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TtI-WE L1ihY ED)I'JION.j ,ViNNSBOIlO, S. C.,'riiuB sDAY 1UILNINCI, MAY 17, 1577. [O.1 O 4
N I:V AI) V 1( IL,'i'i S I;11 EN'I'S I
FUN 1 pzii'k n3CQl:)Iintan( cards'3313, I 1433(11
hotd krrie Hraiol 11akwoi o l,i, l Ioly'I 141, 1 pcu isand ;'ctll
1'43n) ( '33(1 ('o., 41 hldh'h' no, 3!m"s.
6 ith tnt3 13. 11 .1x3. Pot ,:i11333I~. . B.
ldk'hoi ), Nas Urs C. N.'
feo ie II s (1( 1;111). Ch 33.33sc o.
M'iddebor, Pa.i'
('atl )o1-3.'. 1r1.1~ hll33)rv rr
Revolver31 3re' it It 3o3 x . C.art3 Nui1' t".
.113 K I, (oy (y Sl1 O , 1a( a d:19,.','3.tr"c
43'('il,,333'4 pac wrll ants.3-i 14). 11l:o
You 11)33334'( to (lit -'33AM1 313m1 of 3
I .oin l rilstlr',I o 131914e,1~ will w1i
(a c 10 1 11 1 ~~)4. ;llsr~tl 44'13t34 (4) r I 33 )34;I'.
AgelltiM wated. ]1 -NDA1Lr t\ CO.. Blos
(he it. (1On l $ib (';:1 1(;( 1 '( '41r~
B (()J~ to '.33131 4 411V '5311 3133' 43,433)
B% O 11 . '. N1:1 K03(.43'-1001. .pilv 3
!1;11C A11v Al CA Vs l.' 11
1,'. M; I t lr, N.1'
('11143 3l 3'3ot.( 344333'15(' . I l:. ("111!
all fill In (:. 314(1 $3333333. 1"1111 41'1o.
11t it Cold is' Always. Dangerous.
,1 E;I4LS' ('H l' 1)111 icy 'i'hlb11(t'f,
It .51111' )'333lv for ('onglas, aIi'l ti1l f 3i;
('4i3S- (t1 3' l ii't'tt, Lu3~":, ('I,ostl 3Wi1l
1 CL' 3)N3A' I\ 1334E'1 191(95.
So1l~l bll1 Drn ij.3.
C. N. (13ITrx.'roy, I sixth Ay( u1u11, N. Y.
11 r1'I1 2 V.,I j1C.Io 4' 1":1'(1;. 1111 3''33ll
rlly lot+"..11+ 1 411 1 ' 3331 "4 hu l
';1011, 121 't-!i
011y, ft s;111 ,No i t' ( an'u. 41i lo 3I,,,,1..
'fll "."'u(~ lREADANdD
I~E IP I 1'(,,I , 'd;M~t .1, 1 :.'
34.4'..,' t .8t13.' .:k..'( l; g', Ili.u.,o 3~ 3i,., 5(,"-*
i. BRlIDE;, Clinton Pl24cc, Y~w\or,
f1,"3 ;11. '1'111' I';33'4ka 1111~-I
413'1 3t~ SakI .3. 4333333 t 334-313 I
.5I ''1l 113311 3, I ;,try. (.3) .5li3'3I l '1 Nri lst1 . 1
(1011' l3lt. [oral.3 1111, 1 133)333'Qg'(1 .'1333113 ' 04 :3'
tie , IP 3(;rids tin, ilk It L Ch333 iti n )1111
vLulsv ilo4: Ky.,e Juo."rxIn $2t , 1 ;77.1
$102 0 fo Cil A1t I0U 8( It1151. i 11I11/.1
i~ 141 a 01 so 3',I (r '3%1 It ter1313311143 ). i 13333 ("11'
I l1 1 144 l'34 '' i ;~ 1 it ;( ' - t' s . 1 0 1 1 5 , t.fo ;8 4 10 1 ] 1 ( 'a t ' . 1 , '3 3 0(4 .4 4 I 1 3A N a -l)ki n ',
of i'11' i 1011.Ih~ prie. reso i'ui
11(' O11:.5,11 (e '115;a:lo-3' if~ N. 31 15(i ".
11' ail n. ll' atlrtnll, inm ;Ii 1877i,
;:11l A T ji'(311iT.(, I(; 11 " 1 'I~l 11A 1...
