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TIII-WEE KLY El)I'1'ION. o JJ Y".,l ',',tJlnir : 'f 11;i,1v, Jr;)ft!$ j3Qlt0 3. Q., SATURDAY 1 0RNINGh'MA1tdHf10 1877. 1
r . ; ro I t s3 i J J
,J .AN: CA Il.;1 . tles wilth
11110 Octs pos~t pail. .1. J1.
I-USTSOn, Nassau, leons. Coa., N. Y.
With it Cold is Always Datngo oils.
rtStoteai Q1,9vqop &, 1} lw ,,.
Sold by aill Druggist ".
C. N. C1ITTmwroR-,78tath 1Ainue, N. Y.
aI~8 111ll1 acco u iii of lhi rt~l(1 a: vat
tory written by his F'ather, beats ltolaja.
soun Crusoe iin thrilling lal(-ew. T.)
Illustrtcod iUAND-11OOI t 111 :u:a}o,a 1
(On)p~th a~ccounit of atllIl uls
lilt Ill ust r1t iorli f {Il >7 t I4 O sell at
sighut. ilal a~nti f'inio agapv, lS cin
)nonxe on thous. Puare *ithI.a'fr.,. Xtlpi'*s
by mhail $2 ouch. .*i~bnWL4; Peor-i1:1t C .o.
Phi lndclpthit ,1s ")tai 1
A~~Il A 11,WY~irT~T
Will)n t. , 11 l 10 11r,1'a : ~l:a4 .'i "LV:
log ?14lJlciue Agcalts, altid ; ill) au-nI ..t
energy lullI al.ility to learn the b::xino,a:
of' selling; Sowving '1liniii. (e:,l imhixa
t jot) 1iba'ral, but VII iihi a( r1 ia, to
Agent. For l'articulou's. A1d] res~
827 & 8 1 Lh'orlway, New folk, or N wt
())loan:(, riat
On the li1g.ti> yt ,lct~ \ci1; Sot
Now is tht' 'I'1II lito SI " ure I t.
fr Stockl uitiiij ii h )ni. Stilt:
Sent free to a'l parts of the wvorld1.
' i)llt (hut V H
()M kfl I NUB.
" )'lEfIltEJ4' A, I) Ii.i.'Ir.ST rmi
Sold in1 10 :liiy', It lw: r:g the owdl{
oiuip.011 ?(%t pV-fe. tvork (77 ;1"" ,,al\
shujiting., in,a<1fid' i4 tl t~iihi '" 'r~iL' ~
great (lys, ("t(". ;illustilal ad. 1L11+ 1. c'(11,
or thani. auj Other:L '\.i , .al MI si
O~no newv a t ~'* w h.
3l,1110 agt.i tvnjiiec ..fjif I(1111c lv fuor I
p~roof of abos ,.Oplh1is of atiajalts,oja. ,l~.
and pfe. sa pie. pa. 'oi fult i e >crilJLIija
an DY(xlt 4 6 llpo ugsi.,. uius.. di .$araasoyaait,
Clution. Ile~vare of al a'ly oaiio(
official fld wor"tlosus hou, S. 5011( flor
): roof.
'" Mil
on (0a1l1.e
.lul (alit. l(a 1
Sistila l ' of
tnt I am t "
_hT ,i+jt ' "r-t",?:;--t;
I11( KT,
")r ;,I t1 utlI --- Or",tf :'It t
(-iron 1)1111 ti (t1; I D- i , ;r t
ittu(11 J. (jui, It. 1 " lit ci"":1 .t,:"
E f i8 fO Wi 114, m; Cabb'4, e:;
(1 J1 W iJ'MI/ i' 9liir' ::71"7Ta Cl
r f i.' )r r ()t}l" , t lit CU t l> ( A OJIE
1)roiltttl; o vltric "ot 11 A 4,t, ll
krlu'it ti 'iritrltfHf'tik)r, (t f1 ' i>ipii " oft to- ]ii0
('e ttnlry:tajolitsi'trely,'>fsV the tui dortligg 1od,
e,1l4+ I witlti.;l;;11111 U lilt ivtttion; it ' tltit>,1".
i14 : stt I islti] ,; J'. r 1) tQ}Il)Rg "ofl en4 -'
ttons iie, and +;l"fttrtc in tiro (Ip1l4"Itolf'i1tl.l
pL"ii'tft Ill;kt IrfitSli if q to- the prG Iii qqr.
