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CUANos of Sou{DULs.--The follow
ing is the schedule of the Charlotte,
Columbia and Augusta Railroad :
Going South. Going North.
Leave Blickstook, 3.15, P. M4. 2.15, P. H
" Winnsboro, 4.02, P. Iz. 11.26, A. M.
Ridgeway, 4.38, r H. 10.52, A. M.
Going South. Going North.
Leave Blackstock. 12.31, A. H. ::.03, A. Mt.
VWi.nsboro, 1.14, A. hr. 1.14, A. rt
" Ridgoway, I .49, A. 31. 1..36, A. H.
All those who have given it a
trial will not be without it. It
cures. Dr. Bull's -ngh Syrup. *
Merchants and others desiring
agricultural liens can have the
same neatly and cheaply printed at
the office of TIE NEWS AND HERALD
The second election at Ridgeway
on Friday resulted in the election
of Messrs. J. W. Colemm and John
A. Simpson as wardens.
An act passed the Legislature
providing that back school claims
of this county shall be paid out of
the poll tax collected this year out
of the respective townships by
which the debt was incurred. In
consequence of this, School Com.
missioner Richardson has notified
the trustees of Nos. 8 an. 9 to
close their schools at the expiration
of three months from the time they
-On Sunday afternoon, Mrs. R. E.
Ellison, Sr., died, after a long and
painful illness, at the age of fifty-five
years. Mrs. Ellison was a lady in
whom the christian virtues wero
prominently revealed. In her daily
walk she had endeared herself to a
large number of friends, all of whom
will add their grief to that of her
bereaved family. She was buried
on Monday afternoon in the Pro iby
terian eenetery, of which church
she had long bee a devout member.
WANTED-"-A11 agent in every town
ship in Fairfield comty, to solicit
subscriptions to TimE ,NEWS AND
HERALD. We intenl this year to
make THE NEWS AND HI.;ALD in every
way a better newspaper than it has
ever yet been. Especially shall it
be our aim to furnish in its columns
a complete map of the field of poli
tics-county, State and general.
We are prepared to offer induce -
ments to any parties who will un..
dertake the work of canvassing, and
we hope soon to hear from several
U. U. MusnmAL?---If n-ot, wvhy not ?
If so, remit $1.25 subscription to
the Southern Musica:l Journal and
get as a Premium $1.00 worth of
$heet MIusie of your owvn selection
from the largest stock South, and
also a. Premium Ticket in the Grand
Premium Drawing for a suplerb
$800 Piano, which will be presented
to the first 1,000 subscribers re.
ceived in 1878. $12 worth of
choice music published in the Jour
nal yearly. Music buyers can'
afford to be without it. Try it one
year and you wvill want it for a life
time. Specimen cop)y for a 3 cent
stamp. Published at Ludden &
Bates' Southrn Music House,
Savannah, Ga, *n 1mi
Assoeitet Reformed Presbytery.
The semi-annual meeting of the
First Presbytery of the Associate
Reformed Synod of the South was
held in the Associate Reformed
church at this place on Monday at
11 o'clock, a. mn.
Roglio:;s services introductory to
the meeting of Presbyterny were hold
in the Associate Reformed cburch
on Saturday morning at 11 o'clock,
Rev. 0. B. Betts, a former pastor .of
the church, officiating. In the oven -
ing there was a conference upon the
.subject of foreign missions, with
adl:dresses by R1ev. R. A. Ross, D. D.,
Rey. H. B. Pratt, Rev. WV. A. Rogers
and Rev. W. B. Pressly.
The dlifferent pulpits were filled
on Snday by members of the
Presbytery, na followa e
Associate Reformed churoh
morning, Rev. E. E. Boyce $ ,even
ing, Beiv. J. Fu. Prssly.
Presbyterian ohurch,--mor!ning,
B~ev. W. B. Pressly i evening, Rev.
J. P. Marion.
R. A. Ross, D. D.; evening, Rev. W.
W. Orr,
The regular session of the Pros
bytery commenced at 11 o'clock on
Monday morning. The opening
sermon was delivered by Rev. G. R.?
