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Tillt-WEEKLY EDITION.] WINNS 13011, S. C., THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 10, 187 i. [O.1 O 9
FUN I puk attilatntance c:ar't, 1 pack
hantkllercllef fIlir atIon, 1 pack scroll
till sort 1, for only to cen(t and stamp
Fun ard Co., alltitleboro, ,lass.
Ladies' Favorite Cards, all styles,
] with naine, 10e. Post maid. J. 13.
.1 'T~u, Nassau11, Rens1. Co., N. Y.
New pleces sheet nulsie, retIals for $1 .5, Sent,
U for I0 cs. all1( stamp. Uheap Music Co.,
31dtldleboro, .Mass.
R evolver Free at 'mbx j1at1(:e
1A un-:s inltw N So80 , 1:13 and 13s, Wo'(ut ~111+4t
Pi't talurg", Pa.
IN 1 pack:tig cnEi nvelopes, ilk. entale
Fa r(s. sck('roll ('aril.-; 2-t p. )oo1k of
Fa : ,a1l fur et ei j. ati statlp. Novelty
Co., .lldlebloro, lass.
You will fgcee to listribttIesorne of
IF our circula1rs, we will send vou n
clli to IN G t.T Fia.ut l, tigl it j[ p ,tlt
;i1 columnu illuwstrated paper, free for :3
Iionths Incloo Itl cets to pay postngo.
Ageits wanted. KENI)ALL & (CO., Bos
tonl, Mass.
00K See ihis. Only $1.511 tapltal r~l eqita
to start canvassing for .MARK
'rwAIN's N.W SentAP-nooK. Apply,
wf it i aip to -1o CA
K. lalltwell, l 39 C 4 AS SERSI
Fast ttreet., N. Y.
UJN (v f) enrlous love letter, I pk. comte
catil r, pack )oppIu nlugstions cares;
UNalt for 1o (.IS. andl stamnp. Fl''u (:ard
Co., Mldtdleboro, Alass.
With a Cold is Always Dangerous.
WELLS' Carbolic Tablets,
a sure rente-dy for Coughs, and all Dis
eases of the 'Throait, Lutigs, Cheat and
31uouls Memtbrane.
Sold by ill Druggists.
C. N. C1ITTENToN, 7 Sixth Avenue, N. Y.
1w )rfh 2.e., 1 pk. love' yard;s, It '1 p a o
enI\4, lrPos, I in'(k. ('9111 '10 im.--. 1 partk
wroll, I 2-. Ibo t u , all sent for
nly 530. sialaps, Novelty Co., MllthilebiNro Mass.
J p't-'Ftia-r- t le -itt) T,--t liii t'oI tAl' Me meres
:)u,1 he-.--sl liut. RSEA D AND
SEC. 1s shCet' ttlto 'apoer, or
I vee* MI1-1eI, Pen .htt - i;:ol '
e~t "' te t (. ) s t I si-g. t ,. sI ,t..
Sleevo 111)11 "n., [;cnts' Loi a oorgo 01aillonel 1-it,%i, .\m
t LthI s1.4o hit. k'I-to l It h gol.1, Ant h', t $:tt ,1 carf
I'in, tal-plate e t litng lat;:t iao-sl siinet.r Irn.p
Ladis' Flwi-vrert ne slt te t1 i t-i t l -ti' 1-auv $.
'ianlu l. Or, ,, ft uid plice C o -t-i , . e ' s to- r(" . ' .' t t
Ort watch haIn n1141 set of
Throt oa le-pl tI ser stu t - t. 7-7.4t
nti rt Io t ttr ft.t altr!ttl k!. i
cets.w ~1lu ivvIt:t-e .
ND!CFf'tS r, At).. l tl;.: ..Tt
J. D3RIDE, Clinton Placo, Now Yor
LR We ate f oir all. t t ' -e I:hreka Jew.
