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11 LLI NE WS AND ii r, ALD m.
TRSURSEkAT,, February 17, 1 A Iagsi .
m. Jl4AAvg b.4 ViA, Soes.
9JieW. 5. At LV.1J05. AOAT sOS.
CAN'T some one tell us how tho
Peunsylvania Senatorial electian is
getting on? At last accounts every
body was ahead.
the alphabet is conquering the world.
Right, George. It has hacked more
small boys than all oter terrors com
An exchange % anta thle world to
beginl Counting uip to twenty-four
O'clockand quit this doubling bust
ess. :'Twon't do. What mercy could
a husband expect at home if he hap
pened to stay out till sixteen or seven.
tecn o'clock?
MtACxET does not intend to let Taft
get ahead of him in the mart-yrizing
business, and he tells a harrowing ttle
of attempted assassinatioin in Sutnter.
Investigation fhils to corroborate his
story. Somebody happened to fire a
pistolg in this vicintiy, and the next
morning a colored manl's overcoat was
produced with a lot of holes in it as
big as the lunps of flt t-hat went into
King A rthur's bng pudding, though
the evening before, after. the shot was
fired, an examination disclosed no rent
or hole whatever. The martyr busi
ness h: about played out.
Tnc Rev. J. L. M. Curry has been
elected secrotary of the board of trus
tee3 of the Peabody Fund, to succeed
the late Dr. Sears. As the fund is ex-,
pollded in the outlh, the selection of a
Southern mani to superittend its -
bursement i; a very proper act. Dr.
Curry was at distitwuishied representa
tive of Alabaia in the Federal and in
- the Conflederaxte Congress. After the
war- hie entered the 13aptist minis4try,
And is nlow presiden-It (It a college inl
Richmond. Under the directiont of the
Peabody Trus.tees he will apply thle!
fund chiefly to the education of teach
ers, but he0 is4 alloweddirtony
Powers inl relation to the aid of indigent
RAILROAD acidents FOiJl Occur with
the regularity of clockiwork. Iee tloods
carried away several spans of the long
Iridge over the Potomac at Washing
toi last week, interrult. ig the North.
en mail For several days. The Air
Line passenger ran into a land slide
the other side of Spartanburg the other
day And shook things up generally.
An embankment on the Spartanburg
and Asheillo Road, nehr Saluda, six.
ty ee lngand fifty feet high was
wahdaway by a mountain -torrent
durng herecent freshet. But the
trnetacclident wvas that which took
place onteSavannah and Charleston
Roa, narthe Sava'mnah River, by
wiha freight train with twenty cars
casda trestle to topple down length
wiefor a distance of two miles, each
bnhknocking down its neighbor
like a row of bricks set ou endi. For
h tunately no loss of life is reported.
Ifr This winter has been exceptionally
hard on road beds, and everv one will
rejoice when spring sets fiuirly In.
THE NeWs and C)ourier eXplgjns
the existing method of' drawing juries
in the United Sates Courts. The
abolition of the test oath, arad the ap.
poin'int of t wo persons ot' opposite
p~arties to prepare the lists, effectually
blocks the old game of piackig jurie's
in the ku-kluix trials. The Newsg and
C'otr(ier is informed that the jury fair
ly rep~resente both parties, and is comn
'1' posed generally of men of' good stand
ing. If thais be true the Radical game
of persecutions will fail. Only one
danuger exists-good men are loth to
leaveC their work in April, and somec
of themr endeavor to havt, themnselves~
excused. Ini such case vacancies areI
filled from the by.standlers, who ar'e
frequently mere loafers and bummers.
All courts, Federal and State alike, I
4 are too lax In granting excuses. Since
juries are supreme arbiters of the litfe,
liberty and property of their fellow.'
citizensi, only the bes'.t me shoukdi be
united in~ ani ci'urt to imrify thne jurr
I' and their work shiould notI be set at
if 1,flnauhit by the delinquencyi.'1 of the good
jurymen!. I: is; an; aV me Un72y the
have to pei 1i inm, but it is a much an
I neiden t ot cit izensh ip as t he payvniuam
of taxes or an oii(thier pl~ic bulenct.
It is gratfifyb gi tose that then color
ed peop~lle aire beg: ~i mig to open iii ir
e'yes toI the flel that f.or thec pa'it ten
y earl; the Radicai party1 ha.'s d'ne ub
Ing for their benefith, and hots kept
t hem ini a state of politIical sert'dom.