:' Ah: I N'1clro' 3133(' . '."1 . I:; 3 )'111':1I4 1I34'
$31 $,00 0 Aor oN to PTS
(1111 1 11)110 t ifs
TiltIcl(-f theun ser~m~ ies of'0q000it
'1 133* 1 ('4 ll3 (.II i it i ' 1t 1,.:
beJ.. Itiautiful line of Ladies' and (ets'
Ilniaiburg Edgings and Insertions, at 1
7cts.. lUcts. and 12l ets, per yard. <
White and Striped 11osiiry, at all prices.
Gents' l'abolotdried, sbirts, Wmuusuctta
Mill-, $12 per dozen.
Pereate Shirts, S12 peri dozen.
Only 121 eents per yard, t
Always in great. variety,
)ou't fail to ('all on the Leader of Low
april 17
R 1r I 1or ali ol!
-A' T.
1y Goods, Fan11(y nods, aid-,
Millinery .Bazaar,
()l'' a beat ial a-idi full line of ltest
- niovelti n i Spring anid Sununer11(1
llillinery~ andiu Fac G11V(oods, consist ing' in
par t of; aidies', lies' and ('hildre~i n
rimmiied liatk, Flowers, Rlibbons, Silks,
Nets, &c.
A large lot of Lad ie's' C'olhiruttes,Fichuns
and other faniiey art(icles. Inspjeftion of
the Ladies and publ ic genuerally sl dicited.
W~e willI en deavor to tilease the maot fan
tid iousi. All we ask is that. you enll, and '
see for yoursemlves, andc giv~e us a trial.
Now Sprin~g Pritt. Clentenninl .St ripes,
Dress (Goods,Wh~i te Goaods, Dress Im prov
ers, Corsets :1 Ilusiery, Gloves, Notions,
Clothing, Ihnts, Shoes, &n.
Agont for ]lutterick's reliable paper
p~atternes. Ladies', \I isses' and Cliil dren's
new patterns ini store.
Juisft filled uip wvith fro hi Groceies, Con..
fectionaries and everythuing usutally fotund
an afirst class house of t-ho kind.
A lot of Furniture, Laths, Shingles, &c.
iLumnber lowv for Cash.
J. 0. ]3OAG.
You can find tall you want by calling
april1 [,TO,30g g
O.)NFE gross "of tho geuino .Brow~n
Windsor Soap.
T\vonity-fivo dlozon assorted Soaps,at the.
D~rug Storo of
april 24 Tan W. . .ormt.
.11 A -y w i I 3- 0AG RICULTURISTS !
mperor William Cabbage,
J~IM.:~ lolst, laigesii, hard iest 11440 mti
1j 41141 lti .1. ~'u.' of' WINTER cm m%(;r'
:1i.,)tii ill F":n1)e. 4101 ixop1ortcil tol tis
4)1lit 1y t.I lsiv'cl V by thle 1111411 i!~lxtoI
shy-i, w1141ith litho cltivto iii it l e. r
110 '115 4 'stilt, i~ 13 li g to the:u k' liuitti
Lsi'dIii 11 IVV 511 Iliciet'i spc fur10h i grothilt
51l1 c is tIl C iletage '1111 of this (ltoilt(
;11ietv. One phe ikag.e of the seed( Sent11
01st j ltid 1O11 14.1(3 jlt 11' 50) cents, 111141 1)114
i1*4' 11(14le:;: 11I11) antci two) 3 cenit ,1;1311):;.
~cvi j'itakgus se~t oin re4ceipt 111 $:3 0).
];':Il Whitt it wvel known Garti.t
'0...\tI i ry h :xd i says of the a~ 1~x':1~,14 ,.
,I.\,M (aidi~hige:
]1txt).oNxxoroN, (;IuInE1 (o.,
I)vSx:I uoi lit 'iotxxo seedl 11i(111 vlt
4 10. William ( 1141,1 ~( salxts this *Iiit'
I'1l. O11 a Iiiiuitlt tini .iu14' th~e se1.,I x4o4
'111 1114 J~'lou e(' t 1l)Iilgces \14'i4,}1111
hi t p111dbh 4,(1
\ xl'r tru iil VIVO.
.1.1.\11i:8 1;1;)\\'.
I a34 Sole Agentt ini tixo U. S. fox
M~aidstone Onion Seed,
1(111 \tai.ti.sto l41 Ken~xt (Co., ]higtgii4, pro
(I1i 1111(1 mi lilit 1111v orell 01111110:;ijillIrl
xiii 'ie'Ilixxg, 01 sijittlilt' soils 1' 4110 Sill) t)
11 ill bshels peIr alcre, XOtriI il dxillsx.
Ir. 11ixinry (Cohvin, it hlst ( 11111ket gull Ill
1' at t vriiiise, X. 1'., \writes, ".\'411"~
>1 ..~hisix Onion'x til 51Iii 'piscid l xe let its
ritxi. 11.1111(h.-v(-: sul ant. i111al1iiY it'.