J 6!1 1?,1 1i. 11 elry c enkeotitains I pair"
Koki-phied e n gr::v e ;1
Sleeve hu1tons, I Set (R) spiral shirt, st tl. i
(;ents' lin. enol pinl, I flnin-ve'd shape coli.ir
shinl, <ne t ts' lice 10:Is teath ea1 ' ata d
Ladies hetavy weItli ES rlo, aprice 411'hI d-ale!.'
Istoea, 0 rents; I iBren for I. .; six ct $", an.1
12 lor $3.51. all snt. postI.1to l by ho :att , nio x doye
and a sIltd silver a t ii' lor, ;21. .\ en:.; en
naki tane s('tatl os te caket .4.3 ' sell et.
for 5:1111 11e 11n1 C.1a algte. W\'( have al1 lkimti
Of .rewetryat3 lowll pries.
{. t'4 l.E x o.. 4:, It~ltr away. N. Y.('iy.
C?Wh ie are I 12 *-Ordin11.0 In 1his bnt. es
and4 have no4 ".iilton 1:(;1'' or "bra ss" l'woh-y '.
''lThis .havejwlry (sket is a frkay s ul
ltie, .uu Cd ol E & Co., are reflahle dealr..- -
osmt ton Gloe-.
SI' REy to call the atteontion of the
ttJopublic to their large stock of Spring
ona1 lners, Glouis whihte aen stlrinw
Teynarky tho canfigur thebe.
4-eoo o4 ('ambriig, 10 [hents. Lprec
oey offeredusthecevdafehspl
Linln Tiesnib ri, 11rip(d Cheiekedt
oahd Plains NaofokWse Hyery WGoves,
FNrt &Car, (whi ahey e asVlow asycan
be1otesi and whe rtine tl
Thnde aeancs.10o ais rs
Ah lagente a roko ed sooi invieto
ein o theirpatok ofLagseresoo, fhir
fotlykso, Alrs, Glortes, Foa atraw~
Cias, &.
-vr Affre intOu HO .
mtay 5 rpitr
llilrrall for Hamptonl
Di y Goods, Fancy Goods, Ad
Millinery Bazaar,
I()F a beautiful and full lino of latest
novelties i14 Spring and Summer
Millinery and FaucV (Goods, consisting in
part of,adli(s', Misses' and ( hil dren's
triimIcd iats, Flowers, Rlibbons, Silks,
Nets, &o.
A large lot of Ladies' Collarettes,Fiehus
and other fancy articles. Inspfelt ion of
the Ladies and public generally solicited.
ve will endeavor to please the mnos.t fas
tidious. All we ask is that you call, and
see for yourselves, and give us a trial.
New Spring Prints. Centennial Stripes,
D)ress Goods, White Goods,)ress Iiaprov
orn, C'orsets :IHosiery, Gloves, N\otionsi,
Clothing, Hats, Shoes, &c.
Agent for Butterick's reliable paper
patterns. Ladies', \l isse's' and Children's
now patterns in store.
Just filled up with fre h Groceries, Con
foctionaries and everytlng usually found
ini a first class house of the kind.
A lot of Furniture, Laths, Shingles, &c.
Lumber low for Cash.
J. O. 3OAG.
You can find all you want by calling
april 14 . Q. 3Jya
.~ 7
I S> 7p a 7 .
'l'o-day the campaign's fairly closed,
The lucky n is he
Who tab es his seat on the -Ith of Marok
Our J.'resident he'll be
and now the next best thing
Just suited to our mind,
Is whero to get the cheapest goods
The best of goods to find.
My friends and I went out ono day,
Some New Spriang 4Goods to buy;
And we resolved, before wo went,
The diflerent stores to try.
Wo wandered Winnsboro all around
Until our feet were sore,
And found tho very place, at last,
T'was SOL WOLFE'S New Cash Storo.
Of Hats, Clothing and Boots and Shoes,
The latest to our view
'rhe very best styles of Drea Goods,
And Prints so cheap and new.
