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vo.1N( r
N 1 nack acqininta40o cards, 1 pael
habdkerchtof ilirtation, I puek scroll
all sorts, for only 10 cents and stamp
tun Card Co.,'3liddle)boro, Malss.
O Ladies' FavoriteCards, all styles,
wi tli nane, 100. Post ,aid. J. B.
ROSTED, Nassau, teps. Co., N. Y.
Now pieces shoot music, retails for $1.75, ser
for 10 ct . and staim). Cheap Alusic Cu.
' iddleboro, Aass.
Ryevolver Free b'a( e
dAtss ugowN SoN', 1306 and 135, Wud ' STe
N1 package comic Envelopes, pk. onl
Cards, pack'scoIll citias, 24 p. Uook
Fu; all for 10 ets. aijd stamp. Novelty
);o., blilHoro, Mlass.
IF You will agre to distribute some u
our circulars, Wo will send you I
chrorno IN vl' FRAME, andi ' 1 page
?4 coliimln illustrated palper, free for
mouths inclose 11) cents to imy postago
Agents wanted. KENDALL & CO., 13os
ton, Mass.
OK See this. Only $1.5) catlital requlre
to s1tart canv'assin1g for .tAnI
East Street, N. Y.
I copy eniloits love let ter, I pk. colni
FNcards, I pac-k polilug (pte'stions cards
all for II) et,. anid surmlp. Fitn car<
ro., licddleboro, Mlass.
With a Cold is Always Dangerous
V ELW u' rbolic 'T'ablets,
sure remedy for Coughs, and all 1)is
"as'es of the Throat, Lungs, Chest ani
Mucous Mlpmbrane.
Sold by all Druggists.
C. N. CuITTENTON, 7 Sixth Avenue, N. Y
H A 1 comic oil chrom(nl11, morunleI
worth 25e., I pk. love curds, I pk.colni
envelopes, I pack. Coie cards, I palt,
scroll, I EL page"( book Fun, tall sent, fot
pnly r ot, stamps, Novelty Co., Mi1ddleboro 31ahss
PTho i Tnp Package in th largest
on i'n S 3 eticf Plenu -hod rteo 1
loovotionsontak rgo Dan R in.
thystStuno hlug inail. with glid. AnlIethvt itoan, Scarf
Kin, onld-pinted Wedding ting, Set osabiad Ear Drop,
Ladioa' Flowered and Silvored I t Pin. Ladles' i aucy Not
tin and t,'. (lil.piat. r Colf it I'.1t5n, own' o o l-piant.
ed Watch CI'ht and Set of
Thrve Ood-plator atuds. 7rh,
entire Let sent st:,.f,-df.w 80
$irn$ $efri"" Gr
tu~ts. Fi'T7'd1RD/.1f S* )
- J. BRIDE, Clinton Placo, Now Yor'
R fY for all. The Eureka Jew
elry casket contains ipai1
gold- piated e n g r a. e
sleeve buttons, 1 set (I) ~spiral shirt si iis
0ents' m. c'oral pIn, 1 improve'd shape cuollal
stud, ot( (ents' iine link watch chain, andal
Ladies' heavy wydudug..ring; price of I easke
comllete, 120 cents; three for $1.25; six for $2, anr
12 for $3.50, all sent post paid by3 utall. Six (aoeI
anld a solit silver wat- Ii for $-o. Agents cat
hake money sellin ' the;(, c:aekms. Seo 5in1 v,
'r :iIle and Ca nlogue. We have all kind
of jewelry fit low prices.
W. (01.1s & CO.. 7115 lrol-idway. N. Y. ('11 y.
CW We are the '"Originaatls" Iii Ihis husliess
11(1 have no "Milton (old" or "brass" jewelry.
"'IhIs Jewelry (!ask( , is re'markahly at.trae
tlve, aiid ('01.1. & CO., r:e reliable dealers.'
Jioston G'lobe. -
Kentucky .Cash Distri bution Co.
Louisville, Ky., June 30th, 1877.
$310,000 CASH N .I FTS
Lotulsyllle Ky., 'Treas.
T liEt Kentucky Cash l)strlihut Ion Co., ant hor
17.ed by a Specta) Act, of the L.egislature fo
t he benellt, of (lie PUni.ic SCrools O" 1FIANK FonR
will have
The Second of the Series of (ria~td
)lrawings ill the City of LoIIs:
iille, Ky.,Saturday, Juno 30th, 1877
G7r' A scheme commllensurate with the t~imes.
$60,000 foy nly ten.
