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rv~.rw. itif r! W .r"..dwMtvigpMMert+ a r rw t," ,,:r... v.... .
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Ntl r',fllJU1 Uf! 111ri: t. fn(o IY C1? rf )( ,\ r7 .:
liusT> ),N s. 1Kun o
IF Y 1 g is r bute som1 qf
t i. 0 ill 80n(1 you 1P
1. It~ttlru 1ks~ , nd 1% 16 )".~
(6 1Q" 91 iolun tosi P1lpap t gxee.or 3
m onths., n >os 0 onl "ay post go.
Agoit ti t l "0' N4D .~ & CO., figs
toln, Ma.ss. .
with], OWA INN' 'a a egPle.
-- S UE - -
IV ELLS' Car bolic Tablets,
a sure remedy for Coughs, and All Dig-,
eases of the Tl'roat, Lungs, Chest and
Mucous Miembrane.
Sold by all Druggists.
C. N. CItITTENTON, 7 Sixth Avenue, N. .
dlj4 (g a month. AoE.NTs WANTE
$) ~'JO~J on our TBEE OREAT $2
ioOxs. The Story o1' Cloan'lei
Ross, a full account of this great nyq
tory written by his Father, beats Robun
son Crusoe in thrilling interest. The
illustrated UA~n-nouo -to all RE.ltOIONH, ai
comuplete account of all deeominatios
ladies# 4ahj
m t
sight. Male and female -agents coi .
ioney on them. Particulars free. ;0piit
by mail.$2 each. Jouns E. Pomnran & Ctf.
Philadel phia.
On the line of a great railroad witly1 od
- - -1 markets lmt1J WalWatu Y
Now is Elio ginu-te18 t
Mild C(limate, Fertile roil, best Co.intry
for Stook Raisins:Majh:NAktikBtea.
.Books, DI s fril nf uitig also,
Sent free I6a ir&4 e*'IyrA' h hfd.l
Addresst r
Lau orn..P. Rit.
r. A n Pkagecn the
1V0 oit. t coatq ln.
1 .0806 nmem. .ui mbiaor,I
raionp a 131 oc o f labio teeiry C mpltoto
enni lo at to d al to buttons
$I. Full. t:),td Pa"n'E,uI er ilolt fiee lit gll ets.
BRIDE & 0,., 78Bradway, N. .
artlcsn one. r tho. tu Y i enItIIiATIO . ie
r a r i bewbe
need ai Puc .rnloidir eket 1Pin. Eraser, - enktifo.
Fnvainpo nlsssor.Pst I'ervtltter Jitubiar. ~NItw g )lsciina
'Thiread Cutter. tffs for Smpptiag Roant Cutting air
Ilonks.aci 5yos, lint tails. Erauleg stlints. Ac. tt:oo1
conmmon poondt. 1, hea~vily usictts plated, an " Il but
a liroitio. Agent, arc coining moineyc aind au, " I ith
hest to1ttng arb o ont. Sa -amo 20 cents, Six for
n'I Extr.erciimitrytiducimeisj in genis. Send for
sassiio htsaif(dmcsn anmd csta .r you r i.tn.
BRIDE & CO. 700 Eroadway, N. Y.
789 Broadwl r, M. "Y.
sept 3
lliira forl tol!am !
-AT Till
DI) y Uoouds, Fancy Goods, Ands
Millinery Iiazaar,
()\ Pa beautifal and full lina of latest
\fnvlties in Spring and Summer
Millinery antd Fancy Goods, consisting i4
patosiad ies', ~ss' and Children'
Ncbs, &c.
A large lot of Ladies' Collarette,Fich
and other fancy articles. Inspection o~
the Ladies and 11j~ lly solicited
We will en lar mnost fa
soc for yourselves, and give us a trial.
New Spring Prints. Centennial Strip
Dress Goods, ulhteGoodti,Dress Imnprov
ors, Corsots *Hosielry, Gloves, Netionsj
Clothing, JJataw hosar bo
Agent for Bntkeriek's reliable paper
patterns. Ladlies', M issea' and Chl)dren'd
new patterns in store.
$1stllautpwzt45 4qs5ipee onj
fectionaries and al [email protected]
in a first cla shu*a #~f~4,
A lot of Furni'#f 1%ith, gh
Lunmboilosy'fo Osinedui J . -b al(~ t
You d4nflS at76'1re1~ (
oni: 41Oaa ? -aa qb w.
april ,14 o
NO'l'N i YJ TO1f/ITR
A. M. L ~O LWief'ot
day of March, AU. 7'flI
JA.adwelil aq espQ$pifo 1le
Broad Stree OlT f
before the 0'ithf7 f
anI 12-txlaw3 Refr.
fn'c l9pa Mlpct Potatoes, -
it O. i " "Oats.
