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'UURSDAY, Octobr 3, : : 1879
7?. Mr ANS DAYrS, RDITot.
Graded High Sohools.
Mr. Blenj. R. Stuart has written anI
interesting article to the Abbeville
Press and 1Panner on schtools, tld we
have reprodtced it. In several points!
we heartily concur with Mr. Stuart,
especially RA to not tinkering too
much with the school law as it now
stands. Tho people are begimning to
Understand it, and it vould be wrong
to make too inally changes. We be
lieve that ele ntary i nstruction
should be forover ree.' Tle State is
poor hut, individuals are poorer, aid
the chihlt'cir must be educlIed h) the
Stato if the parelts are tuable to pay
for them. As to t lhe 11phu of Iaivint
high schools ill every county, we do
not conlsider it IIsible at present..
At soni filti.tre a thill%, Iere slol 1(e a
high School inl evcly County town,
with a eu IrienlI ml) above that pre
scribed for1 coini 11c1 whool". At pres
Cut the Fluid is too smai1ill to divert. tIny
portiin of it, from the commo I
schools, while tihe (ollilOm1 sclools
Ue not yet sitfiljcently well or'glMlized
to become feeders of such anl inst if -
tion. As ive have previotusly n11111.1
tained, the school system wilWl not he
perfect until it ias f'rce colimtion
schools in every ieighborlhood,
free high schools in1 every. couniy
town, and, to cap ill, ia free university
such as Cali f'ornia enjoys.
We are utterly opposed to the plan
,of clirging any tuition fees in the
lower Irlrades. And even in higher
-schloOls we would protier the system
suggested by Mr. Stuart for Jowei
schools, and11 already inl vogue ill many
locailities, of having tile school 111)so
lutely free for soveral months and
absolutely a pay school for the rest of
the time. The State should deal in 110
half-way mciasmi o.
uAs ile'staiud it, 'A[. St.uart is
Zion Suoo>tpposing tnh Molilnt
Ziol.0101 1"nd(ued onl the pulm
1w0 thegg,.(. It is 110,i .school iml
whiich thle Stin, 11m s half ad the
pflrClt the other lilf. -li;q p2ln was
contemplated at oi1e time, but It ctel
through, partly because of the doubt
of its constitutionality an1(d partly be
causO of a Preference fori atother
method. In Mouit Zion School, Ile
entirie Curriculum prescribed by the
school law is taught free of charge to
all pupils of the district. pils CFo IromI
other districts fin the couIty are. re.
quIred to pity sonetlin, merely as a
counterbalance to the local tax now
levied on (his d11istrict, bit this alrt
r1tngemncnt hits nothing to (10 Willi the
bute aipporuonm1111em.. nomv Ii IIIe..
yond the common school enIlrricuilumI
certain branches are taught as at a
priivte school, tand for' these tuition is
dlemiandedl. There is no0 hal f-an d--hlf1
arrangement at all. The thecory is to
have a pay school with a free school
as a feeder. U~p to ai certint poit
educatioun costs tnothing. A tietr that
the pupil pays full chtarge for thte ex
tra branchecs. This ceffects the (lie pur
p)ose contemnplated by Mr. Stuart, but
in a differet way. Two years of fre
intrcti~ton andio two yearsb of' full paty
amount in the end to the samtie thinto
as half-and-half' instruic~ti fot' f'oii
years. Besides this, It enlales t he
child who (100s not care for extra in
struiction to get the elemtenits of knmowi
edge for' not hintg. No poor chtild( is
tu'rnedl off', ando the school is (tus really
a benetimtion. Whether, in the pres
ent cotnditioni of the counitry, Mr'.
St iuatt' ideai is at sat isf'actor t"'compr~o
mise he t ween a free high school anid
no0 high' schtool at all, we cannitot say at
neicessary~i.'We shamll conisidet' it care..
full.y While we cannoiit 'oniciur in all
that 1Mr. 1 tBee or Mr'. St uar't recamf
mienids, w'e are g'htd to see thatt a fr'ee
discuissioni is sprtintging imp, fr'om which
The Charleston Democracy.
Whietnever' a set otf men) assume to
control 01' act f'or a parity for' a longer
titme than has been in express term1ts
grated to thietm, an up1heatval of' thte
rank and file is an inevitable 'esult.
In some of thle couties of our own
State, serious dissensions, and even
actual sp)lits, htave occrr'ted in
the Democratic raniks. Tihoeoly
moans of' securing solid party sul)
port for atny intdividual Is by shlowineg
in1contestibly~ that ho is the actual
choice of' a matjority of tile p)ar'ty at the
time of' his candidacy. It' the' nomti
niating convetiont, or if the executive
comitte bcCon)trl'Oig tihe mtanlner of'
noi~iination, is composed of persons
choseni a year or so beforehand, antd
upon a dif'erent issue, abundant rea
son Is givein for the cry of unifirness,
and not only the candidlate ando those
thtrough whose manipulations ho has
beenechosen, but the party itself, sufiers
serious damage.
