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rj' FANVY 0AiR DS,15 styles with
2 name, lOts post paid. J. B,
RUSTED, Nassau, Rens. Co., N. Y.
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on our THREE Gh1EA'r $2
rsos. The St ory fir Chanr-cy
Ro~ss, a full account. of this great mys
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son Crusoe in thrilling interest. The
Illustrated HAND-nOOn to all RIELIoIoNs, i
comnplete account of all denominations
and sects. 300 Illustrations. Also the
laidles' medical guido, by l)r. Paneoast
110 Illustrations. These books sell at
sight. Male and female agents coin
money on them. Particulars free. Jopios
by mail $2 each. JoHN E. POTTER & Co.
A L 1C T A 'iV ;
JM'- Wo want 50 1 more first-clas Sew
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tion liberal, but varying according to
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hooks, Mnps, full information, also,
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k.ution. Beware of fal ioly cla-med
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rf comnbina
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iisting of el(.
ant w a t o h
taeain, ladies
an daome0
arooch and ont
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tons, set spiral studs, collar button,
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unerjnae byany' advertler in this
city.'---ew fork Day Book, Dec.10, 1876
I'ostage :stamnps taken as cash.
F. STOCKMAN, 27 Blond St.,N'Y.
B EGS to inform the oitizona of Winns
boro end the publio In general, t'int 1h<
has on hand the largest and best sol, otcs
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We cannot too strongly recommsuendl the
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dec 14
W HO are ladebtod to us for PRlOVIS.
IONS or PHIOSPHATES, we would respect
fully call attention, that your bills are duo
on or before the first of November. Wo
are depending on you for paymient AT
ONCE, to enablo us to meet obligations
" made to assist you, and which are due at
that time,
In order for us, as well an you, to main
tain our oredit, it is necoeary to moet our
promises promptly.
Boaty, Bro em on.
oct 12
EstablishedL 519.
Haes removed to the r'o*o neoxt to Francis
(Gem g a
WTATOHIES, Olooks~ and Jowelry re
v pairod, and eatisfaction gu~te~med
to evorybody.
Tihos., indebted to me 'for work ont
jewelry will ploase pay at once, for
Jlinptin is 1 eetd,
feb 84ft
'TOTIOIN Is bereby given that~ he un
deraigned will, nuakoeppleic nt
,the Judge of Probate'fdr fai old oeunty
on Tuesday, April 10, l177 for i final
ael hyeas a dIan of i. Ezs,ss
e-AND- -
Emperor WiII'am Cabbage,
r 'tliE beat, larget, hardlost and.-maLt
. rffilal'le variety of wIsTnu CAnnAoE
known in Ealropo, and iaported to this
country exclusively by the undersignel,
where, with little caltivation, it flour
ishes astoilshinlgly, tattiiang au eror
11oum size, and soiling in the market at
pries most gratifyingt to the producer.
In transplanting, great emro ahould be
used to give sufficient space for growth
Solid heads the size ofthe mouth of a flour
barr-l is the average run of this choice
variot.-. One puaakage of the seed sent
post paid on receipt of 50 cents, and ono
3 Bent ios.tage stamp. Three packages to
one address $l 00 and two 3 cent stamps.
Twelvo packages sent Qu receipt of $3 00.
.V Read what a well kInown Garrett
Co. Miarlian der says of the EMPEol Wm.
IAM Cabbaige:
11J1., Jan. .2, 1877.
MR JAMEtS CAMPD.LIr., -tl 1ulton St. N. Y.
Dear sir: -1 bought some seed from you
lost spring, and it. was go.-) Your Em
jer'r William Cabbage s.uits this climate
well. On a mountain ai:1e the seed you
rent me prod uced Cabbages weighing
thirty pound, each,
Very truly yours,
- o -
pm- I am Solo Agont iti tho U. S. for ,]
the Iamaous
Maidstone Onion Seed
from Maidstone, Kent Co., England, pro
dueinig the most producing the most
prolific and finest flavored Onions known
and yielding on suitable soils from 801) to
9) ga bushels tper aero, Howfn in drills.
Mr. Itenry (;olin, a large nrarket garden.
efr at Sylacue, N. Y., writes, "Your'
English Onion Seed surprised me by its
hirge yield, an d the delicious flavor of the
fruit. I could h1. ve sold' ny quantity it
this mar-ct at good price. My wife says
she will have no other onlions for the tablo
in future. Send me as puch as you can
for the enelso:ed $5.00 "
One poaekage of seed sent on receipt
of 50 cents and one 3 ceit postage stamp,
three packcages to ono ail-rels $1 00:' an I
two 3 rent slamp s. Twot.Vn:pneklname Onte
on receipt of $3 ()0.
