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SAT UlDA.Y, Nfovemu1wr 29,
71t. AIrw.cYs 7>A jis, EI'OR.
e W 8 ENOLID~S ASsoIumm MbITOn.
DENNIs I(Auxity ha played oit.
Ialloch and other leaders have conl
spired against. hiin,their object being
to organize at 1 more' respcetabl party
than that ouiided 1.y Deuisis.
Cun-:F Jus'ricIC WruE hals granited
a writ of error to the Suprenlo Court
of Virginia ill a case involving the
constitutionality of the State at pe.
venit ing misvegenat ion. This <luestiori
is to be fially decided.
TuF. w HisiIv product ot'the co(.01y1m
for the past year was forty-nine miiil
lion gallons. and tle tobacco prodlict
one hundred and thirtv-one million
pounds. This is exclisive of the Coll
trabanid trade. It gives it gi'lloni of
whiskey and three pounds of tolaeco
at year- ir every ma v onlian, Child
ud haby (as Bilaiie classifies them) in
tie Uifted States.
Tim-annual report of the lnited
States Connisisioner oni pensionls sulp1
plies abumlant, iterial for serimois
oil lying.. l1n the Cases of live hun111
dre'Cd pensionlers vihose naies have
been expnglied for fraud inl the pait.
three years it has been proi it that out
of 4,397 afibivits( inade, 3,081 were
perjtries and 92 forgeries. Over hall
a million dolars were, lost helbre the
lak was stopped. il I his Conicetion
'he "eow York /erald asks,. "Are .we
a natioll of liaces?" Respectt'illy re
ierred to Bob 'I'oon)s for it reply.
A 'oisox.:rof thle- Spartan..
hurg ~ ~ -V Ijra sugsslde1. C.
Pro.sj~ 11hfr Associate Justice of the
Supremie Court, to fill file vacanier
that will be niaiide by the prob.ablie
prmiotion ol'Associalte Just ice MeI V(r.
A it'r b letier eion could easiy be
md111(1e. Jtlge I'ressly is a ver'y alile
lawyer and( at gent lenimn of tie high
Cst inoral elirater. llut i. 1e does not
make i speeially line iudge. I1e is too
Cecentrie., too w'is il l oWhi c(m-il
an11d too click to disrIegard file opin
ion1s and to belittle the ability o( ofhfer
TWo Poling Places,
A (orresponlein, of the Rcydi.er,
Signiiig b iiisel' "''Edi.getleld," l has writ
tenl Ia Ve'V S11ron1g ale inl tivo' of a
repeal of' tih lawm, requiringo. epillate
pollinig placets For St ate ofils15 and ter
Congiressniien and1 Pres'idet iail elet .r. .
It alludes to the it wo boxes as 1. used in
other Stales. hit inl South Carolina
tle practice is difi'eint. Twvo boxes,
ats used ill eorgia, means sinply two
&4epara'3te b)oxc.' in1 lho ,samo 1po1 ing
pla3ce, but ini Su iti Cariol in 11thle la iv
reOcuires the po11 ing lacesN' t hemlsel ves
to be separa3te, and31 under' the contr'ol
of manalh~gers enitirely dlistinict fromn
each other. Every one knows that1
the purposi~e of' enacting thle law was5
t hruslng thleiselves jito Stato elee
tions. When the act was piassedl we
faivor'ed it, but. "'Eigetild" g'ives
alrguients t hat shouhl bie caurel'uhlly
wieighied by the Legislature. We
shatll 51urumlarijze the points. Thle first
is thatt thle Fedll~'l g'overnmenlPt will
interferio as reauli ly in a Sinte( election1
ats in a C'ongr'essionial election if' it
suits its purplose to do) so, tad no0
point willh be gained by lhaving sepa
r'ate polling phiCcs. Second, while
galining" niothing for lher' State and
(counity Can~dlhites the Staite uary lose
t ivo 01' threce Conigressmen ani'd her
elector's. "'Edgetlelo'> argues that
voters are inore initerested in local
aftfairs' andiu ini the dozen~i 01r miore local
canididates thani in onec Congr'essinani
a111( thel elec'tor's; andiu they wiill con
sidler theu ilt ut done when they have
jostled and pushed their way 'to the
goimg aniother' siege of sever'al'hour's
to reach the~ other box. launy per
sons, too, hoh1( the mfistaikenl idea that
the National election is of no import
an1ce, anld will be satisfiedl to vote 01n1y
for the State oll)ers even if' the ot her'
)o11s be0 03asy of' access. Ini this wayv
the Ciongresosionalu v'ote will show 31
-will be tort~ured by ]Radical leaders
into31 an evidence of f'aud and illegal
Again, the easiest way of bolting a
noination Is by stay'ing away fr'om
the polls. "Edgefleld" says that
several ne~wspaperCIs have threatented
to bolt the Piden~~hmtlal and1( Congres-.