The position taken by a majority of
the City Executive Commtittee of
Oharleston is most remarkable. Chos
en), as it appears, two years ago, mfor'e
ly to porpetuate the mnach~liery of tihe
party and to set its wheels in motion
at tihe begiuning of a now canvass,
they have constituted themselves solo
arbiter. of the campaign, anid assume
the right not only to sutbver't all pyve
vious usages but even to declare who
miay or may not be mfemnbers of the
party. This, ini the face of a former
-r'esolution that only a echvenltionu has
the power to alter tihe or'ganlo lawv, is
an absurdity. And wvhen, mor'eover'
it s manifest that t)lis, usurpationi of
-power is for the express jiurposo of'
SAlfoWIzng '. Rudical negroes--owen1's
*trikerts and 1Mnnlevs hunkadoi.t
participateI InI Demioeratie prlimaries
and control lie loliillltioun, their con
duet. cainnot be viewed otherwise than
as a crime. No wonder thant the
Democrats have takcnj the mat ter' in
their Own hant1ds and called ward
lleeting's for,1 the purpose of eIlketing a
pure Democratic oigan-iization. They
colil not sit (OwnII and see the ma1
chinlery of the party handed over to
Bowena and aclitkey. letter nto party
it all thaln such a Imiockery. But theei
atre tlhouiands of Deiocriat in
Charleston, an1d they are-o deterinIilied
to alive a party--a party in full accord
with that of the Stitte an(I of, the
Unioi. Thatt this puriiled party will
ioninlate CaI,pttin Coirtenlay is inl
evitaible, fior of' tile three candichttes
hie 111le has placed himself' squar-ely
on i Denocratic platlorm. The iss1
is not betweeni Sale ieln 1111d (ouirte
nay liel, but, bet weenl sriight Democ
racy tnid political mliscegeiation.
W hen Mr1i'. J. . i ipbell placed hiii
s0l without the patle of' the party by
refusinhg to obey the party's noniia
tionl, we'0c1ntra-terized his cour'se as$
we tiougit, it dhserved. But f'r
worse is (he present schemlic to pre
tid to demiand a Democratic n1o01in
nation and yet, seek to setire it, 1)y
Raidical votes. To clili to be at
llu)(on 1)einoerat Oil a lRadical plat
Foim was, bild eioigi. -[t to bnury
the Deiocratic priiaries iider a load
of Itadical votes inl tle name11 of Ile
"Straightout Deitiocracy, who never
fiused, bolted or ranl Jlidepeident,' is
the refinelient of sarcasil. It would
be a capital plan to live tile Demio
cratic and the Ireguhru' iladical pri
maries on thle 1same day, so that the
thifty hun1kadoris ill voting need
lose but onc1 day fiomi theiri accustoi
ed avocatiolns. This woul be at move
in (e line of' li et conoimy.
Outsiders, eveni thlough ulininfiormed
as to the inerits of' the pres'ent isstie
in Chale.st on, need lose no tine inl
deciding' between the real aid the
spurous emocacy.Ca pt ain Coru-te
nay placed himsell' it the begiiniiiing
on tin girouid, and his friends have
ever ainounned iiemselves ready to
abide by the decision of at mijori(y of
bona flde Deiocriats. Mayor Saiue
",f iites hat i' ie be not nominiated
he Will V:no1w tlat fraud has been
praclised, an12(1 redl therelbre not abide
by 1he ionliinltion. Ow- Sup
porters of uatztain Couti111y re hle
best. lion of all clisses 1d avocattons
in (liailes(t on. On ithe other hand
Mayor Sile's organ is mantaged by
two e0(groes, Porter, of Aiw' im " -
.3, and J. J. Wright, of' lun:avory
juldiial memory01. AUt his meetinigs the(
112ost blatnlit speakers tire Purvis, a
(lrtiikenll reprobale, and Freeiini, a1
mnahgnlant and corru'lpt, Radical 110gro.
hese ilreptiles dare o pollute tihe so
clled temples of' Deinocriay by tleir
when such creaItuS aire stl'eed to
bow. Againi, it is ebiarged (hatl Mav'or
Sale has1 turnedC( otf or' igniored( w~'ite
D~emocrats and put Itadical nlegr'oes to
work on his streets. lx this Demiocra
cy' of' the str'aighitout stripe? .lmeaen
f'orbid I
The whole State is looking oni
Char ileston. They be (lieve tlhat hier
DeInoer'acy will lie equnal 14) the emier'
gency. An tlIher bid heri God speed
Henrly XX.,f 'rl1enns8, Fanls, In on Union
I wo) braniches of' whlich preserive theli'r
sover'eigni rights, had the( doub1)1l ul lhon
or' of1 wit nlessinig the mia~~'nige 0102ne of
thieir r'iace with Ii 10l. Clot i1l Loisset,
a ci rcus-iideir well known ini Germiiany3
anud llelgium11 thr' her' c(1iuestrian reats
and thle grace of' her performanciii(es.
Th bcyounig 'oule, wh'lo cont2 racited ieu'
allianice on1 the island( oft lleligobind,
und1(er lit ish rule, arie no0w speniding
t hir honeymoon att I lambu rg, wher'e
they' will priobab1Ily take up their peri
nmnent abod(1(. The( ne1wy-marri'lied
l)winlce, w ho, like all1 then 2male4 members.01
of' his house, bears the bapi ismail nametl
friomi hits n1i1erotts brnothters an11 ('ous
inls oly by thle numberl('1 at tached to it.
on2 his birthh, wits formerl01'y a1 hliutenamJll
2int h i Ith Rieg.imn of0111 Prusxsian Dr ~ia
goonis, fromu whichi lhe wans dismIissed,
howleveri, owing to his wil pranliksand1(
dissolutie hanbits'1. Notw~'it hstanldime his
y'ouith, Prince lIur XX. has1 beci the
suibject of' many1 scandalons01 stoiesC, and1(
(lhe hippelta01r of' 21ore( tha oneii r2(3eek
less act, wich on ot h~ers but. himii would
have retleoled( last inzg shame and( (his
hontor. Garraisouted some1( year's agom in
wa1s a1 conistati frequenltert.1 of theO then
exist ing gambilhing hiells of' ihe nleighi
hor)inh tllmourng, \V3iesbaden and2(
liadent-Baden, at. whui, f'aviored by'
1luck, lie is said( to have moire than one
p~ocketed inunltense sums, to be squan
dered'4 as rap1Jid1ly and1( toolishily ats they
were wioni. Oni his r'3ieteent rt'ii
the armny, niecessited by his~ inabilit v'
to meet thie clains of' his cred~itors8,
the courts, coniinlig his buankr'iutev,
placed himl unider the care' o)f'2an ofliil
guarLldian2, fromi whlom he soont manih
algedl to freeo hiinselfI. lIo staye'd inI
Becrlin last witer, hIving ont th'e pr'o
ceeds8 of a1 sma211lle incm genlerou~sly
gr'anted1 hlim by his falmily. I [e iglit
oli0on be seen11 In the cir'cus or1 at Ta't
torshalhl's, appalrently havhig 210 hilgiher
02njoymenlt thant the socetoy of *Joe -eys
and1 circus ider01s, wvhom mn driess and1(
appearance21104 he entdealvored to 11m1i1ale
as8 mutch as possible. A sister' of Mle.
