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Tt'ESDAY, Septemaber 0, : : 1 1870.
It. ArF.XS 11.1 T'S, EnIOIt.
THlE A1iKEN grand jury has requested
the members of the Legislature from
that county to move for the repeal of
the new equalization board law. It
has not proved satisfactory in Alken.
WEEN Count Bismarck appears as
Little Buttercup to Unser Fritz's llalph
Itackstraw, this Is the way ho opens
"'Man nennt micha Kleine Butterblutne, liebe
Klelno But.terrblime.
Obwohl lel ate gewiusst warun,
1)och nQnnt nian lltterblute, mich a0me
Kleine lultterbluno,
Susso Kleine Butterblumer, lelh."
Tnx" SP'A1rsn Ministry have at last.
decided to permit ex-Queen Isabella
to be present at the marriage of her
sonl, King Alp)onso. Isabella had to
leave her kingdom very suddenly
s-vcral years ago; and though her son
is now In favor, the Spaniards do not,
wish to have the old woman about.
After the wedding she will have to
pack up and leave. The new Queen
will not have a mother-in-law to quar
rel with.
IT Is TO 1liE hoped that the recent
election in California will teach the
Greenbackers and third party men a
lesson. The Republican ticket be
longed to the corportions anti the rail
roads. The Democrats opposed them.
But two new anti-corporat iou parties
were started, which drew ofl' the
Democratic strength and the con:se
(u1ence is ia sweeping victory for the
nuouopolies. I 1,Jolhn Sheriian carries
Ohio, his silrce.-s will Ie lue to the
rul nioll," nir'8 S :ight (Girteeniback fic"ket.
Thel,u ('rienblake--, r' -lal yin. i nto ilaI
hands of h bol> le .t.,h nti
it b)n1 , is a. il if' !ie (;rel n
I -1 1 > le t (( mIr u". -re ) i n - i'c'i h t lc'
born th holo. ri l': *i(-r th e ut I
tirAo d ha : I.- f . Iet. , I fl therti
reputation. w i o - '1, wt' itl b tt
a1 vote of' the ino !l"" (1f thlce It'i'fia,
Stae:s leo who it 11 t : eil.- I .
lock: in the 1'11i:)n, ;Jay (:u1:Il w .I1(
be elected bI Inatul,itlme alioariy.
.lIe is the te'rror'of WVaII St reet b)rokc'rs.
ain the ghoul of railroads. 'et, .any
Gotubcl hats jus-t dc.n an net of benll
Cence that. 1will go t."h towards tll
ing Vor his past Career. .inlI retarined
fliom a oy rte to WCnglall, adt le-1
i ing of the destituti.l in M i hephis, he
Sent a eletraph order of five (tolu s
T-: to the tomnuittee there, and
flute nant 'lhorized the to draw on'
him tior ful,her supplies uti he h'
noiftiesthom to slop. iy (ould i.
worth millions, but tew millionaires
have periiormed such a prilneely act.
Suflhe time ago'it)i\ w'asI1' r red tt he
inedtoa ''hrQetie trom Walln Sttrieet.
Iti ethouhsat thist harty e andarni
ing ove f Parliament. Mr.e breg iin
ofsa tother toas. Give Jayhrtuld his
mead, ofic prigh ave.loeda
oTheI Tioast o Quee Vet.ra
LeteEiatt rbin,o TeheoDueo
Mareboough, hard reiuese tpice o
autatio of eicher orakeia
scunt feor of grae ceircumtanes0
unodrmi twhich Mraes S(ieftwrt
Parel, ammber ol 0the Hose of Com
tions ior et, at the readily bnue
toosthThe uexn"tioas umioticed,
tong e da o eacgid ntea ofm
hereofor Pariaen t. Mro. PArllaipt
doutlesae s er thao preferred car
thistoer toart thaa hurt' tor Is)
ihead,mI whc8 h have followCdt eanye
aTr he Exatmi nat ions of' Techlerd
Taigtherut (loard gie hatie ofst
tecondh ond tehi rs tha they fourd
Saturiovdie A dthe exmtonit(' iidheld
oniWi questins pepared byha the Stdat
takensh is seti' cane readiyuner- i
stood ithuat the)1 exainali.rItion wi las
but one iday for. e grade, itelo
htoore en the:i 'tn. Aivs giomp
antnancei'iti w is essr to. secur Ster
Aplicantsthaet pr esete themselvesa
after alway exaiatons ufu are onlued,
sayis lerte tha t, tth tave justl~'
tgive ofd tioneaig oria tat lthey dido
uptit te exeinsetht. evr hise "drn't
orkou oh r pie. dohers Txmier clin
IXthloode of heipr hisrto, kend wih
reaes ostedo til evenintons
Thuey, annotdo any broter. ife to
koep-u, forth w,hat I gong lon ta
must taethell wp,ap e Evey Ouea
paper" he cadght:naing at the Starte
oratpeloie hS examinatosor aaiong.
it s iterdi toe hpead thatpaper
oies wfree, anoeeytssue whatesh
or eadrcostedo al events din the
coun'y, on f t ny person wi e tot
1y on hand. Otherwise he or she will
be disappointed.
The State Board has (lecided that
qf ler the examinuation this ucyar, ilrst
gra(lo certificates may be renewed
without examnination for three years,
second grade tor t wo yatrl:s, provided
the applicant proves i success 'll I teachl
( l'. but all t (m ust be examined aaftin
this year. The <luestions are said to
be more diflicult, anid i diligent prepat
ration is advised. Those who trust to
a diligent course of study beforehand
will hire nhith better t0han t hose who
trust. to Providence. The examina
dions heretofore have been very prolitt
able, and testify to the competency of
a gratifying number of teachers. It
is quite at pleasure to have au exami
nation when% all the ipplicalil(S comlie
promptly an1dl cheerfully to work, as
we hopo t hey will next month. These
adnonitions are given in the kindest.
spirit, andl(] are intenletl for the good
of those who expect 10 apply.
