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A. R1. 1T J JL' EDITION.] V'INN "BURd, a .';"TtESD:'Y MORNING, MA11Oli (1, 1877. Cy
() FAlt& C MIig l GXth4 tt la wih
JI p me,.. 10i Li pout pad .
USTED, Nasau,; ln. C6., N. Y
With . at0i ou"
W EL LS' C ,bplie T1Jat4s,
a iuro remedy for C'ounh , aii l a Dis
eases of the Throat, Lungs, Chest and
Mucous M embrane. , -
Sold by all Druggists.
C. N. CIIITTENTON, 7,iifh Avenue, N. Y.
()O. Oil our TIIa1m :rA $i
)o)(1s. 'le Story of Cha 14'y
t (.s, a full 1e}a oj o thir gryat uygs
tory written by hii 'Tattier, beats Robin
son Crusoo in thrilling inte~rest, The
llslHtratCd IraN1-bOR to all itr~Liiror , d.
complete account of all denominations
and sects. i300 ilhigtrations., ' so* .tp
la lies' Indqiu~ tj y:(1
sight. Male and female agents coin
money on them. Particular, free, Zepios
by mail $2 each. Joutx E. PorTEI & Ce,
Philadelphiat. - C ,,pt
AL LlllA 4 i
7p- We want 501 niore first-class Sew
ing Machine .Agente" nugl 601)- tien of
energy and ability to learn tho . business
of selling SOwigU( .ii6hiines. Comip'ns
tion liberal, .but ,varyi)g acceydin gevto'
ability, qharact-r andii (1tliinoatiols of the
Agent, For particulars, Address
WYilson S,.wii .446 hip '
827 .. 89,#ro1ipYray, New York, or ew
Ol ans, La
On the line of a great railroad with good
markets both East West.
Now Is the Time to S cure It
Mild Climnate, Fertile Soil, best. Country
for Stook Raising in the United States.
B ookts, Maps, full infornmationt, also,
"tiHE PIONEI' t"
Sent free to a'l parts of the,.world.
Laud Con). U. P. 11. It.
Wonderful Succest'! oOXO
Sold in 60 days It being the only
complete low-price work (770 pages onI'y
$2.50),treating of the o tire history,vgranit
buildings, wonderful exhibitc, urio:dties,
great days, etc.; illustrated, and $i cheap
er than ny other.; ever body want: it.
One new agent cleared hil;() in 4 weeks.
3.0U0 agents wanted. Send quio ly for
proof of abov !, opinions of-oflicials,clergy,
and press, sa pie pages, full lC..eriptioln
and our extra terms.
-Tunui.p lnos., Per18., 733 Sansom St.,
)'hil., Pa.
Cfantion. Bewar., of falsely claimed
official and worthless books. Scad for
in Gold Jewel
tion hu. n
gantwa c
hin, ndalie
dr spair elegant gold o ne,'cove buit
tons, set spiral studis, collat ~ buttoni,
heayy plain wed ding rWt , and gents'
Parislan dimnound pin J'hu hove articles
sent, p)ost~paid, tor 51 Is, have been ro.
tailod for$6, k~lrup1t steok and mnst
boli sold. hi '. ilton Gold Watches,
$10 *a , for a speculative puar
poses. ~od tirs, equalshyi alpq1aUCeq
to a $200 genmine gold. ''"l's leputation
for honesty, fair dealing arnd libers.'ity in
unequaled by any advertiser in this
city. '-Ke'w 1fork ~ay IloolA, Doc. 16, 1876.
Hass removed to the store next to Francis
W TATCHLES, C leekis rndJewelry re,
VYpaired, and satisfaction guaranteed
to everybQ
Those ibj g wiA
jowelry wil clase pay at once, for
Hampton is 1.Ieted.
fieb $4f
In the Matter 0o . '~LD WELL,Pank-.
1 J0J)Nt3 u1IT ,ycoNoERN:~.-The Under
.L.algtle'd hi" gives notiee of his aig
pontmnent as Assignen of tlle estate ot'
Jacob A..Calth o -
been adjudgoed a Bankru4 ohis owsi
persona(lEs di ryl ' ~&~ ti ti
feb 18utat~worud ,9m )4V
arrobearlaid 'r piidsw .
