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TI -857. DI IO . [ O . N. ~ f
1park a eluaith. ance ards , 1 park
N i niks se r c h f iltr , t 1 nt 0 , 1 p r k s c r o ll
All sortIs, fon i n p. Cents and staInp.
Full Cart Co., Midleboro, ilass.
2 ( Iaitt' '' a' ' '''''" r ds - a ll s t yl.s ,
20. wi th name, 10r. Plost paid. ,J. 13.
HUNirEle, Nassau, iei. C(' , N. Y.
New p ees sheet, itsIe, retals for1.75, seit
for w is. And stan p. Cheapute iC o.
A leoro, .
R eolver Free a fr er
evovrFeewtAMES En"1owN & soN, 1316 a1ltt13, Woodi Street,
PI'ttslmrig, P'a.
UN1 packagKe comltit '1 nlpes, pk. comtoe
( aui, Io; : Scroll cals, p it. bk of
A''t; aitd fo. WeDis. 11n1 &t np. Nov-elty
Co., Mid.leboro, Mass.
You will agre to distribute some of
Four circulars, we will send you i
J h r o I N I Nur F R a M , A n d aS p g O
I column illustrated paper, free for
months InClose AI cents to pay postage.
Agents wanted. KENIALL & Co., Bos
ton, Mass.
KOSee 1.11s. Onl1y $t.50) capital reqral'
to start e anvasseir forxilll
Eas, St retr, N. t.
MUN cow etriui love ll t)ir, 1 pk. come
Sards.1 pI -k p! ( ii pIetlons t:ird ii
apl for g'i i"i. i i slanii. Fl l l a ( i'
Co., M11lleboro, Mass.
W\ithi a Cold is Always Dangerous.
W ELLS' Carbholic Tablets,
a sure remedy for Coughs, andi a111lDis
eases of the 1''oat, Lungs, Chest and
Muuuus \litnbrarie.
Sold by\ all I rug!gists.
C. N. ClulTTrEN'oN, 7 tiixth Avenue, N. Y.
wI*r1 h 2e., 1 pk. live ea. I pk.cotle
. OcotI e nil Cl nton , P i I, o Yai ,,
en Y tl eJp. 1 po-lk. lale ,'mis, I p:sew
A ;r'ell, 1 2.1 Par- huok j xl'u , ll iii'r
Only 5 3i. 111 lis, Novelty Co., 311Ildlebta. r 1 (asi.
Thn'-'ipTopP1.wkw istla t ::ca^et
rep 1a 4sil w c o ls Ni 'da-r. ittI i
en e , l' Uim . Kingslst (Gold S t, ni
Ple,' lIhttum. Gents' Lako Georg1 WMarnond Pi, A mp.
thlyst Htssta' Rtint hd with sol i, A Inethyst stn.., cwt(
PAn,00ld-plated W lting ing, Set Rtoseh ns E..r 11r.,ng
I a Fluwered atdSilver-dXatI T,. ...'i 'a ": . ty.
tin and Drue , Gott!.plate Colt a- P' -tt o , c '%' lit(n -"'a<(
ed Watch Cl.itin and eat ,'f
Three oild-plate.1 Stutte. The,
oettfrs Lot weftf est-'attfor t:OF
Lenir. F'.1'P.411R11.v.tR )'
*1D UCEM vrs r' . . ; r n '' 44i ...
t.,J',. BRIDE, Clinton Plac ,l'ow Yor':
f o r+ < l a l l . T h e i ~ '' i a3_ e r ; . ' te l l . 1 ' j e w -
Dryyoods sta licohman :tr
o, l l-platal eng r av d
Nleere mitone, I set &) spir ohl shir r suns, 1
(ants' 10. coral pin, C.1 oprove h
st oir, 1ne1ins';1 i Oat, afh hu pn,a t
ulp 'hev u wie-tingring: h i1:11 e oft its'h
co ipl te. 5 ns rile] - I;; 1r.' f il -Ilx 11 '$2. ntla
12 or 5., A snt puost ps hlid by Mall. 1ix dozed
andl a solih silver watch1 for $20. A';ents cvan
uttik' mnn.,- ;'Ring ihemu ca wk+'ts. Senil :>u Cis.
fur salnge 3 (i0 alne. We he h tll kinds
of .lew'elry at fow pri-es.