1 l r'. I 1 " 1' ;it( "11 "1
A fuoilinosof IPlanation Har,
al o)o~
Stool Plows,
v.! E Pdv4videslde, .
ih'vo ij {
* ii ..*. ..
jb sol low fr
I keep constantly on hand a full
supply of
! 1 4'04 eni o hand several U3rad o,
first class
which I am prepared to sell for
Cash or on time with well approved
securities on a money basis, or with
a cotton option if parties desire.
All parties in want of Fertilizers
will do well to call on me before
feb 20
RA A- so , a sti
The following specific points :of sp~o..
I-Areat all dhi'lty In Con.'
tructll gu y tight Vi$n
nanmg. - uui
EJ-JBeay of Finisia and
8ingle Machines sent on orders direot
from the Factory, written guarantee wit1
each Mlachine.
pfr~end for circulars and particulars.
Time Whaitney Rf'g. Co.,
fob 17 .,.. Paterson, N. J.
BEG~ leave t15 fA~i his friends and
..Jcustomers generally that his. stook of
[mported ad ~on.4e614 adndWibo
anf~l and the purity of i
OJi~dK and genuin~
Durham SolVTbacco, CIgars an
rad. ug
e0 nI~j9 i Ar
Emperor William Cabbage.
NN~ be8t,-argeost, j arliest 511(1 most
profitable variety of WI\rren ucAn1Aan
known in Europe, apd, imported to this
country exblusively'y the undersigned,
whore, with little cultivation, it flour
ishes astonishingly, attaining an engr
Jggs sp an1 1i g ing ii the mariet at
prces most gratiy ing to the producer.
In transplanting, great' tare should be
used to give sufficient .space for growth.
Solid heads the sipo qfhe mouth of a flour
barrel, is the avergAe 'un of this choice
variety. One package of the seed sezt
29rtpFA eApipt ot00 cents, and one
cent postage stamp. Three packages to
one address $1 00 and two 3 cent stamps.
Twelve paues sent on receipt of $3 00.
- - Read whp A .yef} known Garrett
Co. Marjazder .i bl the EIPEnoi 'II.
LIAM Cabba e:
1:' .ool1akh4 b$, R1nuRET Co.,
14 N., Jan. :12, 1877.
Mn. JAMER CAMPBEIL, 16 Fulton St. N. Y.
Deaf iSr:-I boughtsourt Heed 'from von
last spring, and it waitgood. Your Em
perpr 3.'7l ian Cabbogo suita this climate
well. Op,a.,aoyn4is '4e the seed you
selit me producel - .ages weighing
thirty pounds each,
Very, *uly yours,
---- -
0* I am Sble Ae ialt the U. S. foi
the famous
Maidstone Odion Seed,
from Maidstone, Kent to., England, pro
dncing the nost, produling the most
prolific and finest flavored Onions known
and yielding dn suitable soils from 801 to
00 bushels per aere,' sown in drills.
4r. Henry Colvin, a lprge m'irket garden
er at Syracuje, N. Y,, writes, "Your
Fuglish OQiion Seed purprised me by its
large 'iqld, and the delicious flavor of the
fruit. I could h ve sgli any 1 uantity ir.
this ,mar et pt good prices. A y wife says
she will iave no other onions for the fable
in future. Send ne as piuchus you can
for the enclosed $5, 00."
One package of seed Rent on receipt
of 50 centsand)one t oent postage stamp,
three packages to olie stidress $1 001' and
two 3 cent stamnps. - Twelve packages sent
on receipt of $3 00.
My supply is limited. Parties desiring
to secure either of the above rare seeds,
should not delay their orders All seed
Cash must accompany all orders. For
either of the above seeds, address
mar 1-xtflm 06 Fulton St., N. Y.
Publishers and Printers
Can buy direct of the Manufacturer on
favorable terms.
are 'he bes. and cheapest low priced
machine made, and have a national repo
tation for utility and durability."---. The
Mectrolyper, Chicago.
far ti e best emachine wh{leh can be pb
;tin d1or4 16sg iice thah one h uilyred
0lola ; s4t-4 of greatestrength. 'These
rnachines have always taken the highest
stand. It is the only lachine to which
is applied the Pot 'nt Movable Cutting
Board. This device has a reputation of
itself: by it., the cutting .board can be in.
Rtanltly aind accurately tuoved, so that a
pierfect out is insured. '.lhis is a very imu
p~ortant point in the iuachine, and 0one
that is possessed by noe other. It gieeatly
reduces the labor of preparation in work.
