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- - -+ - -d -, " - .-- w--a - . .E " " -
N EWi AI)V1(afI IIMN1'si.
2 O Ladios' Favorito Cards, all styles,
with nmUe, 10c. Post il. f. B
.r uIrrE n, Nassau, itons. Co., N. Y.
You will agreo to diatribute some of
on circulars, nu will send you a
(.IIinoMo IN i1./r FntAMIE, and a 16 sage
61 column illustrated paper, fry': for 3
months. InclOse I U (cntsq to pay postage.
.A:.nts wanted. KEFNDALL & CO., Bs.
ton, Mass.
With a Cold is Always Dangerous.
W ELS ( Car bt. lie 'Tab&ilets,
a sae remedy for Conghs, and all )is
eases of the Throat, Lungs, Chest and
Mucouts .\t ibrane.
Sold by all Druggists.
C. N. CnITTE:roN, 7 Sixth Avenue, N. Y.
a mofth. A1ENTs WANTE)
.20..0 on our Tn :E GIrtAT $2
I:ooxs. The .ery} of Chi rc'y
itoxs, a full account of this great mys
tory written by his Father, beats Robin
o11 Crusoe in thrilling interest, ''ho
Il1ustrated IIANI>-11o1 to all IEIo.IONR, a
cOnlplete account of all denonlinations
tnl sects.. 300 Illustrations. Also the
ladies' inedical guide, by Dr. Paneoast.
1.0 Illustrations. Those books sell at
sight. ;Hale and female akents coin
inoney on thien. Particulars free. 3opies
by mail $: each. JoHN E. PoTrn A Co.
On the line of a great railroa 1 with good
markets both East West.
Now is the ITime to 4 (uire it.
Mild Climate, Fertile Soil, best Country
for Stnok Raising in the United States.
Books, Maps, full infornatin, also,
Sent free to all. parts of .th world.
A d dresse. ?. 'e O g -g
Land Coin. U. P. I. It.
NOTiC.. We hare
the0 I~rgolntI~td bony
au d 1 1 u t h e
World. It contains
I l,.h~rticf )u tor, I Oonvu pe. roped. t:entodor,
g~tdoi pe~n. and It tlo, o""C"t. J. Iury. CIIIIIlot0
esn111 4'l 1 011; 1owt ICKAOIIIhld tl~.c. oovobu to,,.
pull1, 2 ', c. sit-. G tI.ckLO'Cel. with ne..r'cdl Joweity,
D[D'0 & CO., 700 Droadway, N. V,
T W E L VEitteg i one 'I'b02.t.'i I)ILINAT U\. Cantle
teo as n r e b l no).n , o a m .cr 1' tif
Illi C ut ro pa ir Iii f :.c a . endu tfor
tocik, and Fyet. 1-ttoens. r cto a :. R( 'f nn
coma~nn ond IoI he tvynroo i.ovpnd I c trA
a urfoo,.,o. A:ro:t, are n, l' C , o r m vI 1:Il ty it) I the~l
beat solatt'g n'i a' 0Allut. Blid~ 0 ra;I ~ t, tax. for
, C l . $ar ,'ulintrvl "tIICCIIICI;. t"' Agren'a. Send fur
sumII~oo 141111 "': and009 cIII OII . m vIII r t ,vu1.
BRID . t~s. ( 7 . / 2 oaclway, II. Y.
ATJOittY PAC(tzm:r1 and
IXof Ile 1.1.0%,j) Ct),'tNA. Mfh rgrT1aO LA~
7rv D Broadway, N. V.
sept 3
EsablishePd 1 59.
Has renaoved to the storo next to Francis
W TATCTIES, Closh eni Jewelry re
W paired, and satisfiction guaranteed
to everybody.
Those inldebted to me for work on
jewelry will please pay at once, for
lIImnipf on is I Aecte'd.
feb -itf
Sewing-Macdn o.
* MARK meoo.**')
?uo. July to, 1811.
wE CLA iIa l'olt 'A'L E JI h1PoVFU1
The following speciflo p)oints of supo.
1-Gresit hlimpglictly 1us Comu.o
'. - flu raI 1 lity.
3-Excedlatgy Lighst ii:a3i
5-CPs-os at Va5ItIes ofr
6-11eaufy of' F'Iinits simnd
J'It 1c1:.
Sin gle Machinies sent on, orders dlirect
from theo factory, writton guarantee with
each Machino.
jfar-Send for elroulaars and partloulars.
Time W b'1mtneoy lu'g.Co.,
feb 17 . Paterson, N,. J.
Shirts!i Shirks i hirtIl
W AMBUTTA hiAU1 '&p200O Lineri,
5.0 'pej l'a&Y n.