Ullotikde, whIo used to portbrmni at thle
(Cirque d1''Ete, mlarield a Frenceh Count.
T1her'e is still anlolte sistr, Emiici,
also in the circusn business, who is
shortly to be marriied to Pintce lialrtz
field, a1 German12ii nob1lman.
CUrLrivAR Rosi.:.--Nothing adds(1 so
much to the comnfbrt and -beauty of'
home as thie culivetin of flowers.
Noir does anything atdd mnore to the
beauty and~( com1f'ort of man12 0or wVoman~,
thant the r'oses on the checks of Itose
in good health. Dr,. Gllder's Liver'
Pills will always Iimpar't tis roseate
liue if used in time. For' sale by Dr.
W. E. Alken. . t19
--Pr'esident Garr1ett, of the BaltImore
arnd Ohio RaIlroad,. -11as a- platn by
which Ito can shmotnen the distancee be
tweeni Baliinoreo anid Chicago at least
two hnnidrcd m~le_,
Tito Views of an Old Toncier-Hts lan for
Rasing the Ienns of Conducting Such
f From the Abieville Press ard Banner.1
Tho publication of Mr. Benet's Iato
able addr1es8 oil Stato educaIttioni iI
pamlphilet firIl auld its distribution by
the Abboville Teachers' 1nstitute before
Whom it wias delivered, to every inem
ber of'our Legislatire, I min persiund
ed, will 410 great good. It is an extra
ordinary eye-opener that is greatly
needed, and I tike the liberty of call
fbr its republication1 in i lore perma
nent li'ri. But I ai not inl favor of
etbodviig aill of' its suggestiois in a
neCW sho01-laiW, for I am11 opposed to
aliy chatnge of the law as it now stalds I
With respect to aitkinlg elementary
educatiolt, ats iir as the Sta.-to 1111de
takes it, altogether free. It, certainly .
ought s4 to tremiin a1ltogether free for
ever. And when State funds are in
sifleieti to support ilt element ary
school to: I lie eitire year it ought to be
kept opent Is a iperetly fivee school so
long its it 1s so sipported, its patrons
I mle takinig the burtdetn of' its.3 support.
oil the Stte, ani1d keeping it open as,, a
pay school, under the saime togher,
f'r t(e rest of' the year. It is, too, not
at till im wacticalle by till arran'itige
tulent, nint. ait the begfi'aningr of the
yvir, ihr Staito f1u11(s to Support the
satie ItIcher foir months at oie locali
v, int four titotiths tat another, as is
done itt the sptrsely populated districts
of' Sweden. Whten, lowever, we pass
nyl) to th hieghei grades of itistrtetioni,
to iwhat, is pioperly denotniated See
ondtry ednationl thena the policy of
"usittg StIate fnids not ae at paly-all but
as at stimuilus to education" scoms il
Stost self-evidont, antd iIore particultir
Iy inl Ilie prll1eent ftiancial atid social
conlitioni of th 1e people of South Cairo
lina. The demand of' school fees equal
to ta least onc-lial of the expenses of
stch higher grades of instructioti is
not only altogether just, but absolutely
iecessriy' to securing, eiciecy. The
Sttae CotnstituLtiOni speaks of' ''schiools
supporied in whole or i1 part, by
the Sitate." The school law, as it now
stands, gives n1o optiont and no encour
agemen to this latter and miutchi-need
ed Chass of "schlools supported inl part
by file Statte." If the L gislatue
be brought to see this and to rellect
upOll it, it would endeavor to Carry
ont thei lear neanling of' the Conistitui
Ition, and woild ceas(e to obst Iidt what
elatse to be preseitly inentioned plain
Iy indicate ats the po;pular desirc0 anld
will. Ani amendment would be pass
ed, this Very wilnter, by which
tas inuch as f'iteeni Itundiurel dollars
would bo set apat1t, out of' the i-e'selt
s4chool fund inl each colmtvy, amd akppro
priat(ed 1 aid in establishintg at suitt
)le locali I ies . (. radted liigh Schools, on
ithe expr .ess coditiion) that such schools
sholuld be kept. 11 open for ten miont has of
(lhe yearll, and thatitas mnehl m11oney
should hie collected, dollair for dollar,
1)by tuitionm fees paid by the belliciaries
of such schools as is contributed to
wtirds their support by the State.
'ery soon (0fcient. teachers, secured
al stiituulated by better pay, would
greatly comment and reiide popular
the whole limIlic school Systeti, IL dC
mand would be creat(d for still highier
college and uiniversitv education and
ialdit ion1al local taxation fori educationi
al purposs, t han which nothiig Could
beitore haful( and uIpopular at
localities, Jud,'i'enls'onhanuv-ml.vpCma
This poliev of usinig St ate aid "as at
stimult1 is ai not as ai ptay-al' in see
omtliary etct(tioni, is9 not ai new oneC.