So then, my good friends, one and all,
NOW is your timxe to try
W~hat Bargains you can get of mo
Or, you need not buy of SOL.
feb 17
WE have just received a stock of
prints of the best brands at 8k cents.
4--4 Camubries at 10 cents.
Centennial Stripes at I23 cents.
A fujI Stock of Shirtings, Sheetings and
Drilling at low figures.
We have just rocoivedl a largo and comn
p)leto stock of Spring and Summxier Cloth
thing which we will sell as cheap as any
Gonts' and Youths' Felt and Straw Hats of
all kinds and at any price.
We have just received a full stock of Cassi
mores from the (IharlottesvilloMills.
Tweedsa, Cottonades, Jeans, etc,
J. F. McMaster & Cn.
1. E 3 DT 3r m L 99
Emperor William Cabbage.
F 3, 1z est, largest, hardiest and most
profittable variety of WINrEn ciiIAV
known in Europe, and imported to this
country exclusively by the undersigned,
where, with little cultivation, it flour.
ishes astoonishingly, attaining an enor
101s size, 1111(1 selling in the market at
rices Molst. gratifying to the producer.
In transplaiting, great care should be
used to give sutlicient space for growth.
Solid heads the size of the mouth of a flour
barrel, is the average run of this choice
variety. One package of the seed sent
Post paid on receipt of 50 cents, and one
3 eent postage stamp. Three packages to
ne address $1 00 and two 3 cent stamps.
.'welve packages sent on receipt of $3 00.
P' Read what a well known Garrett
Co. Marylander says of the E i'Enon WIL
LiAm Cabbage:
Md., Jan. 22, 1877.
MIn. JaMEs CAi'nLL, 60Fulton St. N. Y.
I)earSir:---I bouglhtsonie seed Iomu you
list spring, anl it was good. Your Em
leror William Cabbage s'its this eliimate
well. Oin a mIitounitaini side the seed you
ont m1e prodnced Cabbages weighing
hirty poundu each.
Very truly yours,
s?" " I am Sole Agent in the U. S. for
he famousl
Maidstone Onion Seed.
roln Maidstone, Kent Co., England, pro,
hueing the most. produciig tie most
prolific and finest flavored Onions known
mad yielding on suitable soils from 800 to
IO bushels per acre, sown in drills.
\ir. henry Colvin, a large mirket garden
r at Syracuse, N. Y., writes, 'Your
lEnglish Onion Seed surprised m0 by its
urge yield, and the delicious flavor of the
riit. I could hove sold any (uantity ir.
his maret at. good prices. My wife says
die will have no other onions for the table
n future. Send 111e as much as you can
or the enclosed $500."
One package of seed sent on receipt
f 51) cents and on 3 cent postge stamp,
bhree packages to one addre; $1 001 and
two 3 cent stamps. Twelve packages sent
ni receipt of $3 00.
My supply is limited. Parties desiring
o secure either of the above rare seeds,
diould not delay their orders All seed
'ash must accompany all orders. For
ither of the above seeds, address
mar 1--x t6m 66 Fulton St., N. Y.
tollllor& U~lller
10 thoir largo and elegant assortment
Especilally their Berry, Fruit and Presorve
To their variety of LAMPS, which, for
>eauty andl cheapness, excel.
L'o their large stock of CRlOCKERY, wvhich
hey oifor at low prices, to close c'ut their
300DS) in this line.
Meirhant Tailoring.
.HlEulndecrsigned1 informs tho citizona
f Winsboro and the connlty generally,
hat he has opoened1 a Tailoring Establish
lent inl the store next to Mr. J1. Clondin
n~g's. He is plrepared to do all kinds of
vork in his line at short. niotice and on
casoniable terms. A full line of sam ples
:ept constantly on hand, from which
ustoers may make selections. Bpecial
ttention given te CUTTING.
fob 24-t x6m WV. 0. R1OOHE.
.Administrator's Notico.
