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'['III-WE IIKLY EllI'1'ION.] il'INN51301I ), S. (),, '1'IiUJI*UAV MORNING, J UN1; 21, 1877
QC:onlega at cards aill stylesl with name 10 cets.
Poskt, pali. J. U%. llU8(TIfl'N1Is1tlU, ltensco.;
Revoverowork.ztivenShot Revolver
ve Fee witlbox (:arttldgdts
.JM hOWN & 80h)' 136 and 188, Wood &'3rtei
l'Ittts urg, 1a
1 comic oil ehroto, 7x11, molmt(d,
M o t 25(c.,Il pk. love cnt~ds, l')k.cotflh
t'vclepoH, I pant"k. comic ear Is, I pack
'~iroll, 1 24 0, (ye book lFum, nil seint fol
onlyI 1Oct. sthuapls, Noot oMideooMs
to) sitt iauntt. is~ttg fr tt
Th AIN'H 1 W h'CAt 100K Apply,
K. Hllowell, 111 CA ~tIA
'.1I 1~1ING
llytlh a Cold in 4lwitys Th1t1 gi ron
W JLL8S' Carboli~c 'blets,
a sure rcelq for Cough:;, andi all Dis
$old by all Drijq)jstss.
';. N. (1TTNrvsTdR, 7 SJh Avenue, N. '11.
-The PjacJC Hjils,
By I. N. MAtitrtE, whlo hits speint. 12 voanrs in
uI (leas AuictlItua it (Grazing t'XOt's,
p, f tt&. huI in \llUt ,' flijlns. laid11(1 "i
'ltIttUrcs IvttUI t"Ihetitl"t Ititg andu wildi Westrr
tthe ' tVtorralls, Joiling '(icyscrs, ltohlk
ever, lninnatsgoresetc. WII' h" 27" tine
5lustatlos, 111(1on m p i"ce Only It) centst
Sold by all new dealers, or~ sent post-ilut for
2 cen1ts1 by I)ONNKL.Y, L.OYD & Co., Putbllslwrs,
bleago, Illinois.
'ITho'rtp Top packcage 1s tho lart't
and bustseettitp but. ~EON
SI uo Uns., Gent.' Lake (Jeargo Ilainund 11Inm, Ante.
thyal Stone tlestitlwl~lt" guldj Amwet ht Steouea,t
i'n. Cld~platil Weadding 100 9g Set Itoaetnud Ear Dropse
Ladle.' Flowered and SttsrrOd iJaeipn. l.adios' Fancy. 1~
W'titfind Dot pa, (ouldplata Collarl Rttan, (3 'nhi 0 It ttat.
e' td,' mhlii an Bt of
l~oo-plated Stud.. '?7e ,
"teftfrLoftn Ittnldfr 5 h O
' Nuii..... Fr XRAORI)IAAR )
j s BRIDE, Clinton Plnce, Now Yoe'
EBW E R o 0all. ';iie ttrt'i~c Jew.
ell l"I kt ttuin} a
,(o 'ihcoral ph 1Iprovedi 41111le c'ollar
'stut, one Gets flue Ihik wattch ehnar, anfd I
Lad~leti'.heavy wedding Ralf; p rice orft casket
COflplem, 5u cents; ltrvui fm $1.25; six for $2 nai
i2 for*4&O, all seat osrI:aid by maull. $i1t (dze
and a 8011(1 silver hiatnh "fr $2U1. Aj'eitA can
maemnyselinW^'These casket,. Send t i.tes
'for Isaniiu1oc.nd Cnt'n 'te. 11 e have 11'' kinds
,of .Jowol iy at low prl icA1
W. G'XLls & Co. Ts Jlroa 'Way, N. Y. City.
QA' We are the "rg itils tis bttlsjnss,
andt h~ave nti"Mliltotf (t 1d" or "brass" Jo'wt ry.
"TIhis~ Jewvelry C't.sJ et i.y ),lhiarkablv attrac
tive, and'(o!.E~S &o t arc lbIhnble dealers."
t'jfustdn " Gb ..
julne 1i-4w
Daily,- T. anq. WTeekly
(9)LUM]3IA, S.(.