White, of Charlotte, N. C., the re
tiring moderator, from Colossians,
first chapter, twenty-eighth verse
"Vhom we preach, warning every
man, and teaching every man in all
wiisdomu ; tihat We may present overy
m to perfect in Christ Jesus." The
Presbytery having been constitunted
with prayor, the roll was made out
and called. TLo niiisters, twenty
in lulmber, wore nearly all pre.secnnt,
together with a full representation
of the eldorship. Three thieologi
oal students. under the chargo of
the Presbytery, are also prosent, and
they were appointed to deliver sor
mons during the present meeting.
IRev. J. P. Mai ion, of Chester, S.
C., was chosen moderator, and the
Presbytery proceeded at once to
dispose of the business left unlin -
ished from the last meeting. At
three o'clock in the afternoon one
of the theological students delivered
a sermon, and at night the other
two did the same.
KII,.LING Fol Lon.
The New Phase or Fooing that has
Como Over Wife Murdorers,
1-nIhm the Clncinuti C'>mmnc,ial.
There was poor Kitty Elroy, out
in the Black Hills. Kitty coin
plained that she no longer could live
with her husband, because of his
ugly and cruel treatment. "Curso
you, Kitty," says he; "if you can't
live with me, you shan't live withm
anybody else." At that he pulled
out his little pistol and shot poor
Kitty dead. Public sentiment cx
cused him for it because ho loved!
here, too, was a certain much
married Mormon bishop, high up in
the conneils of the Lord's saints.
One of his many wives let her afiec
tions stray from this saint of the
Lord to a profano persjn. The
G.nil,e, like Barkis, was "willin',"
and the Mormon wife forgot her
duties to her hundredth part of a
husband so far as to attempt an
elopement with the fuas ainating Gen.
tile. The Lord'ts anointed there
upon, like the good shepherd of the
parable, left the ninety-and-nine
that went not astray, and hunted
over hill and dale for the one sheep
he had lost. He found her and shot
her Gentile companion dead. He I
did not shoot the stray wife. ieo
loved her too much. lHe led thme
weepinug wo man tenderly hmome. H-o
loved heri so that he wont down
upon his knees and pra'fyed over her
fervently and pc werfully, andc
mingled his tears with hors. Then
he sat clown a.'d took her upon his
knee and kissed her. Then lhe took
a razor and cut her throat. HeI sits
in a high seat in the Sanctuary of
the Lord's anointed to this div.
Public sentiment justi ied him, bei
cause he loved huis w No.
At San Pedro, Tjiaa;, a m m also
lovedi his wife desperautely, BUt she
would not get up in the mom inngs
and make the fires. Hor loving
husbatnd rois med with her, asm any
patient, rigi,t-mnin .led husbanud woul'd
have done. H-is argumrents h idi no
effect. She still refused to get up
first. Then ho embraced her
agtoctionatoly, but mildly, with a
club. Still she oorsistedl in her re
bellious c'onduct. This time hoe ad
mionished her a little hairder with'
the club, If ho*had not loved her
he would not haive cared whether
she mulod firca or not, but at last
his aff'ectionm was so violent that,
after the club of co rctLion had
knocked her cdow i, she never got up
any more. He loved her, but sho!
wvould not make fires, and nowv she
makes no futss.
Finally, there was Gustav Labu.
tat, a Frenchman, in New Orlans,
wvho, a fewv days ago, murdered his
wife in the most artistically affee-.
tionate man ner'. He gave her time
to pray-which wvas very kind of
him, Then ho put his arm around
her' waist, and stuck his knife up
to the bilt in her stomach. "On
finding she was not dead," says
Gust'.v, "I picked her up, kissed
her and said :'God bless you I I
love you, you are not dead ; prmay
again, because I am going to finish
you.' She placed her arms around
my neck and said : 'Gustav, I love
you.' Oh, God I it was the happiest
moment of my life. I saw she was
suffering, and as I conld not~ stand
and see her suiffer, I took the knife
blade and out bor throat." R-ore
was the most considerate and affec
tionate husband in the world. He
could not bear to see her suffer.