A Circumatantial Account or tho ''Meet
In);" by Oute Who Wits Thr,o.
(I1ro)im1 the News ami co11rIe1.I
CA lN, Sepletilber :1.-Since an ae
CoiuInt. of thle recent (ull near Camudei
hits b)eei put. helire the public attenll
tion, I will ask sifllcient spiaee inl vour
paper to give it correct areount of tho
tllhtir. Of the cont roversy bweet
Ualpt. T. II. Clark, editor of mnden
Journal, and ('ol. Win. M. Shannon
I have nothing to sav further than to
ref'r the public to that ionlroversv,
the record of which is on file in the
o1iees of tlie colinty newspi)ers. A
uttel wIIS actull1v follht, as s(tiated il
the article to whicht I refe'r, hbtt that
('apt. (C1irk 1111 \lr. Charles Sihannuonl
were personal fried(s is not. correct,
andha thitithe sctoIIdls an acttnllt ot he
previous relat ions of th part it's andi
the natnre of the diispule igiree(I that
Ih(re shoul be buI1t on( Shol, is equal
I,y in'olrec"t. 'hIe wteapolns used were
se ovr,t elall( )1 h t i tlimne, tir('d -andl reloaded. TIhe d1is
talnce N 1e11 (lit) pales ins'teatd of
I weutv (2).) as w .t aied. Ii shori
wle dilel waIs ht'l;ht ililtier t'e ''(ode
if I lIot r' wi:h: e'cpl,tion of we:!ponms,
Mr. ('l: tr 1:-ut. il prt vit'ldt in i.l"
edel ,l V11n iibotl. l '. Shiilt,oll
('o1's improved p(isttol. (ll ii'nm ker.)
It was undirslt)olt b'i'wt'en the 't"iend:
lb it ille l ir li i8Tllti f inine t(Ii
Mne of the(? prmal v '. u1.t isald.'
Tihis wouhl(1 lo e hi,t'letn crrioed into
lii''1 ex: cep(l iti , t h lI1' iie in t'tfeirInl e ofl
::-i frest.-l h t llti's. . ielA as (le
th -md it ri uI I to lo:l1 Iir anoIither
whengae of :-hIos sever. ai pr1'1I111et
.1t'ul it'inen, wiho hn I re rnt'c l ie plee
It Ite duel. appered tinl the g1roun1d
ut11 by" thleir dec'(ision1 put a slop to the
lil , w t I it !i t'vet t ttlpthe rtill i
rlI'ili ' .110)1 alti C 11 'C1 l liati1ot1, aut.
ate ht'h ilie 11. 'it' r'.sts. In 'o (l,-it1jon
ind in "jul-ti,:o to ('( l. Shannon I will
ate th lit the in t ti'rt'oliirt of, .lr.
all'les Siatimiiuil \w1 tllt irely \vithout
h1is knowledge or appr(vovl. tl'ol.
o t er u t' , laviri 111rn'ie o.'wrIll >,ins,
PuIt'll 'd V(ite l e to vhe wtay a( 'l ceid t
htleir Ilkin.; an y altiOn ini i m er,
11d( did not knowv of Ihe' ebtalleng'eI
I nll I 111 l 'ntil it-\I d . tt lti " all
ON' wvItO w'.\s 'ti1:u.
irnI s l toy, t.'. t att l arw itw
k tlIed :il.itt rlme'ts. i The welit siil W
engtti'age in f,lrit'ng,t and 'thet' hei t t
his)1110a h ing hou1e at setiperi1ll|aiid
aboutmihr.o(yyer ft)geIi.:DThe laor
ersi a hiir boy, hmil al littlebilhet1a
soonItn-inly wip heot wethe i owh
ad the odthehic of' e )itin aimtr i
wasuo fixe. l' evitwo sns, thmeaig of'i'
thie mtoritndo,ol arran-gemnts (lit
hadt igt be. ad hle thei caliother
nthe usiripatinna, cankled'up1n'her,1and
1tried1toiltaie her)t) ) the mige.
tuonsel The1 sons mae tt hrvi'ei'as, bt
(he nil iowut a'ir'inod thahe lovedtheil
yontgiei m:ull1,t n t ieud tmarr ihipped
all) huctazrds The son.s hiill 1went nwar an
avt'Ioh e oile tim the. lt yhtoud 'man
lieed,ithu at ie for lthelms wIlding.
Th ininister emfl e, St'and gii'end w'here.
ashi.' eied "T'hou armlnmlan and, uii i'
tad ardl otitkebe hrnunced,i hi enltt. a
ish at vhe indow,t aha oowed hisa
Iliud' reportS tei lthet too lond
asidned he maumen.01 Anotherkn th'sh,
ygt'ier sn wO)(as the muler,om tlie
ttid,tl was pt.t ' ed.tli Nexiidy the n
yioilig inirban dholie andi'is shyall
orrward themwidow's younaerso'n otin
kiVlle:' i'ad rpots anhasortl
tliewat dte tode bther wentmgl bu'i
-iYmter'sm)ld housed eat( her brains
r itwni ofeal thus caltus(tiicllyR served
tsis: Whenu siiheti was50i i( littesh a
alepiIa,ad 'pis,gwitout the fo Sh
terror alth,ia-dors trackinot every
rieo hits bdtoor, ort aeyaie as the
eaemogtre. Whenblt the wahoir ofs
th it' Nainlbnko mu
Carcor of tho Editor who Shot Kalloch 1
Told by Jimself.