Pe reale ag Qali~oe dd A ~ 'o
half dozen, , -
m ar 2 ma 'dautERAN*
And brlig your change w th you.
(Our beautiful Centnnni al Ftripes, at 1
one yard wide.
A beautiful assortment of Gonts' Pants
for .9 'ring wear.
Whito Vest oftall hinds, at all prices.
coots and Shoes
The largest stock in the J3oro.
We koop Cons5tantly on hand Mianko &
Stvarns' Baltimore mir de Sho s, each and
every pair warranted.
LO'w '3!r.c o mi;.
near 10
E invite the attention of the public to
ousnfew and assorted stock of spring
and Nunmmuer
Spring Cialicos of the best brands and
Pe(reales aind Cambrics at 12'. eenits.
Whtitea Pique~s froma 11i e per'yard up.
Linm n Lawns, and1 brown dlress Linens,
ve'ry cheap.
Nainsookcs, Trish ILnens, TLowvels, P'ique
Laces Cation TIrimmiaine'. Shoo~t
Ifigs. leac~cherl an I Hlrown
IJ0ome4'pons. T1ie 5,
Cottaades. 1 0..
&'C., &.,
* &c.
at prices to suit the har 1 times.
Our stoca of Geants' Goods is full up.
-We ask special attent-ion to our Iinei of
Cassimers, which cannjot be Hurpasse5d in
price, stivle atid quality, anywherie.
I(EEP1S eel ibratedl partly mladuo Shirts
on handl at $.5 00 per dozen.
A full an~d comnpletae sortmnent of ShoesR
alwnys on hanti. W have a vplenid lot
of' baadiaas' anl (Tents' Fino 5dhoes which
we will soll low. nid wvhich we take
pleasure ini showing.
A full lino always on hand.
McMASTIE R & 1111 CE.
mar 22.
Etteniger & Edmond,
MJANUACTUREllS of Porta~ble an1
.. Satioary ngines un'd hollers di
all kinds, Cironlar t4aw Mlills, Grist Mlls,
Mlill Goating, Shaftlnge Pnlleys &o.
Campo *&1rgeal Steam up
Emperor Willam Cabbage,
r *HE best,largest, hardiest. and most
profitable variety of 'w'srain c(A1I.(ana:
known in Europo, and imported to this
country exclusively by the uldersigne,l,
where, with little cultivation, it flour
ishes astonIishingly, attaining an enor -
ntu1)s hize, aid selling in the Mnarket at
prices most gratifying to the producer.
In transplanting, great care should ho
used to give sufficient space for growth
Solid heads the size ofthe mouth (t a flour
barrel is the average run of this choice
variet . One package of the seed sent
post paid oin roceipt of 50 cents, land ono
3 cent postage stampy). Three packages to
one address $1 00 and two 3 cent stamn ps.
Twelvo packages sent on receipt of $3 110.
_i1- Read what a well known Garrett
Co. Marylander says of tho EAIPEnoa Wi.
LIAm Cabbage:
Md., Jan. -2l, 1877.
Mn. JAmci: CAMIPnE.M,, GG Fulton St. N. Y.
Dear Sir: I bought some seed from you
last spring, and it was goo 1. Your En
peror William Cabbage suits this climate
well. On a mountain side the seel you
sent mo produced Cabbages weighing
thirty pounds each.
Very truly yours,
.>.91 I atm Sole Agent in the U. S. fox
the famous
Maidstone Onion Seed
Fron Maidstono, Kent Co., England, pro
luimg the most producing the inio :t
prolific aid finest flavored Onions kmnown
Ind yieldling on suitable soils from 8(10 to
("0 hushels per acre, sown in drills.
1[r. Ilenry Colvin, a large m-irket garden.
r at Syracuse, N. Y., writes, "Your.
English Oniont 5 ed surprise me by its
arge yield, and the delicious flavor of the
fruit. I could I- v. sold any quantity ir
his mar et at good prices. Iy wife says
:he will have no other onions 'or the 'able
n future. Send meW as much 'ts you can
or the enclosed $5,.00."
One packoge of seed sent on receipt
)f .0 icen1s and one 3 cejnt postige stall.
hree paet ages to one address $1 till. an.I
,wo 3 cent stamps. Twelvo packages sent
n receipt of $3 00.
fy supply is limited. Pa tios leasiring I
0 secure either of the above rare seeds,
dhould not delay their orders All seed
.'ash muunt accompany all orlers. For
)ither of the above seeds, address
mar 1- x thu GG Fulton St., N. Y.