Ing the paper~ backwvard and forwvari.
We cannot too strongly recommend the
advantages of this patent mnovable board.
Lt is worth the price of this machine, aind
purchasers should fully understand how
highly it is. to be valued."'-Geo. P, Rowel
& A>. 's NeCwspaqj Reporfer and1( Priter'.
tite e et,0
t f ibig o1I e.
'Ai'%~i~inown IUOOLs 5 ARD TT -ER,
with my latest improvements, is still pre
ferred by many printers, and holds its
favoritism over ether machines.
None genuine but, those havin'g my full
adrsslted iputhoe e i
ad; N1rtasApe'rulin wafl 'o avrtising
from first parties should send for my
A uburnudaie. Mass.
1wh11}9y of tIpose that pyo ie.
Boot and Shoe Manufacturer,
P1 THE undersigned ro.
speetfully airfineld to the
citireds of anones toat he
has removed his fleot and
Shoe Manufactory to one door below Mr.
C. Mul,1er's. I Mipepared to ipanuf tiure
d1i tti16# of .~oi hi u l t t
orkmnanlike'Mainor, 6fi oft6 v4bi&4
materials, and at prices fully as low as th4
same goods can be manufactured for at the
North or elsewhgr' I.)keep consfantly o
hand .a good Atoeft of Solo and Upper
Leather, Bhoe Finidings &o,, which will bq
%.470- rddHides bouight' ' .
oct 12 J. CLENDPI$Nfa,
Forms dibn'aeremonies--thbde' rou
tene--Oatec41lsug the governme0E
The operations of civil service.
The difference between the w*ay
of Brother Jonathan and John Bull
are nowhere more strikingly., dis
played than in the legislative 1asom -
blages of the respectivo nations.
While Canada, in many respects,
comforins t0 the habits and cus
toms of the United Stater she still.
observes in tlio house of' Cgnmops
the 'forinslitiis, obser4od' " the.
liother Country. e
d'ent of theroNeo a kc f,4id re
cently' visited t iaIt bo9 thieli is
how in sesion lt Ott wa h'o capi
tat of the Donlinioii aia' her gavo a
graphic description of the mannbr
in whidh legislation i's th&ee con
All the discussions have referenco
enth-e to local interests, and soine of
the most insignificant of subjocts
hi4e occipied hours of useleks do
bate. The appointment of a fight
house keeper or the- addition of
forty dollars Po a salary is appareilt
ly treated with as much pavity as
an investigation of the public c
counts. Every opportwnlty' is cin
ployed- to disooverwweak-point -in
the arigior ?f ti1resppotivL parties,
and not a quistioi is 1roseltoJd, no
matter what 'na be its magnitude,
which does not develo .drog
partisan feeling. MembA 1d6 ?t1e
two sides may dine frai lally an
hour after a session,-but while they
are aligned a' opponents on the
floor the limit of parliamentary po
1 ~e se is oftp1 rof~4, (1( ed .: lil
v1'ntiyI d s 9ot -y- the
bue ketful. A goodly proportion of
the seats are left vacant during a
dull day's session, and it is only
when the electric button is touchcd
by the Sergeant-at-Arms to an
nounce a "division," and little bells
tingle this warning in overy saloon
and smoking room of the vast
edifee that the Commoners come
huriying in to resume their pla es.
It is now that the House is soon to
tts best advautage, with its fine col
leetion of physiques, strong fares
and intellectual heads. The style of
debate is essentially practical, and
without effort at oratorical effecp; in
many instances there is a. hesitation
half stammering, a ."AIr1Speaker, I
uLre irrer" pl g, as if the honor
able memi e pas were in a panic
and jostling each other in frantic
endeavor to get out of his mouth,
but in all cases there seems to be a
pride taken ip ,tihe, pie. Vf choice
language and -raini tic i construc
Members are not allowed to road
from written manuscript, and when
owarpl the late hioure of the yng9gi,
ng there. is .an evident talk for
buncomnbe nd a speech has1 /come
tedious, acwsharpe aire played, chairs
croakedblue boo~ks tossed about
noisily and ,other,. gentle manifesta
tions of jolly impatioew9;appear.