Ills 111111 it Illt4 gi1 Ititels. ?f1 wit1' says
I1 folt I C. S(.114 ailt' IS 11111(11 its youl call
()11' jtiitp' 11.e' 10(if 51(11 t o11 ti 1t't'j'lt
1" j() eexx s 11!4 ,I li :1 ('alit 114sliigt 51t:11111
hire VIltcIl.t5 t4)oeI ll's i 014' i1111'1 ~ I(Ii a
\r :3 ce1 ', 511111)~.* 't'welve j1'11uges set-lt
JIBy 'i n1 ly is iiuit. d . Patril ' desirinxg
u) seenihi ith 4 f4 the adoreyt raret seeds1,
u'.Vxi~ tNLi:n 1''111111 AND To (;xlilMIN ATE.
'ash1I list flie(11ib 1111 ori (ilts. 'ox'
it lipi of t lit' 111)4 110' 5(4115, 11(1411(55
JA MEs C'AMJl'l31I.,
xx111' 1-xft11x lt ilt ix ln St., N. Y.
offatr Bric e
E-phfl ii toi tl'i hogI' st('to of theii
t1 x'e~xarkaldy lowv 14;g11"(.
Ixost I in11s Niii ('011:;.1 Iily 1 ys
'ilE ('11.1Y X E I '.V H 1 . 1 ..1 i J'l-;\.
El) 1; Y PiP . Li-;PI'IEflJ.
He takes a look at the now Iogislatuzro,
and givos his readors sono idea of
what cho future ones will ho.
( nrresIumlebnce Ciincinwhu i (nmercial.
To see large parties of well dress
ed ladies and gentlemen going up to
the Capitol, visiting the Senate and
House, calling on the Governor,
chatting with the heads of departs
ments, and iking merry all about
the dismal building, is a sight so
lew and novel as to invite attention.
In all my experience in the South
Carolina Capitol, which has been
e)nsiderable in the past eight years,
I have never seen a lady within the
walls of that building until this
week! This shows with wiLt ab
horrenco the whole thing was re
garded by the white people. They
had as niuch aversion to their I
Capitol at, to at small pox hospital.
how changed! Yesterday and to
day 1 have sull two or three hunI
dred ladies visiting the Capitol.
Seats have been provided for theii
a1s lllih as possible o11 the floor of
the two Houses, and the sight of so
much style and beauty among them
makes the old time colored legislas
tor open ehis dull eyes in atstunislh,
lmni t.
The House of Representatives is a
different looking concern from what.
it was when last I arw it. Form erly
the )emuocrats had only from
twenty-five to thirty mnitbers, ia
little body of whites shelved off in
the southeast corner and surronnd
ed in front by eighty or ninety
voritable looking black Republicans.
They were powerless to do anything
but argue with the black mass
around them, for thiir votes made
but. a small showing p011 the white
side of the book. Wallace, the
present Speaker, was then a mem.
ber, a.fine looking man from the up
country, but utterly unablo in former
days to see a way out. He used to
tell me that he could not conceive
from what direction the salvation of
South Carolina was to coie, but
only knew that the then state of
affairs could not in the natre of
things forever continuo. Now the
entire right side of the Chamber is
occupied by as fine looking a body of
white1 men as you will se in any
legislative assembly. What a
change from the motley crowd of a
few years ago--:- change for the
better inl apllpearanlce and conldnct.
The old black L4 gislatuiro w s a
noisy and Zrbulent body, smoking,
drinking, dancing, laughing, and
(utting up all sorts of umlnanlnerly
capers in the truly joyful African
style. The Speaker had about as
mucnh control over them as a her of
Kentucky mules. Elliott was the
onliy black Speaker who could hold
thiem withiin the bounds of anything
like deceney ; thme others, like Lee,
who is aL small nmnli with nlot muuch
phiysical or intellectual force, could
do nothing buiit rap atnd yell, drown
ing~ other nloiHss with the vomoof
that of their OwnI making.
But no0w the body is So) well be0
havedi as to strike the observer thle
tist mnoment 110 en1ters. Upon thle
right, as5 I hiave stiated, every seat
(save two or three) is occupied b~y
whiite men01. Uponl tile left half thoe
seats are valcanlt, and tihe others~ aro
occup1ied b~y abi out thirty coal black
negroes. What a contrast it
mkes!I Step to thle front, and look
first to~thie Demrocratic and1( then to
the Republican side. T1hie contrast is
overpowering, and1( you insiitantly ask
yourself, Caln thlis continue ? Shall
we ever. see again even as mlany
black legislators here as we see
now ? T his question is answered by
a close investigation of the feelings
of the whites. Behind alil thleir pro -
fossions iln favor of equal rights,
thley are bitterly hostile to the negro
as a legislator, and they w~ill take
him down from thaitt pocsition.
