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TUESDAY IOlt1ING, July 8, 187.
'TicMs of Ti N1wsw AND I1EIIAL). .'
--Tri'weekly edition, fbur dollars per t
Mutm, in advance; weekly edition(, a
two dollars and ifty cents pertn.uairm, 4
in advance. Liberal discount to clubs
of five and upwards.
t.vreIS of Ansvl6.tISINO.-Olle dollar il
p1"r inch1 for the first insertion, .ad b
tfifty celts per inch t'ir each subse<1 tent r
insert ion. These rates apply to aiil ad- 1i
vertisemenuts, of whatever natu tc, and
are pavable strictly in advaLiee. Con
tracts for three, six or twhelo months k
made on very liberal terms. Tran- n
sient local not ices, fifteen cents per tl
line for the first insertiont and sev en
and one-hlalf cents por line for each l
subsequent,insertilon. Obituaries and 1
tributes of respect charged as advcr-- t,
t1istltn:i1t8I. Sinple moltleuncmnts o (;
marriages and deaths published fre o 01
charg;e, and solicited' tl
All coimuniulcatolln, of whatsoever
nat.ur(o, ..h'.ulld be addressed to the
Wimshoro Publishing Company, l
WVinnsboro, S. C. C
New Advertisteomnts.
Notices tt Crcditors.-W. 11. Kerr,
Clerk of Court'
TcE Cna.u-Fresl an1d pure, at the a
Winn1sboro hotel, every Ty.esday and 1b
Friday, after four o'clock in the after- r
Ayer's .Cherry Pectoral-the worlds ii
great l'enedy for colds, coughs, con- C
silmpt.iof, aid1 all affectionls of the h
lungs and throat. * tt
The "Glorious Fourth" passed very o
quietly in Whinsboro. Most of the 1
stores w.rQ closed, .bit' further than .
this the, day was about the same as ally
other. ih
I3unt1LAuv.-On Saturday night last.
the dwelling of Rev. Willard liellard- s
son1 was entered, and. the thief took ofi o
some articles of .clotiling,. in" which 0
were Mr. Rie!"rdson's gold wia' iand eI
about thirty dollars in Mony. The t
thiefseemi to havceutered. by the front t(
poreh. There is no clue tt th0'guilty i
Pt0tsoNAL..-l)1'. Isaiah Simpson was
absent lt week in Ittenanee nipou
the North Carolina Association 'of'
D)ental Surgeons. H-e was elected fir".-t d
.vle-.presidiclit of the body for the ensut- p)
ing yeft,.a1td read two essays, one on
''Dental Chemistry'' and. o11e o;n
")ontal.Hygiene," both of whichNVi were (;
highly comimended in the report of the iI
proceedings. ti
A[r.'J. C londinling, of the "Pah11netl.o 1)I,
House," will accept our thaik:8 tr a -t
bottle of flue French bramd&: 'This. '
brandy was scectcd with great care t]
by Mr. Clondining, and ivi11 he found .A
both pure and palatable. Mr. C. has
also in stock it fine assortment of'
wines, liquors; segars and tobacco, of
which ho respcctfully invites al in
spection. .i
AT 'rIIE DEPOT--Another lareg lot e
of the New Davis Sewing Machines, ,p
-which wi1ll be iln store to-day. All in 'I
w aft 9 Art-ii a mahine for fan- h~
ly'sdhthyil do'el to' get' one0 of' si
these. Over thirtynarenowh in sein,tis s
county, anid giving general sat isfheli on. a
Call on Mr. ioni, who will show u
the nmachuine In Operation. P'arties canm 1<
thtejidgo of its merits for the mnseives. a
TIlE YOnLKvILLE NEwvs.-'Yo are
- glad to welcome on~ the list of oiiy ex-a
changos this irew wveekly, puibished by
M lr. H. M. WYarlick, a gentleman of'
initelligence and long experience in
journalismi. The numbers of the KYews
thus far r'eceived are nieally p)rllted, c
and the.reading matter bespeaks care
in its selection and ability in Its qom-t
position. The paper is ani outspoken ~
Demnocratie organ. We trust this nui
enterprise will, receive tihe patronage ,
a hnd oeouragenient It deserves.