Bead the List of (Gifts.
I (Gra mad CaM In Girds $6O,00i
I GiranaiCaxshouit.
1Grand Cash (Gift,.......-...
'1 Grand Cash Gift.... .....140
11 Grand (Cash Gifts $5,000 eaicih.... .....15,I0
5 Gratid Cash Glifts, $2,000 each......... .,tio
~20 Cash Gifts, $1,000 each......2 0 00i
-10 Cash (lits, $500 each. .......,1 1
1100 Cash (dfis $100 each. ......8,11
5>0 Cash Gft,:$50 each.........50
p3000 Cash Gifte $10 each.................0,001
6972 Cash Gifts amnounting to $310,001
Whole Ticket~ $10, Ipilves$5,Quarter $2. 50
11 Tickete $100, 33f -2 Tickets $300, 503
*' Tic'ket $50l0.
Dhaving IPositively Juno 30tl1, 17.
.And E'vory 'Three Months Th''I reafter
This is to certify that, the first dra''.ine of Ihi
Kentucky cash Distrihnilon Comipanhy tool
p~lace on the 6th or D~ecember, in .\lajor laill
le ran kfort., Ky3., in outr presenco and lloder ou
mmniedlato surplervisioni.
We further statte ~hut, every ticket, and1( part, 0
tickets, yhitch had beena scli, wer represented il
the1 wheel, and 1-utt the drawinig wtas fairly ai
honestly COnditcted. We further stato tilhat 11
had n10o Iterst, whamtever ini' I he enterpise, no0
any conlcction wvith the same, except, in ti
Character of supervisors, whose sole dity wats t
'protect, the interest of the ticket-lgbhders and tV
preside over~ the drawing.
Jiton. Alvbzinuvali, late Cptef Jilatico Suprem
Court of Hentuncky.
.Jama . Dudley, Chairman IBoard Of Schoo
Grant, Grcon, (Cashier FarmergJ iank of Ky.
ln. S. I- M. MIajor, Public ~lrip ter State of Ky
lion. Tihomnas Nl Lndsay,Trostient of the Fart
moers' Bank of -Ky, - e
Ion. Thlomnas (C. .Jonos, Clerk of Sup. Court of K~
- ndo ,t A. hompson, P'residing Jtidge Fran
James G. Crockett, plerk Franklin county cotr
Itemittancos can bo niado by Mail, Exprelss
Jraft, P. 0. Order or lIegistored Letter, madi
payablo to 0. W. Barrow & Co.
sho nroc 0 s and orders for ticket
0. WV. hA RROW & C00,
Goneral Managers,
pourler Journal Blu ing, Louisvillo, Ky
---GO TO
. beautiful line of badies' ,nd Gents
Hamburg Edgings and . Insertions, al
7i ts., 10cts. and 121 cts, per yard.
White and Striped Hosiery, at all prices
Gents' Unlaindried Shirts, Wamsutt
M ilha, S12 per dozen.
PercaLeoShirts, $12 per dozen.
Only 121 cents pGr yard.
Always in great variety,
Don't fail is Call on the Leader of Lo'
april 17
llrralI for Hlaffptofl!
Di y Goods, Fancy Goods, ani
Millinery Bazaar,
(~ F beautifal and full line of lates
\Inqve'lti'es in Sp ring andh Gummem
Millinery arjd Fancy G'ends, consisting ii
part of had es', Misses' andi Children'i
triimmed Hats, Flowers, Ribbcns, Silke
Nets, &e.
A large lot of Ladies' Collarettesu,Fichiu
an -te fancy articlesu. Inlslection oi
the Ladies and pulie generally solicited1
We will endeavor to olease the~ mos't fas
tidions. All1 we ask~ is that you call, an<
see for yourselves, and give us a trial.
Noew Spring Prints. Centennial Stripeu
SDress G'6ods,Whlito Goods,Dress Imnprov
era, Cojiets ".Hosiery, Gloves, Notioni
. Clothing, Hats, Shoes, &c.
Agent for JButterickc's reliable pape'
pattern1p. Ludies', M iSses' and Children
new p)atterns in store.
Just filled up) with fre h G(roceies, Con
fectionaries and e~orythuing usual'y foun
in a first class b'ouse of the kind,
A lot of Furniture, Lg4ths, Shingjes, &c
Lumber lowv for Cash.
. ]oAG.
