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2 ' FAN V 0.6iARDNS,15 styles with
namte, 100t4. post pafidl. J. B.
lIUSTI.!), Nassau, Hiens. Co., N. Y.
With a Cold is Always Dangorous.
WELLS' ('ar'bol ic Tablets,
a suro remedy for Coughs, and all Dis
eases of the h'1'rat, Lungs, Chest and
Mutcous Niembraneo.
Sold by all Druggists.
C. N. CIITTCNTON, 7 Sixth Avenue, N. Y.
C). 0 Ia mont.h. Au-Nrs WA N-r-:
. . on our -ruIaI: r.IU:A S:
1ooxS. The .ttryd of 4O;gt aile'y
Itoss, a full necout. of this great, mys
tery written by his Farthor, beats Iobin
son Cruisoe in thrilling interest. The
Illustrated IIAND-nloox to all Eu:aIoNs, a
complete aecoiit of all denominatioli
and sects. 301) [listrationst'. A Iso the
ladies' medical guide, by Dr. Pancoast.
110 Illustrations. Theso books sell at
sight. Malio and female agen ts coin
money on them. Particulars free. ~opies
by umail $2 each. JonN E. Porr:n & Co.
A L fUll A T I V E
?. We want 1o 1 more flrt-elass Row
ing Machino Agents, and 50aii men of
energy and ability to leiar tlhe but iness
of selling Sewing Uneh ines. Copeii nsa
tion liberal, but varying necording to
nbility, cliaraeter andl qlualitienitions of the
Agent. For particulars, AtdreIss
Wilson Seiwing Muehiine Co.
827 &-829 Broadway, Now York, or New
Orleans, La.
On tho line of a great railroarl with good
nlarkets both East West.
Nowii is the Titne fto i enre it.
Mild Climate, Fertile Soil, best ('ountry
for Stock liising in the Unitel States.
Books, Males, full illformation, also,
Sent free to al parts of the world.
Address, Cp:. 'gr. "g Jy a
Land Coi. U. p 11. It.
Woniderfe1 Success ! |"5,000
Sold in tGO days It be"ing the only
complete low-prioe worl (77) pages 1nig
$2.50),treating of the a tir history"i-ih':id
)uildil M, won'derful exh ibit;. Olri oies,
great diays, etc. illustrated'. lilid cheap'
er than any other; over'yboidS' wants it.
One new agent. cleared $15-) in .t weeks.
3,0.0 agents wanted. Send qlic ly' for
proof of abov , opihioIs o f oneials,clergy
and press,-Ida 'ple pages, fullidescription'
and our extra terms'
t H nnAun is. t'Ls., 733 Snusom St.
Cantion. j3ewao of falsoly Olainid
official and wpr hlins boo, s. Bend for
pn Gold J 'wei
r/ comnbina..
ion out. Con
.isting of el
n t'w a e cl.
o0)0h and ear~
0 ruoi., pafir ck.lei n.ea11 Atome ieev'e but..
tona, aet spiral studs, col1lar bulttoni,
hieavy~ p~lainl wedding ring, an~d ge-nts'
Parisian iamlondo pill. The above articles
sent, post-paid, ior 50) es,' hlave been re
tailed for $i. ]lankrn pt stock anid 11nnst
bo sold. Solid - il a(n Cold Watches,
$10 each, .for ,. jeeniltive pur1'
poses,'~ gao (1 timlers, (<,rUal inaoppearince
to0 a $200 g gulhiI~e told,;. 'tI*is repuintlon
for honesty, fgiy r Alg pgarulliborality is
nnlequaledl bjy nnv adlveritier iln this
city. '-ewo Vor/ Jacy, Ilook, DeC.16, 1876
Postage -'tatnps'taken na cash.
F._STOCJf MAN, 27 Bond St.,N -Y.
Boot and1( ShI~t Maflh actur'er.
~~ 'rTHE lfudersigned re
~ ~ Betzens o Fairlield thalt ho
has remiovedl his Boot anud
Shoe Manufactory tp gedo pr bolow:Mr.
C.Muller's. I ain roi11 fed fo'nu'mulfacture
'dl styles of work in a anbstantial nne
orkmnanlike manner, out of tile vary best
materials, and at prices fully as low an the
same goods can lbe mnatiufactured for at the
North or elsewhere. I keep constantly on
hand a good1 Stock of Solo and( U pper
Loather, Shoe Findings &c., which will be
sold at reasonable prices. Ropairing.
promaptl y attended to. porms strictly Cash.