slon electorsa In cer'taini contingencles,
and( heo thinks this boltling canl be mclih
more easily accomlplfshed if the two
polling places ho retained, than if
every voter 18 called aponu to march
to the sam11 p)1aCe- We~ wvould suig
I . gest int this connect ion that a scratched
I . . ticket lit the caso of a single polling
place is just as effective as albstentji
fom voting, and more secret. We
call especial attention to the con
{ . ~'chidhg por'tion of "Edgefleld's" argu
-Suchi a delusion wouli not only be
ollIy but. madness. Thle Federal and1(
8f.~le goverinments nliust stanid or fall
-to othier as free, co-ordllinate rep~ub~lics
E ther they will, both r'emainI sover'
elgn, each, vihin 'the sphi~o of its
al!lotted p)owers, "ain inillsoluble
{~ V~ tlnfon of I idesti'ucti ble States," or' the
de ormn will beconie solo
~ve nlg, treating the~ States as mere
*countIs. --
Let South Carolina abandlon her
eod elhctions8 and thereby perit
the . ub iaIatyfagdin 'to (domi
nate C9Igress, as t- tioW does . the
exeoupv andO .juiil . de artmoints,
anid )6Federal gover'unen twillI soot
e xhbi j10 Nd4 respedit to the) Gov4
he t
t broughr1i the seqssion o' the Southeri'u
Stules 1hu, lias caused t all our woes..
We ci never be rid of those woes.
nor proventI all infliction of still other
and wvor(so o s0110, except by wor'kiiig
harder to ietp tle .Nationia Democra
'y to Peguin perlianenit control of the
Federl goverinet-, thlin evein to
retailn our ascendeniey in the Staie
Tle surest Waiy to be permitted to
mnnage oir SIttl attirs to suit our
selves is, irst and hist, to (do all we
lowsi.bly-canl to aid ourl alliies inl ot her
Sitts tolget and to hold (lhe Federal
TO have two separatCe boards at, Oe
satn1e precint, with thle expectationl,
or evll hope, of prevetlinhg' e'l'er1l
Interfrnce With St.a elect ionIs,
while (lie ltdicals :re in power, is its
11)su'd aniid cowadIV 1s 1ini ostrliChl
sticking his len ile'Ith the sanid,
in ihn go 11111t. his (.art is fortified
A "realt deal is to be said oil both
sides, and we are inof1 preitred it, oce
to 1141vocate i repe'al of' fihe existin g
la.Si ill we s1Ihlmit tat "'lgefiehl"'
ha1s malde l Very strong clse. We
lilt, NIy sollletililg more oil (,his here
C(heering AgrIultural Conclitio of file
Stitt(-- L-Iisti-lon Nvee'd---Im
proving thie 1 Ighwaty-11edte1c1ilg t iae
Puhbc Debt-Amendisig flt, iomenteit
1 1o1u00lse1 from ti1' lRM1'ter.]
Tie (Govelnor's mess"sge is In ble,
Ithoughfu a,11nd lengthyli doculonent..
The Governor conlituiles the As
semlbly an thel 10 people of thoe Site inl
ithe proloignem of his inessige oil the
general agriclturll prosperity of' the
statle, 1101 withs8"tamlingo 1.hm droughlt,
wh ich aitonle time 1vireateed (lhe de
strietion of (Ithe c.'lops. Touchilg our11
ag ricull it ral prospects, lie ( OVer101
gives, i ilied, it cllerin.. iecoutit, 111
lie ilore vialible heeuse it. is based
u1ponl reports whlich .were furn.1ishewd
him ait i ;l owNN11 ins t Ince, t.is esiab
liShing-2 a prece-dent, which wve hopev
will I . rved by Ithe fuitture Execu
five., ok ihe -Stat, -Sh i it, not he
<illmed advi'ale t) establish a stat is
tica ilii uirli, which is nlow recoglized
as a nl.atler of 3tte lecessity ill tei
govel'lilnlits of aill civilized Staltes-.