T'he Atlanta Bldeie ya r
tligent cotloredl man nalmed 'Pleder ~,
tus expressesi itts dissatisittioln W it h
about the sui~.ppression of the negro1
voein the Southl. W hile it is ti'e
that there is in manyv parits oft the
Souh akid o1spprtesioni oft the 1t...
wnioh the prnt sysrliitemof oii
tacoe, th hni us, negroinhsonpr
themt part tht coains ofSuppies-j,
- . lupesion er lotrte in te who-e
- lctin o anhumble Justice of thle
Peace or in selecting a Cabinet office,.
ifcolored men~ have a right to have a.
fin in kelect ingj Mr. Mackey to repre.
Fel a Ditrii t III - bonth Unrolina in
I ongrxA, they have a right to say
h'almethitig about-who sallbI represent
tis section in the Cabinet. If the e
publicans suppress in the latter, they
wtust expect cihere to profit by the
It is perfectly logical in all this, and
the sooner it teaches colored voters to
go with those who can best help them,
the better it will be for then.
This is the way the Radicals treat
"niegro" preaumption after they have
secured his vote.
"Brain" is the standard by v hich all
the selections should be nade and
doubtless will be; the selection of a
man because of his color or nationality
is not lepublican, it is un-Americal.
If the colored eitizens are not repre
sented in the Cabinet by one of their
own race, it is to be hoped that the)
will not fool that thev are not repre
Sentoied at all. Thu )epublican party
has long since plcdgcd itself to the
millions its bayonets made free, and
their needs will be considered at all
times. The selection of a Cabinet
without a colored member will mean
no disrespect or danger to the race. It
will simply niean that a better man has
beci founil, one more fitted to the
work at his hand, than would be either
of the men01 chosen by the colored pt!o
ple, and in this selection, which will
be tr the good of the whole people,
none will more quickly conenr, we be
lieve, thanm the intelligent, Portion of
the colored race.
The Augusta Chronicle sagely com
ments upon the above, and says: "This
is a clear intimation that no colored
man is to be appointed to a Cabinet
position, because the colored voters
have no representatives "fitted to the
work." This is a startling declaration
i the face of the constant asservera
tions of the Republican press that there
are numbers of colored mnein who are
''fitted to the work" of Governors,
Leg-ilators and Judges of Southern
states. If they are fitted for the one
they are litted for the other, aid no
amoumt of crawfilshing will make the
country believe the contrary."
The Straige Confession of One of Two N.
groes Who Have Been Arrested for Kin
Ing a '1 hird.
Spreial to The News anl Courier.
tmor., February 11.-At a late
hour' last night Ileuiry Johnson and
Or :mge Isaaces were lodged in jail here,
charged with the mutirdlr of Johli
Davis, all colored. He-r Johnson
relatt the following story: He sa's
that he was Etaying at the house 'of
Johnl Davis, anld suspected that le wi'as
trying to poison him, aid that lie went
to Orange Isaacs, who is chlimed to be
at root doctot'o. id told him of it.
Orange said that he also had a grudge
against Davis, and that. he had the
Iower of witchcraft and could adiniii
ster a certaiin medicine that would
free him of all responisibilit y for his
acts, and proposed to Johnson to give
hii a charm and take one himself ami
kill Duvis. Johnson agreed to take
[he charm and obey all instruct ons.
UOrange then told him to obtini agu
ad bi'ing it. *o huni, which he dCid.
D~range then sent him to the road with
rders to knock on thle fence wihmen
Davij assedl. At 12 im., last Satur
hayJohsongave the signal and1(
Jrange caime to thle rodwith hsgun.
ilhey followed him to a pine thicket.
nid .Orange, haivinig ajprotiebed to
wiitluin tenu yards of' Davis, fired and
'hot him in thle hack of' the head, kill
ng hi in instantly. Orange t hen pnlled
iimi on t oif the r'olad and covered himi
19 with pine straw, anid went about
Sulspicioi havinig attached to Johni
on, lie was arrested, and, uponm hlis
:onfesionm, Orange w as also) arrested.