LIL persons having claims against
thle estato of Win.Davkins, doceased,
ato of Fairnoeld county, 8. C., are re
tuosted to iresent thoem to me at Spar
anburg, 8. C., p~ropeorly attemte,1. All
ersons. indebted to thme same are re
tueated to make immediate paymerit.
April 19-4t Adaministrator.
Catchin - the Stroot Car--A Better Hall
and a Worse--Influence of Gravita
tion on Ieavy Bodios.
St. Louis Cor. New York Mercury.
It was an undoubted case of blue
glass treatment.
When one of the Choutoan avenue,
St. Louis, street cars, drawn by a
singlo mule, was crossing Market
stroot, going south, ho ran after it
shouting frantically and waving a
sadly-depressed hat at the driver.
When the car finally stopped for
hin ho also stopped, and, laying
down a package very carefully,
turned and waved his hat at the
"By by, ole fol ; see you agin
sometime." Thon ho carefully pitked
up his package and started for the
car. That particular car was a block
and a half by this time. Ho started
to run, but thought bettor of it,
stoppod, and glanced around in an
indignant, injured way.
"Go to thundor-hic--with yor
ono mulo ; t'aint no railroad, nohow ;
not-hic--fur my money, you bet ;
Then ho walked along for a little,
but his attention was too much
divided to do it well. Between his
packago, his feet and the expectjed
street car, it was too mueh,. and he
said so with an adjective which the
printer spells in this way: "- ."
There was no attractivo door-step
at hand, and ho sat ddwn ,on the
curbstone wi , his feet in the gutter
to wait for thbhnpxt car.
When the next Qar, came he shout
ed at it frantically as before, and it
stopped. He didn't make any prompt
movement toward getting
up and riding in, that car, w/hich
caused the driver to use the same
adjective just mentioned.
"I jis wonder what in-hi--'s
matter with all those--hic--bob.
tailed mule cars to-day ? Don't
stop fur nuthen, nohow. Guess
they've boon puttin' 'en under blue
glass or suthen to mako 'em go."
Then he struggled upon his foot,
and having brought himself and his
package to a careful lovel, he stopped
out into the track to wait for an
other car.
When the car came up he stood
his ground.
"Git off the track 1" shouted the
He never moved.
"You aint no railroad, you aint,
mister, with only one mule. No,
No, sir ; an' I'm olo Blue Glass, I
"If you want to ride, got into the
car," shouted the driver, taking in
the situation.
"Why didn't ye-hic-say so ?
say 'fore? You ain't paying' no
'tention to the ridin' public ; that's
what's or matter with you."
By this time he was at the roar
platform and trying his best to step
up into the car. He couldn't do it
the first time ; but lie succeeded the
second trial. Tfhe driver, seeing his
passenger fairly inside, started lip
his mule at his best gait. The pas
senger sudldenly sat down in the
lap of one man and his package wvent
into the lap of another man oppo
lie wvas shoved indignantly off the
man's lap on the seat. The man
opposito indignantly thrust his par
cel at him.
"Oh, Yes-of course-hi--any
thing to 'comnmodato. Nothin' that'll
break, I s'sposoe? Got a bundle o'
blue glass myself for ole woman.
Where in hic-.'s my bundle gone
to ?"
At that moment he saw the wife
of his bosom at the other end of the
"Hello, Mrs. Bloe; d'you see my
bundle '?"
Then she came and took a seat
beside him.
"Oh, John I where have you
been 1"
"Been ? Where you been, Mrs.
Bee ? Had ai bundle for rou some
where-blue glass. D) you see
who'd-hic-I put that bundle ?"
"Oh, John I don't talk, please
don't I"
"Don't talk! What's the matter
hic-with you, Mrs. Beeo? Sick or
somethin'? Ortor been with me 'n
the boys up in or court-house, takin'
blue glass treatment. Finest thing
goin', Mrs. Bee. Cure everything
sure pop, lust time."