--B Y
JAMES A. hIOYT, Editor.
rui DALY liEG.IBTEII C~'n ttial theo latest
.1L nbW A'tiC the (day ,till cotailoretiaj
plolitical tlt'4 other rn4tter sent by tele
'grajvb, fu11'4oea1 ropib"t. , editorilsl upon
,all current tbpics, apd- Grange and Agri
cvotr Pu4!'Altrl, "hrd ~d8tra
Timu Tiff - K LY -'TR iTsrv al eiht pag
Keituck' Cash Distribution Co,
LouLsvil1o, Ky., Juno 30th, 1877.
$310,00q CA SH 4N GIF TS
Louisville Ky., Treas.
IlI , Kentuclky (C'ash Ilstrittilon ('o., atilhor
U ze b1 a-SpeI'1 lal (t of hr I it l. lire for
the bettellt of the ('un.u. ctoan.s 'u A xylou-r
WilIluve '
T'Ie Seconud of the Serics of (Irand
I1frawillgs jin the (i1ty of Loui
f , .Ky.,Satturdaty, Juno 30th, 1877,
''0,000 fo1' only ton.
edl 'ithe List' o' Gi s.
111rnaad CasNla Gift, $60,00 /
I atal c1 ('e ift... ... ....... ... .33 00
(ii ( ra :n (c' ( aft ............... ......... ....,,.
(';anz i ('ash 11 (lift..... . . 11,11111i
8(ir'anl(1('si a l (Hits,$X5,0(0 <ctn -h......... ..15,,111
1 5 I;ima is, $ i11 ts,s4 cacti ..... .AI. ,4III
20 tatsh (:f c, $1,o000each ................... .2n0.000
') t'as l (tirl , $2on1 ea ichl.................. ..11 111
10o C'ash (-111.4, $200 eachi............... . .. , 11
8110 ('ash (irts, $4Io achi .................. .xn
1500 ('ash (lifts, $511 ("e .... .. .......... ..3,o
614wo Cash (ifts, $lo ecUhi.... ...............,,14nn
01972 Cash Gifts amounting to :110,4f )
Whole Tickets$10, Jalves >,Quartri S2.5!u.
11 .icket $100, 3.i11-2 Tickets $300, 56 3--1
- 'Tic':ets 0-500.
Drawing Positively Junole .lh, I .77.
Anti Every Three Months TI. e tier
CEIa-rg maE OF s e'xavisons 0 or gottvrmy..
The presentmaaeetenpaial
notify the pmblic that th're -will 11" noi
)ostpone(elnt of this doilUing. :s is
usual ii such enterptises, b it that. i' will
positively and upty .ivdelly, take ' place
cip the d .te nauief'.:
'' Thi.lhc Heconl J)raiwing, NyIll11 b eon
dileted Ike the fit, to the fairness of
\hich t1li following n (aied geltienien
have text~iild : '
Ilon. Alvin l)uv tl, lame ('hilef J 1ist1 e Iprillen.
Cotr.of I('HI Iky.
Jattl' (:. I icltey, (airaiin l1oard of s(hoo
Grant',4rcen, Cashier Farmers' hank )f I:y.
lion. S. I- M. Majir, 1'bllc I'lnt er Siale of Ky.
lion. 'l'hoinas N. ,tikLaay, Plrosilil, of the Far
niers' Blank (Jf Ky
Ilon. Tihona.s C.Jiones, Clerk of Sup. Court, of Ky.
Jml}, eIt. A '. Toinpson, P'resl(llng .Jutige F'ranik
n COttl y IlOurt-,
Janes U. Crockett, clerk Franklin out (1.y 011.
1eiinitiances cnn be mnale by Al I1l, Exp)r-s"
DraN 'ty". u. Order ')r R~egistered <J.etter, nutilr
payable to (a. W. 11 trrow & CoI.
Tickets paid r:~onptly and '. ithout dis
Cot nt..
lNel.iabhlo A geuts wanted.
All counitnlc.111ts 111 orletL. for tickets
shouli be aiddressed to
Generatl Man,.gers,
Couriur Journal Bu ing .cuisville, Ky.
SEND F nOR ..ur.n.
mir 8--f
llilrraji for llaffptoil!