T~ouchlinga this 11n.11er c:f the. condition
of' agricultur, the oernor, 1111mgst
otller hings, says
I have -lken sme pails to obtain
int'orlmaionl on this subject, anld 11he
replirs frioll tile dillrell couts
show tha1 .tle pwophe of all etalSs landl
cl10ditions lhae beenl mt0 ore iminal 'riolls,
MOre nergetc Id more enterprisino
ill Iis depImrimei of indusllP('livltry itry in'g
't current yer'l'' aeo n V4 verS
must, aInd I in rejo(iced lo belie-ve tHat
thev new rehitions, of Ilabor. an1d v.api1al
wlich our sutile truilsrinaillioll is
il(3n4 Sie l uipol it, is a1 people are bt
fuillerg to tlij( ust rlu',aellves eore
luirm11onlioulsly. \We hanve certafily
tolu ed. I i tonin t h rebomi 11:1-;
commenilCt. These re ipotlls 11-er111m
show (lht I while colton s0ill i lhe
mai loh4t1e, yet(1 thalt tepeople all
byer liing ift~r beiiin largely i to -
bee (la~tedllil and0havelted aICjIt las
patiea than a'llelo t. anyfperodince~ the
W~lar,~ and grtater tat.icln is begin
and the poe lare11550 getrll ame wIse
Slyl, thikil!. com ing to th 1concluion
thati'Lwh4il the soilies adaptied to
('tte01 prod '1et1 of e greatdlm i tse
(co1t1tonan that( thi) 1in-oduct' soldIl
cribiid 11neat housei sould be bilt,
oteir ow lan 'I)Cd andlunde the11)t prl
weeio o thei own ths. \bht this a
iraiteis mor101 le etray r)1'e1ah
lihd. and1( Iifuielie adope ourt' future, IL'
I0in 50 .08 tocure, 1 and, whie 'oringal
of our pieole temeas o al~V'151 cotsoria
bil litvii, it~ w'i t'argeled to tre
tecur isnntgi.i er pe'g reaetblsing
to 'n ut tire evndust andO the cliva
In'it thire.necio it.i''yo taf(bras me
p111ure 11(to sit't tha iut thie law knownd
bes etacitls to thse counties wher itw
couhreel a 11)measuch hso ricat 101 its
lweoulmse ttites.m poiin
were0 madoeginst this; bt'St thisa
cimediatlyoi uonl the pass1a0huc olth'
at thugot pele harearcelid'
thmsell-s toimedt it.ii Sincethe C'it
tion1t a.s a who evoe enac)ed, anioth
conuin testriony (rom aonceulr
ter is thot ki is. tha ll gretes tlsina
LegiCslature . 1ii is for youto Pe'deiter
m8inet~iIC wh lor or'nt. oi' ta hou l
read extien ote; coutis nlot how
e ves, o lhose t~ ote uits
The Governgor thenS~it present his
c1onratlan tins on8 the >(ciad oder1L
bwhich tha pe'reviled t igu the fIilto
tateiii thughoutlI theecocluinal
weilt a l'y,-.0imed ad oastln earnes
appel tho a1 thoeoe'11( publi opinion
011101' chth'tte arry itoith ingkncae
.ll iid nonwthatle, tny adiionld
ows ponad the ecto hoiie aren
everi, olevetis to the jors tead
Tle withv referc topthses luhormatIon
t!touchinthe batncal theeduatIonals
andIV teilita y tdepartent', the
poniteniary, he 'lunnatcaylu, toe
insttuon ofd the dea11 f and iumb andO
hig fnd ~ 'Comissf~ltIOn thI~tabon
m0fiso,' ern to 151VO'th repI0orls them
noio requird yIthe want of t
peoplbh nd n-osqenehsEc
Ioneyhas, oi -ecommnslaIoh t
enun1f yAIII commissioners as to tho- Od
ministering of ttx(s collcted for
couityv piiposes. It is recomoinded
thait thetso repor'ts, Instead of being
made to the General Assembly asi
nlow dono1, wvilhout the(, possib'il1ity of
the di cirCmuInspeetion desirhable of
fite doing, contrtts at1(d voueliers of
tle colity comintissionlers, should be
mnade to. he C , ircuit Court. ill the scy
eral coitlities, to be exaninted )y the
grantid.ivies rider. theirstprvsin
ater bein pitbIshed11 in the county
pa perlist 'iolr Io t lie sitting o1
th cor to CO 0whichk they shall be m11ul0.