3range' discl~iais being imipli'ated in
hie mlurder in any' manner.
elegraph this morning br'ieilv an
lounces thle death of i-on. Fer~mnando
NVood1, the~ leading inmeme of the
few Yor'k delega~ion inl the [House of'
tepresentaltives. lie had beti in ill
mealth for sonic time, anld after' the
massage of his funiding bill ini the
louse, went to iidt Sprinmgs, Ark., in,
he hope) of impr)ovemen3It. ie has laud
veriy long puiblic career. Hle was
rst elected to Congress for'ty year's
go, w hen a young manm oft twenatv.
nlne, t wo years earlier t han Alexander
1. Stephenis, who is of the satme aige.
le ser'ved only one term then, but,
fler,1 having been mayor 'It New York
or' five y ear's bet iween 1855 and 1802,
et return red to the Ii onse in 1863, anid,
rith thle exceptionm of' t he term begin
:ug inm March, 18653, has beeni a imiem
eor ever sinlce, Hie has not wielded
nuchl influence 6tf hate years, anid, ail
hough his~ Position ats ebiairiu~mn of the
ys and m neans committee made hiim
lie nominatl leader of' th li ouse, he
as been such on ly in nme. lHe wats
s fine lookinig an old genatlemain as
iurbody coutldt ask to see, andt~ his
leauth hits reinoved a hiandsomei 1as wel
s an : icient landmiiark. ile was in
lepartur'e for the liot dpirings, hie
aide amreiaik inia speech onm lhe
utnding hill1 which, ini the liight of' sub
.gntlEi OeeIs, seem.iis to itienate (at
>on 14)Ait in tat' hiis comhinig dissoltion..
Ic hiadI been protesting againlst what
it' cal led thle at tempt ot' the nmationial
cika. to dlictaite feirms to the goveirn
nentii, and lie closedl hy say'inp~ ''1, for'
ule, int ihe e'xpiring hours of a publlic
ite of' forty' yearis, will nlever conisenlt
hat this glent counutry~ shall huaw'k its
red it Ithronghl thle mney mairkts of
he' world."' As he was elected for'
i,! . erf trini lust Novemiiber, thle re'
narh I conh hlard(ly~ hiave laid anym ofther
niiniig.---Chrlott'?ve Ubscree', lothi
--Amay ladies wihinig to know of
lie inli b(oft the E'xcelsior IKidniey
tud, ils~ actions , etIc., are a eered to
Mris. Wmn. I' .t1 Ae~eLknie. luhotogiaph)1
lPartiers. To~uledo, Ohio.--See Adt'.*
-Th'le ntiunal repocrt of thle comnmis
honersA (If embiauionu~ for te year imio
u as- (coniipleted'( on the. 2:> Ih. 'J lie total
iiuniaber' of pa:sseiigeris aurriv ini at
Cal iGardeiinl'i was 372,880. Oli' this
un14inbher, 10.1,20t cameilt from Gerimany
[ii,499l f'romi Enghtnad, and 10,190 fr'o'n
C'oingress make snehi It aws as nmay be
recqmried louchaing inuniigration. .
-Virinia is ito hauve a civuil r'ights
case as to a puli 'school . At I ynch
bur'g a white giirh was diismlisse'd fr'om
seb~ooI because she livec.d iyith a niegro
famiidyl and. ha:d a. reputation somnew hitt
doubht fuil. A ll the ethe' -cholar's quit
wh len slhe enterled- 'a II was a nmecs
sity' to turna lir off or shu~'t up shop.
Suiit has b~eemi bromght aginst~i fbe Dis
trict Schiool nonad aL .em...
ra PU 1.10 R(osA,
Text of the Most- Rooout Statute Preke.-ing
the Duttes or 0Rr.r and Citize&i..