In trlltiepIItntitnl! great elttd Itlliit l(l bp'
tttit!, ,itl;> ;& e;tttt l'Lt{lt{I1t'.t;p[lco 1'or growtlt:
l li(i, } [ s ~>;i'. ul'tl),u Ilau h o# t -1ll}11t
1 11 ref 1 (liv -w"ur"tgc rill 1 of tillttt aip0
varitstMi- I()+h'tl 1A.1nlga1 df 'ttle " h a s'ut+
pot:t.Itl i(ij ()u r(:(:t(ipt t)f 5Q Ofty tr't; I, tij dne
; 01 Ill. IIyttit l;c} t;l:llt)I;": '1'1;)()tl :puokA ;cs to 1
( ut' :1i t I'l"ss; i I I111(1 two :3 rout st: t
of U). I
:is" Rem 11dt vifell o n G eta
Cu, [ary ly14 ; HaJ'11 ok t1 th ito>i . 'ir.,
Y"' '13t,()QthINoRbN, tt ft r co
Md., Jitiv. I!a;11A77.
ire. Jnattaa ('.liet ;l; f.r,, I$U Pttltc n 51: N. Y.
Ij (,;trslr:- I 6111:01tsome s(tc(1 trout Y()el
lust s111"i11 ", Itild itimitiggatl( Your Eli
t,t ll( [ 11'll1ialll ('abbttge wlits thi; 0liuitte
n t th On of memmmitl side " t e need you
sc"lit 1110 pr6tMeoc1 'Cabbnjea wveigl}i1lg
thirty poundA c+lyd1r
: )\ rIl.trttly votlria, ,
' ( 1 tq 1 J. 13l.tO WW N.
atfyI trim "Solo t1<I;ent in tlih LT. 'S, for'
t h t. ILLI Il .a -
11.""aidMone',Qn'ion Seed
frn[p 1,1111: t(nt: , ] cigf o.;~N1t *:alld, pro.,
.Inottig t}p I {n:;( pruelne"i"l ; tlt( . nl( ,t
1"(,llftR 11riA'> tti st t a\'( 1l (1 ullipll5 litiowil
1111(1 S'3 tij(i' Ili ;'tl ttitAlii( :.iil fr.ul SOU to
"n t) iIlill l" ' t"
;'' 1 q b n, ' S it In drills(.
I1 " Rn1i ' }i i'i t ,' .!r}.rbu I i{Ut k0ir 1011.
or.. ill yraeh1lCi, t( tra, " t ii
1S4Iish ()Ilion tired sit }'ised tie by Its
lar;;tr yi("1(l, 1111,1 the (titht ilia' (l$tVor of the
tut it. I eollhl h vvsc I(I any (Matatity .ir,
i?: i.$ lntlt' (t rtt good riCC.t" My wife s$ ys
1 t"iit !Wt V' nii' tlirr uh U. i forthe Iiibly
it iutnl+("" 1, 13 ttt*j t-no nfi lilittlll 66' "ou 0111
f.(: t l(''ell' h4"I s7,nt).'s
O10 ne i nektge ' of seed sent on reocllt
of eerit 1111(1 one 3 cent postrtgti stitnip,
three 1lttcl"it rs to one address ;t4 (IV'' ulul
two :3"/%.01,0! i. "."t"... 011.1'-4 U 1J1tclt.lb6ibuilt
,eta I0001In. of I (,t).
\IN" supply 1, IlII$It(:d. Partll 1 desiring
to tie("iir. ""it1lr;" of the h1tove rare seeds.
$ !t(titl(1 fit)( delay their order-, All liecd
wttli AN-0):i) 1'[email protected]( A1;) TO (.I ll\IINA ;.
Catill dust 1lvuutill Ittl)" till orders. For
cither of cite above st.4dis, address
"1.l AILS CA J11'B 1:LL,
filar 1- st(tn f t. I'Illt(,n tit.. X. Y.
1 Sewing-MaohSne.
MARk aft
t' rP..JL =6, 1811.