Di y pods, Fanicy Goods, au110
,Li ll i ry BRata n",
O-IF a beautiful anad fu line of latest
,novefljes in Spring n'nd Suimmez
Miliryt'i Fancy Goods, Monsisting in
patof,'tat'jes', MissIes' and CIhildren'sq
A lar go lot of Ladieos' Collarettes,Fichus
and other p n (y articles. fnspection of
the Laiesio 'ild pulic gene iiy solicitedI.
We will enlQZ avor to please the miost fax
tidious. A'l we ask is that'you cll, anud
sco for yoi.trselves, and givo us a trial.
Newv Sprip g Prints. Centonnia1 Stripes,
D)ress GoodsWVhite Goods,Ugess JImprov
era, Corsets IHosiery, Glovecs, Notionsr
Clothing, Jlats, Shoes, &C.
Agent for ]Butterick's relialo ppe
patterns. Ladies', \lisses' and Childrien's
now p~atternsq in store.
Just filod upl with1 fro- h Grocerics, Coni
fectionaries and everything usually found
1i a irst cla111s house' of the kind..
A lot of Furniture, gths, Shingjles, &c.
Lumber lowtl for Cash.
J. 0. B3QAG.
You can fin<, all you want b aln
Mo0I and Sh00 ManuftureL~ir,
JY ,NN8BQ~tO, 8. C.
TKI) undersigned re..
Sspectfully announcdn to the
. citizens of Fairfild .lhat lhe
L has remeod is Boot and
Shoe Manfstory to ono door bolow Mr.
C Mulloi-'s. Iamn prepared to mianfifacturo
'ill stylos of work in a substantial and
orkman ike mainer, ou~t of the veoyy best
matorials'and at- prices fully as low av Jho
bhme go'ecan be manufactured for af ho
North oif else~here. I kee >Constantly ogt
hand (a 'good 'Stook of 10l anld 'Upper
Leather, Hhoo Findings &d, which will be
3bla at ' reasonabl-e ries Itopairing
promt ' tton to.Terms striety Cash.
oct 12 'd' 'J. CLihTENDINING.
-AT TILE- -.
Dry Goods' Estcblishrn it
-or -
ory &r Broter~
JO LUAMIA, S. (41.
r l r :,tte:2 Y atterin thy i<. 'I i uj oif
Iitj'iii the ittjnk't. erly thtis s1;t-oii at Kt I
IIIII)1cciute oil effor1ts to Hjy 1i3 thacn With
the ne4west and mostL stylish goodss.
lhaying its We do .rouui the first. landit
an At"..sh, enftlh i U toofl,.j'
114. are nw receiving ni h1(4V 21 1 eI rgart
stocrk of
44 lJ(ltta jii y s4. ~ 1 . 'a 111 (II fil0 l (la. I 'l:Ti
f 1k-crvd liiI v.'23a
"A Wort)V( t~3 the '4V14c is4 s Ihi~ept."
c lrln44.21g4.. ir on14 it s O~ 1k :2 51 (I,.
AlaI (1111 RXl & Ji(T1hh1Il-,
Crand1 Centra D11 ry 00041es 1.-I alulicat.
TI. A.. Me( Iti~ wY. 1B. B. 'Mc' nI~iit IY.
B. A. l2~t .24 4 V.. llu.4I2KAN.
f121 2U1
Qoar loa se otts,
A full ine of Pinaiatation H1areI
watre coinsi stilg of
Lay Iron,
P.low St'ee,
~:Ieel P1w,
....Plowv iAfu1ls,
S1 Ides,
li ces, f
J Jeel
Bcre~cr E
."&c.&Rc f
'1TII 11,1'('; (oxI.'I.Sso.V OF '7;9
iUulUl)Eli OF EPJlllT lli:" BX Itiqs.
tho Connecticut 'lend EH'capes but Is
Rocaptured .Somn. Account' of the
Crimos for Which kiho Should Have
Mrs. Lydia Sherman, the mur
leress, who 'escaped from the Con
ecticut Stite Prison at Hartford
'-cently, waVH recaptured at Provi
lenco and returned to jail a few
lays after. The wonu Is a strango
.haracter, full of deceit and cupning
Tndor tho' cover of a smloohll tqpgue,
mId might deceive the ver' elect by
(r plausibility and simulated good
mturo. There has hardly been one
iko her in the criminal history of
his country-ono so utterly do
iraved, with no moral sense wihat
ver-aid her sp<udy capture ii a
natter a; profoundly' worthy' of
onegratuliition as t would have been
eeply disgraiefuli had the State of
onieCctielt lost possession of her.