TinE RI:nyAo iOrstxtssio.-At tile ~
.regutrn ispectinlg of the Gladden's ~
Grovo Grange, held on last Satprday '
eveniing, tile followving resolutions R
were unanimonsly adopted:
R Jesolverd, 1, That iln the p)resent conl
test lbetween tile m)erchanlts of Winns- t
b >ro and.the Charlotte, Columnbia and t
Augustai Railroad Company, iln the a
* matter of overchar'ge for freights, tis ~
Gr'ange, as wvell as otur whole comn
anunity, are i)terested. t
Besolved2 2. That we Onleourage the T
merchants in this contest in every pos5
si,ble way, and urge uponl thlem to sub- 6
-mit to no compromrise; in order tlutt
tihe matter may b)e fInIally adljudlicatd,
by thle highest tribunal in thle State. ,.
*4Re8olved, 3. That theo above resolit.. C
tloitm be sent.to TinE NEws AND) IER-- t
* A.fviph the requestL to pilblisp,
:It; UT1 In ' 0115 .-The' 4
Fourth of July in Chester was cole- E
brated by a parade of colored firemen. t
Nefptiqes, of Charlotte, with their -
gio iad the Fairfleld nook and i
Ladder Company, of Witmsboro, with
-their truek, ,ioined the companies of a~
Chester, - The. companies were full,
* nmc mxare i Iv good .prde,r, making
qite- a hailsome. parade. In tihe C
* our't-hotts0 indrsses -were- made by
* Gineral Walker ,and T. C, .Gaston,
Sqq,,na by officers of,the copnpanlies. ~
-AiW pitrtis e6Niiredato thea plepic,
r loid, where an ab\md4nch was pro
idd The day 'Jaded %lthout< a
bu4ttbrno6n in high spIi'ItA and gqad *
rd,They reflected oredW,bn tY1e
o~ ~1Vinlbotd their
~ e i 'on Wnn boro to
) have said that the grievances should
ave been submitted to him bet're any
tept were taken in the courts; that
Ito publicity of the quarrel would in
ire Wiunsboro as well as the road:
it the road lad the law on its side
nld that the ierchanta would only
)so money by the fight; and lastly,
bat the estimate by bulk would not
inke freights higher than an estimate
y weight. (Tlle answe's were that
epeated remonstrances in the past
ad produced no efl-et.; that all those
'ho trade with Winnsboro havt
nown of the disadvantages it labored
ndor in afli)rding a market.; aud
terefore the town has nothing to lost
y additiotial publicity; and that it
ad no reason to be careful of the ii.
'rests of the railroad. '1'le ner.
lh-eants do not believe that the law is
'ith the railroad, and, its for the cost,
lcy have calculated it befoirehlatnid
n(1 have all the money necessary tc
r.cOutlo the cas3 to a coin lasien.
thier points were discussed. The re.
ilt of the conf'erenco was to leave
lings precisely as before.
A new tarill' has been published
-hich is said to be very liberal. I. is
tub to the whale, but the whale hra
een harpooned so often before that it
sfuses to bo beguiled any longer.
'i. l: Suiau.v's Orvic.:.-At a mneet.
ig of the White Oak Deinocratic
hub, hold on Saturday last, the fol
wing )rcalblc and resolutionls were
n1aIinimously adopted:
JVWherea.s, There seemns to he t desirc
a (he part of a portion of thO )enoe
toy, by ieans of the priinary election
stein, to tomuitate a personl tor. ap
uil tnent. to the sierifl's office. and
h(r"cux, by at recent act. of the Legis.
.tutre the power to fill the va'aiev
I Saidll lice has been placed in th'e
tits of the (iie' Executive of the
ltte; and itereas, we believe that
)ccldence to law is, or should be, one
the cardinal principles of the Deit -
-atic party, at(l that any attent thus
htmper or cotti'o the Executive itn
to dischat'ge of his dlties .y lictatinilg
hinm ti-tcighl the p1rinttary elect io(1
both ttn'ise, aud dethnentatl to the
te-rests of' the party-unwi as it
Cuid del'iat the vc'r' end for which
tc )resent. law was5 01m8: 01, detri
UI;ta1l as it would nlullil;v- and over
de clear1tly delthed hi1w ; a cortse
'hich, if persisted in. list resuft. in the
isinuite.nitoio and destmuction of the
art.'; theref'ore,
isolerl, 1. That we elphat ically
isatp)rovc.ol' having a pr"irt:tirv ('I1(e
oil fori the pur posie ofl'loitintti 11
ndiicate For the sheti(F's oflice, -unt:1
)e tiit' of making Ilollintatioins for
lt neCXt get('t'al ('leOtion.