The rules with refoen'ce to debate
are very strict. No member can
speak except to a motion which is
in regulariform' befo /the House,
and when lhe rises to address the
chair lhe must uncover if lie has pre
viously worn his hat. Should he in-.
advertently say "Gentlemen" instead
of "Mr. Speaker"Jie will-be called to
>rder, though in the Senate a
3p'eker addresses himself to "Hon
s somewhat as folws :
The House meets at three o'clock
p. in., when the Speaker, clerk,
alerksaseistet and .seetny4 c~k's
uistant, all smyed i uill i gowoas
andlels dr e(tile forlaer eagog
a cocked hat), .p ynede0d -ky e
Sog hi-4 g 4 g gce,
file mnt6 the cham bor. 10 miace, a~
richly gilded instrument, suruidfdtk
ed by a crown ,is d pop' od on a
Bilk cud1AN' ~i6$ ifid of the
Clerk'g table, and thoro ren'
is removed' .It. .m often addked,
m' ojit, ,a ha anters and hewatsho
Ch amber, roep q; Il salutes 1t1re
same and the'r dfiwith a bow.
The de rearramlaged tIad/pr7
otf areolwadjiuouly efriugb 'a a
Englishrchurch pervica A soon as
thie doorl care 'i M Wt&' thtf jiblic
havei boon admittod'"to the .galleries
the first, Imni!)no8 in ordp3;j3. the
p~reseltation of...petitions. This is
*.n~uIallyra t lgc lpxoeeed v, , ut loss
olijectionahllo, bq~aupo it is t~a ,Qalo
to react only thie' rdorsoent Qn the
buck of eachr''It i~ *bt~t "f 'n'ote
that no petition ,a ,'1 ruohi t' which
asks~ for -for grants of mioney Qr any
l)6Ou1niary colzipendti~h, :oil' the
l'lliR1ciplo which only allwd the
govoruwiqmt to initiate IIoflyt 1fq~g5'
the lpro(3 sings &)? the previous day,
an1(1 a papecr containing thus "Oird~rs
of the Day." 1hi tL fortner aro
publi~lieil the ' Q~fehtid6i&s" which
miembors hiavo annoipwaed-rthpy, ' fo
jap~t9 ask ~pf ti~gvI~ O~)!,n
q is,
of the goveLsnw.otL have meoanwhile
*'1q , ned" ;theulselyes 'into Bc~ndi
tiq to answer . ,pyer y, , ec;vil le
coniiiidrum ta ~}netogt' f
'filozn the :,prhe A 'h oa if"i'i& fn
British Columbia'to the qtudltty" of
the mnucilage on a pOst~g0,LW11a),
proceed1 to fire .off. .the desired in
forination. These replies are'tilial..
ly brief, soul cntious uci . ep.,i timnes
s poy. It }}s ono of the dli htI of
tlgeo ppos tioni td stifl 1nt'irr~gato.
-iy piis1 4nto' tlio lnidtdrs and 'make
,thli squirni. Aft(#r this dbbatu may
follow on. theo qucrtipus concerning
which notice 17as boon iven.
Speeches aro i1 adt(o in 1ri9no i as
well Rh in'- English, ,Af "aa'bile f1 the
clorkslas rocltlired by Parliamientary
.l. ,rea.l in ! h h, i )wkuter
ofleig? iip~s aN0 rea~ i, Z;nglislh.
Th& Mo are :also ~uloat s of thio pro,
ce3Qtngs fin Ej'e~ich. *'
*Ardivision. bf;theA1duse~is; m'ader
certain , cfqntamgees, . a oritioa1
period iii the- history of. the ad14nu
istrhtion;.foi npot tli?' result may
s30nfideucv which . iniiy strip' every
Minister of bin, , power; leoad to the
' rorogatiom. of 1JVa *..?o: ho o)
izultt~bta no~v $lmtr) andt
the order- for agenbritl nlew eleotion
by the people. *In .Washington; .ss
is well kuowvz, the members ;aje
called from printed lists by: tl e
Clerkc and reply 'Aye;' or Nt"%
In Canada the praecice 1s 'fdr -the
Ohief Clerk ,to chock. off the ,,naine 6f
each member who standp. qp, nd' is
called by tihe Aaaietant Olori. It
follows ,that, the: ,latter muilb know
thlq faeo of every oie 9f. tLhe ,6
nomlber s who m ake u1 th? Coi~
mons. Thd least mistslce 'in"'A 3iiiii
-is 'vc'y.ombarrasuihg ; 'bdt 'itwo'il4
be flilJ,. &wo-]Roi ?pexJpg . ! . the
S 'eaker~ac st~i m },4m
mnembi' O6r ainifruTht b'ti~o 'lt
Ea. "no sgoli diflleulty *"lias, or cuhted,
to,,etllQe s to po rO votes rhaQcs
tiincp bo~~n hake ~ Im t)o,cp~t},q ;9f
libui: sIlt i'uio to h
i'emfark lbid qitalit1e of tf "AUE..

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