L'he following is a synop is of her
onfession made in 1873 after having
wien imprisoned for lifo for the
mirdci'of ber third lusband, Mr.
Mrs. Sherman was bor i in 1824,
aid in 18-2 married Edward Struck,
vith whom; she lived eighteen years.
struck wad - a long time on the
)olice force, but being dischargeil,
ost heart, and several times at
.ecmpted sluicide. He was also in the
mabit of taking t, hs bad and lying
,bi'ro for weeks, and many persons
,oight him insane. During one
)f these fits, Mrs. Sherman says he
vas acting badly.
She continues: I called in Polie,
sergt. Mc ----, who liyed in the lower
>art of our house, aiId he advised
uo to put him opt of the way, as bto
vould never be any good to me Or
umimself again. I asked him what ho
)kant, and he told me to get a cor
il quantity of tgrsonic and give
1nm some of it. I' paid ten cents
or it, put it in some oat meal gruel
nd gave hii somd of it diring 'the
fternoon. -That ni lit hewas very
1, and at 3 o'clock the next morining
1e (lied. The following Jujy I male
p1) my mind that my two little chil
i'on, Mary Ann, six years ohl, and
dward, two yealrs younger, - would
e better off if tl'riy were out of tChe
'ay, so, after tlhnking the' matiter
>ver for several clays, I made them
ome of the same kind of gruel their
ather had eaten. ' They only sur..
ived a short time. The doctors
aid that the children died of gas
rio fever. They had not the lctst
uspicionf of the truth.
1 contirated to kdep house, and
liad four' dhildrin with mnc at the
mre. My son, Go-or'go Whitfiold,
V1ho was theu fourteen years of ot',
vas living with me. In the latter
>ar't of Aug-ust ho wyas taken sj'ck,
,nd I sent for Dr. Oviatt. "Ha said
hie b~oy had' paint er'"polic, and 'its
zo (lid not improve I became dip
ouraged, anid mixed somp arsenic
n hiistea. 'Ho died 'the rext any,
,nd the doctor said it was "pantoer's
Then my little daughter, Ann
Eliza, to~Th the chills aiid fbvor, andl
vas continulhally sick. This made
no down -liear'ted anid discou raged
gain. I had some arsenic in the
Louse5, . hich I purchasod ini Harlem,
nd 1 put it in the mellioine I bought
or her to cure the chil1s. I gave it
.o her twico ; thmen 14 ie was taken
ick as the 'others woere, amid died
Lbout noon four days aftorwar'd.
fhne was the happiest child I ever'
atw. -''
I then kent house urtil the fol
owing Mayv, going out as usual 'to
lo rnu'sinig. About that ime Lydia,
ny eldest' (daughter, 'weht to -Ndiv
for'k witl1 wvork, was taken sick, and
fter an ilgixess of twonty-one days
he died a n)atur'al death. I novdr
vo her anything the doctor did
LOL order. Then I went to Sailord
ilp, Pa., with a fa'inily n'amed
(aixomn. It was not 'It profltIble
"entura, so I i'eturned fo New vYi
;nd wvcnt to 'live with my so.
Laughiter, Mrs. Thompson. Then I
ook a 'situation with A[r. Cochran,
v'ho kdpt a Sbiwing mabbino estab
tshment in Canal street. ' 'horo' I
oceam6 acquainted with M\r. Janiles
Thurtji. Heo asked doe to' take dare
f hiW aged mother and' koeop' house
or them. I consented" to go for
ight dollars per month. I .,lived
hoto, eight months. One dtay Mr
John Fairchild, at whoso store I
bought groceries, asked hie if I
WcdAld like- to keep house for a man
who had juut lost hii wife. In this
way I becario acquaintod with Mr.
Hiurlburt, *lio : lived in Coram,
Iuntiitgton. After I had boon a
few days with hima lie asked me to
marry him; which I did November
22, 180. Tho ceremony was per
formed by the Rev. A Jr. Morton' in
his owr' hor4so. Ao lived happily
for fourteon months. About throe
monthh after we wo''o married Mr.