11 is no mieire e'xp)3 eriet, now' f'or the
fir'st. t imei to bc tietd. Besides3 hatvittg
practdtce3L andi pret3(cdenit for' centiuries in
it s faivor, it, is actiinally no0w in op~erat
tion in the organiztatioin of' ever' Sttate
cia, without ta sitngle ex'pCtiont. It is
the, pr'intcile on which (lie City I ligh
School of Charl'eston, wicih has dono1
s> muchit~ useful t:d noble work
wa'ls fithned, andl now conttinuies to eix
ist , andiin an11 a1 wk wvard iad1 icomtplete
w ay, s haciearly is thlere1 a populair de
nu11 nd( for' its itiediaite audoptioni, it
has beein aceted on1, ialmost contraary t~o
ourI presen'it sc'hool law, in fte tow~ns of'
'Yor'k, Chiestcer, ltock 11hill, Wiunnsbo:-o,
Blackvihle, .Aikeiin 1( aml Abbevilhe.
W'I ho4, then, canit dloubt that it even ali
retady~ c.omman mds the almiost unnimo4)us
appr)1ov'al of' the whole people of' the
Suite? Ncveirtheless, the statesmnii
whio first emblodies it ini legal form
will wreathie at cirown of' laure'l round
hiis brow. Foir Ithe advit ianiges of' such
an amneinment of' the schlool law tas has
beeni sutggestedl, an tamnendont ini aid
of', and suplemenlCt~tar to, anid iln no0
re(specLt anitagonizinig the pr1esent free
school system exactly as it stanids,
wouild be otl'ecd, ott thei same condi
tionts Ito all chascss and colors of our'
cit izensi5 without, datnger' of abuse by
ainy, while stimuilati ng thle puritest anm
bition and the best aspir'ationis of' all.
.Retpct~fullyV, yours,
I lowv II a Cox NiCxD TrtA.---Ex.
(Gov. S. W. Thr'ockmor'toni ,er'tainily
Iunderastaunds all thle ai'ts of' tan old 'Te'
an. Ini his speech def'endting Edwarid
Bomiar, at Gaiinville, after having spo0
keni abot an hiour' said:
"Gentlemen oft'the jury, It Is said by
the pr'osecut.ionu that because the doceas
(d was in his shir'tslcos wthenm killed
hie htad no pistol."
SHere Mr'. Thral0kmle'oii pulled oft'
his coat and stood before the jury in
his shirutseeves.
''You may say," continued Mr.
Thirockmorton, "t hat I am not armued
blecaulso I am in my shirtsleeves.
Look i do you see any arms?" cried 1he
holding up his hands.
No s1igns of arms11 could bo seen.
Mrlt. Thiorckmorton fthen dr'ew a pis
tol tfromi under his hlf. arnm, anot hier
fraoim under' his right, one fraom eacha
boot, antd a hugow biowle knife fr'om the
baick of his neck, p)lacinlg them onl the
"You see, gentlemen, though In my
shmitsleeves, I couildI b) well armed."
Thais was a cllincheri amid it carried the
point, entirely destrioy'ing the argu
namnt of' thue praosecutionl.
fleuilties undl~er which farmeil~rs in Eng
land, Scot laud and Iireltad labor in thle
way of rent anid taxaution are illuistrat
eti by some statenmnts of actual ftuet
pubi~lshied in thie .Karik Lane Exp?'cas,
the Londoni or'gan of' Agr'Icultural in
ter'ests. An ownter of 200 acres re
celves $2,100 renit, and pays $115 and
lmtcomo tax. Thle tenaunt pays: Rent,
$2,100; pooir and highwtay t'ate, $4 10;
dr'ainage --'ato, $315' incomo tax,I
$37.50; total tax, $87i.50; tofal renat
andi tax, $2,977.g0, or at the rate of
$14.88 per aoiro per year. Ini addition
to this, the tenant is unader legal obli- i
gations to place onu the land an amout
of muamnure equal to an agreed nuumber
of tons of stable manuro por aoro,.
-Don't borrow your neighbor's pal,
per, ht subhcrvbe.
Yontingencles that May Arise in the Houso
of IRepresentatives and Seuiate1--Pro-.
granino of the Politicians.
tCorrespontlence Now York Hlerald&j
WASHINGTON, Sept. 23.-Congress
nai Springer, of Illinois, chalrmani of
,ho Committee oin Elections, in ia re
:oent interview said that Mtr. King, of
Wisconsin, had abandoned the contest
igainst M1r. George U. Ilazelton, the
lRepublican member from Clhe Third
Wisconsia district., so that the only
101)0 now left the Democrats in tle
jlouse is to unseat Mr. Orth, of li
liana, whose seat is being contested
>y Mr'. James McCabe, aiYtliat would
1 the vote by States in th1e evnt the
lectioni of a President, devolved upon
aongress. Mr. Springer says the
eason that Mr. Kinig gave up tle
.ontest was that the videc asnt
mflicient to sus'tain his case. As the
Ihouse Couimittee on Eelections has
tot acted upon ia single "contested
-ase, there is at suspicion that the
azcltoni-Kiig contested case is not
ibandoned. According to Mr. Sprin
m:c's eplanlation, hie admits that Mr.
3rth 1 at callididte For fbced retire
ilent, so is to tie tile States in the
,vent that the election of th1e President
1hould Le 11 throwi into the Ilouse of
tepresentatives. It is undelrstood
bero that ti programme as already
mitlinied in these d1ispatches will b'
idhered to, and particularly will this
ble so if New York and Ohio should
31ect tihe Republican ticket this full.
I'hio administration is countin0,; Ol tle
prestige of success inl these two States
Lo reduce the Demociratie majority inl
the Senate, for it is believed that.
siould Ohio and New York elect Re
publican Legislatures, then Connecti
ut, Pennsylvania antid New Jersey
will istirely illow, and the( election t
live RepIaublican Senators would
u'hange tle vote of the Senate, even
with lie addition of ia Democrat in
place of Senator Bruce, so as to make
Sentator Davis, of Illinois, the balance
of ower. Inl the event of, the llouse
ailing4 to choose at Presilenlt, . should
itch con iigency arise, (he Vice-i'rcsi
dleit wouti(l be chosen bi)y tim Senate
113 now constituted, and (tie Vice
President so chosen would become
Presideit on tle 4lth of Maurel, 1881.