The following Act Of the Legislature,
is of general Interest:
AN Aor to Amen4 an Act Approved
- March 19th, 1874,entitled "An Act
to Amend Chapter XLV of Title XI,
Part 1, of the Genral statutes, lielat
Ing to the Repairs of Highways and
Bridges. - .. a
SEtCeio 1. e i enacted by tile -
Senato and H-louse of liepresentiatives
of the State of South Carolina, now
met and sitting in General Assemby,
and by the authority of the same,
That the Act approved March 19th
1874, entitled "An Act to amend
Chapter XLV of Title XL, l'art I,- of
the General Statutes," be, and the
same is hereby, amended as followsr
Strike out Section 2 of said Act, and
Inisert. ill lieu thereof the following:
"That each township In the several
Counties of this Stale shall constitute I
a highway district, and it shah be the
duty of the Board ot County Commis
sloners of each County annuallv, dur
ing the early portion of each year, to
appoint some suitable and proper
persol 9uperintendent of Highways
for each highway district; he shall be
a resident in the Igighway district for
which le is appointed, iiand of those
liable to road duty therchi, tand by
reuso n of his offlce exempt from saill
duty. Each Superintendent of High
ways shall hold his ofilee and be re
quired to discharge the duties of the
Saie for twelve months from the date
of his appointment. He may be re
moved by the County Ccmmissioners
and another apponited to till out his 4
tern, if for any cause they shall deem
his removal iecessary or proper; he
shall have general supervision of the
highways aid roads hi his dist rict un
der the direction of the County Coml
inissoners. tie blial once In every
three months report to the County
Commissioners in writinq the condf
tion of the roads and bridges in hia I
S6c. 2. Strike out Section 8 of
said Aet and insert in lieu thereof the
following: "'he Superintendent of 1
Highwlav Districts shall divide the
hig1vays in his district into suitable
sections or districts of itot less than
two nor more than five miles each, and C
he shall appoint anl overseer of roads I
for each of said sections or districts. c
le shall also divide the persons liable
to road duty ii his highway district
Into convenient and suitable squads or I
companies, and assign a squad or com
pany to each overseer of section or V
district. He shall, as far as practica- N
bie, assign the road hands to the near- 1
est roads. He shall require the over- t
seer of roads in .is highway district
to call out the hands assigned to their s
respective sections or districts and c
work the roads and repair and build d
bridges of same, whenever lie may U
deem it necessary, after twelve hours' I
notice, and shall requirei every road t
hand to bring with him for use a hoe, I
axe, mattock, spade or other tool for t
work on the road or bridges. lie
shall determine the number ofdave for
each working and the toola to be
bi ought by such road hand: Provid
ed, That not more than twelve days'
work are required of any one hand in s
a ,year. When the Cointy Conmmis
sioniers Or anyt otf themt give orders to 1
the Sutperintendent of Hiichtway Dis
tricts to havi e aywrk 'done inl his i;
district, an eneglects to do the samie,
n~e shall be deemed guilty of a misde- -
mteatnor, and4(, uiponi convictionl thereof e
in a Trial Justice's t ourt, he shall be y
linaedi in a sim of not less thant ten nor
more than fifty dlollars, iandu the over-i
seers of dist ricts tor nleglectitng to cal.
out their hands ulad work the roads lI
w hen required by the Sup~erintendent: 'J
of 11iighway Districts shall bo deemed t
guilty of a misdeineanor, and, upon r
convyiction~ thereof in the Court. abovea
namned, be finued ini a snm - of nlot less (
than five nor more than t wentv dot-r
lats. Whenever a highway runs along to
the line of two highway district the 1
Suplerintendent of the saimte shall joint-e
ly dividec the highw~ay into suitable s
sections iand appoit anl overseer for I
euach of said sections and ther s.hall a
assigna to Ceh overseer frolan tiheir re- ti
spective dist riots or from either (list riett
such biborers anad roadl hands as aa I
be necessary to work rte same. Euch :s
Suplerinter.dent of HIighwvay Districts
shalal IcaHuse his overseers w heni work-r
inag sectionis in which there arc bridges
to have such repairs or work done on t
such bridges to preserve them and I
keel) thema in order as can convenient- 1
ty he done by the roatd hands.. And
in, such1 case the needed repair~s to
bridges arc of such .a e!mracter that
they shall in the opinionI of the Stuper
initeidenit be given out under contract
by the Couty Commnissionaers he s
should report the same to sa.d coin-(
tissionaers without (delay.
Saec. 3. That all Acts or parts ofr
Acts Inconsistent wvith this Act be, andt
the samie are hereby, repealed.
A pproved December 24, 1879. i
I-OW TH'IEY Go-r RICH.--"You see
thaat mian just crossing the street ?" re-c
marked a Chicago man to a Newv r
Yorker whoim he wvas towing aroundi
to see the sights. "WVell, that man
sold plopcorn in this city for twenty- c
two years, land hae i~s worth $150,000."e
"D id lie mtake it seling pop)corn?" ~'
"Ohl, no. lie mtadle his pile selling
Lake front lota." Pretty soon the I
guide called his attention to a man
standing in the (door of a bank, and I
added : "'That anz opened the first
Bible house west of New York city.
T hirty years ago lbe was rat poor.
Tlo-day hec runts that bank." '"Did lie
make his mnoner selling Bibles?" '"Oh,
ino. lie bonught prairie land and held
oii to it." in thle coturse of' ten min
tes a big building was pointed out as
tleloniginig to a maii who reached Chii
caigo mniieteena yer ago wvith only
fifty cents in his pocket. lHe oj~ened
a might school and now reveled li his
wealth. " 'Did lie mtake it all teachuing
inight school," asked the Newv Yorker.