W. COtt: .E A;co.. ",n ltlo'ulwa"y. N. Y. Cit y.
C' P/ uer'eIi t e i rlInil.II:ii.4 i his hustnes;
and have no '".\ lliam (.h r ' hi-ag.:" lets eg y.
''Tdhs .havelt'y (;slet Is ie'n.lrrahly aot e r
tive, and(' cott.: y ('U., are Iiiable decaler s."
Jiostl( Globe.
--AT THEL --
Dry Goods"Establishment
Mcrery & BrrM hE r
Fhlc wiE sucesol at td inhe disporalng
upontelarket W earlyt toa(1n a suvh
ppecnt our eot to spl themwseiswithcint
Buying Sais en fon theIirto1 hands
and forntrallerableos taifor nt
PUhIvo jns INshead pargtins ll e1'n
offered1( dar~gi yr11~'t ilyHte
"A1 ord to lthe i, s1( suffleaiet n
pifn- Samples conet tn pplictonand
Oxpriso i on biltllsrcu Openin on0. i
Mtrct wth ERYin r&o Bil11ERnihl
Gad tontae Dy gtomforEtablhe.
town. Oharwcs. tosu M.h timKN.
from t tobtomrn opriaetin
Attorney at Law
r All business entrusted to him in
cithor capncity will receive prompt itton.
IOlice on Washington street, one door
east of Winnsboro hlotel.
. A (.. mA. titn. J o. S l:vxor,ms.
Xf). 3 hII II' P4"(G;
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
N'o. [, L. IIt ..tXj e,
Winnsbloro, S. C.
Special attention paid to the speedy
collection of claiims, Will practice in all
of the, courts of this Stato and the United
Boot and Sioo Manur'actureip
Tl'i.t undersigietd re
shcl'dlly Ill ufounces to the
< itiztlis of l'iirfiell that lie
hims Ii,-lovedi his Io ot, atli
Shoe aliiuneitor. o to ine door bel..w \ilr.
C (.\1 aliter':. 1 ain plrepoar'd1 to n11111niheture
"1ll :vyhs of 'ork in a sublstiaitial ainl
ortinaiiinlike ii.nner..out of the very I est
mat 'riills, and at prices fully Is low 'as the
Snoi goods can be liiiifactureld for at the
iias or ?lsew8'heir. I hee1 connly:1 on
ha:ni ita good -lhwtk 01f Sole an."1 U'pluer
Leather, Show 1Findlings &c"., which will be
sold at rea:sonale prices. lb-paiino1
1.r'11n11(ly a1t1tensled to.T ra stb yCah
A 'm I )iel Iltides bought.
oct 12 1. CLFN1)ININ.
Ilihiral for laptii!
-Al' 'TmIL
MbY Goods, Fancly G;oods, and
Millinery Blazaar,
O F a beautiful a ul full line of latest
novelties in Spring and Sumnler
Milliurv and Fney Goods, consisting in
part of haul i:s', Misses' and (hildrein's
triinn'ed Hats, Fl awcrs, Ribbons, Silks,
its, &c.
A large lot of Ladies' Collarcttes,Ficlius
antit wher fancy articles. Inspection of
t he .Laini; anud public genorally solicited.
We will Ci devor to leiasu the iost fat
hidjiots. All u - waLc is thiat you call, ant
See for youiselyes, nd givo us, i trial.
New Sprin 1g Prints. Ce onial Stripes,
])ress (otls.h\liite Go ond ,I)rc ss limprov
ers. ( orets ', losicry, Gloves, Notions,
Clothing, Hails, iShoes, &c.
Agent. for Buttericl's relinble paper
patterns. Ladies', \Misses' and Children's
110W patterns in store.
Just filled up with fro-hI Groceries, Con
feetilonairies and every'thinig usal~ly found
in a first claiss house of the kind.
A lot of Furniture, Laths, Shingles, &c.
Lumber low for Cash.
J. 0. BOAG.
You can find all you want by calling
april 14 eT. O. "E o g
D. R. Flellike
iKEEPS constantly on hand a full sup
ly of Choice FAMILY GROCERIES and
PL ANTATION sUPPrLIES. his stock has
recently been replenished, and ho is now
ready to supply the wvanta of all.