Uilderl the hea1d of public schools
weNv find tie followiig recommenda
I would ('arnestlv r'ecomimnd some
legislhtion wlich wvill securve to te:lcI
('I'r inl tile public sehoos the pr)ompt
paymnt of their salariies. The difll
(ulties witi wliith teachers have to
Conltend TeiuSe Of dea' in this mat
ter ar11 flly explatled ill i 1 0 tereort
ol the Superiitendent of Education.
It, will no. be posible to reltain Coil
petent tenoles it we (o not make
17rovisionl Cor patying them promlptly
1,or' their services.
Touching it uireait of Statistics, the
(1Vernor 11says, by way of recommon
(dat ion:
This is an1 age of ripid thougit and
llovelleilts, aind Condenlsed inft'ormtzia
tion is of tI ver y highest impotalce,
and nothing has play!ed at Itnore elrec
vi Vi.p' t1 ii ithe piogress o ot'her com
inun111iis thanII reliable Statistics In
r.efeivee to the variotts ml1aeroial inl
forests upon whichu1 4r'owtI depelIded,
2111d what. has beenl m1ade usiftt else
wher e nn bIe made isfll with uts.
I tilerefore reoomlnienid this Subject
to your ceful colsiderlatioll, hoping
tIll. som p101111n may be adopted by
wiieh A 11111y not only be put. ablrClst
with other States inl Ile niat.ters, but
also oltr vailuable resouresbroll0 h'oiught to
ligdht inl such way vs to attirllact the
aIltioilli which they so emliniitly de
SNIv, and 1111 be 11ad tile mevanls of
prl'omilot intug a wvidespread prosperity.
Touhing ithe iilitia, tie Gc ovrnor's
reonnInlli'ldattioln is fttud ill the fol
The, militia has been stirrounded and
einbarrasw1sed wih anv difliclultics,
not the least of which is the scantv
silliporl. giveln it by tile Legislattire.
Not withistand Ohis,* a splend..4,id nueletis
has beenl 0o ranized, which, if enl
coullged, could b easily extended to
Il('t all tIle lecessiis of' the State ill
tIhis depal1rt.inent; hill if it. fiils ill the
1,'1111re, as it hnas inl the paust, to mneet
Ui tri encoilragoemen1 fr1omn the
eilral Assembly whlich tle systuim
deni'ainds, it is idle to expect, th'e es
Iablishmentlfand conltinunce of at well
"ormni1ized militia, such'l am Would dto
ert'dit to the State am1 be prepared for
any .'Ineirency that iight arise. The
1)1 I ni tsolt 1111d State pride of
ithe Votin 1110e 0Cf the State stand
Ieatdyl to 'sponid to any denlald upon
th1i to buil up this sysNtem and
tike it ll h1on1or1 to South Cardlinia.
11111 they cannot (1o this at their own
vex iise. The ned armus 'md suita
ble (iiimints; let these be r1nished
an1d they will do tle rest. The r'eporlt
of' I the A11111tant and 111spector, Geretal,
hv.%'( will presenits fihe wants and
nI vF4 ifit.4 of, tie I ystem , ali .11. com
11l 1d Il1s (eporl. and its Iecol tutllenda
tionos to11 1your11 c aru . oidrton
I e l 'lt l, yh'n i'e l ie I1'1(s.0
Wile-. lIle ra1iroad~Is o rld bite tov
1P0I'o t he c.il Ioty s i y, it te thate
(ainlI',1 as 'al on ys~le, theii cute cil
hIigett have bcm akt Itow)Oie 1'C1P'is to
the mbaitant'ts of toeauntis i'which
Is s0od, andg lw'r mpich tjuy ar most
Iliit utlIevh ad wiercmeoat tsup.
diirnti cou'sialtes, rm1 fthe ex
(tremibeto~ th' rsetve cv~ountioa,
vereW1 O~l rnit wll-raed icidyclifted
firm tt htf tigh. 'Ev1ry branch fin-d
du)11( ley'wuld011 te-yl maeially uc i
nlie very11101 areiel rdacd, mid the
lnec'ssartiieo lill reatlcaond to
tlwoko'oei'the onsumwreelve.