2. That. we are willinr; f'or our mleml
fars of the .l.egislaturlle to represen t.. u1$
1 thlis, as well !as inl I1r1e ilnportant.
3. That this preanlble anld resolut
ons be sent. to '1Tlp, Ne.:ws x. .lli
1) for ptublicationt.
S. R. Jolnt''ro.
A TaP TO C-EW4Taa.-OI Thursday
xe,editor of Tu.;-ws iD H.:ALD
isited Chester to witness the closing
cises of the gr,add school at that
lace, in charugo otf Mr. Withierow,
'he exerciser were hold in.,the court
oue n oovr neetn, cont
sinag of in 'citatiow of's tie primary
--hQlbrs ini coiiceert . on lines, shapes
nd' scolors. They'i awered quite
icelf, and1( Itelligelitly. Then, fol
11ved a classi int phonetics, spehlig
ud( dliacriticall marks, showing evi
ences of' car'efutl drilling. Ti'cnt Mr.
Eithierowv took a class ini music antd
sked them a number of questions on
me theoryv of music, foll,owing tllus by a
inging of' scales anmd exorcises-, ai
ustly by several capitally rendere:
r>nigs. Time. and tunno were botht !ox
ellenit. These exercises were nYo'rel)
itended to show the new' method o
)aching. For criticail exattinmati(it
isitors were roquested to attwnd thm(
egular class. recitations. Mr. Withe
ow theni made.his report, widch wat
uite encouraging, showing that at
many as a htundred and eighty-sevem
cholar's have been in attendlanco. A
ale<lictory w'as next dlelivored very
racef'ully by Mr. Whitlock, who wil
ntter Princeton this fall. Ills manuel
ras far above the ordinaryo .Aftei
tise Mr. R1. Means Davis, int responts<
a an invitation previously extignded
ddressed the audience on educsation
iA the free school1 anid 9n loca1'taxa.
lon. .After this the exercises closeti
rith a benediction.
This school is in ta very flourishing
ontditiQon. Mr. Withrow'I is lably as~
isted by Mrs. Bland and Miss Killian,
he Rev. Mr. Saniders toehies a~ fen~
lassoes oagh day.- 'Miss Cornwel
inches inslrumeontal shus1c, Wo' hays
o doubt a local ta.x will be leviedl fba
iliitpport of the sochool, so soon as s
Ill can be secured' from the Logisha.
tire. Mesei'a. Pat;terson, Agurs an<l
ut.kinson are the -trustees. Our tili
rae very pleasant. We met the in.
3llectual for'ce of both the Reapoter
nd the Bulletin. :Much laick to both.
THE TwEjirrn REGIENT.-In) ac
ordance with a resolution adopted al
10:. recent, meeting of' the Fauirflel
urvivoi's of' the, Twelfth Ighe'
0o. 1. 0, Davis. has issued tho fol low.
g call;
o th 8miiggMembers of the 12t1
CoxninsaiouilfiTi fidinbort
f the twvo companmies, C antt( F, fr'oti
1 l fe l d it t h6 2 . 9 j ~ x t h s
hose Liv'6 0 og0
omanles, cor uposed the 12th lIegi
i McG~
rg n
'e's 4 ')4ecO~
organize in ltegimnenltl A ssocialtion o
tihe survivorti of the Old ''weltlh.
I hurleby wvarmlly exteld this ilvitationil
to thl surv viiig m cnlibers of tbote
compi llies, a id trul, trust th4y'y will
recolvo our suggestiol in the sincero
spirit with which it Is mnade, anud so
Act upon it forthwith that It. will not
be long, -I carnestly hope, be'ore the
8 trvivors of to Old 'I'wolih, one t.d
all, will have a ioartthlt. reunion.
Will (to I'ickentf Scutiinel, the Rook
lill Ilcralt, the Yorkville Veihs am111l
l, 'Utrirer, the lancastur L and
Jieview, and the Colhiiai yist er
please copy. Ii .N uv 1'. DAy- is,
'resdt. F. S. A. 12t1 h lgt.,
NlGowan's Birigadc.