Like poor Kitty Elroy's husband,
tike the Lord's amnointed Mormon
.bishop, and the Texas man, he loved
his wife so that. he kilJed her.
All of which is enough to make a
woman guestion whether it is not
rn.ther nsky to hae a ve... lo..n
Ireat MeI'it II Fernalo Diseases.
S'rA'rr; OF GrO1t.oA, Troup Co.
This is to certify that I l:ave exarninel
the recipe of Dr. Josiah Badlirld1, and,
as a modical man, prononiinc it to be at
cotiintiont of medi eines of great wrerit
itn (le tratmrtit of all Skinl tis.iaisas of,
feailes for v ihielh he reeo(minenlis it.
WM'\. P. Im\ER ,. . D).
This Dece''mtber 21, IbU8. april 2 -2w
Ice ! In :' I T o!
r.rI1E Coluamia It1 le 1Healle is now Open
for the seasona, andl prepa't to sell
taturt'al lee at fr'ut i o I' cer:ts per
pondtl, aliccordin;g to (jntnity. This ice
is far pref'eral)l to any maan1u1fitared by
chtemical ptroc11S.
M. S. HIA'.IMAN, Agent,
april 2-law3w I olttulila, So. ('a.
All sufft'rersi fromih I ll t:as( Il tat are aax.
atou to bt' enred .Ian,nl( iry i)11. KISS"lit's
('"1'b,a:(t'ad ('on ,aaanr ltiv.' I'O\\ ' ,1' S. 'T'ir"sr
1'tmw lers all I tfi,l otn11m pta on ln wn th l
will e itr ' 'l' ON uri t all t.Ilt.wases of
I lte 'ill 10 .\'TI atl I,' NC S --titeud. s: s: i s
(aa' it llh iIn 1 i' a. awnd :als') fal eonylnee you I Iaat
IlIa'\" at'e na. llalmt og. wi will to''arr( ta ,) 'v r'
stlferer by itil. a"t paI l, a FitEE'I'i{.\I. IVOX.
We ta't wian ttat yuri' mo ay Inti. yo are
perfectly i iIltttaeof itatelr c11r":Ia Ive 1aamVe's. If
your lif' I ' w r'ili11 Ivt . riona'I lt-.":v i giving
alwae POWDERS i tili, I. ais they wtil siurely
(l't,a Vot.
'I't. lor Ih ge box, :a.a). ient III an part, of
i t't Ialat :aasor ('an:ad, by aall, ot re.
ce11t. tii p,rtre. A tt aa:rs,
flee ^-i.+ e) :aiu Flaltoni St.. Hti t :l1 n. N. Y.
lie St.ito of, South 'al'oliuia,
'ou't o' Probate.
To W1illiamu 'l,lhst")n, Grtin :
YTO U' are h('rel' reit r eal to app e'ar at
-L the Cmtrt of Probl ata, to ba' hol'n
at F':airtiltl Co'. Ilouse, for Fairlielt
County, on1 the el -'ventl daiy of' Julnle
A. ). 18i7S, to ttowl" calis1e, it any you
call, wI. IL awrit ftor the nadelltaulrt etlt
of dowir in Ith' real estate of Jamlllhs M.
P'iinney, lece';el 1e.ieribe 1 in1 I he
petitioln of Mary T, I'hinney, tiled in my
liiire, shohil tnt iksse, aiilitting to the
said Mart'y 'I'. PiinneV the otte. tiird p.t
of th't sail prat'mises for her Ae; antd also,
why ther: sholtl not be ian a5s'ltment of
utt-thir'd part of the rents atl lirotitt of
the said upremises fromi th ia to ot the
death of the sail Ja:iaes M. 'ihinney, to
wit, le 31st alty of May, I 2.