Charles 1)eYounrg, editor of the Si
Francisco Chronic/c, who shot Keca
ney's catildidate flr inayor, Kalloeli
was in New York in 1875, and gave,
jourtialist. the following sketch of li
"I was born in New Orleans," sal
Mr. D)eYoung . '"\ly par:ents suoi
atfterwacrd mnoved to'Texas. Mly fathle
.died when I wats i linere boy. I weln
to Sia FI'rialncisco ill I851, w'hen I wit
nine years ol. Two years aflerwir
I worked in a wire factorv at $4
week. Then I went to inakiiig ciga
boxes, and I julpedl ti'om tliat to ia
apprenticeship ill a job printing office
I let'lel t.yp.-sctIinig ver;.' lIuickly
itnd wits Sool forenin of the olic
iy first, venture was at newspaiper thi
I (alled the Sehtool (ire/c. It priint.e
("ontributtions f'roml puplils inl the publi
schools, and wats ill it s wayl \%If) a ste.
eess. I had lit utilcongeniial part"tner
however, and w1ils glad to sell ou: t<
him. I again went to work in a jol
r int clice, but, w s coiipelled t<
leave it because t was not, old enougl
to becnime a imember of the tvpo4 raph
ieail tinion, and tihe oll l'entcly hiiu
its allot(el nitinhcl" of boVs. You SI
I wits only sixteen years old at tha
Siime. I wenlt to SalCramnento ind Stare<
a dnily Iheatrical programmtne. It. wit
dlistribluted lhroug:hout the City in thl
dlaytiint, and usedl aS at progra'mmne it
the theatre at, n ighi 1. I had a partner
who puncluatlly collected (dues fr.on
adverlisers and others, but accounte(
for only money to pai the running ex
penses. Wti e Iid ia 'dispute about. it
ly pait.nre', know ing that. I had i
muoney, filxed upon at smlall sutn a
which he would buy or sell. A manl
ager of a theatre, hiearing of the trou
bIe, loaned Inc the iioev, anid 1 be
cm111e tile sole owner of tihe sheet.. A
the end of tie year 1 trticd it intoi
newspaper, but. aiter at mlontht's tria
was coiupelled to stSpend plblicaliol
without being cngulphed ill debt.
Then I went to 'irgilia ity. I
was the h(ey<hIly of tlie 1Inihg e'xcite
uient. I coulhd get. nolhing to (1o, ul
Iturined back 10 ('illson Cit y. There
set tLype oi t he Indcpcndent, worket
somne at book-bindling, and1 wats linall)
inade tiren-'uitl of thc' newspaper de
1,:tutelit. Th1e di"Charg-ed foremait
ina.-d( two at(enmpts to shout me, bull
was rest r:ine y I he hboys in (he ollice
Ablout. this lime L heard that, thm
walted a new.:paeir inl )ayto,l, and'I
went down there andi talked will
Str1I'o, the ti nnet ntan, about it. Doe
i:arne.s. a princter inl (loId I1ill, wanite(
to Iu in u it ml 11e. Sitro went aiotu
to th stouiss witlh le, and we hat
atbc,ut 1 ,30 :;ib,ribed, when Ii:u"nc:
pot tirik :aal[ beeiciue ilivolve( ij ii
tow. '.i'i 51Ve his lIfe I <h('( at re.
volver atnd wvlnt to his aSsistancc
lIarnes actedI So (Iisgraceftully that. the
citizens ol 1 aivtonl ;ave no l'urthber ai(
It) ithi pIrcpused Inewspaperw "enlterpwise',
-1nd4 1. (iI>partedl. The next nih.I sel
Ivypc on Ihe /erpirise inl Virg"ii
('ity. I haitl(eallht a ferrible cold OF
miy way back troi I)avtion. It set(
tl.-d inl my eyes, aned I did niot. 1,ul11
reco've' IiiV sigh11 tliil ii relurn tC
Sai lirncisco ini I8-1. '.here I gol
Ci'Iit fo r the us' of' room1, type, pres
and luaper, aunt started a gnittuilou
theatrical paper, like the one I. ht
publi'hd ill .acrainieito. In flite day
liul' i solicited advertiSemlchis5, and l
niht, by the idc of otln'a.i.tant, sel
the typ('. I w'orked live days (.o gel
the first. (litionl ready fio' flite press
anid ini lie whole time' sIlept nott mlor'4
than live houir:s, and0 that. on rthe' 110)01
of thle olli.'e oni i pers. I was ex.
hauteld by' the at rin~i. I hadt borr'owet
live d(llal1's to live onl dutrinig thle wee'(k
and I boui plet'ly of stronilg, blaelt'
cotile, andit kept. ii awak by drinuking it
1I wats hiardlyv able to biedl the sheets o1
t he' Press. tiut at thle endi ot' a week
was Oeoni Iied . Theli paymuient of bilhI
(UXNises, 11nid the v.enture' 'onitinuLel
(mloy(i lii edhitor1, whole wroi'te sharp
p iicy, sat iric'al para'zgraphids oin events' o5
thme day.. Thait caued thle Chkron ith
to be soiught air, (especially as it war
'giv~en :m a'y. We mad11 e 4the' criticuisml,
hionest aind independenIit , so tha1t14i
veri'iiet made(l or uinmtade plays atu
atorils soi thrii as ulc'ce'ss ini Sani F"'nmis
enI wats concered'ie . Not onily that, btri
we completedl with lthe r'eguir neCwspa:
pers~ veryv ften cin th Ile iitatltr of news
TUhe dral' ie t anad miusicatl edit or wa:
iirei'ed byv anIothier elever wr'iter'
and1( ouir read inig malle~r w.as as oii '
tne as thou11gh it wasnl't givenl away
Ini aboiut it year' myi youniiger brothle
first, anld to1 his blusinmess ta leii I--supeit
r'ior to ti ie-mucht1 (t of te ccess 0
tIle Chr,on ie/c is dute. We soonI p)tlr
thll prlolils, fori the prof(iits bee:nnli
$1 ,(00 ai mionith w'ithott, at ('(ent frion
to enlariget the Chre.ntic/e and iiake it
Slo m bel r 1 ,4811 iI'. O don't know tha
w.e deser'ved ft' imlIdite suctcess wV
atttainied; we tr'ied to, lit leaist. It wa
a wveek beorie we0 could( get. in all LIh
adver.Citiseent s that. were oil'er'ed.