Yon can figtd all youl want by eallin
april 14 [eT. O. Emg
oNE gross of the genuine Brow:
Windsor Soap. -
Twenty-fivQ dozen assorted Soaps,at tlh
Igrug Store of
april24 nnl wV n. atKrNr
Emperor William Cabbage,
HE Ibest, largest, hardiest and most
profitable variety of wiTrr cttAuoi
known in Europe. and imported to this
country exclusive-ly-by the undersigned,
whero, with little cuIlt ivationi, it, floutr.
isles astolishilgl y, at tainin1g an c'tior
mults siZe, tnl selling in the market at
prices most gratifying to the prodneer.
In tratnsplanting, great care should be
used togive sufli.ieut, spacc for growth.
Solid her,ds the size of the muth of a flour
barrel, is the average run of this choice
variety. One package of the seed sent
post. paid on receipt of 50 cents, and one
3 cent postage stamp. Three packages to
one address S1 00 and two :3 cent stamps.
Twelve )ack.ages sent on receipt of '3 00.'
pir Rad what at well known Garrett
Co. Marylander says of the Et, rta to1n WI1
rpt.M Cabbage:
BiLOOMINGTroN, tiatu.:T Co.,
Md., .Jan. '2, 1877.
lMn. Jutxs C wTm, TG Fulton St. N. V.
Dear Sir-- li huf-ht some send tram1 y"ou
last spring, and it was good. oYour Ekm
peror William Cabbage saits this elitillt
w\"el1. Ol ia ltounitin side the seed you
sent me prodneed Cablbages weiglhing
thirty liouyds each.
Very truly yours,
ftr ' I am Sole Aggnt in the U. S. for
the famlous
Vlaidstone Onion Seed,
from Maiidstonte, Kent Co.,'Enhgland, pro,
dneing the most prodneing the toost
prolific and finest flavorcd Onions known
and yielding on suitale soils from 800 to
00 bushels per ac;', sown in drills.
Mr. 1enry Colvin. a lIirgo nmarket garient
er tt Syracu1tse, N. Y., writes, "Yur
English Onion Seed surprised ae by its
large yield, and the del'eious flavor of the
fruit. I could h;'ve sol'd any <quantity ir.
tis maret at good prtices. My wife says
she will have noother onions fur the talle
in futuro. Send mue as much as you can
for the enclosed $5,0."
One 'package of seed sent on receipt
of 50 oepts and one 3 cent postage stamp,
three alkages to one addres;s "; (lth ant.l
two a cent. stamps. Twelve mktages sent
on receipt of $3 110.
My supply is limited. Parties desiring
to securoeither of the above rare seeds,
Itshould not delay their orders All seed
WARRtANTEn FiltEsi ANn To OEttlIN.rti:.
Cash tuttst accompany all orders. For
either of the above seeds, address
mar 1-xt6n (16 Fulton St., N. Y.
'coIaster & Briane
I~ ESTRE to call the attelition of the
. public to their largo stork of Spring
1 and Sumuer Goods which thtey are 5t lling
at retarlhnbly low figures.
Best Pri its, 83.cents.
4-4 4 amt aries, 10 cett.
Figuriedl L twnsH, 1.2 1-2 cents.
WVhite Piues, 12 1-2 cents.
I'lThey htave just received a fresh sup J ply
of Ladies' Collars and Cuffs, Neck rum ~tine
Silk T1ies, Etmbroidery, Stri pead, Chteckeul
anud Plain Nainsooks, HIosiery, Gloves,
SFatts &c, whicht they sellI as low as carj
be bought anywhere.
- They have a nice liano of Ladies' Drest
I Goods, consisting of Alpacas, Iron F'rau
Grenaiditne, Mohtairs, Wash Poplins &c.
The gentlemen are' esp)ecially invited1 t
extamine their Stock of Catssimieres, Shirts,
So~cksi, Drawers, Gloves, Felt and Straw~
Hats, &c.
They think they enn offert tihe hosi
Sselection of Clothing, at the lowest priu'os
ever ollered int tlie
m tay 5
1~ htave just received somte very fino ol
1Corn Whtishoy,1J'onch and A'pplo Bratu
dy3, :(rom Stone Mountain, Georgia, ani
Lincoln county, Virginia, and variona
other gradoes of (Westorn IRye Whtiskofs
North Carolina Corn and Rye Whiskeys,
D)omestic and( Imported Wines mUi
A larfjo stock of biottledi goods, consIst
tng of Champagne, Lager Iloer, fo:
fatmily uso, Ales, Portors, Soda WYater ko.
One barrel fresh Nowark Cider on'hdraughlt
Cool dlt'inks oL all desoriptions. Tobacco
Cigars, &c.
may 3 ' Proprietor.