Z.Actn. 'ro 'ititl It( >xr.-Senator
'/ach.lt Caln(uiler says that. he oxpl,ois It
visit Ohio during Septibuer, and will
take part inl the :mpa1)igII, ald presenlt
pat'iol i511 and a1)nt1ional spl)e'maIlev
Iga1list. State sovereigIty as the par a
mlouttt princil>les ol' the eanlnpai'wn, i
Steadl of, (the finanllces. As regards ('nn
d;lates, he says that (eiiurl Granlt has
the support. of torur-fil'tbIs of' lit'h liepub
livanls l'or 0 11he nom 1inat 11io. lie enite'r
tains niO thought. that, Secretary Sher
lnlltn h: S aiy prospect. of a no111ination,
andl(1 says when yolI get the ll)-stones
ol'a few harge cities yout have reache1
the extent of his inillience. lie duoes
not tlhink tial (he iovem11ent in lilvor
o lthe nomlint iou of Seinator. David
Davis, of Illinlois, by the I)Inocralts,
will Succeed, lnd believes tihat. Tilden:1
to-<by a111:4 t he hest. celi11('. The'll( Sena
tor says thalt lie is ill conlst ant receipt o1'
advices Frot all parts of the (colntry.
and Ihat I Lattnitpts of Ile friends < t
Mr. Shernin to <ivide the Southern
deleralions on (en('enil (jralt is rc
I ceiving no (ncouragemiient.-Specd
to the St. L:oti5c (lole-iemocrat.
Tiile IS'r'i1:S OF I ). IN.-JaeI(us
1. Edis, ill at lettor pubhlishedl il New
York on the 28th oi'. ute, oulIiIes his
phul for it railroad across the Isthiins
of Darien for carryinlg ships. lIe
i'gues against a :t1111 on the groinid of
the expense and tinule 1r:i(}uire(1, :11d
s2,vs that tor .M ,>,0 J(OU, whiohll is oie
thi'd of the esit imaed cost, oft ca nil. a
road niv1' be conltruct01 to carry Ii
ladene(1 shi l r 1rnil shore to shore. lie
describe.; i'Ily what. locks wouhl be
ncecS;usary, tilll how nhey shotui I'
cnstruc11t L le also t,.l"er a (1ad
vice. or raiin..In, te ships l'rum the
wller 1) 1Ie 10ntek witloui cnii.
Ilhe shup's - hot'zon 'al po><itimi,. lie'
argines that t;rea(ter s11ecd could be t!
(114tnd b)v ra1iroa I bun by. cnooa, and
the cost wou1(1 I lvss.
NQsT'1CE4 TO OR Et 1., ) T1ORUN.
1 iUI:-;IIJAN' to a~n ordter of Ow. ('(urt,. oh'
- (ttolamon P'h's all perCon havu\ing;.
chutimlr,, of wlarso V.r natilre algainst tile
ESstato of D)AN LiL. 5CUrtT, i)s' cewd, are
:)urebv no1titied to establish their d(
Iiidts b efo'ru tie undiers.gned at htis
olie': in Winnsboro, S. C.. on or before
the iif(tenth day oftAugu't, A. D. 1870.
W1 1[. KCl;l lt
j'.ily 8i ttuxtd Clerk of court
I r I SU..N' to an ord1ur o' the Court
of Comotou Pleas. all per ions lav
ing (?litlls', ot wh:ttsi.v t' Intatlurle, a.in1st
the Estate of J0, IN Ii. DAVI:, Dec 'as(.l,
are Ier-thy notiii(:t to establish Ilie.r ' do
mtnds befo re the underigned at hi.,
ottict in Wini.sl,ro, 8. C , on or lw-fore
the fifteenth day of August-, A. 1), 18 iU.
W. HI. KEIt,
july 8--ttuxtd Clerk of Cour-t.
ceiv Taxretrns f Ton )ropety.All
re,tuirn not miade by theQ ist day of An
dldeld. E. 3. UkJANDE,
jnne 20 . Clerk or (J<mnoil.
'J~Eit enacted- and ordalinedl by the
Intendan t, and Wardlens4 nf. the~
town of Winnsboro, S. C., in Council m~et:
'That., for tho .p)y;po.5o of ralisinig sup
plies for,the year ciomeneiig' April 1,
1870, and en ding April 1,~ 188ti6 a tax for'
t,he sumiis and' in1.the0 manngr heoinafter
.nienftioned( shaiill lJ('rised and paid initt
the treasury of the sifid to n, for the use
and .serv'ico theoreof, -that -is to say:tw
and one-half mills W 'dealoma uponli every
dlolkar of the ~value of' all th]e real and1( per
sonal property within the corporatQ liuiits
of tihe town of Winnsboro; two dollars to
ho paid.by every mado inhabitant between
the ages of sixteen andio fifty-livo, years, in
lieui of working upon the str'eets of snidl
town; and three per cent. upon the
amount of 5ales at auction.