We cover'l etveriylhin g onl thie Pacif41
coast. We have had' t1114went v libetl sio
r'iably' being1 the trthtl andi a god lic
tive. We c'alled ai man11 a1 dlespierad
of' blackmii n hg. We have had11 mI
trvoaina de'rriniger' hias grazed myls seall
Hut. it has biecomelr known thaut.' we eln
dl'eIeil outt'sehvs andC$ weit 140iiie now h
Sin:IAN A NDi UI.AINE. - Blahie
tri Indls say tha t he' hais chanlgedI bl
mid aibout being only a 1.assive (cal
dlidatte for the Prmesidency, and is nio'
ac(tively att w'ork to secure' the noimlI
tjin. It' lie carries Maii ine e will lite
Sin an make1111 it hiot for' SheCrmIan. 'Thec
are both et p)''.1olit icianis, but Ulain
hais thme bietter' ofi Shtermlan ini beha
I varm'i-hI(arlted(, "eiall and mnaguieti<
.jIst Ithe manti to fe 1l1:(1 andll to maklh
andt disagrmeealhe ini hist mannersli'; bi
lie hast thle betItr oft BIlie ini hauvini
all tile paltr'onage of' the Admliistm'
tion1 to use( for himilself'. Blaiine,
elected, wouild flid trIouible in keepdin
liis proises50, for' 1h Is aplt toi prtomb)
tile 51amo1 otllce to a half' a dozent 1)0
le, if' doing so would cuninj himi
ploint. Th'e trouble wvit7x Shermn
woulid be, if elected, 110 would a
waniti to gIve the ofilces to any oi
prieferinllg to keop themt all for' hlimlse
andl( family.
-A Wicklow male ghost atlppear(
Io) his widow. "Pmi in piurgatory'I
this presoent time," says lie. "A
what sor't of'a pla~ce Is It.?" says sh1
"Faix," says lie, " 'tis a sort of' hal
way house between you on' heave
anl' I standic it miglhty alsy afltor havi
8 --A Charleston bar-keeper attempt.
ed suicide by takitig laudanumn on
1 Thursday, bit prompt medical assis
tnnee saved him.
-Ph'11tiunm, pure and rich, has been
' discovered in abundance in A bbeville
a county. This metal is rated in value
at. $500 per pounlld.
-A fund is being raised In Glreen
r ville tor the relief of the tinniilv of the
t pminter, lc(ee, who was killed by a
fall froin a seltbld in the iew opiera
Ihouse at I hat plae on W1edhnesday.
-1)r. W . 11. iice has b(in nomina
" ted by the Democrats of 1hrniwmell
coinAty to till the vitaanov in the lower"
house of the Legislat ure caused by thie
death of Representative Il artzog.
-The Charleston Nr.wsand Cotrier
t understarcds that those in charge of ie
I work exlpect to comlpl(ct" the (Itraw
a & Salisbury lIailroad froin Cheraw to
- Wadesboro by the middle of Deceuber
--A neg"ro lay down drunk in the
stres of Charleston and his bull-dog
kept. wittchl over him. A policemnt
t went to wake the sleeper and was so
- violently attacked by the dog that he
had to slioot it.
-Jerry 1thodes, a colored hacikan
in (hltarlesloil, was sllbbed almost Io
death ini his stalbles Thitirsdav last by a
colored driver who had been' discli-"g
ed and who claimed, while ltlodes de
nied, that a balance was duo himn oit
NE 11'.sO 01 'I1r DAY.
--An unknown colored man was run
over and killed by a train on the Port
t Itoyal lRailroad, inside the city limits
of Autgusta, on Thursday laist.
- --Mrs. Ctherin Chase Sprague has
- filed ia ieitli ii the Supreme Court of
t lRhode Island, asking for the appoint-.
I )neut ofa trustee of her property and
1 estate ini South Kingston, in that State.
-Seven persons, five of whom have
families, were drowned in Ilendersont
lay, N. Y., on Saturdav morning by
the caTpsizin of the yachistf int.
Two cumg to a spar and were rescued.
- Four me1n wer-e injured at Leaven
worth, Kansa.Is, on Saturday, two itfal
ly by the tilling of it scitlilding at the
new' opera house. Among themi was
Wnii. Yokumii, thet contractor for the
-lirs. Estelle Johnson, wif of ex
Gov. Chas. P'. Jotimson, commnittedi sni
cide in St. Louis on Tuesday night,
ttking arsentic. rief over ihe deal i
of a child had brought oil mental de
-Gn. John l. Cordon, known and
honored throughout, tie South, has ac
celted the invitation of the Jasper
\lounnent. Association to file oration
att the laying of the corner stone of tie
Jaslper" uonuilleut on the 9th of Octo
ber next.
-The colored refugee board hld a
neeting at. St. Ioutis(I onI Thtursdy,
ntigh"1t, at which reports wrcre lade,
goig to show that I here hias been butc
little tlling oil' inl Lhie colored immii
grition northliwest, anud that lie muIin
bers may bm expected to increase ifer
he crop is gal hered.
-A 1rs. Clayton a well known
ch:arneler in Columbs police circles,
died at the loorhouse" inl that city o.1
Suii1hay. She was quite sick. and selt
wVrd to the eonunissioners lhat, it 'the
4did not. send her Some w iiske' or inor
h11inQ she w'ou (lie. 'lhev did no t
sei~ her cilher, so she died ns she said
-Sereant Uates an nountces tha11 lie
w ill carry~ the flag in:to Yumo)(.
-Governor1 liackbIurn, oft Kent.nchy,~
lost forty pounds1 lby 1his recenit illniess.
who 10was aicn-ed some3I tme ago of
hein iia1 inillionii:ire, says there isn't. a
siingle miiill ioinaire inl thait 81ta1e.