ETyour Job Pritting dopo at
THE~ NEWS ANDl h1ltALD Omeie,
ASubjoct that has Engagefgl the Atten
Lion of Sttttesnen and Philanthropists t
for many years past.
In olden times punishment was in- t
flicted on the offender, corresponding
to the amount of pain or suffering l
which he had inflicted on others. r
Hence arose the retiliatory principle i
of punishment, which demanded an 1
eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, t
etc. But now it is considered a a
vildictive proceeding, contrary to li
the spirit of the age, and that if a 1
person is to be deprived of life, it 1
should be done in the manner which 11
will cause the least pain.
Blackstono has enumerated one
hundred and sixty ofl'ences for which,
only a century hack, the law pro- i
vided the pluishmnent of death. b
Four-fifths of these excluded the 1
"bhelefit of clergy," as it was a
called. It no longer exists, and the
death pulnishmecnt in lngland, as
with us, is iiow narrowed down almost I
to the two crimes of murder and r
treasoi,. S
Crucifixion was a very ancient "
punishment. The Syrians, Jews, 1)
yptians, and especially the 1r
Carthaginians, used it. But in no c I
part of the ancient world was this I
punishment so generally resorted to S
as in the Roman empire, where it It
was regarded as the most infamous d
of deaths. By the RIoman law tho
culprit was scourged l previously to ti
theo crueilixion, either in the prieto - .
rmm or on the way to the place of lk
execution. i his arrival there he ti
was stripped of his garmnts, and
ther either nailed or tied by the n
hinds and feet to the cross, or, as o
sometimes happened, only fastened o
to it 1) ropen;. In order to hasten n
death, it wts the practice to break a:
the legs or to pierce the body of the tq
suTferer with a spear. By the Jew- c
ish1 law, it was ordained that the m
culprit should be removed from the c
croI on the day Of his exention : ti
but the Roumuans fr2queutn y allowed p
it to hang until it drop Ted )iece- 1
ieal to the ground. ' a
Among flittnhie -els capital punish- n
pulent was iflicteud by regular killing, e
or, lsj 1i ihd e'.mow. of Soc-.atLes, by or- e1
deling t''it the victim should drink m
a bowl eif hcmiilo'ck, which is poison- I
oius. The ancient braelit e'S stoned c
their culprits to death, laid in Rome r
I cri eiin iiinals were destroyed by
throwing them from the Tarpoian ni
rock. u
In England during the Middle s
Ages death was'tho ordinary punish- h
int for all felonies ; but if the cul - c
prit could read le escaped with life v
oi a first conviction. In the British s
army and navy, within the present t
centuiry. soldiers and sailors have n
been literally flogged to death with (
a cat-o-nine-tails. Sometimes 1,000 1
lashes were ordered. The infliction, .A
though muich mitigated, is still con- t
tinned in the British military and i
naval service. In the American it v
has been humanely abolished within t
the last thirty years. n
During the first French rev'olu
tion whant were facetiously called v
"republican marriages" (where two y
persons of different sexes, bound (
together by strong cords, waqro cast a
into the river Rhono at Lyons and d
left to drown) were outrages upon t:
humanity. ii
Formerly, in Sc->tland, culprits' 'I
heads were chtoppled off by the p
maiden. It was an old contrivance V
revived, having been used ini Porsia V
in early times. In Italy its namo I
was mnannaja, and culpr'it-nobles had d
hie priviloge of being decapitated by V
it, and a'similar instr'umient had beon'
previously used in Germany. In C
France, in 1632, a 'Due. (d Montmno- di
ronci had been executed by a similar 11
instirument at Toulouse, and a con- i
tury b~ack the D~utch emplloyed it ini H
executions. There fore, in Oedober, h:
1700, when Joseph Ignaco Guillotin, h'
a physician of Paris, p~roposod to 1'
the national assembly thore the use
of the beheading maitrument wvhich t
prpetuates his namp, hie only imn-- '.J
proveoa on an old ide'a. The guiillo
tine consists of two upright pieces A
of wood1 fixed iui a horizontal frame ; ni
a sharp blade of steel moves uip and ai
down byv means of a pulley in V
grooyes mn tihe two upr'ghts ; the a
edge is oblique instead of horizontal.