I 1~ .5 n. . ! -'5Y
J.dc~tod !i~kt to tboty & Co.'s 'Rto1"t+
bTSroeciti) abevii rcflttq~tqr4 '
nishied with a' full saupply YoL, yhoier ,
Liqluorlti,' Wines<&fig t.i ctc., etc. .
A 1tESTIA1Y1AT, ama' l)oCifli iafl el in1
the mr 4if4fabt 1 lh(~n w tero .ia be
11m0l at all tinc ju es, vtig~~; ke.pt
at.a ist-class pptalish men t.-such as,
ties, etc., --indeed everything tli~t tt
mtost fIstidlioua caul deCsii'OL a t'-"
* I. GV.i14A CALL,' (, i
Pubi ighersai Printers
Cani 1fv i~lkst of the Matiifaoture. 0!)
raavorable terlis. Urw
't'io: Arson IIAIWlYCUTN A(t\F4
"are toe r j~c'c t)st lfIn liC e
Ill ftlliIX.1l hO1> An~ tj ptnthi 115 1
tt~lt3 for' utility sud. Lurability." 7h
J'teIrdihipc, 01~ , ft)
'1ltEkAY';oN Ilurnny PA1'J;n CI'TE 1S Isy
fur the beret maiaene %'yhicth cani be oh
tatie~d for it less price thuntti 0111 Iiiitd
.lollars. Jt is of great strength. 'Tlhese
fullfCifl5 have always takewn the highest
itti& It is the only' niaclaiue to whicht
is appiliedl the Patent Mlovaohia 'tthing
1 ts lf: by it, the~ cttiqql can biou t
,atly anid accu ratel y euoved, so I hat a
lleitoet cut. iti insured, 'his in avery ji.t
portant polint inl the liteuhtirio. and one
t hat is p)o5ssesed by no other, it greattly
reducies the labior of lrarsittioa in w'ork
ung the paper backward and foerward.
We cannilot too strongly reeoitnieitil I lie
advauntag es oft this patent maovable hoardi
It is wvorth lthe jflic qof thi Ni; "
cf! t '. '*q 1 es..pepc r I?'1ioi r er1"ad larter'
r }fVII LATEST IMIttE)YE:J) 1iAliny CARP) CI" t
Trn'lt s srculosssecqi the Weost desirable
Card C'utter intemret, for the general
uses of .printing office.
Tilhe well known'i Ileueti:s GAt3b' Cu a'rtau,
wvith myI 'atest hap rovelacats, is still pre
ferred by matery prlinters;, nd~ holds its
ttvorjtlsta over .of her7 mliehinles.
None genuine bt thlose having my full
address listte'red( in tile easting.
T1News papers in want at' ndvoertising;
fronm first parties tsbtoul~l send for myt~
A iiiinira Ic, Mass...
I will buy~ of those that buy of tile,
(lee 14
JUS II11.11AI ),9'
11.S 1)11VEN W11 'l...I (111.11
r'i ..i l
How the Do Mabip Process Has Been
Devoloped in 4rook ,S n.
I"@<>n,~th Vi'w1,oyk II 'n'd.
;A little over i' r t itention
wos .drzawu in America to the fact
that Mons. ?g)}g ii:wa pro
during tougriened glass att his gI;ss
f imdry. near Paria, by- me:11s of ia
)ross('S, the details of wliicl hQ did
.Mot Riiflaiiie hne . niilmhet
.Of spoeinens w'ore brgoug.t to this:
cou1try and oxporiineits were IIade
,w,iath r o :ti r .c :.- ;
kIThd'dduttiiffless oft1"e sneijn1en~
w1A at first doubted, so iimredi 'le
;dc 1he resyllt 1 f t egto,"OZd oxpoiog;
see'tJ man 1,, ri a~' on1i i.at Ihait
they were of some- substance r(
efn bling glas,: which could be
thrown around the room, ashed
against the jumped on and
knocke'dc diont genetrvly. It was
drgnejl. tbajjn the nature of things
pul in the light ef the experienice of
i pany' getieretioi df ifkind, ben
you diopped a. ciukf of iron, weigh,
ig two ) thiO pounds, 01n a ?heet I
oflassa.quarter of" an- inch thick
,the fglass ,' would h' bie , and that,
therefore, when you" d Qped sucI i
a chlink oaai.uiob a sheot'of what M. i
de la Bastio'Uffered tas glass aind it
(lid not break, you wore 'uithiyl .in
thinkig-that'it wsj ;giss. - i o
hypothesis of wipi the substanco
miglit be was pAQr91 by the bkeptiCs
but the existeuepij of smuc plaustibloe
scheme' for the c(n'iersiott Of dolmiV
into -franls Was tn fte, aind tiled
general publio, Ngd*i with siome
little (nilpsity., for the time w:e'i
propositions.for utha dmbtkaition of
Ami-iican enapitatl shoip lh iado..