-Just ict Ciiflbrd, ihouighi verf old, is
hide enoughi to stand1( waist deep in Ithe
w.tIlr upl atinong theo Alaine laikes and1(
cat chi sevenitceen lie t rouit.
--Senato(r Jones, 01f F'lorida, being
-t ineriewed ini Allan11ta1 the othlier day,
I said: '"1The fact is, Tomi lIlaard is too
- ood to be Ptrcsideint of thie Untited
-ini convers.ation with Secretarv
Shermiatn at Newvpor't recenitly t h'c
i)Duke of Argvll allnuded to) Danie1
, Wtebster' as once hadvinig been PrCeient
of the Unlite3d Staites.
-Secretarey McCiary is said( to be
not as anxioutS to leave the catbineil. for
the bench as that hte shall sulcced Seni
altor K.ir'kwood, of lOowa, ini the UJnited
States SenateC.
--Thomas Carlvle hais expressed a
wvished to) be buiied as5 qu iely as pos
1sib,le ill the choir of thie old1 Canthedral
at Uniddinlgtoni, whlere lie laid his wife
twe(lve years iago. lie is believed to be
-General Conuvay, who is kinowni
also as "Ten-cenit Conway," preoposes
to publishi a monthly paper iln the in
tCestof 'olored enni grats from thie
South1. The pIaper will be pr'ited at
Vinieland and daited at Wasliungtoni.
-Buha nan, ai prisonier ini the Brunls
wiek, Ga., jaiil, went to tile hath(1 room,
wiother prai~isos for a wash, the
othe day, ml ws s chnge *it(ap
liatte urnkiey allowed ,himi to wl
int th sree, iotrecogniizinig him as
a. prisoner, 11(ie is1nw a free mani.
-Wheni is. lirriet lUcehier Stowe
w ~as given a check for $10(,1000 by Mi~r.
Jewel iiree mionths after' "' Uce Tom's
02abini" was issued, she didn't kniow
whaut to do withl it, and1( the pulblishier
waus obliged to go with her to) a bank,
s into thle mnysteries of which she was(l
.a inIIitted3. AMrs. Stowe was paid1( $30,
~- 001) by Mr. Jlewett,
y -Ex-Governlor* Tih(den hass b)ought
.. Greystone, theo countr'y seat niear Yon
hi kers, whirc lie has beeni living recent
v , for $I50,000. Theli sale includes thle
'e 1house and( about fifty-five atcres of
g gr'oiund, exteiiding fr'om Broadway to
., the Hludsonu river, wIth privileges of
e water front. It cost the former owner,
itfMr. Wairing, a well-knownl contractor,
--Tre beautiful girls of Macon,
-G.,aig met at Catoosa1 Springs,
fell Iito at 1p1ous straIn for wanit otfnialo
g companions, and concluded to pray for
otheo welfare of their lovers. Tl'ho first
-0one to kneel 11ad( not gone very far
aalong In her petitIon when it was dis
ncovered tl.ut they were all engaged t.o
tthe saime mia ni. Thei religious exercises
i Ivwere terminiated at on1ce.
if -A Tennessee darrkov prieachier held
forth recently as followvs; "You girls
call your sweethcar'ts 'darlings,' and
4you men01 call youiri 'daisies,' and1( you
gIrls are afraid to "come lup hlore for
'fear some other gh'Is will get oft' withi
your' 'darlings' and meni for' fear sonme
oftheur follow wvill geot away with your
'daisIes,' and(," said(1 he ''between this
'darlhng' and 'daisy' imusiness lots of
byou idgget~s areo gol ng straighitto hell."
'I', ROiMANCE OF AiuTtlMtrIc.
''I'he most romant ic of all niumbers,"
Aays a writer in Chambers' Journal,
"is the flgure 9, because it can't be
multiplied away, or got rid of anyhow.
Wlhatever'.you do, it, is sure to t urn up
again as- was the baby of Eugene
Aran's victim. One remarkable prop
erty of this figure (said to have been
(liscovered by (reen, who died in
179.1 )is that all through the nultiplica
toi table the pnroduct comes to nine.
Mulliply by wlat you like, imd it gives
the samne result. llegin witih twice
nine, 18 ; adil the digils together, and
I and 8 mtke 9; three times 9 are 27;
and 2 and 7 imake 9. So it goes on utp
to I t tines 9, which gives 99. Very
goodI ; add thle digits; 9 and 9 are 18,
and 1 1111d 8 are 9. Take a couple of
instances at random. Three hundred
and thirtv-nine times 9 are 3,051; add
up the firures and they give 9. Five
thousand and seventy one times 9 are
45,689; (lie stun of these digits is 37;
and 2 and 7 are nine. M. de1 Maivan
11nld out. anothier ciuccr tliiang about
this number. namely, that it' you take
any row of tigures, and reversing their
order, make a subtraction sum of it., the
total is sure to make nine."
POLrrlcs IN MI,xico.-The French
1nail steamer from Vera Cruz brilnl?s
dates trom the City of Mexico to tIio
15ti instant.. Peace prevails through
out. the republic. Public leling in
tavor of the re-election of President
)iazr is growing stronger. It is said
that Diaz ennl rntintain peace and pre
serve I he countrv from at fresh revolu
tion. Ev'erybo1y is persuaded that a
revolution will follow the next election
no matter who may be elected other
than I)iaz. President Diaz, however,
continus to firmly decline to serve ait
other term, even if t.le constitutional
aiendlent against re-election is re
pealed. Mlanly persons believe that. the
secret partisans of Diaz are keeping
the re-election question coniilually
before t' . ) public and Ibstering the
excitemeiti, and that Diaz will at the
lust iioent atccept re-election in defer
ence to, the people's will. A great
man1y foreigners are coustant.ly de
tected instigatinig revolution in the
countrv. Preside nt Diaz lits expelled
several of these. and it is believed that
he will expel every one Ioutnd guilty
of such intrigies. WitIi the peacc
prevailing and the cuery President
Diaz displays, industry and comimerce
are reviving.
r.'Hiv FoRErr FOi MiARuYCG.