With Rtepiblicun success in (lie States
niamiued tlie new Senate would stand
thirv-eiht Democrats, thirty-seveni
lRe c"blcas anld Senlator. DavidDavis,
lndtependent, and his vote would he
n1ecessary to (the Deimlocrats to organ
ize tihe Seiiate. It is even contende(
that tle saml1e success which would
elect tle llepublican Presidential;
ticket w%.oul( give to Mr. Divis' vole
inl the Senlate addlition'd weighlt and
imlake him the leader of a third party
of 1no lean prol)o1r-tionls, for he w oulil
still hohl tle balance of power. The
squel to ill this is that in view of so
many polit(il contingencies it will be
necessarvy for the Senate to do a little
iniIgitg Oil its ownl alCcounti, aind the
ri3movil of Senator Kellogg, Louiisi
ana will free tle Deiocrts of all Fear
of lqsing authority in the Senate be
fore 1883.
Xx M mrol n.L Ir.
We copy the thllowing beautiful
tribute Iron the New Orleans Times
to the ienory of (lie late John B.
t h c 30th
daty of'Aui
(.nst, '70,
ini the city
O rle an s,
Born at Owvensville, Ilath county, Ken
tulck y, in June, 1831. Ini peace, as in
warl, lie served hiis.outriy withlom ailty
and1( alection. .lie lived a'n exemiai~~r l'o
hisi fellowv men,1 and1( died as (lie the
faithiful. Deatlh came11 to him after a
short but pinfiltul illness. Ihis
broken heart, mourn
i ng thie
loss of her
dlid more
than nul1
p'h1y sical
pain, t~o
crush tiat
life which
till t heon
had borne
all the
strokes of
fate undaunted. In
the early morning, whilst the
sentinlel st ars still wattchied above
hin, the suffering warrior slept unto
dleathi, to awake at tie reveille of Eter
nily. Peace, lisfu~l pea1ce, to) thaL
pr1ould form, wvhilch gave space and~
earthly semblance to the noble soul
which glowed within its compass.
lirave and magnanimous soul I Spirit
of' honor and dIevotion i I heaven di
r'ected, thou1 hast crossed thatdark and
lwful gulft wvhich hedges in moirtality
f'rom immortality I To (hiy mhemor'y
tribute would I lring, andl, wveaving
words of prlaise, as 'twere flowery gar'
lands, scatter them above thy mnor
hal resting place, in token thiat the
belcoved deadt still live in thie hearts of
thie living. A. J. LEwis.
NionOEs GOING WEST.--A (dispatch
rom Nashville, Tenn., dlatedl Septemn
bor 22, 'says: An exodus of negroes
to Kanisas commntced~ here to-day,
with the prospect of' a large emigr'ationl
to the West. One hundrolied lef't on a
special trailn via the Nashville, Chlatta
nooga ando St. Louis and Iron Moun
laini roads, while twvo huiidred wvill
leave to-mor'row mornilng, on a5 special
train via Evansville, Ilonder'soni and
Nashville andl St. Louis and South
nastorn lines. Iloth trains will take
up other crowvds along their respective
outes. This sudddlen exodus is occa
sionied by (lie chiarter by nlegr'o leaders
of excurslin trains to St. Louis, Kan
las city and Topeka, at $4, $7 aind $9.'
One thousand negroces sawv the train
fi' to-night, cr'ying, praying and sing
ng just previous to its dlepairtuir.
--A writer in the Evangelist has
taled attentiotn to a small but very
ommroni error w'hich 0141er peopl)1 as
velt as childr'en make in repeating the
amnilhiar little prayer, "And nlow Ilhay
no down to s1leep." Prohably there
re f'ew persons whio do not tuse (lie
lefinite article "(lie" before the word I
'Lord" In the second and fourth lines.
lv so doig 'they simly make an
fIrmnation~ and not an invocation.
he writer, with veiry good reason,
uolds that the prayer should be givon
a follows:
And noe I lay me down to uloodi
- pray Thde, Lord, my soul to tke.
-- T'he pop'ulati'n of New .Orleans'i
-First words of General Grant:
"llow is my boom I"
-All ithe sigiiers of tle Declaration
of hidependem(3 sigiied their naines
with. a quill, except one-ho signed
lis W it herspoon.
-"What's eggs this morning?"
'Eggs, of' course," says the denler.
"Well," says the customer, "I'm glud
it, for the last I bought of you VeIe
Il1 chickens."
-Whe i IboV scrapes a lit tle skin
Afhlis knuckles while sawing wood
for his mother lie iakes more ado
Ibout it (han when lie knlocks his big
toe-nail olfin runinr to a tir This
is reliable.
-That duel between two women
at Uniioni, Tenn., was a sad affiir.
I3oth tired together, and one lit a boy
D11 the 1enee and (ho other killed a calf
in a field. Theni they pulled lhair and
lawed each tlier uiint.il one thinted
away .-f'rec Press.
-Almost every State in the Ameri
canl Union has it law a inst cairViniiE
Concealed weapons, 111d every pair of
pants maniutuetuired froim Mainie to
Calif'ornia anid from tle lakes to tie
Mexican Gulf, ha11s Ia pistol pocket.