Sclent/sts, ~h ypere a non
of them convinced thu t a v.' Ia
)rocess l3a4 ,lkRn .difscove'e .
n~ others. Professor Eglesifoni
en 1 Professor Chanl'e -exeri"ma.t
od care'l ff A ,'a l3astiQ.i
gilars, i nd f nd phat , wh lile it . w~sJ
not a1d1i)ted t$ the mlailu actui e of
anvils and hamnmerzu, it was really
ve: y dlifferent froml ordin 11ry iMu.t:s.
,t.ill the nmhInbdi' of rieceimens at
command was so smlrfl thit they?
woro tor'ced to wait before formulat.
ing the ditrence, or deciding- to
remodel the similen of the woird.
In -December, 1875,' the first
patent on tlhe process - of producing
the glass wu taken out in' France,
and it was then found that.th - pro
cess consisted in anne ding the glass
by plunging it into a bath of .oil or
oily substance. A reissue 'of the
patent was iobtairlc l in 1 i0, and1
care was taikeni to obL:du p ttik not
only in France, but in England, Ger
many, 'Austria- France. Belgium,
Stiin, Spain, Italy, Potgia), and
4hu United" States.
N , proposition to American capi,
talists wayqX l}p F out,.o 1,he ccltre
rp, M.:Erie d i ;'t ? C i t( hp a
cousin of thed patetltoe, caine to 10.is
country, and in January, 1870,
siated a foundry ini Brook0lyn, in
which he began the nmanufactiure of
g'as. warounider the patent Tie
wvorks5 were un fortiuna tely des troyed
by fire in Junie last, and much of
the result of his labor wvas lost. In
the latter part of SeptembIerr hiow
ever, he was again iundler way, and1(
thdbgh lie lost one season by the
fire, he now has thme business of
man ufacturing in full operation.
A visit to the foundi v, whiuch is
in Delevan street, B~rooldynvi, showed
that the glassware produced there is
manufactured in exactly the san~e
e'cted to thie toug hemng process
afterwaph,,.Jis pivocesse ppianPr
o'tly a sunp)le one(. As only or; c
kiifd of goods -is Oazyot -manufactured.
151 h 1(3, that is, lampll chinmifoyM,
iSe i410 vatiety' n:Wthe p1es.
A W6rkmian, having in his hiand a
kibo h uo e iz o th
knob andp~pmgpt itq, tAg, Aame
off-l furnace, He withdraws it
'tico or thrice that it may not heati
toominickly, turning the pole rapid
reaohes a red heat quickly shoots it
o eyce off662ciinll 5adid'fxe'd
a irevolving tablo, and aggi
other schimney.
A bioy keeps the revolving-table
alwaya in position, and as the chium
'4y come. around to him, having
Sthe proper time in the bath, ho
Shem out to be dried, 'sorted,
clean~4d and packed,
%The bath has to be of just the
SItttemperature," exlained the
e4~vre very liable to explodes
'dfter experimienting for a, con&
sidorable titno wo found that it. was
becalsO tho hath was too hot or too
cod In either caso the procoss of
annealingli iiimperfect. Now we
find that by wtt king; thcs tables at
just th'e rate a, llhich they are now
'1runnin1 ., the balths are kept at the
right telipem'ture by the immersion
of" the red,hlot glass.'
"Is the explosion i dangerous ?"
"Oh ! no. The glast; simply
shat.ters. Teire is no force to mi ake
Miissiles of the part ieles. But we
have "viat el that, now."
"'What is in the hath ?"
"Oil or tallow. Ay'i greasy sub
Rtance will do. Time )roport.ions of
ni teriail timnb w'e .se we have deter
umined by experiment, At Iih'st we
'utsed liiiied oil, ''hion we mixed in
imit (ton tallow, and found that it
was ant hnprovecl'nfn, atnd we1used
for i while p0(151 proportions of
eali.. ihen, one day we happened
to 1) short of the oil, and we used
igere of the tall')w tlian of the oil
aind foum that if was just vs good.