TI lhoIt di ilenet-l th e and rapidi.1
Itli o t. an' 'ratiuig result1hue froma im
povle bknyaysImprey 11jtt001 pr'Sope
skill u h~uIborbestow011 ed inlavomuis
in eo11)n. 1tant 8 repi--itmchgeateru
In a1r'od trising ai h ulrd feetoin
the dtance tof two housad, itsas-~n
Ieendling tei wod bionin iwnty,
(iOe~l 1110n1'iealoftheu whoeeoad
5taover, it'1011( muto eoartallt lifted
up11( the O entroduheih of08 o hundredt
isouldtldrawt oly onOsehal flr lmuhas
hores Othereoretl be eede thposd.
ith etok o1on li te0' road wereflevel,
ilol tIsl e te faeling o the matter of
tllh cos; ofl carrmge colde grally
reducOed; 1.d then saded thi Ilhe
tions th ani( r spacr other labrface--whc
--ot.he advantaor' wouldg t be~ abth tin
.niulabths le' hoeuadvane ages woucly
1'soh ble fheo the whntoito tradea
themdto gro an texpand lindsortnitery,
mltilm theleir opul ton dalld c
creaing111 thesieslh Our'lshn presen
systle, ifr adheety foriviu all ime
andconsn and ellici1 igSe ent elab~or.
Th aoiesct b e upptieed for the fros
ont sytiem. Eac countye svulh~uld v
s6oner wi'n asoolorfl chareothcungy
dt eote to the b uess.T~h neces
(liewuntx 1nd roi' o fhr onits, commuta
tll to yox, anschoterao ase mgt
tot mos abeeodwing tteoj ill our ptax.
end cotisloiice. hudb edsrcl
resoibl0 fror~ rhcondition tl- paye
roas. n astm of~ thiesisoryf te
te id tole w'ould mostl odall o
devlopent of. u eoreapt
ollQrivar woul sprhges up in th
in hefac yo th contyledngt
the..a.t.andproperiy ofthe hol
proper steps bo taken for the, amend
menot of the Constitution~ touching the
homestead law so as to selco r 11101 0
equal dist ribntion of its benelits to all
I classes oreitizens.
STile Govornor's observations touch
ing the penitentiaryi are highly perti
nent, anid will, doubtless, secure the
attention of the (tenerally Asseibly to I
so iport a subjecet. Ills Excelelnev
'e>eats his recoymmendattionj that pemil
abor, or a >ortion of it, shoul hibe used
outside of t te wails of the penitentiary
im works of a quasi-publio naturo.
ro find the viessago partiilarly li
structive under this head. We c'pito
mize and tabularize statements as fol.
IS?'). 1859.
Juitearv department .......$6 80 p92
teC sin1:1 vio, AC .... 46,110 46,5A)
Execu v, &................. 900 19,
$114.5 $105,600
So the expenses of tile govorilment
for the present year, with ti10 increive
of some $8,000) for increase of clerical
force IiIcesary ilider the present sys
teimi of goverllmelnt., amloulit to $1N,
816, which compared with 1875, the
last year of Radical rule, I1nalC,0s
m1doed an important showinr. Here
is the comparison:
18,05. 1870.
LwvlshiIve Executive ami Judi.
c.1 Dcparuaen s.............. $31,000 $124,8-M
Saving In tic, year................ .. ... ,v
We find tho total approximation of
the State debt as follows:
Total delbt. $5,979,269.91; bills of the
bank of the Stato supposed co be out
$100.000. With these banik bills scal
ed at fifty cots on the dollar and put
inl Consolidation six per cents, the
whole debt of the Sate outside of con
timgent liabilities for State guarantee
of railroad bouds would amount to
$6,179,000. This saving, then, of
$226,000 per amnm against 1875,
would, with interest met by appropria
tion, iI hwenty years liquidate the
whole debt; or this $226,0001 annual
savimg llelils a 1111inount equal to the
niterest oil $3,750,000 of six per cent.
bonds. All this is indeed worthi of
(he peo))le's contlilence and hearty 'i'u
port, ".wvithout referenlee to race, col
or previotts ofservitudo."
TRAVELINo S-rONES.--M~fa ny of our
readers have (loubtless heard 4t' the th
Illohs traVelling stonies of Alustralia.