MRCHIANTrS are requested to comn
pare our prices for Paper and Paper
Ba es,with those padelsewhere.
e a unummm B unw
Emperor William Cabbage,
r 111: best, largest, hardiest and rnost
1- - roiltbIle var it y of wINTR: eA InnIAain. (
know in laurope, aid imported to thi is
coinltry exchisively by the uindersigned,
wiere, with little cu li tioln , it. flour
ishts astonishinigly, attainig an enor
inous1 size, antd sellinIg inl the nartirla-t at I
prices most gratifying to the producer.
Inl tranIsplntling, great care should be
used togive sltlicienit. spaco for growth.
Solid heads the size ofthe imouth of a flour t
lcmrrel. is the average run of this choice I
vaGriety. One p'ckage of the seed stil
post paid oinl receipt of 50 cents, nid one
:3 cent postaige stin p. Tlhree packaliges to
one address ,I I() ant two :3 cent stain ps.
'Iwelve packatg's sent on receipt of $3 0. i
, T Rcad what a well k nown Garrett I
Co. MaryIlilinier says of the Esti.:non 1wn.-.
Li. A% (lahge:
tIom('IIlNOTON, Gaitr.:T Co., t
M d., ,l. 22 , 1877.
MR. dAM -s A3I-izL. (iiifulton t. N. Y.
.1 )carSir: I b uightsone seel trin yon I
last spring, ant d it was good. Your Ei- t
ineror Willianm ('ablmingo suits this elinmiate
we ll. On it mIouintaiin side the s(11 you
stmit mfo pdlotl t-'"d Ii(ai~nt es Weigh iii't
thirty ponltlld t-ehi.
1'ury truly yolrs,
---- a
?'.*- I in Sole Agent in the U. S. for
the Iainiouis
IMlaidstone Onion Seed,
from tilistone, Kent Co., England, pro,
duringu the in1ost prodite ing tht lutistC
prtlItlie aIdi linesi flavoIlred Ouions ilnowiI
and yieldii- on suitable soils fi.im $410) to
Stitt l'ushels per here, sown in d illIs.
Mlr. lIety ('olvtin, a large niriiikct garltn
er at Syraunse, N. Y.. write(, "Your
lEnglish Onion () eed suriprised rile by its
liget yield, il it he (elicious flavor of tIhe
fruit. I could hi v' sold any quantit v ir.
this lar: et at good Irices. My wif'tv 1
site will have noolheronions for the talle 1'
inl 10itur. 81nd1 1110 ats niuch Is you can i
for he un'loePd $5. "'0''
One pacmkige of seed sent on receipt
(,1 50( Pents aud one :3 cenit postge sap11111),
three Im IacIlges to one address $I 0Ht' an.1
two :3 cent stamps. Twelve plackagessent i
onl receipt of t:3 (0). 4
My supply is liinited. Pnrie:s, d1srina
to secnre either of the above rare seeds,
should nott delay their orders All seed
Cash 11nuist ne-comipany~ all orders. For
either of the above seeds, adidress
mar 1--x thu (O Ft (ton St., N. Y.
MARk % "**
PAT. JULY 25, 1811.
I Tho following sp~ecific points of supe..I
If- ra NinaIIl.city' iai Cosa.
t ruci lon.
- -EXCeeinguy Liglat Ruin
5--- Perfon s alli V'arieties of F
6 ---Elau of Finista alnd
W '1rkmnanship.
*/-(REAT RIEDUC'[email protected] IN
Single Machines sent on onilers direct i
from theo Facttory, written gunfrantee with
each Machine.
.fr'Sen1d for' circutlar's and particulars.i
Theln Win ey ME'g. Co.,
feb 17 Patersqon, N. J.
E. J. M~cCarley
J3 EGS to call attention to his new
1)Stock of Boots andi Sh o, all1 sizes .
and styles, at un1pecedetedlylow prices. D
An entirely new Stoek of Groceries M
Sugar of all gradles, Coffee, Ri< , Ilominy
Meal, Soap, Starch, Soda,Popp r, Tea,otc.
Fine Seed1 Irih Potatoes.