'l'!ten we tried ill tillow. aond found
it equally good.
1.. de La Chappollo is very coni
dent that he is engaged in a business
that has a great future before it..
1[o applied several tests to his
goods to show tho reportor their
qtality, and su.iled coimp)la'eiitly at
the tiriusuphant miinmer in which
they bade delnoen to the rules of
natiura-l phfloOopIhy.
"This," .,id lie, taking a land
some chitncy in hi 1han1d, 'is ats
goodis a chliiney as is made ally
where in the United States-ex
eepting here. You see the work
iliinmlsip and riai'ittl aro both beau..
tiful." "And this," taking up in
Ooer n'eisely simnilarl in appear,
n1, "is one of the same kind that
has been tieatd by your - process."
Pla -ing them on burning lamps,
side by side, .he waited until they
were t hrolighly heated. anl taking
I wet brush h(, sprinkled water on
each. That which he had treated
by the Dp la Jastie process was
i. afwle--tcd, but the other cracked
'. hat is the great test of a chim
noy," be oxp)lained. Nine out of ten
t iat bleak. break by, the . sudden
ehinge of temnperittire pirodluodl by
drafts of cold ai' oi moisture. And
thd, tem4' my.i\ ch'mevs stand per
fect,1y. As to knocking them
itroimll(, tLis is ntii;. so Mich of a
tCF"- d:s'iilg.n t (he flo:>r-"be
cause ('lime do'i it git - knuekod
aro.u n-s mleh:["'
"Mtill, f hit might be considoredi a
seIvere(' test," sui'gest(':1 the reporter,
picking p t.li .s.u itjuc 1 chimney.
"1)o you thi'inc so ?" til M. La
Chapp:lo, smilitig,' .. "Hore, yean,"
ca~lling.~ to a younlg. F'renieliinan ;
"drive a few nails with one of the
chimnn (y."
The workman p'cked up a hanlful
of F enoi nails-and one of the chim
noys thitn lay near him, and began
driving the nails, one by one, into
fil pino.planking.
' .'htt iii meroiy a trick" explinCd
the proprietor. "Very likely my
chimniic'vs w~ould not all st-md suchi a
test. But. wln't will you ? A 11amp1
ihimnny is made to drh' o nails.
Glaiss is nlot ,wr'oug:ht iron. Th2Ie
t>;a.of a chimoy is to subjoet it to
ai su1hen chClange of temiperatu tre, andi~
you have S('on how. they standl that
te)st. It dloes not so imiwh enae
the value of a lamup chimny to be
able to jiump on it without Itakinig
it.." Anid he suiteol the action to the
wor'd. "DJ3ut. -it does. e nhance its
valuie to ma~ko it c~aable of stan~ldinlg
"I have beguni with tihe mnanufac
t'irq of asingle arfiele," he oxplained,
' aueI wtetd first to be abl)1 to
miako1 o5po thing pej'footly before
,inaking other things. ., And I have,
I thlink,4 aiccompl~ished'that. I have
sold alreiddy aibout $150,000 wor'th
of my. gdt~de, andy' as evidencoo- of thle
*succesi ph'ave had inithoir maniufac
ture, I will show- yogi letters fromu
oihoi (If iny int!mr."
S.A number of these letters n'.l'
shown, highly l:urdatory mn their naN
tan15% 4ioogg thgig was one from
Mr. Buitlor, the Presidenutof the Sixth
,Aiehue Rilrioad Coimapaniy, on
which theo chittfnys'ad ndbillt 'used
faa csondder'able time,,- and one
from Mr.. *(haffiangcon,t 1imanufac
tQl i kbnid, whobseg a large
up) oro aYp ii factory.. Mr'.
ihanmgeon 1i'tb tht Wvaile there
was forgiorly#' breakhgl ci six br.
seven chidnoys i night'ih his facto
ry, tenro had only been aixd btoken
been usgte ne haga ~
' apercentage,. as, the difference
1 fi1541 d 9UrYs hM-e
and n g. apsg o
chimneys I should think was about
(0 por cent. But of course .if they
outlast a dozen ordinary ones they
are the choapost.