Iurlb-trt maqo his' will. Ie was
sul)ject to fits of diziness.
Ono day hd was nnwell, and ho
ate clams and drank cider with
saleratus in it. 'Then ho became
vorse:' On one ocasioni ho made
ine drink cider and 'saleratus, 'after
which "I became very sick and dizzy,
and took to voiting. Finally Mr.
Hlurlblrt bocanlo Yorso, and about
5 o'clobk one niing the old man
died. ' Now, I wi.ili to say that I
never gave Mr. flurlburt anything
that would cansu sickness, though
there 'may havo'been arsenic mixed
with Fho saleratus which'ho put into
the c;dor.
4 hout two months after Hurlburt
died I heard that Horatio N. Shor
man of Birmninkham wanted mb to
take a little baby to board. i mot
Mr. Sherman' one Sunday morning.
He intaoduchd 'himself to me, and
said that he had another object in
palling besides getting me to take
inro of his hrby. He wanted me as
his liousekeer, because his mother.
in--law' and his daughter cold not
get along well togetlier. T' said I
would think' about it. Two weeks
later he came again and oA'ored to
marry me. I told him we bught to
be better acquainted.' lie said that
he was coml)ellod to got some one,
as he could not have the old womanl
in the house, for she was creating u
constant distur banco He then
went away, and I did not see him
again for three gi' fou r"woie'; but
at the ond.of that tin o h 'uud me
a tenant for my farm, uVbi li'''onded
in my londi; hinl $QO. ' - -
TIfF ', UUILp IjU8B)AN1a.
In July, 1870, I lent him $309
more, and 'on the 2d of Septenber,
1870; went to 'Mr. Shornan'd
sister's house iil'4ridgewatei', 1(apLs.,
and1w were1, m1arre'id."0"
After \\' had bden married about
two morjths Mr.' shorman said one
day that ho wishid his babe (Frank)'
would die, as thdn t'h' old womad
should not stay another day in the
houso' "I was full of titBuble, a'ng
not knowing what to do, I Was
tempted to give him (Frank) sofileo
thing to 'et him out of the way,
for . thought he would .ie better off'.
They ha4 arsenic in th lousd. I
put s3ofme of it in some milk,' and
only gave to hinY once. ' That night
the chil4'died at 11 o'clock. This
was November 14, 1870. 'Mr. Sher:
man" theti'took tg'cJrink, arid I sup-,
ported the family for hbout six
months. Then came Christmas, and
Ada do'voted a groat deal of time in
decorniing the clinrchi. I furnished
her with all her "clothes and-pi
her dressmaking bills. On:"Oh~'st'
mas-ove Adat was taken sicle, aind Dr.
Boardaloy prescribod a brandy# Alini
for her, but M'r. Sherman drank 'ja
the liquor I boughit. Tip " ildk
morninM; she was nds bottor." fyn
tihe dodtor cameo Mr. Sherman" was
so drunk that lhe could not 'talk
straight. Mr. Shorzian asked' 'm
for $10 to pay the do6tor. I refun--'
ed to give it to him, saying that I
would pay the doctor nysolf. Then
he g~ot mad and wvont ut.
That madeome feel so Lad that I was
temp~tod to do as j' hie'done beforo.
I had sonie :ar~se"%i '-the libuse;
wvlich I 'tixed in hor "toa and kayo
ittfo hor'twico. She died the m1 xt
ni'nfng. '
Thon Mr. Sherman began to
drink still mere 'heavily. Atoi1
soveral m'2onths he took the goe~,
bid in a 'low weeks wlis as bJ.' as
ever. H6k sqluander. all my rgonog.
One Frigiay evening lie wafl' so
drunk I 'had to sand after him'.
The next day being" Saturday, he
remained sit horbe all day. Sunda~
he wentou04 a:Vd came hinevr
drunk. ' Nodghe went'but aginm,
and rotyifed in the evening. fle
drank a cup of~ cbo'olate' and theni
Woent out to get s'oine greens for
While lie was gene he was taken
sick, and came home immediately.
I had about'a'plnt of brandyp in the
,house and I put some arsenic in. it.
That night he drank it andthe next
morning he was very sick. I' did
not mean to kill him; I only watnted
enntlnited on fourth rioge ''4

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