WE C'r..V U Volt 'l'ilt: tarPitov):n
ME it VP w ni 'V
4 STORY OX/0' 'T1]X QV.11lJKR )ATIN,
to Anirnal is moro unjustly breated
Than the Pig,
BJ3ns wrote lines to a butterfly
,on a lady's bonnet in church,
(jtwa.':n't a buttorfly, but no mnatter ;
this is intended for family reading);
Gray aobievod a dirge on a favorite
oat drowned in a tub of gold fishes
and'Coleidgo soared "to elegize an
ass," but who hes over made a hero
of a pig ? Even Virgil does not
p tre him at hexameter in his third
Geovg c.
' The pig has been accounted un
clett:bec use of mental obliquity or
prejudlice. That the pig is not
siltpauislh in his taste', must be
allowed. -He will oat anything, but
so will othe(r numbers of the tnimal
ci egtiuu, lDdoks are not fastidious.
Tigey have been soon to make an
aidoeynaic feast from the fl.l re
jected by the pig. Yet the duck is
09t aic(counItt imelCtan, aui H-ans.5
Christiatn Ail ersen has devoted a
charwing storiotte to the adventures
of an ugly duckling. But who ever
made a hero of an ugly pigling ?
it i not contended that all pigs are
ndtdrally gentle and self denying.
Some are boin with viecs. On the
4th of Juno, 1094, a pig was hanged
vd a- itbtet, ne:ar L.Ltn, for devour,
ing the 'child of a cowherd. But,
the, condder the number of cow
herds who have regaled on rashers
of baedn in their time. Again, on
the 10th of January, 1457, a sow and
her six sukldings were indicted for
boimcide on the person of one Johan
Lonfant, of Savigny, when the
foi-rder was foumd guilty without ex.
tenuting eircuistances, which
showed the animus of the jury, andi
sentenced to be hanged by Li hind
legs from the branch ofa tree. The
yonugsters wore loft oft, there being
no positive proof conneefing them
with the crime, though thero was
".,,n1j on.a..amai videnoe, there
chaps being spiinkled with a froth
of warm gore. But these were ex.
ceptiontl pigs, and we are no more
warranted in condemning tho porcine
race as murderers because of these
isolated occurrences than we t hou'd
be in denouneing English working
mon as brutal because some of them
reoul( fstrate with their wives, when
their diier is nrot to their liking,
with tiro heels of their clogs.
Bnt your ordinay pig iN anialle,
an indefatigable iUoter pftor food
when he is hiung:y (and when is he
not ?) and a par sionato lover of the
d-c far niente. All be asks is to
ha) let alone. but men refuse this
nvvmativo favor. Mischievous buys
polt him in the ribs. Malieious
Leamsters orack their whip lash over
his rounded back, active pound
mlasters arrest him on the Queen's
highway, and pound himl, tund even
heis owner slits hip em ars and inserts
ab ring in his nosti i!s. He is the
object of general persecution, and
we would scarcely recognize in hinm
any connection with the piggies so
touchingly alluded to in the famiijar
household s tory
'"Thie. little pig wsent to market;
This little pig stopped at home,
This little pig got bread and butter;
And this little pig got none!
This little pig cried, 'Week I weekl weeki'
11e11 me over the barn door."
The pig, although universally
contemned, is endowed sometimecs
with exquisite sensibility, in proof
of wl.ioam I will relato at storywhich
came to my knowledge in Paris. I am
enreless whether the story is credit.
od or not by the mob; some folks
are as .sceptical as the Tichhorne
tavelve, and~ will not believe in the
sea-ser'pnt, or the enormous goose
berryv that grows every autumn;
but tIhe story is true nevertheless.
Well, this pig of which 1. write
g ninhabitarjt of the Qnartior
atin.-that mirthful, happy ron.
dezvou of wild, buoyant, improvi
dent studentship, atlhtent in spirits,
but limp, of purse.
I oan of the' narrowesti erookede
est, darkost lanes of the network of
str'eets at~ tho back of what is now
the Bolevl~ard St. Miehol, as oneo
brossd dliaganolly from the Snra
bonne to the Panitheoti, stood a
smialj tavern whish will be known'
Uy/zon of 4)e present gneratio as
sLe coch&oa Fidtele, "Tb atfl
ig." Aire flocked *h. Bohmiians
whodiveod by the sode of hokior anid
the Miorgsie, and peon.and~inkc photo
ginppha. pk duels: and 'suicides' *ith
hieand qurn'ing ain' pip
..,lihrhot, 'Ay'*Ore ng
canea tme;, t1e me ~~fal st ettof
fifteen war .tandinut shr' ate
books were woman's looka ; hia list
less brother of the law, who had
Dawned his "Code Napoleon" long
smco, and had his hair out a la
Robespierre on %et ;. dreamy
ideologists, skilled billiard-players ;
and here, her last aaylum, hAad come
the ultimate sp-eiuo1 Q that ex
tiht race, the Lisetto "bf' B&ianger.