Siuilllr curiosities have recentily hmeen
found in Nevada, which ae described
as almost peretlly round. the maajority
of' them s large as a waliut and 'of an
irony nature. When distributted about
upon the floor, table or other level
surface, within two or three feet of
each other, they immiediately begin
travelli toward a common centre,
and there lie hilled up inl a bunch,
like a lot of eggs in a nest. A single
stotne, retinoved to it. -diztance o' thr'ree
and a half fect, upon being released at
once started oil' wilh W011derful and
soiewlhat comical celerit-v to join its
fellows; taken away flour or fiv feet it
remallintted motionless. They are fund
in a regioll that is comparaiivelv level
and is nothing buit bare rock. Scatter
ed over this barrent region are little
basins from a lew feet to a rold or two
ill diameter, and it is in the bottom of
these that, the roliling Stoles are 0lot1d.
They are frotm Ihe size of a peia to five
or six inches in iameter. Tile cause
of these stones rolling together is
doubt1)1less to be0 tfound( inl thet mteoriail
of whuich 'they are comlposed, which
appears to be lodestone or nuitietic
11.ron ore.- T Trginia CitU ( Nov.) .En
-Efx-Mitister Washbhur's latest
pubbe)1 appear11ance was as a defender
of mule meat. D~uing~ theo davs of the
Conmnmue, ho0 said, for month1 ls thlee
w as no mteat. in Paris but horse meat
and~ miltle ment. ''I never ate horse.
but I conftess to have pairtaken frei'lv
of the mule11; and( I will say, to th'e
eredC~it 0f thait muichi-ahnised' aimal,
that I foun d 11it1 quite good. Mr sec'
retary alssuredC 111 ftat ofthle~ many
amimals he had1( assiste~d to dev'our durii
lng the aiege (lie elephant was best of
all. The stories of peoplo Calling cats,
rats, (lOgs and 01ther smnalls animlals in
Paris aire literally true.".
-A leadinig firm in Charlcston htas
entered suilt for $79,000 ahgainst the
)proprietor1s of the two prhllc~ipi gitma
bbiny salhoonis in that city'; the amnoun t
snea1 for, or' at portionl of it, being al
leged to have beeni lost at various
times by young mn iln whom the
1)1rosecutors are initer'ected. T1hme ac
tion1 is brought under' the law which
provides that mXonoey wion at giambillino
shall, upon01 proof,'be restored four
-As ComTON Is KIN(G in commerce,
so the liver is king in thle humtan sys
temn. We canmnot lIve in anypee
with this great organ diseased. To
keep it in condition to p)erforml its
- functions, use D~r. Gilder's Livor Pills.
Tihe~y atre sold by all dIruggists and11
conit ry mercrharts. For sailo by D~r.
WV. E. Aikent. 4t19
-Queen Victoria has commissioned
eight.-Premniers, and1( outlived them all
but Mr. Gladstone and Lord Beca
MARRIED-On the 26th of Novem
ber, at the residence of the bride's
ltliher, by the Rev. 1!. B. Pratt, assist
ed by the Rev. J. M. Todd, Mnt. T. K.
Er.Lio'rr to MIss CARRIE AIKEN-both
of Winnsboro.
MARRIED-On the 26th of No
vember, at the residence of Mr. Calvin
Brlce, by the Rev. D). G. Caldwell, as
sisted by the Revs. Morris and McMnl
lini, Mr. L. U. CAIDWET,.,, of Concord,
N. C., to Miss MAGGIE G. YONOUE~,
of FaIrfld.
MARllED-On' the 27th of Novem
ber, at the residence of the bride's
father, by the Rev. IH. B. Pratt, MR.
J. W. -SEGI.R to Miss MARY E.
GERIG--both of Winnsboro,
rJHE uindersigned have formed apart..
. norship unider the style of L E
SBARRON, fr the practico of law in all
the courts of Falritld counl.
oot 18-txIaw~w J. T. BARRO)N,
W E reommnnend the 7'EhSTAL
OiL as a safe illuminator. It is
as clear and white as watet, consequently
gilves a brihlabt light, ,with very litti
odor. r *y it. The [email protected] is less thao
over ,L M, BEY CO.