-Cctawavo, 11s lie siw Ma jor' Marter
approaching thie Kraal, quiet'lv reimiark
ed, "I'm not the first kin"' to sutllbr
Marter-doom," and if it. ha F not been
for the prop)t arrival of ftle British
his owii So liers would have killed
-A man came inl yesterlay to sell
us a1 wooden sinow shiovel, but we ex
plainled to him i.hat 'we lidn't expect
there would be anl\. wooden snow I this
Winter, and coulin't see as we should
need tie article, and lie said w e were
ahiost a1s )ig anll ass a1s John Kelly.
Boston Po6.t.
-A Londoni newspaper relaes that
when a Frenichiiimn, who Fell over
board fromi a steaimer which took the
Cobden Club back frvom G'reenwich,
WaS resced antd retir'ed to (lie deck,
tle first thlig hei courtcously Said was
ihat lie hoped ie h11. not kept the
steamer waiting.
-A Yanikee and a Mexican disputed
at Big Springs, iNebraska, ats to their
skill as ia rksiien. "\VWhat. can von
do with that rifl of y'olttr?" asked'the0
Yankee sneerinlgly. "I caii shoot the
soiie out of that pin oil your breast,"
fle Mexican1 retorted, anid did it inci
den1allv inflicting ia iortal wound.
-Did yon ever notice at poor chap1)
that Stauls inl Ile first pierure of (lie
11111111ac with ile ih and sleep anld
sCorpions and bulls and twins, ete.,
iiroitind him? Did yott ever nolice lie
was uked anlld 111d pothin.- inl his
stolillch ? Well, Ihat poor tellow used
to edit a inewispnper.
-A ona il on Arbor Ilill last eveninli
aiied ait t gull at, his little Sonl (a.bleauti
full Creature with goldenI hair to his
wiist,) and plaily threatened to
shoot him. T.1he1 gun turned out to be
Iiloaded. It will be pleed in the
State Library, ats (lie onily weaponI of
the kind kiiown 14o Aneri;-an gunlnerv.
-Albany Journai.
-A gentleimia hiavini- 111011ted for
the first (ine a pailr of' v-glasses, an
old friend remarked, 'So you hav4ye
colie to eye-glasses it last?" ",Well,
yes-i puit thiml on ccasional," was
the reply. 'IEves beginning (to Cail
boy, but I dlon't thinik the light is as
.-Joe Pentz. took a r'ifl e to his wed
dIig, ait Alar1k's Gap, Texas, th1e sex I on
ied to persuaehim(0li ) to leave it. at. the
(1001 on en torinig thle church, but lie
per'sisted ini carrvI"ing it across his shioul
der1 as lie wvalke4 withi his bride up the
aisslc to the alter rail. I lis explanation
to kill hinm oni this occasioni, anid lie
mniuit to be prepare11'd for defce~.
-There wtas a great excitemenjt ini
froiit of' a1 fru'it COmmifission house8 on1
south Water' street at litt le after' 0110
o'clock yesterdayt afternfoon. A p~lactv
of dealer01s overhlinhig and( inivestig'at
ing a lar ge of' pea'ches whlichi had1 just
ari''ved in the market discovered one
basket wi'th the tfruit jus~t as. good at
the bottom as8 the to1). 'Thle error wats
rectiftIed and quiet restored.--Chicago
-Thle P rincess Louise r'ecomnmends
young ladies to learn to cook. D~oes
1I. R..1I. cook horself'?-N. Y Mail.
No, she doesn't. She may cook meat
and potatoes and some of the 1181h she
catches, but she dloesni't cook
herself. The Marquis 01' Lor'ne likes
heri biest ini a raw state, ie says she's
swveetcr' that way. Onily wonlien who
attemipt to kinle(l a ire' with coal oil
cook th emselvyes .-Norristo wn ier'
--Ther'e was a par'ochial school in a
r'emotec miiuir'land dlistrict of a southerni
Scotch couniity3 at whi (lie attendance
had,1 fr'omf various cutss at 0110 1.11me
dwindled dlown to at siingle self-reCllit
boy, and one0 afternooni, in a lull of
school work, thie little fellow looked up
with aL reflective air anid said: "'Mais
toer, I think the schuile'll no be in the
morn." ''What pults that inito youri
head(, sir'?" haughtily inquired the
master, to which the cahlant immedi
ately repjlied: "Because ll no0 1)0
here !"
-[here will be no0 "boom" but
Grant's, and( thie camapaignt for the
IPresidoey of thie Nicar'auvua n Canal
Company maify nowy be saitl to be fairly
oponeid.--BjaltIimore Gazelic.
EwugY MAN hIb OwVN MUsIcIAN l-"What's
the good of mec buying a piano or an or
san? I can't even lay a1 jewsharp, t~hoe' I
lovo mnusie mity well. I wish to good.
ness somtobody would invent an Instru
ment thaitI could play." So say thouis
anids of genuine nmtui lovers, and at last
a musical genius has given thorn their
heart's desire. This nowv musical won
der, The Orguiette, ls'no toy or huni..
bug, but the most marvellous musicali in
sitrumeint of the age. It play3' hymn
ttunes, qua1lrilles, waltizos, opcratic se
lectilons, 01' Popuhar sonigs with perfect
IOCnracey. A chi ld can play it. has f'ull,
sweet tone; dulet'1l; not liable to get out
of or 1cr; weighs onily 12 lbs. Pico, with
6 Tfunes $1 ; extra tunes 25 et.4. 01ach.
Gluaranteod to gIve mnoro s tisfaction
than any other instr'umnent mn the world.
Money ref'ituded after' 5 days tria1 11'
not satIsfactory. Thousands already
hold and not one returned. Local agenta
wvanted in every Southern city and village.
Poer illustrated catalogue and [full lpar
Alculars address Ludden & Bates, Sn.
vatnnaht, Ga., Manuufacttur'er's Mole
tonthiern Agents. sep)t (1 Im
W-150 DEGRECJCs F11R TES...l.
