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:IVKYiin _ _ - t a lb
I pack acquaintanee cards, I pack
F N Iuldkerchiet illriationn, 1 packscroll.
all sorts, for ol1y la ednts and stamnp.
Ftn Card Co., Middleboro, glass.
O Ladies' Favorito Cards, all styles,
wi th name, lO. Post paid. J. B.
Iis'm), Nassau, liens. Co., N. Y.
New pieces sheet music, ret ails for $1.75, sent,
for 10 cis. and stalnp. Cheap Music Co.,
blhddleboro, Mans.
1 r Free n Shot Revolver
JAMs V4aBOWN S SON, 136 anid 1SS, W1ood Street,
l'ittsburg, Pa.
UN1 package conmic Envelopes, Ilk. comic
(arils, pack scroll carets, 24 p. book of
Fun; all for 10 ets. and stamp. Novelty
Co., Middleboro, Mass.
You will agree to distribute some of
our circulars, we will send you it
c(hromlo IN oILT FItAMR, and a 1( pago
1 col 111umn illustrated paper, free for 3
months Incloso It) cents to pay postage.
Agerits wanted. KENDALL & CO., os
ton, Mass.
O'y $i60 this. Only $1.50 capital required
to start, canvassing for .IARK
TWIAIN'S NI 'E S(Al 1100K. Apply,
East Street, N. Y.
1 copy curious love lettdr, 1.pk. tonie
UN Icard pack popping questiois cardes;
all for ts ets. and staunp. Fune Card
Co., Milddleboro, Mast.
With a Cola is Always Dangerous.
W ELLS' Car bolio Tablets,
a aure remedy for Coughs, and all Dis
eies of the 'Throat, Lungs, Cbest and
Mucous Membrane.
Sold by all Druggists.
C. N. CIIITTENTON, 7 Sixth Avenue, N. Y.
H 1 comic oil chrono, 7x11, mounted,
wo rthI 250., 1 pk. love cards, I Ilkcolnte
Senvelopes, 1 pack. comic cards, I pack
sCroll, 1 24 page book Fun, all st for
only 5 3ct. stamps, Novelty Co., Middleboro Mass,
The lip Tof Packcago Is (hcolargest
and tA cao ingUut. RE D AND
E SEE. 18SoosNteIsor, 1t7
En (e. Pch l'en huler rod
o 1'1,Sot of Elcguu n it hlSt~,,
Sleovo Bluttons.Oent Lak org Diamon nm.
thyst Sitno Jun .Ili d with sold. Amethyst 8hSe heart
In (lold-plated Vodding Ktn g,1ot Rtogbuit Ear 1)rns
Y adIos'Flowored and Silvered h aPin. Ladles' Pancy o.,
Pin and Dro, Oold plats Collate tnn, O.h"' e t
edWt u hin andt Sot f
ThreoOnd1-plated Studs. TA
entir Let autfrae ewI Ar
Rrl. .IAORDI.%A 'A
"- J. BRIDE, Clinton Plaoe, Now Yor;
y fliyy yLRy for all. The Eureka jew..
elry casket contalbs 1 pair
gold-plated e aig my ad
sleeve buttons, 1 Set (3l) siitral shirt study
(Cents' Im. coral pin, 1 lproved shapo collar
stu, one Rents tine link watch chain, .and I
Ladles' heavy wedding 'ring; pride of l casket
colmplete, 51) cents; three for $1.25; six 'for $2 and
12 for $3.60, all seat postpaid by ntall. Six doyen
and a solid silver watch Der $20. Agents can
make Inoney selling these easkets. Send 60 ets.
for sanple and Catalogue. We have all kinds
of ,Jewelry at low prices.
W. COLE. & CO., 715 Brotulway, N. Y. City.
t1N We are the "OrigInals" in this buitness,
;and have no 'Milton (old" or "brass" Jewelry.
"This Jewelry Casket is l emarkably attrae
,ive, and CL0 S & CO., ane reliable dealers."
Juoson Globe.
Dry Goods"Establishment
rr HIE Suwccess attending the disposal of
1.our MAONIFICENT STocK, which we put1
up~on the market early this season at ituch
low figures, con1vineos us that the publie
app~reeiato our efforts to supply th emn with
the newest and most stylish goods.
liuyinlg as WO (10 fromt the first hatnds
and for casn, enables us tooffor
-We are now receiving a now and elegant
stock of
'D 'E . G- O O " S.
which wilbe sold at the same low ruling
popular prieces. We expect to (d0 a LIvE
PUSHIJING BUSINEss, and bargains will be
' offered daily.
"A word to the *lse Is sufficient."
fI"- Samples sent on applieation and
expressago paid on bills ovor $10.