P'hineas Itough, of Philadelphia, who
died several years ago, left, a house and
lot ini that city, with all its furniture,
and also the interest of $20,000, to his
wife, Elizabeth Lynn .longh, for life,
it' she should so long iemii his
widow, but inl case of' her marriage
then (lie estate was to go to the testat
tor's f . ther. Mrs. I lough'll married
Alexa nc,er i. BZonbrighton Decenhr
10, 1878. When tle trustees cane (
tile their account. the tather asked that
the 820,00) he twar"ded to him, becatuse
the widow, by remarrving, had broken
the conlitionl onl which she held the
m1oney. Af'ter heaning tlie point
ar'ucd Judg'e IHant. sustsalIed the
llther's view and awarded himt (lie
-According to the E1/:o Indepen
dent, William Sharon is t candidate
for re-elect ion to the Uiited States Sen
ate from Nevada, and it is alleged that
at large m1a1,joril y of the State 'ena-tors
who hold oVer are ill tavor of gratifv
ing' the inillionlatire's a111)il.ioln is
Sha:ron canm inn dly he called a residlent
of Nevadao, anda~ he has 'thnost wolly
negWlee'ed h':s oleiial <(tuties duIrin. th'e
Ite'rm wh ichi is not yet co:npleted,' it is
dlifl'iclt to see what. reason can bIle pre
sente'd tor rec-el'cingL himi. The !nds.
)penden/ g :1 vs th at ''his claimi to fuart her .
W.olitical huonmor' cani only~ be haited upon0
the amoto21t of coini he~ will dlisburse in
or'der to sece t hem .''
-A (ipth1 ote odnTimes
fromu 1 i'eani savs ai cavalr iv reconi
nioisance has hhliw'n upi hihy Cety
watyo's p2ow1der mnagaz'/ine, teilt miles3.
friomt his new krmaal . MI'sseniiers from
(1eiywayo i met. Sir (Garnet t Wolisel'ey,
August 12. saying that.t lie kinig was
willing to submuit and1( pay the taxes,
hut that. (lie 'ounltriy must15 be cleared of
lh'ritish sohIlers. 'lThe iniessenagers
were( inf orm12e(1 that ('etvwar wasi noS l
loinger k 1iig, and2( t hat lie must siurreni
thr'oughl a Nor'thlern advert lnix au-en
cy", al few day1~s ago. 222 adver't i'-lit
of Newb,erry (S. C.) (College, and( who
Otkiloe US sevenItv-live cents nett1 for
fhumi inmsertion01 of one 010squarle. It
NebryCollege weies its superior01
advana(e adver'tised ini the iLdw'er,
we priefer' to recCeive0 an ord1er direct.
from them, for whichi 0or charges
wu1ld1 bc $2.50.-Lancs/cr* .Ledger.
-The boys ait Ilolyoke, Mass., slide
down thle inchline of the big (1am1 011
their lhees, thec foot, or so (of water'
car'ryi ng thn wiiiiith frighitful v'elocity
and( p)lnging t hem into the (1eep po0ol
below. One of thmem ran a splinlter inito
his abdomnt and1( had to be sewed up
afterwiar'd; hut usually the sport is
-The special treasur agents in New
York are engagedl in examinig olleged
extenusivye undervaluations in silks and1(
velvets, and( it is said( (.hat their labors
have already resulted ini an(Vlcinigcer
Itami invoices morei thanii $300,000.
Some of (lhe velv'ets are said( to have
beeni u ndervaluecd nearl y one-tir id.
we are in the eilnjymnt of all our
faculties anid in p)ei'fet health. Th'lis
can only 1)0 when tall thie important
orgtans of the body are performing
their funimons pro0perly. TJhue Liver
is tmor'e liable t.o get out of ordler than
I nyoteroga n, anud p)roduies more
unipesanit effects. A (lose of D)r.
Gilder's Liver Pills occalsionailly, will
keep it all right, or set it ri ght if it has
gonte wrong. For sale by Dr. Wi. E.
Aiken. ,t*19
EVERY M AN his OwN MU5JorAN I-"Whmat's
the good1 ot me1 buying a piano or an or
gan? I can't even play13 a jowshiarp, the' I
love music mity tvell. I wish to good
neoss somiebody would invent an intstru
m)ent tha t I could( play3." So say thous
ands(1 of genuine music lovers, and at last
a1 musical genius has given them their
heart's desire. This now musionl won
der, Thme Orgninette, is no toy or hum
bug, but the most marvollous musical in
strument of thec ago. I6 plays hymn
tunes, quadrnils, waltzes, operatIc so
lections, or Popular songs ith perfect
accuracy. A chH ld can play~ H. HIas full,
Isweet tone; dlurable; rnot liable to got out
of ordler; wihony12 b,Prc,with
6 T1unes 810 ; extra tunes 25 ets. each.
Guaranteed to give more s .stsaction
than any other - instrument in the wvorld.
Mony rlanedafter 5 dIays tri'al if
801t sat(sfactory. Thioumsand s already
odanent one returned. Local agentsi
wvanted in eveo Southern city and vllage.