2. All taxes assessod land payable un
der this shall be paid in the followlin
kinds of funds and no other: Gold and1(
silver coin, United States currencoy and
national bank notes,
3. All taxes assessed herein shall be
due and payable bet.weon t,he 1st day of
Ontober and the 30th daiy of. Nov'embor,
1870, inclusive, andl all taxes romainino
ducand unpaid oh io 1st day of Docem
ber, 1879, shall be collected by distress
or otherwise, as now preseribed by law,
together wit h al.l .egal costs,
41, All persons owning property in the
corpoerate limits of the sai'd town of
Winnsboro are required, between the 153th
day of Ju.ng.and the Ist dagy of August,
1879, incelusive, to.maken sw9'rn return of
said- property, for.'taxation to the4 towvn
clerk, andI the toicgiele"k dA. llroby
reguiirod,\ lon ) operpf-huh'er's fail to
rehuso to lnakg said sworn ret'nii, ta
add Afty~ per entonr to the r'etarn of'ttho,
previou n ntni'cipaleur.
Done in Connoil, thid thh'ty-first day
of May, -A. D.> 1879, under tha'corporate
seal of the said Town Coneil.. .
(SEAr,-) . JAS. A. BRIGE,
Attest . Intendant,
Ji,S. (gaJteAnD4
These springs are situated four milet
seouth of' Shelby and: six miles north of
WVlitakor's, on tho AirLino R1.- R. Thel
miineral waters ard sulphur and: chlily.
i)eate. The proporties of thietsu.1hn are
ron, ulphur and ninlgnesia.. - Proporties
combincd'arQ e oeloIal Ic aall diseason'
and.never ftil to eltre the. nmpt obstIi4at
eses, as muhny willa testify. The elhaly.
boa to waters ea4net Cmnnpassed, bhavird
wrought mnazy -nimo$t inrirau1eos onris.
T onso cal.ebrfl, di Springs Ari4,lla pp10
and th:p.rloosnlr n,rMajo, Jm-,hvitl
'a t,ing, 19no, .orogi6..gree~ ~ toi
pi npliey,,od it909 mu and
a I ot1gteqaut rune
it4 % t atI
bAeS01 '. -
or no
THEJ L&U u uN~.
41tin' TH D (i% L i:tntr
SE1 i1 iN1.C- J CIeIver ine::tet. .i:
the we<::rin1g p: ir a i o ,-t) 1." t h04. ji ''
'I"hn uO.lI':lf3 tue VOU'IN) \i;liut
1:UNN1IN "t: ..JT1rNilru )I NU the
hI ;s a IAI, f.r regitlh(tng (te k:;!Imh etltitch
It has aI)~I*-4
lla: 'a 11 A(,:'"It" p1'eg lia i ( 110 11: l ul"stili,
-i1111t W'Tl'1":.l'a I NU; It, Iiah a 1 A1((?.
SP'ACE, uiintll; tl -. a1ra1; ]I, is Nosa.;t1,1.:-.g,
11-1! h11. io pullms oft' t :JELLENC(;t th.i
4u1 titht.:t inl tliiie.4 cuuii>ned.
.]-Akjontus wuaid in 1t1: ttlilloa
wiero wo n,ro not roprrentca.
Johnson, Clark & Co,
F'iturld M1uItslins, Figured and
\Vhitt L:twn', Contonnial Strips;
(' m1b -ic a1u13ins?, B101neho andlttl
U .b.caelcd S,eotings and Drills.
A lot of Shoes from the Virginia
Strito Prison, every pair of which we
Gents' Straw and Fur itats of the
latest styles.
Cas'iimeres, Tweeds, Joans and
Cot toiades.
J. F. Mc%MSTBlt & CO.
N. B.-A , of Bue Flannel and
Yacht Oloth Suiits for sale cheap.
juno 10)
\V inspection of our Stock of
Dross G1oods by the~ lai lies of Winns
boro and vicinity. Oir stock con
siists of Iron-f?ramo Grcnadinies, All
WVoolIlIuntings, Laco Bunting.