Choicest Brands of Flour.
Best Corn and1( fye Whiskeo in town. li
bacco and Cigars, Molas s, Lard,
con, lams, &o Lowest ma ket prices
ar 3 R. 3. te ULBY. r
FRIwAY, May" 4.
The Senate met at the usual hour,
Lieutenant-Governor Simpson pro
Several bills and joint resolutions
vere reported back by committees
tnd laid over for future considora
A number of bills were introduc,
d, read by title, and properly re
''ie following bills and joint reso~
ntions received their third reading,
md were ordered to be sent to the
louse : Bill to require all school
laimus and claims for teachers' pay
o be sworn to ; bill to repeal an
pct for the relief of the
vidoWs and orphans of persons
;illed because of their po
itical opinions ; joint resolution to
llow Augustine T. Smythe, of
ihlarleston, to redeem certain for
cited lands ; joint resolution au
hlorizing the State Tre surer to re
ssue to Phinens Pierce certain er
ificates of stock.
On the recommendation of the
omnmittee on privileges and elec
ions, the contest in the case of Sena
or A. P. Butler, from Aiken coun
ry, was decided in is favor.
r1rThe louse met at. the usual hour,
)peaker Wallace in tho chair.
A numbuer of bills and joint reso
utions were introduced, read by
heir title, and properly referred.
Several comm iittees mado reports
ml bills previously referred.
The remainder of the session was
iccupied in the discnssion of the
>ill to regulate the compensation of
onnty treasurers and auditors. The
>ill was then passed to a third read
ng with amendments. The bill
flows commissions to county treas
irers as follows : Three per cent.
0pon the first $10,000, two per cent.
ipon the next $10,000, one per cont.
ipon the next $10,000, and one half
)f one per cent. on all amounts over
,430,000, provided the same shall not
xceed $800 or be less than $500 per
mu numn, except Charleston, where
sonmmissions shall not exceed $2,
)00. The salaries of the county
mdclitors are as follows : Charleston,
,2,000; Abbeville and Richland,
,800 each ; Aiken, Anderson, Barn
vell, Beaufort, Chester, Colleton,
Jarlington, Edgefield, Fairfield,
3reenville, Laurens, Marion, New
>erry. Orangeburg, Spartanburg,
iliter and York, $700 each ; Ches
erfield. Clarendon, Georgetown,
:lorry, Kershaw, Lancaster, Lex
ngton, M arlboro, Oconee, Pickens,
Jmion and Williamsburg, $400
SATnUDAY, May 5.
Several committees mido reports,
cl ich were received and laid over1
or future consideration.
A number of bills wyore introduced
mUd referred.
On motion, the finance committee
ma reqluested to report a bill to
neet the expenses of tihe extra
Bill to require the boards of
oun ty comminssi oners throughout
he State to apportion the taxes
nnually for county piurposes
mongst specific objects for which
aid taxes are levied ; bill to amend
n act entitled "An act to renew and
mend the charter of the town of
mudorson" ; bill to repeal an act to
rotect the interest of the State
thereon thme payment of interest
LOwV due remains unp~aid en bonds
asued by any railroad, and whereon
he guaranty of the State is enn
orsed, approved May 7, 1871; bill
o reduce thme pay of county comn..
uissioners and their clerks ; bill to
edluce andI fix the per diem and
lileage of members of the General
Lssemnbly, were p)assed and sent to
hoe House of Representatives.
A resolution to go into an election
:>r chief justice wvas lost.1
Message no. 2 from the governor
ras received and read. The sub
tance of the message is a report of
lo," amount on hand from the ten 1
or cent. contribution, andl a request 4
mat Legislative action be taken on
s further disbursement. The
eosmage was referred.
The1 bill to reduce certain salaries
as discussed without final action.
A number of bills and joint roeo-|
itions were introduced and referred. I
Several committees made reports, '
hich were laid over under the a
Tho bill to prohibit the sale of
sced cotton between sunsot and sun
rise passed a third reading and was
sent to the Senate.
Tho bill to extend the time for
county officers elected at the last
general election to qualify, was
passed to a third reading.
Message no. 2 from the governor
was road and referred.
Th3 Knights of Honor.