(liVEN under my a11nda' an(d seal this
fourth day of April, A. ). 1 873.
0. R. TIIOllPSON, l.,s.
Judge of Probatte Fairfield Coni ty.
TO the Dueetncdant Williim Johnston:
''AKE NOTICE that. the sumlnmons in
this aetion, of which the for'fgoing is a
copy, Was ile 1 in tie oaie of the Probate
C%ourt, at Winniloro, in thW' county of
Fairtiell, in the State of South Carolina,
on thet 4L day of April, A. 1). I 878.
Petitionr's At.tornevs,
april G-t la'tlilw Winnslboro, ti. t.
'JIiIl'i-iIID YJE Aia.
'lThe MXost. Popnira SCienItitic Paper in thn
Onjy $'3.20 a Y'ar. Inaolud1ing Postage.
52 Niann:mps A xu.a.n. 4,00) acn rAc.s,.
rUall S( If.NT1IFIC AMERIC\N is a
sixteenl ~ p-i'!, prit''e d in It- tuo at. beaaa
ltiu st .', pronfia-ly ia:,tate-l wvith
spal. ttI d a n 'ait.s r', prae.senin g t.ht
nI wesat ainvention iaindlt the motast rcenat
t a,aces' ina ''- arts aand sei0tnces;. incel t
alir g lm'achaaties amii en'giner'ai n g, stUia.atn
enlgilaweraingt~ r.il ':1y iin~tag, CiIvii, gma
a.n.i ilydrla.aulie a ar.~aitag, altill wor-a'
ir'an,t steel and ~ in- t al wi'a' ; c'lt mist ry
tand em011idal I rocei's: Electrtieity', light,
hieat, saund:a 'lThnoloii'y, photoLC traphyi~,
new1 ''! v.ieN', i laprovern.a tts p.-taitning
Ormgi.,. new't idledrai ad p rouIa:ta, anaimtal
v'ege'tIl'atb al and mi'eabl newl anal initer'est
inlg f'actsa itn r'ricutur a ae, hor't icuI tl'r, t hi
hlomet, htealtl. ueie. roctiaess, soc,i~a
scientce, natiaIl haistor'y, ge'ology,astronao
mty, etc.
'Te most v'alulable practical papei(rI,
biy emainen~t wrtiters int all dep!~arltments o1'
sciienci', will he foutndl in the eiettilic
Amearicant; t.he whole pre'senated in popua
lat' lanaguage~, free fr*om te3Chica el terms,
illumstrtted with engr'av.inigs, and( so tat'
ranged aa tio it Lt'rest and( intforri tall
c lasses of renjdars old aniC d ' youtg, Thea
Scrientiic! Attnericant is pr'tootive of
kanowledgaeI( .tatd prt'ogrecs inl everty cm
htavo a plavc in every tiamly, r'ealg
room, il'ibay, ico' Ie!; or schIool. 'oT'erms,
s3.'i a lar yeai-r, si IM haait ye'aar, wih
inaindetlts prepa)ymIenlt of poastagO. Dis
enuttt to (Clbs andia Agentt n. sinlgla
colpies taa cets'. :' 011laby aill Neut sdeal
aeas. linut by~ lostal ord'aer to MVUNN &
C0., Pubhis heras 37 Pnrk Ibow, New York.
ti'i( Ametrican, Miessrs.i MUILNN & <0. atro
l'olicitoars of Amterijcanf antd F"oreign Pa
tonts, t'nd hav t ho t laragest estatblihmaen t
in the world. Patents are <bhained on
the best terais. Modelsq of now jnven-a
tioans and sketches oxamninoad, anld adlvico
fre. A tapeocial notico is maado in the
Secntille Amnericant of all intvent.ionas
paitontedl throughd thtis agency, witha tho
name anal residonce of' theo piateto.
Puballic attention is thi;a directed to theo
merita of ihe new patent, an d salos or in
troduction often e'e.cted .