*Vy s 1ply is limited. Parties desiring
to safure ither of the above rare seeds,
should not delay their orders All seed
Cash ma'-t accompany all orders. For
either of the above seeads, address]
mar 1-x tft 06 "irlton St., N. Y.
W EX T have 110W completed one of
the best stocks of
We wvill not be undersold. Let us
sav, hiowever, that our bost
Calicoes ar o 10 cents a
yard. Woe annot
sell themr lower
and hamve a
uniform profit on all Goods,
As .yout htte always put oone
dence in us, we will state that you!
miay depend on gettinig goods atV a'
regular egn5 pgjoe.
erman Stuudeiit Duels--How the Code
under' Lv'gor 13eer's Inihionce has Do
gonerated into mere Brutality.
Spccial Currespondence Chieiu 'Time..
GOITTINoEN, Feb 1i.- The Inenster
is a place where pugnacious German
students fight duels, It is the field
of honor. The ducliF'ts of Goetten,
gen have located their field of honor
in an old building ahoit two Engo
lish wniles south of this city. They
tre not fond of having outsiders
,itness their fightss but Dr, Koener,
from the University of Virginia,
thlugh his acquaintance with ev
,ral "corps.students," gained adanit
anco for both himself and the
vriter. Although we walkod out to
,he nensur before daylight, a few
vere before us and others arrived soon
Lfter ; coming only two or three at
time, so as not to attract the at,
cntion of the pedells. The pedells
re the police of tho university.
3efore the fighting commenced,
our or five sentinels were staitiuno
etween the mensur and the city, to
ignal the approach of any ollicer,
or other suspicious-looking person.
ihould the oflicials go to the mensur,
heir approach would be known no
ittle time before their arrival ; they
vould find as orderly a place is they
sver visited; they could see nothing
hero but harmony and brotherly
ove. The authorities, however,
ake little notice of these duols, The
tudents fight two or three days
ach week, and near the close of the
enmester, when niany quariols are to
)> settled beforo parting, they fight
vory day ; yet it is a rare thing for
pedell to visit the mensur, and a
till rarer thing for him to catch
my of the duelists. Those occa
iona! visits are probably made moi o
or the sake of appearing to dis
ountenance the practice of duelling
han for the sake of disturbing the
'boys" in their sport. Not a few of
he professors once onjoyed duelling
heinselves, as is shown by the scars
m their faces. One pi ofessor in
)oettingon recently adii.,ed a dys
)optic Am orican, for the sake of
)is health, to take a little exercise
. e., to fight a few duels. On enter.
ng the old building we found the
nterior to consist of one largo
'oom. In the sou1theas t corner was
L restaurarnt and beer saloon ; in the
southwest coiner a doctor's office ;
tt the east end of the room, among
some tables loaded with implements
or the duel, was a student equip
ding himself for the combat ; at the
vest end, among other tables, was a
Second student employed in a like
nanner. These two duelists boJ
onged, one to the Breinensian, and I
he other to the Guestphalian corps.
[ gave my attention to the Guest
phalian. After removing all cloth
ug except pants and boots, ho put
n an old dirty night shirt with the
slooves torn off. A lairge buckskin
pad, about twvo and a half inches
bhickc, and much the shape of a
lacksmith's apron, was then placed
310o up~on his airms, and so strappled
cound his body as to cover his sides,
uis abdomen, and the lowver part of
luis chest; the lower portion of the
pad, which was divided into two
parts, was strapped round his thighs.
A piece of hard leather was also
placed over the heart. At ti~o back
imng a strap for the duelist to grasp
with the left hand when in action,
rand thus kop the left arm out of
imnger. The strap looked like an
irtificial tail, The right arm wvas
covered with a heavy silken sleeo
nearly an ineb in thickness, and the
right hand with a buckskin glove.
Between the sleeve and glove
was wound a bandage for the p~ro
tection of the wrist. Another band
age protected the right shoulder,
and a third, much thicker than the
others, was wound closely round tbe
neck. The eyes wore shielded by a1
pair of heavy iron goggles, without
glasses. Clad in tis defenusive
armor it is hardly fossible for the
duelist to receive any fatal or 'seri
ous would, The weapyon used in
these duels is the 'achieye. The
blade, which is about three feet long,
is straight, narrow and slightlig flexi
ble; the poiflt is blanth and the edge
is blunt, exee tin'g abont eight
inches next to te pointi thp guard
is mnade of strongl woand forms a
kind of basket, .which 'covors the
whole hand. Thdathik bas~ I14
always diep .0~i thi r t
whch he4ABiMi#.IA"/1
black. The Guestphalian's second was
armed with a like weapon. Round
his body ho wore a broad bolt which
also showed the colors of the corps.