Grand Central Dry Goods Establishment.
T. A. Mcvlenrinn, 13B. B. Mecasiny.
13 A. IIAwas. Wtt. HOnKAN.
feb 20
Ihave just finished painting, papering
and thoroughly renovating my Hotel
from to1) to bottom, and now have it in
first class order and am prep~ared to en..
tertain my gunests with muche more eon
vionce and cornfert than heretofore.
Onfice on first floor and opeoning on minf
stremet, with dinning room andl sample
* room adjoining. Every effort will be
made to make miy guests Comfortable.
#e Hotel' located noit depr .to F.
Elder's large grocery and dry good stores,
and in the central and busin ss portion of
town. Charges to silit thti'ioes,
april--28-tf Proprietor.
Iaw cW Or c3
Attorney at Law
JMbr All business entrusted to him in
either capacity will receive prompt atten.
Offico on Washington street, one door
east of Winnsboro Hotel.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
No. 1, .LAw RANGE,
Winnsboro, S. C.
J Special attention paid to the speedy
oollection of claims. Will practice in all
of the courts of this Stato and the United
Boot and Shoe Manuficturcr,
'TlE undersigned re
spectfully annoalnces to the
' citizens of Fairfield that he
has removed his Boot and
Shoe Manufactory to one door below Mr.
C.Muller's. I am prepared to manufacture
11l styles of work in a substantial and
orklunanliko mdnner, out of the very best
materials, and at prices fully as low as the
same goods can be manufactured for at the
North or elsewhere. I keep constantly on
hand a good Stock of Sole and Upper
Leather, Shoo Findings &c., which will be
sold at reasonable prices. Repairing
promptly attended to. Terms strictly Cash.
:r: Dried Hides bought.
Hurrlah for Hampioll!
Dy Goods, Fancy Goods, and
Millinery Bazaar,
O) F a beautiful and full line of latest
novelties iR Spring and Summer
Millinery and Fancy Goods, consisting in
part of ,adies', Misses' and Children's
trimmed Hats, Flowers, Ribbons, Silks,
Nets, &c.
A Iprge lot of Ladies' Collarettes,Fichua
and other fancy articles. Inspection of
the Ladies and public generally solicited.
We will endeavor to please the most fas
tidious. All we ask is that you call, and
see for yourselves, and give us a trial.
Now Spring Prints. Centennial Stripes,
Dress Goods, White Goods,1)ress Imlprov
ors, Corsets :Hosiery, Gloves, Notions,
Clothing, Hats, Shoes, &c.
Agent for Butterick's reliable paper
patterns. Ladies', Misses' and Children's
now patterns in store.
;ust filled up with fre hi Groceries, Con
feetionaries and everything usually found
in a first class house of the kind,
A lot of Furniture, Laths) Shingles, &c.
Lumber low for Cash.
J. 0. BOAG.
You can find all you want by calling
april 141 T. O.B o .
U. R. Fleniliken
KEEPS constantly on band a full sup
ply of Choico FAMILY GROCERIES and
recently been replenished, and ho is now
readly to supply the wants of all.
M ICHANTS are requested to com..
pat's our prices for Paper and Paper
Bags,with those paid elsewhere.
Emperor William Cabbage.
r 11E best, largest, hardiest, and most
proittable variety of wix-I.:a CAIIAOE
known in Europe, and imported to this
country exclusively by the utldersigned,
awrcie, with little cultivation, it flour
ishes astonishingly, attaining an enor
mous size, and selling in tie muarket at
pirices most gratifying to the producer.
In transplanting, great care should be
used to give siflicient space for growth.
Skolid heads the size of the mouth of a flour
barrel. is the average run of this choice
variety. One package of the seed sent
post paid on receipt of 50 cents, and one
3 cent postage stamp. 'Three packages to
one address $1 00 and two 3 cent statmps.
Twelve packages sent on receipt of $3 00.
4- Read what a well known Garrett
Co. Marylander says of the EIsnuon W.
LIAM Cabbage:
MDd., Jan. 2, 1877.
Mn. JMI:s CAMPELL, ;( Fulton St. N. Y.
Dear Sir:--I bought soic seed I rmin you
last spring, and it was good. Your Em
peror William Cabbage suits this climate
well. On a Iloulltain Ride the seed you
scnt mo produced Cabbages weighing
thirty potunds each.
Very truly yours,
pc" I amt Sole Agent in the U. S. for
tho famous
lMlaidstone Onion Seed.
from Maidstone, Kent Co., England, pro,
tlucing the most producing the iost
prolific and finest flavored Onions known
Rnd yielding on suitable soils from 800 to
O) bushels per acre, sown in drills.
