r VHE best, largest, hardiest and most
profitable variety of WINTEI CADDAo3
known in Europe, andJifported to this
coiuntry exclusively by the undersigned,
where, with little cultivation, it flour
Ashes astonishingly, attaining an enor
ous size, and selling in the market at
prices most gratifying to the >roducer.
In transplantin g, re e hould be
used to give sull ic1tit a f growth.
lid heads the size of the mouth of a flour
rrel is the average run of this choice
riety. One package of the seed sent
at paid on receipt of 50 cents, and one
3 cent postage stamp. Three packages to
one address $1 00 and two 3 cent stamps.
Twelve poaliggasent o.nsrpoqipt~o$$3 QG
'r qr hatg dyell k own; Qp ett; .
o. Mary ander says of Qje' ' isPnon WIj
raAm Cabbage: -
Utx.ooMkNrNt aiu' do.,'
Md.,Jan. 22-,-1877.* -
in. JAMES [email protected] ,.66 Eupy8L4 Y..1N-,Y
Dear Sir:- -I b6ughtpoW ygseoel rgy .
lfst spring, and it Wias good. +Yo r m
peror William Cabbage suit this climate
well. On 1%itduttiifit Aid lidhfd
sentt nib i prbau0er )i0o)bbgbs' AbMign ing
thirty potundsno e l.e w A :- *r I r
Ve tr
ga-I am So Agen inte Ut-&sij
te famous " ' '
from Maidstone, Kentso;b.,Eugland pd
ducing tl, tpit prodijq'ing 4ior A.qst
p1)lific ante finest flavored.tnlons k own
and yielding drT snitAbieAoils frobiS 'to
91)0 bilhels par. acre;, dovlnj ntirlI,
Mr. Henry Colvin, a; largermun'rkptgardend.
or at Syrac.e .N. ate.. %rite,0, ~"'ou
English Onfi ,ee surprises 0 its
large yield, andihe demionis Nie oTh
fruit. I could l-ve sold any quantityimp
this mar " et at good prices. My wife says
she will have nyo~h oinfns for the Sante
in future. Sind me its m tcli tis y6ti' 6h
for the enclosed $5.00."
One package of seed sent on receipt
My supply is limited. Parties desiring
to secure either of the above rare seeds,
should not delay thei .dmdre - All seed
Cash must accompany all orders. For
either of the above sce a d r
mar 1 t, A p E
IMi. Zioanentitytes
THE patronage of the clizens
'- Ur at tt$I1 Eroeggy soUktt4 'L,
fo! t~ t te o e 001oo.
lst Grade per Quarter of10 weeks, $15 00,
2nil " " " ".'.,,. $106
Priit)a. ly
A few pupils will be received as boa'rdeis
in the fa mily of the Prindi'al, on reasona
ble terms.
J&8 .PriIeipal.
Fresh supply of Garden Seeds
a rec rvc
LDisso ltionl of' Copartnershlip.
CitEW is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. Ilobert Pettierew is hereby
autigorjsed to'settle theq busnesis of thig'
Feb. 15,1877. RE T T TIJEW,
rcan still be found at the old arAnd,andi
J.1 al posN. i~1' h .i$ i rm of
. heir aecounts in the hands e an attordC?
for collection.
f eb 20-lm Ifn PTzow
m erchant Tfrh."
ent in thl rlphn
odg's. hik' oiit ho d I o
reasonable ters
kept conat d
afeto~tifdO o he.rr1
PeOt-~~ij~ l take p ge n
4erving all those who yforj
withea ll. Eveytng,1 inb line done

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