.$fJ ried Hides bought.
oct 12 - J. CLENDINING.
$3,250.40 worth of spaeeo la various
newspapers distributed through thirty'
Staites will be sold for $76h0 cash. Accurate
inlsertions guatrtnted, A l.t of tho
papers, giving la ily And weeokly cireula-.
tion, and piritedo schedule of rates, sont
free on Papin~ostet QO.3 ROW1EIJ
&CNew8~eerAdrtisinu Agant.1
W E have now completed ono of
the best stocks of
We will not be undersold. Let us
s:ay, however, that our best
Calicoes are 10 cents a
yard. We cannot
sell them lower
and have a
uniform profit on all Goods.
As you have always put confi
dence in us, we will state that you
may depend o,, getting goods at a
regular even price.
No baits held out to any one.
lov 30.
Bargaills! Bar1alls!
WE offer our Stock of Winter Goods
at greatly reduced prices for the
We will receive in a few days a lot of
which enn1 be bought V'..R 7
We wonuld caill the attention of planters
to our Stock of
onsiating~ of Iron, Steol, Plows, Bollows,
Nails, &c., &c., which we offer
Mclaster & Brice.
N B.-Special attention to Gonts' fur..
niusuing goods.
fob 17 - _
New Fain ily Grocery.
HEundelrsigned (desires to inform his
friends and the publhic that he can be
fonnd on the east sido of Congress street
with a fresh Stock of
Viz :Meal, Grist, Flour, Bacon, Sugard,
Coffees, Teas, Crackers, Ginger
Blreadl,S da, Spices,
eto,, etc.
Oranges, Apples,'Cnndies, &o., all fresh
andl cheap,
Opposite J. II. Oathearts old Stujd.
fshi7 -M
Emperor Wilham Cabbage,
r vi[HE best, largest, hardiest and raost
. )roflitable variety ot WINTEn IAn(L;1.
known in Europe, and imported to this
country exclusively by the ander.signed,
where, with little cultivation, it flour
isles astonishingly, attaining an enor
ilous size, and selling a: the market at
prices most gratifying to the producer.
In transplanting, grea care should be
used to give sulflicit 5) 'spO for growt~h
Solid heads the size of the mouth of a flour
barrel is the average run of this choice
variety . One package of the seed sent i
post paid on receipt of 110 cents, and one
3 cent postage stamp. Three packages to
one address $1 00 and two 3 cent stamps.
Twelve packages sent on receipt of $3 00.
R Read what a well known Garrett
Co. Marylander says of the EM'm non Wur.
LIAM Cabbage:
M1d., Jan. -.'2, 1877.
Mn. JAMES C.AMniuu,, (G Fulton St. N. Y.
1Dear Sir:- 1 bought some seed from you
last spring, and it was good. Your Em
peror William cabbage suits this climate
well. On a mountain side the seed yon
sent me produced Cabbages weighing
thirty pounds each.
Very truly .ours,
tD' I am Sole Agent in the U. S. for
the famous
Maidstone Onion Seed
from Maidstone, Kent Co., England, pro
dueing the most producing the most
prolific and finest flavored Onions known
and yielding on suitable soils from 8(8) to
901)) bnshels por acre, sown in drills.
Mr. Henry Colvin, a large mirketgarden.
er at Syracuse, N. V., writes, "Your
English Onion Seed surprised me by its
large yield, and the delicious flavor of the
fruit. 1 could heve sold any quantity ir
this mar:. et at good prices. My wife says
she will have no other onions for the table
in future. Send me as much as you can
for the enclosed $5.00."
One package of seed sent on receipt
of 50 cents and one :3 cent postage stamp,
three packages to one add re,. $1 001 and
two 3 cent stamps. Twelve packages sent
on receipt of $3 00.
MY supply is limited. Parties desiring
to secure (it her of the above rare seeds,
should not delay their orders All seed
Cash imust accompany all orders. For
either of the above seeds, address
mar 1-xt6m t6 Fulton St., N. Y.
IEEPS constantly or. ha a full sup
ply of Choice FAMILY GROCERIES and
recently been replenished, and ho is now
ready to supp)~ly the wants of all.
To the Citizens of' Fairflold.
TF you want a pure and unadulterated
.. article of Liquors for medicinal or
family purposes call at the Centonnial
To thle Farm--ra andi Plantera of
F you wvant any Liquors for your la
borers or plantation p~urposes, enll at
the Centennial Bar, whore you can buy at
bottom prices for
fob 22 Pr.>priotor.