Dry Goods Establishment
-OFe- -
11 reory Bother
H TE suIccess attending the disposal oif
1. 0)ur M AostIc1:NT H'foex, which v 0 haui
upon the miarket early' this seaseon at such
low figures, convinces us that the public
1ppreciat a our 'ff'orts to suppzy themi with
t-he newiest anud mnost stylishe goods.
anyinig as we de~ from the firsit hanlds
und for cian, enables usl to offer
Wn aro now receiving a now and eleanit
stock of
whiuch will be sold at the sn~no low )ruling
popular piries. \Ve expect to do a rjva
resumaG nUsINESS, anid bargamns will be;
nfferedi daily.
"A word to the wviso is smin,
pW Samples sent on appienttion and
oxpresage paid oni bis over $10.
Grand Central Dry Goo ds Estalishmeont.
TI. A. McCnuatny. 13. 1R. McCnE~.nY.
B. A. IhAwLs, WI!, HIoi5xN,
feb 20
iE. J. McCarley
B EGS to call attentio'm' to his new
6%ok of Bhoots and Shoes, all siz0s
anud styles, at unprecedentoedly low prices.
An entirely now Stock of Groceries.3
Blugar of' all grades, Coffee, Rico, H~ominy,
Meal, .-oap, Sta oh, Soda, Pepoppe en4etf(
Fine Seed Iriithi Potatoen.
Choicent Blrands of Flour.
Best Corn and. IBye Whiskey in town.
Tobacco 'end Cigata,. Mfolas'es1 Lat,,
Bacon, t|hons &os J..wevst hnarket price
or cash.
The amount of legal tenders now
outstanding is $302,642,204.
Pennsylvania continues to deal
tenderly with the Molly Maguires.
A brother of Tons Hood is doing
a flou ishing business as a florist, in
Bergen, New Jersey.
Three members of tho Packard
Legislaturo were sworn into the
Nicholls House on Wednesday.
The Democrats carried th o recent
mniciipal election in Colnhus,
Ohio, while in Cincinnati the Repub
licans were successful.
A number of prominent Mexicans
havo been arrested for conspiracy
to overthrow Diaz and restore Lerdo
tga; the presidency. An outbreak is
A train of twenty cars of silks and
ten from China and Jupan, which
left San Franicisco on the 20th,
reached New York on Friday, mak,
ing the trip in ten days.
Tweed's release is set down for
Monday next, but may be delayed
some datys by the reconveyance of
property which ie had transferred
before legal proceedings were con
Among the repent appointments
by the President is that of Samuel
13. McLin, a member of the notori
ous Florida Returning Board, to be
associate justice of the supremo
court of New Mexico.
As a proof of hard times, the mar
shal of the District of Columbia
shows nearly thi ce hundred letters
from persons begging to be put on
ju ics that they may give their
families bread.
A mass meeting of ten or fifteen
thousind citizens in New - Orleans,
last Friday, passed resolutions de
elaring their fidelity to the consti
tution of the United States and
their determination to uphold the
Nicholls goveinmeint at all hazards.
Gen. Sherman says it is not his
purpose to parley further with the
Indians or to delay the intended
campai'gn. Supplies are now being
rapidly forwarded and oterything
is being put in readiness for the
spring campaign.
Isaac Friedlander, formerly of
Charleston, the largest grain mer
chant in California, has suspended
payment. His lialilities are esti
mated at $1,000,000. Mr. Fried
lander claims that he will be able to
pay all debts and have left a surplus
of over &'3,003.
Ex-President Grant, in an interview
with a St. L:>uis reporter, favored
Hampton and Nicholls and the with
drawa'l of Federal support from the
bogus govemnnments, and believed
that Louisiana and South Carolina
would soon enjoy local self-govern
President Hayes expresses a deter
intnnation to mr-ko no additional ap
pointments until his Southern policy
has been tested. lHo ias ah-eady~
received large mnubers of letters
from individuals and organizations
through out the country app)roving
of hits recent course.
Oov'. Nicholls having issued a
proclamation thanking the pl)oll
for their support, Packard lias ma
snedl a cou nt~er proclamation deny
ing the right of Nicholls to style
himnsel f Governor, and reminding the
country at large that he (Packard)
is elere;d, if H-ayes is. .He also in.
timatos that lhe wvill call the negro
militia to his aid and fight for his
position. Hog has also wvritten a
threatening lotter to Hayes.
Ex- Governo:- Piinchback has been
appointed by3 Governor Nicholls and
confirmed by the Senate, a mnembler
of the Louisiana State Board of
Education. A. H-. Corbin, colored,
has been appointed1 by Governor,
Nicholls tax collector for the
Sixth District of New Orleans. Sov
oral other colored men have been
appointed to lucrative offices by
Governor Nicholls.