"I have been experinonting on
other goods," baid ho, "and I have
snmples that I have rado hero as
voll as somo that Mr. Muzard has
just brought over from France. He
has lately been at our factory in
Belgium and comes direct from the
one in Franco, which is used mostly {
for experinenting, and brings som
nowv processe"s
M. iMuzard hereupon produceod a
number of tumblers, plates and
Jinger -glasses, which he recklessly
('lashed together much after thp.
f tshion of the cofloc- tnd..cake. saloon;
waitor, and finished up by lashing
the whole lot on the floor soein ten
feet away from him. They rebotund-.
(d and1(l rolled ia all directions, but
not one was broken. 1{o jumped on
them and they did not crack, and
t:tking them ui on by or,- he throw
several on the floor with his wholo
strength, but failed to damage
them. ...
"Why not mako pots and kottlos,
or ' policeuen's clubs,. or nrtificuil
checks for life insurance agents and
inexperienced newspaper men, or
anything of that kind f" asked the
"Pots and kettles, porhaps," said
M. li Chapello. "But I say nothing
of that at present, I wish to make
perfectly whatever I offer for sale,
aund I am now only coinng to the
table crockery. .L'itclen utensils
iist t very strong. My glass is
not ste('l, -oe. !"
And lie threw a snall plate against
thle brick wall. It shattered into a
thousand pieces,
"The i)lilosophy of the toughoniug' -
process is very simple," lie explained.
"If you take an ordinary piece of
glass and scratch it with a diamond
it will snap easily. The reason is
that you have cut through the out.
sido shell which is very hard. You,
will notice that our lamp chimneys
are rather thick, We find that while
it does not answer any good put'
purpose to have them very thick, it
does not (1o to have thent thin. Thq.
proee:ss we put our glass throi gl
simply thieons tho'hiard 'sh'll; -You
will notice that the fragments of' a
broken chimney of our make, while
they tire tougher than ordinary frag
ments of glass, are not nearly as
t ugh as a eomplate chimney. This
hairdening of the glass or thickening
of tho hard surface also decreases
its conducting properties. Ordinary
glass is a poor conductor, but our
glass is a much poorer- one. It is
an easy matter for us to -treat any
piece of glass by our process, wheth,
or it be cut or blown glass, and the
effect is the same. We can treat
the most fragilo wine glass so as to
mako it much stronger, but of
Course, being so thin, such glass
would still be very liable to broak
ago. But one of the most valuable
applications of the patent I conceive
to be the toughening of window
glass and vault cover and sky-light
And he took out a pane of corru
g~stod glass three-eighths-of an- inch
t uick, about eight inches by twenty
four. Loaning it up against his
desk lie dropped a five-pound iron
weight from a height of 'about three
feet on the oblique surface, and the"
woight bounded off.~
'Professor Chandler founds" hse
su(d, "that a sheet of the prepared
glass similar to one of ordinary glass
tiLt w~old 1)0 brokeni by the fall of a
pound weight,ono (ooJ, wvoul4 stan,
the fall oi the samne weight five "foot
-The applicitibrr of -thip intetliv): '1
seems aimost endless.:. It has been u(
found that photogrphg qpqebae, .m
Baistle piocese, atid no onxe wh'o, hs' '
auffered frerni the loisofie'negati've'i"
will fail to see the inaportane of this
faict. H:ow the proverbid qgceon .gf.
the kitchen will'rogardthe intie
duetion of unbr'6k ri glasswaes i'
.probleithatieal, to'say the 'lealt, 'bWrj!
t.) the 1ong-suffering thuead of- theb "
househiold anlarge vists, of' 940florly.'o
openil at oneq. --
B3IJND .IN ONE& EYn. a"G.'entlemenDs "i
blind i1gpoQ ye," aid tly 1 tispr,
The horse wats soon kndoc 4qn~
to. aspetator' *ho'hia b6in'jft l"
st.uok by. hi' ahietioneer'st hohei.y. '"'
After paying 'for the. hdrse, he ssaidg p'nHl
"~~y ou 0 ,y'h't onJdes e'*,J,Ia)o 'tp' ytq
th ~thingmal wa oerfi.,rj~Pq
Mrc.Mrte-e ? l''. r 4on "
sidrif bilugi 0.009 And/t4 Sf 90 \1'lLhi0
,.34 460.s ma&nq -a

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