At the Coahot Fidele the gayest
parties for onnooing at Asnieres and
picnicking at Robinson's Oak wore
mado up, nad from its portals twice
a week a merry hand sallied arm-in=
arm to enjoy a saucy revel in the
salons of Pore Bullier. It was a
sporting place when I know it; thero
was no dullness there, respectai
bility. We cracked jokes always
I somtiunes cracked bottles--when
we bad the money ; seldon orinoked
heads, for we were all firmu friends,
a joyous sodality. The ceiling and
walls of the diminutive tavern wore
oloquent with grotesque sketches in
chiarcoial, distemper, and oil ; the
portraits of the principal clients of
the house wore there in side-split.
ting distortion, but still recogniiza,
ble ; over an inner door was the
most bizarre of representations of a
ltoCe of pig-h)caded courtiers ; a
)an1el opposite glowed with lifelike
portraits, in an oval cluster, of litera
ry worthies worshipped by Young
France Dumas, do Musset, Mur
ger, GeorgQS Sand, Gautier, Janin,
Gerard do Norval, Beranger and
Hugo, of course, for Le Cochon
iFidele was nothing if not realistic.
Portly CQurbot, with his pleasant
face, ruddy as Burgundian wine,
came sometimes to amnoke an ancient
catty, and Ohan and Gill, and oth
ers who have since won renown ;
and some of the wild daubs around
that mooked uis were their handi
work. The laugh of Henri Mopnier
was familiar with the echoes of the
strained rooftree, and Charles Bau
deltire had often' strolled into Le
Cochon Ficdle to borrow a roarn of
foolscap from a miore fortunate
brother. Even some dii nhajores
enthroned in the oval cluster had
haunted the tavern in theme days.
At yonder deal table, where Jules
,d bolotte are playg dominoes
for a hump of sugar, mused Alfred
(10 Musset ; and in that nook by the
casement Henri Mlurger outlined
w' th a stumpy pencil the " Vie de
B )heme," heedless of the cup of
black cofl'o that, grow cold. There
was a tradition t 1at the petit bon.
h/n fwe, Adolphe Thiors, had run up
at score of (three fnmais (seventy-live
ecnt i) there when(;1i he was (ams la
der:Ae (as all of us who are worth
our salt are one tile or other.)
But the tradition on which the
e npany prideud itself most was that
which gave its namo to1 the hostolry.
liecall the pig of the Latin Quarter
wl:ich I have 'mntioned--a oai aless,
ha.ppy-< -"ucky gra(tor, lie seem-,
ed to have drunk in - the free-and
easy spirit of the sheloola with the
atmosphere he breathed, Could he
sing lie would have been a trouba.
doir. A s it was, lie was the student's
pig, and rubbed his snout against
the knees of every roysterer, who
passed, with the same love that the
soldior's dog showed for a rod-coat,
and the firemen's dog for the Sal
vage Corps. Ho rovedi about the
Qnuartier in the morning, a ohartered
libertine, and nobody nmolested him ;
but invariably, and with~ the~ regulari
ty of clockwork, he ag4 down, as
noontide appronohodl, on his haunch
es opposite the window of the B~ohe
Mian tayern, which was then called.
Le CJochonb d'Ind- "T he Guinea|
Fig." The students never failed to
hand him out a platter of alops and
to pat his slooek head ; but when the
platter was licked olean, he did not
stir, There lhe eat, in the sampe
position, motionless, as if lhe were
out in stone, with his gaze wistfully
fixed on the dame du comptoir. She
was a bonnie buxom damsel, with
laughing grey, eyes, and cherry
cheeks, and hair that fell on her
plump shouldors like thick skeins of
soft shining, golden silk. Not till
the shutters were put up could .that
pig be induced to quit his groundc;
and then, with drooping emrs and
tail, ha reluetantig cept otr, Burt
how cheev'fqlly ha trotted up next
morning before middag , - by wh1ili'
hQear Titmp~ had tak~r 490~ se4% be-'
hind the oouliter 'of 'rno, as
hn in'a danud, te while she
shwmdspihl bautter -o) the
easteprar leftly piweed tire:
eroohet-hq , tlhrough te capelinp
on kehicih he was everlatinglge n
aoontide' Titin~ M-61 in
her accustomed4 plaei but' tho' igi
was in his. o r ; and- ogtl Jie,
looked'; at, 1 ~ y qt g6
~and' put' big foreetQi{' 1 e %uor,
aockn ed gMus of absithe
$ni Ko arTtnt
sub , vi.e eskM
about the head with a orumh-bruel},
and angrily shQuted, Pas de coc4
onnerie !" The pig slunk baok,
mortified at the rebinff, and st e ..