Any . poraon who huas niado a n.ow die
covr or invention, can ascertain, free
of ebhnrgo, whtetheor a patenit can probably
be obtai nod, by writing to the under
aigned. Ad dress for the Paper, or con
corning Patent s,
MUNN &o C0,,
37 park Row, Ne~w York,
Brapich OfBoo, Oornier F and 7th St eets,
j-m 8.4' Washington, D, V,
Pay your subs.ription t b.
Mnnan4 si4.,
The Newa and Couriors
Lltrgesit Cirenlation nt the City.
L11rgest Circulation ir the Miate.
Largest Cireulation irt the Cotton ;tates.
Ai.1.' 'I'E N11,WH A 11 1 (1'l ('-\Ii()1.NA.
Ai,l.'PTil: \ N' : .\lit(>t"'r'il I.: stI i i '1
Al.I. i'll' N -'WS -'OM .\ -;\'lt \111-:1.
PIur' -1111d Undtilt'I J)ellnltci'aoy I
liecgi l/int, 1 i4' par'itmIt (t. i inlcrest feit. Iin the
apprcciIelIIig lollile tat cv itss IIy e,'ry
I)eluiner.It who lopes to ste I 'i great
work of 1I1e iSech-tl"t Il1n 1Of 1ite State
liaitl cor plei1. atill pelnit:Itl il so
thitt I ie lOpit- ut:.v re:p and
fltlly "n.Imy lhe t' Ilr t of
Ii. r saerlice.s,
T1'1lE NEWS AND COUIER will direct
aill its eperg;its antd remitirees to p re-.
ent;;tig fIroi ctny to day, trt(l
fromn wt.ek to week, fiu aii :nl
intere:cting accounts of
the pro gress of tli
( AailPA1(iN.
F To plae e pa)'ir witlhiI the renli of
Ct"'ryIacty (lttr g l iss elt'\ailliln 0111 tt we
lI:sVe <let erin1ileti to olfer to .\Nall Subscriers
tie olltlowing
Reduod Rates for the Campaign :
Til N IEWS A N1) t: )1-1 Il:t, I).slly Edit ion,
e; in:1',l li'................ .....$-t o
'I'll NEWS AND 'UI IllEli, 'r11-\'s ekly
SL: i nl. I Ino 11i:....................... .O0
I.: \\I -:l C - K 'cH\S.4 m1 n1il I............. 70
Si ; -;: Iptbins will h e r .""ve':t :tt these r:ics,
FOlt MA11. Xt'IIIISCI I:ltS ONLY, tut111 3Ic v
15. 1i all CirS1' the ca.hi inlst cil y t ipt l lie
l"'r 'n'(is or' t he (':I a' of Itonest. himeti' i ' I
all I ht' euout1ll's Iare Ivi\ '(I " i al :+1 it I swi'llring
(tr (atunpaIgni Sub.,"; fp1 11n ,i.,l, wrhtch (11-. flt
to Inl"lulc"etve'ry itc111._cent v"):er in the iaut"..
It10 o \n.1 & 1 wSox'. I'roprlem ,,
3aIrn"'i Lu -It ('l.\Ii..S'I'( N, S. C.
Offielal Jou'rnal of' the City.
ONE YEAR, by Mail .........,. .$8.
Six Mo'rus.................4.
Tm-W'EERI.Y, peAn ........4.
North and South Carolina, Georgia,
I: Ic;na andi Ai:tl :tna.
--0 -
fAu tl Demcrtiepp ownb the peo-se
There is a curious story about some native
wines which are extensively advertised nowa
days, and have only recently beeni put upon
the market. D.r. UnuderhillI, the well-known
,rape-grower of ''roton P5oint, died in 387!.
Some of his h-.:rs entertained temperance
views of stuch extreme kind, th.at thev wer
unwilling to allow the stock of wines then on
hand to be sold or any more to be made.