Yesterday I passed by Chamber.
lain's house. His hiousohlold goodls
areC palcked, anid his household godsI
ha~veb gono before. The~ lhllway wals
filled with tr'unks and~ b)oxes The
p)eplo pass5 by and say, "The chief
of tile carpet-baggers is goin) g ; let
us give thanks." Yet lie da' y and
nighitly walks the streets w~mout
fear and1( without insult, which lie
could not possiby have done while
attempting to force his claims to
the office of governor. It was
Chamberlain as the leader of the
blacks and~ as governor, set up by
their votes, if set un at all, tha
As a citizen ho could remainl ero
with all case and safety, and got as
mucih to do inl his )rofessioni as the
next maan, but should ho branch oil
into politics again, and go about the
State spcakiiig to aid organizing
the blacks, the deadly hostility
would break out again. Tho simplo
truth is, the whites believe that
they have either to bo under tlho
government of the blacks or on
Secrectary Sherman is collocting
gold, preparatory to specie ro
Toir Kansas City (Mo.) Tinges
off'ors a choice lot of young ladies as
wives, instead of chromos, for new
Miss Minnie Warren, sistor-in-law
of Tom Tiummb, died some days
smnce in Washington. She was one
of the smallest dwarfs that over
A Mr. Bennett has given $10,000
to the Freedman~u's Aid Society of
the Northern Mothodist church for
the erection of a collego at Groons
boro, N. C.
Major Reno, of the United States
armly, has I)eel suspended for two
years for rdeness to an ofilcer's
wife during her hiutsband's absence,
Fifteen thousand Sioux who re
cently sulrrenlered arc )ecoming
restless again, and fears aire enter
tained that they will soon resume
their war plaint.
The President has ordered t col
tillanlce of the prosecutions against
the whiskey thieves, and they have
joined Bline and 130n1 Wado in
denunciations of the Admiistra,
Rev. E T. Bird, Secretary of the
Preslbvteriian Publication Comin-tteo
in Reinlond, is ia (liialter in the
s-1m of :21.kI 0. He was ;t North
ern nmn, but had long resided in
the South. Ho has beoeo deposel
from the ministerial rank, and in
dicted in the lichlmonl court. Hi a
whereabouts are unknown.
Fred. Douglass delivered a lecture
in Baltimore soeno nights since, in
whih lie ittered a tirad(o of abuse
against the people of Washington
ald now thle Washingtonians are
chamoring for his removal from the
United States marshalship. Langs
ton and other leading colored men
denounce him.
Mexican affairs are in the condi
tion which would seem peculiar any
where else, but natural enough in
our sister republic. Diaz is reported
to have been elected president by
the colstitutional mothiod, and ac
c(epted with general approval ; ult
two generals are quietly getting
reatdy to "pronounce" in favor of
ex-President Lrdo.
In accordlanco with an opinionl
given by the attorney general oni the
l'ih of April last, in which he holds
that a banking house purchased and
used for 1>anking purposes, either
with part of 'the authorized capital
of a corporation or association, or
the poCrsonal fund of a p~rivate bank
er, muust be deemed cap~ita~l employod
ml tha t b~usinies's, the comnmissioner
of internal revenue has addlressed a
circular to collectors, revoking for
moer orders on this subject, and
direc ting aissfen ts, incluidinhg not
only the r-etuirns for the six months
ending 31st ult., and all periods
subisequent thereto, but also on all
roturnis Jeereafter made for pecriodsB
p~rmr to that ending upon the day
ab~ovo named, to be mado in con -
formuity with this - opinion of the
attorney general.
A Reruc or 'rnE WAn.-Mossrs.
Cameron, IBarkley & Co., of Charles..
ton, have ani interesting relic of the
"late unplensantness." It is a
wrought iron rifled cannon, tihe first
forged in the Southern States. hav.
ing beein mado by Mr. Archibald
Cameron in 18G1. It was bought
and presented, as the inscription on
the gun will shiow, to the Stato of
South Carolina by Plowden C. J.
Weston. The gun was eflootively
used by Col. Edward Maniganlt on
the WVaccamaw, in the protection of
that section from the raids of Uncle
Sam's gun boats. Hlaving boon sent
to Columbia suibseqquntly, it ws
captured by Sherman's bummers.
It was bought by the present own
ers at a sale of government property
since the wvar, and it is their intena
tion to present it to the .Marion
Artillery as soon as they ar0tvived,
or to some of the other artillery
companies of Charleston.

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