"Oh, no. ie wenut into the dlrav busi-*
ness5 as sooin as lhe hald moniey eongh
lo buy at horse,." After several more
tlke eases lie had referred to, the visi toe
nsked , "'Ihave you one *single man ill
C hiago who has made his montey in
lie buasinuess lie first started int'o?'
"llave we? Let's see. *Let's see.
Yes, we have. I kinow a maan on i
brate street who went into the whuis
key btusiness twenty reiars nmeo, hats
stinck righat to It, and Is worthi 6100,- -
00)0. If lhe had onuly been shnarp enaough Ii
to turn't ronund alter tean years and l
open anl unjdertaker's shop1 and hairy I
hits cunstomeirp he'd uiow he a tnillion
aire I"-WIall Sfreet New's. -
--St. -Louia gamiblers propIose to u
-evade State laws next.spritig by fitting I
oult a bmoat ont the Alississippi. River;
with-a Jarge main enina for keno'.nnd
smal ler rooms for laro, roulette and (
hamzard. Each paussenger.is to pay el (
fare, ando three-onurthis of the fare's are
to onistitute "pots1" foir the game, the a
bank dednevthwi thc mm.uaa -ont..ioma
rhe List e4 M1lionagro. Iucreasing-lWho
They Are.
The Washingtoni correspondent of
the Bostona Berald thinks the day will
:one When a majority of the United
States 8.nlators will be millioiaires,
mnd hold their seats by virtud of ti
fact that they are millioiaires, and
gives his 'reasonii for the opinioiu by
::alling the roll of rich men now, or
oon to.4o, klepator's: As I run my
eye over the list of Senators who will
,onpose the * 4enate after March 4,
L881, I plk out nearly twenty Senfa
tors, pach otaeof whoini is worth more
han' $500,000.- Tie richiet muan in the
Senate, of course, will be Fair, of
Nevada, who is worth a great nalny
nihhuoias. Probablv he is worth as
lnnch as ali thei other Senators togeth
if. Next to him iII est ate, I suppose.
s David Davis, .of Illinois, a inan
who has the reputation of having
athered millions. Next to lImu it
night be hard to niame the Senator,
jut, if Mr. Eugene Hale can be called
he possessor of Zach Chanldler's mil
ions, then lie is very likely to be tle
hird richest Senator. The now Seia
ore will be conspi( uous for their
vealth. Miller, of' Califorila, Mahone,
)i Virginila, and Sawyer, of Wisconl
in are known to be worth moro than
p10,000,000 apleco. Sewall, of New
Jersey, is a ra ilroad man, and repuited
very wealthy. John Sherman, who is
marcely a new senator, gets the credit
or havilg more than $1,000,000.
kimong the present Senators who hold.,
mid who write their fortunes with
even figures, are;, Blaine, of Maine,
anmeron, of Ponnsylvaniia, Davis, of
West Virginia, and Plumb, of Kansas.
L'ho following are kinow n to be worth
liore than $500,0oo each: Hill, of Col
wado, Browd, of Georgia, -Gorman,
if Maryland, McPherson, of Nenw
Fersey, and Pendleton, of Ohio. Van
ffyck, the nlew man f'rom Nebraska
nust be rib, for he is reputed to have
>aid $60,000for his election. Many
>f the Senators are "comfortable."
Imong those not already mentioned
vho possess at least $100,000 apiece
6re Morrill, of Vermont, Anthony of
thode Island. Conlding, of New Y'ork,
?ollins, of New llampnshire, Jonos, of
ievada (most of the time), Saunders,
f Nebraska. Windom. of Minnesota,
Perry, of Michigan, Kellogg, of Chi
ago (Lonisiana), Allison, of Iowa,
larrison, of Indiana, and Bayard, of
)elawar'e. These names miake up
nore than onle-half the Senate, and
bey 110w that riches and senatorships
o together. More than half-yes,
ery luch more-of the Senators are
leni who could never have gained
heir present positions it they had not
rst acquired large wealth. The
brewdest oneR among them have, of
ourse, increased their wealth a good
eal since they have been in public
tfe. The only downright )Oor1 meL.n
a the Senate aire from the South, and
b4y are iearly all engaged in enter
>I ises by which they hope to enrich
Always at the Front in Peace and in War.