His right hand and arm wore pro
tected by. a heavy buckskin glove
and sleeve, and his neck by a .hueavy
bandage. Tho Bremueneian duelist
and second were equipped in the
same manner, exept that the sword
hilts, a.nd the seond'a. belt worq: or
namented with rod, bluoand oran"e,
All is now ready, aid the; umpire
sllouts "Silence ou4 the tqpsu,"
The li of voices ceases and there
is silence. The seconds step toward
the centre, rise caps nod bow to
each other liko two danoing mastere,
The duelirts approach, each with his
second at his left, in a position to
ward off any glancing blows,
"Lay out !" cries the Bremnensian's
secon(d. The Bromonsian raisos his
right arm, with the elbow slightly
bent, bringa. the hand above
the head and a little to the front,
and lots the blade of the schlaegen
slop toward the loft shoulder. The
left hintid has in the meantimo grasp,
ed the artilici-d tail, antd is now
twitching it with a nervous energy,
'Lay out 1" shouts the GLestphalian
second, and the Guestphl4ian as.
suneR his position.
"Loose I" commands the Brereen:
sian second, There is a sliatp clash
as each tries to strike over his oppo,
nent's guard, and at the saume time
protect his own head. With a quick t
turn of. the wvrist the Bremensin
drops the point of his aohlaeger and
strikes up at the face of his antago
nist, The b40o just touched the
left cheek. "Halt I" shouts the
Bi omensianr second, and points. out
to the umpire the blood which its
oozing from the Guestphalian's
check. It proves to' be not a now
gash, but an old one knocked open.
The seconds shout in quick .shlcces.
sion, o"Lay out," ."Lys ,Put l"
"Loose I" and the duelists.'"g loose"
a second time. There is a fash of
steel over the Bremensian's caput, a
look of hair flies off. The Queetpha
lian's second cries "Malt ." and ex,
amines the Bremensia's head ; but
he finds no blood The thirr1 ,"n"m4
is hardly begnwheh the Guostjht.,
lian's second cries "Halt I" A little
stream of blood flows from the
Bremensian's left cheek and an.
other from his mouth. The check is
out through. The unlucky duelist
is led away into the doctor's shop
corner to have his face stitched tow
gother. The fighting has occupied
less than half a minute. The boys
fought, and the doctor otitehod from
nine o'clock in the morning till four
in the afternoon. Three of these
were to settle quarrels to satisfy
injured honor ; the other six wore
nothing but friendly fights, 'in a
spirit of emulation. The German
students, by so carefully oliminating
from their duels the element ot
danger, havp oliminated also the
element of courage. They lu yo loft
little but brutality.
NouwooD ON THE BrVgUATION.-d1 q
Senator Norwood, of Georgia, has
been interviewed, He Bays: "This
South Carolina and Louisiana busi~
ness5 amounts to nothing, Hayes
will simply keep his han,ds off-what
any honest President would feel
justdfiedl in doing. Bly this prooses,
both Phekamd and Ohamnberh~n will
be starved out.- then we shall be
called upon to throw up our,4ats for
Hayes. Inanition is a very pretty
little process in this instance, The
programme is simple enough when
you come to consider it. P'ackard
wi'll propose to hold his own at all
hazards. He wvill proceed to enroll
his noegro militia, and this will' give
the Administration an excuse to con
tinue to employ troops in order to
keep the peace. This, you will un'
derstand, is the highest claim that
Grant has over made,. He has or
dered troops to New Ork ans and
has kept themn there in order' that
the peace might be kept. This is all
patriotic enough, as far as appears
ancos'go, and it will be patriotic on
the part of Hayes to retain. the gar
risons in those States. Before you
begin to crow over Hages' policy in~
the South, just wait and 'see whit
that policy is,"
A Now York justige,asked ltl~.
dest boggar what his inothper ~4
for a living. . "Shoi gets 4rttnk U4
has the - hugteswastdh0
A littlebofy 6azb td l 1W thI~
recently at1ie~4 ~ (i
should thint i t u~1
T~ou. go m N

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