Deni~tolles, Beige, Linen Lawn,
Pacific La'~wn, Cord ed Jaconots,
Corded Piques, Suitingi,4Mo., &c.
of B3rown Linena Dross .Goods; with
Laces for Trimming. Our Stock in
all o.ther lines is full and eond ilot..
A now lot of Whito 'nifi 'Colobed
Trimniring just opde Seond
lo iCassimneros frotu drr1o6tes
villa mills Op)oned a fow dlays since..
A lot of Fans, Parasols.ataldMosquik
to Nottingyjst in. m .
N. B.--Autirnatic Fly Fans for
sale here..
jme 7
r7HE (%un.y Auditor,'oa sit
L ' will be at th followin'g , )iiccs on
tho 'days desii gnjifo, for the Turposo of
roiolin g retiurns of the t(ut aford'of tho
4uonty, for the nott iscal ydtr, vis
WVoodwanrd's, Junoi 6 itnd 1
- Ridgowvay,-Juno 9 and 10; i -
Bly thowbod1, Juno 11 andi l-1
Oladdcjoa o, Juno 103J1
. iid well's Storn, June 14,,
ran',Juno 160and 17.,
arr'k,Jitno 18 and.1P,
- lLorob, Juno -.3 andi( 24 2
Mont icel'o, June 27 and $
Feast.erville, Jtn :30 and July 1,
Whbito Oak, July '3.
The om10 att this placo (Wilnnsboro)
will be open:from 1i80 to: GihhJun'e, an a
4rom, 4t.h.to 20th July. Each thiypayer. ill
reqtured tosinako return on oath. of all
oW)d(91 : ,)~ iontrolled iby.u1thong on
,t9 .1,ge Alf citin, eti voof
AI r'o 20th July, a 1$n p
t D) & Co.'s FrndlB1
U Ru'fns, I oIl no~ ~r~
Sweet.Gidur; Pure, Juiceobrtji 4,
Ca'ta bo e ne Olelie'yoi 13ran y.
Dwoeti6 Gins. Thos -4~ r'beat
n s
o, ap t prymbn
___h___il biAus
ou >Rauro OWin i d
ALL WCOL ltintii g4 in Black atnd Colors, Black Crope, Al
pacas, Calunorec and L twns. Linen Suitings in Stripes an< 1 Plain
lolors. A largo assortmont of Whito Goods, such as Jaconots,
owis, Virtoria L"twn, PijueH and C,unbric:. A full lino of Linon
)rills and Cottouades -Aso, Casfsimeros, Bleached and Brown
-hirling and Si eptintg, Plain and Figured Iawns, Caibrios and 0
r~ l -- CALT AND SEE
A nic"o ino of Hats in Straw, Wool and Felt..
u /hoe Stoc is fuller than ever, which fact speaks for itself.
i Clothing in groat variety, and ia full and complete stock of .
W No baits thrown out to c:itch the unwary. All Goods sold at a
g t imnato Profit.
0 P. S.-A large addition to our Notion Department will arrive ini
S. few days. .F. ELDER & CO. I
may 20
A now supply of 1indont
Shades, Picture Vtraies, .Pie
turos, Wall Pockets, Brackets
:' i;,Mirrors, Spring Be(ds, Mat
tress.e, and Children Car
For pricos, call at tho first
Before inaking your purchases lnoewhere.
I keep on hand a full supply of Ntalic and Rosewood Cass and
Coffins of the fiaest finish. Also, a cheap stock of Coffins.
- Lcif-.hreadhing Chuttle.
~~ It lias Self-Settn Ncuille.
) ~ ,Never Ilrealts the Thircad.
C Never Ships litchecs,
Is l'io Li. htest PRuning
A New nShplDeic
.. Winding (ho Dobbin
W7ithout, ramav'ng the frnp fro,
- ~Tho thr.I.c:t, CM i~ort hur.bl<
jiudia cycry rtspect t.ho
The 'NEWV AMEI1CAN" is easily learned, doca m.t at out of order, and wtil~ darmore w-r
with loos labor. than any othecr machine.I .ustrateda Circ.u ar furnica.,:d on rgp:.ation.
V - 'oCvrW 1MTr-~- .. f'A ris n , mZ. orO, r-,3.
j. 0. BOAG, Agent for Fairfiold.