At the eighty-seventh anniversary
upper o the Ciarlestou Meehanics'
ocety, tlhi president, R. C. Barker
~sq., calleckuppn Judge Mackey, 01'0
f the gugs'#, to. reepond to t he follo w
ig toast:'
''The Methanlies of South Carolina
-May the hlonest armai of ind~ustre' nlev
r' be erushid by thme iron band 'of. op
Jud~ge Mackey, after payinlg a touch
lLg tribute 'to the memliory of the late
r'chiibaild. Cameron, by whomi lhe land
ecn trained as a mnechaist, said:
hle mechainics of Chairlestoni have no(t
eenI uniknowni in those pages of' histo
y iv hich record thle most honorable
chievemients oT the people of South
~arolinia. 'Ini 1764, wvith la British gar
isonl oiccupying the city of Charleston
aider the flag ot' Old 'Eniglnand, that
'ower that hldi ini its hiand the cred'y
ft thie world an~d whiose ships wre
weep)ing ini triuiph over eveary
ilOWn ,water, a biodyi of t wenClt v-ona'
aechiaaies assemnbled iniI lamaips eaid
aid ther'e-first proclamimed to thie world
weclve years befor'e theo Decharation of
lidependenace at Philadel pia, that
>ouithI Csaol in ad th1(Ile right tol be a
eand sover'eigna State. Aand the(
esolutioni coniveyinag this senatimencat
ras r'eind by Wihllim Johnsoaa, oaae ot
.e founders of yoar si~o i. Aand on
is right was Natanaiel L.ebhv. lie
oat buildear, 'the nan aawvho in' at!ri
'e'ars aided iln laing aathle keel of thea
ir'st frigate for' the naviy ot the Uanitedl
states,.the John Adams. 1 r'ecaillie
aict that the first locomotive which
r'as used iln (lie trannspo'tatioaa ot' paus
enger 'on ri ailr'oadsi wias butilt by1 a
1ihar'eton maecha:de ian 1829 ; the'six
rheel tritek now used ona all thle rail
4)nds iuithae Uanited States was also
lbe inivention of' a Chaileston maechaaa
L', and the first 'rifle gunm conastructed
ma thie Un~iited Statr-' wats construcnted
amdea' the super-visionl and dia'ectioan of
archliba~ld Canmroai. These arc honm
rlable ,memories foi' the Chaarleston
nechainic to recall. I~o has beeni a
Promiinenlt figure in every scene that
bould1( st imulate the haohaorable pr'ide
i C:arolinans. Iai peace lie has sea'v
d to build up the parospriity' of thlis
copile by hais useful aand benaeit in
lustry, aid in war lie hias amarked by
us dead body thle liae of'the heaviest
ia'iag, with the red wvounid upon01 his
>reast as his oanly decorationi of hoiiom'.
n1 01(1 poet hlas said1:
"Tho great Alnighty A rchitect
Who faishijoned out the earth
Has stamped hais seal of sanction
On labor from its birth.
.And every opening flower
That blushes froam the soil
Vroclaimas the Master-lBuilder,
:The handiwork of (God.
'is toil that over nature
- ives nian his chief control,
'And puritles and1 strranthc~ns
' The temple of time soul.
It drives ont foul diseases
-With all, their ghastly train,
Puts iroan (lthe mauscle,
And crystal in ti. brain.
The honor to our wvorkamed,
The hardy sons of toil,
'Thm rhionarchis of the workshop
The her'oes of the soil."
Ini iOnlnstlion thie Judge offered a
eiitlifeant to thle maemnory of'Arch'ibald
,amoraon, wivach was driuank stanidiaag
ad iki silence.
hops. Toledo, Ohaio, says : I iaa(now
'earig ain ''Only Lung Pad,'' andI It
ans alforded me alnmost inistant relief
r'om Asthuma. -See Ado. +
-General Fit zhaugh Lee, of Vir'gina,
ans acepted1 the lanvitaton of (lie Coaa
edCit te soldier's of L~oisliana to deliv'
a"-th -oraton at t he nniveihlan of' thn
:ate1 to "Stoniewall"~'Jacksoi In Newv
)r'leanis oir- the' .10t) -of Mlay naeg. .
plLee is oho 'of' the b~esr' talkers
atoi 'thle ex-C'onfedearato -ceft~ans,
nidi11ldoubtless acquit himself' wvoil
BIwAILR OF blUnotUltY.-One thousand dollars
in gold 'Will te paid for every grain of mercury
or otbor interal substance found in MIay Ap
ple Liver Pills. Price 10 cents for large boxes.
_d by all Druggipte Ia thiiscounty.
Eurata, ALA., Maroh 6, 1818.