GREENVILLE, S. C., April 20, 1877.
A number of representatives from
the subordinate lodges, Knights of
Honor of South Carolina, assembloed
in the hall of Waverly Lodge,.
Greenville, S. C., at 10J o'clock, a.
in., April 20, 1877.
Col J. A. Ego, of Greensburg,
Pennsylvania, Supreme Dictator of
the Knights of Honor of the United
States, took the chair and announced
that he was present for the purpose,
of organizing the Grand Lodge of
South Caroluia.
Credentials of representatives
were called for, and the following
Past Dictators were admitted to.
seats :
J. P. M'ooro, Wavorly Lodge, No.
302, Greenville, S. C.
J. H. Whitnor, Waverly Lodge,
No. 302, Greenville, S. C.
J. S. Connor, True Brotherhood
Lodge, No. 344, Winnsboro, S. C.
W. A. Clark, Columbia, Lodge, No.
350, Columbia, S. C.
Thomas S. Moorinan, Newberry
Lodge, No. 355, Newberry, S. 0.
J. T. RobOrtson, Palmetto Lodge,
No. 257, Abbevillo, S. C.
B. S. Barnwell, Palmetto Lodge,
No. 357, Abbeville; S. C.
J. J. Bozeman, Star Fort Lodge,
No. 364, Ninety-Six, S. C.
C. A.1 C. Waller, Greenwood
Lodge, No. 375, Greenwood, S. C.
W. R. Jones, Home Relief Lodge,
No. 389, Yorkville, S., C.
Geo. W. Holland, Walhalla Lodge,
No. 384, Walhalla, S. C.
V. F. Martin, Anderson Lodge,
No. 290, Anderson, S. C.
J. E. Bomar, Spartanburg Lodge,
No. 307, Spartanburg, S. C.
T. G. Massie, Spartanburg Lodge,
No. 307, Spartanburg, S. Ca
Bro. E. M. Lipscomb, Star Fort
Lodge, No. 364, Ninety Six, S. C.,
by special dispensation of the Su
promo Dictator, for satisfactory rea
sons, was created a Past Dictator,
and allowed membership in the
order. The following brethren were
elected officers, viz :
P. G. D., J. P. Moore, Grenville.
G. D. Thomas S. Moorman, Now.
G. V. D., W. A. Clark, Columbia.
G. A. D., J. J. Bozoman, Ninety..
G. C., J. S. Connor, Winnsboro.
G. G., C. A. C. Walker, Greens.
G. IR. Goo. W. Holland, Walhalla.
G. T., J. T. Robertson, Abbeville.
G. E., E. M. Lipscomb, Ninety
(i. S., WV. R. Jones, Yorkville.
Grand Trustees, J. E. Bomiar,
Spartanburg, J. H. Whitner, Green
ville, B,. S. B3arnwell, Abbeville.
The officers elect were then in..
The Grand Dictator announced
the following standing committees,
to wit :
On laws and supervision---W. A,
Clark, Gee. W. Hollangl, J. P.
On state of the Order-W. R.
Jones, J. S. Connor, J. J. Bozeman.
On appeals-J. H. Whitner, V. F.
SIartin, J. T. Robertson.
On finance-B. S. Barnwell, C. A.
Dl. Wailer, E. M. Lipscomb.
On mileage and per diom--J. T.
Robertson, V. F. Martin, J. J. B3oze
On returne--C. A. C. Waller, 3.
B. Cornnor, T. G. Massie.
At this stage of the proceedings
sho Supreme Dictator gave valu.a
ile information on many points of
nquiry presented by different broth.
At the reqluest of the Grand Die..
~ator, the Supreme Dictator, in due
orm, closed the first session of tla
?arand Lodge of the Knights of
lonor of South Carolina, to assem,.
>lo in second session in the city of
Jolumbia, on the second Tuesday in
Lpril, 1878, at 12 o'clock, m.
Mrs. William Vanderbilt is a for
uanato lady. She has gorgeous
Irawmng-room ears sent all the way
romi Buffalo to Mobile just to bring
ier back to the North. Her hus-.
>and is doing a soneible and a kind
y thing in establishing a library
,nd reading-room in Alliany for the.
pecial benefit of his railroad em..

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