Mr. Henry Colvin, a large m-trket. garden
er at Syracuse, N. Y., writes, "Your
English Onion Seed surpirised ine by its
large yield, and the delicious flavor of tho
fruit. I could hove sold ny quantity it.
4his marset at good price My wife says
she will have no other on ans for the talle
in future. Send me as z4uch as you can
for the enclosed $5.00."
One' package of seed Tent on receipt
of 50 cens and one 3 cent postage stamp,
three packages to one address $1 001' and
two 3 cent. stamps. ''wntve packages sent
on 'Tceipt of $3 00.
My supply is limited. Parties desiring
to secure either of the above rare seeds,
4hould not delay their orders All seed
Dash must accompany all orders. For
ither of the above seeds, address
mar 1-xt Gn 66 Fulton St., N. Y.
Sawing- Machino.
PAID. Jur.v !b, 1811.
.The following specific pointsq of supe
I--Grea t hanfplIcity In Coin
t rulct lin.
3-Exceeingly Light Rtun-.
ni lng.
4-Still Ruununimng. Noiseleasft.
n-Perfor',nas all Varieties of
6-Ieauuty of Flinish and
1W orkmaunshnay.
Single Machines sent on orders direct
from the F'actory, written gualran tee with
each Machine.
prSend for circulars and panrticulars.
The Whitney Mf'g. Co.,
feb) 17 Patorson, N. J.
It. 3. cCarley
EGS to call attentioni to his niew
L1Stock of Boots and Slhoes, all sizes
mai styles, at unlprecedeistedly low prices.
Atn entirely new Stock of Groceries
lugar of all grades, Coffee, Rice, Hlominy
H4eal, Soap, Starch, Sod a,Pepper, Teai,ete.
Fine Seed Irish Potatoes.
Choicest Birands of Flour.
Best Corn andi lty6 Whiskey in town.
bacco and Cigars, Molasses, Lard,
COn, llams, &o Lowest market p~rIesu
ar S n. J. [email protected] .v
True Attributes of Royalty--The Tri
umphs of Tilden--What he Would
Have Been in the White House.
Correspoledncce FormouV Argus.
He is a little dried up old man ;
ho will weigh perhaps 115 pounds ;
he has a littlo round head, a little
round face with no board thereon ; a
little round nose, but entirely largo
enough for tho face ; a little round
bald spot on the back of his head.
His hair is brown, and has a way of
dropping down over the little round
faco ; his eyes aro blue and rather
soft than otherwise ; the lid of the
loft eye drops at times, caused by a
a nervous affection, but the expres
sion is to give one the impression of
cunning. Ho stoops a little, as little
dried up old mon will do, and his
walk is something of a creep as
though stepping on eggs. He has
no distinguished look ; one would 1
never select him from a crowd as a
man born to command ; oh no, he
looks more like a hard working coun
try shoemaker with his good clothes
on than a king, and yet in some
respects no king, nor emperor, nor
priest, nor other man of any ago, or
country, has been his equal.
He has no friends ; lie never had
blood enough in his veins either to
feel the warmth of friendship or to
inspire it. As the few ounces of
blood which ho is supposed to have
are much too cold to be quickened by
the presence of lovely women, he is
unmarried. He never made a great
speech, ne or wrote a great book, in
short, never did anything to call
out the admiration of mankind. He
is not magnetic ; a wooden Indian
in front of a tobacco shop will cre
ate as much enthusiasm as he.
At the American Institute Fair,
when open, is to be seen a great
number of curious and most admira
ble machines of all kinds, doing all
kinds of work. One may spend days
examining and admiring these various
machines. Away off at one side,
unseen, unnoticed, unthought of, is
the engine that moves them all.
Nobody sees it, nobody thinks of it.
All notice and admire the effect,
none notice nor admire the cause.
This little old man is like that
engine, unseen, unknown, unthought
of, but the cause of great events.
True, for the last few months his
name has been upon every tongue,
but this was but an episode in his
life, and although his power will be
greater than over, his name will no
more be heard. He is an honest
and an exact man ; if he owes a
penny it will be paid, and if a
penny is due him lie wants it. He
was once made a chief magistrate of
a great State, and after election the
evont was celebrated by a supper.
When the bill caime in, lhe dis
covered an error of 38 cents, and
sent it back for correction. This
wvas called meanness by the free and
easy politicians, and added to his
unpopularity, for these political
gentry like only "whole.-souled"
fellows-a wvhole -souled followv be
ing oneo whoorobs the public crib
and scatters a good share of the
plunder among his friends. No,
this little old man wvas not a wholo
souled fellow, and was hated by all
In the year 1874 the Republicans
had entire control of this State.