The grapes have sorpetipnes been sent to
market, atnd sometimes left to decay upon
the vines. It is only now that the other heirs
have suceceedecd .in arranging for a settlement
of the estate and the sale of the wines on
hand. Among these is a winc of the vintage
of 1864, described as a "Sweet Union Port,''
but suggesting the Inmperial Tokay more
than any other European wine, and being
wuholly unlike any other wine of American
growth. Its purity, age and mellowness are
remarkable, and bmoth physicians and wine
fanier hae aspialitrerst in it as the
oldet ntiv wie no acessblein any con
siderable q uantity. T1he whole stock is'in the
hands of the wel l,known wholesale grocery
house of the T1hurbers.-N. Y. Tribune,
Nov. j9, 17.,
The above speaks for itself, bitt we would
add at this Is the pure juilce of the grape,
neither drugged, liguored nor 'watered; that It
has been ripened and mellowed by age. and
for medicinal or sacramental purposes It Is
unsurpassed. It can bo obtaiped from most
of the leadIng Druggkts thrtoughout the
United States, and at wholesale from the
undersigned, who wvill fonvard descriptIve
Ipamphlet, free of charge, oct application.
Respectfully, etc.,
H. K.& F. B. THURBER & CO.
}Vat Bmadway, Reade and Hudsona Strets,
35r OTICB],
AoDIT'r' OFFIo'x,
WIzNNSBoO, fI. C.. March 29, 1878,
I IS omlen will bo Opien from 'ho 1st
to thei 311th of A-srit, 1878,for- the pur
poset of duplicating steh ret.urns for the
ieal year t77 an have betir des'troyod.
Agonts will be at the following places at
.the timten npecilledt, viz:
Fe'gateorvillo, A pril 10. 11 and 20.
Monticello, April 10, 1I anid 20.
.Jenkcinavilje, April 1t0, 11 and 20.
Iforeb, April 101, 11 and 20.
Ritd gowvy, AprIl 10), 11 and M.
Jilythewood, Ap)ril 10, 11 and 20.
Gladden's Grove, April 10. 11 and 'O.
Bear Croek, . April 10, 1II an d 20.
WVoodward's, A.rit 1o, 1.0 and 25.
All persona between 21 and 60 years of
P.ge are liable to P'oll Tax will report
aarsh .80-t t. . .
1 hercby call the attention of my friends
and the public generally to my Stock of
New Goods recently opened at the stand
form-nrly occupied by Bacot & Co., and
cordially invite all to enll. My stock
consists in part of the following
Prints, Long Cloth, Bleached and Un
ble:chei i lulispnili, Fine and I leavy
Jeanis, Plailid, Cottonates. Ladies'
and (Uents' Hosiery, Ihand
kerebifs,o';. I onte's antd
Clark's Spool Thread,
Needles, Yarn, &c.
Sugar. Coffee, Tea, Rice, Pepper, Spico,
Ginger, Nutimegs, Soda, Starch,
boali, I3acon, Lard, HMuls,
Moasses, Flour, Meal,
Grist, Salt &c.
T also have a select stock of Chewing
and Simoking Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes
and Pipes, at the lowest
Marc o 3 J. M, BEATY.
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TUST AIIIVED, including, all the
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boro Dr,y Goods, Fancy Goods and
Millinery Bazaar.
MI1S. I OAG wishos to return her sin
ecre thanks to her friends and the publio
".enerally for the past patronage, soliei -
ting at continuanc~e of the samse. She will
msdeavor a1s heretofore and( is deterinedcc
to ple'ase the miost fastidious.
Milliunely and Fancy Goods Stock is
;ompldete, F'rench Pattern Hlats, trimmed
11d( untrimmezud,Strawi Hlats and Bonnets,
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C .. &c'.
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march 30 J. 0. BOAG.
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Just received at
Spring and Summer Cassimeree
fromn the Charlottesvili.e Wo.oleg
Just arrived at
J. F. McMASTES & C0.'S,
A fnll lin.e of Gents ' tur, Woo)
and Straw Hats.
Just arrived at
J. , McM A$TE R & CO.'S,
Gents' and Boys' BJaltim2ore made
hvnd and Machine sowed Shoes.
Just received at

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