I'" * *r-o~t Monntaini Cr
_____________.1J. McbARLEY
ar MAx eteod from Vero-Pabloe products,
IcmIng in u iih .Mandrako or Xmy
Apple, which is .econtzed by!hysicins
as a su'titto for colonel,^t:s. n c all
t.io virt-ies of that ineral, wit Lout its
tbty aro incompar0b1o. 'Thoy strmiiate
thoM '%O.jI g~ invigrto the
INNV~f 3 YNTM, '<t aive toule to
fact digou~ttion and'thoz ourdisimilation
of fod.~'i'hoy exort a powerful influonco
n _tit-,* M40the .1 .. _ and. _1V.I.j, and
thru'.h hesoorgama remove all imnpuri
tios, thus vitali-ing the tivpici of tho body
andcausi aeahlhy coUdition of thO
They' ha1ve no ectial; and las ar'snlt not
au a pr ovtive and curi for Li ious,Re
2nf ttent, IterunitstntyphoidFevers
and J~over mu Ar.o. U poll the healthy
netion of tho m depni.amoet
wholly, the h:1hcy 1-.n11 ma raceq
of the present generation. It is for the
uro of tis~ disonse and its attendcaiti
bl.N DKKAfiM51(tVOUSnrEis, DES.
have gained such a with spreadreputa..
tion. N'To Romn l inev oi~been~di7con'
ered that ::ts so apond~ily rida gn~tly on
th cdigcs.tivo or;ais giving t;em tone
.andqvigor to ssexnilatefcol. 'Uhisbujug
atccomlflpl ishoJ~ c rso t.o
'Doin& ncoposeA of the juices of Plar.s
cE'eratnoiby poviorful chemical agon
Ci3es t_. proliifin~ I concntrate.
form,_they are guaranteed freOfror
anly thing tha.an injiuro the most del
0ct pornon,
A :noted chemist who has analyzed them, says
We therefore say to the afleted
Try this Remody frirl9, it will not
harm you, you havo nothing to
lose,butwiil surely galp aVigo
rous Body, Pure Bood, Strong
Nerves and a Cherful Mind.
Principal 01ee, 15 Murry St., N. Y.
Sold by D1ruhMs throughout the world.
RAr HAIR On n mSanaS changed to a Gr.osar
1; _%Cx by n n , 'rNI eppliertion 4f thl )Yr.. It, i.
pi is a Nat nr I tmiu.:r, acts, Imi-t."tuoo.ury, and in
s hhnrmnhc-ti, aprztiq waer. hild by DrugglbZ , or
f'r-0t byv.xpv:-Jfll(~ rot...hptn Al.~
Offloo MS Murray St., New York.
"'I had no appetite; Iolloway's Pills
ve mue a irly One .
"'Your Pii are matrvelous ."
"I send~ for anoi'ther box, and koop them
inl thet housO."'
"'Dr. I lolloiway h as cureod my headache
that was chironio.
"1 gave one ofi y our Pills to my babe
f'or cholera miarbus. TIuo dear little
thing got well ini a dacy."
"'iy nausea of a morning is now
cu red."
"'Your box of Ilolloway's Ointment
cured me of noises in the head. I
ruidbed Rome of ye~ur Ointnent behind
the ears andt the noisei has; htf(."
"S:-nd me twvo boxes; I want ono for a
p~oor family."
"I enelose a dollar; your. price is 25
cents, hut the m'edicine to mte is worth a
"Senid me five boxes of your Pills,"
"Let moe have thtrec 'bOXes of your
Pills by return maii, for chills and
I have over 200 such testimonials as
thesec, but want of space eompels mc to
Andi all eruptions of the skin, this Olnt
mnent is most invringab~t. It does Dot
heal ox ternally itlone, but penetrates
with the most searehing effects to the
very rcot of evil.
lX'.sessed of this remedy, every men
ymy be ownt doctor. It nmay be rubbed
Ito the system, so na to reach any in
ternal complaint; by these means, cures
sores or utlee'rs in the thtroat stomach,
liver, spine or other paris. It is an in
fallible remediy for had legs, bad breasts,
contracted or stiff joints, gout, rheumna
tismn, and all skin diseases.
Inr'oiTANT CAUTION.-NOIIe are genuine un.
less the signtatutre of J. IIA Y~ocK. as atgeunt, for
the Uniteas tates surrounds echcl box or Pills
n11( ii tmeint. Roexes at 25 centt, 02 cents, andt
CW' There Is consIderable sa ving by taking
the largot sizes. JJOLLO WA Y & CO.,
feb 15-ly New Yor'k.
rj HE undeorsignedi would call especial
..attention to their newly-received
stock o1
These goods have been selected with
special reference to the wants ek this
market, and will bo sold at
The stock consists of too many articles to
be enumerated; in enadvortisement An
examination can aloneosatisfy purchasers.