General Dix had madj wonderfully
popular governor, and as he was a
candidate for rc-election, it was
deemed impossible for the Demo
crats to carry the State. They made
great efforts to induce one of their
popular men like Judge Church to
accept the nomination for governor
in opposition to Dix, but the case
was so hopeless that all declined.
In this emergency for the Demo. I
crats, my little dried up old man
offered himself, and as defeat wvas]
considered certain, lie was accept
ed. Judge of the blank as -
tonishment of the politicians when
they found that he was not merely
elected, but elected by a tremendous
majority. That little old man's
hand was felt in every county and
town and school district in the Stato,
as the result showed, and he became
"the governor."
In this State are many rings, 3
among the worst of which was thie
Canal Ring. The gover-nor was
hardly installed when he began awar
against this gang of robbers. This
but made them laugh, for they
doeenied themselves invincible. Soon,
however, thingn began to asnanme a'
serious aspect for themi and they
sent. the governor a messago- some
thing in this strain, to-wit ::
"DruR GovEiNoiR-,-You know how
strong we are ; you knok that. we
hold the balance- of power in, this
State- between the two parties,. and
can elect whom: we will and defeat
whom we will ; you know that
neither party,. and no governor,, not
oven Dix, strong as he, was,. dared'
touch us. You want to, be- presi
dent, and your know that. this State
holds the balance of power in the
nation ; that whoever gets Now
York will be president ;: now if you
will, let us alone, as, Dix. and provi
ous governors have done,. we will
guarantee this State- to you;. but
should you decline, and make war
upon us, we will cause your political
death, at all hazards.
Yours truly,.
TnE IRhe"
To this the governor returned
an answer something as follows:
"Sum-You are an organized band
of publie robbers, preying upon the
commercial interests of the State ;
it is my duty to destroy you, and I
will do it or perish in tho attempt.
Yours, TIM GOvERNoR.
That showed the character of the
man. He had but to keep quiet, as
other governors had done, and the
vote of the !ronpire State was
bis ; if he made war upon the thieves.
be was sure to lose it, so far as hu.
mnan eye could see. It also shows
the marvelous power of the man
that he both whipped the ring and.
saved the State. It soo- began to
be seen that the governor would be
a candidato for the presidential
nomination. The rings became
alarmed I Big rings, little rings,
canal rings, Tweed rings, city rings,
whiskey rings, tobacco rings, rail
road rings, all, all exerted them
selves to the utmost of their capaci
ty to defeat the nomination of the
governor at St. Louis, for they too
well know that his election to the
presidenoy would be their death
knell. In addition to the rings and
thieves of all kinds, a large part of
the leading men of his party were
earnestly opposed toim. This
arose from two causes ; they knew
that if elected he alone would be
president, and would require no
kitchen cabinet ; that the power be
bind the throne would be abolished.
They had also been offended by his
coldness, and disliked him.
No candidate before a convention
over had a stronger opposition per
baps, but what was the result ? He
swept thorn all aside by a wave of
the hand and was nominated almost
without a contest. And he was
elected, too ! Elected by thapeople;
elected by the electors.
It is all over now, and the govern
Dr's name will be heard no more
forvever. He will never be other
than a privato citizen, and there is
no possible object in praising or
blaming him. We can sum up his
so now as fairly and with as little
passion as the case of Julius Caesar.
I am not his friend, and in the
amnpaign wvas inactive ; but. now
that all is forevor settled, I may
say that he would have made the
best chief magistrate America ever
had, or is likely ever to have. He
wvas doubtless botter fitted for the
place than any man whose name was
river mentioned for that high posi
tion. Could he have been allowed
to fill the place to which he was
elected, his name would have gone
:lown to future generations as the
grecat presaident. What William of
Drange wvas to England, he would
bave been to America, in the estab.
lishment of good government.
[ndeed, the two were much alike ;
both small, feeble men, both co2ld
md repellant, and unpopular on
that account ; both exact and pains-.
taking ; both possessed of executive
ibility of tho very highest order.
Bamuel Jo~nes Tilden is not simply
in able man, but a marvelous man.
Not simply a king among men, .but
i, king among kings. He has been
.ied about as few men have ; he has
een swindled as no man ever was
nyindled out of the presidency. But
uis loss is small in comparison to
vhat the nation has lost in losing
usa administration. IL. W. S.
The Newborry Herald had an espe
dily level head when it penned the
'ollowing : "The only bad feature
hbout Governor Hampton's success,
mnd the redemption of the State, is
he huge amount of poetic bosh that
uas been inflicted upon the publio.
ivery poetastor who can make a
ingle must celebrate the grand
ivent in rhyme."
Rlock Hill was unhappy until she
>rocured a town elockc; and now
ihe is ubhappy because it will not
moint to thme dinner hor pronerly.

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