W E recomimend the "VESTL
,OiL as8a safe l~ilflnina'-. It Is
iS clear and white as wrater, c08oluenitly
ives a brilliant light, with very: litti'a
dor0. Try it. Theo price h:h thani
MOKE the "Key -E~at" GIgar-the.
le na.tin a a a
are eaxteRnod from Vegetable productos
combining in thorm tho Mandrake or May
Apple, which 1. recognized by physicans
as a substituto for calomnelpo3sessing all
the virtues of that mineral, without its
bad~after el'octs.
they are incomparable. They stimulate
th UI~ilf~D IVEIR, :Invigorate the
NDAV 5UT EM,1dgie tone to
the DlIGEdTIVE OtGANS,oreating per
fOt digestionanidtho-rough~ tI-ahltiofl
of food. They exert a powerful influence
on thoe IDNEYS and LIVER, and
through those organs iiremove all impuri
ties, thus vitalizing tio tissuosofffi body
and causing a healthy condition of the
They have no equal;ad as aresult not
as a preventive and cure for Bilious,Re
mittenlt, Intermittent, Typhoid POver
and Fever and Ague. Upon the healthy
aetion of the Stomaoh, deponde, almost
wiolly, the health of the human race,
of the present generation. It is for the
Cure of this disease and its atteandantsp
have gained such a wide spread reputa
tion. No Remedy has ever been discov
ered that acts so speedily and gently on
the digestive organs giving them tone
and vigor to assimilate food. This bein
accomplished, of course the
Being composed of the Juices of plants
extracted by powerful chemical agen
cics, and prepared in a concentrated
for: hey are guarantoed free from
tny thing that can injure the most del
icato pers~on.
A noted chemiet who lias analyzed them, says
We therefore any to the afmicted
Try this Remedy fairly, it will not
harm you, you have nothing to
lose,but will surely gain aVigo
rous Body, Pure Blood, Strong
Nerves and a Cheerful Mind.
Principal 011cc, 35 Murry St., N. Y.
Sold by Diights throughout tho world.
a RAY H.AROR nvITsx.Rs changed to a GwaarT
3A"CK by n OngI. appliEtion on t ou yp. It iG .
1mr3t!I 1%rat',,tl yolr. att ino toims and in
II)Ilra~l,.. '. srit wte.Hold by Druggistaor
Office U Murray 8t., Now York.
"I had no appetite, Holloway's Pll
ye mec a hea'rty one.'
"'Your Pills are marvelous."
"I sendt for another box, and koop then
in the h~ouse."
'"Dr. Holloway has c uredl my hteadachit
that was ablronic.
"1 gave one iof y our Pills to my bab'
for~ choltra m.'rbus. To', dear litth
thing got weLl in a day."
"\My nausea of a morning is non
"Your box of Ilolloway's Oimen1
cured mec of noises in the head.]
rubbed somne of your Ointment behind
the ears and the noise has left."
"Sond mao two boxes; I want one for
poor family.''
"I enclose a dollar; your price is 21
cents, but the medicine to me is worth a
"Send me five boxes of your Pills."
"Let me have three boxes of youl
Pills by return mail, for chills and
I have over 200 such testimonials as
these, but want of space compels me t<
And all eruptions of the skin, this Oint
mnent is most invaluable. It does no,
heal externally alone, but penetratei
with the most searcbing effects to th4
ver~y rcot of evil.
Possessed of this remedy, every mars
may be own doctor. It may be rubbed
into the system, so as to r'ench any in
ternal complaint; by these means, curet
sores or ulcers in the throat stomach
liver, spine or other parts. It is an in
fallible remedy for bad legs, bad breasts
contracted or stiff joints, gout, rheuma
tismn. and'all skin.diseases.
IMP'ORTANT CAUTIrON.--Neno are genuine un
less (he sIgnatur e of J7. iIVooR. as agent ro:
the Unitei States surirtans each box of Piily
an Cloramet. Boxes at 25 contf, os cents, ant
@1' There is conasiderabl e savingby takinj
the large: sizes. UIOLLO WAY &Co.
-feb ln-1y New York.
.JUST ARRIVED one of the finest as
sortmonta of Liquors in the Beo. One
Barrel of Gibson's Celebrated Old Nectar,
1840; Three Barrels of fine old Rye Whis
key: 1st, Old Imperial Cabinet Whiskey,
9 years old; 2nd, also, the Mabel Belle, 0
ditto; 3rd, Roanoke Rye, the oldest, 1 8
ditto. Corn Whiskey of' the best grades
North Carolina Corn ,Sweet and Sour Mash
of the best grades Also, Wines and Bran,
dies of the ilntest brands, I have also a
tine lot of Cigars and Tobacco which I
will dispose of at reasoenable prices for
cash only. Givyo me a call, and I will treat
you right. Philadelphia Lager Beer al
ways on hand from the c.lebratedi firm of
Berger and Engeil. You ean find mc at
all times at the Bar un or ,the Winnsboro
Hotel, next, door to D R. Flenilken's.
Call an'l see mo. J1. (iLENDINING.
aug 2(1
cai a e in Yi own town, and no
n atIwitho et s Ti tep
u ork. Yotu shoujid try nothing else unti yeu
soe for youirselt what youi can do at the bust.
nei we fr. No rcoom to explain hero. You
timel (Oto l .our time or 02.Iy your spare
tie1)te business, andt make great pa~ for
e'very hour that. yott woerk. Women mna e as
mutch as men. Send for special private terms
and( Palrticulars, which we mail freo. $5 outfit
free iDon't co~mplain of hard times while you
myve auch a chance. Address
Ang. i,ua i'TT & C0.. Portland, Manine.