T HIE undersigned takes this method of
informin g thne publie that he has
oned1 a Shaving and lair-outting
Baloon In the room two doora west of the
post-office, where he will take pleasure in
serving all those who may, favor him
with a call. Everything in his line done
in the latest and most faahionabs o ,.
TilEY LI )VI:.
The "Sups" and the "Captain"--Somno
Local Reminiscencos.
It does not require any great
originality of thought to advance
the remark that actors, like all other
kinds, classes and conditions, have
their peculiarities. Perhaps cecen
tricities of one kind or another are
better developed in the disciples of
the stock and buskin thani in al y
other strata of the community, save
in the possible exception of these
indescribable anthropophagi who
linger about the portals of leading
newspapers and harass the news
gatherers and mrculders of public
opinion on all possib 0 occasions.
Thore is a general sort of fraterni.
zation among actors and act resses of
all grades, from the varietv artist to
the beetle-browed leading man,
which latter finds it to advantage to
drop his inportaine between and
after acts, as there is much he de
pends upon in his underlings who
can easily mar a good scene or im11
pair his dignity on the boards, a
trick which has not been unfregueint
where the loader has been alllieted
with what is technically called in
stage phrase "swell-heads."
Thus they are to be found banded
together, "theatrical boarding
houses" being as necessary to the
life of a g1cat city as its hotels,
churches and brass bands. Here
"after hours" can be seen "Ludovi,
co" or "Chas. Surface" suffering at
dominos or "Sancho Pedro," at the
hands of a utility or responsible
It is a matter of fact well known,
that no class is so often called upon
to donate their talents to the purn
poses of charity. 3eyond this there
is always some brother or sister in
misfortune whose wants call upon
their purses and it is seldom that.
their appeals are not met, provided
the improvident habits of the charit
ably-disposed historian precludes
him responding as he could wish.
This is a natter of ecnstant every
day occurrence among actors and it
can never be known or told how
much has been given or distrilbutedt
in charity, without reference to the
public affairs in which their services
are given freely and almost invaria
bly at call.
Actors' salaries range very difter
ently ; a good leading ma:n 1or
woman may command from i(0) to
$100, and1(1 thus they range down
ward. Some of the New York
theatres have salary lists which are
terrible to contemplate, and it is
only through long runs, high prices
and full houses that they are en
abled to pull through. The thea
tres in St. Louis have much botter
companies than our citizens have an
idea of. or are willing to think, but
the chief expense is in the dress.
ings of the stage and the setting of
usw' 1plays with costumes, scenery,
proper'ties, etc. But that is rathecr
out of the line of the pr'esenlt arti
clo. Comparatively the best paid
men are those who, possessing som1o
years experience in tihe ranks, have
acquired confidence and a certain
amount of ease, are elevated to tihe
dignity of utility or responsible,
these receiving from fifteen to
twenty dollars per woek, and having
but light labor to p~erformn ; ladies
in the same line receive a trifle
The supernumerary is at the bot
tonm rung in the ladder and is gen
orally an aspirant for fame, one wvho
is curious to see beOhinld the scenes
or an impecunious individual wh~o
can thlus obtain tile p)rice of a meal.
He is the victim of the "captain"
generally, thaft dignitary doing the
engaging of tihe armies of France
and England, the happy peasantr'y,
etc. He receives so much per head
for a number of supes anid drills
them into shape, (sit her forgetting
the matter of payment or substract,
ing his commission. "Supos" re,,
ceive presumptively from twenty
five to fifty cents each performance,
according to thme amount of work
they hmave to per'form.
As was said, it affords some who
are "stage-struck" an 0) >ortunity to
start on stage life. This strange
disease not only affects those anxi
ous to adopt the profession but
many who have been on the boards
all their lives. The excitement and
triumphs of thme life havo brought
many to "die with harness on their
backs" and there are many leading
actresses and actors on the stage
to-day who are narrowing the lapse
between themselves and thegr'ave by
following a calling without which
life would have no charmt for
The humi jble be giner is possibly
Well treat ed inl his applicat.ion as lie
is apt to be utilize-- by the "eaptain"
of the supes. But I here ar(e th1ose who
visl to commluiienice at not hing short
of "Horatio" or "Cassio" at, least,
and these genitlemel. gener:raily vell
at tire,1, wit hi penive air, flowing;
loel0: and rlilini collar',-ar recivoei
with grea(t. c'ourte:;y--for another
pIrpose, hm)V(Veer. '1'Iiey ari'oi
brought on the st.:tge and told to
give at test of their qutalit.y, and
probably get as far as
"'Her fatler 1ovel me10, oft invitedl me-"
When a Iiuge "prop" haal, dropped
from the ilies', pts al end1i to the
breathl :nd speerh of the spouting
Boscius. lie is soon soothed and
pacified, Wheln missiles inl the 1ipo
of woolen brieks. canvas fish, and.