The criminal is laid on his face, his a
neck immediately under the blade,
wvhich so vors it a4 a' blow from his C
body, Louis XVI. perished by it. V
Giuillotinoe was imphrisoned (luring the o
Reign of Terror, but was released at
he revolution of July 1794, and
lied in March, 1814, at the ago of
Throughout Europe, )vith tho
xcep)tion of Spain, hfanging and bo;
eading are the only methods of
xcutlion. In Eiglald there was
,)unishnlClt called "pressing to
loath." When the accusod refused
o confess hia4 guilt h was mado to
lie by the pejine forte et dure. In
ho reign of Elizabeth Tudor, ono
irs. Margaret Middleton, wife of a
ich citizen of York, accused of liar
oring a schoolmaster, refused to
lead guilty, because she considorod
[hlt such a plea would b o equivalent
c a falsohgod. She was divested of
11 her clothes and robed in a long
non habit. She lay down on the
round, her face covored with a
andkerchief. Then a door was
laced upon her, and her extended
ands were bound to two posts, hor
)et. being secured to two others.
sharp stono was placed under her
ick. Then upon the door wore
oal)ed iron weights, which broko
or ribs, while the stone under her
atck broko her spine. The poor
'oman uttered only one exclamation
a was soon dead. Traitors wore
sua1,lly boeoinded or put to tho rack,
ut thoso of a lower class wore
banged, drawn and qiqartored,"
terally cut in pikges while life yst
Tmained in the body. It need
marcely bo mentioned that for
h1ergsj," a great many porsons havo
eon burnt alive at the stake. Tho
Est instance of 'burning alive in
nglanil occurred ii 1612, whoi
artliolomew Legato was burned at
mnithiold for holding opinions simi
r to those of the Unitarians of our
In Spain and in her colonies capi
l )uliishment is inflicted by the
!rtrotte, wijch is a species of vio,
if t strangulation, which is instaii
mous and is sai( to be painless.
The piuishnet by the ''knout,
hieh formerly was general through
at Russia for almost every variety
f crime, and which barbarously
murdored iany porsons by a slow
ad prolonged and most horiiblo
)rture, was abolished by the present
rinr, Alexander II. The culprit
'as bound to two stakes, and re
eived on his baro back the specis
ed number of lashes from a whip of
laited thongs iutorwovon with wire.
'rom one hundred to two hundred
nid twenty lashes Wore the 'highest
umber inflicted, and were consid
red equivalent to a sontence of
oath. If the criminal survived he
'as banished for life to Siberia.
'ormerly, the nose was slit, the oars
at off and the letter V (for var,
oguc) branded on 'the forphead.
In China, simple beheading is the
ode of capital punishment, and the
nfortunato victim is usually half
tarved beforo his execution, besides
ging; exposed in view of the ivliolo
ommunity, who taunt him with the
ilest and merit abusivo ' epithets,
omuetines alternated by blows aind
lie pelting of stones, sticks and
iId. Sometimps tho batinad
. baton or cudgel) is used, and'
hie punsshment often destroys life.
enotheor Chinese inode of legal lifo:
lking is horrible. The culprit is
'laced between two planks, *gnad'
'hich a rope is frmly 1~ound, arid
hio excutioner 'aW8, liebdi' and
mn through the iniddfe.
A singular mno'1 of execution pro
ails in the on~ipiro of Ja >a. It
ras called harashei, 12 r kdi1
svhich means "belly-clit"), 'and'was
rocogpointed knife. It was often
one by the person hiniself, but
iore wore p~rotdssiopal performers f
1nmos~t pf the large eItios of Japa). [
'he tycoon would intimate 'Lo sucI~
orsons that he wa dissatisfied with
hem, whler'euponi, taking the hint,
hocy miade way with themselves.
'hoe Japanese . have' littlb fear of.
oath, and endure the most cruiel
arturos with a pasito fortitudo.
Punishmnent on thi wheel was first
Q1ployed in Germany on theio mur
erors of Leopold, Duke of Austria,
1 the fourteenth contury. Accoi-d
1g to the Germnan mode 'of this
r~vage execution, the criminal was'
iid on a wheel with his ai'ms a'pd j
igs extended, and his limbs, in that
osture, fractured with an iron bar.
Between the years of 830 and 900;
he laws of Scotland was harbarois.
'he following are some of the laws :
~"Thlat alporsons convicted of thoff,
ball be hangid, and all convicted of
ianslaugh'tor shall lose his head,
nd any womnan convicted of a ai
Il crime, shall be drown'd or 'byried
"fio that blaspheometh God or His
aints, shall want his tongue.
"If a son injure his parent, by w~
r deed, l hoaal rat lose ei -~
ongue, hand o4t, whereby he
fended his y n&t, and then be
cont.inued on four th ncm

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