.... ..... M W RREOWNIED
in workmanship Is equal to a Chronometer Watoh .ari
as olegantly flnIihed as a flrst"ciass Piano. Itreceive
the highest awards at the Vienna and .ContennidI Expc
sitions. IT. SEWS ONE-FOURTHFASTEri thah othe
machines, Its capacity is uniimiteCi, There are mor
WlLSON MACHINES~ sold in the United States thai
the combined sailes of ail the others. The WILBOI
MENDINO A TT ACHMENT for doing all kinds of repairing
WITHOUT PATCHINQG,gitrer FlREE with each machine
Simplo, Convenient, Neat und j
0hap. Evory businos man .
3% shouild have one. ...
SThe unidersigned is prepAred to 15I J9a *
1111 Ordet. Sam es can b. - tsen at * Always aredady anzd reliabl
aniy timuo.;1 EBS I$ UANDTi ER Maeiio
uriJ 1 mos nd~t ~~o?~'
~ Jj) ~ P18iie * . i-. 4nl Kx'l ,
At the Winnsborq Dry (oody,
Fancy Goods and Millinery .Bazaar
a second lot of new, cheap and ele
gant goods. Millinery and Fancy
Goods in all the latest styles, and
novelties of the season. Mrs. Boig,
having a first-class tiillirev to assivt
her in this Dopartment, is fully pro..
pared to please the most fastidious,
and will take pleasure in doing so.
A boautiful line of Silk- and Cotton
Parasols ; Corsets, Kid Qloves,
Ladies' Jabots and Ties or soarfs ; n
Dress Goods, Buntings, Poplins,
Silks, Buttons, Fringes, Trimmingi
-in faet a full stock of such goods
as are usually found in a first-class
Millinery, Dry Goods and Fancy
Goods Establishmont.
A beautiful line of ladies' and
Children's Slippers, Gaiters and
Shoes ; also, a nico assortment of
Men's Shoes.
A full and fresh stpelc of Family
Groceries: Bacon, Meal, Flour,
Corn, Sugars, Coffees, Soap,
Korosee OLl,
In short, you can find all .you want
at J. O. BOAG'S, and as cheap ns
the same goods can be bought any
where. Don't forget to call. Nx
troub,l tQ show goods.
Sixteen new and first clast Sewing
Machines to bo in store in' adny or
so. The New and Impro ,ed Vdrti
cal Food Davis, XX. I. F.,1l6""
Now and Improved Anerlcan, rang.
ing in price fron 20 upward,
These Machines aro.fiom the fMcto
ries of g - 3d, responsible companies,
and aro warrantod to !be Just h
y. O. BOAG,.,
Agent for Fairipld Qounty.
may 3
P OR tl}}e calebrc.3:1 t11s
1868 Old Cabinet Rye call at , }
W. HABENICHT's, Roar of. Marke
Hall, .
Consisting of 2061 , cq o,
50 pieces Mpslin, .26 *pieoglfique,
White and Figured, .100m~pieces
Bleached Domestic, all select l*ands,
New York Mills, Wamntt' 4
Fruit of the Loom. '"
Dress Goods ip all s ty q~4
quality, All Wool Buntings n s
mores, Cottonados and Brown
Boots, Shoes and la;ts is conl4plete,
which we sell at very low 'ridba,,
All we ask is to gigoe us a~ tiil' ~re
buying elsewhere, as we tak .
ticular pains in showir g ouggoo6d
Department is full i pf d.wiad
and Styles. Ladies* Gloyes- fror.
one to six Buttons in Lyle Th'rdad
and Silk. -Laile 'Misse Mahd
Children's Hose i'v ,Il StY "Ah4mc
*colors, Fans and . n Maey
Collars and Cuffs and rn og
*ofBu.ons / j,
10Parasols at 25 cents eacb.
S 100 Neck Tics at 5 centasypJi
' .25 pairs Boys' B3iflonAas
- worth $.00,QOfor $10 M 018,
and 1Ito 4. . t.a .
g One lot Women's 8 o,0u;"s. 8
and 4, at 50 -cents. ~h
One lot Gents' 8bogk 0od4 0,
Roleinembe all LA oLWU oybe. '
sold for thenext -. n f ~
Iat these ieb
and4 a chAngo of t e(I.IstOl
P. H. O'0
d eoY4e'th t; '
g to

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