A call from purchasers is respectfully
Congress street, one door south of Miorris'
liotel, Winnaboro, S. 0,
sept 80-xttf
A NU~ll 60 e afiful orcefaib
Opaque Ware, just at'rived and for
sale at poes b
ECONDi new arrival this season in Dry Goods,. Notiois, Boots, Shoes,.
Clothing, Crockory, Glassware, &c., &c., which I have bonght eaper t,
Dress Goods in ill I he new and desirable shades, Cashmeres, Crepe Cloths
and a big drive in Uinsket Dress Goods at 124c.
An elogait line of Cassimeros Jeans, Ied and White Flannels, Ulaikets,.
9-41 and 104hectings, and P. C. C ton.
I t still sellinlg thte Peithuont Factory Goods at the old price, notwith-.
standing the recent advance.
Rest brands in fancies at 7o.
A very nice line of Cloaks, Shawls, Sacques, &c.
lied 'Tickintgs commulenlcing as low as 8c up to A.C. A, at 20 to 25c.
An elegant line at prices beyond competitiol.
My Shoe Department is coinplete, and purchased at. rock bottom prices, and
will be sold very low for Cash.
Somtuethintg very cheap in Glassware and Lamps.
I respect fully invite the ladies to inspect my stock beforo purchasing else
whore, and Col) parc.prices.
Somethingnew mII Vases--a bie drive,
I invite an inspection of the iovo goods,, which I will sell at Nlvound let
live prices.
E havs now open, and vill sell as low as any reliable house in town
U our second supply of Fall and Winter Goods.
1 case Fruit of the Loom Long Cloth..
25 pieces other brands of Long Cloth.
1 caso Bessbrook Jeans.
75 pieces assorted Jeans and Cassimeres.
50 pieCe nW style Prints.
Dress Goods, Alpacas, Mohairs, Cashmeres.
Blankets, whito and colored, Flannels, Linsays, Ginglhms, Em roni
Homespuns, Plaid Homiespuis, Drillings, Osnaburg, Bd Ticking, Hick
ory Shirting, Cotton Flannels.
Comforts, Shawls, Cloaks, Boulevard Skirts.
A full supply of white and colored Dress Shirts, Undershirts and
Drawers, Bleached, Brown and Colored Half Rose.
Clothing and Hats.
Overcoats ! Overcoats ! ! Overcoats ! ! I
For the ladies we havo a nice stock of Undervests, Hosiery, Gloves,
Ruffling, Collars and Cuffs, Edgings ank Insertions, Ribbons, &c.
The "Pinafore," "Juni," "Pride" and "Beatrico" Corsets.
'White Goods, such as Nainsooks, Jaconets, Cambrics and Lawns.
For house-keepers, we have a full line of Tablo Damask,. Doylics,
Towels. Bleached and Brown Sheetings.
Notions in great variety.
Ladies' Misses' and Children's Shoes.
Men's, Youths' t.nd Boys' Boots and Shoes.
Trunks, Valises, Satachels, and Umbrellas.
In our Grocery Department can be found everything needful at low
We cordially invite an inspection of our stock, feeling assured that wo
an please. F. ELDER & CO.
nov 4,
Ehave just received a now and large suppl y of DRY
GOODS, consisting of all kinds of Cloaks, from the very cheap
est to the very finost.
Ladies' Sacks and Skirts, in great var ety.
25 dozen very fine imported Children's and Mlisses' Hose.
All kinds of Ladios' and Misses' Merino and Woolen Vests
Boys' and Children's Merino Skirts-something now.
Ladies'Scarfs, fron the finost to some at five ents each.
25 piccos Black and Brown Worsted at ton cents per yard,
10 dozen children's Gloves at five cents a pair.
Ladies Shoes-a great varietv.
Ladies' Felt Hats--latest styles.
Ladies' Satchels.
Blankets in great vai-ioty.
We take pleasure in announcing to onr friends and the public generall
that we are now opening the finest and most complete assortment of Fa
and Winter Goods, ineludil"g Fany and Staple Dry Goods, all thle latest
styles of Millinery) Ladies' Dfress G0jods, F ancy. Goods and Trimings
whicA wil be offered ot very low '40 as we are detemined to sell che
er tl~ te ohea~esk And cotdIel VtLmee
him, also agent* fr the6 weoll.Ad13f

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