ing to the old eptw YhetQge
of the lne, aptawled; at Atll length
on the hard pavomont. When night. I
fell be sorrowfully depaded. Next,,
day he re-appeared, 'but Titine digit
not. INo did nlot dare to ente-4, 4
vi:xen waa there ; btt ho sank heai
ly don, groaned and hing4 to, ie
Most pitegne hirwuman ouner, abd!'
big beady tear-drops gushed frg,
his lge 4. The studonts oontribut d
the customary platter, but h6 r i
fused his food. Youth is proverbi.
ally 'careless, and with p a r-e
cochon!" the efiitbrer wad dismissed,
For ten days this scene was re
poated. Titino was s 1 o k
in the IToapital of the Pitio, and
then she roturned, paler than when
she left, but still the Came bright,
joyous Titine, The pig came down
as usual, Stepping feebly and wear
ing a dejected air, for the poor fol
low had lost at least fifty-four kilo.
grammes ; his ribs were all spare'
ribs, and the flesh hung on his sides.
in groat idle collops, Suddenly he
saw her ; his oyes lit, his nostrila
distended, his whole frame quivered
with emotion, and he gave one' exul
tant grunt that coped through the
neighborhood, An Anglo dian in
the Rue St. Jacques though it was
the trumnpoting of an elephant.
Titine, who was receiving congratt..
lations, turned around at the noise,
murmured, "00 he' ooohon /" and
tiokle his ear with her soft hand..The
pig was an altered pig from that day.
He ravenously fell upon half a dozen
consocutivo platters of slops, and
visibly-almost Miraculously--.----,
proved in appearance, He wa him
self again,
Next morning he trotted up brisk
and blithe as ever. But no Titine
was there, What was the meaning
of this a There was a holiday group,
at the threshold, and by-and-by
Titine came out arrayed in virgibal
lace. white gloiva on-her hands, :ahd
a wreath of orange blossoms on her
aO hivalo h 41p ar ,nth ht
the pig knew what was meant. The
wedding party hiod it to the adjoin.
ing church at St E.tieine du wont ;
the pig never made a aosplainf, but
followed it to the Place du Panitheon,
and deliberately putting himself in
the way of an omnibus, was . run
over and killed,
That double event wasr knowrn ll
over the Quartior before night, and
the students determined that in
future "The Quinea Pig" should be
known as 'The Faithful Pig." This
is believed to be the first instance
on record of a pig having commit'td
suicide through disappointedr agfee
ton. May it b the last.-J, A
O'Sbhea, in the Ran Ferancisco .3(;M
LOST Ers DMAoEs..-SoOn after..
dinner Thursday a citizen of T4ird
street entered a lalwyer's ofmee arN
began :
"My wife has been bittein by! r
"Good I" replied the lawyer.
sumn of $500."
"Yes ; she was bitten three tirmea
by the brute," continued th. lyig.
bandh "and of ontse I want dar,
"Well, now, you go home and 'tell
your wife to go to bed and ,stay -~
there for at loact a weelj. Have her
groan and take on, and puffer gr~a
pai and distress, and call in the
neigghbora to wites her suferings,
We 11 just make thp mian who owns
that dog get up and bowl."
The man left in a joyful frame of
rnind, and yesterday he came back,
looking sorrowful.
"No use trying," sadly said ho,
shaking his head, ?'My wile waited
just long enough to find out that
the wvasn't mad, and then se start
ed out to make twenty-two calls this
afternoon, and I giwss we haven't
got a cas."-4..)etroit Fr'ee .P-reps,
Br~geport ry goods plerk
layo ng tim~e4 - I0
ana muwe--M' -- y 4
oat M Ti 444:6 hbsy t4~ iUj
ort p 8>Rloo
1, d .nou~

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