For Illustrated eatalogue arid full par
ticulars address Luddlen & Bates, Sa
vannah, Ah ., Maufac~iturer's Sole
SotenAgents. spt a_:-m
tiro c-Aer''^4 rrcnl Ve P" 1r" q
eo3nb t:ig .1l 1'
Appi. w- I
Swt tth
tl'1 ;'I :,: ,
t 1" C.1
a ' ' 1'.( m a ftho bodIy
* ''"'~ t L4..;0't,y LI~t1tot1 ft:1J
P Am rm- 1lC,DLARIAL
They have no ocnal; and as areault act
a ia reventivo and cure for Bilious,Re
ngittentt Intve'a.i,Mnt, T-y phoid Veverst
and 1'e,er a, d At;'.a. U pen t he healthy
c9tion of t u e Si oli', (epondf, ital1no8t
w:Oljth_oi1 _cf t:0 humanrace
eof':Ih pr:t r peneration. It in fcr the
;:->1, 3tt K';ll lg n p ttS1
v o v:-inwd st:ch a witlo Earctireputa"
. -. .so t hni(4dy Im's evtr been discov
.d~ tdit lntszo ' tCdii iid ge-id On
the di;u:d.ivo ora..s g1v1n tne0m tono
o td v,!.or to usS'milj to rol. 'this being
lt neco m1)ihed, of cOurae . ai
TCit;r composert of the " 'tites of plants
c:_.x.:et:dt 1y _powerfu_ clemi.al lU nu
. atprepared in a concentrated
.orn ,_twle-y cr guaranteed free from
anly t1nr tlint can injure the mont dol
i :.'to piron.
A noted chemist whohas tanalyzed them, says
We therefore say to the alhlctel
Try this F2ornedy fairly, it will not
harm you, you have nothing to
lotso,but will sure;y gain aVigo
rous Body, Puro Blood, Strong
Iorvos and a Choarful Mind.
I'c[ncilttnl_01c, 35 Murry St., N. Y.
seld by D: r-i's h11ou11 "' :t Itih world.
r/N HMR~ni DYE.
Gi.% is "t o't Wltl::!ens chnn t'} to a Ci.ossy
1 .., , ..' - ney ir-ti-m111" t this L rt: It, iml.
j" I . . ' I t. r, nrta 1:" t "tn no- y. end 1s
t tri. . n l a "- . . hwt Ly 1ruggise, or
u k::iuray ~st., Now York.
1MOKING and Chewing Tobacco, and
k Cigiars of the finest brnt.ds. can be
had at J. D. McCARLEY'S.
t '1O $6000 a year, or $5 to $2) a day
e I O n your locality. No risk. Wo
.;tt (do as well ius men. Many make more
t lan Ilie amnonttt. stai.lle above. No one can fail
to make money fast. Any one en n do the work.
Yout'ai en ake from 50 ets. to $2 an hour by de
voting your eveinmgs and spare timo t) thei
hntsIiess. Nothing li keit, for mnone-y making
ever ffered bef 'ore. Buiiness plensantl anti
strgict ly honorabile. Hlender, if yott wont to
kntow all ii bout. ihe best paying business before
the publdit, setl us your ad Itress andt we wil
en'gtl you 11 l i Iaticuar an1IS tiI pIrliate terms
fo;les wo'u Ii 5 ails) tree; yott enti th6n
saki. Iin) .. 1u miTnd for youmr.elf. .Addriess
G Eo)kG;E M'TINSoN at UO., Portlhnd, Me.
Aug 12- Jum.vly
.ALL for the "Modei"--three for
Figulred1 Mitslints,- Figured and
Whiite L-twn's, CJenitennialI Stripes;
(hmbie Alnsulinis, Bilenched andi
Un dlached Shecotings and Drills.
A lot of Shoes from the Virginia
State Prison, every pair of which we
Gents' Straw and Fur Hats of the
latest styles.
Cassimeres, Twveeds, Jeans and
N. B.-A lot of B3luo FlJannel and
Yacht Cloth Suits for sale cheap.
juno 10
You can save money by calling at the
Grocery storo of W HI.DO NLY.
Just op)enetd a naio lot of Sugar Cured
Canvassed Hams at pricos to suit
the the times. Also a seleot s.aok Coffnes
antd Sugars. Arbuokle's Ungroun d Roast..
edi Coffee a specialty. All the favorite
brands of Augusta Flour, Bolted Meal and
Pearl Grits. Canned Goods of all do.
scrip)tiont, Chewing and Smoking Tobac
co, * iars from the highest to tile oheap
eat brands, Itools and Shoes at low
figures. Ladies' fino oloth Gaiters, al
sizes, lower than the lowest. Ohole
Winos and Liqnors, Porter, Beer and Ale
F1~resh Sparkling Cid erg Cider Vinegar,
anid Lemons (live meo a.ceall. I wviil
not be undersold. W. H,. DONLY.
may 31
(%TARD& Co.'s French Brandy,
JaniaRum, Holland gin, Gin
ger Brandy B3lackbory Brandy Poach
and Applo Brandy, N. E. Rhum,
Sweet Cider, Pure Juice Port Wine,
Catawban Wine, Cherry Brandy,
Domestic Gins. The very best
brands #'M Cigars, Chewing and
B3lackwell's celebrated Smoking
Tobacco, and a very superior Fine
Pale Table Sherr, at F. WV. HIas~
mNIT'n. fT'm n# TO- ral.
It is too soon to forget i Le rava es o:
terrible disease, which will no doubt rett
it uore malignant and virulent form in tl
nmonths of 18i.
blEItit1ELL'13 IIEPATINIC, it remedy (I
cred in Southern Nubia and Used with ,
wonderful restilts in iuth America wh(!
most.. aggravated cases of foVer are f
ca0ts5 from one.to two OtInces of bile
illtered or strained frotn the blood each 11
passes through the liver, as long as an o
of bli exists. fly its wonderful act.Ion o
Liveraind tunith tile IIcPATINK not only
vents to a certainty any kind of Fever
Black Vonit. but also cures 'leadiChe. Co
pitlion of the Bowels. Dysllepsit and
Htalarial disetses.