Mr. L. Shoeuteld-Dear Sit-I take pleasure in
statitng that I haye used your bledicated Stook
Feed both on horses and cat tIe, and With great
Success, especially on a very ptoor Cow, which
I bought at auction. She gives now over twO!
gallons of milk. with a good pros e. of In
creasing. Notwithstanding the pieludice I en
tertained for o.her powders that I had tried,
and which proved wortiless. I (o not hesitate
to endoise your invention as bein till you'
claim for It. V T..bII FNAtM.
G-entlemten-We havo giveit Shoetifeld's. Stock
Fei: to your lorst. and find that it Is all you
can claim for It. Yours truly.
Propr's Livery and Sale ktabltes. 4d sti. Maeon,
Ga. Sold by the Druggists of tits county.
I can assure you that fi no sing'e fnatance 7as
the Ttethfna crerprored afai:tre. Welt ye trie.t
the soothliu incdicines. and everytitig kiowd
to us, and Ok Women'," and Tethin I Is pr
eminentiy a success, antd a blim Inir to na hers
and ciidreu. J At. DYLA Y.
Ilatehechubbe. Ala.
After trying Soothing itemedies withrit
avail, and p hysieians without, reller. I gave
your Teot hina and it acted like maqic. I ocoa
aionally give a powder to keep myt, ce1ild'.* pims;
softened-. 8. it. BALDWIN'.
Columbus, Ott.
been used by the Hottentots in a variety of dis
eases. From these rude practitioners the rein
edy was borrowed by the resitent Englisht And
uten physiela ns, by whose recoinndatidli ton
iI waIs emnployed In Europe, andi has since come
into general Use. Combined with Juniper and
o lier desirable ingrtedients. ns in the prepara
iion of ltankln's Compound Fluid Extract of
Buchiu and Juniper, it proves a most. reliable
rtemedy for Nonretenilion or Inconil.ineice of
Urine, irritation, linflainimiation or Ulceration
of the Bladder and Kidneys. Stone inI the Bliud
der, Gravel or Bilck Dust Doposit. Y lky Dlis
charges tud all disenses or iltidder and Kid.
ms and Dropseial Swelling in nman, woman or
Prepared only by lluntit, Rankin & Uim'r,
Druggists, Atlanta, Ga., and for sale by till
Messrs. Lamar. Rankin & Lamar; Gentiomen*
AM. wife had been troubled for several months
with Bronchitis, and during that time taled
nearly cvery thing imaginable wit.hout the
Slightest benefit. A friend of hers to whom I
mntIlloned it told me to get, a bottle of Brewer's
Lung Restorer, which I died. and lexa than one
bottle curedt her entirely. I w 11 reeoinniend it
to all who are similarly affected.
Yours very truly.
IMAcON, GA., March 1, 183).
Messrs. La'nar. Hankin & .inenn, Dear Sirs
I had freou'ent heinorrihnge before using your
Consunipilve Cure, and had been treated by
Dr. Croweli Johnson and other skillei plysi
clans witholut being relie v'd. andi after using
t-hree bottles of yottr Brewer's Lng lescorer,
the hemorrhage was stopped, and I h'tve iever
had one since. I am now it better health than
before, and feel It my dnty to state to the bit>
lie the effects of your wonderful Consumptivo
cure on Inc. I ours truly,
Mrs. E- 0 AVANT.
TAYvXon COUwry.
This is to certify that I have hed Astinna
for thirty-five years and uised a wrrent many
illilerent kinds of medicines Was treated by
Dr. Holton fire years without onuing relief. I
ten used your Brewer's Lung Restorer tind
otind in It a plernmanent CUo.
Very truly yours Z. J' PARKS.
Sold by all Druggists in this cotntty.
Pt1n aY, HioiS ON CoITNTY. ( I., ,an .1. Iss".
In the 18.43 I lire were two negro prisoners
Anlied in the aill of this county, who were
mery badly anfill-ed wil IIliat loathsome dis
ease S.*pills. It, thy olietal capaeity as Ordi
'ary, I emtployl Capt. C. '. Swift. then a rest
hoitt of t its place, to enre tlei, tinmer a con
rcit, "no cure. o pay ." lie ndin itiistered to
themn his (elebrated .phil 1.t1 Speeitle. a in.
t ft'w weeks I felii botund. tititr any contract. '0
iiny hitn out. of t he tcottcis treasuiry. as he hatt
.ffectle" it COmipltitati tratilleihi etire.
tetimnony I he renit set mny official signa
I,. s.j tune and seal. A S. (mILES,
ordiiary liousloti County, Oa.