.1.Lienade, ol' any fac uhlo
drink, 0e11lon J. ii. MeCASitY, and I
wil be f orved to you in the miot tasty
It is too soon to forget the ravages of this
teriIble disease, whicell Will no doubt return In
ai noro mall nant and Virulent form in the fall
AItRi4UL'S IllIPATINE, a remedy discoy.
cred In Southern Nubia and used with such '
wonderful results in SoUth America where tho
most aggravated cases of feVer are found,
causes rom one to two ounces of bile to )o
filtered t.r strained from the blood ench time It
passes through the liver, as long as an excess
of bilc exists. By its wonterful action on the
Liver and Stomach the 1H rAriss not only pre.
vents to a cetrtainty any kind of Fever and
Black Voinit, but also cures Headache, Consti
atli of the Bowels. Dyspepsia and all
atalariatl diseasus.
No ono need fear Yellow Fever who will
expel the Malarial Poison atid excess of bile
from the blood by using MsItard/s IsrPATIN,
which is sold by all )ruggists In 25 cent and
$1.00 bottles, or will be sent by express by the
A. F. MElRELL & CO., Phila., Pa.
Dr. Pemberton's Stillingia or Queen's
W-The reports of wondr~pl cures of Rheuma
tlum, fcrofula, Salt lthloul , Syplills, Cancer
Ulcers and Sores, that come from al, partsof
the ooluntry, are not only remarkable but se.
miraculous as to be doubted was It not for tho
abundance of proof.
Remarkable Cure of Sorofula, fo.
KINGsToN, GA., September 15. 1871.
OENTs :-For six teen years I have been a great
sufferer from Scrofula In Its most distressin
forms. I have been contined to my room and
bed for fifteen years with scrofulous ulcera
tions. The most approved remedies for.such
cases had been used, and the most eminent
physican4. consulted, wit'iout any decided
bclit. Thus prostrated, disteessed, -dcspond
Ing, I was advised by Dr. Ayer, of Floyd Coun
ty, Ga., to commence the use of your Compountd
Extract St.illhigin. Lang lingo i as ninsuflldcent
to descrIbe the relief I obtiined from the Utse of
the Stillinglia as it is to convey an adequate
idea of the intensity of my suffeLring before
using your medicine; suflicient to say. I abani
doned all other renedlies and continued the uso
of your Extract of Stillingin. until I can say
truly "I am cured of all pain," of all disease
with nothing to obstruct te- active pu rAlt o1
my profession. More than eight, months hate
elapsed since this remarkable cure, without
any reLurn of the diseats.
For tile truth of the above statement, I refer
to any gentleman in Bartow County, Ga., ani
to the miembe s of the bar of Cherokee Circuit,
who are acquainted with me. I shall ever
remain, witl the deepest gratitude,
Your obedient servant,
J. C. BItANSON, Att'y. at Law.
Wxsr'TPOINT, GA., Spt. 14 1870
GuNrs:-Mfy datghter was taken on tile 25il1
day of June, 1863, With what was supposed to be
Acute Itheutnatisn, and was treated for the
same with no scess. In AMarch, following
pieces of bone tegno to work out of the rigt
arm, aild continued to appear till all the bono
fron, the elbow to the shoulder joint came out.
Mlany 31eces of bone came out of right foot and
'1 1he case was then pronounced one of
Nlte Swelling. After havinig been contined
about six years to her bed, ani tile case con
sidered hopeless, I was Induced to try Dr. Pem.
berton's Compound Extract of Stillingia, and
was so well satliled with its effects t.hat I have
continued the use of it until th1e present.
My dauI liter WasConfined to her bed about
six years gefore she sat tip or even turnt d over
without help. She now sits up all day, and
sews most of her time-has wa ked across the
room. H1er general health is now good, and I
believe ihe will, as her limbs gain strength
walk well. I attribute her recovery, with the
blessing of God, to the use of your invaluable
With gratitude, I am, yours truly,
WES'r POINT, Ga., Sept. 10, 1870.
ORNTS :-The above certifleate of Mr. W. B.
Ilanton we know and certify to as being true.
The thing Is so; hundreds of the most respect
ed citizens will certify to It. As much referenco
can be given as may be required.
Yours truly
CRAWFORI) & WALKER, Druggists.
pared by A F. MAlUItELL & C;o.. Phila . Pa.
Sold by all Druggs0ts in 31.00 bottles, or sent
i -express. Agents wanted to canvass every
Send for Book-"Curiors Story"-free to anl.
iledicines sent to poor people payable in instal
The distinctive features of this spool
cotton are that it is made from the very (\
It is finished soft as the cotton from U
which It is matde; it has no waxing or
artificial finish to deceive the eyes; tis
the strongest, smoothest and most elastic
sowing thread in the market; for machineo ,
sowing it has no equal; it is wound on
The Blck is the most perfectj
ever produced in spool cotton, being
d yed bya system patented by ourselves,
Te od ors are dye by the
rendering them so perfect and brilliant
that dress-makers everywhere use them
Instead of sewing silks.
A Geld Medal was awarded this spool
cotton at Paris, 1878, for "great strength"
and "general excellence" bing the high
est award given for spool cotton.
We invite comparison and respectfilly
ask ladies to lye it a fair trial an d con
vince themse vos of Its superiority over
all others.
To be had at wholesale and retail of
aug 12-f x~m O O
I WOULD respecitiily annuounce to
the public thet I have made ample ar
rangomenlts Wvith the best Hlouses at
Norfok, Sufrolk and Cbarleston, to
su ply me with FRESH SALT WVA
TR FISH and the very best
for this season, I Will keep them I n
store FRESII ON ICE every 4av so
that my Customer's can supply them
selves at aiiy time.
All mly Oysters and Fish are guar
aniteed to be fresh and-of the
I ~ Very respeotihlly,
Washington street, Rear 6f' Town
IVE and six inch thre Bli
Lueerne Seed allver ed, al
low prices, jttst.1eigbyea

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