No one needi tear Yellow Veever who
expel the YlalhtIl i'olson litl excess of
from the blood by usiig .M Knnn,r.'s it;r.t
which is sold by ill iirlgists In 12 c(-nt
u.00 bottles, or will be sOnt bs express by
A. V. ME1lltELL & CO., l'hila.,
Dr. Pemlberton's Stilliniit or Quee
Ir-'ho reports 01 wondriUf cures of ]thei
tisml, e'roulta, Sait Ithetnm, syphills, Call
Ulcers and Sores, that conic from nM. par
the oountry, tiro not only remal kable bu
miraculous as to be doubted was It not for
abundance of proof.
Remarkablo Cure of Sorofula,
KIxosTON, GA., September 10. ish
GxNTs :-For sixteen years I have been a gr
sdQITerer from Scrofula in its most distress'
forms. I havo been confined to my room
bed for lifteen years with scrofulous ulce
Lions. ''he most approved remedles for a
eases had been used, anti the most umit
physicians consulted, witiout arly (leel
bencilt. TIhus prostrated, (iistreseed, desp
ing, I was advised by Dr. Ayer, of Floyd Cu
tv, Oa., to coninence the use of your Conpo
ILxtract, Stillingla. Language !s as instiflile
to describe the relief I obtained froin the i;
the Stllingla as it is to convey an adeqi
Idea of the intensity of my suffering bei
using your medicine ; sufficient to say, I a
doned all other remedies and continued the
of 3 our Extract of Stillingln ,until I en
truly "I amd cured of all phth," of all dise
with nothing to obstruct te active pursul
my profession. More than eight nonths hs
elapsed since this remlarkable cure, with
any return of the disease.
For the truth of the above statement, I re
to any gentleman in 13tirtow County, n,,
1o t h nsmbo of the bar of Cherokee Circ
who arc acquainted with Ic. I shall e
remain, with the deepest gratitude,
Your obedkint servant.,
J. C. BRANSON, Att'y. at La
WEs'r POINT, G.A., Sept. 10, 1sT
GKNTA:-My datighter was taken on the t
(ay of June, 8l6s, with what was supposed to
Acute ltheunatisin, and was treated for t
samu1e With no success. In March, foliowi
pieces of bono Legan to work out of the ri
arm, and continued to appear till all the
fron, the elbow to the shoulder joint came
Many pieces of bone came out, of right foot
leg. 'I'he case was then pronounced one
White Swelling. After having been coniln
about. six years to her bed. and the case to
sidered hopeless, I was Induced to try Dr. Pe
bertons's Compound Extract. of Stillingla.
was so well satistilel with its effects that I h
contiued the use of it until the present.
My daughter was confined to her bell a
six years before she sat up or even turned o
without help. She now sits up all day, a
sews most of her tilme-has walked across t
room. Ilcr general hialth Is now good, and
believe she will, as her limbs gain streng
walk well. I attribute her recovery, with .
blessing of God, to the use of your Invalunb
With gratitude, I am, yours truly,
WEST PoINT, On., Sept. 16, 1870.
OERNrs :--The above certiflente of Mr. W.
laniton we know and certify to as being t
'T'he I hing is so . hundreds of thie most resp
el e citizens will certify to It. As much referen;
can be given as may he required.
Yours truly,
pared hw A. F. AtiMIIELI. CO., Phila., Pa.
Sold by all Druggssts In .31.00 bottles, or se.
by express. Agents wanted to canvass ever
Send for Book-"Curiovs Story"-free to e'l
Mediclitnes sent to poor people payable in instt
Jn(y s1
FrScrofula, and a'
scrofulous diseases, Ery
pelas, Rose, or St. Anth
ny's Fire, Eruptions a
Eruptive diseases of t
skin, Ulcerations of t
Liver, Stomach, Kidne
- ~ Lungs, P'imples, Pustul
Boils, Blotches, Tumo
* Tetter, Salt Rhteum, Sc
- Head, Ringworm, Ulce
Sores, lRheumatism, Neuralgia, Paini
the Bontes, Side and Hea d, Feml
WVeakness, Sterility, Letucorrheea, arisin
from internal utlceration, and Uteri
disease, Syphilitic and Mercurial d1,
eases, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Emaciatio
General Debility, and for Rurifying tb
This Saaparilla is a combination
vegetable altertives- Stillingia, Mai
drake, Yellow Dock -with the Iodid
of Potassium and Iron, and is the in
efficacious medicine yet known t
the diseases it is intended to cure,
Its ingredients are so skilfully con
bined, that the full alterative effect
each is assured, and while it is so mil
as to be harmless even to children, it I
still so effectual as to purge out from th
system those impluritles and corruptio
which develop into loathsome disease.
The reputation it enjoys is derive
from its cures, and the confidence whic
prominent physicians all over the coui
try repose in it, prove their experient.
of its usefulness.
Certificates attesting its virtues han~
accumulated, and are constantly bein
received, and as many of these cases ar.
publicly known, they furnish convincie
evidence of the superiority of this Sa.
saparilla over every other alterati(
medicine. So generally is its supef
ority to anly other medicine known, thi
we need do no more than to assure t
public that the best qualities it has eve
possessed are strictly maintained.
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., L.owell, Mass,,
$6t A ee In your own town, and
btslness a trial without ex penso. The best o
portunaity' evor offered for those willIng
work. Yout should try nothing else utntli
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ness we offer. No room to explain here. Y
enna devoto all youlr time or oi.ly your spa
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muchel as men. Head for special private tol
andt part.iculars, wich3i wO mail free. $5 outil
free. Don't complaIn of hard ,imos wll I
have suich a chlancei. Address
IH. IIA LLETT & CO.. Portland, 1ain0,
Aug 1s-t6mxly
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Cotton Factors, Whtolosalo Grocers andl
General Commission Merchant
Charleston, 8, C
Will give all business their most caref
attention. Consignments of cotton S
T HE Store formerly ocoupied by So
.LWolfe. Aly to GlECJL
july 81-xit
BEST Philadelphia Lager BOee
iF fresh every day at F. , W.Ian
turan' 'iar of o...i tra

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