Haydon says of the poet Keats:
"Because the world did not
bow at once to his talents, as his
friends had done, he distrusted him.
self and flew to dissipation. For
six weeks he was hardly over sober,
and he once covered his throat and
tongue as far as he could reach with
G yenne pepper in order to enjoy
thle delicious coolness of claret ini all
its glory."
Of the candidatos mentioned for'
governor of Noew Jersey on the
]Edmnocratic side ex-Govornor 1 arker
proablyi c~a n tnost Muserative'
Judge Green, on account of his de.
feat by McPherson; the best politi
cal rights. On the Republicau side
Cortlandt Parker, though personal
ly a brutally cold maan has the most
brilliant oratory, and John Hill has
the greatest claim on the honest,
sincere convictions of the in'lustrious
men of the State. The contest is
likely to be bOtwoon Green and
Parker, with Abbot and Hobart in
reserve. .
A Georgia paper, speaking of cer.
tain additions to be made to the luna
tic asyl hu, perpotrate s the following
choice piece of rhetoric : "'hese
buildings are to bo built under the
direct su)pervisiol of Captain Wilcox,
the Engineer of the Asylum, and
a complete gentleman, and with a
force to b employed." Have the hua.
tics been turned loose into the
newspaper sanctun .
A Wiseonsin man, who had boon
induced by Western p.apers to go to
Florida and start an orange factory,
passed through Atlanta on hiway
home the other day. Hiss. rghes
were harncssed to him by one sus
pen dor, and be stood up to a free
lunch counter with the air of a mnh
who knew his rights and dared
matintaifn them. Per eontra, a
1Florida man who started West sov
oral years ago without a cent in his
po,;ket is now able to keep a private
shaving cup and razor in a high
toned barber shop.
Boll's Tolophone,
Prof. Boll, of Boston, has pelfect
ed an apparatus different from Gray's
mlusical telephone, by which not only
the sound of musical notes is repro.
(huiced, but also that of the human
voice in 'words spoken in ordinary
conversation. 'His success in regard
to the reproduction of the sound of
the lumphtn voice his boon very
inarked. lie thas constructed an ap
p)at alus which, w1Pbn at'ached to the
receiving end of the teleg.hmph wirk
enal)lcs any person in the apartment
to hear words distinctly which are
pokcen at the other cud of the lino.
A. trumpet-mouthed tube Is sot' o -
poaite an electronagnet similar iaL
form and arrangement to that al
ready described. Across the
mouth of the tube a dia
pllragni or membrane is strained,
to which is attached a light mag
netized bar of steel, which almost
touches the coro ends of the magnet.
A batter y actuates the magnet and
supplics the elect ic fluid to the line.
One pele is to the ground while the
other is to the line. At the receiv
ing end is a single helix with an ex
ternal soft iron case and a Jooso
soft iron cover. When words are
spoken into the tube at the sending .
end. the magnet on tho membrane
vibrates with it and induces mag
neto-electric pulsationa in the mag
net opposite. These are transmit.
tod over the line and reproduce vi
brations in the loose iron cover or
disk of the magnet at the receiving
end, which give out the sounds as
they are caused at the sending end.
The receiving instrument, when
p'ope1'ly mounted on a resonator,
gives out an inicreased sound, and
then whole is justly regarded as one
of the wondlers Of our~ ago.
As these marvels of electrical
science and1 skill are only in thecir
nimn'my as yet it is not too much to
expet that when perfected, as they
are curtain to be within a little time,
the whole art of telegraphy will be
revolutionized through their inflin
ence. Every -day that passes over
us servos to pr1ove how true are
Hamlet's wvords to his faithful
Trer are more things in heaven and earth,
Trhan ar'e dem'et or nyur philosophy.
This is the way the Boston Tran
scripe accounts for the use of the
cresent b~y the Turks. When
Phillip of Macedon approached by
night with his troop~s to scale the
walls of Byzantiun, the moon shone
out and discovered his design to the
besieged, who repulsed him. The
crescent was afterward adopted as
the favor'ito badge of the city.
When the Turks took Byzantium,
they found the crescent in every
public place, and, believing it to
possess some magical power, adopt
od it themselves. The origiri of the
crescent as a roligious emblem is
anterior to the timo of Philip of Mace
don, dating, in fact, from the very
beginning of history.
The easiest, wvay to get. rid of
stumps of trees is to bore a hole in
the top, say one -or two inahes, and
eighteen inches deep. .Put' in the:
1h010 from one to two ounces 9
saltpetre,.fill the hole.,witpi
and plug up tight. In the A1 '
tamke out the plug, piour in -af'
g~ofkoosenoi, and sethfre-teit4
ig6h m 2MO r.P

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