otlier mi:tteriual of tlie kito i usel inl
pantoime 11Cs, tare showetreI 11pont
lim. If he can he plaueod in i tnip,
he must. ho of good constitu tion to
survive his (ls0Cen1t-ho imight well
term1 it intoa "In forno11."
It lmty take the faincy of the tor
me(ntor s t( "P'ocab-m'ntas" the victim1.
lie is suspenledI by Ilmley and's lino
some tenl feet above the stage, and
let remin ll there at flu pie ism-ro of
his peruse iitors. At last, s 11110 1101
who is bssinig the in lttei, issinin
to be the st ige mniiiitger or prompt
er, (alls all h1:nii1 ipl upangrily and dis
eIblarges lhil for thieir had treats
iieit of the appli('amt.. They in
tlrn accue01(1 him of being the Causo
of their losing t.hei' situatioi andi
incon1tinenly waft himt ilto the outer
world. pretty well enreol of his pre
dlilr("tionts fo r the st-age.
Somiietiii's this will not work
nicely. A iutMillat' silhject (nt ono
or two oeeasiois in this ity render
el it. very warinu for the Idys talnd
liad flaat t.rs his Own way. Again ia
we(ll directe.I kick on ia joker's
frontispicee-h1e h-tviag place:1 himi-,
self on his hlnds anld kneos in a
dark aisle for a "debutante" to fall
over him-d-isplacel several iuseful
molar-, not t) miieiitioin some other
Vel y insigltly aind unpleasant
A more popular method of apply..
in;g "the cure" is the "grip-sick" plan
which is as follows: An applicilt is
asked if le is willin to mtke liin
self useful around the theatre, and
replies "yes," very readily. le is
given a note to the property man,
instruil ing lhim to give the be.trer
the "grip-sack," which is i stout
Cavlais raeeptitele filled with stiO
and scraps of ironm, so ats to weigh
not less thain fifty or sixty pounds
lie is told to carry it to Mr.----at
De Biar's or the Olympic, Its t he ease
may be, and as that gentlminan has
either just stepped out or is at
Loonmey's, or the Novelty, or the
Cimique, he generally ends by
giving it up as a ba:1 job. A laugha
ble alltir occurred at one of thi
theatres a short time since, when ti
jaunty aspirIant was sent on his
mission with the grip-saick, return
ed fresh as a flower in May, follow
ed by ai hand-cart man, and replied
Llhat he was unabuile to find theggmtlte
man~f. 'rie tip cost lhim seventy-fi va
cents, brut lie seemed tonbo well-to
Io, and lie at least saved' is
strengthi and had rallher a laugh at
the others' o:xpenso.
It is ai little inguilar that of all
those couples who nf''oet the "song
31nd( danoo1" line therie are but few
who agree. Many of them, indod;,,
ire bitter hostile Onoicuis, never
speaking t~o each other save whecn onl
the stage where they chaff, kick and
throwv ouch other about without any
app~larent ill-will, merely working in
harness for the purposo of mutual
inltorost and buios for onooC
broken it is ain idefinite time wvhien
a new partner can b)o founnd and the
diflicuilt buineflss of working in con..
co't. acquired.
There is a great deal of talent on
the varioty stage which wvould he or
great value if trainedl for legitimate
(dramla. B~ut imny of those poopie
rpoeivo fab ulou sn Falarias, and are
well enough pleased with their easy
finances and popularity with the
lower clans of theatre goers riot to
"lot well enough alone."
Volumes could be written on 'this
subjeot, and it is an interesting 01n9.
There is much that cannot be pross
od in tis circumnsorib~ed space which
will be reserved for' somne future
When charcoal is pow:1ere:1and a
little droppod into a )kThito hihl
when planted, it will double the
crop and wvill improvo - the quality
beyond expeotation.
Col. D. B. Penn, who has always
been a liberal Republioan, is the
most prominent oanididlhto for Uki
ted States ftrnator for the long terza
in the icholls JkonlisianaL Leisla&'

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