"Oh, John, I wish you wouldn't
talk nor tell me about it till we get
"Oh, yes, unwall to-day.-hi.....
Mrs. Bee, 's all right; blue glass '1l
fix you-fix anything -consumption,
yellow fovor-.anything."
By this timo the, car had reached
St. A ngo avonue, and she pulled the
strap for the driver to stop.
"Goin' to got off hero, Mrs. Boo?
Lem me 'sist you to 'light, my
She did'nt wait for assistance, but
stopped briskly down from the car.
Ho stopped down, too. A moment
afterward there was a crash of
broken glass, and ho looked: up from.
the parcel he was sitting on and inm
quired of his exasperated wife:
"Dropped somothin', my doar,
didn't you?" Pncnur..
One day, just after King Solomon
had written a column of solid non
pareil wise and moral proverbs, he
took his oldest son by the elbow, led
him down tho back -tairs of the
palaco, through the back yard, past
the wood-shed into the alley, backed
him up behind a hitopol wood-pile,
looked warily round to see that, no
one was listening, and whispered
into the young mana ear, "My son.
a little office in a spread- eagle life
insurance company is bettor than a
car load of preferred stocks in the
Ophir mines." And then the
monarch throw his head on one
side. drew in his, chin, shut one eye,
and gazed at his offspring in silence..
Three years afterward, when the
Great Hebraic Consolidated Stormy
Jordan Lifo Assurance Company, of
which that intelligent young prince
was prosident, went into bankruptcy
the young man was able to let his
father, who was a little short at the
time, ha+o 275,000 shokols for ninoty
days on his simple note of hand.
A barber's epiispliIHe d'ed and
made no sign.
When is a fish fora 1hnatic asy
lum ? When it is in Seino.
A young lady says that "if a cart-.
wheel has nine follows attached to
it, it's a pity that a girl like her can't
have one !"
A blind mendicant in Paris wears
this inscription round his neck:
"Don't be ashamed to give only a.
sou. I can't see."
A man saved from drowning a.
night or two since, in Boston,
abused the man who roseused him
becauso ho did not save his hat.
Josh Billings says he knows peo
ple who are so fond of argument
that they will stop and "dispute with
a guide board about the distance to
the next town."
A bill was introduced into the
Nevada Logislature by a Chinaman,
It was a wash-bill against one of its
members, and was lobbied through
by its author.
A preacher said, "Every tub must
stand on its own bottom."' A sailor
jumpod up, and said, "But, sir, sup
pose it has no bottom ?" "Then
it's no tub," returned he, quickly,
and went on with the sermon.
"I shouldn't like to be an oars
man," saidI Jones. "Why not 7"
asked Green. "Because an oarsman
has so many pull backts," replied
Jones; and then the two youths
shook hands, and went out to buy
"I say, Paddy, that is the worst..
looking horse you drive I ever saw.
Wihy don't you fatten him up?" "Fat,
him up, is it 7" Faix, the poor
baste can hardly carry the little,
mate that's on him now," replied
Statistics showv that more elderly
marriages take place in Kentuoky
than in 'any other State of the.
Union. Nothing is thought on.
either side of the house of tyig the.
knot at three score years and toni,
and along there. Influence of blue,
"Put out your tongue a little
farther," said a physician to a fair
inv'alid. "A little farther still, if:
you pleaso." "Why, doctor, do you
think a woman's tonguia has no
end 7" "An end, perhaps, madamn,"
replied the doctor, "butt no cessa,
The story i8 told th t a certain
Irishman, who hoard Fred Douglasa
make a speech, was carried oft his
feet by' the power which "tho,
nagur,' as he called him, displayed.
Being told by a companion to "SIhut
up, bekaso the fellow is only half a.,
nagur, d'ye see 1" the Iishm~an r e
torted: "Be jabers, If a man 'thr 's
only half anagur can't tP a 'ht
I'm thinkln' that a wb/ ' - u
would bato the prophP ''

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