CH ATvaSOOGA. TE'Nr.. Fe-b 14, lSs.o
W e t ake plensurie in saitrng 1t nt the 8. 8 's
g rtiig giori sat isfacetion. We have hiad ex
ellent. resutlt. fromi '1 ittihert of cases One
fentleimani woo had been cntiltedn to his bed
'x teekA-r withi Sypll l icthetittittism t has beein
utredt cnt irely. tand spea ks in thle hilrhest praise
if it. It al.so aets its well ini primary as in sec
mdltary andi teirtiary tcases.
tors, A litrta. Ga.
Sold by all Drugrgists.r
of tihe colintry endor-e J'imes lRc'-' Prtient
Gold watch Cases. As a proof re-:. h.- ro -
Bat'lmec. '. i
l' given me ih '.
ril i. w t ,i r
P.Ln a eo C
Bs inntliC bste it
Ed. itiv and P. i.
lewJuini5,.W's., IarchIi-'.'1 li
every wy saisactory:i it iutplnd
Do ltKI- . RlN
Otr editras wll has C erhan.1,mchne
ihdltin the only-, paien C:. maeo '
Plaii .te o SOsl Gold Ills warItd yse
etal ceriftente tin, yours jew rer for ilut~a
'ed eaI logue ntinig fl desit ionk.i
PEo CIL', induclemen ts toh ctomermy
'Ilti wile l pa temne~ ade piceou
stocks of oDess 1 i ioo s Flannlst b Cs- r
tes amors, J as tallankefts, and allptoo.he
A tock o of'1ies oo, C aeinper, whitch '
Whcwill be closed out at LOW IS
A VEal thne of C eoaa aadr
b lrails of (Gunnro. amongst which are
lie Mtoirebi and ite Wilcox & Gibbs '
alini)itmlatedl. I will 'also keep a lare I I
mppi3sy~ of Ae'id Phlo phlum. Parties will 33
Iio well to givo me at ea~l hoforo mankingf
iuroliass oelsewboro. I nt ill always giveo
hoe higheat, market price for cottoni. m1)
feb J ti U 2.r J.e uA tr ,
wo 0
A 1''LI E (URNrwiO
U BEG leave to inform our customers and the public generally, that we bay.
lately disposed of our Grocery Department for the purpose of making lier,
w)ni for our
ID ]Z _Y~ C3 0 O D S,
Wich Are now in store, and iave been marked at priceo to induce quicki sales. We
minot oiiumerafe t oe iollM lxd.r anrd styles. but vorditily invi e nil to call and .
oi- Mock, And we shall encleavor to mnhe it the interest of all to purehase.
T 1 a-enht. Ias, been extenled, and we guaranttee prices at low as thn lowest.
"ih~ r. rle iitin- Crnwn bhirt cannot be surpsvsed. Laundried or Un.
flt n V1M i.' if I psi ref.
we need not vld words. To
- 11le S o... we a:k y-ou
N Merchandise, duing A VFAIREK, at most attractive prices. Soo our Dro
GOOd in All tle ltebt tyes,Trimining 8ilks and batins. llosit ry, landkerch
'ad Notilds i r en'st noveltie ( ints' and Youths' uAsN in large stock, Ladie
entti and Childien's Boots andl Sboe, L adies' Cloiojs, nowi inci stylish, At Now Yo
rices; Blankets, Carpets, Comfortabic8 and LIp Jtoles, rt the NNu- Store Y
Under W1ight's Hotel, columbia, 6. C.
The Best Ever Produced!
$1,000 REWARD.
M Oe t lisand (lollara reward offered to any person that will do as grea
ranlgo of wor-k, and (10 it a wve,1 Oil I'll o00i0' maclilie a8 ftj canl bie (10110 on
e "DAVIS VEiTICAIL FEED 81WINGe MAC INE" A canbedoineuts for
[3 coitest, will be made with any1 one desi-ing to Compete for tne aove-named
ward, withii a reasonable tine after wrill avgiefatjo,, i r heceived.
Another large lot of the above Machines and the Improved Weed ust re
l -_. _ _J . 0 . B o jw, Agent.
1Iito and Colored Piquos, Dress Goods in variety, Illusion, Silks, Katins,
ibbonas, Corsets, Gloves, o ioe, Hoaiery, Lace Bonnets, Suebin ,
un, Linen and Lace Collars, Fiebu, Ties and eveyt4tog onral y
und in a flCla Drygo- .oods, Faney Goode and xi) iner? %tblish
S An got you wInt ae easnably as 0a':e gode 44We bought

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